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Conan O'Brien Needs a Doctor While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on May 28, 2024
  • Conan O'Brien is an Emmy Award-winning talk-show host who had a nearly three-decade-long run on late night. You can keep with him these days on Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend wherever you get your podcasts. He also has a brand-new travel show where he's visiting Conan fans all over the world-it's called Conan O'Brien Must Go, and it's set to release on Max April 18th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the comedy titan discusses hijinks at 30 Rock, his legacy in late night, the funniest US presidents, Don Quixote, and much more in one of the most high-octane Hot Ones of all time. This is the season finale to top all season finales!
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Comments • 47K

  • @FirstWeFeast
    @FirstWeFeast  Month ago +46469

    You've been requesting Conan for years, we've been chasing Conan for years, and the Hot Ones interview has finally arrived! What was your favorite moment?

  • @TheEshy
    @TheEshy Month ago +60179

    I think this is the first time ive seen a guest completely control the show.

    • @bernardbrunbi1605
      @bernardbrunbi1605 Month ago +2066

      Sean was barely on camera. I’d guess 13%

    • @carolineyuen3247
      @carolineyuen3247 Month ago +1613

      He should be a host (😄)

    • @jakiam83
      @jakiam83 Month ago +1044

      And first time I could see the spicy ones making sean's eyes water up more then the guest!

    • @Jadorelainie
      @Jadorelainie Month ago +585

      I mean it's Conan hahaha

    • @cycler11
      @cycler11 Month ago +410

      Conan and Dave Grohl 🙌

  • @jesusdamian1874
    @jesusdamian1874 27 days ago +4936

    It was nice of Conan to have Sean on his show.

    • @lugnutt66
      @lugnutt66 22 days ago +6


    • @user-001
      @user-001 22 days ago +36

      fr bro I have never seen someone completely take over the show like this such a lovable guy

    • @DezyFlores
      @DezyFlores 20 days ago +4

      ​@@user-001where did you get that emoji sir

    • @Romy---
      @Romy--- 11 days ago +1

      @@DezyFlores by paying for a membership on this channel.

    • @growingmelancholy8374
      @growingmelancholy8374 9 days ago

      @@Romy--- hahahhahahahaha, that's dumb.

  • @vanrose2125
    @vanrose2125 24 days ago +2619

    This is the most impressive display of comedy, intelligence, masochism, self-restraint, and professionalism I've ever seen. Conan broke the engine of the show.

    • @MM-ud1xf
      @MM-ud1xf Day ago +4

      Can you give me the time stamp for the self-restraint part?

    • @KendrixD
      @KendrixD Day ago +5

      @@MM-ud1xfbasically the whole video. I’m pretty bewildered by the fact that he didn’t just lay down and scream in agony after rubbing all those hot sauce on his face.

  • @nanbrowning
    @nanbrowning 19 days ago +672

    Anybody else catch him referring to Leno as “the other guy” 😂

    • @TheNeonTheater
      @TheNeonTheater 18 days ago +11

      Yes! Lol

    • @feelincrispy7053
      @feelincrispy7053 8 days ago +4

      I had to rewind to make sure I heard what I heard lol

    • @cleverusername9369
      @cleverusername9369 5 days ago +31

      He always does that, Conan never says his name and always tries to divert the conversation away from talking about Leno. He has nothing nice to say, so he says nothing at all.

    • @adamh8517
      @adamh8517 5 days ago +1

      @@cleverusername9369what’s the reason? These people were all on tv before my time so I’ve got no idea

    • @jabrondestoroyah
      @jabrondestoroyah 5 days ago +23

      ​@@adamh8517oh buddy...

  • @bbyang22
    @bbyang22 Month ago +85397

    Dude is 61 next week, drank hot sauce, taught us about reading high and low, and plugged his new show without a single fumble of words. This is true old school professional

    • @daryllverstraeten9459
      @daryllverstraeten9459 Month ago +1200

      If he dyes his hair its one thing but dude looks great for 61

    • @---BAM---
      @---BAM--- Month ago

      ​@@daryllverstraeten9459He might but all the gingers in my family and I am friends with all have hair like this.

    • @RaniaBhatti
      @RaniaBhatti Month ago +453

      @@daryllverstraeten9459yea it’s crazy he doesn’t even look like it

    • @arthurmartin4616
      @arthurmartin4616 Month ago +524

      @@RaniaBhatti Agreed. He could pass for 45 if he wanted.

    • @kab9706
      @kab9706 Month ago +581

      Such an OG. He always delivers. Such commitment to comedy.

  • @DrMetPhD
    @DrMetPhD Month ago +52313

    "Where did you go to medical school?"
    Absolute peak comedy

    • @hiren8325
      @hiren8325 Month ago +1716

      "you should go.."🤣

    • @gkjester
      @gkjester Month ago +1762

      “It was in another state.”

    • @Bebop313
      @Bebop313 Month ago +1829

      Conan: "So was it a 4 year medical school?"
      Doc: "It was supposed to be"

    • @arcturionblade1077
      @arcturionblade1077 Month ago +339

      The 90's were totally a place people went to and could go.

    • @davieboy45123
      @davieboy45123 Month ago +13

      @JoulieRodgers Don't be so petty👍

  • @cavalryscout2205
    @cavalryscout2205 17 days ago +598

    "He's not a good doctor he's an affordable one" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @zayntahir8876
      @zayntahir8876 6 days ago +3

      was looking for this comment really this line just hit me so hard 😂🤣

    • @t3rror5am
      @t3rror5am 6 days ago +6

      The most American thing ever 😂

    • @Morjensful
      @Morjensful 5 days ago +2

      He was very inexpensive

  • @Artemisia23
    @Artemisia23 23 days ago +646

    "There's comedy in the Old Testament" 10/10

  • @zerogcool1704
    @zerogcool1704 Month ago +6273

    Literally, the final boss of talkshows

  • @SMB20244
    @SMB20244 Month ago +58062

    Conan not only understood the assignment, he rewrote the rules. He’s the king. One of the best episodes ever.

    • @michaeljmobley
      @michaeljmobley Month ago +529

      This has to go up there with Gordon Ramsay

    • @n3cr0ph4g1st
      @n3cr0ph4g1st Month ago +1180

      @@michaeljmobley up there? this is #1 by far. every second is pure hilarity and madness

    • @orourke1972
      @orourke1972 Month ago +339

      Right?? Like he rewrote the rules for sure….good luck to any guest in the future hahaha

    • @colesteele1
      @colesteele1 Month ago +170

      Conan is using Lucille Ball levels of red dye 60.

    • @michaeljmobley
      @michaeljmobley Month ago +76

      @@n3cr0ph4g1st I really love Gordon's show though. And it hits different because he's a chef and they are eating food together. And he goes pretty bezerk too. Conan is an absolute comedian though! He was amazing!

  • @colonelpeacock
    @colonelpeacock 17 days ago +345

    Conan is just so quick witted. When Sean said he had tears in his eyes from the hot wing and Conan instantly quipped back that it's actually because he's meeting his idol, it's like he didn't even have to think about a response. It was just so natural.

    • @budgoodrich6000
      @budgoodrich6000 17 hours ago

      I was lukewarm on Conan until I saw this. But moments like that make me think "This guy is an absolute master of his craft".

  • @MammaBeari
    @MammaBeari 11 days ago +171

    “My intestines have turned into acid, but I can still do a plug.” Complete with milk, chicken and mucous dribble. Legend 😂

  • @lachowna2912
    @lachowna2912 Month ago +16722

    he said it himself - "show business means you're getting the best show ever" - and he delivered 100%

    • @jasonkempton5222
      @jasonkempton5222 Month ago +307

      I got a kick out of "don't ever admit something is going terribly" while he constantly belittles his podcast and claims footage is unusable

    • @supersixmikeohimod
      @supersixmikeohimod Month ago +242

      what a showman. "burning my insides to ash so i can be relevant to people 50 years younger than me" hahaha

    • @claiminglight
      @claiminglight Month ago +140

      @@jasonkempton5222 You bring up an interesting point, but it highlights how very NOT that way he's acting. Belittling your efforts and throwing them away is fully in the heart of comedy. But that's when you're ironically undermining something that's good. When you're authentically admitting something ISN'T good, that might buy you a sympathy laugh from nice people-- but in truth, it's throwing in the towel. It's not just saying it's bad- it's also saying you can't make it better.

    • @Commander_Shepard.
      @Commander_Shepard. Month ago +109

      ​@@jasonkempton5222 *Context matters.* He's referring to guests who genuinely believes the show is stale and say it out loud, making the audience even more disappointed. When Conan says it, it's always when the show has gone completely bonkers and off the rails; which is exactly the kind of comedy gold footage people love to watch.

    • @patrickcollier7090
      @patrickcollier7090 Month ago +20

      Conan clearly understood the assignment.

  • @j.r.hawkins3098
    @j.r.hawkins3098 Month ago +27382

    "I'm used to no spice at all." *Proceeds to absolutely destroy every single sauce*

    • @UncopyrightableMuzik
      @UncopyrightableMuzik Month ago +102

      Lacks TRPV1 is all.

    • @gosugosu1280
      @gosugosu1280 Month ago +363

      Probably part of his extraterrestrial O- genes.

    • @ariheino327
      @ariheino327 Month ago +480

      ​@@UncopyrightableMuzikor he's actually as pro as he claims to be. You can see he's going nuts at the end.

    • @wanderingfool27
      @wanderingfool27 Month ago +200

      He drank it 💀

    • @nickv1c10us1
      @nickv1c10us1 Month ago +7

      @@gosugosu1280😂😂😂😂😂 that’s hilarious brooo

  • @sylvilaguscunicularius3155
    @sylvilaguscunicularius3155 15 days ago +236

    Wait! When a guest double dabs or eats extra, so does Sean! But Conan chugs a hot sauce bottle… then Sean goes silent, lol! Conan is the best.

    • @SirDrFish
      @SirDrFish 5 days ago +19

      It took Conan O'Brien to find Sean's limit

  • @chronicprocrastina
    @chronicprocrastina 24 days ago +301

    Conan is at his best when there’s no script and he’s just improving

  • @matthewbertram3304
    @matthewbertram3304 Month ago +15816

    "I've got a little eye-watering going on Conan"
    *"That's because you're meeting your idol."*

    • @itskevinzerbe
      @itskevinzerbe Month ago +500

      Unmistakable Irish wit right there

    • @Kyle-nm1kh
      @Kyle-nm1kh Month ago +481

      Happens to everybody of your demographic

    • @eskihmong
      @eskihmong Month ago +142

      I freaking cried laughing when he said this

    • @Triple-G-r8ness
      @Triple-G-r8ness Month ago +80

      Comedy line at its best right there. Conan and Bill Burr ... can't beat them.

    • @reversepointy8253
      @reversepointy8253 Month ago +19

      I literally LOL'd.

  • @tommylaadaljensen1775
    @tommylaadaljensen1775 29 days ago +3766

    I love how Conan was a true gentleman and a complete maniac at the same time.

    • @jennhoff03
      @jennhoff03 27 days ago +26

      ;'D That's such a good way to put it!

    • @mattmanpro
      @mattmanpro 27 days ago +38

      That, in a nutshell, is what makes Conan great!

    • @Seabeams
      @Seabeams 25 days ago +25

      24:28 My favorite part. He made sure to thank and compliment Sean and I just found that so classy from someone spewing spittle, hot sauce and masticated chicken wings, while clearly in the throes of spice-induced delirium.

    • @jestice75
      @jestice75 23 days ago +4

      He tries way too hard. He's no Norm Macdonald.

    • @jennhoff03
      @jennhoff03 23 days ago +11

      @@jestice75 There are tons of different ways to do comedy. Norm was great at what he did! But not everyone needs to do that exact style.

  • @MrCHlNGster
    @MrCHlNGster 17 days ago +142

    We NEED the unedited version of this . IMMEDIATELY

  • @SaladSentinel
    @SaladSentinel 8 days ago +104

    This is probably the best episode of this show I've ever watched. Conan is fearless and dedicates himself past 100%

    • @fembot521
      @fembot521 3 days ago

      Agreed!! Conan is the best!

  • @keithwright2060
    @keithwright2060 Month ago +62915

    Conan O' Brien telling Sean he thinks he's a great interviewer has to be the highest compliment he can get.

    • @sheenatalks8529
      @sheenatalks8529 Month ago +999

      I came here looking for this comment. That part was so heartwarming and I'm so glad they didn't cut it out like Conan predicted ❤

    • @clarkmichaels822
      @clarkmichaels822 Month ago +97

      Why? I wouldnt call Conan a great interviewer. Hes very funny but I wouldn't call him a staple of interviewing.

    • @LL27-11
      @LL27-11 Month ago +1069

      @@clarkmichaels822 Conan is great. He doesn’t get to where he’s got to for no reason

    • @l.c.5285
      @l.c.5285 Month ago +13


    • @andreastschig6905
      @andreastschig6905 Month ago +377

      @@clarkmichaels822 I think he is. But even if he wasn't - you don't have to be good at baseball to recognize a great pitcher!

  • @markkinz7913
    @markkinz7913 Month ago +27853

    Gordon Ramsay did everything in his power to dull the pain. Conan did everything in his power to embrace it. A true Spice Lord.

  • @matthenson3472
    @matthenson3472 24 days ago +142

    “IT’S NOT A BIT IT’S *YOUR* SHOW!” Truth broke out there for a second.

  • @Formulka
    @Formulka 2 days ago +19

    This must be the first time I've seen Sean completely stunned and flabbergasted.

  • @MrJordanSilver
    @MrJordanSilver Month ago +16213

    I got to meet Conan once at a charity auction for a theater company in New York. I had introduced myself as a fan and was chatting with him about his suit when the lights went down and everyone looked to the front of the room for the auction winner announcements. I turned around and had just assumed that Conan walked away but right as the room got quiet, he whispered in my ear from behind "this is when they decide who lives and who dies." and I erupted into laughter in the middle of an otherwise silent room.

    • @victorm3237
      @victorm3237 Month ago +850

      That’s amazing 😂

    • @peterkovach8655
      @peterkovach8655 Month ago +499

      I believe you.

    • @bobp8269
      @bobp8269 Month ago +139

      The best!

    • @willvr4
      @willvr4 Month ago +845

      That's entirely too specific to be a lie HAHA It's also his brand of humor when you hear his podcast.

    • @brandonmcgee1678
      @brandonmcgee1678 Month ago +306

      exactly something i would imagine conan to do, man is the pinnacle of off the cuff comedy

  • @Psykel
    @Psykel Month ago +30489

    For those who are unaware: Dr Arroyo was played by José Arroyo, who’s been a writer for Conan since 2002. It’s amazing how Conan can keep his people around for ages. Some have been with him since the start.

    • @jozz2248
      @jozz2248 Month ago +868

      Happy to see him again; was wondering what he might be up to since the switch to the podcast life. I think he was the funniest of his bit players over the years. Stack was good too, but this guy could really get me gut busting.

    • @DanielThureskog
      @DanielThureskog Month ago +282

      Creepy Gustavo himself. 😂

    • @buck_swope
      @buck_swope Month ago +173

      It's a shame he's a coward politically and literally works with Henry Kissinger's son (who by all accounts is nothing but proud of the war crimes his father committed) and performs at Bohemian Grove, but the way he takes care of the people around him in ways basically nobody in showbusiness does makes it impossible to dislike the man.

    • @vt4979
      @vt4979 Month ago +708

      @@buck_swope he's a former NBC exec and president of Conan's production company. It's sort of impossible for Conan to avoid working with him. Also Conan doesn't talk politics much but when an issue is brought up he's clearly left-leaning (for Americans at least)

    • @robsvideos227
      @robsvideos227 Month ago +15

      Knew he looked familiar

  • @brandongulyacomedy
    @brandongulyacomedy 13 days ago +35

    "I don't think there's a wing here that I couldn't eat like it's whip cream on a warm summer afternoon"

  • @jacobthompson974
    @jacobthompson974 21 day ago +105

    “Call the wife!” 😂

  • @austintyler7901
    @austintyler7901 Month ago +14804

    From the small touch of pocketing the wings, to the steadfast tolerance of the sauces: this wasn't an interview, it was a masterclass on entertainment.

    • @forallthestupidshit3550
      @forallthestupidshit3550 Month ago

      Conan is an amazing comedian and person. You should watch the commencement address he gave a few years back. A true masterclass in being an amazing, humble, terrific person!

    • @davidfewtrell3479
      @davidfewtrell3479 Month ago +544

      The fake doctor gag never got tired either

    • @James.Gatsby
      @James.Gatsby Month ago +63

      truly a masterclass

    • @barbarian-furu
      @barbarian-furu Month ago +47

      that was absolutely brilliant, you’re right!

    • @doniyor7370
      @doniyor7370 Month ago

      @@davidfewtrell3479 He's not fake, he's just affordable.

  • @jstuckless
    @jstuckless Month ago +12384

    "This is not a bit" says the guy who brought a fake doctor with him. XD Classic Conan.

    • @crazypotato666
      @crazypotato666 Month ago +288

      Who put a stethoscope on Sean's tongue 😂

    • @GameTesterBootCamp
      @GameTesterBootCamp Month ago +138

      @@crazypotato666 And then put the same stethoscope on Conan's! 😀

    • @Tetratronic
      @Tetratronic Month ago +298

      Please, have some respect for Dr. Arroyo.

    • @EricNeuls
      @EricNeuls Month ago +138

      @@Tetratronic yea he almost did 4 yrs in med school i think, or at least he shouldve almost done 4 years!

    • @pontificusvascillious5287
      @pontificusvascillious5287 Month ago +9

      that guy's mother THINKS he's a REAL doctor ...
      and they PRACTICE (medicine) from the time they get their license ...
      to the day (just) before they RETIRE ...
      so ...

  • @traceythompson1092
    @traceythompson1092 4 days ago +17

    I love how Sean just let Conan do his thing

  • @ClifDickens
    @ClifDickens 9 days ago +44

    Conan is very intelligent. What I love about him is how unpretentious he is and nothing ever feels like it’s played up or played down to anyone. He hams it up but doesn’t ham it up at the same time. That’s hard to do, and he makes it look easy. A genuine class act that is unmatched by anyone else.

  • @TomWDW1
    @TomWDW1 Month ago +4776

    "Was it a four year medical institute?"
    "It was supposed to be." walks away.
    Comedy gold

    • @Crossroads3channel
      @Crossroads3channel Month ago +106

      Are you a real doctor?
      I should be. Walks away 😂😂😂

    • @Ryctre
      @Ryctre Month ago +20

      You see Conan wait until he starts to walk away and then asks "Did you graduate?" because the joke was funnier that way. Hilarious and they know each other really well.

    • @Filumgaming
      @Filumgaming Month ago +4

      arroyo killed me every single time. The dead pan 😂😂

  • @tonepursuit7110
    @tonepursuit7110 Month ago +9641

    "Check my pulse. It's starting to race a little bit."
    "It's there."
    "He's very good."

    • @taylorewalters
      @taylorewalters Month ago +110

      I haven’t even gotten to this part yet but I’m already laughing

    • @Harrikiri
      @Harrikiri Month ago +118

      He's good, because he's affordable.

    • @arcturionblade1077
      @arcturionblade1077 Month ago +90

      These jokes were gold and definitely had vibes of early seasons of The Simpsons when they were actually good and funny.

    • @DirtyDawg
      @DirtyDawg Month ago +3


    • @MrShoub123
      @MrShoub123 Month ago +41

      @@arcturionblade1077 Prolly because Conan was a writer for The Simpsons in the early days

  • @Fornisify
    @Fornisify 2 days ago +14

    And this is why Conan is and will always be an all-time great.

  • @camronboston3364
    @camronboston3364 6 days ago +18

    I love how there's genuine Terror in Sean's eyes when he looks at Conan

  • @benjaminvanburen9847
    @benjaminvanburen9847 Month ago +22217

    Conan pulled off 3 running jokes (wings in pocket, wings aren't hot, dr arroyo) in a 25 min show where he isn't even the host. His wit and understanding of comedic pacing is absolutely incredible.

    • @Yungbeck
      @Yungbeck Month ago +121

      hahaha true

    • @kariboo514
      @kariboo514 Month ago +209

      He is the man

    • @naufalkusumah2192
      @naufalkusumah2192 Month ago +28

      could someone explain those jokes please?

    • @Yungbeck
      @Yungbeck Month ago +497

      @@naufalkusumah2192 No need if you watched the video. They're all in there an they're crystal clear.

    • @TheT040484
      @TheT040484 Month ago +80

      Dr Arroyo better stay

  • @mwilafelix9448
    @mwilafelix9448 Month ago +17339

    The first Man to disrespect Da Bomb and lived to tell the tale. LEGEND!!!😂

    • @SimuLord
      @SimuLord Month ago +235

      Alton Brown got a few pretty good licks in at Da Bomb and its creators.

    • @edub9930
      @edub9930 Month ago +397

      I was literally yelling at my screen "No No Dont do it!" Flippin' epic 😂😅😂

    • @rosieromers
      @rosieromers Month ago +219

      Conan 'Madman' O'Brien. He's earned the title 🤣

    • @MartijnPennings
      @MartijnPennings Month ago +218


    • @francisitam9855
      @francisitam9855 Month ago +278

      Complete and utter disrespect. If i were da bomb, i'd be questioning if i am even really as hot as people say i am lol hahahahaha

  • @beehive5197
    @beehive5197 Day ago +12

    This makes me imagine what kind of guest Robin Williams would have been were he still around 💔 this had a taste of his manic humour☺️

  • @westonmeans7871
    @westonmeans7871 23 days ago +77

    Nobody will ever top this

  • @ElDragow
    @ElDragow Month ago +24898

    "I'm an irish man who's never seen spice"
    proceeds to give the most impressive peformance ever, bathing his wing in more "da bomb" while giving the most chill reaction ever. madness

    • @screaminjesus
      @screaminjesus Month ago +597

      Conan O'brien needs a wing

    • @brunofraysse421
      @brunofraysse421 Month ago +123

      April's fool, ....maybe ... he's not even sweating.

    • @realeques
      @realeques Month ago +137

      the only one who can keep up with david blaine

    • @iggy1296
      @iggy1296 Month ago +409

      ​@@brunofraysse421his face becomes increasingly red though

    • @johnracine4589
      @johnracine4589 Month ago +354

      It’s like someone else is in control of his body and doesn’t have to feel any consequences.

  • @c00lmike
    @c00lmike Month ago +6215

    "They used to call it HBO but people found that too POPULAR!!" 😂

    • @boribori609
      @boribori609 Month ago +60

      ​@StevieNockmansucks for you bruh

    • @plasmichoneytrip
      @plasmichoneytrip Month ago +6


    • @KayKay-fx7cs
      @KayKay-fx7cs Month ago +170

      I couldn’t stop laughing at that 😂 “because MAX just rolls off the tongue” 😅

    • @mateusashton4470
      @mateusashton4470 Month ago +6

      @StevieNockman You've already got 13k on that video so enjoy your new camera!

    • @tonyawallace5297
      @tonyawallace5297 Month ago +53

      I hear Max and my mind goes to the old Cinemax cable channel. I was so confused when they changed it.

  • @johnsmith7298
    @johnsmith7298 8 days ago +32

    This is one of the greatest performances of all time. Bravo Conan.

  • @tylerk3616
    @tylerk3616 24 days ago +91

    Conan is my favourite TV host of all time. He’s relatable, he has humility, he’s got a great sense of humour and he’s absolutely insane, in the best way possible.

  • @dizzlebizzle8424
    @dizzlebizzle8424 Month ago +20979

    i love that he treats Leno like Voldemort and refuses to say his name, only referring to him as "the other guy."

    • @suzawilo
      @suzawilo Month ago +277


    • @GwaiZai
      @GwaiZai Month ago +769

      if Voldemort was a dwarf that makes love to cars

    • @doogsiekomstop
      @doogsiekomstop Month ago +291

      What is that other guy doing now? Anything relevant?

    • @SongJLikes
      @SongJLikes Month ago +61

      Yeah, that was perfect

    • @OpheliaDarkling
      @OpheliaDarkling Month ago +248

      @@doogsiekomstop tending burns, real and metaphorical. and sadly his wife's not well.

  • @audsrob
    @audsrob Month ago +1861

    This is the first time I've seen Sean speechless and lose control of the show.

    • @seraphale
      @seraphale 27 days ago +17

      So cute to hear him dying laughing!

    • @negydimenziosember
      @negydimenziosember 27 days ago +55

      He did not lose control, he was a good host letting Conan be Conan.

    • @lehast
      @lehast 26 days ago +2

      Agree, Sean could have done a little more to contrubute to the tone

    • @KahlevN
      @KahlevN 24 days ago +40

      @@negydimenziosember People saying Conan took over the show and trying to pretend Sean was somehow overwhelmed and didn't contribute have no clue what they are talking about. A bad host would try to fight with the guest and one-up them, trying to keep control over the tone and pace of the show and prioritizing that over putting on a funny show.
      Knowing when the guest is on a roll and stepping back to let them keep momentum is a sign of an experience confident host, and Sean did a fantastic job of it here.

  • @Bullmoose816
    @Bullmoose816 14 days ago +34

    Conan is the classiest maniac I’ve ever seen

    • @johnnyla
      @johnnyla 20 hours ago

      I’m glad he found comedy and didn’t become some sort dictator. There’s no stopping him.

  • @scottpetersen9660
    @scottpetersen9660 25 days ago +42

    That’s how it’s done. Standing ovation bravo.

  • @thespaniard514
    @thespaniard514 Month ago +9005

    You can officially end the show here. No need for more seasons. This episode will not be topped. Legend.

    • @jaefrmbk2k
      @jaefrmbk2k Month ago +83


    • @lildigipoke
      @lildigipoke Month ago +303

      End the show on a Nardwuar interview. That will be the ultimate ending.

    • @clamskaboo5120
      @clamskaboo5120 Month ago +45

      @@lildigipokei think the worlds would collide if that happen

    • @Blazedloco
      @Blazedloco Month ago +3

      One more ice spice then shut it down

    • @henrytawnn8694
      @henrytawnn8694 Month ago +9

      Yes, but there are still many, many famous people I need to see in pain from the Wings Of Death.

  • @badbrain7163
    @badbrain7163 Month ago +4826

    “He’s not a good doctor. He’s an affordable doctor.”
    This whole episode was just about perfect.

    • @jetvulcan2020
      @jetvulcan2020 Month ago +62

      the end where the doctor breaks character "his temp went up 2 degrees no lie."

    • @yasisoufi
      @yasisoufi Month ago +8

      I died 🤣😂👍🏼 perfect line in whole seasons of Hot Ones!

    • @Wizard_Of_Self
      @Wizard_Of_Self Month ago +1

      The last time he says that I died laughing. Conan is the king 😂

    • @albertososa3177
      @albertososa3177 Month ago +2

      That joke reminded me of Norm

    • @AndyHoward
      @AndyHoward Month ago +2

      He's a Dr. Nick Prodigy

  • @tiki4474
    @tiki4474 23 days ago +28

    This has to be one the greatest moments in the history of the internet.

  • @heatman1177
    @heatman1177 23 days ago +25

    It was really cool when Conan gave Sean his flowers and you could tell it meant a lot to him.

  • @Stumme-40203
    @Stumme-40203 Month ago +4385

    “Where did you go to medical school?”
    “Uhh, in 1998.”

    • @bengreen9967
      @bengreen9967 Month ago +83

      Also been his Dr for 25 years..😂😂

    • @Nandan_Singh.
      @Nandan_Singh. Month ago +92

      He is not the best Dr. but he is affordable.

    • @rallerufs
      @rallerufs Month ago +122

      "You're just choking me!" -
      - "So sorry!"
      "No, just feel for the pulse!"
      - "Alright... It's there."

    • @PaulMiles1
      @PaulMiles1 Month ago +81

      "Was it a four year school?"
      "It was supposed to be."
      Dr. Arroyo to open next season or we riot.

    • @Ston6rGhostE
      @Ston6rGhostE Month ago +9

      Best lie on resumé joke for this era

  • @monah9995
    @monah9995 Month ago +12423

    Conan brought his doctor 😂
    “He’s not the best, but he’s affordable”

    • @bujuir0quai
      @bujuir0quai Month ago +169

      Later on: "He's very expensive" 😅

    • @kelzuya
      @kelzuya Month ago +29

      Dr Vinny Boom Batz

    • @Muta123
      @Muta123 Month ago +120

      ​@bujuir0quai He said very inexpensive lol

    • @Isaacandjed
      @Isaacandjed Month ago +63

      He went to medical school out of state

    • @yeonlyn
      @yeonlyn Month ago +22

      He made some unwise investments over the years

  • @AdamGingrich
    @AdamGingrich 16 days ago +21

    You can’t choose the best clip or clips of this show, every second of this entire interview is f*cking genius

  • @marioramos4150
    @marioramos4150 15 days ago +21

    No stock in humor is as valuable as any one of Conan O'Briens brain cells...comedic liquidity at its highest and purest level

  • @chris_1988
    @chris_1988 Month ago +3668

    Man, he radiated more energy in 25 minutes than I've done in 25 years.

  • @Imac7065
    @Imac7065 Month ago +4009

    Conan screaming "IM FINE!!! IM FINE!!!" while drooling like a baby, covered in about a billion scovilles all over his face has to go down in hot ones history lol

    • @eyramdrah
      @eyramdrah Month ago +98

      With tears in his eyes 😂

    • @johnfritz15
      @johnfritz15 Month ago +55

      His eyes…I can’t handle this.

    • @MrGreen876
      @MrGreen876 Month ago +2

      Don't think that's how the scoville scale works. A hundred onions are not as spicy as a habanero pepper

    • @Ywipm
      @Ywipm Month ago

      @@MrGreen876I think the Scoville scale might be exponential but I could be wrong

    • @ffibonacci
      @ffibonacci Month ago +40

      ​@@MrGreen876look up hyperbole, mate

  • @joyontodasgupto6691
    @joyontodasgupto6691 14 days ago +21

    This is how a season finale should be done. Love Conan ♥️

  • @alexb.1320
    @alexb.1320 15 days ago +18

    I have got a whole new respect for Conan. For somebody who claims they had nothing but bland food, he sure powered through those impressively! A true performer and professional.

  • @megamcee
    @megamcee Month ago +9047

    This finale will go down in history as the best one. This is peak of peaks. I cannot see anyone else going even further.

    • @jhousekey100
      @jhousekey100 Month ago +309

      I don't know how many times I have thought that over the years and then Sean tops it.
      Edit: Ok, now that I'm almost all the way through it I have no idea how this could be topped.

    • @rachkate76
      @rachkate76 Month ago +23

      His hair is.

    • @megamcee
      @megamcee Month ago +8

      @@jhousekey100 true. We do keep winning with this show.

    • @edub9930
      @edub9930 Month ago +40

      Absolutely!! Conan is fu__kin king 😂😅😂

    • @pdfbanana
      @pdfbanana Month ago +25

      you commented this only 12 minutes after the episode was released. even if you have no job and started watching immediately at 2x speed you still wouldn't have quite finished

  • @joebush9460
    @joebush9460 Month ago +2424

    "You're not a real doctor, are you?"
    "I should be" 😂😂😂

    • @johnagvill1088
      @johnagvill1088 Month ago +7


    • @dinosaurandnapkin
      @dinosaurandnapkin Month ago +32

      "You did four years of medical school?"
      "It was supposed to be."

    • @OnaAV
      @OnaAV Month ago

      I laughed so much with this, i cried 😂😂

    • @OnaAV
      @OnaAV Month ago

      ​@@dinosaurandnapkinHAHAHAHA so funny!

    • @ThuvaT
      @ThuvaT Month ago +13

      "he's not going to tell you what it's at"
      "No, he doesn't even understand the numbers" 😂

  • @Miked1332
    @Miked1332 4 days ago +6

    That final monologue from Conan had me absolutely keeled over laughing! 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • @cb9825
    @cb9825 24 days ago +54

    Loved the animated reenactment of the water buffalo story 😂

  • @jesuscrisp8112
    @jesuscrisp8112 Month ago +2849

    Conan's unhinged speech about how there's comedy everywhere and how we should look high and look low is honestly one of the most motivational and beautiful things I've heard in a while.

    • @Grand1Simon
      @Grand1Simon Month ago +64

      I though I was the only one touched by his speach. To live life to the fullest.

    • @StrawmnMcPerson
      @StrawmnMcPerson Month ago

      That's sad af. Look how pathetically small you've made your world, that you miss it all to the point that, amidst the free access to the global cultural renaissance in your pocket, your peak inspiration is a conan obrien monologue. You clearly have access to the internet. Feel free to use it.

    • @StrawmnMcPerson
      @StrawmnMcPerson Month ago +9

      If that's the most motivational thing you've heard as of 2024, I'm glad and you probably deserve it.

    • @goatmilk3593
      @goatmilk3593 Month ago +111

      “What are you guna read? Read widely and read well. There’s comedy in the Old Testament. There’s comedy in the New Testament. You can read all kids of stuff. Just don’t lock yourself into, ‘It’s gotta be some kind of comedy from the last ten years.’ No! There’s great comedy out there. It was written a long time ago. What’s funnier than Don Quixote, Sancho Panza? You know, this is good stuff. The classics are funny, you know? Read Chaucer’s tales, they’re funny. There’s funny everywhere, don’t be a snob-look high and look low. Mad magazine is funny. There’s funny stuff online all the time. There’s no reason for us to exclude one category over another.”

    • @Korrine007
      @Korrine007 Month ago +12

      I watched that part like four times lol

  • @missxelocin
    @missxelocin Month ago +1460

    This isn't a Hot Ones video, this is a Conan Remote.

  • @Cthulhu83
    @Cthulhu83 19 days ago +20

    Conan absolutely CRUSHED it.

  • @jeremyb1126
    @jeremyb1126 2 days ago +5

    Best of luck to whoever the next guest is going to be. There is no topping this. What a legend.

  • @Lve2face
    @Lve2face Month ago +1320

    "What's wrong with me?! Why can't I feel?"That line killed me.

    • @johans3164
      @johans3164 Month ago +12

      Suprisingly deep tbh

    • @vinireclama8170
      @vinireclama8170 Month ago

      It cause gingers have no soul

    • @Stopsign32v
      @Stopsign32v Month ago +20

      Comedians are often hiding sadness behind humor. I truly hope he is a happy person because I feel like he's a genuine good guy. Love to Conan

    • @jespertin691
      @jespertin691 Month ago +4

      @@miodragpetrovic1447 amen to that

    • @nKKz
      @nKKz Month ago +1

      Hes gonna feel it all right ..

  • @NathanWind99
    @NathanWind99 Month ago +3878

    Conan decided his bit was going to be acting like he wasn't bothered, and he committed to it 1000%. Amazing

    • @CaptainPanick
      @CaptainPanick Month ago +202

      You don't call it a "bit" you hear!

    • @meggie11102
      @meggie11102 Month ago +156

      Those Irish lips were chapped by wing 3 lol

    • @infinitestare
      @infinitestare Month ago +7

      the thumbnail shows it too

    • @tiffanymo3683
      @tiffanymo3683 Month ago +56

      This is not a bit! This is life!!!!! 😂😂😂

    • @christofferjenzen78
      @christofferjenzen78 Month ago +15

      Oh, it's a bit. Conan is answering all the questions in a serious while dedicating himself to seeming unbothered by the wings while dying physically. It's food absurdism. ​@@CaptainPanick

  • @ninfreak727
    @ninfreak727 9 days ago +13

    Sean, you just had your greatest guest, and nothing's topping this. Fantastic episode.

  • @cerezablack13
    @cerezablack13 9 days ago +9

    it was an emotional rollercoaster, i cried, laughed, screamed, feared for conan's life, reflected on life... uffff, just, a lot!
    I have transcended

  • @krislyons2793
    @krislyons2793 Month ago +2018

    I love the fact that even though he goes crazy with the bit, he still takes the time to answer all of the questions respectfully and takes them seriously.

    • @koijoijoe
      @koijoijoe Month ago +81

      Yea this is absolutely key! It still makes the show instead of just being chaos and nonsense.

    • @NitroGummyBear
      @NitroGummyBear Month ago +61

      It’s not a bit! ITS LIFE!

  • @ajefri
    @ajefri Month ago +3100

    For a guest to completely turn an episode upside down, in a good way, for a show that has been running for so many years, he must be a legend. And Conan is indeed the legend.

    • @daluncio1124
      @daluncio1124 Month ago +3

      True 👏👏

    • @johndawson6057
      @johndawson6057 Month ago +9

      You should watch any Conan interview, he always dominates wherever he goes.

    • @vksasdgaming9472
      @vksasdgaming9472 Month ago +1

      @@johndawson6057 It would be awe-inspiring to see Conan O'Brien doing serious interview to some really controversial person like tRump. Similar case was Sir David Frost interviewing former US-president Richard Nixon. Conan could repeat that kind of grilling.

    • @danieltravelpiece7088
      @danieltravelpiece7088 Month ago +6

      Robin Williams is the only other comedian I can think of, that could take a show and turn it completely upside down. Conan is a genius.

  • @sinzenagain
    @sinzenagain 6 days ago +10

    Conan is top tier showmanship. As a kid I would sneak to the tv at night for the late late show, the driving desk bit was my favorite. I'm happy he has continued success. All my homies love Conan.

  • @amanderrr9813
    @amanderrr9813 23 days ago +42

    “It’s not a BIT! This is a SHOW, not a BIT!!” -Conan setting the record straight

  • @tessonaut
    @tessonaut Month ago +1618

    Conan has the superhuman ability of "Committing to the Bit" which allows him to do anything as long as it's for the entertainment of an audience.

    • @pleka
      @pleka Month ago +91

      "You think this is a bit!? This is life!"

    • @ThePrimordialAbyss
      @ThePrimordialAbyss Month ago +45

      "This is your SHOW. Don't say 'Commit to the BIT' , you've got to GRAB IT BY THE BALLZ"

    • @rolandfischer931
      @rolandfischer931 Month ago +15

      He couldn't feel the bomb through his need to entertain 😂 it was only coming through tangentially

    • @thomasmcelroy5785
      @thomasmcelroy5785 Month ago +2

      The show must go on

    • @Hacktheplanet_
      @Hacktheplanet_ Month ago


  • @i3looi2
    @i3looi2 Month ago +987

    > dips the wing in the sauce bottle
    > throws the wing
    > drinks right out the bottle
    > refuses to elaborate further

    • @camillebrenes
      @camillebrenes Month ago +46

      Puts the used wings in his pocket. BRILLIANT.

  • @jinjagaming1719
    @jinjagaming1719 6 days ago +7

    This might be the GOAT performance on the show

  • @hankwilliams-hx9ww
    @hankwilliams-hx9ww 16 days ago +20

    Getting older Conan is the best Conan.

  • @HeatherForestH
    @HeatherForestH Month ago +2195

    "What's wrong with me? Why can't I feel?" - best line. Classic Conan.

    • @ermeeleer
      @ermeeleer Month ago +30

      I felt like his entire bit was all just build up just to deliver this line 😂

    • @Paul20661
      @Paul20661 Month ago +3


    • @jkap34
      @jkap34 Month ago +6

      I think it's due to his red hair. He needs more anesthesia because of the red hair gene, so maybe he needs more spice to actually taste/feel it.

    • @GeneralSamov
      @GeneralSamov Month ago +5

      There's no cure and no antidote to not having a soul.
      /s Just in case

    • @murry001
      @murry001 Month ago +2

      they need to put that on a hot ones t-shirt, hahaha

  • @libbeytds
    @libbeytds Month ago +3550

    "Can you get my pulse?"
    "...yeah. It's there."

    • @JonHeupel
      @JonHeupel Month ago +63

      That was my favorite. Straight 3 Stooges

    • @melissahernandez4329
      @melissahernandez4329 Month ago +82

      When the doctor choked him 😭😭💀

    • @KptnHaddock_
      @KptnHaddock_ Month ago +17

      That made me howl 😂

    • @rosecomer9468
      @rosecomer9468 Month ago +9

      I can't eat spice to level 5 here without spewing sweat and liquids from every opening and pore. conan was talking clearly and not crying. How?

    • @Doomscrolled
      @Doomscrolled Month ago +38

      “Are you really a doctor?”
      “I should be “

  • @MulletMando
    @MulletMando 11 days ago +10

    He’s in tears and saying I’M FINE 😂

  • @brimfire
    @brimfire 6 days ago +9

    I was told by a good friend to watch this episode as a master class in comedy and I was not even a LITTLE bit prepared for what Conan brought to this episode. My GOD that man is a one-in-a-million personality and this was as good a showcase as any for what a madman GENIUS Conan O'Brien truly is.

  • @clintonwilcox4690
    @clintonwilcox4690 Month ago +1930

    "You're a great interviewer."
    Coming from Conan O'Brien, that's incredibly high praise.

    • @pratikharwal
      @pratikharwal Month ago +29

      It's a legit compliment though , the host is questions where very interesting for the audience and the guest

    • @TuxedoMaskMusic
      @TuxedoMaskMusic Month ago +5


  • @xxSgt_Aryes
    @xxSgt_Aryes Month ago +886

    “Dr. Arroyo can we get a baseline pulse”
    “It’s there…”💀

  • @matildastanford7019
    @matildastanford7019 24 days ago +13

    Have to admit lve never really liked or watched much Conan but credit where credit is due, the dude was an insane powerhouse properly dowsing and devouring those hot wings.
    He may have won me over.
    What a fckng legend!!

  • @detrun77
    @detrun77 23 days ago +15

    Conan hijacked the episode in the best way possible, I love it!!!

  • @rhtahin
    @rhtahin Month ago +1894

    I think this is it. This is the best we're gonna get from this show. Conan took it to the highest possible peak. He broke the game.

    • @katlis
      @katlis Month ago +22

      Conan was amazing, but you gotta give credit to Steve-O for chugging a bottle of hot sauce and then pouring some in his eyes. Sean looked genuinely scared haha

    • @critdaddysama4656
      @critdaddysama4656 Month ago +3

      Best episode ever

    • @Call-me-Avi
      @Call-me-Avi Month ago +11

      The dude ate hot sauce and ridiculed sean for doing this coz it was too easy. Nobody will ever top this.

    • @ianskyvox
      @ianskyvox Month ago +25

      How does anyone or anything ever live up to this? I say this sincerely with no exaggeration, this is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen on RUclips. Conan still finding ways to make me cry laughing all these years later.

    • @markkindermannart4028
      @markkindermannart4028 Month ago +5

      I agree. The last few episodes I watched convinced me it was time to move on with this concept and I still do. Just glad to have this episode which could likely be the last. Sean seemed bored this season.

  • @imnotdavidxnsx
    @imnotdavidxnsx Month ago +2623

    A lot of guests compliment Sean on his interviewing, but I feel like Conan's compliment was the most sincere/genuine I've seen. He really wanted Sean to feel good with that one.

    • @lgolem09l
      @lgolem09l Month ago +103

      He even told him to not take it comedically

    • @tjjavier
      @tjjavier Month ago +82

      Most sincere and most relevant. That coming from a seasoned talk show veteran.

    • @jubei0719
      @jubei0719 Month ago +49

      he did for Sean what Dave did for him

    • @juliocesarmombiela111
      @juliocesarmombiela111 Month ago +9

      I was cringing watching him drink it. Love that crazy Conan😂

    • @ZeroG_Bandit
      @ZeroG_Bandit Month ago +35

      Conan is the most qualified person to give compliments on being a good interviewer.

  • @wordsinahandle
    @wordsinahandle 24 days ago +10

    Best episode ever. The entire "not a bit" to the last answer about reading widely. I'll watch this periodically

  • @user-jg3bo7gv6k
    @user-jg3bo7gv6k 25 days ago +11

    I grew up watching Conan and never got tired of his comedic genius and wisdom. Thank you for making my day brighter.

  • @forestcitytrivia9167
    @forestcitytrivia9167 Month ago +1490

    Conan said sweet things, but...
    Him FULLY committing to this show with all the energy and passion he could muster is the highest praise he could have given Sean.
    It's the ultimate sign of respect in improv comedy.

    • @abcsd1254
      @abcsd1254 Month ago +31

      Dave Letterman used to do this for Conan in the 90s with appearances and bits to help him take off. He’s just been returning the favor for 30 years.

    • @coolatta75
      @coolatta75 Month ago +15

      You nailed it! Fully committed to entertaining! Conan is an elite entertainer

    • @borntodieworldisafuck
      @borntodieworldisafuck Month ago +15

      He not only committed to delivering a good episode, he committed to 48 hours of recovery from that spice-drinking bit

  • @raze1286
    @raze1286 Month ago +2730

    Conan just made a very solid argument for the GOAT guest for the show.

    • @MISNM0
      @MISNM0 Month ago +9


    • @yagesh287
      @yagesh287 Month ago +50

      He was already the goat host. Dude shines wherever he goes.

    • @bevrosity
      @bevrosity Month ago +19

      he's definitely the goat host. sorry, sean.

    • @MrBuketman
      @MrBuketman Month ago +7

      @@yagesh287Absolutely. This was gold. Hopefully that guy named Steve-O took some notes.

    • @forrest8507
      @forrest8507 Month ago +1


  • @kylerobbins1648
    @kylerobbins1648 Day ago +3

    “Where’d you goto medical school?”

  • @GaryOranges
    @GaryOranges 15 days ago +9

    I’m watching this a month later and I still can’t believe it. CONAN IS A LEGEND

  • @Doinstuffman
    @Doinstuffman Month ago +11371

    Conan: "I'm not scared of your wings."
    Also Conan: "I brought my doctor."

    • @omfgpie
      @omfgpie Month ago +141

      the doctor thing was clearly a bit 😆

    • @Roflcakes88
      @Roflcakes88 Month ago +135

      Oh, you don't say?!

    • @Hellkite-er5pg
      @Hellkite-er5pg Month ago +23

      That's just smart planning.

    • @legarate
      @legarate Month ago +60

      That guy is one of his writers. Though you do wonder why he brought a writer to an interview.

    • @AWhiteMandingo
      @AWhiteMandingo Month ago +3

      @@Roflcakes88 lol

  • @tdl_7722
    @tdl_7722 Month ago +1844

    "I like to announce my mistakes up front." - Conan. Absolutely hilarious.

  • @rjzzlefoshizzle69
    @rjzzlefoshizzle69 23 days ago +7

    The doctor had me dying the entire episode but when Conan went… “You’re not a doctor, aren’t you?” and he went “I should be” I just lost it😂😂😂