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Terry Crews Hallucinates While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Oct 4, 2017
  • Terry Crews has more strength in one bicep than most humans have in their entire being. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star enters the Hot Ones terrordome and goes beast mode on the wings of death. As he tackles sauce after sauce with Sean Evans, Crews opens up about everything from his relationship with his father to his difficult experience in the NFL.
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    Episode 12
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Comments • 39 865

  • 에이미쓰
    에이미쓰 4 years ago +7155

    Terry seems like a good dude & down to earth for a celebrity.

    • Idriss B
      Idriss B 4 months ago +3

      He the kinda man you have a 4 scentence chat with about milk when youre at the grocery store

    • Lou Skunt
      Lou Skunt 5 months ago +1


    • NickyFN
      NickyFN 7 months ago


    • Luke Etheridge
      Luke Etheridge 11 months ago

      Shit had terry looking like a real life ninja turtle

  • Yelhsa Sokolova
    Yelhsa Sokolova Year ago +3293

    The fact that he endured so much negativity growing up and still managed to become one of the most wholesome guys I've ever seen makes me so happy. Love this man.

    • hlessiavedon
      hlessiavedon 2 months ago

      @iSuckAtNames there are a lot of people who can not work through their issues alone, and getting quality psychiatric care is expensive and a lot of insurance companies still don't cover routine mental health coverage.

    • Jennifer Chong
      Jennifer Chong 2 months ago


    • Ludmilla Gutomo
      Ludmilla Gutomo 3 months ago

      yes! ♥️♥️♥️

    • Ash 1211
      Ash 1211 4 months ago +2

      @J Way You have a victim mindset man

    • iSuckAtNames
      iSuckAtNames 4 months ago +2

      Well, think about it. If you're smart, the negativity you face doesnt define you. You see it bothers you, and see you don't want to be like that. It's called growing. A lot of people nowadays haven't the slightest idea of what that even is.

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith Year ago +1474

    He’s got to be like the nicest dude on the planet. So happy for his success.

    • CrossyfireZX
      CrossyfireZX 27 days ago

      thr strongest and the most gentle of giants

    • Huuuda
      Huuuda Month ago

      and he went through all that without a single profanity... a true role model for his kids!

    • bina nocht
      bina nocht 2 months ago

      Him and everyone else who's been on hot wings lol

    • Evan Hernandez
      Evan Hernandez 8 months ago +1

      just... just... NYEH *yeets Mr.Reeves at you* >:c 2nd nicest :P

  • SandSiren
    SandSiren Year ago +363

    He’s a perfect example of what strength is, it’s not just the muscles but the way he builds people up and isn’t afraid to get vulnerable.

    • RedT
      RedT 13 hours ago

      nah it's the muscles.

    • Melonburst
      Melonburst 3 months ago +7

      He is a real man

  • PhantomBot
    PhantomBot Year ago +710

    You can tell, at first Terry thought it was just gonna be a run-of-the-mill soulless talk show but he was impressed by Sean's genuine questions and opened up as the interview went on.

  • TeamFlightBrothers
    TeamFlightBrothers 4 years ago +1914

    Terry Crews is amazing! What a humble dude

    • Jvo Trachsel
      Jvo Trachsel 4 years ago

      He doesn't need to show off. His muscles do that for him XD. No serriously, he has a great sense of humour.

    • aaronstallard
      aaronstallard 4 years ago

      yep. prize example of what people should be

    • The Ninth
      The Ninth 4 years ago

      TeamFlightBrothers yes, id love to know him personally.

  • GamesDean
    GamesDean 11 months ago +452

    I never knew Terry's backstory. That is wild. We are all incredibly fortunate that he was able to persevere and endure and become the man he is today.

  • dimetrik43
    dimetrik43 Year ago +842

    Just watched the DJ Khaled episode, and after suffering through his pseudo-inspirational bullshit for almost 20 minutes, this episode was a breath of fresh air. Terry is a true inspiration and role model.

    • Screemurr
      Screemurr Month ago

      I did the exact same thing lol

    • Doctor Evil
      Doctor Evil 5 months ago +5

      I watched that one a while back, it was just pathetic lol

    • I Exist
      I Exist Year ago +22

      i only remember him from the freaky friday "IM DJ KHALEDDDDDDDDDDDDD! why am i yelling?"

  • Cheeky
    Cheeky 11 months ago +280

    I feel like Terry is the dad everyone wishes they could have. He's the definition of an idol

  • Mark Farmer
    Mark Farmer 9 months ago +136

    What a guy. I’ve always liked Terry. You can tell he’s a quality dude.

  • TV78
    TV78 Year ago +4307

    The joy in his voice when he's talking about building a PC with his son was so GENUINE! I love it!

    • Rotem Shoshani
      Rotem Shoshani 6 months ago +1

      I have 2 kids and literally teared up when he was talking about it.
      I keep showing my 5 year old Mario Kart tricks and can't wait to do his first build with him when grows up

    • Rose A
      Rose A 7 months ago

      @Pilot Hopefully you, like Terry, are able to make it your Strength. This was a powerful episode. He asked if it was too much to share, that you put this comment here was brave as well. More power to ya :)

    • Neal MickeyD
      Neal MickeyD 9 months ago

      @guily6669 L dad

    • Cameron Mitchell
      Cameron Mitchell 9 months ago +3

      I think that (regardless of his religious habit, or how you wanna characterize it) Terry Crews is an amplifier of the Holy Spirit.

    • Xuepreme
      Xuepreme Year ago

      my favorite thing video from Terry crews is always with his son bonding

  • Mathew Mos
    Mathew Mos Year ago +197

    ive seen terry in a lot of things but the way he describes getting into his sons interests really goes to the next level for me. he seems to show so much heart and values with no complaints. terry is a dude to admire! ot just a good actor, but a good human being with the best intentions :) someone who loves making others smile. thank you terry, and Sean. i can only hope to be as good a dad for my kids

    • Sprits Fal
      Sprits Fal Month ago +1

      Usually the best human beings have seen the worst things.

  • E Gon
    E Gon 8 months ago +75

    The definition of a real man!! Great father, husband, friend and human being!! What a role model!! Keep rollin brother!! Great interview!! Sean you are gangsta!!! How do you do this day in day out!!! Poor Terry!!! I wanted to give him a hug!!! Such a passionate man!!!! God bless him!!!

    • iamlanney
      iamlanney 4 months ago

      I love this comment and I love terry so much. this interviewer is so amazing

  • Ann Farmer
    Ann Farmer 2 months ago +41

    I love that no matter what terry crews is doing he exudes positive vibes that are so strong you can feel them roll out of your tv and totally give you a great big hug of infectious happiness! You are beautiful Mr crews! Thank you for being you!

  • Kassandra Tyce
    Kassandra Tyce 9 months ago +78

    Terry is a great man and awesome father , he been through hell and didn’t let it affect him being a better person truly inspirational

  • Jack Steele
    Jack Steele 3 years ago +9381

    I love how Terry embraced his son’s interest in both watching and playing video games and used it to bond with him, rather than criticizing the practice like most parents do.

    • Teresa Trigiani
      Teresa Trigiani Month ago

      Exactly what I was going to say!!! awesome dad, going beyond the limitations of his own dad's capability.

    • Wolfofthenightt
      Wolfofthenightt Month ago

      He went a stop above "are ya winning son?"

    • Guytans Bariva
      Guytans Bariva 5 months ago

      I don't know that most parents criticize video games, since so many of us grew up playing ourselves. I remember the day my family brought home the original Nintendo system in 1988. My family stayed up half the night playing Mario and Duck Hunt.
      I can understand parents criticizing violent or gory games, but they're tame compared to what the average 14 year old knows how to find on the Internet.
      The real problem is kids spending all day on a phone or tablet instead of reading a book or actually interacting with other Human beings. We're now getting a generation of mal-adjusted kids with poor interaction and social skills. Doomed to work in fast food their entire lives...it's pathetic

    • John Owens
      John Owens 6 months ago

      Most parents are right to criticize. Video games are a waste of life.

  • TonyTheYouTuba
    TonyTheYouTuba 3 months ago +42

    Knew he had gone full on with PC gaming, didn’t know the back story. What a fella, amazing whole interview and congrats to the FWF team for another amazing job

  • Nikki S
    Nikki S 5 months ago +11

    This is my third time watching this episode. Never tire of Terry's genuine excitement about his son or his passion for everything he embarks upon. What a positive, honest man ❤️

  • xXSHAWNXx420
    xXSHAWNXx420 3 months ago +17

    it's crazy how an escalating wings and interview really changes the way of things. feels like an unfiltered honest side, and alot of well thought and researched questions for every episode. kudos for this

  • Dats Tuff
    Dats Tuff 2 months ago +19

    Terry is the most normal and down to earth celebrity I've ever seen. Awesome dude

  • dasnerft96
    dasnerft96 2 years ago +4723

    i love how this man shows the whole world how you can be manly but still show love for so many things. He's seems like such a good person

    • Razan Kilani
      Razan Kilani Year ago

      Terry loves love!

    • MrAhmes2001
      MrAhmes2001 Year ago +1

      Terry is 1 of those few men who when you look at them you don't see colour, you don't see gender... you just see a beautiful soul

    • Molly Nicholson
      Molly Nicholson Year ago

      @Evan Vincent is going back blonde with her lol and I can’t remember lol she said

    • Brian Easton
      Brian Easton Year ago


  • justin reillyhyers
    justin reillyhyers 2 months ago +12

    I loved watching this I was inspired and I was cracking up laughing 😂

  • Abhiram Boralkar
    Abhiram Boralkar Year ago +37

    Terry Crews is an unending source of positivity. Go king 💪🏻

  • Unwind Reactions
    Unwind Reactions Year ago +36

    Always liked Terry,now just like him even more after watching this interview, he's such a gem!

  • The_G
    The_G Year ago +51

    Terry Crews is just about the coolest man alive. He is real, he is a fun and he is kind.

  • the bootleg boy
    the bootleg boy 5 years ago +8579

    Terrys the kinda guy you accidentally spill a drink on at the bar and immediately shit yourself, but then he'd end up apologising and buying you a new drink.

  • Jamo The Great
    Jamo The Great 11 months ago +32

    I love Terry Crews as a man, actor, and human being. He is such a great person. I would love to meet him in person.

  • LeTuná
    LeTuná 11 months ago +9

    This is my first interview I’ve watched of Terry Crews and I am shocked. He seems like the nicest person ever! And super genuine. I would love it if I matched with him in Battlefield.

  • vic pav
    vic pav 9 months ago +13

    This is probably one of the most genuine interviews this show ever had

  • João Lopes
    João Lopes Year ago +48

    God bless you Terry! For reminding us what a human should be all about.

  • Gentlemans Pattaya
    Gentlemans Pattaya 5 years ago +11408

    Terry is positivity in a human body. Love him.

  • Tai Tran
    Tai Tran 6 months ago +4

    What an awesome show and to see people like Terry being honest and sharing parts of his life we would never have known about. The spice just brings it all out.

  • Lukáš
    Lukáš Year ago +18

    Best interview show ever and Terry is such a genuine guy, love it.

  • Logan E aka El_Ogan
    Logan E aka El_Ogan 5 months ago +5

    Terry is such a genuine and amazing person I absolutely love this man I wish more of Hollywood was reflective of him

  • Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    The fact that he's genuinely eager to learn with his son on PC building was so wholesome. Salute.

  • Shadicus98 _
    Shadicus98 _ 5 months ago +4

    Man Terry you're an amazing person man. You have an energy like no one else and I just wish more of the world was as passionate as you are.

  • Riley Banks
    Riley Banks Year ago +10

    I love people like him. What a great, warm, humble personality. Seems like a great dude to share a laugh with.

  • Francis Buenafe
    Francis Buenafe 10 months ago +6

    Can listen to Terry talk about his life all day. Descriptive, emotional, uplifting, and proud. That PC story was pretty cool.

  • Jessica Ryan
    Jessica Ryan 2 months ago +3

    You always show us the best of people. I love and respect almost all of your guests way more after you interview them. Terry is such a good guy 💗

  • Michael Juarez
    Michael Juarez 5 years ago +223

    Terry is a great dude, you can tell he is very humble and grateful for where he is in life. He deserves it so much

  • SamanthaArts
    SamanthaArts 8 months ago +5

    I started this vid expecting some funny stuff... turns out this episode was so much better and wholesome than I expected. He is such a lovely person.🥺

  • Tobyn Cummins
    Tobyn Cummins 2 months ago +15

    That was one big gigantic motivational speech from start to finish under spicy duress!!!

  • DJ
    DJ 5 months ago +5

    I have newfound respect for Terry Crews...he seems to be such a down-to-earth guy. Particularly, him building a PC with his son to bond with him...that was what got me! Amazing!

  • Katie Toole
    Katie Toole 8 months ago +5

    This one was great. Terry seems like a truly amazing person. Top 10 Hot Ones I've seen if not top 5.

  • Egypt Garcia
    Egypt Garcia 2 years ago +4773

    The moment he said that he wanted to connect to his son's world. Damn that hit me hard. What a GREAT FATHER. *teary eyes

    • rob
      rob Year ago +1

      why is it so hard to find a good father 😭

    • Fujaliku
      Fujaliku Year ago

      @Hope Fischer was looking for this

    • 25th century MaN
      25th century MaN Year ago

      Me too. But he is nice dude.

    • rml
      rml Year ago

      Learn from this my parents.

    • Rebekah Reynolds
      Rebekah Reynolds Year ago

      yes. brain damage can do WONDERS

  • Nick Rosati
    Nick Rosati 9 months ago +3

    This is my favorite episode ever. Terry always have such great energy in all of his characters he plays , and it looks like that is how he is in really life. I wish he was my next door neighbor.

  • Abigail Alonso
    Abigail Alonso 11 months ago +5

    Man! I fuc*ing love this dude! He's an inspiration and an example of what a real man (person) should be. He's the kind of man any woman would want in her life. He's an awesome father. He's such an incredible human being.
    God bless this guy 🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️

  • Jennifer Salazar
    Jennifer Salazar 5 months ago +2

    One of the best interviews I've seen on here. Such a joy and humbleness.

  • Invincibleツ
    Invincibleツ 10 months ago +5

    Terry is so genuine and cool, he's awesome

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Terry Crews is a gentle giant, he's such a humble guy

    • Maggie’s in the mud
      Maggie’s in the mud 2 years ago

      Dutch Delight exactly dude you get it

    • Nakib Hamed
      Nakib Hamed 2 years ago

      First he is in every Matt stonie video now he’s in this he is unavoidable

    • Yanina Cabrera
      Yanina Cabrera 2 years ago

      Every guy is 😂

    • monke
      monke 2 years ago

      @ROJETx he's not a bot he always has different comments

    • Claire Senpai
      Claire Senpai 2 years ago +1

      bro why are you here?
      you've been like everywhere

  • Water D. Nine
    Water D. Nine 11 months ago +3

    Such a wholesome vibe in this interview. I love this one. 🙏🏽🙌🏽❤️

  • Chi Chi
    Chi Chi Year ago +1

    I couldn't like Terry more if I tried. He's a genuinely good person and deserves all the success he's worked so hard for.

    FRANK CANO Year ago +8

    WOW! This the first time I saw this show. TC seems like a very genuine and decent and extremely funny guy. I will definitely have to watch his shows to get more of him. And JESUS, when someone takes this kind of abuse to their taste buds all in the name of entertainment and good fun I have to say BRAVO!

  • Sunshine Radebe
    Sunshine Radebe 10 months ago +5

    I got major love for Terry Crews honestly he has been through so much but he didn't let it define hime and his an amazing father ❤ lol but his reaction as it gets hotter 😂😂😂😂 speechless

  • Adam Hisham
    Adam Hisham 2 years ago +10286

    I'm having a hard time deciding whose hair I like more.

  • Des
    Des 10 months ago +5

    7:13 The happiness in that man's face when Terry liked the Hot Ones sauce. Reminds me of my first time cooking for my dad and hearing him saying the same thing.

  • amo nra
    amo nra Month ago

    Great artist, great man, great husband, great father, great human being! Thank you for another wonderful interview!

  • Beer Zerker
    Beer Zerker 5 months ago +4

    Terry Crews is one of the most human and realist celebrities out there. Great episode

  • Li'l White Express Truck

    Terry crews seems like he would be a top tier friend to have lol. I feel like he could hang out with anyone and just radiate positive vibes

  • Weaver Beats
    Weaver Beats 5 years ago +11716

    Terry crews seems like such a genuine awesome human being.

    • Crashburn 32
      Crashburn 32 2 years ago

      Likeable guy...

    • Raquel DE SHOW!!
      Raquel DE SHOW!! 3 years ago

      omg the most best ever really icant wauw

    • Jarod Andrews
      Jarod Andrews 3 years ago

      The Moeller Brooklyn nine-nine isn’t relevant?

    • Blessed Benita
      Blessed Benita 3 years ago

      A family member recently had a personal encounter with Terry and he is a genuinely all around nice guy...

    • Dela Sessi
      Dela Sessi 3 years ago

      .. sure it's not the spicy wings effect ...

  • Jartoc Janror
    Jartoc Janror Year ago +2

    what a genuine guy. this dude is a gem in the world. honestly love this man right here

  • anbu chelvan
    anbu chelvan Year ago +3

    He just made me smile throughout 😂😅 and the final hug just melted my heart...❤😁

  • tina tina
    tina tina Month ago

    This was epic. So uplifting. He’s a great man. Sean, you are awesome in the literal sense

  • Southernblonde1310
    Southernblonde1310 Month ago

    I love him so much. What an amazing person. ♥ I was not expecting to cry watching this, but hearing him talk about how he connected with his son hit me.

  • George Morley
    George Morley 3 years ago +1316

    The fact that he turned out to be so well adjusted in the long run when he had such a lot of adversity thrown at him in his life is really quite an inspiration.

    • josue ramirez
      josue ramirez 3 years ago

      In other words, he didn't end up like just another black man???? 😂

    • AqibAC
      AqibAC 3 years ago +18

      Definitely, especially with his father, when I heard that I just felt a rush of hope. With someone like that, who assisted into bringing your life into being, it makes you question a fair bit.
      But how Terry Crews ended up, strong and yet still so emotionally kind, it really gives you hope for redemption. Man, it'd be awesome to be half the man Terry is.

    • SteveErnst117
      SteveErnst117 3 years ago +8

      that's the american spirit!

    • ManiaMac1613
      ManiaMac1613 3 years ago +31

      It's incredible how he's able to talk so candidly about it too, the definition of a success story

  • Clear Adventure
    Clear Adventure Year ago +4

    I love this man. His spirit is amazing.

  • Rome Ants
    Rome Ants Year ago +13

    The ending made me respect and admire Terry so much more. When the cameras turned off, he’s the same man. That’s real shit

  • Everyday Mind
    Everyday Mind 9 months ago +2

    Terry just seems like such a genuinely nice guy - he's awesome!

  • Aleks Limon
    Aleks Limon 9 months ago +2

    love Terry!!! What an amazing soul! Love you Terry. Keep doing what you are doing brother!!!

  • DeanoSauruz
    DeanoSauruz 5 years ago +1253

    Hearing Terry talk so deeply about connecting with his Son, building the computer, put the BIGGEST FUCKING SMILE on my face! What a great Dad that kid has!

    • Coolsville
      Coolsville 5 years ago

      ^^^never got the PlayStation for Christmas

    • Coolsville
      Coolsville 5 years ago

      ^^^Forced in to playing sports as a kid

    • Squidward Tortellini
      Squidward Tortellini 5 years ago

      Julius will hope that pc pays the rent

    • Balthizaur
      Balthizaur 5 years ago

      You can do it Edgar!

    • Edgar Ruiz
      Edgar Ruiz 5 years ago +1

      Made me feel like a failure as a dad!! Must do what he did.

  • Lou Skunt
    Lou Skunt 5 months ago +4

    Terry is such a righteous dude. Love this guy!💯💯💯

  • J B
    J B Year ago +9

    How this has 5.5k dislikes blows my mind. Seriously the most down to earth celebrity and the show is just genuinely so fun to watch.

  • Hannah Knight
    Hannah Knight Year ago +2

    Love Terry! Such a hilarious guy

  • Meli Studio
    Meli Studio 4 months ago +3

    I laughed so hard at this one! Terry have it all!

  • PhantomACE
    PhantomACE 5 years ago +8654

    Wait what? Yet another reason to love Terry Crews?

    • Xenos
      Xenos 9 months ago


    • GOOP
      GOOP 9 months ago +1

      Terry loves, love.

    • Lewon
      Lewon 10 months ago +1

      And then he goes an ruins it all by supporting Amazon.

    • J-LeeOfficial
      J-LeeOfficial Year ago

      Old Spice’s commercials.

    • Laura Lara
      Laura Lara Year ago +1

      protect terry crews at all costs

  • Gongoozler I am
    Gongoozler I am Year ago +15

    Terry is great, I just finished the video and I'm still reminiscing of the smile his son had on his face spending time with him in the picture they showed, that's so sweet! :)

  • Angel Puss
    Angel Puss 10 months ago +5

    Having just discovered this...I'm sooo happy! I laugh and cry..😂 Sean, well done on the concept!
    Terry.... hilarious 😆😆

  • Lavish Symmetry Fashion and Beauty

    I love this! Great job Terry! 💜

  • pete dyck
    pete dyck Year ago +2

    Man he's way too cool . Love this channel well done Sean 👏

  • Nothing Notable
    Nothing Notable 5 years ago +239

    I never knew about all the layers of Terry Crews. That's what makes this such a great show, it's able to show you these celebrities on a slightly deeper level than you might have expected.

    • Nothing Notable
      Nothing Notable 5 years ago +2

      Honestly Sean is an INCREDIBLE interviewer

    • Jocelyn
      Jocelyn 5 years ago +2

      Shoutout to Sean Evans for his great interview questions! Wouldn't have gotten to know a lot more about celebrities without 'em

  • SensationalBanana
    SensationalBanana Month ago

    The fact that he's such a lovely, inclusive, open-minded and hilarious man despite his father's treatment of him really tells a story about Terry Crew's inner strength and character.
    What a lovely man!

  • Bala1boy
    Bala1boy Year ago +2

    Love Terry Crews. An absolute class act!!! A definite role model for this generation.

  • dice bale
    dice bale Month ago

    What a champion Terry is, love this content 👏

  • cat mririw
    cat mririw Year ago +6

    This is the greatest talk ever in hot ones even in pain of spicy heat he still manage to be wholesome, love you terry ma man 😌👌you are the champ

  • Ryan Santana
    Ryan Santana 2 years ago +1727

    We need to seriously appreciate how AMAZING Sean is at interviewing people, how good his research is and well he interacts with the guest. We also need to appreciate how somebody can be so grounded and humble as Terry cruise

    • Menacme
      Menacme 2 years ago

      Him and naardwar need to come together

    • Jerk
      Jerk 2 years ago

      No, I am sure nobody ever makes comments about how good the interviews are because its simply not in question. Why would we be commenting on something we can all already agree on. As far as we are concerned, the quality of the interviews are locked in, no reason to bring it up.

    • Kunkmyster
      Kunkmyster 2 years ago

      That's, "Sensei" Sean to you and I. 🥋😄

    • Andrew Chedid
      Andrew Chedid 2 years ago

      @Bailey Robinson he's used to it. Plus he can't act like that he has a show to run.

    • Bailey Robinson
      Bailey Robinson 2 years ago

      And that Sean doesn’t care about the heat

  • Scott Oglesby
    Scott Oglesby 7 months ago +2

    Such a cool interview! Never knew how cool Terry is and I love his overcoming his a$$hole dad! Your past doesn't have to dictate your future.

  • Karlosovic77
    Karlosovic77 7 months ago +7

    Man I love Terry Crews so much.
    It doesn't matter and I don't care what else.
    Brother has heart like no one else!

  • Melvin NL
    Melvin NL 10 months ago +2

    This was the best episode! I love terry. His vibes are great!

  • Kevin Costlow
    Kevin Costlow Year ago +1

    Love him... he seems so genuine

  • skyyrg
    skyyrg 5 years ago +1628

    Hearing Terry Crews talk so passionately about video games and how they helped him connect with his son gave me hope. What a cool guy.

    • Ruben Diaz
      Ruben Diaz 4 years ago

      Pc master race

    • Wolf
      Wolf 5 years ago +3

      He even streamed a couple of times on twitch playing rocket league a while ago. It was awesome. Don't know if he still does it, probably not as he's busy making series and movies.

    • Jorb
      Jorb 5 years ago +4

      UltimaKeyMaster it’s on the Terry Crews RUclips channel, newest 3 vids. He’s also made two long vids with JayzTwoCents about the PC. Really cool videos and shows how cool of a guy he is

    • Brandon Sky
      Brandon Sky 5 years ago +3

      I need that video they showed in that segment in my life right now.

    • David Scates
      David Scates 5 years ago +22

      Felt the same

  • DianeCanDoFlamtaps
    DianeCanDoFlamtaps 8 months ago +2

    Terry seems like a genuinely nice and super cool guy!! I’m so happy he made it to his dream job being an actor! 👍👍

  • Cindy Watts
    Cindy Watts 6 months ago +2

    He’s an amazing human! Much respect

  • Angel
    Angel 5 months ago +3

    He's so wholesome! loved it!

  • Kevin Hughes
    Kevin Hughes 2 months ago +1

    Terry is an amazing human for a celebrity he is extremely down to earth and funny AF!

  • Sextus The Vampire
    Sextus The Vampire 2 years ago +3697

    His kids are really lucky to have him as a dad

    • WATZ UP
      WATZ UP 2 years ago

      @Michael it's more about them being poor

    • baradiel death
      baradiel death 2 years ago +1

      @Crashburn 32 dont worry about it take it from me I never had a father but that means you know how to he a father in a sort of sense know to be there for your kids or someone you care about keep your head up pal

    • Crashburn 32
      Crashburn 32 2 years ago +1

      I was going to write the same thing. Many of us had that dad we barely knew, who didn't give a shit........what a great Dad he must be.

    • baradiel death
      baradiel death 2 years ago

      @Tong Pa Fu thats even fuckin better lol

    • baradiel death
      baradiel death 2 years ago

      @Tong Pa Fu dam ur dad is John wick

  • Judy Ann Ludchawe Foyagao
    Judy Ann Ludchawe Foyagao 5 months ago +2

    Terry sounds so gentle on this show. That's the word formed in my mind while listening to him!😁 It is so attractive because his size contradicts with that gentle gentle voice!
    Evans is always great! Graceful and elegant and professional as always.
    Ever since I started watching this show, I have always, always maintained that it is one of those shows that deserve respect because of it's intact dignity. It does not give in to the "gossipy" nature of us, humans, and for this I respect it so much! If I were a famous person but a recluse, I would still gladly do an interview with this show.

  • Suban Esengulov
    Suban Esengulov 21 day ago

    One of the most wholesome human beings I’ve ever seen! So much respect for him!

  • auder
    auder 2 months ago +2

    I think this guy is my favorite of all. I just found the show and have been binge watching. Love this guy Terry! An Timberlake was pretty good too.

  • Rod Roller
    Rod Roller 11 months ago +1

    Great episode. Terry is amazing. Love this man. As a friend I mean …….no really.

  • LiamLDOB
    LiamLDOB 3 years ago +8153

    When you put all of your points into strength and charisma