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55 Years Later, Daring Alcatraz Prison Break Still Baffles Experts

  • Published on Jun 29, 2017
  • 55 years ago this month, three men - brothers John and Clarence Anglin, and Frank Morris - pulled off one of the greatest escapes in American history. Betty Yu gets an insider's look at how they did it. (6-30-17)

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  • simon madi
    simon madi 3 years ago +15087

    Imagine the three of them go on a tour of Alcatraz,like regular tourists.

    • Spike Spiegel
      Spike Spiegel Month ago

      @Josef Schmeau no sharks in that area and they would’ve found their bodies floating or washed up at shore. You know they did a massive search of that area. This was a huge blemish to their reputation and would’ve done everything to find them.

    • Spike Spiegel
      Spike Spiegel Month ago

      @Samuel Woods different times back then. I agree today it wouldn’t be possible but back then it’s feasible

    • Spike Spiegel
      Spike Spiegel Month ago

      @Authentic Gangster Music there isn’t any man eating sharks in the SF bay so this theory doesn’t work

    • Fay ce que vouldras
      Fay ce que vouldras 7 months ago

      dude there’s a good possibility they all did that at least couples of times together or separate that’s honest to god

    • Kayla Baird
      Kayla Baird 11 months ago


  • 0bada
    0bada 2 years ago +1668

    Honestly... after watching the documentary... it was a well deserved escape...

    • 0bada
      0bada Year ago +1

      @Lennox Flowers "Escape breakout from alcatraz"
      Any documentary that explains it in detail is good anyways though.

    • Lennox Flowers
      Lennox Flowers Year ago +1

      What's the name of the documentary?

    • 0bada
      0bada Year ago

      @Melody b Alcatraz escape.. Any documentary is good as long as it explains the whole thing in detail

    • Melody b
      Melody b Year ago

      What's the name of the documentary ?

    • GmodGuy
      GmodGuy 2 years ago

      Marque Markofthebeast how does that relate to the comment in anyway at all?

  • EvanEraTV
    EvanEraTV 2 years ago +95

    my Grandfather was the FBI agent who first arrested the Anglin brothers and sent them to Alcatraz... they were bank robbers. I remember he would always sit with his back to the wall whenever we went out to restaurants to avoid anyone he had locked up sneaking up behind him to get revenge. And after he retired from FBI and CIA, the FBI would send an agent to his house every six months to interview him and make sure he wasn’t revealing secrets etc. they did this all the way into his 90s until he passed away. True story.

    • John Wick
      John Wick Year ago


    • L.A king
      L.A king Year ago +1

      @shush twatI know right 🤣

    • shush twat
      shush twat Year ago +2

      lol thats cap

    • L.A king
      L.A king Year ago +3

      I definitely believe this isn't true. The brothers escaped a prison in GA and was caught and sent to alcatraz

    • Jake The Panda
      Jake The Panda Year ago +4

      Noice haven’t seen your vids in ages

  • Cole Son
    Cole Son 2 years ago +94

    Pure Genius. To pull all this off while locked in a cell is almost unimaginable. Masterminds. I think they made it 👍

  • kajcsapapa
    kajcsapapa 2 years ago +3492

    Are they seriously looking for some, maybe alive 90 year olds? FBI needs better hobbies. Catching criminals maybe

    • Jay Stockman
      Jay Stockman Year ago

      U.S. Marshalls are the only ones with the case still open. Doesn't mean they're actively using resources to hunt them down. It's called a Cold Case. Supposedly one of the brothers wrote a letter in 2013 saying he was old, dying of cancer & willing to turn himself in provided the police would release a statement saying that he will only have to do one year in prison AND get medical treatment. The police sent the letter to the F.B.I. for forensic analysis & their results were inconclusive. In the letter he states that they all made it that night but barely. Said that Morris died in 2008 & his brother died in 2011. I forget which brother wrote the letter. There's also a photo of the two brothers released in 2013 that was taken in 1979 at a cafe' in Brasil that clearly shows the two brothers sitting & talking wearing sunglasses. The photo has been examined by many professionals & is said to be authentic. However when the F.B.I. experts took a look at it, they determined the results to be inconclusive but this is only due to the fact that the two individuals were wearing sunglasses & the condition of the picture... All other recognizable features were consistent.

    • lee lunk
      lee lunk Year ago


    • kap
      kap Year ago

      @lee lunk a 25 year old murderer is more important than a 90 year old grampa... u fool

    • Joe Salgado
      Joe Salgado Year ago


    • lee lunk
      lee lunk Year ago


  • Swift Plus
    Swift Plus 2 years ago +933

    The ultimate *“when she says she’s home alone...”*

    • Farfars Skæbne
      Farfars Skæbne 2 years ago

      wait a minute.. are you talking about sexual intercourse?

    • Sandra Jones
      Sandra Jones 2 years ago +1

      "Hey, come over"
      Can't I locked up in Alcatraz!"
      "My parents aren't home 😘"
      "Aight I'm a head out"

    • SJ23 1233
      SJ23 1233 2 years ago +1

      "come over."
      "Can't I'm serving 3 consecutive life sentences at Alcatraz."
      "My parents aren't home."
      "Hold my carrier pigeon."

    • _ttez_
      _ttez_ 2 years ago


    • Blank Blank
      Blank Blank 2 years ago +1

      Wow um gonna be the 600 to like this

  • Cyber1ifeConnor
    Cyber1ifeConnor 2 years ago +4

    There was four men, they drilled the hole when the inmates played there insturments (they could do that then) before lights out, they then stole rain coats they knew the guards never kept track, they also built a mini hide out above the sells where one of them sweeps for a prison job, he pushed dirt off so much that the guards eventually let him put up curtains so no guard would get dirty (good for the prisoners to make there workshop), they also learned how to work with paper mache to make fake heads with books from the Library, on the night of the escape three men fit through the holes, the fourth man made his hole too small so they left without him, when the guards did go to the shore after the escape numbers and addreses were found on paper in the water, they think they drowned, I think they did that on purpose and are now dead but had a laugh... and so goes the story....it was also said that there were make shift power tools and a whole workshop behind the curtains that NO GUARD noticed. (No one ever mentions the fourth guy smh and he was inportant to the WHOLE plan)

  • Clay Menefee
    Clay Menefee 2 years ago +164

    Honestly, if you manage to escape a prison, and remain at large for so long, you kinda eearned your freedom.

    • Clay Menefee
      Clay Menefee 2 years ago

      @IIPixel lol. Yeah right. Trying to save face now huh? Hahaha. Bye faker.

    • Clay Menefee
      Clay Menefee 2 years ago

      @IIPixel you took a whimsical youtube comment and made it a big deal like you thought i was literally serious. At least 96 other people understood that. Why couldn't you? Maybe you should calm down and stop shoving pointed sticks in your rectum. You're acting like a child.
      Go be a triggered social justice warrior somewhere else. You can write a response but im muting you. So by all means. Waste your own time, trigger.

    • Clay Menefee
      Clay Menefee 2 years ago

      @IIPixel oh get over yourself, triggered.

    • Mike N
      Mike N 2 years ago +4

      @Damien Mccormack you forgot a comma...

    • Damien Mccormack
      Damien Mccormack 2 years ago +4

      @Mike N sorry but I swear there is right not certain though and I don't need someone correcting me even if it is wrong no one cares about spellign mistaknes unlless itts immpossiblle too raed

  • Lonely Echo
    Lonely Echo 2 years ago +49

    If they’re still alive, they deserve to be free for making such an escape happen..

  • Toby Wood
    Toby Wood 3 years ago +3332

    A presidential pardon should be given just in case they’re alive so that their story could be documented.

    • Fat Controller Productions
      Fat Controller Productions 5 months ago +1

      @R Yeckley if you escape why share anything

    • Darko Karlovac
      Darko Karlovac 2 years ago

      That Weird Kid From High School who tf told you this shit ahahh

    • ة
      ة 2 years ago

      Ryan xxo pretty sure I saw a 90 year old ex nazi go to court... it depends on the statute of limitations

    • Sentry
      Sentry 2 years ago

      @The KYLE Projekt
      Thats interesting.

    • Fun at parties
      Fun at parties 2 years ago

      @The KYLE Projekt I think it's more along the lines that you don't get prosecuted for breaking out of jail. But you still have to do time for the crimes you were sentenced on. And you'll probably be prosecuted for damaging property when escaping, etc etc

  • June ABC
    June ABC 2 years ago

    even as a young girl I just knew at least one got away. I have always been a strong swimmer, even back then. People swim each morning in those waters. I saw a program showing how one man gave his proof how the escapists did it. Two survived. The presentation appeared reasonable enough. If they went through all that to get out of the prison they certainly had planned how they'd get ashore - and I do believe someone in a small boat was waiting.

  • KingVik
    KingVik 2 years ago +189

    They didn’t drown the fbi just takes a hard time admitting they got beat😂

  • Jonny DIY
    Jonny DIY 8 months ago +1

    As a kid watching Escape from Alcatraz, I always dreamed they made it and lived a great life dodging the law all those years after with a smirk on their faces 😁💕👍

  • RealTaiter
    RealTaiter 2 years ago

    They actually use to go through the magazines and remove any material that could be used by the prisoners in anyway, however after a change in wardens (the new one being more liberal) and budget cuts resulting in a huge reduction in staff a lot more of this material slipped through the cracks.
    Technically the reputation this prison had was slowly changing, becoming a prison with a lot of flaws. Frank Morris had a highly above average IQ and was able to recognize and exploit these flaws.
    In my personal opinion I believe it was that article which probably got him to start planning the escape, because why bother planning an escape if you can’t survive the water, but then he reads that article and all of a sudden it’s possible to get across the bay.

  • Syed Mohammad Hussaini
    Syed Mohammad Hussaini 2 years ago +1

    Whether they died or not. They made it out of the inescapable prison and made it out alive. That's legendary

  • Jordan Ramsay-Jenkins
    Jordan Ramsay-Jenkins 2 years ago

    Love how that cop gives them respect for it.

  • James Edwards
    James Edwards 5 months ago

    They went through so much effort to escape fair play to them I hope they survived

  • Robert Hawken
    Robert Hawken 2 years ago

    Having done a lot of research the 3 escapees did make to shore. I believe they had someone waiting for them on the outside. And it is correct that they lived the remainder of their lives in South America (Brazil/Argentina). They’ve all since passed away. FBI and Alcatraz would never admit someone escaped from their custody.

  • Nate Marin
    Nate Marin 4 years ago +3528

    FBI: there's no way they survived. Also FBI: here's photos of what they would like now in case there still alive.

    • YeapThatsMe
      YeapThatsMe 5 months ago

      @Sherry Hannah Google Hitler Argentina

    • Sherry Hannah
      Sherry Hannah 5 months ago

      @Bag Of rats no it’s an urban legend

    • Sherry Hannah
      Sherry Hannah 5 months ago

      @YeapThatsMe he did he ingested cyanide

    • Sherry Hannah
      Sherry Hannah 5 months ago

      @Ballistic cause they stuck it to the system

    • Bag Of rats
      Bag Of rats 2 years ago +1

      @OC Vegas Property Hahahahahah i saw a video of a great white in the bay and was like heelllllll nahhhhhhhhh. Cant believe people swim there damn

  • Sam Owens
    Sam Owens 2 years ago +788

    1:16 "and what they did was the.." "I GOT AN INSIDE LOOK AT"

    • sudipto mukherji
      sudipto mukherji 2 years ago

      Yeah..this oriental chick has serious issues man!! Can’t just stop,can she??

    • Tactical Toad
      Tactical Toad 2 years ago

      I hate the news

    • Sam Owens
      Sam Owens 2 years ago

      @sonshinecity it's all coming together now

    • darker daniel
      darker daniel 2 years ago


    • sonshinecity
      sonshinecity 2 years ago +4

      Coincidentally at the 1:16 mark, which is 911, upside down.

  • Lynne Ann Turney Zalenski

    LOVED the island visit, the history, well preserved, great tour. SO worth the money & time, could of stayed out there all day. Tour guides & recorded program excellent. 👍. Another one off my bucket list!

  • Marc Gratta
    Marc Gratta 2 years ago

    A letter authorities received in 2013 supposedly from one of the brothers said they all survived and 2 of them died in the 2000s and the one that sent the letter was 83 and had cancer. He offered to give up his location in exchange for medical treatment for his cancer and a one year prison sentence. They didn't take the letter seriously and never heard anything else and the letter was only made public in 2018.
    If they were supposedly still investigating what did they have to lose by taking the letter seriously and possibly solving the case.

  • Ralph Smith
    Ralph Smith Year ago +1

    *"Frank Morris was considered highly intelligent by federal officials, with an I.Q. of 133. He was born in Washington and orphaned at the age of 11."*

  • spoiledlasagne
    spoiledlasagne 2 years ago +2738

    Imagine they’re watching this in a nursing home laughing

    • EleX HuD
      EleX HuD 2 years ago


    • DJ Brek
      DJ Brek 2 years ago

      Imagine you were Matthew and no one cared

    • The Epic Apple
      The Epic Apple 2 years ago

      Turtle_Z hahaha

    • JD
      JD 2 years ago

      😂 😂 😂

    • The Cricketeer
      The Cricketeer 2 years ago

      Hey I am Frank Morris
      Which year is it now, son ?

  • Johno Hill
    Johno Hill 2 years ago

    I find it hard to believe that not one of the three men were found washed up of floating after drowning so it leads me to believe that they made it alive, especially after all the detailed and patient planning plus they would have learned a fair bit after the many failed attempts. Of course, there has never been strong and or valid reports made one way or the other so I like to think that they made a successful escape.

  • Teagan B
    Teagan B 2 years ago +7

    I’ve gone on a tour of Alcatraz it was SO cool I got to go into solitary confinement

  • Halibut 1
    Halibut 1 2 years ago

    If the three did make it safely ashore, you'd think there would be some sighting, or some confirmed contact with a family member, in all the decades that have passed, to show they were free. The unsolved status reminds me of the guy who parachuted out of an airline over Oregon in the 1970's---likewise he was never found, or any of the money he got except a small bundle in a riverbed.

  • 20alphabet
    20alphabet 2 years ago

    God bless those three men!

  • Kedar Paul
    Kedar Paul 2 years ago +881

    They earned their freedom. Move on guys.

    • Sherry Hannah
      Sherry Hannah 5 months ago

      @abraham jeff foul language is not allowed on RUclips

    • Sherry Hannah
      Sherry Hannah 5 months ago

      @ĐΣċīƥΣɌ liar

    • abraham jeff
      abraham jeff 2 years ago

      Escaping prison is suddenly "earning your freedom"? What fucking world do you live in?

    • Forgotten Syrup
      Forgotten Syrup 2 years ago

      @Jasper Halsey They've been living in hiding. That's it's own kind of imprisonment.

    • Just Nerf Reviews
      Just Nerf Reviews 2 years ago +1

      I’m the 669th like. LOL NICE.

  • southtown j
    southtown j 2 years ago

    There was an enormous amount of organized crime in that facility and in the surrounding area's. Really, how hard would it be to get a person out of there with help from a couple of prison guards who are given an offer they couldn't refuse? Could there have been a boat waiting in the Bay to pick them up?

  • Lamont Peanut Miller Jr
    Lamont Peanut Miller Jr 2 years ago +2

    I went to Alcatraz 2 Years in a row (2017-2018) and did 2 Facebook Live Posts there as well. It was a great Experience.

  • Rambo555
    Rambo555 Year ago +1

    First of all, it will blow the human mind away to even begin to see what we are capable of when adrenaline is released. Those men could swim to the land and back if they had adrenaline on their side. Period.

  • Jai Norman
    Jai Norman Year ago +2

    I never doubted those guys made it out alive.

  • Choco Later
    Choco Later 3 years ago +1733

    Who is 100% confident they made it out and lived happy lives? 👍

    • Michael Stringly
      Michael Stringly 2 years ago

      @Old Cigarette Ok sure like you were there to eye witness the lax maximum security prison. So comical, too funny!

    • Old Cigarette
      Old Cigarette 2 years ago

      @Michael Stringly If you knew anything about Alcatraz, you would have known that the island prison was being run by the convicts by that time. Forget the Clint Eastwood movie. It wasn't realistic. Jolene Babyak's father was the acting Warden of Alcatraz at the time of the escape, and apparently he was a soft touch. Nothing like the movie's Patrick McGoohan Warden. Babyak's father was a person who believed in rehabilitation. Because of this he went easy on the cons. After the escape he was fired. The prison was closed down a couple of years later with most of the cons going to places like McNeil Island. Alvin Karpis went there. After doing twenty six years on Alcatraz. And in the early to middle of his time there Alcatraz was hard. But in the time around the escape security was lax and the cons ran the show. Interestingly, and you won't know this You Rat Bastard, but it was at McNeil Island that Karpis met a young Charles Manson, taught him how to play the guitar - and made him his punk.
      Anyway Rat Bastard, I just thought that I would educate you.

    • Michael Stringly
      Michael Stringly 2 years ago

      @Old Cigarette Oh I'm a snitching rat bastard now? So you extrapolated second hand stories off a book to determine the fate of the escapees. Great detective work. Apparently they kept quiet and why their escape attempt was never foiled.

    • Old Cigarette
      Old Cigarette 2 years ago

      @Michael Stringly Look Donnie, you snitching rat bastard, the book wasn't about the escape, it was about Alcatraz. The line about 'not being able to eat a tuna sandwich without telling people about it' came during one of the chapters in the book in which the escape was talked about.

    • Michael Stringly
      Michael Stringly 2 years ago

      @Old Cigarette Yeah a second hand story based on words of ex cons written by author who has vested interest in selling her book. Ok duh. Keep believing everything you read. Just bc some writer says this ex con says blah blah blah it must be true.

  • 2KGrind09
    2KGrind09 2 years ago

    the whole time I was on the boat ride to Alcatraz I couldn't help but think "They navigated these waters?" It was very choppy that day, but it's a great tour & I wouldn't mind doing it again if we get back to normal times.

  • TubbyTimmy
    TubbyTimmy 2 years ago +59

    They should be pardoned so they can come forward and tell their story before they die... If they aren't already dead.

    • Kim Andrew Taganas
      Kim Andrew Taganas Year ago +1

      It would be such a great story if they would have plead pardon.

    • Kim Andrew Taganas
      Kim Andrew Taganas Year ago +1

      According to the article I read, Frank died in 2008, Clarence in 2011 and John is still alive, have a cancer, I don't know if he still alive today.. what's the best part is John send an anonymous letter to the authority claiming he is one of the escapees however FBI didnt believe him. . yeahhh (sigh)

    • Britt Byler
      Britt Byler Year ago

      @CBOLEAN yeah if they were alive because they didnt serve they full sentence but they probably wouldnt cause of older age

      CBOLEAN Year ago +1

      @Britt Byler They would go to jail now if they came out???

    • Britt Byler
      Britt Byler 2 years ago

      but if they come forward they will be sent back to jail

  • FrostGamezz
    FrostGamezz 2 years ago +2

    Honestly, if they managed to get away, they earned their freedom.

    AMANDA SWORLD 2 years ago

    Even though they did wrong i really do admirer their determination and hope they made it.

  • Daniel Gontar
    Daniel Gontar 4 years ago +635

    These 3 guys made a prison a tourists attraction. Imagine how much money that has earned for San Fransisco.

    • Meat locker
      Meat locker 7 months ago

      I wanted to go because of mob of the dead

    • Derrick Lafrance
      Derrick Lafrance 2 years ago +1

      "The Rawk hash become a tourist attrakshon"?

    • TanWam
      TanWam 3 years ago +2

      @Joe McKim haha yeah love that film

    • Joe McKim
      Joe McKim 3 years ago +15

      It also made for a good Clint Eastwood movie.

    • Jpeg.600x
      Jpeg.600x 3 years ago +6

      yeah I've always wanted to go there even thought I live there

  • Terry Knierim
    Terry Knierim Year ago +1

    It was someone who picked them up in a boat that was waiting for them! A Cop on shore saw that but the prison officials of the time did not want that to be true so they just ignored that FACT! They only needed to swim like a hundred yards!They purposely left their things in the water so everyone would think they were dead or eaten by sharks!

  • CAVERN1234
    CAVERN1234 2 years ago +1

    Once out of their cells they claimed down from the roof inflated their raft and life jackets and held onto a rope attached to the guards boat that was going back to land they had a boat waiting half way to pick them up as they got dragged near to the pickup bot they just swam to it and made their escape. They live in Austria and have sent postcard from there.

  • Coltons
    Coltons 2 years ago

    Doesn’t seem to impossible when you have your whole life to plan the escape and the people will never know what your thinking.

  • rawdog42
    rawdog42 2 years ago

    There is an excellent documentary on the two brothers, letters written, photographs, DNA evidence etc. that concluded it was "highly likely" they actually did make it to freedom.

  • Drone Operator
    Drone Operator 2 years ago +1

    The AMOUNT of resources and effort put in, I WOULD SAY they EARNED THEIR ESCAPE...

  • Andrew Welbourne
    Andrew Welbourne 2 years ago +13

    There were actually four of them but one got stuck during the way out

  • James G
    James G 2 years ago +5

    It’s funny for years, the authorities denied everything, they never want to admit those guys lived but two years ago they finally did that they were successful.

  • Adrian Garza
    Adrian Garza 2 years ago

    Awesome , greatest escape ever 👍 hope there alive or lived a long time

  • shippuden667
    shippuden667 4 years ago +1530

    Bruh I wanna have a job just trying to solve a case for 14 years and have no leads 🤣

    • OarsmanPower
      OarsmanPower Year ago

      Are you in 8th grade, BRUH?

    • Emmanuel Tusa
      Emmanuel Tusa 2 years ago

      Makai. 😂😂😂😂 u called it

    • Bobby Lou
      Bobby Lou 2 years ago

      Ultra Sur you’re the type of person to go to a stand up show and get offended by every joke

    • Scuva Stebe
      Scuva Stebe 3 years ago

      😂 that's funny

    • Makai.
      Makai. 3 years ago +6

      Ultra Sur you clearly have no sense of humor and prolly reminded the teacher the class didn’t get homework

  • Cosmos
    Cosmos 2 years ago

    This one and DB Cooper always get me smiling !!

  • Brenax Quiny
    Brenax Quiny 2 years ago +1

    I hope the prison did a guard of honor for this legends 👏

  • Carp
    Carp 2 years ago +4

    I could just imagine them 3 brothers watching this laughing 😂

  • Gene Kelly
    Gene Kelly 2 years ago

    I did see the picture (allegedly of the two brothers in Brazil), this surfaced in the 1970s. How they got the money to get there (and live there) hasn't been explained. As an alien and speaking no Portuguese, life would be hard, unless they had lots of cash-the British guy (from the great train robbery) managed to live there for decades.

  • Dayton Hunt
    Dayton Hunt 2 years ago +304

    Just imagine going to see the movie Alcatraz in theaters and some old guy in the back says “been there done that.”

    • Voice of Validity
      Voice of Validity 2 years ago +2

      I'd shake his hand.

    • Dayton Hunt
      Dayton Hunt 2 years ago +1

      lao I would buy him a beer in return for the story, I’m 15 but I’d find a way

    • lao
      lao 2 years ago +1

      I laughed harder than I should at that lmaooooo

    • chefjayson1979
      chefjayson1979 2 years ago +21

      “That’s not how we did it “ lol

    • Rocky Scape
      Rocky Scape 2 years ago +10

      Sitting in the theatre watching the movie.. sudden voice in the back. WRONG LOL

  • David Stojanovski
    David Stojanovski 2 years ago

    Imagine for how long this prison was made and someone escapes🤦‍♂️
    This means that it sucks

  • FastGunner2040
    FastGunner2040 2 years ago +4

    Has it ever been considered that it could've been an inside job?

  • homesar
    homesar 2 years ago +85

    Expert: "So what they did is..."
    Reporter: " I GOT AN INSIDE LOOK AT blah blah blah"

    • homesar
      homesar 2 years ago

      @Silence I couldn't believe it

    • Silence
      Silence 2 years ago +5

      homesar Haha! I just wrote the same comment not realizing several people had done so before me. That was pretty annoying.

  • Janice Frantz
    Janice Frantz 2 years ago

    I took that tour about 35 years ago. They took us to the cell and showed us the plaster heads. They also took us to solitary confinement - really creepy, totally haunted!

  • Andy Dandy
    Andy Dandy 2 years ago +61

    “And what they did is” I GOT AN INSIDE LOOK

  • David Ross
    David Ross 2 years ago +3

    When you're sitting there you'll be amazed the ideas you can come up with with a group helping you.

  • SeemsLikeSomething
    SeemsLikeSomething 2 years ago +1

    I was hoping we’d hear why they were serving time. What crimes they were in there for. I’m gonna assume they had life sentences.

  • Haydn Smith
    Haydn Smith 2 years ago

    In a strange way, i really hope they made it out alive

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 years ago +2708

    Let's build an inescapable prison surrounded by water....
    Then let's give them books on how to build rafts. 😂

    • I don’t know What to put here
      I don’t know What to put here Year ago

      Even if they didn’t survive, they still got out so the prison obviously has flaws

    • Kim Andrew Taganas
      Kim Andrew Taganas Year ago

      @Abe Alno yeahh hahaha i believe it, who could have sent an anonymous letter just for fun or prank, right?

    • Andrew Powers
      Andrew Powers 2 years ago

      Titanic was sunk for insurance money

    • Milo Janis
      Milo Janis 2 years ago

      John Smith-That's funny shit!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Anustube
      Anustube 2 years ago


  • Scott Shanahan
    Scott Shanahan 2 years ago

    Do you think any prisoner at Alcatraz ever said, "this is going to make a great tourist spot one day."?

  • RedEyed Patriot
    RedEyed Patriot 2 years ago +80

    Whether they drowned or made it...they gained their freedom and never slept another night in that hell hole 😎

    • Allusive Panda
      Allusive Panda Year ago +1

      @RedEyed Patriot 😂 no but for a serious prison it had happy hour (like hobby times), a big library inmates could rent material from. I think on average each prisoner read 7 books and 3 magazines a month. Also the fact that you could put in requests like "i wanna move to a different cell" and it would be approved 😂 like it seems hella chill compared to other prisons I've heard of

    • RedEyed Patriot
      RedEyed Patriot Year ago

      @Allusive Panda spend alot of time there did ya 😂 nah it prolly was chill from time to time

    • Allusive Panda
      Allusive Panda Year ago +1

      For a “hell hole” it was actually pretty chill 🤷🏻‍♀️ (aside from the maximum security aspect)

    • Hu Chay
      Hu Chay 2 years ago +5

      Theyd probably rather die trying than not try

  • Hi I Bob
    Hi I Bob 2 years ago

    i believe they escaped perfectly. evidence support this. 2 men where spotted at a funeral, they were never seen in that family before. the brothers were not there so it could of been them. their cloths made them looks like they had masks on. they also been spotted in south america. there is a lot more evidence

  • Zarro Streams
    Zarro Streams 2 years ago +1

    Officer:actually about to explain what happened

  • Martin Sloan
    Martin Sloan 2 years ago

    If your reading this Frank, I hope you guys made it. God bless, Martin

  • Deenan TheKemon I
    Deenan TheKemon I 2 years ago

    An old homeless drunk in the early 90s used to tell people he was one of the 3 men. Upon his death they found a very very old alcatraz prisoner uniform within his belongings. The uniform would've cost thousands to buy, so how did he get it, also his name: Morris!

    NICHXLAS NIFORATOS 2 years ago

    It was nice going there on vacation. Pretty crazy they could escape

  • Panther 66
    Panther 66 2 years ago

    By now there's already a lot of prisons that are like Alcatraz where breaking out is impossible, notably in the U.S.

  • Kingsley Healey
    Kingsley Healey 2 years ago +1288

    Just give up and accept the fact they outsmarted you fools

  • KTS
    KTS 2 years ago

    I really do believe they made it, once they escaped, I think they had outside help.

  • steven rowe
    steven rowe 2 years ago

    Visited the Rock in,2019 most interesting place.
    Very depressing I feel being there and be able to see Freedom not far away.
    I think they drowned and the reason I say this is is I think they would have written there stories down to be told on there death beds.
    How could you resist the opportunity to leave a mark on history.

  • Douglas Foley
    Douglas Foley 2 years ago +1

    You know.......for never being caught and for a case that they themselves claim “we don’t really know a lot.” They sure do.......know a lot.........

  • Mihail Sazdov
    Mihail Sazdov 2 years ago +1

    I still remember it when it happened

  • offmemeds
    offmemeds 4 years ago +245

    They deserved to be free that's one amazing escape and it's awesome how even after all these years this moment still stands the test of time I like to think that they'd made it and lived out the rest of their days in the sun & wide open spaces.

    • Rohan G. Nair
      Rohan G. Nair 3 years ago +2

      Not if they were murderers or rapists tho

    • DJScuff edJays
      DJScuff edJays 4 years ago +1

      Platinum Pineapple you called them harmless L O L

    • Platinum Pineapple
      Platinum Pineapple 4 years ago

      If you see this You’re fuckin gay 😂 comparing hitler to 4 harmless souls that pulled off a miracle

    • DJScuff edJays
      DJScuff edJays 4 years ago

      Platinum Pineapple Hitler worked hard too. What did he deserve..?

    • Platinum Pineapple
      Platinum Pineapple 4 years ago

      MLVF Gamer but they worked super hard to escape they deserved it

  • Warrior Saint
    Warrior Saint 2 years ago

    I saw another video that one of the brothers did make it and contacted someone to tell them recently..so far as I know he's alive today but very old now.

  • Derek Arruda
    Derek Arruda 2 years ago

    They had help from the outside... You can't escape a prison and lead a normal life after an escape with no help... This has been unofficially solved already... They hitched a ride from the ferry leaving that night and paddled the rest of the way to a boat (their help)

  • Don Baxley
    Don Baxley 2 years ago

    How do you know that a prison guard was not in on it and they never went into the ocean but made it look that way? They simply got on a supply barge and hopped off with the guard's help.

  • Plague Doc
    Plague Doc 2 years ago +1

    The fact that something as simple as a roof not being watched is kind of alarming for whats the "best prison" in the world.

  • Pink
    Pink 4 years ago +3010

    You'd think that books on raft making wouldn't be put on a jail surrounded by water

    • TheZx7rr
      TheZx7rr 2 years ago

      No shit

    • Staycee
      Staycee 2 years ago


    • Echo Sierra
      Echo Sierra 2 years ago +1

      They missed that article because it was squeezed in between ‘How to make a pipe bomb from ordinary household chemicals’ and ‘The Shank: 100 ways to make you own’.

    • Splash Attack TCG
      Splash Attack TCG 3 years ago

      They were flexing and it back fired.

    • iron grip 455
      iron grip 455 3 years ago +1


  • Reality with MJ
    Reality with MJ 2 years ago

    amazing how after such a long time they still have solar panels on the roof

  • Joe Mc Donnell
    Joe Mc Donnell 2 years ago

    They wernt the only people who escaped,my great uncle broke out after serving 7 years in there,it took him 18months to plan the escape,the crazy thing is,he revisited there as a tourest 28years later,his name was Harry Balls

  • Mark Halvorsen
    Mark Halvorsen 2 years ago

    I thought someone found out they more than likely caught a ride w the ferry and got dragged most of the way. Got picked up by a waiting boat. Either way incredible escape!!

  • Kevtuff
    Kevtuff 2 years ago +6

    3:42 Imagine watching this and you see your grandfather here

  • Ross X
    Ross X 2 years ago +1827

    You know Scofield was there

  • banzaiman1
    banzaiman1 2 years ago

    I thought one of them sent a letter to the FBI / police so many years later claiming to still be alive having escaped?

  • YizTheGreat
    YizTheGreat 2 years ago

    Should come out now and tell his story. I bet there’d be so many more movies/documentaries on it.

  • Robin
    Robin 2 years ago

    Wish I had a time machine to see them escape from the roof.

  • B Parker
    B Parker 2 years ago +10

    Congrats to those three men I wish i couldve shook their hand or bought them a beer. They educated themselves and took the risk and got rewarded. You continue to inspire us all lol

    • B Parker
      B Parker 2 years ago

      @Callum Burnapp True but i like to look at things in a more positive light lol. We can all learn something from this and its not hey dont end up in jail haha.

    • A D
      A D 2 years ago

      So many WOOSHES in this comment section

    • Callum Burnapp
      Callum Burnapp 2 years ago

      Not really wouldn’t have to escape if didn’t do the crimes in the first place

    • B Parker
      B Parker 2 years ago

      @T Lam lol yea man the way prisons are today and they continue to improve security itll be damn near impossible.

    • T Lam
      T Lam 2 years ago

      Djilali Benderbous good luck with that

  • Tony Yee
    Tony Yee 3 years ago +2666

    36 attempts
    23 caught
    6 shot
    2 drowned
    3 escaped
    2 won the lottery cos the prison cant keep count of the prisoners

    • Aaron Passino
      Aaron Passino 2 years ago

      Lotto numbers

    • Jason Fn
      Jason Fn 2 years ago

      @- -- - *legend*

    • ArmoredCricket
      ArmoredCricket 2 years ago

      @son gohan it says 36 attempts. Even if they tried to escape twice the outcome of their escape would have been recorded twice. Like if they got captured the first time then drowned on the second attempt.

    • Pike
      Pike 3 years ago


    • - -- -
      - -- - 3 years ago

      Annapurna Roy..then your lendend is wrong

    TUTORIAL KINGX 2 years ago +20

    Little do everyone know , they prisoners build a plane to leave the island.

  • T-Man on the Beat
    T-Man on the Beat 2 years ago

    Imagine the guy interviewed that knew one of them actally knew but was just covering up for them

  • The Rock
    The Rock 2 years ago +2

    This video confirms that reporters like the sound of their voices. She cuts off the Sargent with her loud annoying voice.

  • tredstone
    tredstone 2 years ago +6

    Warden. You will never leave this island !
    Morris. Hold my drill

  • Antone Wilson
    Antone Wilson 4 years ago +189

    Nothing can stop a man on a mission

    • The Architect
      The Architect 3 years ago

      wildwilllis1 A man on a mission could make a bulletproof vest.

    • Butt Hole
      Butt Hole 3 years ago

      Cesar one of the escapees was a really good swimmer I heard as well.

    • C
      C 3 years ago +2

      @EyesDrive especially since I've heard there's literally people who do swimming marathon's there outside of Alcatraz so...

    • C
      C 3 years ago

      @EyesDrive not confirmed this is something no one will ever know.

    • EyesDrive
      EyesDrive 3 years ago +1

      Antone Wilson the strong currents of San Francisco Bay did..

  • Josh Samuels
    Josh Samuels 2 years ago

    I love how she just cuts him off mid sentence at 1:17

  • Donny Tucker
    Donny Tucker 2 years ago

    There was reportedly a photo of the brothers taken in the 1970's that was authenticated to be real but I haven't heard anything else.

  • Bret Haskers
    Bret Haskers 2 years ago

    Naturally there's no mention that Frank Morris had an IQ of 133... Which was in the top 2% for the general population. This is why they were able to escape.

  • Jax
    Jax 2 years ago

    Those three men likely never climbed out of that water. Short of having a boat waiting to pick you up, that would have been one freezing swim all the way back to shore, fighting the Bay the entire way. I've always thought they died.