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Bill Burr Gets Red in the Face While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Nov 28, 2018
  • Bill Burr is one of the most requested Hot Ones guests of all time-not to mention a standup legend, host of the Monday Morning Podcast, and co-creator and star of Netflix's 'F Is For Family.' But how is he with spicy food? Find out in this highly anticipated Hot Ones event. As host Sean Evans peppers Bill with questions, the comedian's notoriously hot takes get even hotter-even for him. Watch as Bill gets red in the face with spice and rants about everything from cyclists to cooking shows. You don't want to miss this!
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Comments • 31 830

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  3 years ago +60392

    "I'd like to say f**k you to all you people for putting me on this s**t!" -- Bill Burr, to everyone who requested him

  • EkajEostrix
    EkajEostrix 3 years ago +61491

    Its nice of Sean to take his father out to lunch.

    • Dillon Manning
      Dillon Manning Month ago

      Yo These comments are gold status 不不不

    • Xen Xander
      Xen Xander Month ago +1

      hahahaahah that's bald joke..

    • pluto
      pluto Month ago

      you really notice it when he took the hat off

    • Shawn Bruce
      Shawn Bruce 2 months ago


    • Mikaela
      Mikaela 3 months ago

      potacca hahahahahaa

  • edm gat
    edm gat 8 months ago +4513

    "Oh that's so gross, it's room temperature! Who does that to somebody?"
    That made me burst out laughing

  • Jon Stark
    Jon Stark 7 months ago +2437

    *Sean:So the foodie revolution thats really infiltrated色*
    *Bill: Fuck Your Question匈 dont give a fuck what people eat!不*

    • Keith Sawyer
      Keith Sawyer Month ago


    • Keith Sawyer
      Keith Sawyer Month ago +1


    • Keith Sawyer
      Keith Sawyer Month ago

      @Nunya Bizness iigi

    • Keith Sawyer
      Keith Sawyer Month ago

      @Nunya Bizness kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkukcckfffkkkfkffkfkffkfkkukffffkffkfffukfukfukfukfkfkfkffukfkfkfukfukfukfukfukfuk

    • ayay
      ayay Month ago +4

      bill burr needs a megaphone with a volume so loud that anyone on planet earth hears him HAHA 不不不不不

  • RJ Reddenbaker
    RJ Reddenbaker 5 months ago +1007

    Bill is one of the funniest around right now. Saying "I'm a minimalist," while looking at a picture of himself standing in front of his helicopter was hilarious.

    • This is the End. Goodbye
      This is the End. Goodbye 8 days ago +1

      I'm not sure that's his helicopter or not but he did state on Kevin Hart's podcast that he did buy his own helicopter. He talked about it on Stevo's Wild Ride too, he said he bought one because he looked at the American Banking system and wants to be able to make a quick escape when the the thing crashes. IMO since Norm Macdonald's shocking death Bill Burr is the funniest comedian around right now, but Norm's the GOAT. RIP Norm

    • Michael Hawks
      Michael Hawks 2 months ago +2

      I don't think that's his helicopter.

    • Kino D
      Kino D 2 months ago +1

      This sentence is hilarious

    • rkidlat
      rkidlat 3 months ago +4

      Yeah, it was just one helicopter

    • youtube abcds
      youtube abcds 3 months ago +1

      @Vanced Adder 不不

  • It's okay
    It's okay 9 months ago +1338

    Watching this for the third time and I just realized: Bill is smiling. He's enjoying himself. He hardly EVER does that, even when he's with people he likes. Props to Sean for asking the right questions and getting his vibe.

    • MrCrazyeyes07
      MrCrazyeyes07 8 days ago

      @Emilio Salazar it says right on his wiki page, hes a stand up comedian, actor, filmmaker, and podcaster. The man has his own show that he stars in, how do you not consider him an actor?

    • Emilio Salazar
      Emilio Salazar Month ago +1

      He has acted, but he is not an actor.

    • Viktor Hansen
      Viktor Hansen Month ago


    • che
      che 2 months ago +4

      Just vibing between two baldies

    • Sam
      Sam  6 months ago +2

      Sean defo gets his vibes brothers am I right haha just kidding

  • Ben
    Ben Year ago +16747

    Its like watching two boiled eggs eat their parents

  • thedandyzebra
    thedandyzebra 2 months ago +527

    "These chickens died for us man" So glad to hear his acknowledgement and appreciation of his food. Most people don't consider or appreciate their food in modern society

  • Mark Schock
    Mark Schock 6 months ago +432

    The Its room temperature宇hats so gross安ho does that?.. had me dying 不不

    • Idid
      Idid 4 months ago +5

      Proceeds to gargle milk

    • stephan burk
      stephan burk 5 months ago +8

      17:15 for anybody wondering.
      Came back to this video for that specific part. Hahaha

  • Johnnie Simpson
    Johnnie Simpson Month ago +69

    Mad respect to Burr for eating the whole wing and not wasting anything. Mad respect.

  • Dark Star King
    Dark Star King 6 months ago +234

    Anyone who has never seen Bill Burr vs. The entire city of Philadelphia. Should go watch it immediately. He goes from being booed by a rowdy crowd to roasting the entire city for 10 minutes l.

    • barfly tom
      barfly tom 15 days ago +1

      Dark Star King. thanks for suggesting it. it was brilliant.

    • Chris Cypher
      Chris Cypher 17 days ago

      Yeah, that one was pretty legendary.

    • Valeria Naranjo Cruz
      Valeria Naranjo Cruz 2 months ago +12

      He roasted a whole city into submission, it was beautiful.

    • William
      William 3 months ago +3

      Thanks. Just watched it. Crazy hilarious.

  • SithCelia
    SithCelia 8 months ago +238

    His wife cracking up with tears of laughter at his Norwegian cheese-eating experience and that being all the things he loves about her is another reason I'm beginning to like Bill Burr.

  • williams9071
    williams9071 2 months ago +69

    Sean is such a professional. Clearly loves what he does. Sometimes it's just as entertaining to watch how he conducts each interview, while always keeping his composure and sticking to the script. Note, he's had to endure this pain every single time. Each guest only has to do it once. Sean is the man.. Bill is a comic genius...

  • DogLookingBackAtYou
    DogLookingBackAtYou 10 days ago +12

    I love how Bill was ignoring the questions because he was dying but the Interviewer was so on point ahha

  • KT420ish
    KT420ish 3 months ago +47

    Bill Burr usually gets annoyed by people interviewing him because they don't do any research and ask a lot of dumb questions. That's why I love Hot Ones. You do great research on the individual you interview and it makes for a great show.

    • KT420ish
      KT420ish 28 days ago +2

      @K G hey man K could mean any name. What's your name?

    • K G
      K G 28 days ago +2

      You took the words out of my mouth! And we have the same name 弘

  • Jocco
    Jocco Year ago +8691

    The fact that Rogan quit wearing those hats because Bill made fun of him and called it a Little Rascals hat, but now Bill wears them all the time lmao

    • Chaperone
      Chaperone 5 days ago

      He got Rogan to stop wearing them so that he could wear them, he stole the rascal hats from rogan

    • Cameron Shakespeare
      Cameron Shakespeare 9 days ago

      Nice insight. Never noticed. Loved Joe in those hats

    • Robert Loubeau
      Robert Loubeau 4 months ago

      @Edgardo Martin This is exactly what I was thinking! Patrice would do that! 不不不

    • Joseph Ryan
      Joseph Ryan 5 months ago

      Lol, "Rascals". Just the word makes me laugh. I guess I'm easily amused.

    • Kelvottomat Pelaajat
      Kelvottomat Pelaajat 5 months ago

      Joe is little man with a big and fragile ego.

  • Electize
    Electize 9 months ago +521

    Its takes a certain skill to interview Burr, many have tried and failed because he got no patience for BS and hollow small talk.
    He's brutally honest - a rarity in an industry (showbiz) otherwise dominated by phonies and fake politeness..
    But I have to say once again that Evans IMO is the best interviewer in the business!
    As a journalism major hes seriously my idol when it comes to the art of interviewing.

    • Chris Cypher
      Chris Cypher 17 days ago

      @Sparky Nicole I also recall him saying he does it intentionally while they're struggling to catch them off guard. That's why he often asks "spicier" questions during those moment. people are more honest under duress.

    • LCaaroe
      LCaaroe 2 months ago +1

      Sure, maybe one day you will also have a team of researchers writing questions for you. I have no idea why people look up to Sean in particular. He's just a polite and likeable guy reading questions from a script.

    • Sparky Nicole
      Sparky Nicole 4 months ago +6

      @foosbabaganoosh1 I heard Sean explain the reason why he does that in one of his interviews. He said something along the lines of not really wanting sit there and wait in silence for the people to get past the spice. It doesnt always make for good content, and asking questions straight after they take a bite (putting them under spicy pressure) makes for better content. While hes a great and considerate interviewer for the most part, he is still tryin to make things entertaining for the people watching.

    • JacksAbschaum
      JacksAbschaum 5 months ago +1

      @The Masked Man I think youre wrong.

    • Billy Was Here
      Billy Was Here 5 months ago

      @Robert His team. He was reading his notes... which means he obviously didn't memorize the content.

  • Adamn adissident
    Adamn adissident 2 months ago +38

    It's crazy to hear Bill talk down about his intelligence when he is more insightful then most of the planet. I suppose that's more wisdom though.

    • Hackneysack321
      Hackneysack321 9 days ago

      yeah he talks down about his education, but clearly he's intelligent. He just has met people that he felt were more intelligent than he. But, if you think about it, it takes intelligence to understand that someone is smarter than you...

    • longbow857
      longbow857 Month ago +1

      Yeah. Street knowledge instead of book knowledge.

  • Tony Sarrio
    Tony Sarrio Month ago +8

    I laughed through this whole thing. When Bill starts gargling the milk I lost it. Sean: So Bill will you be back. Bill: You picked a bad time to ask me. Priceless!!

  • Lou
    Lou 6 months ago +26

    while other actors/actress says "oh he's amazing she's amazing the world is a playground and everyone is a winner" b.s., Bill is one of those people in the industry who says it how it is without compromising his career. Extremely extremely smart and extremely extremely funny man.

  • L. E. L.
    L. E. L. 2 years ago +7241

    *Hits Milk
    Bill: "Oh it so gross! It's room temperature! Who does that to somebody?!"
    The best reaction to milk ever.

    • Lisa Torch
      Lisa Torch Month ago

      They need reusable ice cubes, or a bucket of ice to keep the cups in

    • FauxTomBrady
      FauxTomBrady Month ago

      Who does that to someones food
      Got me LOL

    • Robert Loubeau
      Robert Loubeau 4 months ago

      @L T 不不不

    • Robert Loubeau
      Robert Loubeau 4 months ago +1

      @Arif Muzaki

    • Robert Loubeau
      Robert Loubeau 4 months ago

      @Ryan Deal Same. Especially if it's chocolate milk.

  • Steven Herrera
    Steven Herrera 2 months ago +17

    I come back to this one all the time. You can tell at the beginning hes guarded, afraid that this will be another annoying podcast boring thing - and then as time passes, he just becomes so much relaxed and trusts Sean to drive all the way.

  • Woss Gwuanin
    Woss Gwuanin 8 months ago +40

    Baking is easy, you just do exactly what they tell you to do
    Fucking thank you, too many people just write off baking entirely because it doesnt work when they go off the recipe

  • Romil
    Romil 3 months ago +24

    8:52 Bill Burr is a genius at approaching a sensitive issue with levity and jokes while still maintaining respect for those affected by it

    • Hackneysack321
      Hackneysack321 9 days ago

      I wish I could like this twice; once for the observation and again for the correct use of "affected".

  • msmiller57
    msmiller57 3 months ago +15

    I think I've watched this episode at least 5X and I still belly laugh when Bill starts to lose it...sooo very funny.

  • Formula Fanboy
    Formula Fanboy 9 months ago +4007

    "This last one was delicious."
    "Thanks Bill, we actually make this one."
    that was genuinely such a wholesome little moment, sean was so flattered by that

    • River
      River Month ago

      Nah the last one is actually delicious I agree.

    • Dude Man
      Dude Man Month ago

      @vespyr because it is, but it at least tastes good. Da Bomb is just pure heat, no flavor to entice you to even try it again after the novelty wears off. Out of their line up l of 10 sauces usually 2 or three are like that .

    • vespyr
      vespyr 2 months ago +2

      He then also immediately deranks it as the second hottest sauce lol.

    • KSSBG
      KSSBG 2 months ago

      @Stephen Sporman that's cool, not talking about the sauce being trash or not, but how celebs will endorse things to help ppl out

    • Stephen Sporman
      Stephen Sporman 2 months ago

      @KSSBG in their defense. It's very good and my personal favorite from the hot ones line. good amount of heat that's definitely too hot for some people but not hot enough to make it miserable. Super flavorful and delicious

  • Mousy94
    Mousy94 5 months ago +5

    I gotta say, I love the host, the questions are great, but what really makes this show so great for me is how high-quality the video and audio editing is, man. Props

  • aroden
    aroden 8 months ago +9

    Still my favourite show ever. Love Bill (absolute legend) he suffered like a man and the chemistry with Sean worked perfectly.

  • L.S. Pig
    L.S. Pig Month ago +4

    Sean trying to ask Bill questions while he's absolutely dying from the heat is hilarious

  • MartoEdits
    MartoEdits 4 months ago +10

    Bill was the best guest. If you watch any other episode they take the smallest bites all of which look like they have barely any sauce on them. This dude ate THE WHOLE WING, no questions asked.

  • King Donny J
    King Donny J 3 years ago +1708

    I love how Bills just over there dying, gargling milk and Seans continuing the question like its a casual Monday

    • Maya Michelle
      Maya Michelle 6 months ago +1

      Yes! I was dying! I could not have held a straight face with BB reacting. Btw, great job with the editing as BB's entire body explodes from Da Bomb. That was hilarious.

    • Dr. Inkwell
      Dr. Inkwell 3 years ago +2

      That's the bit...

    • Chris Brown
      Chris Brown 3 years ago +3

      Yep thats the punch to to the guest, such a fun show, love bill and sean evans...27 mins of my life full of smiles here

    • sad milk
      sad milk 3 years ago +49

      Thats because it literally is a casual monday to him

  • Jason Paganelli
    Jason Paganelli 6 months ago +5

    Bill you sir are a mans man a man of his word and the funniest guy in the world thank you for giving us a brief break from this crazy life and making us laugh which we need a helluva lot more of. Congratulations on your marriage becoming a Dad all the best to you and your family. Also I have put your lovely wife on all prayer lists at all the church's in the area no explanation needed

  • William Ross
    William Ross 9 months ago +31

    Big Bill Burr fan, only really saw Sean Evans off snapchat channel so this is my first time watching him do a full interview. And holy smokes he is a phenomenal interviewer.

  • Justin Childree
    Justin Childree Month ago +1

    It's awesome to see someone keep one of my favorites, Bill Burr , smile so much in an interview and not be so angry because he's an amazing interviewer

  • sensimania
    sensimania 4 months ago +11

    I love that whenever he speaks about his wife, he throws in "that's why I love my wife". So sweet

  • Mat Turner
    Mat Turner 3 years ago +7082

    Bill is one of the only people so far who've said thank you for the free wings. What a humble dude.
    Edit: thanks for the free likes

    • Mat Turner
      Mat Turner 10 months ago

      @Chris H. I appreciate that lol

    • Chris H.
      Chris H. 10 months ago +1

      I gave a thumbs down. Dont want you getting a big head.

    • Mat Turner
      Mat Turner 2 years ago +1

      @J B that is very true

    • J B
      J B 2 years ago

      The others could have as well, but it might have been edited out

    • Mat Turner
      Mat Turner 2 years ago

      @E MEZA aight den, how can I reimburse you

  • Adam S
    Adam S 7 months ago +1

    I love this man. Thanks for all you've done Bill Burr.

  • stillrockin27
    stillrockin27 Month ago +1

    I've watched this episode in all states of consciousness and it has been brutally funny in all states of mind. Bill Burr is simply brilliant.

  • Jack3d 247
    Jack3d 247 Month ago +2

    Bill is the best and I keep coming back to this every now and then just for a good laugh

  • Noah Namey
    Noah Namey 7 days ago

    It's amazing how 'off the cuff' funny he is.
    "I'm dabbing my forehead like a preacher"

  • ProfPolish
    ProfPolish 2 years ago +2426

    Bill is the realest man in Hollywood. He knows himself, hes never fake about it, and he always tells it like it is. Hes also very very angry.

    • They Call Me Gator
      They Call Me Gator Year ago +1

      @BoxyChubbo I'm not saying that 8M is nothing to the "average American". Obviously who wouldn't love to have that much money, but for someone as successful & famous as him, 8M ain't shit fr. The only comedians that rivals him is Chapelle, & maybe Kevin Hart, & you see what they get paid per special. All I'm getting at is, he's drastically underpaid for what he does.

    •  幓 幓 幓
      幓 幓 幓 2 years ago +1

      sputnikalgrim He isnt angry.. Its part of his bit. He rants.. hes genius.

    • Markus Ax
      Markus Ax 2 years ago

      @albert speer I think they allready got to him. A bigshift in his podcast in my view.

    • AmericanMetalhead100
      AmericanMetalhead100 2 years ago

      Pure Boston...

    • Rob Cole
      Rob Cole 2 years ago

      Se簽or Guapo could it be that once again you are mad about something else el guapo?

  • El Mundo
    El Mundo 2 months ago +1

    I love watching and getting to know top tier comedians. They're the most relatable and down to earth individuals

  • Prestige Survivor
    Prestige Survivor 7 months ago +5

    I feel like Bill Burr is a throwback to my childhood. I love this guy!

  • wYso
    wYso 3 days ago +1

    this is one of the most wholesome bill burr appearances on anything

  • James Price
    James Price 2 months ago

    I love this episode bill's honestly one of my favorite comedians ever

  • Gamling
    Gamling Year ago +3559

    With how critical Bill Burr is of interviewers I was shocked to hear him say "You're more relentless than the wings". That's high praise. Two GOATS right there.

    • Salesman Wave
      Salesman Wave Month ago

      @Stephen Jeffreys ok Helen Keller

    • Stephen Jeffreys
      Stephen Jeffreys 2 months ago +5

      He seemed honestly annoyed with him actually. I was surprised at how dull the questions were for Bill's episode.. like do they not know him?

    • Sock
      Sock 6 months ago +3

      No those are chickens. Goats dont have wings

    • Si mon
      Si mon 9 months ago +1

      calm down, no its not.

  • Nuril Nuril
    Nuril Nuril Month ago +1

    The end story with the cheese was wholesome. Great episode. I'm glad you guys got him on the show!

  • Darryl Cox
    Darryl Cox 5 months ago +1

    This at least the 3r time Ive watched this episode. Im always laughing as soon as Bill says, I should have watched the show before I came on. Thats become a theme from Bill going forward. Guests now almost always prepare mentally by watching a lot of the episodes before they show up to eat wings with Sean.

  • Sanmi Ogundele
    Sanmi Ogundele Month ago +2

    If the cameras werent on, Id have quit. Bill Burr is the best

  • Francis McNally
    Francis McNally 9 months ago +1

    How can you not love this guy? Thanks for the great video!

  • The Companion Cube
    The Companion Cube 2 months ago +1

    The thing Sean says is absolutely true... The more overconfident you are beforehand, the quicker you fall to the heat. But props to Bill who trucked through all the wings

  • Hidden Hope
    Hidden Hope 5 months ago +3

    Bill burr is a class act, i have the utmost respect for the guy.

  • HitmanSparky
    HitmanSparky 3 months ago +1

    Would love to see Bill come back, he nailed it.

  • La Yhdejjj
    La Yhdejjj 19 days ago

    I didn't start laughing until 27 minutes into this, and it was absolutely worth the wait.

  • Pauly Polo
    Pauly Polo 3 years ago +478

    So great to see Sean bringing his Dad onto the show!! They have a loving relationship

  • En Allgood
    En Allgood 8 months ago

    Thanks for the program. Cool to see a entertainer being real.

  • Samy Abdel
    Samy Abdel 2 months ago +2

    love bill burr he's amazing...loved this episode.

  • Sean Kelley
    Sean Kelley 7 months ago +1

    I'm right there with Bill on the TV shows. You're supposed to enjoy and celebrate while cooking. Who the hell wants to be yelled at while doing what they love?

  • Enders Gone
    Enders Gone 6 months ago +3

    Man, Burr was in awesome shape here.
    Also, doubt he'd ever come back, but love to see it if he did (Sean has grown so much as an interviewer these past couple years).

  • Reid Hanson
    Reid Hanson 6 months ago +1

    I've never met Bill but the dude scares me more than anything. Evans is a truly relentless and talented interviewer and so good at what he does.

  • carolyn patterson
    carolyn patterson 2 months ago +1

    Bill did better than I thought...totally Awesome..Love this Dude

  • Jose Leal
    Jose Leal 3 months ago +6

    Bill always seems to be doing a bit during interviews. This seemed like he was just being himself. Best interview I have seen of his!

    • Brawndo
      Brawndo Month ago +1

      Yeah usually he seems to be practicing bits, especially on Conan back in the days, but in this he seemed himself.

  • Charles
    Charles 2 months ago +1

    There's something funny about this show where the guests hate the experience of the wings but adore Sean's interview skills.
    It basically ensures each guest would love to come back, but almost always say no because of the format. xD
    Makes me think Sean should try a podcast with two or three guests as roundtables (only for people who have run the gauntlet, maybe :P).

  • Adi
    Adi 3 years ago +1818

    This guy is hilarious, he should definitely try his luck in stand up comedy.

    • Tyler F
      Tyler F 9 months ago

      Ayo I have some great news for you my guy

    • S. Ml.
      S. Ml. 2 years ago

      Funny : ) but a real question: what is woosh?

  • Daniel Tucker
    Daniel Tucker 21 day ago +1

    Bill is a GOD! I love this guy so much!! Save billy at all cost

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson 3 months ago +6

    Looking back on everything this is still my favorite episode

  • A10
    A10 2 months ago

    Anything with Bill Bur I will watch never disappoints haha

  • Sean Ferrell
    Sean Ferrell 9 months ago +1

    favorite ever episode. thanks Bill, Sean, and hot ones crew

  • Myers
    Myers 10 months ago +1948

    I love Bill, he's like that one asshole friend that you have, the one that you're nervous of introducing to new people but you'll trust with your life. The end when he's talking about his wife was wholesome as fuck too

    • Tony Bleau
      Tony Bleau 17 days ago

      I'm that guy

    • Kino D
      Kino D 2 months ago

      Lol nervous to introduce him to people

    • Paddington
      Paddington 3 months ago +1

      Canadian tuxedo:/

    • Mary
      Mary 8 months ago +2

      That's me lol

    • Myers
      Myers 9 months ago +3

      @Blake Corea Greatest slasher ever put on screen

  • Monk Tribal
    Monk Tribal 3 months ago +2

    Love you Bill Burr. You rock!

  • Barry Deblake
    Barry Deblake 9 months ago

    Bill has my total respect..taking Dont Quit to the next level..踢

  • Greg Mintram
    Greg Mintram 2 months ago +11

    Bill Burr went on the show and never thought to watch an episode to see what to expect...... Legend haha

  • Lou Remington
    Lou Remington 7 months ago +4

    I like that, Burr, actually eats the entire wing. Everyone else just takes a bite.

  • Eden Aguirre
    Eden Aguirre 2 years ago +2345

    "You GOTTA eat the whole thing, chickens died!" Respect for life, what good dude. AND he thanked the show for the free wings. A++

    • One Deep Savage
      One Deep Savage Year ago

      @Chochtopf oh lol my bad duh..carry on

    • Chochtopf
      Chochtopf Year ago +2

      @One Deep Savage Because he calls random people loser lol.

    • One Deep Savage
      One Deep Savage Year ago +2

      @Alex Haile why are you calling random people names over the internet?

  • Bryan Gates
    Bryan Gates 9 months ago +7

    love bill burr, he funny asf but is also able to respectfully disagree with his audience

    • Aaron Schooley
      Aaron Schooley 8 months ago

      He has a remarkable way of finding the common ground between two positions of a polarizing topic without coming off like he's pandering to either side.

  • Jtsniper Tobias
    Jtsniper Tobias 2 months ago +1

    Love this man's no filter personality

  • Fox Industrial Contractors

    Haven't laughed so hard in a long time 不不不

  • Liam
    Liam 8 months ago

    Great questions and energy from the host. Double GOAT.

  • Robin Weber
    Robin Weber 3 years ago +402

    I love how Bill Burr has the ability to make any host feel completely insecure

    • Shredd
      Shredd 5 months ago

      You could sense that they both hoped it will be over, for different reasons. Burr didn't seem to enjoy it much, and he didn't try to hide it

    • Jessie Wirick
      Jessie Wirick 5 months ago

      Sean didnt look insecure to me. Lots of interviewers do but Sean didnt ask any dumb questions.

    • al faivre
      al faivre 3 years ago +1

      Bill has a great mix of being able to just be an asshole to get a laugh but then actually have a real, kind moment in there too. Always fun to watch

    • Fargoth
      Fargoth 3 years ago +1

      Damn now I REALLY need to see Bill Burr on Eric Andre

    • something weirds
      something weirds 3 years ago +16

      Shows how much of a pro Sean is; he really rolled with the punches, even Bill called him professional during the interview

  • Shen Wang
    Shen Wang 7 months ago +10

    If Sean Evans evolves, he'll become Steve Austin, and when he gets old, he'll become Bill Burr. Circle of life.

  • Surf Doggy24
    Surf Doggy24 9 months ago +1

    This was enjoyable to watch! I love wings, but ride on the border line of spicey. However, good job, old man! LMAO!

  • Rick Deckard
    Rick Deckard 7 months ago

    Bill holding it down! Mad respect

  • Jesse Molina
    Jesse Molina 6 months ago +2

    Get Bill back on man. I want to see more of him

    DEFEND FREEDOM 8 months ago +19

    Sean just impresses the hell outa me with his knowledge on every interview. To know the term MASSHOLE...(I am from Massachusetts), is FUCKING EPIC. Subscriber for life!!!

    • Jasmine Mc donagh
      Jasmine Mc donagh 3 months ago

      he is from illanois is that close to massachusetts?? im from ireland 唐

  • French Toast77
    French Toast77 Month ago +1

    When he gargles the milk like mouthwash - I was dying ! 不

  • Ozzyku
    Ozzyku 8 months ago

    Bill is so freaking awesome glad he killed it hes Dope awesome show!

  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith 7 months ago +2

    I always really liked Bill Burr, not sure what it is but there's something about his voice that seems really unique and cool

  • Dolan Dark
    Dolan Dark 3 years ago +16031

    Who doesn't love Slap your Mother Lager

  • Albert Arcia
    Albert Arcia 5 months ago

    Bill Burr must be preserved for the rest of life. Dave Chappelle as well. The straight forward attitude they have as men is necessary for humanity.

  • Jordan Ferguson
    Jordan Ferguson 3 months ago

    This is the only one that made me laugh hard. Love Bill Burr, man.

  • slimturnpike
    slimturnpike Month ago

    You really see Burr's keen intelligence here, almost more than in stand-up. He's so quick.

  • Viau Christian
    Viau Christian 3 months ago

    ha ha ha that was one of the good suffering for the invitee . Good one Bill, Sean you were killing him with your questions after 'ta bomb' HILARIOUS !!!!

  • Seekers of Unity
    Seekers of Unity Year ago +3395

    "I appreciate the free chicken here" - Best line on this show ever

  • Eric Ray
    Eric Ray 11 days ago

    Bill Has Been The Tuffest Guest On Here I've Seen So Far Finishing The Whole Wing. Instead of lil' Nibble of it! Cheers Bill, Love Your Comedy

  • Linden Edwards
    Linden Edwards 16 hours ago

    12:35 Meet the man. He had a moment of introspection. Love him. So rarely seen for one so outspoken etc. Kudos to the question.

  • CADJewellerySkills
    CADJewellerySkills 8 months ago

    Bill seems like absolutely amazing company at a bar.

  • Kenneth Turner
    Kenneth Turner 5 months ago

    Bill Burr, my favorite current comedian. Seen him twice live this past year. He needs to sell merch..

  • chris briggs
    chris briggs 2 years ago +3286

    Theirs two reason why bill is a boss.
    1. He ate every single bit of the wings unlike everyone else.
    2. At the end he doesn't promote anything instead he says how amazing his wife is.

    • Dana Elizabeth
      Dana Elizabeth Year ago +1

      One of my favorite things about Bill is his love for his wife. She is a rough around the edges woman who does not take his shit--and the dude seems to totally dig that.

    • Max Frankow
      Max Frankow Year ago

      Hes an average joe in an amazing position.

    • Rschr101
      Rschr101 Year ago

      ....his wife writes his act these days. Its terrible.

    • Keimo Kuula
      Keimo Kuula Year ago

      They promote himself, jos cartoon, Netflix, The sauces, breaking Bad ... Did you miss The whole video?

    • BillWard
      BillWard Year ago +4

      @Ethan Hunt Not only did Halle Berry clean every wing, she didn't drink anything. Not a single sip. It didn't even seem to affect her. She has been the one to handle it the best.

  • j son
    j son 4 months ago +1

    Very wholesome moment at the end talking about one of the things he loves most about his wife

  • James Redline
    James Redline Hour ago

    I would LOVE to sit and have a rootbeer with Bill and just chat. Goodness that would be awesome