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Tom Holland Calls for a Doctor While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Dec 8, 2021
  • Tom Holland began his career at 12 years old in the West End production of Billy Elliot, and now he's one of Hollywood's biggest box office draws, from award-winning performances in The Impossible, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On the topic of the latter, his latest is sure to be one of the year's biggest films of the year-Spiderman: No Way Home, which is set to release in theaters on December 17th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Holland takes on the wings of death and discusses the joys of pub food, his relationship with Robert Downey Jr., and much more in this very special Season 16 finale!
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Comments • 33 107

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  10 months ago +36134

    Thanks for another great season, Spice Lords! What was your favorite episode?

    • isabel jaime
      isabel jaime Month ago

      I loved all of the episodes but what would be wonderful is if you invite BTS to do the challenge

    • Chance Colwell
      Chance Colwell 2 months ago +1

      Can we get other spidermen on the show? Any excuse to see Toby lol

    • shola
      shola 2 months ago

      Do Beabadoobee!!

    • Aydin
      Aydin 3 months ago +1

      This was my favorite

    • Josh Jackson
      Josh Jackson 3 months ago

      🌎🌏🌍Tommy McFly♻🎧💕

  • Daniel Greene
    Daniel Greene 10 months ago +40704

    Tom just seems so happy to be him. It’s charming.

  • Julia Wisnia
    Julia Wisnia 4 months ago +7994

    this man was struggling from wing one, but took full bites & gave full, intriguing answers. class act

    • The Krapbook
      The Krapbook 10 days ago

      he struggled on wing on cause he licked his finger that touched the hottest one. so much respect.

    • Thomas Holland
      Thomas Holland 2 months ago

      @Ammarah : ) internet talking about me but it's not me

    • Ammarah : )
      Ammarah : ) 2 months ago

      @Thomas Holland y tho

    • Thomas Holland
      Thomas Holland 2 months ago +2

      I don't like my name anymore

    • Ammarah : )
      Ammarah : ) 3 months ago +1

      That's Tom Holland 4 u !

  • Gabriella Diaz
    Gabriella Diaz 4 months ago +4126

    Millie saying she didn’t want to cry like tom holland makes me laugh now. This man took big bites, licked his finger, and went for seconds. He seriously did so well.
    I love Millie, but he definitely did better than her in this.

    • E.E videos
      E.E videos Month ago

      Yeah Millie had to cya and flip Sean off because it was to hot😂 and I agree Tom did way better than millie

    • rustyshack
      rustyshack Month ago

      @genesis ortiz yes it is

      ENCHANTED Month ago +6

      It's sad that y'all r making eating spicy wings on a show a competition

    • Zoxyy ж
      Zoxyy ж 2 months ago +1

      n he drenched the last wing in the sauce

    • genesis ortiz
      genesis ortiz 2 months ago +6

      But it's not a competition of who did it better

  • Daniel Luna
    Daniel Luna 3 months ago +1163

    I absolutely love his manners, when he asks for more milk he says “Can I please have more milk? Thank you so much, I appreciate it” MAN, so polite, I appreciate that

    • Hamiana Grande
      Hamiana Grande Month ago +1

      man y’all really reaching for anything 😭😭

    • C J
      C J Month ago +2

      @Linette they grasping on to anything 😭

    • Linette
      Linette 2 months ago +10

      Isn’t this the bare minimum 😭

    • ValioN77
      ValioN77 2 months ago +3

      Brits polite as always.

    • First Last
      First Last 2 months ago +24

      @haggler ime, a lot of Americans of his same age would NOT use please and thank you, nor show such gratitude, particularly at his relative state of fame, as he does.

  • Mirozey
    Mirozey 4 months ago +8180

    Who’s here to see tom cry after millie’s interview ?

  • Bass Nation
    Bass Nation 9 months ago +18765

    Tom Holland is a distinguished gentleman

  • Emerald Weldon
    Emerald Weldon 4 months ago +1878

    Millie said something about Tom crying, but she took the tiniest bites😂. He killed it compared to her😂👍

    • Ari The Nugget
      Ari The Nugget 12 days ago

      Why aren’t we allowed to compare anymore? He did do better. It’s an observation… are y’all passed bc of how he worded it??

    • RANDYX 3
      RANDYX 3 2 months ago

      @thatkamigirl who was hating on her? Quite being a snowflake

      ITSBEENAYEARDADDY 2 months ago

      @Sobia Saadi girl you talking bout 1k some SHES only 18 like someone is sa her

    • Staciya Smith
      Staciya Smith 2 months ago

      @kev the realest no they’re saying like give her a break she is only 18

  • G
    G 4 months ago +6778

    Here after Millie 😂 poor Tom couldn’t catch a break.

    • billboard NEWS
      billboard NEWS 26 days ago

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    • Fuzz Sweety10
      Fuzz Sweety10 2 months ago


    • Tiffany Ezeh
      Tiffany Ezeh 2 months ago

      me too

    • genata13
      genata13 2 months ago


  • Sabrina Servance
    Sabrina Servance 4 months ago +961

    I love that no one told him not to lick his fingers! He is so funny.

    • Macílio Pereira
      Macílio Pereira Month ago

      HAHAHA its funny

    • Dan B2387
      Dan B2387 3 months ago +27

      @Reki Kyan After picking up the hottest wings at the end right away, he never wiped his fingers and then ended up licking them after trying the Classic wings, which is when he started to feel the "delayed" kick

    • Bianchi Girl
      Bianchi Girl 4 months ago +20

      @Reki Kyan because he couldn’t handle the spice

    • Reki Kyan
      Reki Kyan 4 months ago +9

      why would anyone tell him to not lick his fingers in the first place? everyone does that

    • 🌙Midnight 🕛
      🌙Midnight 🕛 4 months ago +1


  • Ashlynn Everything
    Ashlynn Everything 4 months ago +1317

    Millie bobby brown trying to complete with Tom without Tom knowing during her interview is so funny 😂😂😂

  • Scenic Fights
    Scenic Fights 10 months ago +15711

    How can you not like Tom Holland? He's so charismatic.

    • Ninja Flamestone
      Ninja Flamestone 3 months ago

      I sense a lot of hate in the comments

    • JB 2000
      JB 2000 4 months ago

      @penny lalou I’ll give you this. I think he will surpass tobey in his next trilogy because it’ll be less “Disney” and more of the actual life of Peter Parker’s struggles.

    • JB 2000
      JB 2000 4 months ago

      @penny lalou tobey is by far the most comic accurate. Spider-Man 2 is literally the comic book representative ranked as #1 cuz of it. Tom Holland is a great human being but he ain’t over Mr OG tobey the goat

    • Marvesammm
      Marvesammm 4 months ago

      @Peter Pan he’s so real for that

    • Walker1444
      Walker1444 5 months ago

      Adonyx don’t mean he ain’t a good one tobey and Andrew just good af as spider man. No way home made me like his spider man more and i didn’t really enjoy the last two films

  • Zach Zahn
    Zach Zahn 4 months ago +1163

    If it wasn’t for Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield literally being the spider man i grew up with, Tom would definitely take the cake with his acting. Good job Sir

    • Danger
      Danger 19 days ago

      @Zach Zahn naw bro that’s exactly what you said

    • Forensicmomma 83
      Forensicmomma 83 2 months ago +4

      Toby was my favorite Spiderman....until I saw Tom's performance. Mayne it's the directing or just Tom's natural likable nature (not saying Toby lacked that, but I'm almost 40, and he was the sweet guy of my youth, besides Jake Gyllenhaal), there is just something about Tom's 'Peter' that makes me feel like he IS Peter, not just acting. I never saw Andrew's movies, but I liked him when all the Spidermen came together in the 4th one (the one they are promoting in this interview), I thought he was funny. But I won't watch his movies.🤷‍♀️

    • Camila Ribeiras
      Camila Ribeiras 3 months ago +11

      Honestly, I think that Toby did the best when it comes to the emotional side of spiderman, then Andrew did best when it comes to the goofy side of spiderman and lastly Tom did the best between both emotional and goofy. I love all of them, but if ai had to pick, Tom would be it. Have a good day tho!

    • Ingrid
      Ingrid 4 months ago


    • Zach Zahn
      Zach Zahn 4 months ago +8

      @vertedero de clips not what i said i said grew up with🤣🤣

  • Madison Busby
    Madison Busby 4 months ago +594

    The way he speaks so highly about RDJ is just such an amazing thing to hear, he really sees him as a fatherly figure who truly inspires him. That story about RDJ giving Toms younger brother the original iron man helmet is just so incredibly sweet and just shows how much respect they have for each other

  • Jennifer Jenkins
    Jennifer Jenkins 4 months ago +626

    For someone who is known for spoilers, this is probably one of the worst challenges for Tom 😂

    • Eric Bambach
      Eric Bambach Month ago +3

      He can't stop himself! Tom licked his fingers after accidentally picking up the hottest of the wings!

  • AJ Martin
    AJ Martin 4 months ago +506

    Can we all agree that Tom Holland has earned everyone’s respect as a human after this?

    • Removed from the corner
      Removed from the corner Month ago +3

      @Wilber he struggled from the first one because he grabbed the last one first and licked his fingers

    • Wilber
      Wilber Month ago +1

      Nah he struggled from the first one, John boyega is the real champ, went all the way without water or milk and was still stable through out interview.

    • AJ Martin
      AJ Martin Month ago +2

      @Alicia Martinez Yeah I was commenting on how down to earth he truly is with a genuine personality. It's just refreshing and rare to see from these Hollywood folk.

    • Alicia Martinez
      Alicia Martinez Month ago

      What do you mean

    • noémi
      noémi 3 months ago +23

      @Sofia Loren it’s not that deep 💀

  • Mitchel Paulus
    Mitchel Paulus 10 months ago +74079

    This is probably, in an ironic twist, one of tom’s most comfortable interviews. Didn’t have to worry about Sean pressuring him for spoilers. Just great conversation.

      BILLBOARD NEWS 26 days ago

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    • Shawn6623
      Shawn6623 Month ago

      I just wanna know how he was considered a role for finn from starwars 😂

    • AnneSophiiie
      AnneSophiiie 2 months ago

      There's a french duo called 'Mcfly & Carlito' that made an interview with Tom, and he seemed to be having fun

    • Totto87
      Totto87 2 months ago

      @Suzy Rottencrotch Tom? He's dating Zendaya so bi/pan would be the best you could get I guess.

    • leela
      leela 7 months ago +1

      What a great thought!!!!!! And I completely agree!!

  • vinascious
    vinascious 3 months ago +167

    What a kind human. Even when he’s in distress he doesn’t forget his manners

  • Queen City Minis
    Queen City Minis 4 months ago +216

    Tom's personality is top notch! He seems like the kind of guy everyone feels like is instantly their new best friend.
    So relatable and super polite when he was miserable, asking for more milk.

  • Severine
    Severine 4 months ago +178

    I could watch Tom Holland exist all day. He’s so endearing.

  • aimaFHS
    aimaFHS 2 months ago +96

    The way Tom went in for a second bite with almost every wing is amazing

  • Ferdz
    Ferdz 10 months ago +7319

    This was the best chance to get spoilers out of Tom but Sean doesn’t care about using celebrities to get the biggest scoop. Great interviewer. Respect.

    • Joe Pie
      Joe Pie 5 days ago

      Also, by not asking about spoilers it makes these episodes more timeless. In 2 years no one will care about a spoiler of some movie they've already seen.

    • Max Spechter
      Max Spechter 9 months ago +1

      Props to your profile pic, love J. Cole, KOD was incredible to me

    • Slamp
      Slamp 9 months ago +1

      The movie was AMAZING!

    • Dalton Haynes
      Dalton Haynes 9 months ago +1

      This was my favourite episode spider-man is my favourite marvel film

  • Alex F
    Alex F 11 days ago +6

    I love that he is a fan of the show and goes full out in the interview. He is excited and treats the show with the respect it deserves.

  • Julia Junn
    Julia Junn Month ago +49

    Such a good guy, you can tell he was dying but he was still paying attention and listening actively to the questions.

    AFR SLAYR 4 months ago +165

    I love when he says "WOAH" at 21:40. Cracks me up every time as Tom puts so much of the hottest one on the wing lol🤣😂

    • Andy Pham
      Andy Pham 2 months ago +3


    • Catherine Dean
      Catherine Dean 2 months ago +5

      We both yelled it at the same time 😂

  • Alpha David
    Alpha David 3 months ago +243

    I don't know what Millie was referring to? He actually did really well. While she was nibbling on wings, he was talking full bites and going back in for seconds‼️🥵 This was a fun interview to watch 👍🏽

    • Rabia Özkan
      Rabia Özkan Month ago +1

      I really thought he would cry a little bit like Millie said but maybe I missed it. I didn't see any tears on his face. He was really good. Of course Millie was joking and did so well because I watched this video because of her honestly. 😅

    • Anakin Skywalker
      Anakin Skywalker 2 months ago +5

      @Ellianna Deperry woman ☕️

    • Ellianna Deperry
      Ellianna Deperry 2 months ago +9

      @Amit SharDa woman*

    • Amit SharDa
      Amit SharDa 3 months ago +9

      @Andrea Medina make me one women

    • Andrea Medina
      Andrea Medina 3 months ago +30

      have a tea, she was just kidding

  • Mustafa Hadzic
    Mustafa Hadzic 10 months ago +66713

    Tom almost eating the hottest one first is the most Tom thing ever.

    • slaysallday
      slaysallday 19 days ago

      fax tho

    • billboard NEWS
      billboard NEWS 26 days ago

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    • Thatweirdhuman
      Thatweirdhuman Month ago

      Seriously tho

    • tallon fickes
      tallon fickes Month ago

      Everyone saying oh yeah bc you totally know him obviously has no idea the way Tom is hahahaha

    • EpicLegendTVNahid!
      EpicLegendTVNahid! Month ago


  • PsychoTheRabbit
    PsychoTheRabbit 4 months ago +230

    Honestly, the most epic one is still Halle Berry literally killing the wings and only leaving bones but u gotta respect Tom and few others for going for a second bite even through clear pain.
    But i like the show to see flashes of the real person behind the cameras and Tom surely is one of the real ones in and out. Such a cool dude.

    • jaystevens137
      jaystevens137 3 months ago +1

      For sure. Gary Vee, too. He goes at them like he's starved.

    • Nosisa Tenza
      Nosisa Tenza 3 months ago +1

      Watch the Trevor Noah one, he leaves no meat too and he eats all 10. :)

  • Genie Beanie
    Genie Beanie 3 months ago +74

    Tom Holland gives me gold retriever energy in the best of ways

  • ShiftAssist 🤲🏼
    ShiftAssist 🤲🏼 Month ago +23

    🙏🏼 Tom Holland got me thru some dark times…with and in his interviews. He is so authentic! Thanks for making laugh when all I wanted to do was cry. ☘️🤟🏼. 🌻

  • Zoo Renard
    Zoo Renard 3 months ago +68

    the fact that Tom called himself a fan of the show and didn't expect "da bomb" made me giggle more that I can tell... the other wings are complementary 🤣

    • Tom holland official
      Tom holland official 2 months ago

      Thank you so much for your unconditional love and support towards my movies and career. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart 💖💕

  • Kristy's Edits
    Kristy's Edits 9 months ago +13553

    Sean always says he understands the feeling but he doesn’t even budge 😂😂😂

    • ErectVagina
      ErectVagina Month ago

      @Robin L yea. Me 😉

    • Robin L
      Robin L 2 months ago

      Cause he already know what's coming.

    • Melissa J
      Melissa J 6 months ago

      @Fahmida Hossain Music me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Molly DiMatteo
      Molly DiMatteo 9 months ago +1

      Sean said in an episode he feels it but his reaction isn’t as exciting every episode as the person he’s interviewing so they edit a lot of his reaction out!

  • Red and soulles 13
    Red and soulles 13 4 months ago +116

    This is my favorite episode. I love tom and how fully committed he was even taking a second bite after that big bite at the end and putting on enough to make sean go "wooaah". I was laughing so much watching this.

  • EkunA78
    EkunA78 4 months ago +29

    One of the best episodes, one of the best guests. Eating like a champ and not pretending to eat like someone that called him out for crying.

  • Joanna Griffin
    Joanna Griffin 4 months ago +465

    Tom: “This one is up to 12…meaning you should be 12 and up to eat it?”
    Man: “no I think it means out of 10 it’s a 12”
    Tom: I’m dumb 🙋‍♂️

    • Justa Crow
      Justa Crow Month ago +1

      Also those quotes were all wrong man can you not hear

    • Wajiha Rahman
      Wajiha Rahman 4 months ago +24

      that man is called sean btw

  • Soro Dragonfall
    Soro Dragonfall 3 months ago +101

    Can we all except the fact that this man picked up the last wing, got those spices on his fingers then licked his fingers from the START. THIS MAN WAS DEALING WITH THE SPICES FROM THE FINAL WING FROM THE STINKING START.

  • uprightrhyme107
    uprightrhyme107 9 months ago +8039

    I love how he’s cussing himself out but when he asked for milk he was so polite

    • Bzz Vlog
      Bzz Vlog 8 months ago +8

      @The Duckling thats good parentship..

    • The Duckling
      The Duckling 8 months ago +17

      @Yadz i also do that but im swedish, idk why i just feel the need to say thanks like a million times

    • Yadz
      Yadz 9 months ago +123

      That’s British people for you right there

  • Al Vela
    Al Vela Month ago +15

    Tom is so real. Great to see guest like him that are authentic

  • someonetoldmewatchout
    someonetoldmewatchout 4 months ago +76

    No matter how many times, I watch it the ending always has me in stitches. Tom sounds so genuine and small when reacting to Jack eating the wing 😂

  • R Wallace
    R Wallace 3 months ago +56

    This is my favorite episode so far. Tom is so genuine and likeable. What a champ.

  • Lilly
    Lilly 2 months ago +95

    “Can I please have some more milk” was my favorite thing cause he’s literally dying, but he still has the capacity to ask politely. Like I would just be dead.

  • Quyen Tran
    Quyen Tran 9 months ago +20865

    Shout out to Sean for not once asking Tom about Zendaya. Shows how much he respects their privacy.

    • DrNogueiras
      DrNogueiras 7 months ago

      @Peepeepoopoo it’s not a pr “stunt”, especially with headliners. They’re contractually obligated to do a certain amount of press and promotion of the upcoming project

    • Soso
      Soso 7 months ago

      @niallshor3n Thats true! A few of the uncharted interviewers have mentioned they werent allowed to ask about her or their relationship

    • Milk man The gamer
      Milk man The gamer 8 months ago +1

      @Alizio Herman lmao read the comments man thinks celebrities should share every aspect of a celebrities life when they are entitled to their privacy...

    • Milk man The gamer
      Milk man The gamer 8 months ago +1

      @KnightmareSeer dang man he never responded to you after that 😮

    • Milk man The gamer
      Milk man The gamer 8 months ago +1

      @Jordan Gladney and they are putting good points since this man thinks every celebrity should share every aspect in their life when they are allowed to their own privacy..

  • Izzy Tyler
    Izzy Tyler 2 months ago +112

    Tom is actually eating the whole wing so not fair for Millie to compare her tiny bites to him. Tom is so lovely and still a great guy after fame ✨

    • 3A Shadow Army
      3A Shadow Army Month ago +4

      She didn't even compare she just asked at what point Tom Holland cried ! Ya all just go on without even understanding what she said

    • Anakin Skywalker
      Anakin Skywalker 2 months ago +2

      @Ahnesti Buxton yea , he wasn't talking about the joke he was just comparing...

    • Ahnesti Buxton
      Ahnesti Buxton 2 months ago +3

      It’s was his choice he really did have to eat The Whole wing but learn to take a joke bro

  • Sean Draven
    Sean Draven Month ago +32

    I can not think of any other actor, entertainer or performer on the planet that I genuinely like as much as a person as Tom Holland. He's an inspiration and a treasure to the human race.

  • MaeMae-XOXO
    MaeMae-XOXO Month ago +10

    I have so much respect for Tom Holland, like beyond another level. I really love the rereleased Spider-Man No Way Home the extended version. I totally can’t keep my eyes off of Tom and Zendaya’s chemistry on the big screen and off camera.

  • eduardson evangelio
    eduardson evangelio 4 months ago +407

    I am here mainly because of Milly Bobbie Brown. But props to my man, Tom! I’ve only watched 2 episodes but I am a huge fan now, set to binge watch all seasons.

    • Ninad Asopa
      Ninad Asopa 2 months ago

      @Spotty oh

    • Spotty
      Spotty 2 months ago

      @Ninad Asopa actress who played eleven on stranger things and played (and produced) enola holmes on netflix

    • Ninad Asopa
      Ninad Asopa 3 months ago +3

      Who is milly bobby brown ??

    • Hallie P-S
      Hallie P-S 3 months ago

      i love this show so much lol. the interviewing technique + the way they all die is such good tv

  • Jeanette Giselle
    Jeanette Giselle 3 months ago +34

    Tom Holland deserves a second chance! He pretty much ate the spiciest one first and then still went through the rounds 🌶

  • MachineGunKeri
    MachineGunKeri 3 months ago +31

    Sean adding more sauce with Tom one the last one is exactly why I love him. Amazing interview as usual!

  • Gloria Amanda B
    Gloria Amanda B 2 months ago +52

    I have indigestion just from watching this. Also how does Tom manage to make even swearing sound so posh and adorable?

  • PC
    PC 3 months ago +56

    This guy deserves a portrait out there. He took on the last one with a lot of sauce and got a real bite out of it.

  • Bartholomew Allen
    Bartholomew Allen 9 months ago +6487

    I love how Sean took an extra bite of the final dab when Tom Holland did. He's not leading you through hell, he's walking right beside you.

    • Load Blown
      Load Blown 9 months ago

      He’s a spice Shaman

    • Tim O'Brien
      Tim O'Brien 9 months ago

      Spoiler Alert

    • BennieFicial _
      BennieFicial _ 9 months ago

      @hunter alex da bomb is just nasty and spicy as fuck. Others are at least kinda enjoyable

    • Special Knees
      Special Knees 9 months ago +1

      Every Dante needs a Virgil

    • hunter alex
      hunter alex 9 months ago +1

      It's a tolerance. I follow along with the seasons and I take dabs of the apollo for enjoyment. Great flavor. Fuck da bomb. Gross.

  • Preppy Kendall
    Preppy Kendall 2 months ago +22

    Tom is so funny especially when he almost ate the hottest wing first

  • Dennis Schock
    Dennis Schock 2 months ago +9

    Tom is just an amazing guy, what else can be said!

  • TheTruthAboutJuLY
    TheTruthAboutJuLY 4 months ago +54

    No matter what this dude does. He stays a kid & I think that's awesome.

  • Ambivalently_Gaming
    Ambivalently_Gaming 2 months ago +10

    I already knew I just adored Tom Holland on his humanity but watching him in this just sealed it. Tom is a treasure and i hope he has the very best things always.
    What a champ ♥

  • Dutch warrior
    Dutch warrior 9 months ago +5140

    I love how sean is casually asking questions while tom is vaporizing slowly.

    • beebo
      beebo 8 months ago +1

      @Brandi Burkett jesus chill out

    • Mad Hatter
      Mad Hatter 9 months ago +1

      @Brandi Burkett wow, someone had a bad day 💀

    • Amy
      Amy 9 months ago +2

      @Brandi Burkett dude. So what if they likes anime? Let them be. Besides cool down. Don't need to get all angry. Go get a glass of milk.

    • JackJohnComics
      JackJohnComics 9 months ago

      @JaykobTV just didn’t ask

    • Family Account Gilbert
      Family Account Gilbert 9 months ago

      He doesn't feel so good.

  • Crowbars2
    Crowbars2 Month ago +17

    19:00 I love Tom Holland's face here, he's like "Oh, right!" nodding along, before he realized what he said and just breaks down laughing.

  • Amanda Lopez
    Amanda Lopez 3 months ago +22

    I already adored him, but the fact the he’s dying from the heat but still is so polite when he’s asking for more milk makes me love Tom even more.

  • Dai Hayes
    Dai Hayes 2 months ago +14

    I love how Tom almost took a bite out of the spiciest one first😂 I'm here after Millie was on the show and I love her so so much, but Tom slayed- I think we can all agree on that💅😂

  • E.E videos
    E.E videos Month ago +9

    I love how Tom wants to do this and so confident thats why I love him

  • Nick Otwembe
    Nick Otwembe 10 months ago +2943

    Shout out to Sean for not once asking Tom about Zendaya. Shows how much he respects their privacy.

    • Emanuel Cruz
      Emanuel Cruz 9 months ago +1

      @Rach Kate It may be a bit of both. He could have been restating. But you literally said that second part already.

    • Syahrini--💕
      Syahrini--💕 9 months ago

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    • rachel.doremi
      rachel.doremi 9 months ago +2

      Sean is the most respected interviewer because he is professional and doesn’t go for relationship questions unless it leads to another question

    • PhillyCat01
      PhillyCat01 9 months ago +2

      He always interviews likes this he never gets personal unless it’s something previously said by the actor

  • JemyM
    JemyM 2 months ago +13

    This interview warmed me. I do not think I ever seen an actor really gorge on the chicken and so really into it as Tom Holland.

  • Kamillia Murchison
    Kamillia Murchison 3 months ago +11

    He did so good. Probably my favorite interview so far!

  • Isabel Conoepan
    Isabel Conoepan 4 months ago +153

    I’m concerned for Sean’s insides.. hope he’s getting regularly scheduled colonoscopies at an early age !! Love the show and yea be careful mate

    • Betty Jojoe Harper: Re- Imagination
      Betty Jojoe Harper: Re- Imagination 4 months ago +10

      I just woke my dogs and cats from laughing out loud! NOT THE LEATHER, honey! 😂😂😂

    • chillbrownie
      chillbrownie 4 months ago +37

      im pretty sure by now that his entire intestinal tract is lined in leather

  • Priscilla Wortman
    Priscilla Wortman 2 months ago +16

    Tom’s face when Sean says it’s 12 on a scale from 1-10 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Reidyn Horn
    Reidyn Horn 10 months ago +5508

    Sean is the perfect person to interview Tom. He's not looking for spoilers. He's looking to understand how the actor feels in their job and just getting to know them as people.

    • KiranK28
      KiranK28 4 months ago

      One of the best interviewers

    • somebrowngirlonline
      somebrowngirlonline 9 months ago +2

      I love how he asked him for golf tips 😂😂 Sean is the best interviewer to ever happen to the internet

    • Eric Ngo
      Eric Ngo 9 months ago +2

      100 man! Noticed that right away. I've been binge watching too many Spider-man NWH content on YT and this is probably Tom's best interviews. Refreshing. Sean's owning the interview game next to Rogan

    • dan schriver
      dan schriver 9 months ago +2

      This has nothing to do with tom... this about sean being an incredible host and interviewer. Period.

  • dsbguy
    dsbguy 2 months ago +8

    One of the best interview shows I've ever seen. Eating the wings is almost secondary to the interview. Great Job!

  • Wasted Space
    Wasted Space 3 months ago +78

    Everyone needs to notice that before Tom ate the first wing he grabbed the "hottest" one with both hands and then licked his fingers after eating the 1st wing.. The kick he talks about is from the final wing

  • Chris B
    Chris B 14 days ago

    I've already seen this episode when it first came out, but I absolutely love Tom being Tom. I would've loved if they didn't warn him when grabbed the final wing first though lolol

  • Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    this man was struggling from wing one, but took full bites & gave full, intriguing answers. class act

  • Yohann Cedric
    Yohann Cedric 9 months ago +5550

    Sean is really a good sport for not trying to get spoilers out of Tom and just having a genuine interview!

    • CalmDown
      CalmDown 9 months ago

      @Kridutt Sewa I mean, I haven't watched marvel films since the 3rd spiderman which I might get flamed for but we're talking about someone who's spoiling films left, right and centre. If I did that, I'd get my ass kicked by every fan 😂 I'm surprised he isn't booted yet

    • Kridutt Sewa
      Kridutt Sewa 9 months ago +2

      @CalmDown i agree 😂😂 tom spoils every freaking time..

  • Sleepdeprivedkai
    Sleepdeprivedkai 2 months ago +23

    I really like how the interviews from this channel don’t try to trick the celebs into giving away spoilers and instead asks questions on the content already out

  • Khondoker Prapty
    Khondoker Prapty 3 months ago +14

    Love how he was interacting with the entire crew not only with Sean! ❤️❤️

  • Racel Devera
    Racel Devera 4 months ago +33

    he actually ate the wings! took seconds bites and over dabbed his last wing!! 🫶🏼 I always see people barely putting any or barely taking a bite lol.
    ALSO AMAZING INTERVIEWER, love how he did whatever tom did and would take second bites if he did haha

  • Joe Davis
    Joe Davis 3 months ago +7

    Just found these "Hot Ones" videos, and these are absolutely great!!!
    I obviously the interviewees are cool, but the interviewer asks absolutely phenomenal questions!! And this is such a fantastic idea for a show, no wonder so many people like it and how long it's gone on.

  • Brittany Engel
    Brittany Engel 10 months ago +3675

    Him almost eating the spiciest wing first is the most Tom Holland thing he could have done

    • Joel Perez
      Joel Perez 8 months ago +1

      the most peter parker shit lmao

    • Elisa Can
      Elisa Can 10 months ago

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    • Blahblahcv
      Blahblahcv 10 months ago

      @Loliechann_____09 shut

    • bonker
      bonker 10 months ago

      its really not, the wings are going from right to left instead of left to right

  • King Maybus
    King Maybus 4 months ago +12

    he's really a beast hats off Tom your future will be great if you keep that kind of commitment up🎉

  • Kristina S
    Kristina S 3 months ago +16

    I’ve never watched this kid before but he sure is likeable!! His parents did a good job!

  • Kyra
    Kyra Month ago +7

    Tom really soldiered through these. Proud of him.

  • zoe cedar
    zoe cedar 3 months ago +16

    this seriously gets better each time I watch, tom is so funny.

  • Alexa Wilson
    Alexa Wilson 9 months ago +6448

    he is the most respectful person. he goes out of his way to just be kind to EVERYONE

    • The Duckling
      The Duckling 8 months ago

      @dan Thanks for your answer, but i can only be lesbian

    • dan
      dan 8 months ago

      @The Duckling gay

    • The Duckling
      The Duckling 8 months ago

      i also do that but im swedish, idk why i just feel the need to say thanks like a million times

    • The Duckling
      The Duckling 8 months ago

      @KhakiShark when he asked for more milj

    • VerbalStormborn
      VerbalStormborn 8 months ago

      He is Spiderman

  • Grace Agendia
    Grace Agendia 3 months ago +9

    Tom Holland for the win. He did so well. Took it like a champ 💪🏾

  • Erick Garcia
    Erick Garcia 3 months ago +44

    The fact that Tom licked his fingers after touching the last wing with the hottest sauce and thought it's the old classic sauce that caused it is just funny! Hahahaha!

  • Childofthe Sun
    Childofthe Sun 3 months ago +20

    He's so charming, this was my fav one to watch so far. Funny how everyone loses it on Da Bomb then proceeds to handle the next 2 hotter ones

    • louie.lenard
      louie.lenard 3 months ago +1

      I noticed that as well.. is there a reason why that sauce isn’t the last one, although it seems to be the spiciest?

  • Nick D
    Nick D 4 months ago +11

    Awesome episode! I missed this one somehow, instant classic! Tom was epic...

  • Better Chapter
    Better Chapter 10 months ago +112195

    You know someone's British when he's explaining his spice tolerance via Nando's spice levels.

    • billboard NEWS
      billboard NEWS 26 days ago

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    • Mariah Dibben
      Mariah Dibben 3 months ago

      I was giggling even seeing that he was in this because from what my British friend tells me, Brits hardly even season their food, much less make it spicy. So I was like oh no he about to die 🤣

    • hannah.
      hannah. 3 months ago

      Literally 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • caotik
      caotik 3 months ago

      @Rama Afullo it's way more popular in the uk

    • Aidan Wicab
      Aidan Wicab 3 months ago

      bri ish

  • Chris Robison
    Chris Robison 4 months ago +11

    Probably the most savage guest on the show!! He was whimpering on the second one and still went all the way!!

    • Emily
      Emily 4 months ago +3

      almost like his Peter Parker in a way…not fearless, but still does what he has to do

  • kaorichxn
    kaorichxn 4 months ago +72

    finally an interview that didn't ask questions about his relationship with zendaya. love this show!

  • Jenisha Viola Quadros
    Jenisha Viola Quadros 4 months ago +15

    One of the best episodes!🔥 Man! Tom Holland is such a sweet heart🥺❤️

  • Breann Nolan
    Breann Nolan 4 months ago +96

    His “WOAH” when Tom put the last dab took me out 😂😂😂😂

  • Karanshu
    Karanshu 9 months ago +7423

    Honestly props to Sean and the Hot Ones team to not always default to whatever that actor's most current works are. They really their research and honor their whole careers with their questions. They could've easily asked more about No Way Home, but they didn't so massive props

    • Jay Jay
      Jay Jay 9 months ago

      Best interview show of our generation

    • Artio
      Artio 9 months ago +2

      Actually the reason people ask about their latest film is to promote the movie. The producers or whatever actually find and approve the interviews and are sometimes even asked to go through the questions and see which ones cant be asked and if they wanted to touch a certain subject. Its all just promotion. This case wasn't.

    • Amazing Grace
      Amazing Grace 9 months ago


    • Space Yoda
      Space Yoda 9 months ago

      Thats how you make interviews more appealing and interesting and make the celebs not hate on you

    • Aerochalklate
      Aerochalklate 9 months ago

      because every other interviewer will think only bout the movie

  • Bang!
    Bang! 4 months ago +133

    Tom took that like a champ

  • K Tay
    K Tay 3 months ago +8

    He is an absolute doll! I have seen him in movies and was always neutral toward him but this really made me a “fan”.

  • Sailing Dream
    Sailing Dream 2 months ago +5

    just reached almost half of the season in the last few weeks, never liked spicy foods/sauce but this show made me try a few hot ones.

  • Shawn Isaiah
    Shawn Isaiah 3 months ago +13

    18:54 the best scene seriously, he genuinely thought it's for 12 years and above 😆

  • B Swizzle
    B Swizzle 7 months ago +4694

    Dude is a champ. Multiple times he said "I don't think I got a real bite" and went back in. No half assin' for this guy. Well done, mad props.
    And it was hilarious.

  • Stephany Hulstrom
    Stephany Hulstrom 4 months ago +15

    I think his and Gordan Ramsay's are my top two favorites. Really enjoyed this one.

  • Michael Ray Cossey
    Michael Ray Cossey Month ago +1

    Now that is exactly how I would react if I were to attempt this.

  • fhertlein
    fhertlein 3 months ago +3

    Always enjoy the eyes going wide after the first bite of the next wing. Takes a year or two to build up that tolerance. Love the hot sauces and food that take a moment to reveal their true demonic heat. Interesting that Tom is struggling with the heat but not suffering with tears or red faced through the first levels, then he is done. Capsaicin is great for your health and makes the brain do some funny stuff. Just purchased the hottest ones on the show.

  • Debbie Carter
    Debbie Carter 4 months ago +13

    I absolutely love Tom, look at the dedication he has, as well as he comes across to be the most sweetest sexiest man in my eyes