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  • Published on May 26, 2024
  • Amelia meets Hot Ones host Sean Evans for a date in a Chicken Shop.
    Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Co-Written by Miracle Hurd
    Executive Producers: Liv West and Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Producer: Diara Vassallo
    Cam A: Jonathan Moore
    Cam B: Tayo Yusuff
    Sound Op: Paul O’Hare
    Editor: Joseph Bolger
    Conform: Matt Easy
    Colourist: Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio
    Post Producer: Athene Xenia Aristocleous @ Okay Studio
    Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce
    Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
    Social Media: Jade Whiteley & Ashleigh Kybert
    Photographer: Grace Olukanni
    Styling: Chloe Griffin
    Hair: Ellie Fox
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Comments • 2.2K

  • @BadHattie
    @BadHattie 6 months ago +14434

    She tries to be awkward with him, BUT HE WON'T LET HER! So fun.

    • @khalilahd.
      @khalilahd. 6 months ago +166

      Love this for him 😂😂

    • @timy9197
      @timy9197 6 months ago +203

      He’s too much of a natural

    • @DandamanV
      @DandamanV 6 months ago +52

      Sean's an unflappable lad

    • @mattkilsby947
      @mattkilsby947 6 months ago +248

      This is the least awkward chicken shop date I’ve ever seen, he’s a master at gently guiding conversations away from awkwardness with no effort

    • @Snorlaxxll
      @Snorlaxxll 6 months ago +10

      ​@@mattkilsby947omg yes that's it!

  • @aaronbethom8166
    @aaronbethom8166 6 months ago +35986

    Imagine dating Sean, your just casually having dinner then he hits you with the 'in high school you were in a makeshift band that played several school halls, do you think your musical ability stems from your estranged relationship with your father?'

  • @ceilav
    @ceilav 6 months ago +8409

    Why do i feel like Amelia’s ability to make things awkward and Sean’s ability to make a guest comfortable are like cancelling each other out. 😂Might just be seeing an interviewer get interviewed.

    • @eclectica1
      @eclectica1 6 months ago +99

      He definitely wasn't having it. Her awkwardness.

    • @hollystiener16
      @hollystiener16 6 months ago +53

      @@eclectica1 he was into her for sure

    • @gvrizz
      @gvrizz 6 months ago +70

      Wow that’s exactly what was happening. You put it into words. Loll

    • @svpphirebvby
      @svpphirebvby 6 months ago +14

      underrated comment!

    • @LoddyDah
      @LoddyDah 5 months ago +4

      Very this😂

  • @Dollface595
    @Dollface595 6 months ago +6269

    For all her overt flirting, the moment when she was annoyed he didn’t try to answer her joke and he was annoyed she wanted him to answer a riddle was the most real-couple moment of the whole video 😂

    • @jadesded
      @jadesded 6 months ago +211

      the bit where they were acted like a bickering couple was the most bit where they acted like a bickering couple 😂

    • @Rawenda
      @Rawenda 6 months ago +106

      for some reason I read this in sean's voice, the way you constructed the phrase sounds so much like the way he constructs his questions

    • @Malchior_Rises
      @Malchior_Rises 4 months ago +11


    • @lavatr8322
      @lavatr8322 9 days ago

      Whats the timestamp

  • @Joshetcetera
    @Joshetcetera 6 months ago +6598

    Funny that Sean has now interacted with actual Amelia AND Amelia's Chicken Shop persona...must be trippy.

    • @Joshetcetera
      @Joshetcetera 6 months ago +18

      Lol wish my videos got as many likes as this comment😂

    • @ctinamariie
      @ctinamariie 6 months ago +36

      For real! I wonder which came first lol

    • @mistermazemusic
      @mistermazemusic 6 months ago +9

      Didn't even think about that but so true lol

    • @KATZFEY
      @KATZFEY 6 months ago +21

      @@ctinamariiei think this since he said in hot ones he went to london

    • @illkissyourightnow
      @illkissyourightnow 6 months ago +2

      maybe…make better videos?

  • @FirstWeFeast
    @FirstWeFeast 6 months ago +28634

    Thanks for taking Sean on a date, Amelia! We are rooting from the sidelines that this chicken-based romance continues to blossom...

  • @vanshikachats
    @vanshikachats 6 months ago +1611

    I love that Sean is flirting. It’s so weird and refreshing to see him transition from serious questions to his guests to “you’re in the million baby…. Way hotter!”

    • @Simplenotion
      @Simplenotion 4 months ago +33

      I didn't detect any flirting. He said the words but there was no flirting. He seems VERY controlled

    • @bdemar2k12
      @bdemar2k12 4 months ago +29

      @@Simplenotion he seems the same as with all his guests I think he is just polite

  • @FuzzyBSMcgee
    @FuzzyBSMcgee 6 months ago +1771

    Sean having a crush on Keke Palmer is insanely adorable!? Like absolutely man. She’s just that girl fr fr

    • @christhefiend
      @christhefiend 6 months ago +46

      Ooh, this comment. And the ongoing situation with her now. Sean might actually have a chance. 💀

    • @loveandlight3486
      @loveandlight3486 6 months ago +1


    • @bennnnu380
      @bennnnu380 6 months ago +34

      They had instant chemistry. Especially the second time around she visited hot ones. It was so blatant he was all smiles lol.

    • @TheCreww17
      @TheCreww17 6 months ago +22

      It’s kinda sad because keke said she said she likes her man to have hair 😂

    • @omulamfibie
      @omulamfibie 5 months ago +3

      @@christhefiend except everyone's missing the fact that Sean already has a girlfriend 😂

  • @zac6499
    @zac6499 6 months ago +3573

    The greatest love story ever told

  • @jesskaitlyn9419
    @jesskaitlyn9419 6 months ago +5331

    Amelia: "I think men who wear rolex's are stupid"
    Sean: looks down, reevaluating his whole life.

    • @meowmeowkittymeow
      @meowmeowkittymeow 6 months ago +229

      She was kind of mean to him instead of her usual flirty self, which makes me think she actually likes him 🤪

    • @mrcojocaru
      @mrcojocaru 6 months ago +48

      ​@@Audenimmaybe he's just a fan of wrist wear? For some people it's just a hobby. He doesn't wear fancy clothes or anything like that

    • @mrcojocaru
      @mrcojocaru 6 months ago +13

      ​@@AudenimThat's quite an assumption though. I think it can be pretentious, but also some people wear cool/expensive watches as a hobby. If you know they are wearing it as a status symbol, I agree though, but I don't think that's Sean

    • @firewolf11567
      @firewolf11567 6 months ago +13

      ​@@mrcojocaru High end wrist watches are pretty exclusively used as status symbols.
      Fragile ass "men" in the comment section. Cringe

    • @AR_112
      @AR_112 6 months ago +6

      @@Audenimin other words you’re broke. Get your money up Aude. Stop with the jealousy. People who act like they don’t like expensive things. Yeah that’s the real pretentiousness right there. Foh

  • @Lmay1787
    @Lmay1787 6 months ago +2213

    Sean is probably an amazing boyfriend in terms of romantic dates because he’s so good at research and planning. 😂

    • @GeekFurious
      @GeekFurious 6 months ago +16

      He's single for a reason...

    • @Vivaladreeoros
      @Vivaladreeoros 6 months ago +27

      I wonder if he does the research himself or if it’s the whole hot ones teams that does. We just assume it’s him because he’s the face

  • @jaimie_jane
    @jaimie_jane 6 months ago +3268

    Keke was a top tier guest on both of y’all’s show ☺️ Her ghost story on Hot Ones was so funny and she was dropping straight gems at the chicken shop.

    • @vehzee
      @vehzee 6 months ago +46

      She's my favorite chicken shop Date

    • @matmul4850
      @matmul4850 6 months ago +20

      Sean said he has a crush on Keke but said she needs hair 😂😂😂 Saun out 😂😂

    • @joeisungu7902
      @joeisungu7902 6 months ago +8


    • @jessicanorval7893
      @jessicanorval7893 6 months ago +17

      ‘Honey, I’d be a rock’

    • @Gxport
      @Gxport 6 months ago +6

      @@matmul4850​​⁠she did say she does not like any bald men in chicken shop 😭

  • @Chigginugget
    @Chigginugget 6 months ago +9249

    It’s impossible to be awkward with Sean, he can talk to everyone and anyone by this point 😂

    • @jacquelineuntiedt6393
      @jacquelineuntiedt6393 6 months ago +34

      He is Ahhhmazing!

    • @kendracutler9132
      @kendracutler9132 6 months ago +75

      That’s so true that was the difference in this one, no awkward pauses they could cut to😂

    • @nasaman23
      @nasaman23 6 months ago +16

      He should be the first one to talk to aliens 😂

    • @dickreckard5026
      @dickreckard5026 6 months ago +27

      @@nasaman23 So, Klaaxxarr, you've done it all. From harnessing cold fusion, to traversing the galaxy. You'd already conquered Earth and now you've conquered our ten spicy wings. You've got this camera, this camera, this camera. Tell the people back on Klaxu 12 and the people laboring in the mines for your eternal glory what's goin' on in your life!

    • @mauricioortiz9163
      @mauricioortiz9163 5 months ago

      @@nasaman23my guy 💀😭😂 if u stole this from someone else then that’s cool, if u didn’t … u funny ash my guy 😂😂😂💯

  • @thecoolestcat5078
    @thecoolestcat5078 6 months ago +2430

    I love how he had a crush on Keke, and one of the first things Keke says on her date with Amelia, is that she doesnt like bald men lol! Love these two

    • @internetstranger-
      @internetstranger- 6 months ago +244

      i just watched the keke interview. poor sean lmao

    • @reece42069
      @reece42069 6 months ago +85

      R.I.P 😂

    • @chelseaaguilar2525
      @chelseaaguilar2525 6 months ago +57

      😂😂😂 that is so funny!!!!

    • @kchattx
      @kchattx 6 months ago +72

      To be fair, everyone has a crush on Keke Palmer. Her personality is amazing, she’s freaking hilarious, and she’s gorgeous. Not to mention talented.

    • @burlhorse61
      @burlhorse61 6 months ago +1

      ​@kchattx she's too loud-but funny at the same time

  • @isabeltoralbo9277
    @isabeltoralbo9277 6 months ago +735

    I’ve never seen Amelia so smiley and on the same level as someone. This was genuinely cute to witness, I kind of ship ‘em.

  • @Jalopygofar
    @Jalopygofar 6 months ago +110

    I don’t know why I haven’t noticed this before but Sean has an incredibly beautiful smile.

    • @DanielleRBelland
      @DanielleRBelland 2 months ago +4

      In the earlier seasons of Hot Ones, he had his original teeth, which were fine but somewhere after maybe the 4th season, he seemed to have gotten full veneers! Either way, he has a great smile.

  • @Isidora365
    @Isidora365 6 months ago +1928

    Sean calling Amelia „babe“ made me feel aaaall the feels. What a power duo.

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  6 months ago +8244

    Hello everyone! Wow I am so excited to bring you the greatest crossover of all time in the history of chicken based interview shows! I hope you love my spicy date with Sean, it was so cool to take him to a chicken shop in London. ALSO I really enjoyed eating those hot wings on Hot Ones - make sure you check out my Hot Ones episode on the First We Feast channel. I am so happy we did this! a moment in history, chicken history. Love you all. x x

  • @samturner9544
    @samturner9544 6 months ago +537

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen Amelia struggle to stay in Character, maybe because Sean already knows what she’s like (as they’re friends), whereas some of the other celebrities get booked and have never interacted with Amelia prior to being on the show. Nevertheless an amazing date and it’s amazing to see the crossover finally come to fruition.

  • @gennydf95
    @gennydf95 6 months ago +417

    Sean seems so nervous as the one being interviewed it's adorable 😂 this is one of my favorites for sure, they just seem to genuinely enjoy each other's presence

  • @firstlast9846
    @firstlast9846 6 months ago +2156

    *Sean sacrificed his hair* for spice tolerance - can’t tell me any different.

    • @GhastlyCretin85
      @GhastlyCretin85 6 months ago +29

      Anybody who tells you that isn't true is a damn liar.

    • @josss_ie8083
      @josss_ie8083 6 months ago +29

      Modern day Charles Xavier

    • @firstlast9846
      @firstlast9846 6 months ago +13

      @josss_ie8083 *I can just imagine* some Mexican 8 year old eating a jalapeño and then Sean just pulls up in a wheelchair to join his school of spice.

    • @Mjackson4005
      @Mjackson4005 6 months ago +2

      This is the funniest rumor I've ever heard.

    • @Javier_Jimenez71
      @Javier_Jimenez71 6 months ago +3

      Now, now Chili Klaus may have something to say here 😂

  • @kikobbell
    @kikobbell 6 months ago +3276

    god. please do a podcast together. an annual crossover. make this a regular thing, whatever it takes. the chemistry is so natural. it's like listening to two babbling brooks talking to each other.

    • @lukejubb9792
      @lukejubb9792 6 months ago +7


    • @ahlrequin
      @ahlrequin 6 months ago

      Yeah nah

    • @Didenne
      @Didenne 6 months ago +10

      There is enough podcasts 😭 no.more.podcasts.

    • @ryqn
      @ryqn 6 months ago +8

      too many bad podcasts, we just need more good ones and this one would help

    • @19lmg94
      @19lmg94 6 months ago


  • @andreab3431
    @andreab3431 6 months ago +282

    It’s not the typical funny awkward date because they’re both such humanitarians on a social level (that’s dramatic but whatever). I love Sean and Amanda.. they really respect and dedicate their time with everyone they interact with. True authenticity. I want chicken.

  • @michellep5387
    @michellep5387 6 months ago +53

    Sean is a MASTER at making the most awkward encounters, un-awkward.

  • @tinyshmoo
    @tinyshmoo 6 months ago +1191

    3:58 Sean's "thank you Amelia" is so genuine I want them to date fr

    • @ndee1472
      @ndee1472 6 months ago +92

      "Your in* the millions baby" 😂

    • @Alongtheway27
      @Alongtheway27 6 months ago +57

      It’s giving “Thank you, Barbie” hahaha

    • @dreamingofthemoon
      @dreamingofthemoon 6 months ago +3

      ​@@Alongtheway27it doess

    • @soni8995
      @soni8995 6 months ago +2

      AHH!!! I rewatched that part countless times!!! 🥰

  • @DuhDee
    @DuhDee 6 months ago +866

    When our chicken mother and our chicken dad unite 🥲 love them both!

    • @soni8995
      @soni8995 6 months ago


  • @Elmerphant
    @Elmerphant 5 months ago +68

    He is so sincere and has such lovely eye contact. You can't help but fall in love with Sean. His calming voice and sweet smile. I wish more guys were able to pull this off. Not sure why guys do eye contact all creepy lol. Sean is the perfect host/guest.

  • @rooballs
    @rooballs 6 months ago +152

    It’s such a raw look, almost like an unmasked version of him. I loved this crossover 🌻

  • @hotwasabi_
    @hotwasabi_ 6 months ago +3246

    i’ve been having an awful day and i keep catching myself smiling through this.

  • @Garrettdx1988
    @Garrettdx1988 6 months ago +931

    As far as people that eat chicken professionally are concerned, these two are my favorite.

    • @Chibbykins
      @Chibbykins 6 months ago +18

      Lmao, Keith from the Try Guys somewhere crying 😂

    • @Altricksss
      @Altricksss 6 months ago +2

      Black people are up there I'd say

    • @Chibbykins
      @Chibbykins 6 months ago

      @@Altricksss oh I didn't realise 'black people love chicken' was still the racist dog whistle du jour. Do you also want to talk about how much we love watermelon

    • @laurengilchrist913
      @laurengilchrist913 6 months ago

      @@Altricksssbro 😭

  • @FocalPointElisa
    @FocalPointElisa 6 months ago +179

    Now I need Sean and Amelia to be on Keke's podcast... Let's get into some things 😄

  • @Mnxeu
    @Mnxeu 6 months ago +201

    Lowkey want a second chicken shop date video because of how adorable this was, literally 0 awkwardness what so ever and it flowed so well. Even the subtle flirty comments! 😉😂 Y'all are brilliant!

  • @johnloaf764
    @johnloaf764 6 months ago +1109

    It's like watching these 2 friends, that everyone says they are made for eachother, finally go on a date. Can't stop smiling at this.

  • @iI9876543210
    @iI9876543210 6 months ago +386

    I have always really liked Sean in a general sense but this Chicken Shop Date made me find him sooo attractive 😳 Is this the Chicken Shop Date Effect??!

    • @uci1111
      @uci1111 6 months ago +15

      yesssssssss i agree

    • @erin1912
      @erin1912 6 months ago +53

      fr i have never seen him in this light before

    • @internetstranger-
      @internetstranger- 6 months ago +56

      I thought i was the only one 😳 Maybe because he's much more chill here than usual

    • @trollingmermaids
      @trollingmermaids 6 months ago +5

      Same 😂❤

    • @liquidt3ch
      @liquidt3ch 6 months ago +7

      you girls don't realize.. when you see a man with another woman, your feelings change because subconciously you're realizing that he's been vetted by someone else. if the person is attractive, and then your subconcious notices he's been vetted, it's like the stars align and you suddenly feel those butterfly feelings. this is why you ladies all chase the dudes that get some, and leave the shy dudes on read. have you noticed you get cheated on alot? this might be why. you chase men with options. I hope you learned something!

  • @hannahchang5634
    @hannahchang5634 6 months ago +16

    okay, but when he said “you’re in the millions, baby” 🥹

  • @jadawashington1234
    @jadawashington1234 6 months ago +54

    i find sean’s personality so adorable, he just seems so sweet and fun !!!

  • @Crystal.x.
    @Crystal.x. 6 months ago +1095

    I would have never guessed that Sean ever crushed in a guest, great question Amelia! I adore how Sean never makes it weird with hot chick guests. Even when the girls flirt a bit or something he always keeps it 100% business & I love it so much. He’s very wholesome 💕

    • @itsrectimemedia
      @itsrectimemedia 6 months ago +30

      He had Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, I can go on and on, all great crushes.

    • @bruniiboii8226
      @bruniiboii8226 6 months ago +20

      "hot chick guests" how old are you

    • @chrisjfox8715
      @chrisjfox8715 6 months ago +2

      ​@@bruniiboii8226how old are you?

    • @Crystal.x.
      @Crystal.x. 6 months ago +1

      @@chrisjfox8715 tf is wrong with saying “hot chick?” I’m literally a woman. What’s the problem?

    • @chrisjfox8715
      @chrisjfox8715 6 months ago

      @@Crystal.x. i have the exact same question lol

  • @lindsaymdanna
    @lindsaymdanna 6 months ago +758

    It wasn’t awkward enough! They’re definitely meant for each other. We need a second date episode.

  • @kchattx
    @kchattx 6 months ago +181

    I feel like this could’ve been twice as long and I still would’ve been sad it was over. I absolutely loved this episode! 😂😂😂

  • @vanessajadegallagher7150
    @vanessajadegallagher7150 6 months ago +69

    Sean is just to charismatic to make it awkward! He was such a fun guest to have on your show! :D

  • @jdrei71
    @jdrei71 6 months ago +961


    • @jacoblape
      @jacoblape 6 months ago

      Your forgetting the Jimmy neutron and fairly odd parents crossover

  • @ludicojo
    @ludicojo 6 months ago +98

    I KNEW it was Keke Palmer!!!! The chemistry Sean and her had the first episode and then having her a SECOND time, I knew immediately 😤

  • @mazxinne
    @mazxinne 6 months ago +73

    I love how the date ended when she subtly called him stupid and he looked upset. 😂

  • @ahlrequin
    @ahlrequin 6 months ago +76

    It’s so fun to watch both videos of their respective channels in a row and just feel that they’re in their natural environment depending on if they’re guests or hosts ahaha

  • @FreeRangeGuitarist
    @FreeRangeGuitarist 6 months ago +310

    "Yeah, Im looking for someone VERY similar to me because I'm...perfect."
    Such a good line!

  • @LauraDBM
    @LauraDBM 6 months ago +949

    OK, this was my fav episode ever. Sean was just too charming to let you be awkward with him. Never been rooting for a real life romance more than this! haha

  • @paulinemm4775
    @paulinemm4775 6 months ago +10

    Not Sean calling her ‘baby’ and me giggling and kicking my feet

  • @agadorkin
    @agadorkin 3 months ago +6

    wait hes actually so charming

  • @hibiscusst523
    @hibiscusst523 6 months ago +250

    Keke is a charmer … very engaging in all interviews

    • @disguiseddv8ant486
      @disguiseddv8ant486 6 months ago

      And she's a cheater that over sexualizes herself to another men in public.

    • @vehzee
      @vehzee 6 months ago +10


  • @madisonsyring5705
    @madisonsyring5705 6 months ago +227

    "I mean I said it and you agreed" --- cut to two minutes earlier when Amelia said she wants someone who will just agree with her

  • @audriabriann1180
    @audriabriann1180 6 months ago +10

    this just made me LOVE sean so much 😭 we both love keke palmer

  • @jayeno9226
    @jayeno9226 6 months ago +37

    Their chemistry is off the charts I love it!!

  • @juliahiiri9713
    @juliahiiri9713 6 months ago +51

    They actually seem like they could be great friends, the usual awkwardness is not there 😂

  • @mrnkatha
    @mrnkatha 6 months ago +299

    It's nice to see Sean smile so much

    • @soni8995
      @soni8995 6 months ago +17

      He's got a beautiful smile and so much warmth.

  • @FreemasonV8
    @FreemasonV8 6 months ago +5

    His earnest think and answer Yes to whether he once had a crush on a guest is so heartwarming!

  • @BreezeRiley
    @BreezeRiley 6 months ago +27

    Two of the best interviewers, the crossover we deserve. Thank you both!

  • @sabk1545
    @sabk1545 6 months ago +527

    LMAO the conversation was flowing and literally no awkwardness, it was fun! They have good chemistry you can tell

  • @marilou.q
    @marilou.q 6 months ago +212

    the power couple we didn’t know we needed

  • @xxxx11ailish11xxxx
    @xxxx11ailish11xxxx 6 months ago +21

    Love how we’re seeing them be the stars of the interview for a change, you can really see their personalities come through. Was so excited to see this crossover, if there’s a part 2 with extra content PLS deliver

  • @benmansourrim7357
    @benmansourrim7357 6 months ago +19

    She's totally breaking character😂

  • @taigatemori2665
    @taigatemori2665 6 months ago +317

    it's so good to see two very passionate people just balancing each others' energies

  • @libbycabrera8406
    @libbycabrera8406 6 months ago +290

    I know this isn't real life, but I really want this to be happily ever after for them

  • @Bronnybronny
    @Bronnybronny 6 months ago +89

    I’ve never seen Sean genuinely smile

  • @mewdy8813
    @mewdy8813 6 months ago +1

    Love that you two have released these together! Love you on Hot ones and love Sean here. Great work

  • @Sadfuzz
    @Sadfuzz 6 months ago +380

    How crazy would it be if these two actually became a couple...

    • @carlloren5499
      @carlloren5499 6 months ago +53

      Not every boy-girl relationships need to be romantic

    • @No-dl6im
      @No-dl6im 6 months ago

      ​@@carlloren5499this one does though

    • @shishirleyy
      @shishirleyy 6 months ago

      ​@@carlloren5499This is literally a freakin date hahaha

    • @soni8995
      @soni8995 6 months ago

      This is I N T R I G U I N G me...

  • @jodywilson1980
    @jodywilson1980 6 months ago +205

    This is the perfect couple.
    Also this has increased my crush on Sean. Different side of him. He looks cuter in the chicken shop.

    • @ambershoba
      @ambershoba 6 months ago +6

      Right, like after watching him in this solidified the fact that I need him in my life

    • @jacquelineuntiedt6393
      @jacquelineuntiedt6393 6 months ago +9

      I have been crushing over Sean since I saw my first episode. He's cute & we're both from Chicago, but what I go gaga for is how he treats every guest of every status on his show exactly the same. His talent for meeting every human on his show at whatever level they are at for any given moment & his down to Earth type of intelligence is so attractive. I absolutely love how basically every guest is outright impressed with his questions & superior research. So far he has never once come across as faking his sincere interest & excitement in actually getting his questions answered. He's adorable, if I can't have him I 1000% support thus crossover chicken romance. My only disappointment in this csd was that it was soooo short.

  • @galiavdw7092
    @galiavdw7092 6 months ago +12

    She even managed to make it awkward with Sean, it's a talent

  • @3lttlbrds
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