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  • Published on Nov 30, 2023
  • Amelia meets pop icon Cher for a date in a Chicken Shop.
    Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Co-Written by Ania Magliano
    Executive Producers: Liv West and Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Producer: Diara Vassallo Ndiaye
    Line Producer: Achille Patou
    Cam A: Jonathan Moore
    Cam B: Tayo Yussuf
    Sound Op: Julien Marchadier
    Editor: Rob McGuire
    Conform: Brandon Pacheco
    Colourist: Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio
    Post Producer: Athene Xenia Aristocleous @ Okay Studio
    Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce
    Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
    Social Media: Jade Whiteley & Ashleigh Kybert
    Styling: Chloe Griffin
    Hair: Chad Maxwell
    Makeup: Charlie Riddle
    Cher’s new album Christmas is out now on Warner Records: cher.lnk.to/Christmas
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Comments • 2.9K

  • @SorenaDadgar
    @SorenaDadgar 6 months ago +16934

    “What’s the secret?”
    “I’m cute”
    Fucking legend.

    • @KylETISZAI
      @KylETISZAI 6 months ago +72

      I loved that 😂 love her!!

    • @user38211
      @user38211 6 months ago +45

      Right I loved that part 😂

    • @FaizCaliph
      @FaizCaliph 6 months ago +25

      Facts 😂

    • @akirebara
      @akirebara 6 months ago +52

      that was such a boss reply. my god, i thought i couldn't love her more, but here we are.

    • @JDfromTBC
      @JDfromTBC 6 months ago +35

      So that's what I've been doing wrong 💀

  • @aadim.4076
    @aadim.4076 6 months ago +28881

    Up and coming artists like Cher really needed this, Amelia is always so open to providing people with opportunities.

    • @fintrailizia6116
      @fintrailizia6116 6 months ago +302

      What are you even saying...

    • @MarinaAndTheDevil
      @MarinaAndTheDevil 6 months ago +1086

      This might just propel her to stardom!

    • @watcherx2592
      @watcherx2592 6 months ago

      @@fintrailizia6116 It's sarcasm. Why are people like you allowed on the internet?

    • @krusher74
      @krusher74 6 months ago +226

      is she a singer?

    • @SnrKagemusha
      @SnrKagemusha 6 months ago +839

      @@fintrailizia6116 it’s a joke, dear

  • @bradm93
    @bradm93 5 months ago +7592

    People need to understand that Cher don't do interviews like that anymore, so this is a biggggg deal. It's music history.

    • @jenicdarling9425
      @jenicdarling9425 5 months ago +157

      She did Graham Norton recently again but seems celebs always have fun on his show where it seems more like a conversation between famous people then a interview

    • @kab9706
      @kab9706 5 months ago +42

      Seriously, she's an elusive queen. I've loved her all my life. So happy you guys got Cher to come on!!

    • @imperialtower
      @imperialtower 5 months ago +8

      literally why i jumped when i saw this recommended

    • @frankienew6966
      @frankienew6966 5 months ago +11

      She seems a lot more open to it now, she's been on a few podcasts I listen to where I would never have expected her to go on

    • @liamdavies2823
      @liamdavies2823 5 months ago +5

      now let's not act like she's elusive

  • @annalisegrueter6417
    @annalisegrueter6417 5 months ago +2785

    Also I love how Cher is openly disdainful and not even touching the chicken or chips, she is 100% there because she wanted to vibe with Amelia

    • @elliyarrt
      @elliyarrt 5 months ago +62

      well yeah she wasn't gonna be there for the food was she 😅

    • @victoriamuendo7540
      @victoriamuendo7540 5 months ago +2

      ​@@elliyarrt exactly 😂

    • @ImmortalExplorer
      @ImmortalExplorer 4 months ago +54

      Yeah, that's really endearing, looking down on the working classes choice of venue.

    • @okkelly6207
      @okkelly6207 4 months ago

      @ ImmortalExplorer

    • @SeadSims
      @SeadSims 4 months ago +19

      She eats a chip at 5:26

  • @vvishhh
    @vvishhh 5 months ago +6895

    "I actually think that I'm quite shallow"
    Was by far my favorite part. What an icon!

  • @user38211
    @user38211 6 months ago +5570

    The chemistry, the one liners, the jokes, she doesn’t even like nuggets but she still showed up. Cheers Amelia you delivered and the fit was Cher approved.

    • @andrewbird8624
      @andrewbird8624 5 months ago +1

      Yep! I am here for Amelia more than Cher 😂. My minds of Iconic. I wonder what they were like off set!

    • @Cr3dit
      @Cr3dit 5 months ago +3

      Both 9 life path's
      Amelia born - January 30 1994 = 9
      Cher - born May 20, 1946 = 9

    • @user38211
      @user38211 5 months ago +2

      @@Cr3dit That’s interesting you said that. I’m a life path 9!

    • @Cr3dit
      @Cr3dit 5 months ago +2

      @@user38211 so am I ! 12/14/1999 😊

    • @user38211
      @user38211 5 months ago +1

      @@Cr3dit happy early birthday!

  • @StaleOldBeef
    @StaleOldBeef 5 months ago +4502

    How is it that Cher always seem intimidating but also warm, legendary but also relatable, mysterious but also honest and transparent? The true enigma 💖.

    • @ZAFyoga
      @ZAFyoga 5 months ago +15

      So true

    • @fio7993
      @fio7993 5 months ago +31

      she’s sooo charismatic 😭 i love her

    • @jeremiahthebluefrog
      @jeremiahthebluefrog 5 months ago +17

      So true! She is literally EVERYTHING

    • @Klissaura
      @Klissaura 5 months ago +37

      She’s a taurus.

    • @s.melonita4454
      @s.melonita4454 5 months ago +5

      I must’ve been sleeping under a rock because I do not know Amelia Doimoldenberg IF that’s even her real name and she interviewed Cher? Thank you 😭😭😭😭 I’m smiling from ear to ear and can’t stop. Replay.

  • @TheFlush1980
    @TheFlush1980 5 months ago +2889

    It’s so hard to believe this woman is 77. She acts so youthful, she’s so witty and full of life.

    • @ccvv1119
      @ccvv1119 5 months ago +29

      She looks amazing she may have had some work done because I cannot believe she’s so gorgeous at 77!!! So beautiful she needs to tell us her doctor if she’s ever used one

    • @Sophilos9
      @Sophilos9 5 months ago +121

      @@ccvv1119 No (and I mean NO) person in the world would ever be able to look like that naturally. Cher has had massive amounts of work done. No hate tho!

    • @Mizri1
      @Mizri1 5 months ago +56

      @@ccvv1119 she's had more than "some" work done...

    • @kab9706
      @kab9706 5 months ago +28

      ​@bornofconfusion right, she's had a lot done, but it's nothing to be ashamed of. Let's not pretend almost every single person isn't either afraid of aging, or looks down on women aging. What are older famous women meant to do? Whatever they want, that makes them feel beautiful. Whether it be natural, or not.

    • @PilotCristina
      @PilotCristina 5 months ago


  • @jeaninearianne
    @jeaninearianne 5 months ago +4660

    - “I heard you turned down Elvis”
    - “I was frightened”
    Cher you absolute legend 😭😭😭😭

    • @evap.5121
      @evap.5121 5 months ago +199

      I love how the conversation ended there like it was enough information

    • @ragepie292
      @ragepie292 5 months ago +32

      @@evap.5121 I'm sure there is more chatter about the topic but it is highly edited. Enjoyable tho.

    • @thelittlegoose2220
      @thelittlegoose2220 5 months ago

      How is that legendary

    • @ambriaashley3383
      @ambriaashley3383 5 months ago +92

      @@thelittlegoose2220 telling the truth about Elvis (aka his predatory side) when not a lot of people in her generation were doing that 😬

    • @no1nestandsalone387
      @no1nestandsalone387 5 months ago

      @@ambriaashley3383are u really that gullible? She didn’t show up to the date bcuz she was scared of Elvis’ beauty and fame.. and felt intimidated. Please stop the nonsense.

  • @Reylandson
    @Reylandson 5 months ago +4072

    “You can live without them. But it’s not as much fun.”
    I’m taking these words with me.

    • @RondelleDesigns
      @RondelleDesigns 5 months ago +2

      Me too!

    • @tirezis7564
      @tirezis7564 5 months ago +1

      Me too

    • @wayne00k
      @wayne00k 5 months ago +2

      I shared this "Cher" insight with my wife. She rolled her eyes and suggested I take the rubbish to the curb.
      I don't know what to make of that...

    • @JMAH-lf8co
      @JMAH-lf8co 5 months ago

      so, your comment stood out as fruitcakish... then I squinted real hard to try to see that picture.. and I notice a mental disorder... then a glance at your youtube page and it confirmed it. You literally exhude shame and perversion by the way you peer through your eyes. Don't let the elites fool you, son, you're touched in the head and probably other places as well.

    • @JMAH-lf8co
      @JMAH-lf8co 5 months ago +6

      @@wayne00k that you need to man up before she starts looking for another.

  • @tls4022
    @tls4022 5 months ago +1253

    Amelia's dry awkward humor just fit so well with Cher's quick wit, love it!

    • @evaharris7300
      @evaharris7300 5 months ago +10

      i was trying to figure out what it is that makes them seem to work so well together and this is absolutely it. u hit the nail on the head

    • @txwtw
      @txwtw 4 months ago

      @@evaharris7300 they’d make for a great buddy comedy movie.

  • @suchonahasnat9794
    @suchonahasnat9794 5 months ago +1440

    She takes compliments so well. She doesn’t deflect or pretend to be modest. She just accepts it. What's not to love about her! She's gorgeous!

    • @theUroshman
      @theUroshman 4 months ago +2

      She got over all that nonsense, such as trying to appear to be something she is not, just to be cute. She's now brave enough to be herself 100% at all times. That's what I call true freedom!

  • @RedSinBand
    @RedSinBand 6 months ago +2093

    "Do you believe in life after love?" Amelia being on point.

    • @jamesopray2346
      @jamesopray2346 6 months ago +19

      was screaming at this

    • @kathleendey8645
      @kathleendey8645 5 months ago +30

      And, "It's in His Kiss!" 😅😅😅

    • @pazyryk709
      @pazyryk709 5 months ago +18

      And, "if you could turn back time..." !!!

    • @kaotsuka
      @kaotsuka 5 months ago +3

      I almost spit out my water when I heard that. LOL

    • @briantep458
      @briantep458 5 months ago +7

      thats really catchy, someone should make a song out of that

  • @StateofKait
    @StateofKait 5 months ago +3984

    I think this is the first time Amelia smiled through an entire episode. She’s finally met her match!! I loved every second of it. This was ICONIC.

  • @Tusabesmana
    @Tusabesmana 5 months ago +750

    “I don’t gamble. If I put money down, I want a pair of shoes, or a house.” What an icon.

    • @thebeastfromwithin3024
      @thebeastfromwithin3024 4 months ago +5

      That's going to be my motto

    • @Eve181dublin
      @Eve181dublin 2 months ago +1

      I loved how she drew the line at handbags, her disdainful look was a delight. Just an icon.

  • @anikamehnaz8029
    @anikamehnaz8029 5 months ago +803

    I believe Cher when she says she hasn't had her heart broken many times. She's confident but not cocky. She's honest but doesn't appear harsh. She's super funny, charming, and seems like an empathetic person. She is definitely cute.

    • @kab9706
      @kab9706 5 months ago +9

      She's always been a big role model for me. Taurus icon.

  • @ceceliahowell5390
    @ceceliahowell5390 6 months ago +1217

    “I stole a car once.” Without any pretext that was so funny 😂

    • @jodiexplain662
      @jodiexplain662 6 months ago +11

      She has told the story a few times 🤣

    • @shantayedincsoy1611
      @shantayedincsoy1611 5 months ago +8

      She was like 13. Got arrested I think.

    • @cleoarbel
      @cleoarbel 5 months ago +15

      ​@@shantayedincsoy1611yeah she went out with a friend and it was her friend's boyfriend's car, he left them in it while he went in somewhere and he took too long so they took it around the block. He freaked and called the cops 😂

    • @soni8995
      @soni8995 5 months ago +1

      🤣🤣🤣 Just when Amelia was getting philosophical.

  • @Hussiens
    @Hussiens 6 months ago +2856

    When she asked if the guy who kissed you was English? I died. I laughed so hard. It’s the way she just gives a look and it being a statement that I understand why Cher is Cher.

  • @tuna8490
    @tuna8490 5 months ago +309

    "do you regret anything"
    "almost everything"
    i love her.

  • @spigney4623
    @spigney4623 5 months ago +453

    Love how Amelia just asked for advice the whole time. What else can you do in the presence of Cher?

  • @sofiaalexandra2575
    @sofiaalexandra2575 6 months ago +3291

    if there is one thing you can depend on when it comes to Cher is that she will always serve looks and have great hair

  • @AChinaSoul
    @AChinaSoul 6 months ago +2957

    Honestly, this whole episode is so fricking iconic. Can't believe you managed to get Cher in a chicken shop!

    • @AREA-jp8vb
      @AREA-jp8vb 5 months ago +3

      Well a green screen chicken shop 😂

    • @omotayoharewood4696
      @omotayoharewood4696 5 months ago

      ​@@AREA-jp8vbWhat does a green screen chicken shop mean?!

    • @artificiallypretty
      @artificiallypretty 5 months ago +5

      Now if only she could get Beyoncé to step inside a chicken shop! xD

    • @marissa5664
      @marissa5664 5 months ago +4

      cant believe cher managed to pull amelia in such a date

    • @BikeTipsUK
      @BikeTipsUK 5 months ago +3

      Wow! You've made it to the big leagues now! You can request anyone! Brad pitt, leonardo dicaprio etc! Bravo!

  • @davidjohnbrewer
    @davidjohnbrewer 5 months ago +27

    'I'm so envious of your friendship with Meryl Streep' , 'Well tough' 😂❤

  • @CosmicNiffler2102
    @CosmicNiffler2102 5 months ago +278

    That was the shortest six minutes of my life, and I need more! I've been impersonating Cher at family Christmas parties since I was 8, but there really is no impersonating someone so fabulous, is there? God, I love her! 🥰

    • @JamminClemmons
      @JamminClemmons 5 months ago

      @PrivateJ01 - Cher wasn't actually there, ya dummy. She's sitting in front of a green screen (you aren't aware how these are filmed)?

  • @_Onlime
    @_Onlime 6 months ago +3494

    This is one of the funnies episodes to date. I wasn't expecting Cher to be that funny with her dry humor! One of the best episodes of the year

    • @laurastavropoulos1651
      @laurastavropoulos1651 6 months ago +101

      Her Twitter has been legendary for years and she hosted her own variety show, she's got jokes for days

    • @crisfer22
      @crisfer22 6 months ago +45

      You should check her interviews with Letterman from decades ago, she's hilarious and so tough on him!!

    • @MilesToGoGo
      @MilesToGoGo 6 months ago +43

      Cher has always been savage af lol she truly gives zero fucks 😂

    • @JavenarchX
      @JavenarchX 6 months ago +11

      That's what Cher do

    • @user-ul4lf3zh8z
      @user-ul4lf3zh8z 5 months ago +2

      That’s what she’s known for lol you should see her commentary of Madonna over the years 😂

  • @aubs5810
    @aubs5810 6 months ago +675

    That “do you believe in life after love” joke set up was perfection

  • @spicyscoobysnacc1189
    @spicyscoobysnacc1189 5 months ago +41

    i love how Cher admits that she regrets almost everything. most celebrities i see always talk about how they have no regrets so its actually refreshing to see someone as iconic as cher admit that she has many

  • @macaronblanc9522
    @macaronblanc9522 4 months ago +44

    "Mom, I AM a rich man".... best quote EVER .. Cher is the definition of GOAT❤

  • @sugaring3921
    @sugaring3921 6 months ago +1395

    Nobody leaves Amelia speechless… she… she’s finally met her match.

    • @galept
      @galept 5 months ago +57

      This is the most nervous I've seen her

    • @mitskilover4life
      @mitskilover4life 5 months ago +35

      @@galept it's cher!!!! how could she not be, i would shit my pants and die

    • @shahariarhassan2831
      @shahariarhassan2831 5 months ago +3

      ​@@galeptShe was way more nervous with Sean Paul.

  • @Losguez
    @Losguez 6 months ago +2036

    Cher is sooooo real with her answers lmao "Christmas doesn't last the long"

    • @katya_velour785
      @katya_velour785 5 months ago +1

      Ikr 😭

    • @moorenicola6264
      @moorenicola6264 5 months ago +4

      Not in the US. You only get one day off but a lot of people in the UK and Ireland take 1-2 weeks off. My eight year is already been asking to put the tree for the past week. A real one would look pretty sad by Christmas day plus you're supposed to leave it up for the 12 days of Christmas otherwise it's bad luck although a lot of people take it down early now.

    • @Charmedsas1
      @Charmedsas1 5 months ago +1

      lmao and shes right too, it makes sense

    • @imbored6849
      @imbored6849 5 months ago +4

      ​@@moorenicola6264one day off? Those ppl need new jobs

    • @somethingcreativeprobably5160
      @somethingcreativeprobably5160 5 months ago +8

      ​@@moorenicola6264ONE DAY OFF?!?!! YOU PEOPLE HAVE *ONE* FESTIVAL YOU GO ALL OUT ON AND IT'S ONE FUCKING DAY?!?!! (Saying this as a non Christian asian person)

  • @ralbynb158
    @ralbynb158 5 months ago +57

    I would love to see the full version of this. I absolutely love how something groundbreaking is said and it just cuts to them making chips 😂

  • @PaulPlaysMinecraft
    @PaulPlaysMinecraft 5 months ago +82

    I'm glad that amelia can have a platform to promote up and coming artists like cher

  • @MrKadirbey
    @MrKadirbey 6 months ago +1080

    Cher has a one liner almost every minute. What a legend

  • @hotwasabi_
    @hotwasabi_ 6 months ago +694

    “do you believe in life after love” “yeah but it’s rough” she’s real for that.

  • @littlemecarmie
    @littlemecarmie 5 months ago +39

    I was eating in a beautiful restaurant in Beverly Hills the other week and noticed Cher was sitting next to me! She was just chilling with friends and smiling at people. She looked amazing!! 😍

  • @bunnybantz
    @bunnybantz 5 months ago +49

    How is Amelia keeping composure!!!! It’s Cher!!!! Mother!!! The icon!!! The legend!!! 😩

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  6 months ago +7397

    Hello everyone ! Wow I can’t believe I got to cher chicken nuggets and chips with the ICON that is Cher ! i loved every second, she is spectacular and gorgeous. Thank you everyone for watching my dating journey over the years, it’s crazy to think how far we’ve come ! Love you all.

    • @sianpringle194
      @sianpringle194 6 months ago +65

      The subtle one liners from her songs were a good touch 👏🏼 they made me laff

    • @hedithp
      @hedithp 6 months ago +14

      I can’t either! I’ve finished the episode and my jaw is still on the floor

    • @neil_patel
      @neil_patel 6 months ago +7

      You should have asked her to Cher this? 😂😮

    • @baplotnik
      @baplotnik 6 months ago +2

      she said "I'm cute" ? 🤔🤔🤔hmmm. define cute then

    • @monlifes
      @monlifes 6 months ago +4

      We want part 2, 3 , 4 , 5 , 6

  • @averyeml
    @averyeml 5 months ago +1284

    “I actually think I’m quite shallow”
    Two icons who know they’re adorable and clever and fun and iconic just basking in each others’ glows

    • @neodonkey
      @neodonkey 5 months ago +5

      It's known as Narcissism among us Plebians.

  • @gabifgt
    @gabifgt 5 months ago +30

    i love how cher knows she’s THE cher. unapologetically herself. i love this woman so damn much!!! ❤

  • @MugandeMuyoka
    @MugandeMuyoka 5 months ago +64

    I've never really seen an interview of Cher's fully, only the trending ones, but as then and now, I can't help but acknowledge how her aura is just so mezmerising 😳🙊 she just gives "icon" vibes ✨️✨️

  • @ToTheBridge
    @ToTheBridge 6 months ago +476

    "I stole a car once"
    😂 I love everything about this date, one of my absolute favourites what queens

  • @makeupbyjessx13
    @makeupbyjessx13 5 months ago +1399

    Cher gives so much life advice by just having a conversation. What a treat this was!

  • @TelepathicDiscoveries
    @TelepathicDiscoveries 5 months ago +13

    She’s so intellectually disarmed when speaking with Cher. It’s cute. I can see the respect 🫡 she has for Cher. 😂❤ I haven’t seen this soft side of her until now.

  • @cr_96512
    @cr_96512 5 months ago +13

    Cher is as much a comedian as she is a performer… I mean, she said so many iconic things in such few words… that’s a skill. What a legend!

  • @Mrstobastoba
    @Mrstobastoba 6 months ago +1193

    This is heartwarming seeing someone experience the greatest moment of their life, you can tell she's loving every moment of it. Hope Amelia is having a good time too

  • @cocoanino
    @cocoanino 6 months ago +836

    “Better to say I don’t have a diamond ring, I sure would like one.” 😆 Loved this feel-good interview; could have listened to a longer version with longer answers from Cher.

    • @Firespawnable
      @Firespawnable 6 months ago +18

      I think she gave longer answers but they edited it because these videos are supposed to be short

    • @gabbym333
      @gabbym333 5 months ago +1

      I found her succinct answers to be inspiring. She was honest and straightforward.

    • @cocoanino
      @cocoanino 5 months ago +1

      @@gabbym333 oh I like the one liners but there were several answers cut off I’d have been interested to hear, more than I remember noticing in other Chicken Shop Dates. But being left wanting more isn’t a bad thing.

    • @cocoanino
      @cocoanino 5 months ago +2

      @@Firespawnable yeah I know. 🙂 but you know she could tell some stories..

  • @princ3sstofu
    @princ3sstofu 5 months ago +22

    Cher is so iconic. Amelia, you are amazing for getting Cher on this. I so happy to see this.

  • @WholeHeartily
    @WholeHeartily 5 months ago +3

    The “life after love” setup was 🤌🏾

  • @AlexMoudgil
    @AlexMoudgil 6 months ago +673

    dude. CON-GRATS you should be so EFFING PROUD of yourself

  • @simonjacob3949
    @simonjacob3949 5 months ago +908

    The “its in his kiss” line didn’t go unnoticed 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • @Hollyofalltrades
    @Hollyofalltrades 5 months ago +11

    This was actually the most iconic thing that’s ever happened on the internet!!!! She is such a bad ass!

  • @ferntella
    @ferntella 6 months ago +768

    You can tell Amelia is just imploding with excitement.
    Two funny, intelligent and intereting women on a date. I love it! And they were so wonderful to each other.

  • @themichaels
    @themichaels 6 months ago +577

    It must be so rewarding to make Cher laugh

  • @sparrowwilson4514
    @sparrowwilson4514 5 months ago +6

    Cher doesn’t know the word humble and I adore her for that. She is my confidence icon.

  • @divatalk9011
    @divatalk9011 5 months ago +3

    I’d love an unedited version. Feels like we’re only getting snippets of her responses

  • @doberman1ism
    @doberman1ism 5 months ago +540

    Cher's candid honesty is always a breath of fresh air.

    • @krissielundy9934
      @krissielundy9934 5 months ago +13

      Some might say, a breath of fre Cher. *crickets. I’ll see myself out

  • @bbj4613
    @bbj4613 5 months ago +2

    How does she still look really amazing ? She is a vampire wtf !

  • @eyesintheroad
    @eyesintheroad 5 months ago +12

    Her gravitational force is incredible, I find it hard to resist the impulse of stealing her whole personality

  • @TheLagostim
    @TheLagostim 5 months ago +802

    We already knew Amelia had chemistry with all humans, but now we’re certain she has chemistry with goddesses as well. Welcome to the Olympus, babyyy!

  • @kadymac7758
    @kadymac7758 6 months ago +307

    This is soooo, so iconic 🔥
    “I stole a car once.”
    “…WUT” 😂

  • @alyssa0411
    @alyssa0411 2 months ago +1

    I absolutely love how Amelia can instantly mesh so well with so many different types of personalities. She has this magical power to put people at ease to where they think they're hanging out with a dear best friend. I wish I had an ounce of her wit and confidence.

  • @ayleen7558
    @ayleen7558 5 months ago +9

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    • @j.3779
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    • @joellezima3506
      @joellezima3506 5 months ago +38

      It absolutely won’t! The fallacy of your 20s being your best years is made up by social media. You get your true features at 25-on and that’s when you’re at your most striking attractiveness, you start to understand life enough to be able to enjoy it at 30 on, and there’s so much more. I’m 24, almost 25 and I REFUSE to let people tell me there’s a decline after a certain age, it only gets better babe

    • @j.3779
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    • @danielorlovaquinn
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    • @hotwasabi_
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