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Pete Davidson Drips With Sweat While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Mar 4, 2020
  • Pete Davidson is an actor and comedian you probably know best from Saturday Night Live. He also has a new comedy special on Netflix, "Alive From New York," available right now. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Staten Island comic takes on the wings of death with host Sean Evans. Along the way, Davidson offers behind-the-scenes SNL stories, talks about walking in an Alexander Wang fashion show, and gives a ringing endorsement for "Uncut Gems" and Adam Sandler's basketball skills.
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Comments • 24 780

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  2 years ago +20309

    Who agrees with Pete that "Uncut Gems" was the best movie of the year? If not, give us your favorite!

    • Laura E
      Laura E 6 months ago +1

      uncuuh jyuums

    • emi 3
      emi 3 7 months ago

      I know I’m late but for me the best movie was Parasite by far,then 1917.

    • Amber Kauffman
      Amber Kauffman 7 months ago

      The Safdie brothers are geniuses I prefer there film Good Time with Robert Pattinson...he should of got a Oscar for that role

    • Vjvdyvvbh • 9 years ago
    • Nicol Bonilla
      Nicol Bonilla 10 months ago


  • A B
    A B 2 years ago +88664

    Y'all did a whole episode and not one question about Ariana Grande. Such a class move, Sean. That adds to the list of reasons why this show is the best interview anyone can do. Thanks for taking that high road

    • Taj Bates
      Taj Bates 4 months ago

      Still mentioned her though

    • Jill Skelington
      Jill Skelington 5 months ago

      No one’s taking the high road. There are contracts signed beforehand.

    • blurryface
      blurryface 6 months ago

      I was thinking about this halfway through when Pete mentioned Ariana 'made him', then Sean *still* didn't ask about her. Well done for sure!

    • Cassia Dsouza
      Cassia Dsouza 6 months ago

      @Novascotia Skater okay it doesn't. I was overreacting 😂

    • Novascotia Skater
      Novascotia Skater 6 months ago

      @Ro Ems exactly- I can’t remember him ever asking a guest a question about their private lives… not once ever!

  • James Hakola
    James Hakola 10 months ago +2661

    Honestly, I think this is the most inspiring episode. Yeah he's not resistant to heat at all. It's hurting him so badly, worse than any guest I can think of. But he soldiers on.... admirable.

    • Jordan Mackenzie
      Jordan Mackenzie 2 months ago

      I don't get why nobody likes this guy. He seems super cool to me. Articulate, charming and like, super down to earth. Just like me! And remember that funny thing he did on SNL? haha he's the funniest dude around! Anybody who doesn't like this guy is a drumpf supporter for sure.

    • Brandon Ramos
      Brandon Ramos 4 months ago

      he’s high asf

    • Fabian Bruhne
      Fabian Bruhne 5 months ago +1

      Terry Crews suffered a lot too :D

    • Rebekah N
      Rebekah N 6 months ago +9

      He has Chrone's Disease. It affects your gastrointestinal system. My friend's mom has it too. It's awful.

    • Jill Mayer
      Jill Mayer 7 months ago +1

      & he shows it! True king

  • Madeline Ella
    Madeline Ella 9 months ago +3889

    WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT “This one is called the Widowmaker” AND PETE GOING “Oh my mom should have this one”

    • wait a minute I know you
      wait a minute I know you 17 days ago

      Get it!? Cuz his dad......yeah

    • quietbirde
      quietbirde 2 months ago +1


    • Chasity’s Artistry
      Chasity’s Artistry 3 months ago +1

      I literally didn’t catch it till after he said it 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

    • Heather Crocker
      Heather Crocker 3 months ago +12

      Right after his 9-11 joke 🤣 💀😅

    • Bamalamsue
      Bamalamsue 4 months ago +4

      I thought yup, inappropriate jokes is where he goes when he’s messed up and possibly high.

  • enigmaren
    enigmaren Month ago +188

    “This is my 9/11” was absolutely horrible and hysterically funny, knowing what happened to his family. I swear, people who can joke like that about trauma are some of the best people.

    • sam n
      sam n Month ago +4

      @Sara my mum is dead. Friday was my first birthday without her but she missed most of my birthdays anyway lol

    • Sara
      Sara Month ago +6

      And the widow maker joke lol. Dead parents joke are funny, both mine are dead and u need humor to deal.

  • lizzie
    lizzie 9 months ago +815

    The high pitch responses when he could barely hold his sht together was priceless 😂😂

    • Jordan Mackenzie
      Jordan Mackenzie 2 months ago +2

      Exactly!!!! I love how he is a millennial and says millennials want to help (something?) but have "no information behind it"". That brilliant statement touched me. He's def not as dumb as everyone makes him out to be. He's just super funny and I love him.

  • Thomas Kerby
    Thomas Kerby 2 years ago +26771

    I love how you can hear the crew laughing at Pete's jokes in the background

    • Tonja Mollan
      Tonja Mollan Month ago

      The crew laughs at most of the guests

    • Joshua Tausinga
      Joshua Tausinga 9 months ago

      Same thing with Joey Diaz lol

    • 0block
      0block 9 months ago

      @Chad about a million people find him funny and why you come here just to hate find something better to do with your time gtfo here

    • Trillnix
      Trillnix 10 months ago

      @Chad obviously lots of people do if he has multiple specials and is still on snl and is in multiple movies

  • theartist_harlivi
    theartist_harlivi 10 months ago +851

    Pete most certainly deserves a Hall of Fame nod. I don't think ive ever seen anyone go so hard when they're in so much pain. True champion and shows a lot of his character there.

    • R S
      R S 5 days ago

      @Amy Stone Absolutely!! I'm surprised he wasn't running for the can. Nightshades, especially this spicy stuff, are a huge no-no!!

    • Turul☯️🦅
      Turul☯️🦅 18 days ago

      @Jordan Mackenzie Anyone who compares themself with the characteristics of the person they are praising is the opposite of the 'Down to earth' bit you apparently have..😂

    • Jordan Mackenzie
      Jordan Mackenzie 2 months ago +1

      SOOOO TRUUEEE!!! I don't get why nobody likes this guy. He seems super cool to me. Articulate, charming and like, super down to earth. Just like me! And remember that funny thing he did on SNL? haha he's the funniest dude around! Anybody who doesn't like this guy is a drumpf supporter for sure.

    • Amy Stone
      Amy Stone 3 months ago +5

      Crohn's is no joke. We can't eat this kind of stuff. I know the pain he literally suffered. Ugh. He didn't need to do the show to get more Promo.

  • Siya S
    Siya S 6 months ago +886

    I lost it when Pete cried and semi-shouted "Am I ThE WoRsT?!?!" 😆😆😆

    • UnderRated MusicCovers
      UnderRated MusicCovers 3 months ago +1

      “Are your sure “😂😂😂

    • Laxmi priya
      Laxmi priya 3 months ago +1

      @Luis Pineda 19:46

    • Luis Pineda
      Luis Pineda 3 months ago +1

      Time stamp?

    • Emme F
      Emme F 3 months ago +2

      But cheered for him when he lowered his napkin and he had a big smile on his face! Dude, is tougher than he looks.

    • Vandy Merrick
      Vandy Merrick 3 months ago +1

      I’ll randomly hear that in my head now 😂😂😂😂😂

  • David Mathews
    David Mathews 9 months ago +428

    When Pete was gulping milk after the first wing I knew we were in for a ride! 🤣. Thanks for being classy enough to leave Ariana out of the chat. Appreciate people being professional and not resorting to the lowest denominator in order to be sensational. Respect for Pete went up by leaps via this spot. Such a great channel. Classic comment: I speak too soon WAY too often in life. Good self awareness Pete! 👍

    • Jordan Mackenzie
      Jordan Mackenzie 2 months ago

      Didn't he bring her up? He said that the only reason anyone knows of him is because of her.... But I'm on your side!!
      I don't get why nobody likes this guy. He seems super cool to me. Articulate, charming and like, super down to earth. Just like me! And remember that funny thing he did on SNL? haha he's the funniest dude around! Anybody who doesn't like this guy is a drumpf supporter for sure.

  • Nathan Thomson
    Nathan Thomson 9 months ago +211

    I love how hard he was trying to push through and give intelligent answers despite the fact that he clearly had one foot in the grave by the time he got to Da Bomb lol. Respect!

  • Tominzay
    Tominzay 2 years ago +15852

    Pete crying but still trying to talk is literally me during finals.

  • hoolsey
    hoolsey 9 months ago +333

    pete davidson is one of the most effortlessly
    funniest dudes alive

    • Edgar Ramirez
      Edgar Ramirez 2 months ago

      @Michelle Lund how was he disrespectful? Just felt like he was being himself & Sean looked like he was enjoying the interview alongside with the mini jokes

    • Jordan Mackenzie
      Jordan Mackenzie 2 months ago +2

      Agreed, dude!! I don't get why nobody likes this guy. He seems super cool to me. Articulate, charming and like, super down to earth. Just like me! And remember that funny thing he did on SNL? haha he's the funniest dude around! Anybody who doesn't like this guy is a drumpf supporter for sure.

  • The Humphreys
    The Humphreys 3 months ago +92

    I already had so much respect for Sean as an interviewer, but I love that he straight up pulled the host card and forbade Pete from doing the last dab. Clearly he could see that Pete was suffering but still committed, and decided to utilize his host privileges to prevent further suffering. Incredible respect from here!

  • TheHorse316
    TheHorse316 10 months ago +306

    I love to come back to watch this one because Pete’s just so fucking funny, and considering he has Crohn’s the fact that he finished is so impressive. But I just realize that up until the last two sauces he was eating each wing all the way to the bone. Man is absolutely insane

    • Samina Kagalwala
      Samina Kagalwala 2 months ago +5

      I was looking for a comment which addressed that he soldiered on with the spicy wings even though he has Crohn's disease.

    • quietbirde
      quietbirde 2 months ago +3

      he doesnt want redditors making fun of him haha

  • NomaD
    NomaD 7 months ago +172

    Pete is naturally funny. Even when he's in pain.

  • saif sufian
    saif sufian Year ago +8279

    Pete Davidson is the celebrity that acts least like a celebrity

  • Buck Fuddy
    Buck Fuddy 10 months ago +153

    “It’s a really great feeling once ya finally give up”..
    No truer words have been spoken!!
    Thanks Pete!!

  • Spo8
    Spo8 9 months ago +491

    "This one's called the Widowmaker."
    "My mom should have this one."
    Pete tossing out solid gold while he's barely surviving. It's insane.

  • sabian630
    sabian630 10 months ago +112

    Pete is one of my favorites out right now. He seems very humble, he lost his Dad early in life, loves his Mom...and is fkn hilarious..

    • Amy Stone
      Amy Stone 3 months ago +1

      "Out right now" huh? He's been big on the comedy scene for many years! You HAVE to go back and watch his earlier stuff! There was one I saw not too long ago though..called "Moving With Pete Davidson and Kevin Hart" check it out on RUclips. Funny, but poor Pete and his health man..strikes again.

  • Karl Tribe
    Karl Tribe 3 months ago +40

    An inspiring display of fortitude by Pete, I don't think I've seen anyone in as much distress on this show that still pushed through. Well done!

  • Maggie M
    Maggie M 2 years ago +10022

    the fact that Pete laughs at his own jokes is the best thing ever. i love him

    • Tracý_
      Tracý_ Year ago

      @Pishposh Magoo you must be fun 🤨

    • Bryan Barreto
      Bryan Barreto 2 years ago

      its common amongst comedians. they are often very self aware. they crack jokes on themselves just as well and often as other people and things/ideas.

    • agentelvis81
      agentelvis81 2 years ago

      Laughed at his own joke about his own dead father on 9-11. That sure speaks volumes in support of the age old "laughter is the best medicine" saying, eh?

    • JkingBott
      JkingBott 2 years ago

      He is high as a kite

    • Arianna Shriver
      Arianna Shriver 2 years ago +1

      Pishposh Magoo you know, I’m really sorry you lack a decent sense of humor, it makes a really boring life

    FRANZ 4 months ago +96

    watching this kinda made me think why girls like Pete, he’s funny and down to earth looks like he’s fun to be with and he’s perceptive, creative, comedians i think are one of the smartest people the content that they bring it’s hard to make people laugh

  • lovely0989
    lovely0989 8 months ago +44

    This is honestly the first time I’ve heard of Pete, yet I’ve watched a few of the hot ones episodes. But this is the first time I am crying and laughing and seriously worried about a celebrity guest lol Pete seems so down to earth chill and just overall a good person. He’s so cute, even while being tortured by the heat lol My favorite episode thus far

  • Christine 2
    Christine 2 3 months ago +26

    It sounded like he was crying into the napkin “am I the worse?!” So adorable haha!💕
    This is the best episode I’ve seen so far!
    I honestly cough from having pepper in my food.. But somehow this show makes me want to try these spices still 🤣 I was so close to purchasing these spices off their website but I’m pretty sure it would be a total waste in my case considering my tolerance is 💩

  • Porshe Caina
    Porshe Caina 7 months ago +70

    His positive and natural energy is so contagious.

  • Joonha Shcal
    Joonha Shcal Year ago +5753

    Mad respect for Pete. He was suffering so much and then he took a massive bite. His mom didn't raise a quitter.

    • Stevie M
      Stevie M Year ago +21

      Especially with his Crohn's disease, dude. The lining of his stomach is already probably SO PAINFUL already, I can't believe he did this. I also respect him enough to *only* use marijuana for his pain, I guarantee this ruined a full week for him. "I'm just spreading awareness." - King of Staten Island 😂

    • Valentino
      Valentino Year ago +1

      And his uncle JUST DONT GUYS JUST DONT

    • keatin 10
      keatin 10 Year ago +5

      @Dat boi Liam took my fuckin joke goddamnit

    • Dat boi Liam
      Dat boi Liam Year ago +36

      And his dad didn't raise anyone

    • Superjoshallen17
      Superjoshallen17 Year ago +13

      To more in to that he’s a jets fan poor guy

  • Oliver
    Oliver 10 months ago +88

    "It's a really great feeling once you finally just give up"
    -Pete Davidson. 2020

  • Paulo Galiluyo
    Paulo Galiluyo 6 months ago +48

    Sean such a class act. He knew that if pete last dabbed they could've gotten some youtube gold but he stopped him anyway just cuz he cares. Sean's the best 💯

  • Kyla Farquhar
    Kyla Farquhar 10 months ago +90

    His honesty is refreshing.

  • Emme F
    Emme F 3 months ago +10

    Love Pete, he's my new hero! Amazed at the determination & perseverance he displayed during the challenge. It was clearly very difficult for him but mad respect to him for getting through instead of tapping out like many others. Love his quick wit, intelligence, thoughtful answers, his beautiful smile that lights up his face and his shy boyish mannerisms. Pete was definitely not the worst, he may have been the wettest but far from the worst. No shame in that game!! He ran the gauntlet! Wishing only the best for him in his career & personal life.

  • taylor clark
    taylor clark 2 years ago +6657

    Me: Who the hell is Pete Davidson? Let’s watch and find out.
    Me 14 minutes in: I think I love him.

  • Esther Herset
    Esther Herset 9 months ago +53

    Love that even Sean knew that Pete Davidson was someone who needed to be protected.

  • chippy m
    chippy m 9 months ago +68

    This was the funniest one in my opinion lol when he started cracking jokes about his dad when he could barely talk i was seriously dying

  • a litsa
    a litsa 10 months ago +32

    Pete was a really good sport! Didn't know him that well before watching this, but he's a really likable guy

  • Candice Warren
    Candice Warren 9 months ago +50

    He's def one of those guys I'd make a beeline towards, he looks like a leukemia patient but he's so chill, charming and down to earth.

  • Adam Bernau
    Adam Bernau 2 years ago +2831

    "that what broke kids THINK rich people should wear and it's lame"
    he's such a genuine guy

  • Varsha Ravichandran
    Varsha Ravichandran 9 months ago +57

    For someone who has Crohn’s, he actually does better than a lot of celebs I’ve seen til about the 5th wing! A lot of people have cried by the 3rd or 4th!

  • To Be
    To Be 9 months ago +26

    Didn't know this dude until just recently and went and read on him a bit and I gotta say ... kid's saner than most celeb men out there who actually supports things that need supporting! much respect to him!

  • Alina
    Alina 8 months ago +29

    Pete is hilarious. He seems like such a cool, genuine, sharp person

    • i♡u
      i♡u 4 months ago

      @serenitybeats nice or best person

    • serenitybeats
      serenitybeats 6 months ago +1

      Wdym sharp

  • The Law of Divine Oneness
    The Law of Divine Oneness 8 months ago +37

    How can anyone not love Pete Davidson? I mean you have to root for this guy. The Christian Yelich story alone was hilarious and watching him basically melt in a mountain of sweat before our very eyes is comedy gold. Imagine doing this and feeling like your head is on fire and your tongue is under attack and then you see....The Widow Maker. lol

  • Christina
    Christina 2 years ago +8014

    His take on millennials is legit the most accurate one I've ever heard

  • Pam
    Pam Month ago +5

    i love this guy so much. i hope he gets more love less hate and gets a great girl to have family with.

  • BittyBallOfCurly
    BittyBallOfCurly 9 months ago +43

    Pete should have won an award during the holiday special. He ate full wings even for Da Bomb!

  • The3rdID
    The3rdID 3 months ago +13

    Literally the more I watch Pete Davidson, the more I like him as a human being.

  • RRydin' High
    RRydin' High 9 months ago +26

    I must say, Pete D. is "the MAN". Respect! Thanks Pete for being a "stand UP" guy, that won't give up. I know you were suffering. I'm proud of you man!

  • Salomé De León
    Salomé De León 2 years ago +2017

    I can’t stress how much more I love Pete after this interview

    • Geoff Mlinarcik
      Geoff Mlinarcik 2 years ago +10

      I'm with you Arabella, I've never been a die hard Pete super fan, he's funny/goofy on SnL, but having heard some of his long form interviews (this one included) made me respect & appreciate him a lot more. He seems like a refreshingly authentic, flawed human (like we all are) & just is being himself. I'm also really looking forward to seeing "The King of Staten Island" (many of the same reasons which is not so subtly based on events from his real life).

    • Matt desu
      Matt desu 2 years ago +1

      He's terrible on SNL and with his politics but this is good here.

    • Dennis Bruh
      Dennis Bruh 2 years ago +6

      It's on 69 now, and I really don't want to like it 💀💀

  • Jack Day Hovakimian
    Jack Day Hovakimian 6 months ago +11

    I'm laughing harder than I have in a while. I initially wasn't a fan of Davidson a few years ago, but he gets better the more you get to know his stuff.

  • Grace Hypes
    Grace Hypes 9 months ago +58

    Even when he’s dying of hot sauce he’s still hella funny

  • Angee P
    Angee P 9 months ago +20

    I don't know how I missed this one. I love Pete Davidson like crazy and man I can't believe he got through that he really was tough! One of the best shows

  • FrannyLuvsAll
    FrannyLuvsAll 8 months ago +13

    I love this episode! Pete is so naturally funny. I just watched King of Staten Island this past weekend and it’s a really good movie. I hope he gets to act more!

  • Galen Hughes
    Galen Hughes 2 years ago +5923

    this man has Crohns disease and he still did every single one. you did that pete

    • Patriece2
      Patriece2 6 months ago

      @veggiesaremurder ur so weird lol

    • Biggins
      Biggins 7 months ago

      @Anna Morgan not just the poo machine. He will have intense intestinal pain and put himself into intestine removal surgery by doing this challenge

    • Ashley Garza
      Ashley Garza Year ago

      Yeah, did even better than Shaq

    • Grace Hackett
      Grace Hackett Year ago

      @Keren Crispe I appreciate your comment as someone who suffers with crohns

    • Grace Hackett
      Grace Hackett Year ago +1

      @Reed Turner it is so very much not like being lactose intolerance, it's so much worse, I have crohns and with the drop of a hat I can go into a whole flare and be stuck for days in a hospital even if I restrict my diet to avoid triggering foods. Even when avoiding foods this disease still effects my everyday life and I would not be able to live a normal life without medication.

  • helterskelterboy2000
    helterskelterboy2000 8 months ago +10

    For along time I didn't get why people like Pete so much, now I get it. He was great!! So naturaly funny and a cool guy.

  • Steve Oxon
    Steve Oxon 3 months ago +7

    Pete’s face when he saw the last Dab that was too hilarious

  • Miss Curiosa
    Miss Curiosa 3 months ago +5

    Honestly, I love how this guy is just so down to earth!!

  • laurenetutt
    laurenetutt 28 days ago +2

    Re-watching a lot of episodes and Pete eats the whole wing compared to a lot of guests that only take a bite. He’s so great!!

  • Aubrey Litchfield
    Aubrey Litchfield 2 years ago +2665

    Pete crying into his napkin "Am I the worst?" is me all day.

    • Maty D
      Maty D Year ago +3

      I was like "shit...you too man??"

    • Melon
      Melon Year ago +2

      let me add one more comment to this jewel of a comment

    • Quinton
      Quinton Year ago +4

      1.1k likes and no comments?

  • Mari Rittner
    Mari Rittner 5 months ago +6

    Pete's so funny. Even when he's in pain.

  • Gurl 5150
    Gurl 5150 6 months ago +10

    These two are both favorites of mine. It's easy to see why. Pete is one million percent real. I love it.

  • McKenzie Whitney
    McKenzie Whitney 8 months ago +8

    Pete seems like a genuine soul and a good guy. Such a cutie!! and so funny. Had me laughing the whole time.

  • Maggie Kloske
    Maggie Kloske 6 months ago +24

    Just coming back to give Pete some love for finishing the 10th wing after dying laughing at Pusha saying "who finishes this" and Sean responding "A lot of people" 🤣😂🤣💀💀

  • L M
    L M Year ago +11888

    Life hack: Whenever you're sad or depressed just watch anything with Pete Davidson . Thank me later.

    • Steel Rain
      Steel Rain 3 months ago +1

      Haha true

    • Justin Stevenson
      Justin Stevenson 11 months ago

      @PopInTheToast ! you'd better have watched the 'moving out' by now !!

    • Ruth Lara
      Ruth Lara Year ago

      @Dan Moriarty no I meant like it was a very bad day before I posted the comment. It was worst than other days, if you know what I mean.

    • Awful_ Unicorns
      Awful_ Unicorns Year ago

      @Bryce Kelly still watching it

    • Deadasfxck570
      Deadasfxck570 Year ago +1

      pete has been my serotonin for the past 2 weeks😂

  • MrsBW Yang
    MrsBW Yang 5 months ago +3

    Good job Pete! So proud of you and Sean, you're awesome as always!!

  • Beth Haney
    Beth Haney 9 months ago +18

    He is so funny, and such a good conversationalist.
    You can tell at #5 to 7 he is starting to feel the heat but he carried on.
    This is my favorite Hot Ones next to Paul Rudd.

  • Mr Phil
    Mr Phil 4 months ago +7

    This is hands down my favorite episode LOL he's hilarious.

  • Judy Colten
    Judy Colten 3 months ago +5

    This was my fave episode ever!! I laughed until I cried!!

  • themuffinlad
    themuffinlad 2 years ago +3306

    “Just trynna be like my dad...this is my 911”
    Literally haven’t laughed that hard ever in my life, love this man

    • Omar Avila
      Omar Avila Year ago +2

      20:21 Sean, "this one is the widow maker from Australia."
      Pete, "my mom should have this one"

    • Pressley Henson
      Pressley Henson Year ago +1


    • themuffinlad
      themuffinlad Year ago +6

      @abby hiatt Hold, please :)
      EDIT: Found it. 19:20
      Some other favorites, self-deprecating joke about his engagement to Ariana Grande at 12:04 and accidental Doc Rivers impression at 17:24

    • abby hiatt
      abby hiatt Year ago

      time staaamppp

  • Lillith Hunts
    Lillith Hunts 4 months ago +3

    So much respect for Pete, he seems like such a good soul.

  • Curtis Tootell
    Curtis Tootell 7 months ago +15

    I am now a fan of Pete Davidson after this, respect ❤️✌️

  • Nadine M
    Nadine M 3 months ago +4

    Love Pete!!! Thank you for this!! 🥰

  • Julia Carr
    Julia Carr 2 months ago +8

    "its a really great feeling when you finally just give up" no truer words have ever been spoken haha

  • Ele
    Ele Year ago +5900

    Pete's response "yes sir" everytime Sean asked him something is wholesome on another level

    • madski88
      madski88 8 months ago

      Oh gosh

    • madski88
      madski88 8 months ago

      @Bray Allen o

    • Ele
      Ele 8 months ago

      @Tony Arc
      I don't care enough to explain. Sorry but why should i bother?! Do explain 😃

    • Tony Arc
      Tony Arc 8 months ago

      Explain WHY this guy is so popular. I see zero talent and zero looks. I dont get it.

  • kat souza
    kat souza 4 months ago +40

    God, Pete is so cute & wholesome, I'm happy he ended up with Kim, because he deserves the best & she deserved something real & beautiful to bring her down to earth. Love them.

    • Shaun Boyd
      Shaun Boyd Month ago +3

      You think she’s “The best”?

  • p j s
    p j s 9 months ago +18

    you’re the best interviewer. best questions. non invasive. god bless you and happy new year 2022!!!!!!

  • One Backpack Only
    One Backpack Only 7 months ago +5

    I was never a fan of Pete, but after this a crazy fan. So funny and genuine❤

  • Amy Stone
    Amy Stone 3 months ago +17

    Rewatching this 2 years later. I cant even laugh at anything after he eats "DaBomb" wings. Pete has Crohn's Disease. I can't believe he would intentionally harm himself with the sauces for promo. If you suffer with Crohn's, you will understand. It's horrible. Really horrible. He would have been in literal agony for days. Those tears, sweats and shakes are due to his stomach/intestines freaking out. This show would put many of us Crohns sufferers in the hospital :(

  • Wayne Mousley
    Wayne Mousley 2 years ago +3911

    This is why Sean Evans is the best. Probably the only interview Pete ever did without being asked about his relationships

    • beatriz lagos
      beatriz lagos Year ago

      @Loud Mime He already was a comedian on SNL, but since that world isn't as mainstream as the music industry...

    • runninginsept
      runninginsept Year ago +1

      @Loud Mime No he did not. He was already well known in his own right, landing SNL at 20 years old (he & Ari got together when he was 24). He deserves way more credit than Ari fans give him.

    • Meagen Yeazel
      Meagen Yeazel 2 years ago +1

      Zenigundam you look great for 33

    • J Luis
      J Luis 2 years ago

      Screen Qween PH I knew who he was before her

    • David
      David 2 years ago +1

      @Loud Mime So what? He was already successful as comedian before ariana..sure he is now in the news and stuff.. but he doesnt look like the kind of person who wants any of that.

  • Susan S. Ponce
    Susan S. Ponce 2 months ago +1

    This is one of the best ones! Pete is genuinely funny and is a real sport. I hope he continues having a successful and healthy future.

  • Stacie
    Stacie 6 months ago +3

    These are the best interviews ever the host makes the guest super comfortable and I love it.

  • Vane
    Vane 6 months ago +3

    I’ve watched this too many times and will still laugh so hard

  • Yana
    Yana 9 months ago +13

    "It's a really great feeling once you finally just give up" is my life motto

  • ALLY S
    ALLY S 2 years ago +4016

    Pete called Sean “Sir” a couple times- what a gentleman.

    • targan hunter
      targan hunter Year ago +1

      I love that they really talked about Pete and not the women he dated.

    • Kubo Better Relax
      Kubo Better Relax Year ago

      @Stanley GlueGun Kelly dont hate on the dead man its distasteful

    • Stanley GlueGun Kelly
      Stanley GlueGun Kelly 2 years ago

      Sara L xxxtentacles isn’t it man

    • Stanley GlueGun Kelly
      Stanley GlueGun Kelly 2 years ago +3

      selener :] snowflake alert

    • Sara
      Sara 2 years ago +42

      Selene Garcia he was talking to the wing 😂

  • darealfunkyguns
    darealfunkyguns 8 months ago +17

    Pete Davidson isn't even on the internet enough to understand how much of a sensation he's become.

  • Redwood On The Beat
    Redwood On The Beat 9 months ago +1

    I really appreciate you both, coming from different walks of life yet growing together in a bond of friendship that is based on truth and not on illusions!

  • lucifer christian
    lucifer christian 9 months ago +6

    Definitely one of my favorite interviews. 🤘

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn Month ago +1

    “It’s a really great feeling when you finally just give up” 😂🤣Thank you Pete Davidson, that’s going in my bio. Credit will be given.👍

  • BroadwayLover
    BroadwayLover 2 years ago +3384

    Sean: "Sometimes we speak too soon about hot sauces."
    Pete: "I speak too soon about a lot of things in life."
    Crew: *nervous laughter*

    • Sarah
      Sarah 2 years ago +5

      Bada Bing Bada Boom it’s a reference to his engagement to Ariana.

    • Bada Bing Bada Boom
      Bada Bing Bada Boom 2 years ago +1

      I dont get it

    • Sarah
      Sarah 2 years ago +1

      It took me a second to understand and now I’m wheezing 😂

    • Connor Robinson
      Connor Robinson 2 years ago

      Good AND Bad no, your Good AND Bad

    • cosmos • oasis
      cosmos • oasis 2 years ago +20

      Good AND Bad yup. that’s - that’s what it is lol quotes from a clip they found funny. thanks for that captain obvious

  • M W
    M W 6 months ago +10

    He's definitely a sweetheart. I see why so many girls are interested in him, good for him!

  • SoCalMick
    SoCalMick 6 months ago +5

    One of the best episodes, hands down!

  • Mariyah Jo
    Mariyah Jo 9 months ago +7

    I love how I’m just watching this but I 110% feel for Pete. Spicy shit + Crohn’s disease is awful. I didn’t think I could relate to something so much. With Pete’s make a wish comment and him drinking oat milk. I could never get through that. His poor intestines after this☠️

  • Speed Runner0
    Speed Runner0 9 months ago +15

    Pete Davidson is the coolest guy would love to just chill with him

  • Allan v.
    Allan v. 2 years ago +8790

    Respect for Sean not asking Pete about his past relationships, unlike most

    • Banksy Hoodies
      Banksy Hoodies 2 years ago

      Pete: Can you imagine if I did that?" Pete said of the interview. "My career would be over tomorrow. If I spray-painted myself brown and hopped on the cover of Vogue magazine and just started shitting on my ex." WHAT A G!

    • Lisa Josephsen
      Lisa Josephsen 2 years ago +1

      Sean literally never asks about shit like that

    • NitSUj
      NitSUj 2 years ago

      Because that's what he's known for lol. Ariana Grande gave him a career

    • enlightendbel
      enlightendbel 2 years ago +1

      Also, seeing how Pete was visibly suffering, Sean is sitting there with a bit of blush on his cheeks and nothing more.
      That dude can probably drink battery acid by now.

  • Samantha Rivera
    Samantha Rivera 2 days ago +1

    Yo nomás voa poner mis minutos favoritos aquí pa cuando repita el vídeo cada vez que quiera jajaja 13:40

  • Cassandra Simms
    Cassandra Simms 8 months ago +8

    Lmaooo he did really well for someone who doesn’t eat spicy foods 🤣🤣🤣 good job

  • Matthew Johnston
    Matthew Johnston 10 months ago +9

    Probably my favorite hot ones yet I laughed hard

  • Olivia
    Olivia 4 months ago +5

    LOVE how real he is.

  • sage
    sage 2 years ago +6088

    pete has the energy about him that makes me think we could be homies
    maybe it's the depression maybe it's maybelline
    i just hope hes doing alright

    • Kirsten Moore
      Kirsten Moore Year ago +2

      @Jasmine Contreras he doesn’t mention it in this particular video but yes he’s very open about having bpd

    • Jasmine Contreras
      Jasmine Contreras Year ago

      @Kirsten Moore I haven’t finished the video yet. He has bpd?

    • John Carroll
      John Carroll Year ago +4

      There’s just something about Pete whispering repeatedly to himself “I still got it” that just makes me love him so much more than I already do
      and I don’t know why lmaooo

  • Alissa Anderson
    Alissa Anderson 8 months ago +6

    Love his genuine nature

  • Teresa Wommack
    Teresa Wommack 6 months ago +2

    This guy is great and what a trooper! Good job Pete rock on!!

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 9 months ago +3

    For someone who doesn't eat spicy food you did great Pete Davidson 🔥🔥🔥🔥