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Johnny Depp Talks Finding Human Fecal Matter On His Bed

  • Published on Apr 19, 2022
  • During his testimony on Wednesday, Johnny Depp spoke about when he received pictures of human fecal matter on his side of the bed. Amber Heard allegedly blamed the dogs, but Depp alleges that it may have been Heard due to the size of the fecal matter.
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  • Heather Kay
    Heather Kay 5 months ago +21181

    I don’t understand why people find it so hard to believe that there are women abusers. There are. I commend Johnny for holding his character.

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne 3 days ago

      @Dewi Lew narccissists dislike being wrong.

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne 3 days ago

      @Edie Wall narccissists...

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne 3 days ago

      @King Ghidorah femenists use it as a one way street only..that's why...💯

    • Lavinia donati Teatro
      Lavinia donati Teatro Month ago

      exactly. This is beyond me.

    • Randy Soerries
      Randy Soerries Month ago

      If it wasn't for that split-tail no problem at all. Period.

  • maui jah
    maui jah 4 months ago +553

    What this woman did to this man is just pure evil. She severed his finger, took a dump on his side of the bed, beat him up...this is just very horrible. No wonder everyone is against her.

  • Chloë Wright
    Chloë Wright 4 months ago +138

    I know Johnny Depp is a fantastic actor, but I honestly believe he's telling the truth about everything he's said in this case.

  • jenjen196869
    jenjen196869 4 months ago +195

    As a victim of Domestic Violence myself, my heart goes out to Mr. Depp. I pray that he finds peace and happiness in his life.

  • Crystal Stigall
    Crystal Stigall 4 months ago +670

    The look on her face as he's telling the stories he tells says it all!!! She knows he's telling the truth!!!

    • CreationsByCrystal
      CreationsByCrystal 4 months ago +10

      Yes her facial expressions, were the same, kinda "freeze frame" for 20 min,'s then switch it up to another blank look for a while. She seems heartless to me. An actress playing a part when she was on stand !

    • Faviola Armenta
      Faviola Armenta 4 months ago +6

      Unlike her that every word she says has to say it to the jury as convincing them.

  • Dominica Roberts
    Dominica Roberts 5 months ago +10139

    It’s actually kind of sweet that he explains what Coachella is and doesn’t just assume everyone already knows. It shows a modesty about his own walk of life.

    • ALLY S
      ALLY S Month ago

      Yeah true. I didn’t think it was an event where people one out to CA and dress in weird costumes. But it sounds like a modern day Woodstock

    • Baaxie
      Baaxie 2 months ago

      I thought the same.

    • Gail Wright
      Gail Wright 3 months ago

      It's a musical alcoholic drug fashion show fun for most.

    • leah kraeuter
      leah kraeuter 4 months ago

      is what what you took away from this trial lol

    • Ru
      Ru 4 months ago

      Coachella is a yearly event notoriously known that attendees imbue a LOT of drugs and alcohol.

  • Velasco Charlotte
    Velasco Charlotte 4 months ago +489

    You can see at Johnny's eyes that he is traumatized, depressed while he was speaking out what he encountered from Amber Heard. So sad for Johnny. I hope justice will be given to Johnny🙏

  • Margarita Perez
    Margarita Perez 4 months ago +403

    You don't deserve this Johnny. You deserve a better person. Someone that treats you with respect.

    • Chelle chelle
      Chelle chelle 4 months ago +3

      We don't know what this man deserves, we only know bits and pieces of him through testimony. And let's not forget he had a girlfriend for about 14 15 years with kids that he never married who he should have married rather than this Amber who is half his age and don't know a thing about how marriage works

    • S. Fuller
      S. Fuller 4 months ago

      I totally agree

    • A new thought every day
      A new thought every day 4 months ago +1

      Amen 🙏 to that

    • Zhenya Mugisa
      Zhenya Mugisa 4 months ago +7

      After this he will likely never get involved with a woman again! I wouldn't blame him.

  • Kathleen Fonseca
    Kathleen Fonseca 4 months ago +185

    "Life is a bird song", so poetically said. This man is an artist. There is no way he could be the actor that he is without having an enormously sensitive heart and soul. I am so glad you were vindicated in court. Onward and upward, Johnny. You have a marvelous career ahead.

  • Peter Stanakis
    Peter Stanakis 4 months ago +260

    When she realized Johnny was done with her for good ,she went on a revenge fueled vendetta against him...the thing that disturbs me most isn't that a woman can be this terrible of an abuser, that's easily believed. It's all the people that Johnny took into his confidence that were Amber's friends and family,that betrayed his kindness so quickly! Bad people run together,and Amber's "pack" were ALL wolves,disgusting!

    • Khayr mithaiwala
      Khayr mithaiwala 3 months ago +1

      Not wolves they are loyal …… they are a pack of foxes

    • Music Station
      Music Station 3 months ago +1

      Most women do that

    • david kaye
      david kaye 4 months ago +3

      @🥥Còco-Clive ღ 🥥 (ASMR & Genealogy ) That's the problem with wolves, their paws are useless for picking up knives!! They do seem to pick on the weakest member of the pack though.

  • Nora Leach
    Nora Leach 5 months ago +6699

    There’s no way this private man would relay all of these painful, disturbing and embarrassing moments if they were not 100% true. Justice for Johnny!

    • MorningMary67
      MorningMary67 2 months ago

      my thoughts exactly!

    • anadolorify
      anadolorify 3 months ago

      @Anna Conway different meaning he lost his defamation case against a newspaper that called him a wife beater?

    • Anna Conway
      Anna Conway 3 months ago

      @The Amber Heard Playlist!!Johnny Depp es racista God loves a trier, quit while you're still ahead

    • Anna Conway
      Anna Conway 3 months ago

      @anadolorify You are soooo wrong. JD sued Sun newspaper inUK. Totally different. Get your facts straight, stop talking rubbish

    • Kim Maples
      Kim Maples 4 months ago

      @Linda Puertes Deals I wouldn't say weakness, I think it's strength

  • Stuart D89
    Stuart D89 4 months ago +501

    She looks more upset listening to him explaining this attack than I’ve ever seen her in this entire trial, he’s speaking the truth here.

    • Maria Roncara
      Maria Roncara 4 months ago +1

      That was very EVIL and cruel of him, if it really happened, to say it for all the world to hear! I hate him for this!

    • Stephanie Lorenzini Coleman
      Stephanie Lorenzini Coleman 4 months ago +5

      It's because she has lost all control over the situation, even moreso she's lost control over him.

    • karen kennison
      karen kennison 4 months ago +5

      @Cote Vallejos that definitely makes sense! It explains why my ex-husband ‘cried’ after being served with the divorce papers! Even though he was vacationing with his mistress, he really thought I would never do it. I always wondered why he was so upset when he had made it quite clear to me that he didn’t love me.

    • Cote Vallejos
      Cote Vallejos 4 months ago +4

      @Julian Lim Yes, for example: If their “plan” was to manipulate someone to do certain type of action or just to believe in their personality trait (like being charming or to have everything under control) but that doesn’t work out, they feel shame and anger because they didn’t accomplish what they have planned. It’s a little bit complicated to explain but I hope I made it a little bit clear.

  • Beom Seok King
    Beom Seok King 4 months ago +181

    This brought tears 😭 to my eyes a man listening to him narrate all that he went through and recounting her mom passing. This man has been through so much pain and suffering.

  • sannahsaurus
    sannahsaurus 4 months ago +113

    My father died last year, the fact that he had to deal with that while this woman continued to make him suffer in different ways is just.. my heart criea for Johnny. I’ve been in abusive relationships and you can tell how genuine he is with what he’s saying, he’s so uncomfortable while she’s forcing herself to tears to look like the victim. It’s soooo clear to me who the victim here is, and it’s NOT Amber.

    • Jessi Fickle
      Jessi Fickle 3 months ago +2

      @The Amber Heard Playlist!! Yeah, right. 😆

    • luvvvellaa
      luvvvellaa 4 months ago +3

      @The Amber Heard Playlist!! what are you even talking abt 😭

    • W A T C H
      W A T C H 4 months ago


    • The Amber Heard Playlist!!
      The Amber Heard Playlist!! 4 months ago

      I have 2 contents on Johnny Depp's history of violence on The Amber Heard Playlist!!

  • Mandy DeGirolamo
    Mandy DeGirolamo 5 months ago +206

    I could listen to him all day. He would make the perfect narrator for e-books to listen to!

  • Johanna Wareing
    Johanna Wareing 5 months ago +5379

    Takes courage for a man to come out and admit he was the victim. I have every respect for him.

    • 000 Kalla
      000 Kalla 5 months ago

      @bearsuit Clan He had a better but left her for AH

    • bearsuit Clan
      bearsuit Clan 5 months ago +2

      hollywood really got the best of this man. He deserved a million times better than AH

    • Shubham Pratap
      Shubham Pratap 5 months ago

      When will this court trial end

    • Daniela Mancini
      Daniela Mancini 5 months ago

      What a sick, dangerous relationship they had...

    • Walter Dayrit
      Walter Dayrit 5 months ago

      @Mike Powell That is unfortunately true.

  • Maria Villarreal
    Maria Villarreal 4 months ago +193

    “I had made peace with Betty sue, because I understood where she came from, and I understood how difficult her childhood was and I understood that she had not had the proper training or proper teaching or the proper background to be anything other than what she had been when we were younger. I forgave her for all that..as one would- should“. I love you Johnny. Family is everything. Now and forever love.

    • Mary Puente
      Mary Puente 4 months ago +8

      Did you notice how she smirked when he said that he understood she didn't have the proper training or background? Such a strange reaction...

  • Abigail Brickler
    Abigail Brickler 4 months ago +86

    This was so difficult to watch. My heart truly does go out to Johnny. You can tell by how soft-spoken he is and by how many times he pauses during his testimony how difficult it is for him to talk about all of this.

  • Sherry Turner
    Sherry Turner 3 months ago +18

    I hope that he finds love and peace and lives happily ever after. He deserves that.

    IPSOS MAATI 4 months ago +78

    I am gratified that people are getting the true measure of the man. He has won over many new hearts.

    • Nicky
      Nicky 4 months ago +3

      I am a Fan now, thank the Universe for this trial.. It reveals ALL!

  • AnaRomello
    AnaRomello 5 months ago +7060

    Anybody who's ever been with a manipulative, gaslighting narcissist knows how they never stop until they get a reaction from you. They drive you to the brink of sanity. I support Depp.

    • Magic Moths
      Magic Moths 4 months ago

      Spot on

    • Candy Odom
      Candy Odom 5 months ago +2

      Absolutely. I have never been one to argue. I walk away and get some time to think. But the narcissist I'm with won't let me walk. He does one thing after another until I flip out

    • Anne CW
      Anne CW 5 months ago +2

      I have and you’re absolutely correct! Justice for Johnny

    • Eric Perry
      Eric Perry 5 months ago +2

      My wife would do the same thing to me, trying over and over again to get a reaction. And when she finally did would hit record on her phone and start talking in the nicest calming voice.

    • andrea nasa-dyke
      andrea nasa-dyke 5 months ago +1

      Totally.. they will do their best 2 destroy u. Emotionally, mentally & spiritually. U walk on eggshells all the time, the anxiety & stress & pain of living with a gaslighting narcissist 4 the last 2 yrs has done a great deal of damage that I'm not entirely certain I will EVER B able 2 repair. Good 4 u, Johnny, 4 having the courage 2 do something about it. I just don't know WHAT 2 do anymore. I'm so unhappy...😔

  • EmJay
    EmJay 4 months ago +180

    Johnny Depp explaining Coachella to the jury is adorable 🥺

      SWEETNIYA'S LIFE 4 months ago +2

      The innocent look on his face🥺

    • Nori Jean
      Nori Jean 4 months ago +3

      There's many bands, people are cheerfully watching concerts and drink soda.

    • 💕Jonghyun's Shawol 💕
      💕Jonghyun's Shawol 💕 4 months ago +1

      @Becks Bolero 66 Yes, thank goodness!! 🙏

    • 💕Jonghyun's Shawol 💕
      💕Jonghyun's Shawol 💕 4 months ago +5

      Haha, so it wasn't just me thinking that 😃 So freaking cute... I love this man and he WILL get out of this unscathed!!

    • Dee
      Dee 4 months ago +5

      I was waiting for him to say it’s a music festival for kids of course she’d go.

  • Selina Sanchez
    Selina Sanchez 5 months ago +207

    So his Mother is dying and this woman is treating him this way. This is awful, crim, depressing Sorry for your Loss Johnny 💔😢

  • Brenda Lee Taylor
    Brenda Lee Taylor 4 months ago +88

    At probably the worst time of his life he had no support from his wife. That is tragic and I'm so sorry for him having to go through his mother passing essentially alone without a strong shoulder.

    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp 3 months ago

      Specify with your name when you write me on the telegram account above

    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp 3 months ago


    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp 3 months ago

      Hello ma’am,
      Trust this message meets you well. In my sadness, I hoped for happiness, in sorrow I bore a smile & that is because of YOU, my ever loyal Depphead. Thank you for standing with me through my trial. I’ll like you to send me a message
      /telegram/ using my
      Endeavor to add ur name to the text so I can single ur message out.i don't reply unsolicited messages.
      Warm Regards

  • D N
    D N 4 months ago +489

    This woman is literally insane. Can't believe Johnny put up with all of her crap (literally).

    • D N
      D N 4 months ago +1

      @Lady Virtue It's called insanity

    • D N
      D N 4 months ago +1

      @Patricia Strassner She is insane. Period

    • Patricia Strassner
      Patricia Strassner 4 months ago

      Some say we marry people like our mothers or fathers. I see that a lot. Guess they are trying to "master their traumas". Does not seem to work.

    • Kim Maples
      Kim Maples 4 months ago +1

      She was like his mother was to his father
      Somehow he thought he could deal with it
      Now he is done

    • Patricia Strassner
      Patricia Strassner 4 months ago

      I want to be a fly on the wall during her next job interview. 😂 😆.

  • Nikolai Chenqov
    Nikolai Chenqov 5 months ago +7074

    I absolutely LOVE that she has to sit there and NOT blow up and deny and deflect and change the topic of the testimony. First time she's probably ever had to shut up and just listen. You can tell it's just destroying her. I love it. All Hail Johnny Depp 🙌

    • fittvstar
      fittvstar 5 months ago

      Good point! Support for Johnny always and the best is yet to come!

    • Elle
      Elle 5 months ago +2

      Hail Johnny Depp? Careful who you idol. I hope he wins the trial as well, but Hail Johnny Depp. Get a grip.

    • Brian Murphy
      Brian Murphy 5 months ago +1

      Ms. Hankey Poo

    • Ann Exists
      Ann Exists 5 months ago +1

      Oh my god! I was thinking about this the whole time! It's precious

    • Hanne Woldeck
      Hanne Woldeck 5 months ago +1

      @Renea P haha I know, I love it! And best of all, she brought this on herself. Also the fact that no one is supporting her, she gets booed or ignored, while JD gets love and support everywhere he goes says it all.

  • Bev Carter
    Bev Carter 3 months ago +23

    Johnny is completely believable. I really never knew who AH was until this trial. She seems to be a nut case. I am so happy the jury got it right.

  • Ian O'Donnell
    Ian O'Donnell 4 months ago +56

    It’s great how her vile behavior, lies, and feigned victimhood when she is clearly the aggressor in the audio that’s been played, have brought the world together in their hatred of her. Her faces literally makes me feel sick, she’s grotesque

    • Denise Lockett
      Denise Lockett 3 months ago +1


    • den
      den 4 months ago +2

      She indeed has multiple faces !

  • Thuy Pham
    Thuy Pham 3 months ago +5

    When JD was asked about his mother's health, it's so heart-breaking to see him be silenced for a moment before he could speak. It's so unbelievable to me that a wife could put on a divorce just after 3 days when the husband's mother passed away

  • allgirrrl Rider
    allgirrrl Rider 4 months ago +55

    This trial has given Johnny back his reputation imo. He is a true victim. His only crime was allowing Amber's physical beauty to blind him

    • afriendcalled5
      afriendcalled5 4 months ago +2

      There are tons of beautiful women he could be with. He was attracted to her because they liked the same things: blues music and reading.

    • Jaime Paredes
      Jaime Paredes 4 months ago +1

      Never saw her physical features above or high praise .. she looks like a regular girl... I dont get it

  • Red Wave
    Red Wave 5 months ago +6249

    In 20+ years of working in the Criminal Justice arena, we learn a lot about human behavior through both experience dealing with people and training - Ms. Heard's facial expression which literally doesn't change through this entire testimony tells me 2 things - Pretty much, Depp's testimony is factual and truthful because while not everyone is exactly the same, most people will show facial reactions to comments that they believe to be false, especially when the comments are attributed to them - she does nothing of the sort, so his testimony is accurate. Further, her complete lack of emotion or really any reaction at all suggests a very cold individual. I'm sure that Johnny had his moments in this relationship of being less than a stand-up guy, but from what I've seen and heard, she's the problem and the Jury already knows it.

    • Janie Phillips
      Janie Phillips 4 months ago

      Your reaction is spot on. I don't work in the system, but her lack of a reaction to anything he said tells us she pushed him to throw things, and she is a liar. We don't know him personally, but he is telling the truth, I will always believe him over this nightmare he married.

    • Trouver Paradise
      Trouver Paradise 5 months ago

      Yes and no. I get think this "stone face" when dealing with frustration

    • itzmawilletts
      itzmawilletts 5 months ago

      @Michelle Gonzalez you don't think medication makes you stoned? Duh!!

    • Michelle Gonzalez
      Michelle Gonzalez 5 months ago

      Maybe she is medicated!

    • itzmawilletts
      itzmawilletts 5 months ago

      @Ryan Poe please send us a link for the studies that PROVE his statement is false.

  • Delariva Teresa
    Delariva Teresa 4 months ago +14

    I love his facial expressions and his voice when he says "it was so outside, so bizarre and so grotesque"

  • K E
    K E 5 months ago +126

    Who ever decided to have this televised is genius. She is found guilty in the court of public opinion. (I’m not sure what she is guilty of, but she is, and she’s gone to be exiled worse than Winona Rider after the shop lifting incident)

    • Rosario Blackwood
      Rosario Blackwood 3 months ago +2

      Lol 😂 the Winona incident looks like q kid taking a cookie from a cookie jar in comparison to this!

    • kelly Goodman
      kelly Goodman 5 months ago +6

      lock her up

    • Lenaa Lasley
      Lenaa Lasley 5 months ago +18

      what's crazy is she tried to fight cameras in the court room but since johnny took her to court he objected he wants people to know what happened. he's always been private but he knows this is wrong. We stand with you Johnny!!!!

    • Jessica Clayton
      Jessica Clayton 5 months ago +21

      Johnny depp fought for it to be a public live case she tried to prevent it x

  • Isabella McMurry
    Isabella McMurry 4 months ago +69

    One thing that seems consistent throughout the trial is that while Amber, the so- called 'victim', shares the stories of the AB that she allegedly went through, she's speak fast and is blunt and very dramatic. But with Johnny, he speaks slowly, softly and takes a lot of quiet pauses, almost as if he really is struggling to relive these experiences.

    • theCosmicQueen
      theCosmicQueen 4 months ago

      or to remember his lines. Hint-- he's a very well paid actor.

    • Robert Miller
      Robert Miller 4 months ago

      What transpired in her view was not real.

  • Dr.A
    Dr.A 4 months ago +75

    I knew nothing of Johnny Depp other than his character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I just don’t care about Hollywood. I walked past the screen a few times and kept seeing this case. I am now captivated by such noble character in such a dysfunctional industry. He is an outstanding man who has captured my heart and interest. Well done AH. The only reason I’m here is because of an incident on The Peoples Court where a lady did the exact same thing and ppl referred to her. I was like who is this chick. Full circle connection. Now I watch tv and have upgraded from a book nerd. The meek really are inheriting the Earth. I’m so proud of you my dear. You just showed the entire world that good will never cease to prevail. AH put that in your pipe and smoke it along with all 10 seconds of your fam.

    • tea withme
      tea withme 4 months ago

      Donnie Brosco. Based on a true story. Very good!

    • James Ferguson
      James Ferguson 4 months ago +1

      If youre looking for the best Depp movies.. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Blow.. That will keep you busy for a few days and youll want to watch them all more than once lol

    • siren UK
      siren UK  4 months ago +1

      @James Ferguson I've never seen any of his films. Trailers but nothing else. Watching him now I feel very sorry for him. That woman has the spirit of a jezebel.

    • Dr.A
      Dr.A 4 months ago +1

      @Makeup by Rynn really the new Alice in Wonderland? Thank you for the awesome referrals

  • jo
    jo 5 months ago +5623

    this poor man, he’s so worn down. You can really tell he’s such a docile soft-hearted person. he’s not even really angry at her, just tired and hurt. I hope he wins this and goes on to live a life as a redeemed man and heal with peace and confidence

    • Marie Cashwell Brantley
      Marie Cashwell Brantley 4 months ago


    • Janie Phillips
      Janie Phillips 4 months ago

      You said that so well. Good hearted people like him that gets mixed up with someone like her, it's heartbreaking.🌹❤️

    • Donna Croce
      Donna Croce 5 months ago

      @Kirsty Cooper oh no, not all. Some have dared to speak of the rages, destroyed property, cocaine binges, etc

    • Donna Croce
      Donna Croce 5 months ago

      @Janice Ervin he's been doing street drugs his whole life. He blames his rages on being a junkie and alcoholic

    • Kathie Hoss
      Kathie Hoss 5 months ago

      @StyxNyx1 no it was Roxycodone ,he got injured in one of the pirate movies, so he developed an opiate addiction

  • spidermonkey
    spidermonkey 14 days ago +1

    The contempt in Heard's eyes when Johnny finishes talking about his mum dying, tell's you everything you need to know about Her vile personality. Anyone who get's with this woman after seeing/hearing what she's capable of, deserve everything they get.

  • Mauricia Moody
    Mauricia Moody 4 months ago +38

    She wants so badly for him to look at her and he will not. I don't blame you Johnny! Thank you for standing up for what's right 👍.

  • JLSlay Bay
    JLSlay Bay 3 months ago +18

    There is a huge difference between him and her. How he speaks up there is from the heart, untainted, the truth. It’s clear. He’s not up there trying to make up a story. I watched this during the trial but find myself back here again, rewatching because here we see a side of incredible man that we never seen ever before. And her….. everything she speaks is tainted. Such ignorance and arrogance.

    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp 3 months ago

      Specify with your name when you write me on the telegram account above 👆

    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp 3 months ago


    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp 3 months ago

      Hello ma’am,
      Trust this message meets you well. In my sadness, I hoped for happiness, in sorrow I bore a smile & that is because of YOU, my ever loyal Depphead. Thank you for standing with me through my trial. I’ll like you to send me a message
      /telegram/ using my
      Endeavor to add ur name to the text so I can single ur message out.i don't reply unsolicited messages.
      Warm Regards

  • Lee S
    Lee S 4 months ago +32

    Johnny Depp is such an upstanding guy. He is a very humble, soft spoken, calm and caring person among being an amazing actor. The idea of him doing even a quarter of the things that this "women" is accusing him is just laughable. Unfortunately, this is no joking matter and she accomplished what she set out to do which was get her career going (although now I can't imagine ANYONE asking her to play a part in ANY role) and to destroy Depp's incredible reputation! I hope this trial opens everyone's eyes to who the REAL monster is, Amber Heard, and how a woman can be an abuser just as much as a male can. JUSTICE FOR DEPP!!!!! Your true and loyal fans will forever be behind you and our opinion of you will NEVER falter. LOVE YOU JOHNNY!!!!!

  • Kiryn Denise
    Kiryn Denise 5 months ago +8094

    I swear if she wins and they blame everything on his use of drugs I’m gonna be so mad. He doesn’t deserve to have to go through this. She’s an awful person.

    • Adult Human Female
      Adult Human Female 3 months ago

      @Laura Ashton and you are laughing at what? You will be crying when she wins the appeal in 2 yrs

    • Laura Ashton
      Laura Ashton 3 months ago

      ​@Candice Parr Ha! WRONG!

    • Laura Ashton
      Laura Ashton 3 months ago

      ​@Adult Human Female 😂😂😂

    • Laura Ashton
      Laura Ashton 3 months ago

      ​@AncientWarrior Indignation I guess you got that wrong. 😂

    • Imcoleyourenot
      Imcoleyourenot 3 months ago

      @Dr. Mnemonic well said! Lol 😂

  • SAP312
    SAP312 5 months ago +141

    Everyone feels bad for Johnny. And I do too- don’t get me wrong. But my immediate thoughts and sympathies go to the housekeeper who had to clean this up. That’s a sh!tty day at work. Literally.

    • SAP312
      SAP312 3 months ago +1

      My wife was a housekeeper when she first arrived to the USA from Colombia- She told me stories of things she had to clean in hotels that were absolutely horrifying. Things I could not imagine. I made her quit- I told her if I need to work 2 jobs- I will do whatever . But I couldn’t handle her doing that.

    • Lucide
      Lucide 3 months ago

      I agree.

    • thuggin4jesus
      thuggin4jesus 4 months ago +3

      The housekeeper got to whoop amber with the newspaper and put her nose in it then she threw her outside but yes it was nasty

    • Catia Veiga
      Catia Veiga 5 months ago +11

      And you should see the trial where the housekeeper Mr king talks about amber. He really spoke a bad deal about her. She was the one drinking, the one starting the arguments the one always being toxic.

  • N. Martin
    N. Martin 5 months ago +10

    What a wise, brave and compassionate person you are, Johnny Depp. I have great respect and admiration for you and your sister Christi too. Your children are very fortunate to have you as a father.

  • Deppendorf900
    Deppendorf900 4 months ago +37

    "Life is a birdsong." Beautiful - and so true. Keep marching, dear Johnny. You're made of good stuff.

  • Astronaut
    Astronaut 5 months ago +12

    We love you johnny, you’re an amazing actor, and a good man.

  • Christian Bosse
    Christian Bosse 5 months ago +9845

    The fact that Johnny was still visiting his mom even though she was toxic and abusive to her whole family just goes to show you he has more integrity and compassion for others than they have for him.

    • HannahVu Official
      HannahVu Official 5 months ago

      @We want answers Now As an Asian, we call RESPONSIBILITY.

    • Ama B
      Ama B 5 months ago +1

      @O H yes, it's very common. And once you recognize the patterns & go to therapy, is when you can heal

    • Ama B
      Ama B 5 months ago +1

      It's sad that while he was reflecting about his mom while she had health issues, he was in this toxic/abusive relationship. I hope he gets therapy to heal. This trial has been eye opening

    • Erika Towle
      Erika Towle 5 months ago

      @Honeybunch Amen girl!🙏👍🏻💕 Same here xx. Stay strong xx🌹

    • K Goofy
      K Goofy 5 months ago

      @Phoenix Risin’ why’d you delete that first reply to me brother

  • Dorothy
    Dorothy 4 months ago +26

    I just almost sprayed my mouthful of food laughing at Johnny's "I've picked up their...fun" referring to the doggy poops and someone dropping a "grumpy" 🤣

  • Becki Cave
    Becki Cave 4 months ago +25

    Amber's face when Johnny is talking about his Mum is so emotionless. There's no compassion or empathy there at all. She's just so cold

    • Kim Ward
      Kim Ward 4 months ago +3

      I'm so shocked that that's the time, when his mom was dying, that she pooped his bed.

  • Mona Negrete
    Mona Negrete 4 months ago +7

    My heart goes out for Jonny. You suffered enough from this evil woman.

  • Kevin Ashley
    Kevin Ashley 4 months ago +43

    I have to say, I can't seem to find anyone that believes or supports AH. I hope the jury sees the same things we do. And as for Depp talking about his mom dying, I totally get it. I just watched my 3 yr old granddaughter pass away last month, and I am just stunned. I can't hardly talk about it, but at the same time I am glad she isn't suffering.

    • Kevin Ashley
      Kevin Ashley 4 months ago

      @♎️ Sua-Liz Thank you very much for your condolences and prayers. We will take all that we can get. But I'm not close to being who j

    • ♎️ Sua-Liz
      ♎️ Sua-Liz 4 months ago +1

      Sorry to read about the loss of your granddaughter. Even though I do not know you personally , I hope and pray for you and all your family to find the comfort and strength to have peace in your hearts, for your little angel she is welcomed in heaven with all the angels and always watching all of you 😇🙏

    • Kevin Ashley
      Kevin Ashley 4 months ago +1

      @Alexandra Taylor thank you for the warm thoughts. She was born with a congenital heart defect, and on the more serious end of the spectrum, so we knew it could go this way. We just believed she would beat it. But, the hospital definitely had their hand in her death, and I'm not done with them...not in the slightest.

    • Alexandra Taylor
      Alexandra Taylor 4 months ago +1

      I am sorry for your loss. It's is so hard when the it's a loved one so young.

    • theCosmicQueen
      theCosmicQueen 4 months ago

      it's called playing on your sympathy.

  • Terri
    Terri 5 months ago +4280

    I’ve always loved Johnny Depp as an actor but after seeing him at this trial, I love him even more. I have an unimaginable amount of respect for him for being as composed as he was during their relationship and the court hearings. I truly hope he gets justice against this monster of a woman.

    • Melissa Benson
      Melissa Benson 5 months ago

      @Northern thrifter If it's all for entertainment, then why did JD lose his 2 most prominent roles??

    • Marla Costa
      Marla Costa 5 months ago

      @Northern thrifter your entitled for your own opinion. I don’t see that way.

    • Marla Costa
      Marla Costa 5 months ago

      He’s a good man.

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 4 months ago +24

    Amber’s false allegations against Johnny have negatively impacted his life, career & family for too long. Having “wife-beater” attached to your name is a life sentence. No person that is innocent wants to be accused of being a “child molester” or a “wife beater.” Once labeled with one of these heinous crime, you are guilty until proven innocent. The psychological and psychosocial consequences from being wrongfully accused can negatively impact the rest of that person’s life.
    Shame on you Amber!

  • April Holton
    April Holton 4 months ago +5

    That's the thing with habitual liars, you never know when they are telling the truth!! It is very frustrating and incredibly sad to deal with this sort of person. My heart goes out to him and pray he heals after all this is done. His life will be vastly different after clearing his name and winning this case. Most of us don't care what mainstream media says anymore, we have reliable truthful RUclips channels we go to for stories now! I love this shift in the atmosphere and going forward I believe it will have an immense impact on many things!!! God bless us all

  • bananna s
    bananna s 4 months ago +2

    He is so calm, so meek and gentle. I feel so sorry for him having to deal with this utter chaos in his life. You can tell just by bith of their body language that she is the instigator he was just a creature of circumstance. Poor Johnny

  • Ariel Parks
    Ariel Parks 5 months ago +147

    She doesn't think she did anything wrong. She is blaming him for everything in her mind. She thinks its all his fault. Total narcissist.

  • kokoro no kaze
    kokoro no kaze 5 months ago +5279

    I feel so much respect for Johnny after hearing him speak. Every word is from his heart: sincere, honest and true. No one in that industry keeps staff and friends for 3+ decades unless they're kind, fair, appreciative and inherently good. This man is a treasure and the world needs him back.

    • Karl Young
      Karl Young 5 months ago

      Total BS! He is an awful human being!

    • Alina Scaueru
      Alina Scaueru 5 months ago

      @Liberty family I'm glad I'm reading the comments here, thank you for this debate guys. It's very interesting, I never knew about this test before1

  • Melaia Kapaiwai
    Melaia Kapaiwai 4 months ago +26

    The way she stares at JD, we can clearly see the rage and anger she has. What an insane woman, following this case from the begining I can clearly say that this woman intention was to kill JD, but then she couldn't because she was messing with the wrong person, JD was protected by God because he knows that JD jas a good heart, now karma has come for her. Love you JD

    • leah kraeuter
      leah kraeuter 4 months ago

      who are you to assume that

    • Mohamed Abd El Salam
      Mohamed Abd El Salam 4 months ago +6

      exactly, he is very lucky that he survived her, most people would end up in a grave or in the prison if they had been in what he experienced with her

  • bexHarding
    bexHarding 4 months ago +5

    Bless him. It tears me up everytime I watch him speak

  • Trash Queen TaSha
    Trash Queen TaSha 4 months ago +2

    Congratulations Johnny ❤️ I hope he recovers from this permanent damage. You have my support.

  • Angel Hare
    Angel Hare 5 months ago +8

    I'm sure Johnny felt better speaking of his mother's passing. My heart hurts for him.

  • K P
    K P 5 months ago +7144

    I can’t imagine how terrible this is for Johnny. I’m a private person and I can’t imagine having to talk about these type of things to the public. Johnny is a public figure and he’s tried so hard to keep his life private. It’s for the best he does this but it has to be terrible for him to share all of this. I think the majority are on his side and support him! Hopefully he wins!

    • J BB
      J BB 5 months ago

      @The Search For Truth Podcast why do I need jesus just because I pointed out the fact that Johnny had an abusive evil mother. Get help.

    • s law
      s law 5 months ago

      @Kristen do some research look who is friends are.. he's a mess

    • Kristen
      Kristen 5 months ago

      @s law How you figure

    • Burak Coskun
      Burak Coskun 5 months ago

      @chrisbea49 they still earn millions so more than the average

    • chrisbea49
      chrisbea49 5 months ago

      @Burak Coskun Do they still earn $25M per movie with them as the top draw? The only people who will make a penny off this trial are the lawyers.

  • steve mcmillan
    steve mcmillan 4 months ago +24

    Her actions were clearly to provoke Johnny, so that she could gather her evidence. I had this for years. The constant insults and the put-downs are all part of the control. You don't leave a narcissist or a control freak. If you do and they feel that they are losing their grip, they will follow you and will try to convince you that it is all your fault. When they lose, they go on the attack, which is what she did. They need to make you look bad because they don't do losing. You will suffer no matter what the cost. Ruining his career was the worst thing she could do. This is revenge. She obviously knew he was suffering and probably knew where it was all heading so she prepared for that in advance by recording and photographing him. There is no other explanation.

  • Ameretsu Shidori
    Ameretsu Shidori 4 months ago +20

    I love when they have the "Amber Cam" on. Her facial expressions are solid gold. It's like she's having some silent nasrcassitic break down.

  • Lady P
    Lady P 4 months ago +10

    What a nightmare! Just having to admit this in court, is insane! And she’s making him do this.
    And good Mom or Bad Mom she was his MOM! I can’t imagine not being there 100% for my husband, I could never look at my husband, and cause him emotional let alone physical harm. Just leave if your not happy, don’t torture.

  • Juliann Armitage
    Juliann Armitage 3 months ago +2

    My heart is breaking that Johnny has to go through all this from this evil woman...but the Lord is on his side as well as all the other people that know him, meet him and his lovely family..I am soooo sad for him, but he will win. HE HAS ALREADY WON!

  • Mikala Kawa
    Mikala Kawa 5 months ago +4400

    As a survivor of DV, he speaks so much truth when he says about how the abuser will do anything they can for a reaction. She is a sick person.

    • 🧊IceBox🧊
      🧊IceBox🧊 5 months ago

      @Butterfly run awa yes i agree....

    • Misti Williams
      Misti Williams 5 months ago +4

      Agreed. I am also a survivor who nearly died and this is what abusers do. They try to turn things around too make you too scared too leave. I nearly died more than once and was afraid too even get help.

    • Marifestation🖤
      Marifestation🖤 5 months ago +3

      @Been there done that! a narcissist..Im so sorry you went through that

    • Shaniece Moon
      Shaniece Moon 5 months ago +2

      💯 TRUE!

  • Azalea
    Azalea 3 months ago +4

    This is heartbreaking. I don't see how Amber Heard can listen to this and be completely emotionless. Especially about his mother. What kind of sick twisted person poops on the bed? Oh I know. Amber Heard.

  • Jackie Murria
    Jackie Murria 4 months ago +28

    Her staring at him while he speaks is Scary her eyes look evil for some reason .I hope they both can move on with their separate lives and Be Happy. And I Hope Johnny Is well protected and safe after all this because you can clearly see there's something disturbing in her eyes.

    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp 7 days ago


    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp 7 days ago

      Add me up with

    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp 7 days ago

      Hello ma’am,
      Trust this message meets you well. In my sadness, I hoped for happiness, in sorrow I bore a smile & that is because of YOU, my ever loyal Depphead. Thank you for standing with me through my trial. I’ll like you to send me a message
      -telegram- using my
      Endeavor to add your name to the text so I can single your message out.i don't reply unsolicited messages.
      Warm Regards

  • Ardeshh LH
    Ardeshh LH 4 months ago +9

    You I believe Johnny . I hope he gets all the help he needs . Definitely one of my favorite actors

  • Carson C
    Carson C 5 months ago +5

    I relate to him when he mentions getting things that are precious to him like children, friends. Every time I move, I only care about those also.

  • Geovanny Vicente Romero
    Geovanny Vicente Romero 5 months ago +3519

    Johnny has a talent for telling stories. Not matter how horrible the facts are he will always find a way to make them less traumatic even though the listener knows how serious these facts are. He is a gentleman and his testimony will make a great audiobook. Hope he will be able to clear his name.

    • David Rowland
      David Rowland 5 months ago

      @David Adams So?

    • Ameenah Champion
      Ameenah Champion 5 months ago +1

      @R E probably she looks crazy

    • R E
      R E 5 months ago +2

      1) What weapons she's going to use to beat the crap out of him after case?...
      2) Career change opportunities?
      3) where she can emmigrate to where non one knows her?

    • David Adams
      David Adams 5 months ago

      His testimony is rife with stammering.

    • Cherie Johnson
      Cherie Johnson 5 months ago +3

      Every second he's on the stand, he's clearing his name.

  • Geneva8181
    Geneva8181 4 months ago +2

    This is so hard to feel the pain Johnny has been going through at the hands of this beast of a person!

  • Ted Dahlqvist
    Ted Dahlqvist 4 months ago +2

    I was just looking at this, thinking "wow, she legit looked sad when he told this story. Him walking away from him probably hit hard with her alleged abandonment issues." Then I kept watching and realized it could because she knows the story, and she knows what's about to come out to the public. It may very well have been both. If she does suffer from the alleged disorders, which seems likely at this point, this testimony may very well be the most painful thing she's ever been through.

  • Shanna Whitworth
    Shanna Whitworth 4 months ago +28

    Amber seems unstable, and I'm not saying this lightly. It appears that she developed a possessive, obsessive, and very abusive environment between her and Johnny. She was the one who kept on and on, and would not stop trying to push him over the limit. I'm sorry, but if you are "hitting" (as Amber stated) someone consistently in the face, or hitting someone period, then you deserved to get smacked back! I don't care if you're a woman or not...her actions have been ridiculously difficult for anyone to have tolerated! It's a very sad situation however because there are children involved and I do believe that Johnny truly loved Amber very much, because if he hadn't, he wouldn't have taken what he did from Amber for the extensive amount of time he did! Praying that they all get the professional help/therapy they need and that the truth is revealed in the decision that is made!🙏🏽

    • gigi garzuly
      gigi garzuly 4 months ago +1

      Agreed, but there are no children between these two.

  • Allyson Hill
    Allyson Hill 4 months ago +4

    I LOVE YOU JOHNNY DEPP!! I pray fulfillment, happiness, healing, and peace of mind for you!!! What an awful woman Amber is. I’m not saying he’s 100% innocent, but I believe she’s the aggressor 98% of the time.

  • Cloud Queen
    Cloud Queen 5 months ago +5426

    What's disgusting is that she deficated in the bed, blamed the dogs, tried to get this man to not be present for his dying mother and initiated fights. Amber Heard is a monster. And because she's a major manipulation artist, when she testifies, she's no doubt going to be crying and sobbing.

    • Alina Scaueru
      Alina Scaueru 5 months ago

      @Starling Swallow I never saw my ex cry even once in years

    • Alina Scaueru
      Alina Scaueru 5 months ago +1

      @Twin Turbo 911 don't pick on all the women because of her

    • Adam Dizzy
      Adam Dizzy 5 months ago +1

      I gots the 💩 poo on me..

    • Devi Pixel
      Devi Pixel 5 months ago +1

      She has no class.

  • christine mimi
    christine mimi 4 months ago +3

    This is so heartbreaking,what he had to go through,i pray he finds peace and healing.

  • Inger Thomas
    Inger Thomas 4 months ago +14

    From 21 Jump St to Disney Pirates....there is NO way his career is over. In my estimate it will gain momentum. Go, Johnny go!

  • Financial Wisdom
    Financial Wisdom 4 months ago +1

    Even after all this he still calls her miss heard.. that really shows he is a man of wisdom😢

  • Squid Ikins
    Squid Ikins 4 months ago +70

    Notice how she doesn't pay attention when he's talking about his mother, she fidgets, takes notes, but when he directly talks about her character she deadass stares at him, challenging him and if you've been with an abuser before that's the "I'm going to hurt you later for saying this, I dare you, go on"

    • Fawn James
      Fawn James 4 months ago

      Yes!!! When I had to testify against my ex husband in court, he stared at me like she stares at Johnny. For years I knew that if he gave me that look things were gonna be bad when he got me alone.

    • Randy
      Randy 4 months ago +1

      @Fawn James Nice profile picture 👍

    • Fawn James
      Fawn James 4 months ago +2


  • f wef
    f wef 5 months ago +3321

    As a man who was a victim of a narcissistic woman I know what Johnny is going through, these crazy people will drive you insane, justice for Johnny, he's suffered enough

    • GGB3
      GGB3 5 months ago +1

      @Kate Henderson I don’t know that I have either. I just keep telling myself I have . It’s unbelievable how much damage one person can cause.

    • The Darkness
      The Darkness 5 months ago +3

      @Mark Gibsons' Sacred Music That's what she said, lol. I know a lot of things, just done wasting my voice on people that don't listen. Part of the reason I started writing, but yeah, i fully understand it.

    • Mark Gibsons' Sacred Music
      Mark Gibsons' Sacred Music 5 months ago +2

      @The Darkness Well!!!! Thats deep! You know then!

    • B McGee
      B McGee 5 months ago +2

      I had a male Amber, this event is triggering to me. Years later I still have ptsd. The victim narcissist are charming at first then very scary later on. I am glad to have survived because he wanted to have me killed. I feel for everyone who goes through a relationship with a narcissist. Everyone needs to learn about these toxic relationships and leave quickly and safely.

    • anxiety man
      anxiety man 5 months ago +3

      @The Darkness that was very well written. is that your work?

  • Besma Jubran
    Besma Jubran 4 months ago +9

    When Johnny Depp mentioned about Amber blaming his yorkies for pooping on his bed, I just lost it lol 😆 Nobody is buying it 🤣 It is probably the dumbest lie Amber ever told. How much lower can she stoop?

  • ♡ Creepy Karen ♡
    ♡ Creepy Karen ♡ 2 months ago

    I watch this from time to time for a good laugh. I can’t believe he had to get up there on the stand and talk about his ex wife poop on the bed 💀

  • Lo Litre
    Lo Litre 5 months ago +8

    Not once do you see Johnny Depp deviate from his calm demeanour. She however is looking at him at times with disdain and a sense of self-importance. He is so detailed in his responses, so mellow and yet he must be emotionally exhausted. I have not been following the whole case and didn't know much about it here in the UK (I don't much follow celebrity news). I hope that Johnny will come out of this with more movie deals and she just dries up along with whatever career she had. Nobody should think that behind closed doors men can't be victims. She probably did to him more emotional damage than physical but he sounds so exacerbated by it all. Poor man - I hope she is revealed to be what she appears tome to be - a manipulative narcissist and heaven help any other man who ends up with that woman. xx

  • Double Dragon
    Double Dragon 5 months ago +7

    "She'd say I was crazy..." Number one tactic of, and definitive of, gaslighting. I'd love to get a look at the full evaluation of AH's MMPI2. I'd be willing to bet top dollar that she also scored quite high on Antisocial PD traits, given the testimony we've heard so far. Incidentally, the MMPI2 was developed from the MMPI with the addition of specific questions designed to ferret out Antisocial PD traits.

  • Maggie
    Maggie 5 months ago +2580

    Enduring a domestic violence situation is so emotionally draining, I'm glad he gets to tell his story.

    • Debby
      Debby 5 months ago +1

      I have experienced this the abuser begs for forgiveness and it will never happen again, but it does and it does. Until you can’t take anymore and the abuser hates they lose control over you.

    • We want answers Now
      We want answers Now 5 months ago

      @Wendy Hardin Maybe the way she looks played a roll in the UK.

    • Laura Richelle
      Laura Richelle 5 months ago

      @Caster Troy That’s called gaslighting/ crazy making. There’s nothing to remember because whatever the other person is claiming didn’t actually happen.

    • Michelle
      Michelle 5 months ago +2

      @Lux Aeterna word to the wise; you cannot diagnose someone based any material you find other than being a licensed clinician and treating them as a professional. You people throw these terms around and it demeans the actual disorder and the people that suffer from it. Idc what bs you come back with or if you don’t reply at all. Just be more mindful of throwing this stuff around and try to refrain from it.

  • Elizabeth Pawlowski
    Elizabeth Pawlowski 3 months ago

    Ambers reaction when he said "don't follow me" you can see her relive that in her head, you can see she knew that was the point the relationship was done and she did that

  • C J
    C J 4 months ago +1

    It is sad and shameful what she has done to him. I hope the full weight of the court’s ruling and Hollywood’s wrath rests upon her and her career goes no further than what is behind her.

  • Consuella Turner
    Consuella Turner 4 months ago

    This is such a sweet meek spirited guy! You can just feel that, it to me explains why he is such a good actor. Its safer to play someone else then to be himself. I hear alot of hurt in his voice, from long before this loon came along. So glad he is free.

  • Alison W
    Alison W 3 months ago +6

    Her face when he is talking about this is the most emotional I’ve seen (that was real ) she knows she did this , she knows how crazy this makes her look & she cannot stop it ! It is absolutely delicious to watch her hurt - I have never hated anyone I don’t even know like this - she is box office poison!

    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp 3 months ago

      Specify with your name when you write me on the telegram account above 👆

    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp 3 months ago


    • Johnny depp
      Johnny depp 3 months ago

      Hello ma’am,
      Trust this message meets you well. In my sadness, I hoped for happiness, in sorrow I bore a smile & that is because of YOU, my ever loyal Depphead. Thank you for standing with me through my trial. I’ll like you to send me a message
      /telegram/ using my
      Endeavor to add ur name to the text so I can single ur message out.i don't reply unsolicited messages.
      Warm Regards

  • Gigi’s Gucci
    Gigi’s Gucci 5 months ago +2906

    You can tell how uncomfortable it is for him to relive this experience, especially when millions/billions are watching and judging. I believe him 1000%. That heartless women is a class A abuser.

    • Gigi’s Gucci
      Gigi’s Gucci 5 months ago

      @V A millions/billions

    • Gigi’s Gucci
      Gigi’s Gucci 5 months ago

      @Lynn Barr what upsets me is the secret recording and the false accusations and her starring blankly into the camera like we feel sorry for her 🤔🙄😂like no one cares

    • Banana Joe
      Banana Joe 5 months ago

      Umber didn't sheet on the 🛏️!!!@James Browne

    • Gigi’s Gucci
      Gigi’s Gucci 5 months ago +1

      @James Browne good and yourself?

    • Lynn Barr
      Lynn Barr 5 months ago

      You know what gets me is she knew she was setting him up thats why she was ready with yhe Camara and video tapping him. She so awful and hateful

  • Spicy & Icey
    Spicy & Icey 5 months ago +7

    She has more emotion and true reactions to her listening to Johnny tell his side then her own self…

  • Hannaneh STM
    Hannaneh STM 4 months ago +6

    I'm just surprised how he managed to play his best roles during this madness crisis.

  • Yo Ya
    Yo Ya 5 months ago +2

    He describes a logical, clear sequence of events, and exhibits appropriate feelings for those events. He highlights the relevant facts e.g. being 20 ft away, the sofa size, etc.
    She meanwhile jumps all over the place, is illogical, content lacks coherence and her emotions don't tally with events. She bomards the jury with dizzying amount of information, as though that proves she's honest. It doesn't.

  • Rebecca Vestal
    Rebecca Vestal 4 months ago

    No matter what happens I hope both Depp and Heard will heal from their problems when they were together and be able to move on with their lives and find true happiness.

  • dorina bommarito
    dorina bommarito 5 months ago +2784

    She had a man who adored her. To reduce him to this state is utterly gut wrenching. I pray Johnny gets the justice he deserves.

    • SeleneM
      SeleneM 5 months ago +1

      @Cr1tiC@L_Th1Nk3R lol well said...better not to get lost in the hype...they feeding off everyone's energy🤣🤣🤣

    • SeleneM
      SeleneM 5 months ago

      @Cr1tiC@L_Th1Nk3R there is no such thing as innocent until proven guilty in civil law...everything is on a balance of probabilities!

    • SeleneM
      SeleneM 5 months ago +1

      @Cr1tiC@L_Th1Nk3R you got criminal law and civil law confused. do you even know the difference? This is a civil law suit, there is no prosecutor or burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Get educated on law before wanting to share your learned legal opinion ffs

  • Jessica Johnson
    Jessica Johnson 4 months ago +3

    from the way witnesses describe how she treated/talked to him I def get the vibe she hated him. She was very jealous of his fame, career and RESPECT in the industry because she saw a side of him the public didn't. He was struggling and he had demons (like we all do) but she was envious so she poked and poked at him out of spite therefor triggering this toxic roller coaster that she for whatever reason relished in. She played such a huge role in the downfall of the relationship but she just wont take any accountability. She is also a Lesbian who got with men ( Depp, Musk..) who had power and she displayed some type of self hatred in those relationships. She is a psychological anomaly.

  • Dani
    Dani 5 months ago +10

    This man who has managed to be so private up till now, can you imagine his embarrassment??? All these recordings and things of hers were her being prepared. She had known her plan. And she thought she succeeded. I love how karma comes around full circle in this, SHE GETS WHAT EXACTLY SHE GAVE!

  • Stephen Boath
    Stephen Boath 4 months ago +2

    Hearing Johnny talking about his mum, i had tears in my eyes.. So sad,

  • Dolphy Vy
    Dolphy Vy 4 months ago

    I just absolutely love this man❤️. Ah you lost the best guy you could ever have....I'm glad you did!! He deserves someone so much better than a lunatic like you!!!!