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Johnny Depp Tells Story of Meeting Amber Heard

  • Published on Apr 18, 2022
  • During his testimony on Tuesday, Johnny Depp told the story of when he first met Amber Heard, which lead to their romantic relationship. Depp states he met Heard during the filming of 'The Rum Diary," a movie he not only acted in but also produced. Depp recalls a scene from the movie where he kissed Heard and talks about how he felt about it.
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  • AcidGlow
    AcidGlow 5 months ago +8756

    Sometimes we don't know what a person is like until we live with them.

    • Ultimatum.
      Ultimatum. 3 months ago +1

      Agreed. Most times we don't know what a person is like until we live with them. People hide their worst habits, especially on dates. Living with them, you catch their true nature here and there. true colours

    • S. Rose
      S. Rose 3 months ago

      What are you guys talking about? They both knew they were the type of people who would leave their significant other, party, be self-proclaimed "monsters," do drugs, and passionately FIGHT. My husband and I knew everything we needed to know by our first conversation and for some odd reason we hit all the important topics in a joking way after someone told us we would agree on EVERYTHING. We do, although we are very different people, just the same core values. Like opposits when it comes to personality and that works well for us. We would never live with or act like we were married with anyone we were not committed in marriage to. "Without commitment there is no commitment." I guess that's another way to know someone, just talk, see if they can handle that and truly just being friends getting to know each other as such and don't fake like your committed. My husband bought me my engagement ring a week after our first kiss, when you know, you know. But some of you are talking about living with many, many people and your parents telling you to live with who you're dating. Honestly asking, didn't you know it wouldn't work out long before you moved in together? Didn't you both have your own lives for them to observe and see if they could fit into it right?

    • dreamtrippin'
      dreamtrippin' 4 months ago

      I always look to see how a person treats service people, animals and children. You can't gain anything from any of them so if a person consistently treats them well, they have a good soul.

    • RainbowDreams30
      RainbowDreams30 4 months ago

      My sister got married to a guy very quickly, like 2-3 months into knowing him, thank god he ended up being normal…they’re still together 7 years later lol

    • RainbowDreams30
      RainbowDreams30 4 months ago

      That’s scary….

  • MaketheMusicFasion
    MaketheMusicFasion 4 months ago +329

    He speaks so eloquently and honestly, it’s amazing. He was so polite in how he explained his meeting her, no hate, no negativity, no fake emotion, it was amazing. Thank God he got the justice he deserved ❤️

    • Donna George
      Donna George Month ago

      Love the man but he just talks too slow for me, just funny I know he is how he is and that’s what makes him him but I would have to say hurry up…

    • Lucy
      Lucy 2 months ago

      And she loved his words this time..

    • sue mercado
      sue mercado 3 months ago +1

      She’s gonna regret her actions one day. She had a good thing

    • Ray Valenzuela
      Ray Valenzuela 3 months ago +3

      @Amelie Koury well for one thing the way AII the people that have testified all described the same way about his character

    • Amelie Koury
      Amelie Koury 4 months ago +1

      he's an actor, how do you know it's honest with no fake emotion?

    NONOTHING 4 months ago +610

    "Tell the world, Johnny"
    He did and we listened. We believe him.

    • basia basia
      basia basia 4 months ago +1

      Yeah Johnny, tell the world how you BETRAYED your family (Vanessa and your Kids!!) ... TELL IT Johnny

    • basia basia
      basia basia 4 months ago +2

      Yeah Johnny, tell the world how you BETRAYED your family (Vanessa and your Kids!!) ... TELL IT Johnny

    • Jennine Begay
      Jennine Begay 4 months ago +1

      I would like to share this?! We did listen 😉

  • tikigoddess23
    tikigoddess23 4 months ago +432

    I've met both of them. She I've worked with, but him I met randomly at an event. they both seemed very lovely. It's crazy how life has a way of turning things upside-down. She was the sweetest during our filming of a film called "What's the point?" which I'm sure now will never make it out of the archives. it's already been many years since it wrapped. she had been with Johnny maybe a year or so? maybe? I dunno but she seemed very happy. Johnny I met at an awards event where he was a presenter. I was backstage (im a hairstylist) and I was there with about 4 makeup girls. he was standing off to the side waiting to go on and present the award when he overheard the girls flipping out about him. he smiled and nodded and was absolutely the sweetest, kindest most loving spirit honestly. They asked him if the could take pictures with him and he accepted and was just sweet. I'm just chilling... I didn't ask for a photo because I didn't really care about seeing a celebrity, that's what I do for a living. I'm a bit older and I'm more of the old school where I leave celebs alone unless I'm working on them. while the girls got their pictures, I noticed him looking at me over their heads (not in a weird way... just more curious) perhaps he thought I was too shy to ask or something (I wasn't) but he kept looking.
    When they were done getting their photos and talking to him they kind of cleared the area and it was just he and I. He looked at me and smiled... I smiled back, then returned my attention to my magazine. Then he said "Excuse me..." I looked up and said "Yes.. wait are you speaking to me?" He said "Yes." "Yes how can I help you Mr. Depp?" "May I have a picture with you?" I WAS STUCK.... LOL "You... I'm..um? You want a picture with ME?!" "Yes. I would like one with you yes" "Why?!" "Um... because I'd like it". "Yes Mr. Depp 😆 you can have my picture" Then He took a selfie 🤳🏾". Someone grabbed my phone and took the picture again.... and he hugged me and smiled, gave a wink 😉 and was called to stage.
    I see her differently through this trail... she's not the sweet girl whose hair I put in dreadlocks. She's awful. Johnny is exactly the same. It's really sad and weird from my position as someone who's met them both as an industry person. I hope they both get what they deserve, be it justice & redemption or consequences.

    • KumulusKloud
      KumulusKloud 16 hours ago

      Love your story, thank you for sharing!

    • Bobbi Bartlett
      Bobbi Bartlett 2 months ago

      He is the same, she is not, you say. Could that be because of the fact that the relationship was very toxic? Women deal with that differently.

    • Phyllis Thomas
      Phyllis Thomas 3 months ago +2

      thanks for that. when I always see Johnny depp I always feel that he is a different breed, that he is so comfortable and knows who he is with all the failings, unsureness and love. your story confirms that. I hate that this has happened to him.I wish him happiness and peace

    • Elizabeth K
      Elizabeth K 3 months ago

      Great story. Thanks for sharing your experience and insight!

    • Susie Q
      Susie Q 4 months ago

      @Neener Bananas fascinating? It was a colorful antidote.

  • Anca Samoila
    Anca Samoila 4 months ago +637

    He chooses his word so carefully and in such a witty way! How could anyone think he's mentally incapable... He's a deep thinker!

    • A J
      A J 3 months ago +1

      he seems under some drugs

    • AlyTennyson
      AlyTennyson 3 months ago

      @Motherof All Nations adjust you playback speed

    • Faris Muzaffar
      Faris Muzaffar 3 months ago +1

      @jcorb when you’re in court, words matters. Even if he is slow, it is the right and truthful answer. What’s wrong with that?

    • randi anita eriksson
      randi anita eriksson 4 months ago

      @Motherof All Nations Agree. Is he on drug?

    • Lilou midou
      Lilou midou 4 months ago +1

      He's Gemini don't forget that they have the best hearts in the world

  • gabriela
    gabriela 5 months ago +25701

    i know people said he seemed intoxicated or under some type of influence but nobody sees that he’s always been like this? he likes to go into detail and explain things thoroughly. he’s so kind and gentle with how he goes through things i don’t see how anybody can even claim anything negative about how he is. he’s character is so so rare.

    • sue shepherd
      sue shepherd Month ago


    • Donatella Barbagallo
      Donatella Barbagallo Month ago

      I totally agree with u

    • sue shepherd
      sue shepherd 3 months ago

      People can think and make up storys about people. He is Unique and Artistic. Thats the way he is!

    • Jenny Tan
      Jenny Tan 3 months ago

      He is pretentious and self promotion, too difficult for AH to endure.

    • Micah Schow
      Micah Schow 4 months ago

      He is a INFP personality type we are all exactly like this lol and that alone makes me know he could never do what she claimed he did to her.

  • Lupita Vasquez
    Lupita Vasquez 4 months ago +122

    I can listen to this man for hours, and not get tired of him .. thank god he won , I love you Jonny ♥️

  • J Ann
    J Ann 4 months ago +872

    Johnny has waited years to be heard. This is his time. Let the man speak.

    • Theresa James
      Theresa James 3 months ago

      He is good let the world see and hear him

    • basia basia
      basia basia 4 months ago

      it doesn't change the fact he HURT his family though!!

      WHATEVER GOES FOR ME 4 months ago

      Too bad he did not have the surname. On the other hand, Amber HEARD "cashinggg" when she met Johnny Depp.

    • Elizabeth Giliberto
      Elizabeth Giliberto 4 months ago

      And he won!!

    • Bota Tolegen
      Bota Tolegen 4 months ago


  • That Biker Guy
    That Biker Guy 4 months ago +272

    “I am doing things that are true to me. The only thing I have a problem with is being labeled.” ― Johnny Depp. Good to see a man staying true to his word.

  • NeurodivA Jewelz
    NeurodivA Jewelz 5 months ago +238

    He was not trying to play to the jury, he was being his honest self. VERY telling. Amber played to the jury SO much!

    • J Ann
      J Ann 4 months ago +2

      Very true!!

    • MJW238
      MJW238 4 months ago +17

      Yeah, he comes across as someone who is remembering things and giving his feelings, rather than putting on a show.
      Even if he is seeing things from his own perspective, it is still his genuine perspective and feelings he is giving, rather than something he doesn’t actually believe to be true.

  • Fyre Heart Studios
    Fyre Heart Studios 5 months ago +10259

    I would just like to remind everyone that Johnny has always, outside of his roles, talked very slowly. He's incredibly shy and I can't imagine the amount of pressure he's under in this situation. He's doing really well.
    Justice for Johnny Depp.

    • Justjan49
      Justjan49 3 months ago

      His shyness shows through in every sentence. But what did his childhood have to do with this case. Many of us don’t talk of our childhood anytime let alone in front of a courtroom that has nothing to do with a case. I Feel sorry for him.

    • Toni J
      Toni J 4 months ago

      @Jill M Right! Because he is too much of a people’s person to be shy. Everyone talks about how funny and cool he is. He doesn’t blush at a compliment like MJ, MJ was shy, not JD.

    • Toni J
      Toni J 4 months ago

      @Adventurous Emma Poor man? Emma Emma Emma

    • Koul
      Koul 4 months ago

      Lol. In the words of Amber Heard sir, you are very wrong about that. People are extremely complex creatures-having a colorful and creative personality never means that you are also equipped with social confidence and extroversion. They are many many people out there who are very shy, but still want their work, worth, and value to be noticed. So they put themselves out there and they go far out of their comfort zones.Sometimes, people compensate for their shyness by acting like even more dramatic, florid, and charismatic. I am a prime example of this. I am almost always the center of attention because I am very good at being charming; however, behind that charm I am actually very shy and it takes a lot for me to put myself out there. It’s like the charm is a coping mechanism against the shyness. I’m sure many celebrities are like that.

    • Terry Cook
      Terry Cook 5 months ago

      @Michael King so many performing artists are introverts. It’s so much easier to interact with others when you’re playing a character. That way, you don’t have to share your self

  • Shirley Montague
    Shirley Montague 5 months ago +842

    His honesty and vulnerability is a rarity. He is a beautifully gentle soul. He spoke nicely about her. She didn't deserve him. He deserved sooo much better.

    • kavi1501
      kavi1501 4 months ago

      @Bette Tsouprake So true

    • kavi1501
      kavi1501 4 months ago +1

      @lovemusic1963ify I think the same too, wish he stayed with Vanessa

    • Vigilante
      Vigilante 4 months ago

      @Sherri Kelsey You had posted someone disappeared when they were suing someone, unless you erased your comment or it landed on wrong spot on here.

    • ci 0
      ci 0 4 months ago +4

      @Vigilante - It's true, they would make a cute couple and Camille IS adorable and smart. But Depp has big issues that he needs to deal with. 😐 It would be another nightmare story for her and she doesn't deserve that.

  • SS
    SS 4 months ago +222

    OMG JD even tried to teach her stillness, and not over-acting. She never learnt a thing did she? can you imagine the world's biggest movie star not only takes you under their wing, mentors you and then falls in love with you. Its the stuff of dreams. And look at what she did. Life is strange.

    • KumulusKloud
      KumulusKloud 16 hours ago

      Right??!! To me, it shows her level of smartness, or lack thereof. She didn't seem to truly realize & appreciate his talent & experience. That's one thing I like about his acting, or reacting, etc, as he describes it. He can be so subtle that just the raising of his eyebrows can be very meaningful. His eyes & face are so expressive & can convey so much. She should have learned from him

    • chris
      chris 3 months ago +1

      @King Ayy yeah

    • King Ayy
      King Ayy 3 months ago +1

      You mean like when he's remembering something, looking up and to one side?
      By "looks into his mind with his eyes."

    • chris
      chris 4 months ago +7

      Yeah. Another thing I've noticed johnny looks into his mind with his eyes and looks away. But amber heard never does that ahe just stares

    • Christine McConnell
      Christine McConnell 4 months ago +15

      nothing will ever be good enough for Amber. She will ruin everything she touches plus more.

  • Jerri Arriola
    Jerri Arriola 4 months ago +317

    I could listen Johnny Depp talk for hours. His voice is hypnotic.

    • Dimas S
      Dimas S 25 days ago

      and theraupetic

    • Lynne Aiken
      Lynne Aiken 4 months ago +2

      Did you see the way she was looking at him?? She pretty much had it all ... wasn't ever going to be good enough.

    • GT Johnson
      GT Johnson 4 months ago +1

      Johny sounds like he is constipated!

    • Elizabeth Brewer
      Elizabeth Brewer 4 months ago +1

      @Elsa C same I had to go back because my attention span is short

    • Elsa C
      Elsa C 4 months ago +12

      And I want to tell him to get to the point already! 🤣

  • J. Hess
    J. Hess 4 months ago +155

    Listening to him speak of her scene where she was expected to be nude and he figured out a way to avoid that for her scene just shows how he really respected her and thoughtfully cared for her and not just as someone working for him…..
    Man she really blew it.
    She was adored and treasured and she spit on it. What a fool

    • Mary M
      Mary M 3 months ago

      @Mare Mc Amber we know it is you! Stop! You lost and please seek help you really, really need it!

    • Mare Mc
      Mare Mc 3 months ago

      @Mary M ah, compassion is so inhuman ...thanks

    • Mary M
      Mary M 3 months ago +2

      @Mare Mc Please stop it! Lol

    • Revanth
      Revanth 3 months ago +2

      Jeevan Rohtak he married her . They don’t do that if all they want is what you suggest

    • Jeevan Rohtak
      Jeevan Rohtak 3 months ago

      NO this is how we all in Holloywood get into the pants of the 'newest girl in town'

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi 5 months ago +1587

    He developed a whole youtube movie out of this casting story

    • Christina Post
      Christina Post 4 months ago +2

      @Jelly Fish EXACTLY THIS!!!
      And the most shocking thing is that this worked for him. People see this as endearing. For me, it's just so manipulating, it enrages me to the core. How did nobody stop this? The double standard is insane.

    • AnimAlistic6
      AnimAlistic6 4 months ago

      @Jelly Fish "auditioned 5 times" doesn't mean what you think it does.
      -the casting couch.

    • Trollika Devi
      Trollika Devi 4 months ago +2

      While it was interesting in that sense ,my goodness it took him 13 minutes to come up with four sentences that too barely. It must be excruciating to talk to him on a daily basis.

    • Shanel Dubose
      Shanel Dubose 4 months ago

      yesss 🙌🏾

  • tzilvi
    tzilvi 4 months ago +157

    I've always loved Johnny for all of his art, music, movies and all I knew about him.... But THIS trial makes me love him even more. And I feel so sorry for him that he had to waste his precious time with such a bad human being as amber.

    • sharon sobolewski
      sharon sobolewski 4 months ago +1


    • Aggie Rowe
      Aggie Rowe 4 months ago +1

      Me too…grew up watching Johnny rise to fame and the accusations always made no sense!

    • Sherry Breshears
      Sherry Breshears 4 months ago +1


  • Meena Monjazeb
    Meena Monjazeb 4 months ago +143

    He is literally just himself in every movie. It’s his genuine personality that is so captivating and successful on the screen.

  • Danyell Garcia
    Danyell Garcia 4 months ago +75

    As much as I haven’t liked her this whole time, watching her reaction during this part of the testimony was when I felt she was showing true emotion. You can see she’s really trying to hold back tears and trying to be so straight faced, I can almost see that she’s going through all of this in her head again reliving it when they met and the beginning of the relationship. It’s really sad…. I think he really truly loved her and was so drawn to her

    • Revanth
      Revanth 3 months ago +1

      Debbie Hale she said ex husband’s not ex husbands

    • Nancy Bailey
      Nancy Bailey 4 months ago +4

      @Debbie Hale u should re read Maggie's comment....she was talking about all of the traits her ex husband, as in singular...

    • alicia sherman
      alicia sherman 4 months ago +10

      @Debbie Hale based on the punctuation (and the rest of the sentence), I believe she meant all of the shortcomings/traits of her one ex-husband. Multiple exes would have been "my ex-husbands' ".

    • Debbie Hale
      Debbie Hale 4 months ago

      @Maggie Moran, all of your ex husbands? That's telling in itself.

  • Valentina Severino
    Valentina Severino 4 months ago +171

    Even when he said "He wasn't sure about her acting capabilities" he was actually struggling to say it. Looks like he didn't even want to say anything negative about her... Unlike when she speaks about him... Johnny is such a good hearted person.

    • Lady Pat
      Lady Pat 4 months ago


    • Valerie George
      Valerie George 4 months ago +3

      You're right. He wasn't throwing her under the bus for her drug use

    • Jay Kuykendall
      Jay Kuykendall 4 months ago +5

      And watch her change when he does it!

  • arm
    arm 5 months ago +2612

    In his testimony today, he spoke nothing but highly of the woman who tried to destroy him. The only time he said anything negative was when he was recalling factual negative events. It truly shows how good of a man he really is.

    • AlyTennyson
      AlyTennyson 3 months ago

      @Maria Toledo He DID marry the woman!

    • AlyTennyson
      AlyTennyson 3 months ago

      @Mario Carrillo Don't forget, he, a grown man, chose to marry her.

    • Nadia K.
      Nadia K. 5 months ago +2

      @Kevin McKeon She caused him to lose Jack Sparrow and Grindewald, among other works. He's asking her to compensate him for that. And I think he's being generous too.

    • Alexis
      Alexis 5 months ago +1

      Or maybe he knows that helps his case?

  • Beth O'Brien
    Beth O'Brien 4 months ago +107

    He has always been genuine. This is exactly who he is.

  • Anonymous_friend
    Anonymous_friend 4 months ago +99

    It broke my heart to see his little smiles while talking about the first interaction with her. It must still have remained as a sour-sweet memory for him. How pity.. It's a big loss for her..

    • Just Fine
      Just Fine 3 months ago

      i don't doubt that she googled him to see what kind of music he liked and then researched to impress him and appear knowledgeable about "obscure blues music"

  • PS
    PS 5 months ago +97

    Having listened to this part of the testimony after Heard's part in the trial, JD's words about them first meeting ring very true:
    "It was important that she needed to learn about stillness... Instead of going broad or taking acting a little too much"

    • sharon sobolewski
      sharon sobolewski 4 months ago +3


    • sunil paladugu
      sunil paladugu 5 months ago +2

      Great words with dignity n decency n polishednrss ! Depp Is peace loving n kind hearted n generous n extremely talented handsome guy n hero ! I am in fav of depp bcz he was not high handed n nvr cunning n neither overacted with anyone I guess but stayed calm n cool n respected everyone he came across in his life ! The way he treated n bore amber is genuinely human unlike most males but she took advantage of his soft nature n exploited him in every possible with vested interests n with her theatre acting skills in real daily lives ! I feel the judge is so intelligent to understand what is what n what the truth is n who was a real victim! Hence depp is not but amber will be in deep problems of all kinds n will be into depts having left depp ! Good luck depp !

    • Tony Arcieri
      Tony Arcieri 5 months ago +5

      …and there she is, acting too much while playing the part of ”victim” in her mind

  • Menessavak
    Menessavak 4 months ago +176

    My heart just..breaks for Jonny. He fell in love with her but she destroyed him..but as he speak..I know it takes great courage and strength to do that..especially Infront of your lover/ abuser...he's still healing

    • alisonchristinewebb
      alisonchristinewebb 4 months ago +3

      He fell in lust with her

    • Emmalei Felix
      Emmalei Felix 4 months ago +1

      Something in him choose her…

    • Kelli D
      Kelli D 4 months ago +6

      He’s an addict. It was a codependent destructive sad relationship

  • NinjuDD
    NinjuDD 5 months ago +5644

    He’s telling his story with his heart! You can see the laughs in the good times he remembers!

    • Kristen Dancy
      Kristen Dancy 5 months ago

      @Jon Mcmann yessss...🤣😂

    • CM
      CM 5 months ago

      @Sage Snakechalmer Apparently he gets a lot of help from mother's little helpers with his acting

    • Sage Snakechalmer
      Sage Snakechalmer 5 months ago +1

      He has no heart he's a freak of a genius actor just an absolute genius . And he's really enjoying this he's going to get work from this

  • Precious Fox
    Precious Fox 4 months ago +30

    You know what just stole my heart about Johnny?? He gave a woman, in Hollywood, a means of opting OUT of a nude scene! How many times does THAT happen in the entertainment industry, I wonder?? It may have been implied in the film, but in the actual shooting, she didn't have to do it. Y'all don't know what that means to me

    • Jessi Castro
      Jessi Castro 4 months ago +2

      And she did it anyway! That says alot about her

  • AskA College Mentor
    AskA College Mentor 4 months ago +42

    What a moving testimony. Respectful in all measures.

  • R B
    R B 4 months ago +53

    I could just sit and listen to his stories for hours. Forever.

    • King Ayy
      King Ayy 3 months ago

      Not "cringe."
      "Cringe" is cringe.

  • vollsticks
    vollsticks 4 months ago +100

    That was kind of heart-breaking to watch, if I'm honest. To see both of their faces as Mr.Depp recounts that first moment of "spark" between them...any human being who has ever been in love then had their hearts broken can recognise those expressions.
    This is just getting sadder and more depressing by the day, tbh

    • vollsticks
      vollsticks 2 months ago

      @SunShineReggae I think you're right.

    • SunShineReggae
      SunShineReggae 4 months ago +3

      i think they both loved each others.

    • Jed VN
      Jed VN 4 months ago +2

      Even amber is looking real and like she has genuine emotions during this testimony.

  • Mark Cuckerberg
    Mark Cuckerberg 5 months ago +3128

    I fall asleep listening to Johnny’s testimony. He should read audiobooks. So relaxing. He’s such a talented man

    • Rita Cantu
      Rita Cantu 4 months ago

      @Flo Flower his voice is very soothing. He can calm a baby to sleep

    • Cecy Nuñez
      Cecy Nuñez 4 months ago

      Yes I love his Voice 💙

    • Gabriela Souto
      Gabriela Souto 4 months ago


    • Sidney Ferrel
      Sidney Ferrel 4 months ago +2

      Just because you swoon over JD you find his voice so soothing you fall asleep, but you do know that also means boring AF just sayin…

    • Holistically Me
      Holistically Me 4 months ago

      Me too!

  • sammi
    sammi 4 months ago +134

    Johnny is such a beautiful, gentle, kind, but wounded and suffering man. I just want him to find peace and begin to heal after this is over. ❤️‍🩹🥹

    • D
      D 4 months ago

      Jesus will guide Johnny in the right direction with abundance of rewards filled with love; Amber definitely needs power of prayer to move on.. learn how to give vs take & use...

    • Pastora Sandy
      Pastora Sandy 4 months ago +1

      Team Johnny
      However Johnny needs Jesus and so does Amber and this world🙏

    • Diana Kay Cadle
      Diana Kay Cadle 4 months ago


    • sharon sobolewski
      sharon sobolewski 4 months ago +6


    • Saraise McDonnel
      Saraise McDonnel 4 months ago

      Paid bot

  • Paola Ramírez
    Paola Ramírez 4 months ago +20

    I’m a Gemini and an INFP. Same as him and I really feel for him. Everything he is going through right now is so horrid. To fall in love and then realize that your ideas about this person were so wrong and you been gaslighted is just sad. He for sure is a sensitive and artistic man. We INFPS are the feelers of the feelers and to be deceived in this way is traumatic. I am 100% sure that after this he will remain single for a long time

  • Finnster
    Finnster 5 months ago +62

    Such a gentleman! He appears very thoughtful, kind and caring. It doesn’t seem to be in his DNA to harm anyone!

    • Polytasking
      Polytasking 4 months ago

      Girl he is an actor 😅

    • Paul Birkbeck
      Paul Birkbeck 5 months ago

      I think you could be right. Not a lot of malice in him

  • Cindy Thornton
    Cindy Thornton 4 months ago +50

    How he can still be "gentle" when talking about her is beyond me. He has such a caring, sweet spirit.

  • Alessandra Pikunas
    Alessandra Pikunas 5 months ago +5449

    He was very nice when he was trying to say that Bruce thought she was a bad actress. He chose the words “he was uncertain about her capabilities”. That was very thoughtful of him.

    • Lightfoot2612
      Lightfoot2612 3 months ago

      Actually for sure Bruce didnt think she was a bad actress. Because for sure he wouldnt auditioned her five times if she was that bad

    • Susie Q
      Susie Q 3 months ago

      @Natasha Noray that doesn't mean she overacts or that he thinks she does.

    • Kirsty MORELAND
      Kirsty MORELAND 3 months ago

      ​@Natasha Noray Not sure why you're making that comment Natasha, I never judged him for doing it - simply pointed out a fact

    • Natasha Noray
      Natasha Noray 3 months ago +1

      @Kirsty MORELAND I would like to see how you'd answer questions when you're trying to win a case on which your reputation depended.

    • Natasha Noray
      Natasha Noray 3 months ago

      @Lubna B he's a man. Quite possible. They both had significant others that they left. Doesn't justify what she did to him after though.

  • PerryPictures
    PerryPictures 5 months ago +70

    I hope hearing him tell the story through his eyes opens her heart up to what she forgot, and what she lost when she chose to tear him down to make herself feel tall. I hope she hears this and her heart is filled with regret at the truly beautiful thing she had and could have nurtured and thrived. It's also very sad they both betrayed their spouses to be together and that to me sounds like this relationship was doomed from the start. but thats just me.

    • Revanth
      Revanth 3 months ago

      zeldagoblin well said

    • zeldagoblin
      zeldagoblin 4 months ago +7

      @Jenni Talbot I think you're projecting a whole lot here. The reason people aren't sympathising with her, is because of her behaviour. I haven't watched much of Depp's testimony, and don't have huge interest in film, or in him. But those recordings say everything. She mocks, jeers, belittles, emasculates and crows over him. She behaves arrogantly and seems devoid of any love or respect.
      Those recordings tell a very different story to the one she's portraying. In terms of evidence, her side is sadly lacking, consisting mostly of her accusations, which are largely unsubstantiated.
      You can't insist on others using critical thinking while you use a ton of conjecture yourself. Using terms like "never intended to love her","just wanted to possess her" and "discard now that he has had his fun" is all subjective and emotive. You have no idea about any of those things, you've just assumed that and added your own bias, which springs from your personal experiences.
      Actors are not often neurotypical. I doubt either party are completely innocent, but the actual recordings and evidence are all the court can go from, and it certainly doesn't look good for Amber.

    • I Should Know This
      I Should Know This 5 months ago +4

      Judging by her face, I think she is planning her next move. No empathy to be found.

    • Jenni Talbot
      Jenni Talbot 5 months ago +3

      It amazes me that everyone knows he is the best actor out there and still are completely snowed by his efforts. I struggle to find one comment that is not completely following the path the media is now designating appropriate, when it seems to be each commenter on here has forgotten to have empathy for HER. She does love him. You can tell. She is having to rehash all of this against her will and is using it to remind herself why she had to leave. That is why she speaks with intensity. She thinks that if anyone will put themself in her shoes and imagine what she describes, they MUST see from her perspective, how scared she was, how terrified that when he becomes the man he was that night, that it won't matter WHAT she says to try to pull him out of it and back into her arms. Nothing reaches him. I KNOW that pain. It is rejection on top of being made to feel like a waste of life that he should just discard now that he has had his fun. You have to think, even with how pretty she is, where would she be looking to move up in terms of partners? She was married to freakin Johnny Depp. Of COURSE she wanted to keep him forever. She is obviously miserable and depressed. He is cutting up and laughing. You must use your critical thinking, children. Stop listening to the headlines and remember that you dont have to love Amber to know she got her heart shattered by a man that never intended to love her, just wanted to possess her. A couple years ago 2 body guards sued him for overtime they spent babysitting his kids because he was too strong out and drunk. Realize that all these witnesses have financial agendas, but his kids were likely witness to something and are going to learn by how this plays out. Kids learn alot about our court system by watching the adults use it as a weapon and they may think daddy is super powerful and cool because he can buy his end result, but they will have no idea what justice means.

    • zeldagoblin
      zeldagoblin 5 months ago +11

      I don't think she has the capacity for empathy.

  • Dan and Lisa
    Dan and Lisa 4 months ago +140

    Tell me I’m a bad actress without telling me I’m a bad actress. I love this man 👀

    • Giulia Cataldi
      Giulia Cataldi 4 months ago +1

      Being a good actor is not necessarily a good thing in court. He is a very good actor.

  • Cheryl
    Cheryl 5 months ago +28

    People say they are both actors and are acting on the stand and this may be true of both of them. The thing that sways it for me is that, even though it may be a publicity stunt, when Depp visits sick kids he is so kind, compassionate, and funny and those things could be an act but I truly believe he does care. To go to a hospital and see some seriously sick kids is hard to do at any time but he does it all the time and his personality doesn't change no matter how sick, how old or how many are waiting to talk to him he is the same patient guy.

    • Der Herr von Habenichts
      Der Herr von Habenichts 5 months ago +1

      Publicity stunt it most certainly is not. If it were, there'd be recordings of each and every visit, rammed down everyone's throat.

  • Nikki
    Nikki 4 months ago +34

    I can relate to JD in many ways. However I agree with everyone's analysis of him in the comments, he is a very uniquely thoughtful and calm person with integrity. He always seems to try and be sincere even with people that have wronged him.

  • Judith Crisp
    Judith Crisp 5 months ago +1443

    Even talking about his friend late friend Hunter, Johnny shows his deep respect and compassion for his friends, loved ones and colleagues. His determination to follow through on someone else’s dream after their passing shows us all what a tremendously empathic person he is. Every word he utters is very carefully thought about, showing us how painfully difficult this trial is for him. Amber’s lack of emotion here is just downright disturbing. Notice the very slight tensing of her facial muscles when Johnny mentions about Amber’s Rum Diaries character being able to kill him, possibly she’s thinking maybe she should have, when she had the chance to get away with it. When no one would suspect, leaving her a VERY wealthy widow. Allowing her to move on to her next victim.
    If the judge fails to see through Amber’s abysmal tangled web of deceit, placing the blame entirely onto Johnny, she has failed to acknowledge the very foundations of law and order humanity has strived so hard to build.

    • KumulusKloud
      KumulusKloud 15 hours ago

      @Dannykle in other words, the jury decides the outcome of the trial. What the judge thinks does not come into play

    • KumulusKloud
      KumulusKloud 15 hours ago

      Word is, she was not in his will. He also had trusts, as listed in their divorce settlement. Those were no doubt established before they met &/or married, so pretty sure her name would not have been added to those, either, in that short amount of time. It doesn't seem, to me anyway, that she would have gotten as much as one might think had he died, which may be one reason he survived that relationship, thank God. She could have maybe tried to claim some or all of his income earned during their short marriage, or from the date of marriage to the date of separation (15 months), but who knows how that would have shaken out. My point being, that chances are slim she would have become the proverbial "very wealthy widow". His kiddos were/are prob the beneficiaries of everything, altho I wouldn't be surprised if his sister was one of the beneficiaries of his production company, since she had an active role in it. If anyone has any evidence to the contrary, pls advise

    • Judith Crisp
      Judith Crisp 5 months ago

      In a perfect world we would all make the right choices, never make a mistake, no regrets, just perfection. Life is no way absolute perfection.

    • Sam Cole
      Sam Cole 5 months ago

      @Marina Zolotic yet another script lacking a plot.

  • Evelyn Moriarty
    Evelyn Moriarty 5 months ago +26

    Showing solidarity with JD by buying some of his movies this week that I don't already have...with the exception of The Rum Diary. All anyone has to do is look back through his interviews over the years to see what a genuine, gentle soul he is.

  • Rhonda Burke
    Rhonda Burke 4 months ago +7

    He seems to really think through what he wants to say and how he wants to say it. It proves how smart and honest he is.

  • Cudnpeter
    Cudnpeter 4 months ago +8

    12:01 proved something to me. Earlier he said something interesting when he talked about her acting, where stillness is needed, and not the (flailing of his arms.) It literally sums up this case. If you look at her, right when he talks about the kiss in the shower... In acting, that's the STILLNESS that he said she needed to learn. She looks at him with hurt, pain, love, excitement, longing, reminiscing...dare I say hope that he'll want her back and they will run across the court and embrace like a movie. Look at 12:01 when she fights that smile. It's so convincing to me that she is still in love with him, and reliving it in her head as he is speaking. There is no fear, or doubt in her eyes. But when she was on the stand, and her time to speak, she began to, as JD said, flail, and...miserably at that. If she wants to be a better actress, she can study these thirteen minutes of her looking at him...because if I am wrong, and she is not in love with him, that's Oscar worthy right there.

  • Jerri Evans
    Jerri Evans 4 months ago +21

    I want to say that when they got together and they came out publicly, listening to the things that attracted them to each other, I told so many people, "mark my words, this is set for disaster..." I remember one attraction he had to her was that she was young, wild and liked women as well as men. That was a clear reason NOT to get married.

  • Jaylinn Hansen
    Jaylinn Hansen 5 months ago +4444

    For those who haven't seen JD speak before, this is normal for him. He didn't do interviews much because he is extremely shy and likes to keep his personal life private. The way he talks isn't a sign of being intoxicated. He is very soft spoken and talks slow.

    • Cassie H
      Cassie H 4 months ago

      He is choosing his words very very carefully.

    • Nicole V
      Nicole V 4 months ago

      His Mercury is in Taurus. Like mine. Those of us with this natal chart placement speak in this manner. People think we are slow, however, that is the furthest thing from the truth. We are very intelligent. We are thoughtful in our delivery of words.

    • Arienne Bermosk
      Arienne Bermosk 5 months ago

      The in@chelsea catchings t ugh C uh in n

    • I AM
      I AM  5 months ago

      @Kimo Andrews yes I think they run through the questions that are going to be brought up..

    • Cutesy Bunny
      Cutesy Bunny 5 months ago

      He stutters some.

  • Michele Berara
    Michele Berara 4 months ago +3

    He really is very well spoken. He does have an amazing ability to hold your attention. He is very interesting to listen to. He doesn't beat around the bush, he gets to the point and he speaks with confidence, courage and integrity.

  • Sarah Taylor
    Sarah Taylor 4 months ago +41

    He’s got more charisma and charm than AH could ever wish for. She’s lucky that she was able to even be in his presence. It’s sad that he got caught up in her narcissistic, evil games.

  • Cri Nata Libera
    Cri Nata Libera 4 months ago +7

    So touching when he talks about the kiss…. Or how he fells for her. This is the only moment in the trial when Amber’s face seems showing some emotions.

  • Karim Madueno
    Karim Madueno 4 months ago +8

    He's a storyteller and a poet

  • alexandra
    alexandra 5 months ago +3355

    He could have just answered the first question of “how did you meet Amber?”as “on a movie set”….but instead he spent 8 and a half minutes recalling his thoughts and emotions around their meeting. He took his time to communicate and story-tell the connection they made . When I hear his friends and family explain him as a gentle and sensitive man, that right there, how he took 8 and a half minutes to explain the circumstances around their meeting, was evidence to support his friends and family’s sentiments.
    Johnny seems like a true gentlemen.

    • Bobbi Bartlett
      Bobbi Bartlett 2 months ago

      @Smashley-Devin That was embarrassing though. It’s so obvious what he’s doing.

    • Bobbi Bartlett
      Bobbi Bartlett 2 months ago

      @Smashley-Devin exactly

    • Bobbi Bartlett
      Bobbi Bartlett 2 months ago

      @Ana Nabi It is exhausting to hear people like yourself claim”Troll” just because someone can see something different than you.

    • Bobbi Bartlett
      Bobbi Bartlett 2 months ago

      @Anony mous After watching it I saw JD lawyer repeatedly interrupt Amber to shut her off, and the same on AH side for his witnesses.

    • Shania
      Shania 4 months ago

      @Danylla Gillette I’m ADHD and I cannot stay on topic like that for this amount of time hahaha

    PAULINE MCLAUGHLIN 3 months ago +3

    It is truly frightening how someone who has meant to love someone so deeply could put anyone through this.. Irrespective of who he is he will carry emotional scars from what he has been through and the impact this will have on his children.. She has to live with herself..

    • Revanth
      Revanth 3 months ago

      Wonder why she is doing this to him . Did she ever truly love him or did she pretend to love him when she realised he was attracted to her and took advantage of the situation to get married to this top Hollywood star when her heart was probably still with her wife as JD described who she was with at the time

  • mana kar
    mana kar 4 months ago +44

    I love Johnny Depp even more now for standing up for his rights like a man👏👏

  • Lynn McGown
    Lynn McGown 4 months ago +18

    Justice For Johnny He is calm thoughtful & considerate. It is in his face . She looks entitled & full of herself. To be constantly taping him is horrible. Awful to do this to someone .

    • carrie White
      carrie White 4 months ago

      She has that smug smirk on her face.

  • Eddy P
    Eddy P 4 months ago +14

    There are so many comments wondering why he spent so much time to say something which could have been said in a few words. I think it's part of the strategy of his team of lawyers to portrait him as a gentle, kind man who would never hurt anyone and I think they are doing a pretty good job at it, helped of course by Johnny himself. They are trying to show he is nothing like Amber and her lawyers are trying to make people believe.

  • Amy Ritchie
    Amy Ritchie 5 months ago +3553

    Even after everything she has put him through, he still talks about her like she’s an angel 😣😣

    • L.A W.T97
      L.A W.T97 4 months ago

      @J Mitch he's only trying to clear his name, has he no right to do that ?

    • L.A W.T97
      L.A W.T97 4 months ago

      @J Mitch no he didn't lol the first two court cases was her doing

    • J Mitch
      J Mitch 4 months ago +1

      @L.A W.T97 she isn’t perfect but he is the one who has drug them through 2 of these humiliating trials

    • L.A W.T97
      L.A W.T97 4 months ago

      @J Mitch don't be daft she's the one who started this fire she publicly humiliated this man she's getting what she deserves the evil woman

    • carrie White
      carrie White 4 months ago

      He did truly love her.

  • Samira Edi
    Samira Edi 3 months ago +1

    Johnny Depp chose his words carefully. He spoke in a manner that oozed integrity. And in all of that, he gave a master class in acting

  • Sahiba Kaur
    Sahiba Kaur 4 months ago +21

    He still spoke so highly of her which is crazy! He’s definitely very genuine and kind despite her being the abuser! 💜

  • Glamdolly30
    Glamdolly30 4 months ago +35

    "She could definitely kill me". Johnny, you don't know how true that statement is! I believe he's only alive today and wasn't murdered by Ms Heard, because he left for a Europe music tour immediately after telling her the marriage was over.
    Malignant narcissists like her frequently escalate their violence when the victim ends the relationship. I feel she was literally capable of killing him, when he rejected her. Ending the relationship takes away the abuser's power at a stroke, and they can't stand it. So in the most extreme cases like her, the abuser is so enraged they may even kill the victim to take their power back, and have the 'final say'.
    I think we could easily have been watching Amber Heard's trial for Johnny Depp's murder - and if we were, she'd be coming out with exactly the same lies about him 'beating her up', and claiming she only killed him in self defence. It's a chilling thought - I'm so glad he escaped her and lived to tell the tale.

    • Sarah Green
      Sarah Green 4 months ago +5

      I think he knows exactly how true it is. That’s why he said it

  • Thomas JR.
    Thomas JR. 4 months ago +104

    She treated him so poorly, put him down, and there's no grudge or hate in him to her.

    • Jill Myers
      Jill Myers 4 months ago +1

      @Jo Diah even if he is, theirs a stark difference in the way they both interact with the jury & the council. I have seen amber smirk, scowl, cry, everytime she looks at the jury she purposely makes it a point to pout as she makes eye contact with them. That's acting. Johnny may get a case of the giggles here and there, but he's just telling his side of the story for the most part. He doesn't seem to have the same type of vendetta as amber.

    • geraldine guerra
      geraldine guerra 4 months ago +4

      @Jo Diah Come on....He is not acting he just has more restrain than she does.

    • Meral
      Meral 4 months ago +3

      he does hate her but doesnt show it

    • Jo Diah
      Jo Diah 4 months ago +4

      Maybe he's just a better actor than she.

  • kirschquark.on.ice
    kirschquark.on.ice 5 months ago +2675

    He speaks so nicely about her, it tells so much about his character and personality. You can clearly notice that he chooses his words VERY carefully, so nothing can be misunderstood or somehow used against him. I'm so sorry for him. I love him as an actor and I really really hope that FINALLY he gets out of that misery, being treated like a leper. Stay strong Johnny!

    • T E
      T E 4 months ago +1

      @DeterminedZone I don’t think she loves him, she misses having control over him. That’s very apparent in the recording where she is telling him to hug her and he is saying he won’t ever look at her again. She probably thought she would always have power over him.

    • BeatGoat
      BeatGoat 4 months ago +1

      @thanet100 And the entirety of Amber's testimony demonstrates she's a terrible actress.

    • thanet100
      thanet100 4 months ago

      Just shows he's a good actor and people are gullible

  • Vanessa Orr
    Vanessa Orr 4 months ago +15

    Men with his tender heart and compassion are so few, you could probably count on one hand. Even after such heartbreak his genuine tenderness shows in his eyes.

  • Blessedchica
    Blessedchica 4 months ago +2

    I admire him so much! He’s so genuine ❤️

  • Whitney F
    Whitney F 4 months ago +3

    I do not feel he was intoxicated either. He appears quite opposite, he is very conscious and aware that every word spoken is important not to be misinterpreted or misspoken. He’s very clear and visibly recounting these events in his head from the time he is asking to describe. And to do it honestly and respectful esp considering the sensitive matter of losing his friend in such a devastating way.

  • Evi Tyhalas
    Evi Tyhalas 4 months ago +7

    What a nice,kind man he is.He speaks so kindly,so thoughtfully,it's like he is transported back to that day on Set.I hope Justice for Johnny prevails.

  • Elsie M
    Elsie M 5 months ago +3747

    When Johnny said, putting someone in a high stress situation isn't the best way to know what they're capable of, that really hit me so hard. As people who are kind, I think we're constantly underestimated for not acting out in anger

    • simone Lima
      simone Lima 5 months ago

      @Jacob St Gelais Yes!!! He even mention that on the court, she is crazy.

    • Ara Ara
      Ara Ara 5 months ago

      @neffdigity dog This is cope and the precise reason why drug use is childish, he literally admits that he takes drugs because ha can't deal with reality.

    • neffdigity dog
      neffdigity dog 5 months ago

      @Ara Ara "Childish druggie" Drug use has nothing to do with age and there is nothing childish about drug use.

    • Elsie M
      Elsie M 5 months ago

      Lowkey your statement within itself underestimates just how much someone can accomplish without moving through anger or resentment.

    • ezecskornfan
      ezecskornfan 5 months ago

      anger of patient or caring man is a frag grenade once it goes off: it can hurt anyone.

  • John Whitworth
    John Whitworth 4 months ago +14

    This case re-emphasizes the golden rule ; love and kindness and honesty is the only way to live..No stress when you are in that vibration/resonance....JD's voice carries that resonance which comes from within . The greatest thing about being older is we all learn to see beauty is within no matter creed color class etc

  • Tatiana Carpetner
    Tatiana Carpetner 4 months ago +4

    I think if I ever have trouble sleeping, I’m going to just listen to Johnny. His voice is so soothing.

  • Natalia Hernandez
    Natalia Hernandez 4 months ago +2

    I like the way he explain things, so sweet. No wonder why lots of people love him.

  • Dianne Butler
    Dianne Butler 4 months ago +4

    It's great having these side-by-side views of Johnny as he's speaking, and her face as she's listening. She looks like she's SEETHING INSIDE while Johnny is speaking gently and kindly. He's describing her tendency to OVERACT, and how he took on a subtle ACTING COACH role showing how in some roles LESS IS MORE, which was what they needed for the character she was being hired to portray. She is SO VAIN... we can see she RESENTS even the suggestion that HE HELPED HER BE A BETTER ACTRESS, and she can barely conceal her contempt. Ugh. What a shallow, ungrateful NARCISSIST she is.

  • Jenny Eddins
    Jenny Eddins 5 months ago +2740

    The fact that he checked on her during that scene and decided she didn't need to be nude, really says a lot about what kind of a man he is.

    • Ethan the Pro
      Ethan the Pro 5 months ago +2

      @Carolina My parents got divorced when I was five. Father had lied to my mother for years and was cheating on her. Same thing happened with her husband before him, and she hasn't married again in the 12 years since. I believe she loved both of them, but they clearly didn't love her.
      Stuff like that with all of the divorce you see makes me scared of the idea of being able to love and trust someone. I know there are plenty of healthy, loving marriages in the world, but it seems that well-intentioned people are hurt so often. Such is life, I suppose. I hope you're able to find someone right for you one day, if you still want true love.

    • Carolina
      Carolina 5 months ago +2

      @Ethan the Pro Partly by experience of realising someone felt everything else for me but love and I was the only one actually loving, partly by looking at the world around me and other people’s relationship and partly also by reading about it. I honestly think that is why there’s so much divorce.
      Love is the only emotion capable to maintain something long term. It makes you eternally curious and interested about your partner, care about them beyond what they can provide or offer you, not resent them when they are incapable of meeting your needs (because you’re not with them simply to have your needs met) and it is the only thing that can defeat pride when conflict arises and makes people able to accept others with their flaws and not blame the other person, enables you to apologise honestly, work on things and make something blossom exponentially instead of being something that seems nice but becomes a train wreck after a while. The sad thing is very few people know true love and will just end up “loving” the way they can which is not doing it and just relying on lesser feelings to keep them afloat. There’s too much ego in relationships and that only coexists with attraction (by mimicking confidence) and lust (as support of extra pride).

    • Ethan the Pro
      Ethan the Pro 5 months ago

      @Carolina That's beautiful, where did you learn all this stuff? (Sorry if that sounds sarcastic; I mean this genuinely.)

    • Carolina
      Carolina 5 months ago +2

      @Yo S. True love is not an arrangement. Lust is not love. And attraction is not loving anyone. And attraction on its own and pure infatuation is not a great reason to marry someone. Again: that’s not love.
      People confusing all of this leads to toxic relationships, bad decisions like Johnny Depp and not very long lasting relationships that look like a lot but do not amount to much like your case.
      You only love someone after seeing that faults without rose coloured glasses and accept them and work together on those. Some people will say they love someone by simply being entertained, validated or having fun with someone. For some people I love you means I like to kiss you, meet you and have fun, I like to watch movies with you or hold your hands. All of those reasons can make the word love interchangeable with anything else. But when I say I love my sister for example, and that means I’d donate her my organs or give my life for her, that cannot be redirected to anything else than love.
      Love is not attraction, lust, infatuation or selfish love. And often times people who cannot see what it is will have a hard time valuing something truthful and will hang on to brief relationships of lust that they think were love and have a hard time amounting to something in a relationship and end up miserable or in that courtroom because they didn’t develop a good sense of judgement on real and true feelings.

    • Yo S.
      Yo S. 5 months ago

      @Carolina Just because you think those aren't the 'right reasons' doesn't mean that attraction doesn't exist, even if it's for misaligned reasons. I'm just an anonymous stranger on the internet so I've got nothing to lose, so I'll tell you. I got to date once a very renowned rockstar (probably Depp is acquaintance of him). Needless to say, he was quite mature and I was around 22. What impressed me about him wasn't his money or his power. What first fascinated me was *his mind* and talent and how his music spoke to my soul. I wanted to know him at his core, for that was where the essence of his music was, to me. I'm a musician as well and I guess I was looking for answers to my own sensitivity. And to be honest, his appearance at his age was more than graceful and certainly very attractive. That's why I got involved with him even though his reasons clearly were different. The reasons we fall for someone are totally different for every one and often difficult to understand. I understand now why I did fall for him and it's unlikely I'd fall that hard again solely based on that criteria, nevertheless I can still be attracted to someone because of the talent they display. 'True love' is a very broad term that involves many types of arrangements between people. I do think I loved that guy, even if it was for reasons different to what you or I believe it's right. But the love I've got it's what it is and it's what I felt and gave at that moment. I've got the same love inside me now, but perhaps it might be triggered by other sort of reasons after that experience. Still, both be forms of love.

  • Lucky Angel
    Lucky Angel 4 months ago +13

    He is a real artist, a romantic man.

    The ART of EXPERIENCING 5 months ago +1

    Specificity is what great actors do, in telling a story in behaving in a story, real or fiction. He’s one of the great actors. As we can see here in his understanding of the art of a acting. When she’s on the stand she’s general in her telling her side, due to lacking elements of truth. Truth provides details, lying provides generalities.

  • Carole Abrego
    Carole Abrego 4 months ago +5

    Jonny Depp is such a class act 🎬
    He's voice is comforting .

  • Lori Sirène
    Lori Sirène 4 months ago +4

    Showing support by watching his movies on streaming channels. Sends a message to Hollywood to get his career back on track 🙂

  • Elle W
    Elle W 5 months ago +2678

    I truly love Johnny’s voice.

    • Deanna Springer
      Deanna Springer 4 months ago

      OMG me too!!!!!! Dreamy

    • D Walker
      D Walker 5 months ago

      So do I

    • Dee Campbell-Coombe
      Dee Campbell-Coombe 5 months ago

      Ditto… he can read me a bedside story any night. 😊

    • Dalton Stapleton
      Dalton Stapleton 5 months ago

      It’s soothing. He should read a book

    • Annmaree Pearce
      Annmaree Pearce 5 months ago

      Yes, but his accent sounds Scottish in parts. It's nice but I can't put my finger on his accent.

  • Danni Spalding
    Danni Spalding 4 months ago +9

    I have never felt so much admiration for a man I'm sorry he has been put through this

  • Michelle Din
    Michelle Din 5 months ago +3

    I am so glad he mentioned what attracted him to AH was that she was literate and enjoyed reading which I'd heard before. His acknowledgement of that is meaningful even though it all went so wrong which is truly regrettable. I wonder what she read 📚 ? May be she's not much of a reader these days, though 🤔

  • Kat Doc
    Kat Doc 5 months ago +1

    Anybody who has been a fan of Johnny Depp or even if they haven't knows that this is how he's ALWAYS been in interviews and appearances etc. It's NOT bc he's under the influence or that he's like this bc of what drugs did to him.

  • Sara Palczynski
    Sara Palczynski 4 months ago +4

    He loved Hunter. I went to see Fear and Loathing. I didn’t discover Hunter until after he passed away truly. My first tattoo is the Gonzo symbol and I have two Ralph Steadman tattoos. He’s a very inspiring writer.

  • Alfaro Siqueiros
    Alfaro Siqueiros 3 months ago +1

    Wonderful honest man, thinking on the others feelings .He always been supportive to others;even to this cynical woman.

  • Patricia Espinoza
    Patricia Espinoza 4 months ago +1

    What a gentleman, choosing his words and taking care of her ❤

  • Aprill Sloof
    Aprill Sloof 4 months ago +5

    Him describing the kiss in the shower. Breaking hearts everywhere.

  • chris martinez
    chris martinez 4 months ago

    If someone hates someone I don’t think they’d go into every specific detail explaining how they met that person when asked 👏🏽 Johnny is a stand up guy 😎

    REDЯUM 5 months ago +1248

    His shyness and difficulty communicating is really something I feel a lot of people can relate to more than they want to admit. Not to forget he's clearly very nervous.
    Sure he's a well renowned actor - but ask yourself how often actors are given the opportunity to be themselves in the public eye. Especially someone as famous as him.
    This is probably the longest he's ever gone - being himself - while knowing *everyone* is watching and listening.
    It's a difficult thing to process, but he's having to openly admit to the truths that have come out, all while trying to stay on topic + trying to stay calm & collected + trying not to screw up his testimony.
    *Mad respects honestly - his bravery is paramount.*

    • Tina Pham
      Tina Pham 5 months ago

      I dunno I’m shy and an introvert I wouldn’t talk so much.

    • marianne turner
      marianne turner 5 months ago +1

      @The Truth read the post from Redrum, this man is an actor, he reads scripts, this is probably the longest he's gone just being himself. I've seen many actors on talk shows and interviews, they can have a hard time communicating just being themselves.

    • marianne turner
      marianne turner 5 months ago +1

      @The Truth and you do? Give me a break!

    • The Truth
      The Truth 5 months ago

      @Rick S and be heartless like yourself? Johnny actually has a heart. People who don’t like when things are slower and we’ll thought out are those who don’t want to feel the pain they put their heart through

    • The Truth
      The Truth 5 months ago

      @marianne turner you have no idea what you’re talking about

  • blindsightedkill
    blindsightedkill 4 months ago +1

    Maybe it's just me but if I was hearing how someone fell for me I would have shown any shred of emotion: Happiness, sadness, pondering, remembering, etcetera.
    Even if it ended badly, hate destroys you. I wish my ex well.

  • Mimmi Brorsson
    Mimmi Brorsson 4 months ago

    I love Johnny, he's such a wonderful person

    PATRICIA YOUNG 4 months ago +2

    Team Johnny! So sad that it had to go to court like this, exposing all the details of someone’s childhood and life. Johnny will bounce back from this, and he will do it with class! He even tried to warn her that this would not go well for her and to please do this thing peacefully. Her behavior speaks volumes . Shame on you ,,Amber. May you find some peace with yourself one day

  • Gab rielle
    Gab rielle 5 months ago +2

    This entire trial sounds like it would be a GREAT movie!! I'm going to miss watching him every day and peeking into his personal life.

  • Nereyda Cortes
    Nereyda Cortes 3 months ago +1

    God bless Johnny Depp . He Is a true, real gentleman.

  • Cori Asher
    Cori Asher 5 months ago +2

    He is an absolute beautiful spirit..I hope everything good happens to this man..prayer for all the light and love for his life's path..we see you Mr. Depp..trust me we see you and through her and all her lies...This to shall pass❤️❤️❤️

  • Regina O'Sullivan
    Regina O'Sullivan 4 months ago +5

    There is nothing more powerful than a humble person ⚓

  • SIS Hussain
    SIS Hussain 4 months ago +1

    Despite the slow motion in delivering his speech..... Im a little engaged by his experience and able to visualise and feel that moment he's rendering for us. ...quite vividly.
    I think Real Artist has this capacity.
    If they want to, they manage to make us absorbed into their world and feel how they feel. See how they see.

  • Greg Bromberg
    Greg Bromberg 5 months ago +780

    I think what he’s doing with his response is rather brilliant, whether intended or not. His very long and personal answers show warmth and thoughtfulness.

    • SeleneM
      SeleneM 5 months ago

      just because he wants to appear caring

    • Be Real
      Be Real 5 months ago

      He is an actor! Nobody drags out an answer like this. Q. How did you meet A. We met in.... At... Through... Instead 8.5 minutes!!

    • Deer Heart
      Deer Heart 5 months ago

      @Tracey Mitchell it was rather long !!! And I am team him

    • Peace of mind of peace
      Peace of mind of peace 5 months ago +2

      Yes, he comes across as a civil person.

    • Carolina
      Carolina 5 months ago

      It’s a pity he is only thinking now. He knew it started wrong and didn’t do anything to stop it. 12:28 I hope he learned his lesson as well.

  • Eyeswideopen
    Eyeswideopen 5 months ago +1

    Johnny is a true artist at heart 💓

  • Nessie
    Nessie 4 months ago +13

    She had a wife? Didn't know she was married before.
    Besides that, that's beautiful how it storytold their love eventhough she doesn't deserve that kindness and caring, it shows that he doesn't hold grudges and want all of that to end and move on with their lives.

  • J Lock
    J Lock 4 months ago +2

    I cannot wait to see this man tear up the screen again. True craftsman!

  • rick nguyen
    rick nguyen 3 months ago +1

    Love his honesty.

  • Mita
    Mita 4 months ago +2

    I could listen to his voice all day and make it as my lullaby lol

  • Alysia Villasenor
    Alysia Villasenor 4 months ago +7

    This case has reminded me of Travis Alexander "RIP" because Amber has the same diagnosis as Jodi Arias boarder line personality disorder the rage is dangerous.
    Thank God Johnny got out with his life. I really hope Amber will get the help she needs to maintain a healthy relationship in the future God help her!🙏
    And I also hope Johnny gets the therapy he needs to heal and get the treatment he needs to stay clean and sober. Blessings to Him and his children. 🙏