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Shia LaBeouf Sheds a Tear While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • Shia LaBeouf finally takes on the wings of death for the Hot Ones Season 10 premiere! He's an actor, performance artist, and style icon, and he's got a pair of brand new films this fall: the much buzzed-about Peanut Butter Falcon, out now, and his semi-autobiographical story, Honey Boy, coming to theaters on November 8th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the "half-Cajun, half-Jewish" star battles the brand-new Hot Ones lineup and discusses everything from wrestling with Tom Hardy, to giving Kanye West his Indiana Jones hat. Welcome back, spice lords-Season 10 is finally here!
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  3 years ago +30238

    Welcome back, spice lords! Who do you want to see Season 10?

  • Klaasjan Hoekstra
    Klaasjan Hoekstra 3 years ago +7374

    Eating full wings, dabbing extra sauce on them, being down to earth and not even advertising. Props to you, Shia.

    • krazy k
      krazy k 2 months ago

      Yeah I've been arrested and was worse lol

    • ExitPoint: Arcturus
      ExitPoint: Arcturus 2 months ago

      🐸kekistani stories....

    • Miranda Winn
      Miranda Winn 3 months ago +1

      Yeah I think people judge him a little too hard.

    • Anxyte
      Anxyte 7 months ago +4

      Advertising isn't really a bad thing because that's one of the main focus of getting into ANY interview, ofc exceptions exist

    • Nick Robinson
      Nick Robinson 8 months ago +4

      Wish he was my brother…

  • Antonio Vera
    Antonio Vera 3 months ago +977

    Can we get a vote to get Shia back on again?

    • MF
      MF 23 hours ago

      @Brian Rodriguez Watch his interview with Jon Bernthal.

    • Tem Production
      Tem Production 18 days ago +2

      I would love to see him back

    • Jebediah Krimsoncraftleding
      Jebediah Krimsoncraftleding 20 days ago

      Just make sure the entire staff doesn't have any women and don't spike the milk. Nobody wants to get bruised or scarred for life.

    • Brian Rodriguez
      Brian Rodriguez Month ago +3

      Let’s get him on during the Twigs trial in 2023

    • Irving Rodriguez
      Irving Rodriguez Month ago +5

      Man, Shia and Tom Hardy would be great on an episode

  • Aerow Ashburns
    Aerow Ashburns 8 months ago +995

    Shia is naturally likeable and humorous hes so easy to engage with.

    • Kush Patel
      Kush Patel 2 days ago

      How you know?

    • Anthony
      Anthony 2 months ago +10

      @Patrick D politics brings out the worst in people - both sides. So no surprise there

    • Shiloh Whiz
      Shiloh Whiz 4 months ago +20

      @Patrick D no one likes politics

    • Patrick D
      Patrick D 4 months ago +4

      Until one brings up politics and then he turns into nutcase

  • Jake Evans
    Jake Evans 8 months ago +2329

    Can I just say, he is the most humble, polite guest. He opened up and showed himself, knew the show and referenced tendencies, was funny as hell. He had incredible and prolific answers. He also not only put on a dab on every wing, he screws on the cap and puts it back correctly. I don’t think anyone else has remained so calm. - This is genuinely one of the best interviews of all time

  • Fabian Mueller
    Fabian Mueller Month ago +279

    "Anything that moves you is Art." by Shia LaBeouf will stick with me forever in my life. Thank you.

    • Rudabeger
      Rudabeger 5 days ago

      bro I was looking for this comment because I was gonna say the same thing. that's a beautiful quote. peace and love, friend. cheers

    • badfern
      badfern Month ago +1

      Point being, I could also say the same about country music. :'

  • dee zee
    dee zee 3 years ago +12513

    It's like seeing an old friend from highschool who's all grown up, and doing better. Best episode yet

    • Sonisha Hayes
      Sonisha Hayes 15 hours ago


    • priscilla nazar
      priscilla nazar 21 day ago

      It definitely is

    • Carli F
      Carli F Month ago

      This is the comment!

    • Jim Halpert
      Jim Halpert 6 months ago

      Honestly the fact that Shia is the biggest star to come out from Disney is amazing because almost 80 percent of them don’t make it in Hollywood. Shia became big

  • R L
    R L 2 months ago +236

    Shia: "Do I put sauce on it or is it already there?"
    Sean: "It's already there."
    Shia: "... Let's get it though!"
    Sean: "Right.... -_-"
    The defeat and resignation in Sean's voice as he must endure, once again, the wings of death with an added difficulty. God bless Sean and God bless Sean's stomach lining.

    • Daniel Neufeld
      Daniel Neufeld Month ago +1

      Yah mad props to Sean on this episode

    • Benjamin Crocker
      Benjamin Crocker Month ago +3

      To be fair, the sauces are good too. :) Worth a double-dab.

  • Non Birthing Person
    Non Birthing Person 6 months ago +228

    This is honestly the best one I’ve seen yet. Shia has some real depth to him. I got mad respect even though Hollywood has tried to be done with him

    • Vincent Robles
      Vincent Robles 2 months ago +4

      Hollywood doesn’t seem to like his willingness to fight for sincerity

    • wessyder 112
      wessyder 112 2 months ago +1

      Still nothing tops it

  • Jack Day Hovakimian
    Jack Day Hovakimian 5 months ago +92

    Shia is intense, yet chill. It's a really odd, but unique personality.

  • TeeGod45
    TeeGod45 4 months ago +251

    People hated this guy for trying to figure out who he really was. I was one of those people. Now that we know who he really is, I freaking love this dude.

    • Ryan Sturdivant
      Ryan Sturdivant 24 days ago

      @BigSleez This is a funny comment, lol nice. Real talk do I do really like Shia LeBeouf

    • BigSleez
      BigSleez 25 days ago +1

      He will not divide us

    • Ryan Sturdivant
      Ryan Sturdivant Month ago +1

      Shout out to Bo burnham, shout out to Chris rock, shout out to Jerod 'Rothanial' Carmichael, and shout out to Keanu Reeves first thing true to themselves and being good humans

    • Ryan Sturdivant
      Ryan Sturdivant Month ago

      Shout out to Jim Carrey shout out to Johnny Depp shout out to Corey Feldman RIP COREY HAIMS

    • Ryan Sturdivant
      Ryan Sturdivant Month ago +1

      If you want to be outcast in Hollywood just say the truth like Corey Feldman did

  • God Man
    God Man 3 years ago +5987

    Nobody’s ever made the camera people laugh like he has love that

    • tasos G.
      tasos G. 23 days ago +2

      @Ben Franklin it's the 5th time i m watching it..one of the best episodes

    • kbushehri
      kbushehri 5 months ago

      Pete davidson has :)

    • TarantuLando CalCuLingus
      TarantuLando CalCuLingus Year ago

      @Ben Franklin and you have cyphillus, im out!

    • abraham fernandez
      abraham fernandez 2 years ago +3

      @Ben Franklin well, I've seen this video like 3 times now. Is one of the best Hot Ones episodes

  • leersay
    leersay 8 months ago +791

    Shia is truly hilarious lmfao “you look underwater right now, I feel like we’re in a submarine playin around” this if far and away my favourite episode alongside Elijah Woods

    • styx85
      styx85 29 days ago +2

      ​@allroundlad nah man, Elijah Woods. He played in that movie with Liam Neesons.

    • allroundlad
      allroundlad 2 months ago +1

      Unless you're referencing the prank interview lol.

    • Dzebric M2
      Dzebric M2 8 months ago +1

      Same 😊

  • Chris C
    Chris C 8 months ago +626

    2022... and I just re-discovered this show last month, so I'm on a binge. This is possibly my favourite episode so far. I love how humble and funny Shia is. And Sean never fails to bring a unique interview out of the guests. Bravo.

    • Carli F
      Carli F Month ago


    • Cesar
      Cesar 2 months ago +1

      I’m watching it right now and I have so much respect for Shia!

    • Edwin Rogel
      Edwin Rogel 2 months ago +1

      The Paul rud one is sick too but shia is probably my favorite

    • danteish3re
      danteish3re 3 months ago +1

      I'm on that same ride, it's magical just jumping from different personalities and seeing how they react to this challenge\interview

    • Harshvardhan Kanthode
      Harshvardhan Kanthode 4 months ago +1

      This is the first time I'm watching a full episode on the show. The only one I watched before was the DJ Khaled one 😂

  • NoName
    NoName 6 months ago +145

    He’s like unbelievably chill. Imagine sitting down for a coffee with him and talking for hours

    • NoName
      NoName Month ago

      @Ev Led sounds like my story.

    • Ev Led
      Ev Led Month ago

      yeah, if you're not his gf, or cop trying to arrest him, or homeless guy, or stray dog and he's not under substanses lol (just googled some news about the guy)

  • Voodoo Chile
    Voodoo Chile 7 months ago +355

    Shia explaining how he cooks hotdogs while on the verge of breaking down is one the funniest things I've ever seen.

  • austin moon
    austin moon 2 years ago +7394

    I can’t get over how much everyone in the background is laughing, this dude’s personality is awesome

    • Ricardo Ramos
      Ricardo Ramos 8 months ago +2

      @Gary Sims They judge me before they even know me.
      Shrek, 2001

    • DrunkenPrayer
      DrunkenPrayer 8 months ago +1

      End of the day he's a flawed human being. It would be great if everyone was easy to lump into an easy to judge category of good or bad, but sometimes it just isn't that simple.

    • Through the Apex
      Through the Apex 9 months ago

      Seems alright but a bears fan? He can't be all good.

    • Ron Messico
      Ron Messico 9 months ago +1

      I dont even care how wild he gets at bars. I would deadass drink with him till we pass out.

  • imacmill
    imacmill 6 months ago +165

    I've been binge-watching this show, and this is by far the best episode I've seen so far. I have a new-found love for Shia.

  • Ryan O’Callahan
    Ryan O’Callahan 16 days ago +10

    People deserve second chances in life. I believe Shia has a good heart and I wish him the best in all of his endeavors

  • house on willowbrook
    house on willowbrook 3 months ago +54

    he's always been such a good interviewer. and I love watching the guests as they realize that. they have more respect for them when they've actually done their research and ask questions that are so specific to these peoples' lives. that's one of my favorite parts about these interviews. they're honestly some of the best questions I've ever heard an interviewer come up with

  • Rex Cheung
    Rex Cheung 3 months ago +35

    Shia is a beast. His performance in this show, dabbing each single chicken wing and eating it completely was EPIC. No one came close to this man.

  • HeyyItsDale Vods
    HeyyItsDale Vods 3 years ago +2001

    This is so wholesome. Hearing the crew crack up in the background really grounds the show tbh.

    • Jon Focker
      Jon Focker 2 years ago

      Shia is very grounding and humble and laidback.

    • HeyyItsDale Vods
      HeyyItsDale Vods 3 years ago +3

      Fucking yikes. Ive supported the Hot Ones crew for a while now and this is the first time ive heard the crew super into the guest. It really brought out the feelings invoked from another favourite online show of mine, Good Mythical Morning.
      Regardless of your personal feelings towards the guest the crew really seem to be having a good time and it is Indeed refreshing to see them getting some attention. Hell even the smile shia would give to them was great and seemed playful.
      I dont know much about shia but I definitely respect some of what was discussed in this episode, particularly the attitude around what it means to be creative or what art is.

    • Rhett Melton
      Rhett Melton 3 years ago +1

      I wish I had some brothers

  • Tyffanee Lavely
    Tyffanee Lavely 4 months ago +61

    Dude...I didn't know it, but I am a huge Shia LaBeouf fan. Shia as a person I mean. He's not only hilarious, but he's very humble, kind hearted, and you can tell he is so genuine. He has been hated on, and made fun of way too much. I have new found love for this man! He is also a fantastic actor. He rally gives his all in every role he gets.

  • Matt Folse
    Matt Folse 2 months ago +57

    He seems so likable and down to earth. Idk why people give him a hard time. I’m not in touch with what’s going on around him, but man what a great interview. Thanks Shia.

    • igorz
      igorz Day ago

      @Ryan Sturdivant jim carrey is a conspiracy theorist and avid trump fan

    • Ryan Sturdivant
      Ryan Sturdivant Month ago +1

      Corey Feldman was also outkast when he called out on Hollywood, and they tried to get Jim Carrey but Jim Carrey wouldn't give them the only thing that they were really after, his soul.

  • Ted Boyle
    Ted Boyle 4 months ago +23

    Two years later, and this is still my favourite Hot Ones to date… Shia is such a top guy, he smashed this! (Bring him back spice lords)

  • zim ʚ♡ɞ
    zim ʚ♡ɞ 3 months ago +122

    Still a gold interview. Don't know how anyone can dislike Shia. Seems very sweet

    • Nah. No
      Nah. No Month ago +3

      Well, he is an abuser so there’s that I guess.

    • Enders Gone
      Enders Gone Month ago +1

      I know i will be crucified for going against public opinion, but here goes..
      He just seems like a bit of a meat head. I don't really "dislike him", but his personality doesn't appeal to me at all.

  • King Le
    King Le 2 years ago +5613

    I love how Shia is just living his genuine life and doesn’t care what people think. I love how like the first thing he says is a compliment to Sean and the crew.

    • AlliedAnchor
      AlliedAnchor 8 months ago +1

      @Samuel J D huh? dude literally beats women and shoots dogs in the street how is calling him out a bad thing

    • Samuel J D
      Samuel J D 8 months ago

      @AlliedAnchor 🤣 go get a job

    • Zora6lack
      Zora6lack 9 months ago

      Honestly that part was so wholesome

    • AlliedAnchor
      AlliedAnchor 9 months ago

      yep such a genuine guy. my favorite #shiamoment was when he shot dozens of stray dogs in order to "prepare for a role". honorable mention to the several significant others he's beaten over the years. truly a wholesome person.

    • john 1:17
      john 1:17 10 months ago +2


  • Ashley Souto
    Ashley Souto 8 months ago +40

    i have always been a big fan of Shia but this has to be my favorite interview with him…. he is just so down to earth like the vibe is soooo awesome i feel like i’m in the room with a few friends …. what a great interview loves it ty

  • Lasse Kviesgaard
    Lasse Kviesgaard 2 months ago +22

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Shia. What a charismatic and extremely cool guy

  • Mx Marie
    Mx Marie 2 months ago +18

    This interview just flowed so smoothly, genuine humor. definitely a favorite!

    • Robert Thompson
      Robert Thompson 2 months ago

      Thanks thanks again and thanks again again thanks for the help for your

  • Gypsy Soul
    Gypsy Soul 3 months ago +12

    I think this is one of my favorite Hot Ones. Definitely would love to just kick it with Shia. He seems so real.

  • Medic Mason
    Medic Mason 2 years ago +4141

    Shia is actually very intelligent, and real. This was enjoyable.

    • The Masked Man
      The Masked Man 6 months ago

      @Mitchell Cole Wow, that's deep. You sound like a philosopher.

    • J C
      J C Year ago +5

      @The Gaming Burger Sorry have you not seen the shit the police have been doing? Police are humans and humans can be scum whether police or not. We have one officer, ex now, in my country who leaked a DV victims details to her ex partner, including her address, and he went there and killed her. Also I mean some times people say scary things when they've been through scary things, themself. Shia is battling through life after a rough start. It is NOT easy. I relate to him because my life has been similar and I understand that people can say and do some bad things but not actually be bad people inside. We should all admit when we are behaving in an inappropriate way and call out bad behaviour but you don't even need to. He calls out his OWN behavior. He is open about it, willing to do something about it, he is growing and you just don't get the kind of uphill battle he is fighting through. He's doing better than a lot of the people who beat me who refused to even admit it. Least he does that much.

    • Raul Gonzalez
      Raul Gonzalez Year ago

      Hey isn't that the TRANSFORMERS guy?

    • Dylan Wesley
      Dylan Wesley Year ago +6

      @The Gaming Burger thats fucking hilarious

  • Kyeboards
    Kyeboards 7 months ago +31

    I've come back to watch this episode so many times. It's become one of my favourites

  • J
    J 7 months ago +55

    I often find that I like or relate to a celebrity more after they’ve done a hot ones interview. I think this effect is strongest in this interview compared to any other. I have a completely different view and level of respect for Shai after this interview. This is in no small part due to Sean’s amazing interviewing style, it’s a form of art that moves me.

  • Daniel Thompson
    Daniel Thompson 2 months ago +7

    This was a great interview. Dude was just a beast and he was interviewable. One of the best interviews on hot ones for sure

  • anarchyr32
    anarchyr32 6 months ago +28

    This one is by far my favourite Shia seems like such a cool intelligent fella. Need to get him on again

  • Nicole Haines
    Nicole Haines 3 years ago +2137

    I don't think Sean gets enough credit for how many times he has done this to entertain us. Thank you (and your colon) for your service. 🔥

    • Daisy Love
      Daisy Love 4 months ago

      I got a skin analysis from an aesthetician recently, and my capillaries in my face are broken from eating spicy food. So yea. Props to Sean

    • Jason M
      Jason M 10 months ago

      Your comment needs a billion likes. For real!

    • Taylor Fales
      Taylor Fales 11 months ago

      some folks don't get the burn.
      I've gone through a bottle of Blair's Ultra Death Sauce (1million SHU) and eat tons of spicy food -- hot peppers, saucess, you name it, I love it! And i've never once gotten acid at the other end from it.
      That said, if I drink a glass of milk or a cup of ice cream or even just too much cheese on a pizza and I have battery acid come out the other end. Like legit worse pain than breaking my arm/dislocating my shoulder.
      Everyone's built a little different! I hope Sean's insides are kind to him when it comes to hot sauce; it would be avoiding the biggest of downsides of it! :)

    • Kenneth Williams
      Kenneth Williams 2 years ago

      @RenewThyself yea and it does burn the whole way through ya!

  • Stefanie Garcia
    Stefanie Garcia 2 months ago +5

    I really, really like Shia. I want to see him continue to win in life. I deeply care about this dude. He is an authentic, good hearted soul.

  • Bigboyroy
    Bigboyroy 2 months ago +6

    He's so chill ,love the way he just casually levels it up ,relate fully ,best episode in my opinion .

  • Hailey Lockhart
    Hailey Lockhart 3 months ago +9

    Shia killed this!! By far one of the best episodes I've seen!

  • HarryJVaughn3
    HarryJVaughn3 4 months ago +4

    One of my favorite episodes. Always been a fan of Shia. Nicely done brother!

  • Aleksa m
    Aleksa m Year ago +4660

    This is probably the best hot ones interview,i don't remember anybody making Shaun and the crew laugh this much.

    • Greg
      Greg Year ago

      Maybe Joey Diaz

    • Mary Merón
      Mary Merón Year ago

      The Shaq one was funny

    • Demian Schultz
      Demian Schultz Year ago

      And there's been a great deal of stand up comidians I should say

    • Jenn Wojack
      Jenn Wojack Year ago

      @MrChuckDeez 🤣🤣🤣
      I'd let Shai shart in mine...

  • dcouret
    dcouret 4 months ago +7

    This could be my ultimate, #1 ,favorite episode… genuine and so down to earth. You can feel he is truly enjoying being there ! He compliments, participates, and not afraid to bare himself.

  • FatGuyGoesNutzoid
    FatGuyGoesNutzoid 6 months ago +14

    Shia's one of the most real dudes. Loved this episode!

  • Shane Beyer
    Shane Beyer 4 months ago +7

    Shia is easily my favorite actor / human being. Such a down to earth guy

  • Slade
    Slade 5 months ago +23

    You can tell that Shia has learnt a lot from being around Jon Bernthal. The way he talks, moves, his attitude, elements of his wardrobe. Glad he seems to being doing better. (Even though this was shot a couple of years ago. I hope it's kept up).

  • Terrik
    Terrik 3 years ago +9581

    Jesus he didn't dab each wing, he slathered them. This is by far the most impressive performance on the show.

    • GigglesDoesStuff
      GigglesDoesStuff 10 months ago


    • Michael Kaiser
      Michael Kaiser 10 months ago

      Poor Sean

    • Martin Geuer
      Martin Geuer Year ago

      Man I`d really like to know if actually used this "hot sauce trick" in a scene later.

    • JC
      JC Year ago

      Big facts

    • Nick Newton
      Nick Newton Year ago +2

      dont forget Stone Cold. claimed he wasnt big on hot stuff and literally didnt even react to any of them

  • Coach Genius
    Coach Genius Month ago +3

    Shia seems like the type of guy that would be good to have a couple of beers with. Not only a talented actor, but a down to earth dude.

  • Justin Gagnier
    Justin Gagnier 11 days ago

    I honestly think this is my favorite episode. Despite the issues he’s had with his mental health and sobriety he has such great energy and he’s so intelligent and awesome.

  • Adz
    Adz 7 months ago +10

    This was such a great interview with Shia. I haven't watched content with him in a while so this was a nice watch. Also the crew laughing in the bg was so funny

  • Michelle & Trae
    Michelle & Trae 2 months ago +7

    This has to be my absolute favorite one of these I have ever watched, he is so funny, I am in actual tears.

  • Donavon Borden
    Donavon Borden 3 years ago +821

    This was literally the best episode. Shia is pure and has good vibes

    • Giant Dad
      Giant Dad 3 years ago

      @Jeremy Lim I don't think that's how it works.

    • Jeremy Lim
      Jeremy Lim 3 years ago +2

      @casual complaints yup, he's an actor, he can be pure whenever he wants to be

    • ging er
      ging er 3 years ago +3

      Unless you mention Trump to him

    • _
      _ 3 years ago +1

      Donavon Borden he hit puberty twice

  • Bibery Ladson
    Bibery Ladson 7 months ago +12

    I love Shia. It's so awesome how he turned the tables and the interviewer was having a hard time getting his thoughts together

  • BallzD33P
    BallzD33P 9 days ago +2

    Hands down best guest. They way he dabbed every wing and cleaned the bones the whole way through.
    Shai fully committed!
    He didn't even get an honorable mention at the hot one awards...
    Breaks my heart

  • Lance Allen McGinnis
    Lance Allen McGinnis 9 hours ago

    I have watched so many of these videos. I keep going back to this one multiple times. Shia eats the whole wing like its supposed to be eaten. Love it!

  • M P
    M P 2 days ago

    I love Shia. He is art for me. Just a whole other kind of a person, walking to his own beat, and trying to be grounded, genuine, and connected while he does it. A very good human.

  • Lethality112
    Lethality112 9 months ago +4509

    Is nobody gonna talk about how he's the only person on this show's history to put a dab on every. Single. Wing. And eat it. COMPLETELY!

      NOCTURN4L 2 months ago

      Rachel Rae dipped a spoon in each sauce but I think they were weaker back then

    • Kiri Wheeler
      Kiri Wheeler 2 months ago

      Thundercat did too yo

    • One1Critic
      One1Critic 3 months ago

      Lol...that's commitment.

    • Terri Cox
      Terri Cox 3 months ago

      Literally everyone was talking about it?

  • markawestern
    markawestern Month ago +7

    I honestly thought that Shia was a diva and kind of a dousch before I saw this. Truth is, he seems really down to earth and a total beast. Almost seems like he was dragging Sean across the finish line for a change. There is no doubt that he is the all time king of Hot One's💯

  • UknowSJ86
    UknowSJ86 3 months ago +7

    I keep coming back to this episode, hands down one of my favorites!

  • CGnAtl B
    CGnAtl B 6 months ago +12

    Shia is such an interesting person. He's still one of my favorites and he totally rocked those pink tights!

  • Mister Fusion
    Mister Fusion 6 months ago +11

    I think we're all supposed to not like Shia LaBeouf for some reason I can't remember but every time I see him in something he's just epic.

  • tanner okeefe
    tanner okeefe 3 years ago +2366

    This by far the best interview I’ve ever seen. Animations killed it too

    • L M
      L M 3 years ago +2

      Eggfuckingzactly what I was thinking !!!! Especially the story about the chickens hahahaha

    • Ava_rua
      Ava_rua 3 years ago

      Beautifully Agree

    • David M.
      David M. 3 years ago +11

      Genuinely a down-to-earth good guy

    • Trish DeLish
      Trish DeLish 3 years ago +22

      Totally!! The animated stories have been a fantastic addition to the show.

  • Digital James
    Digital James  7 months ago +3

    These interviews are so awesome! Totally engaging, in depth, real, and loveable. Thank you!

  • JFoz
    JFoz 4 months ago +7

    What a great bloke 👏 And one of the best actors in my opinion

  • Jennifer k
    Jennifer k 2 months ago +1

    Every time I come across this video I rewatch it 🤣 my fav so far, he reminds me of my older brother. I loved him in disturbia, he seems like such a normal guy, nothing like the media portrayed him to be, everyone has their faults & bad days. Would be nice to meet him tho 😁💙

  • Kinnard Royale
    Kinnard Royale 3 months ago +42

    😂 “I feel like I’ve been touched by an angel…I feel like Della Reese in here.” That joke had me dying. How old is Shia? The one went over Shawn’s head, but my Gen X heart loved it.

  • Braulio Bacio
    Braulio Bacio 2 years ago +2443

    Love how Shia eats the whole wing not just one bite.

    • Alex Affat
      Alex Affat 2 years ago

      @Stephen Skateboarding Curry Joji part asian, we'd get whooped if we ever wasted food

    • IntoTheAbyss OfTheUnknown
      IntoTheAbyss OfTheUnknown 2 years ago +1

      He said he was half Cajun, half jewish. That's why.

    • Raven AmberRose
      Raven AmberRose 2 years ago +1

      OMG YES!!! ME TOO! I hate when they take one small bite lol I'm like eat that whole chicken wing!! :D Yummy

    • Max Mason
      Max Mason 2 years ago +1

      with an extra dab of hot sauce no less

  • BeaUtiful_ 9ightmAre
    BeaUtiful_ 9ightmAre 3 months ago +5

    One of my favorite actors of all time! Love this guy!!!! And Peanut butter falcon and honey boy were AMAZING AND VERY ADMIRABLE FILMS. He gets more handsome with time! So misunderstood at times.. he's a beautiful artist! Shia is a OG.. The way he said "i wish i had brothers" 🥺😊🥰 He is such a girl dad btw❤️

  • Perrin Aybara
    Perrin Aybara 5 days ago

    Sean you are the greatest host. Shia seems like a pretty awesome guest. Love this episode!

  • Alex Gh
    Alex Gh 4 months ago +3

    It's impossible not to like this guy, I swear! Funniest episode EVER and I watched 'em all! So much respect for this guy!

  • Paula Hodd
    Paula Hodd 25 days ago +1

    Hands down my FAVOURITE one yet. Love love love it!!!!! PLEASE BRING HIM BACK!!!!

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    Greg Lyell 3 years ago +1211

    Its seriously so nice to see Shia like he's in a good place. Always had a crazy soft spot for him

    • Low Curry
      Low Curry 3 years ago

      Got a big crush on him still

    • Ayylien
      Ayylien 3 years ago

      @Xx Yy fair enough he hasn't done jail time or whatever, maybe he should have, that's not for me to say.

    • Squidward
      Squidward 3 years ago


  • anastasieD
    anastasieD 7 months ago +3

    I've just discovered your show and am currently watching all of the episodes. i can not stay silent at how I honestly feel right now. THIS IS the most sane adequate relatable person I've seen so far and I'm shocked how an opinion can change and be diametrically opposite to the previous one, it's mind-blowing. I'm pleasantly surprised and it only proves how wrong we can be about something or somebody when we base our judgment on just an image or someone's words..idk just my thoughts...

  • April Adair Shares
    April Adair Shares 6 months ago +7

    Really enjoyed this interview! He’s so calm yet so funny lol ❤️

  • Elizabeth Barker
    Elizabeth Barker Month ago +1

    Shia really did the best I've seen! Way to go! I'm gonna try some of those hotdog slices that he described.

  • Joseph Jones
    Joseph Jones 5 months ago +3

    I have so much respect for Shia he’s so down to earth

  • Avatar Liger
    Avatar Liger 3 years ago +459

    I love how he is genuinely impressed by Sean's interviewing skills. Warms my heart.

  • Dave Wong
    Dave Wong 3 months ago +7

    this is by far the best episode ever, even after 2 yrs.

  • UnspokenMe
    UnspokenMe 8 months ago +3

    Shia is such a rich and authentic soul. Love him to bits

  • Medusa's Lair
    Medusa's Lair 6 months ago +4

    I love that man, he's just so much heart. One of the few real ones in Hollywood.

  • youdude1121
    youdude1121 5 months ago +3

    by far one of my favorite interviews on this show. Shia seems like such a cool, calm and collected dude. smart, funny and he dabbed on each wing. now, was he hitting on Sean calling him a teddy bear and saying he was enamored with him? lol

  • In Zamasu We Trust
    In Zamasu We Trust 3 years ago +584

    This is easily the best episode ever. They last dabbed the entire show and Shia was actually cleaning his wings.

    • MammaApa
      MammaApa 3 years ago

      This is the opposite of the Weird Al episode. He was a total nibbler.

    • In Zamasu We Trust
      In Zamasu We Trust 3 years ago +2

      @El this definitely beats the hell out of the little nibblers that normally come on the show. We need to really start calling them out.

    • El
      El 3 years ago

      He is def not cleaning his bones but, ok.. lol hella yeah for him dabbing some on EVERY wing tho

    • Zeke Horton
      Zeke Horton 3 years ago +4

      So true

  • Velma Mellix
    Velma Mellix 2 months ago +1

    I so absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this show and Shia is one of my most favorite of actors seeing him do the challenge was so straight up funny and entertaining in a genuinely Shia LaBeouf way thank you Sean love you and PLEASE keep doing what you do 💋💋💋

  • Bill Tuttle
    Bill Tuttle Month ago +1

    Dude this is a super underrated episode. Huge fan of the show, and this episode made me giggle the entire time. Love Shia, he seems like a genuine, real guy. Hard to find those caliber of folk these days.

  • Leos Lit
    Leos Lit 7 months ago +9

    watched this twice already and was amazed by how interesting shia is, and how well sean clicks with him and all that comedic timing
    but on the third watch, i now realise for the first time how fucking BUILT shia is o.o

  • immaZebrah
    immaZebrah 6 months ago +2

    So I watched this episode shortly after it launched and absolutely loved it, and I just went and watched The Peanut Butter Falcon today for the first time... God, what a raw, feel good movie. I love what you been doing Shia. Thanks for being a part of what made me feel this way.

  • Skye Finnestad
    Skye Finnestad 2 years ago +8136

    Dude Shia’s voice FEELS like a hug

    • cavemandancer
      cavemandancer 9 months ago

      He is a self proclaimed sensitive dude.

    • Anderson R
      Anderson R 10 months ago

      I ❤️ his voice

    • Gina♾
      Gina♾ Year ago

      A perfect way to describe his voice!

    • DanWilan
      DanWilan Year ago

      Feels like steroids

    • Likea Boss
      Likea Boss Year ago +2

      Ask his girlfriends what his voice sounds like after he physically abuses the f*** out of them

  • ASE
    ASE 2 months ago +1

    This is by far my favorite episode and I come back and watch it every couple of months

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    Cierra Downing 7 months ago +3

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    Nothisispatrick 7 months ago +3

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  • Pablo
    Pablo 3 years ago +5023

    You guys set the bar way too high for the first episode. Shia just won Hot Ones.

    • Eddie Valdivia
      Eddie Valdivia 3 years ago

      He for sure did

    • NezukoxZenitsu_lover523
      NezukoxZenitsu_lover523 3 years ago +1

      Right. Like Shia Lebouf right off the bat?? Im excited to see who else is going to be in this season. Shouldve had him as the finale because the only thing that can top this is if they get Keanu Reeves or OBAMA

    • mariobros474
      mariobros474 3 years ago


    • Rats Kraad
      Rats Kraad 3 years ago

      @frizzybob lol

    • Rats Kraad
      Rats Kraad 3 years ago +1

      @JRO ??? what does joes podcast have to do with music you made??

  • Alex Vasu
    Alex Vasu 3 months ago +8

    This is the best person to do the show. Dabs every wing and cleans them with zero expression. If their are ranks for this he wins #1. Rewatching to see the master class

  • Kimberly Robinson
    Kimberly Robinson Month ago +1

    This is why Hot Ones is so awesome...it shows sides and personalities of people that are not typically displayed in regular interviews. Shia was so real and funny...who knew?? Made me a fan. Great episode!

  • Big Banko
    Big Banko Day ago

    I never heard the entire room laugh at/with a guest the entire episode. Shia a legend.

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    DJ Squirtnasty 6 months ago +8

    Coming back for yet another view of this epic hot ones two years later. My favorite episode.

  • Thomas K
    Thomas K 3 years ago +1290

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    • Nightmare13
      Nightmare13 3 years ago +5

      @Pokey0311 You would be that one person who brought politics into this.

    • Erik Midtsundstad
      Erik Midtsundstad 3 years ago +2

      @SomeRandomBoi YT He didn't seem sober. Still, he made it through with a dab on every wing. I tried two drops of Da Bomb on a wing and it was a nightmare so all creds to Shia for making it through this.

  • Salty Apple
    Salty Apple 7 months ago +3

    Still the best episode of hot ones to date. Shia is a LEGEND!

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    Bijan Nadimi 3 months ago +7

    It's after midnight. I stumbled on this show and couldn't stop watching. I started with Kevin bacon. I've always been able to relate to Shia and would really like to see more movies of him. I'm glad he's still so genuine.

    • Bijan Nadimi
      Bijan Nadimi 3 months ago +1

      Side note....I want all these sauces please.

  • Darth Vadar
    Darth Vadar 6 months ago

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