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Johnny Depp's Lawyer Grills Amber Heard on Late-Night Visit from James Franco

  • Published on May 16, 2022
  • During the cross-examination of Amber Heard on Tuesday, a video was played for the court showing James Franco arriving at Heard's penthouse while Johnny Depp was out of town. Depp's attorney Camille Vasquez asked Heard if she felt comfortable bringing Franco over because she changed the locks, insinuating that Depp couldn't get in the penthouse.
    Written Coverage & Analysis of Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Trial:
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Comments • 17 773

  • Karen Rhodes
    Karen Rhodes 4 months ago +33246

    This woman remembers everything that JD did, every little detail she is able to recall with perfect detail BUT, now that she is being questioned by the opposition, she suddenly has memory loss. She is pathetic.

    • Trevor Knight
      Trevor Knight 13 days ago

      Selective Amnesia. It runs rampant with our politicians as well 🙄.

    • ShindlersFist
      ShindlersFist 13 days ago

      Hahaha I know!

    • LoweDiggity
      LoweDiggity Month ago +1

      She could remember what pair of Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow boxers he was wearing on a Tuesday evening right before he 2nd bottle of wine, but she has selective memory when it comes to everything else. She knows that everybody who said she wasn't injured or appeared to look injured is full of BS because she is 127% right all the time...every time. She told us herself...

    • Miss gardener
      Miss gardener Month ago

      Her twin Jodie arias did that too

  • Xyznunya
    Xyznunya 4 months ago +312

    This is so excruciating to watch. It's like a little child who lies and then keeps lying except she's getting called out and an abusive adult

  • Redwood tree
    Redwood tree 4 months ago +79

    Funny, how she smirks and smiles with her lawyers and whenever she comes on stand she is the world's most tortured victim? What is this woman? its all being recorded? what's she thinking?? people are fools??

    • Rising Phoenix
      Rising Phoenix 3 months ago +2

      Yes. She apparently thinks that people are fools and cannot understand plain English. SMH

    • Sarah(sezz-bo)Shady 2022
      Sarah(sezz-bo)Shady 2022 4 months ago

      Shes all over one man on her team. Its cringe

  • bob tan
    bob tan 4 months ago +146

    when a person can’t answer a question directly means that person is lying , just like those lame politicians , always never answer a question, pathetic 🤮🤮🤮

  • Quang Nguyen
    Quang Nguyen 4 months ago +119

    Imagine being in the jury for this… Amber is so irritating to watch. Her body language, facial expressions, the way she explains things and try to reframe her actions is horrendous. I’m not ever watching anything that she’s in ☠️ i can’t unsee this from Amber

    • Michael Mier
      Michael Mier 4 months ago +3

      Yup. Her acting career is DONE!

  • Just A Human
    Just A Human 4 months ago +11657

    As a law student, watching Camille is inspiring. Makes me want to work and study harder so I can be as potent of a lawyer as she is.

      MARK SAWATZKY Month ago

      @Thomas Edson How do know that's what she charges?😉.🐣.

    • Marco I
      Marco I 2 months ago

      Camille is good

    • KR
      KR 2 months ago

      Easy case

    • taleb daas
      taleb daas 3 months ago

      Amber Heard made me remember what Austin Powers in International Man of Mystery said about Alotta Fagina....
      "She's the village bicycle !... Everybody's had a ride".

    • Colonel Harland
      Colonel Harland 3 months ago

      Learn to say "Objection, hearsay" alot.

  • beautifulibra
    beautifulibra 4 months ago +162

    She is nuts! Stating her injuries weren’t bad enough for the cop. If a cop notices a bruise or even a scratch they will arrest the abuser. It’s not a matter of how big of an injury it is.

    • bcburt2000
      bcburt2000 4 months ago

      Oh yes, police always protect and serve the public...and never, ever cut corners for their own convenience or reputation. NOT!

    • Teeva Nonsense
      Teeva Nonsense 4 months ago

      @Arphax Just pointing out. My ex got arrested for throwing a salad in my face and the dressing was enough for an arrest!

    • MrFallen1ne
      MrFallen1ne 4 months ago

      @Arphax dude you don't even need an injury to be charged with assault. Spitting on someone is enough to be charged with that offense ffs.

    • Arphax
      Arphax 4 months ago +3

      Didn’t work out that way for Gabby Petito. Amber is clearly a lier but you’re grossly overestimating the competence of the average Cop.

    • MasterIceyy
      MasterIceyy 4 months ago

      Even the female police officer, who separated the women and spoke to them face to face, didn't see anything, so unless the female officer is blind, the story falls apart

  • Avynera
    Avynera 4 months ago +42

    She cannot even stop lie when she was caught on it. Also she remembers everything what Johnny "did" but cannot remember anything what would put her in a bad light... 🤦‍♀️

  • priscilla lee
    priscilla lee 4 months ago +7

    She's told so many lies that she can't even keep track of what she lied about anymore, that's why she doesn't remember anything. Lol.

  • Floyd1504
    Floyd1504 3 months ago +3

    Amber's a bike.

  • Brahnwyn Austin
    Brahnwyn Austin 4 months ago +7858

    Real domestic violence victims DO NOT act this way. She is coming off like she has an attitude that this brilliant lawyer has the nerve to question her. She is disgusting

    • Atara W.
      Atara W. 2 months ago

      @Juliet Santos She had the model cara Devine and other males and had affairs when in JOHNNY'S HOME

    • Arpita
      Arpita 4 months ago +1

      That's truly not a valid way to define who's a DA victim and who's not. Your comment invalidates DV victims. Lets try not to make assumptions like this and rather focus on the evidence presented, no?

    • Themis 4justice
      Themis 4justice 4 months ago

      @Hannah Callow exactly. There is no way a victim should behave.
      There are victims that fight back...most do at first...not everybody behaves meek and scared.

    • Themis 4justice
      Themis 4justice 4 months ago

      @meow this

    • Themis 4justice
      Themis 4justice 4 months ago

      @Sila exactly

  • Paul
    Paul 4 months ago +3

    She sits there scratching her ear while being asked about lock changes, so she wasn't walked in on while having the guy over , yet the whole world knows what you call that type of woman

  • TRD57
    TRD57 2 months ago +2

    Poor James Franco. He's probably all like, "You're tearing me apart Amber!"

  • M
    M 4 months ago +2

    She secretly recorded him because "she was trying to prevent him from using drugs" but DOES NOT mention that out loud so that it can be heard that "she's very concerned" about him? Hmmm 🤔 probably because he was just going to spend time with his daughter, but Amber wasn't included in that visit and was hoping Johnny would say, "ok, just come in with me." The level of control she wanted over JD is... CRAZY!!!

  • Mpho Nsango
    Mpho Nsango 4 months ago +2

    I am so glad she lost!!!!

  • Mother of Chaos
    Mother of Chaos 4 months ago +15859

    This isn't a guilty person trait it's a narcissistic trait. This woman is honestly terrifying.

    • Margaret Lemon
      Margaret Lemon 4 months ago

      @Jenna Leigh I'm just wondering where they got the voice recording from?
      It's obvious they are face to face not on the phone so who's recording?

    • Renaissance Man
      Renaissance Man 4 months ago

      @Dylan Sexton 😁😁 I know right.

    • stebo5562
      stebo5562 4 months ago +1

      She’s gotten away with everything her whole life

    • Serina
      Serina 4 months ago


  • TawnyRain2332
    TawnyRain2332 4 months ago +2

    You can bet imma hire Camille if I ever need a lawyer

  • Denise Renard
    Denise Renard 4 months ago +2

    One of the things that got me was the last time she got on the stand she testified that everyone has to be careful approaching her. Family, friends, doctors..etc. But she was quick to get Franco in that apt.

  • Lisa Mitchell
    Lisa Mitchell 4 days ago +1

    For someone who claims DV and SA happened to her, I guess she had no problem having James F over , even though he publicly came out about his s£x addiction.🤔 So she wasn’t uncomfortable being around him even though she alleged DV one day earlier, and Let’s not forget the alleged SA. 🤔 sorry AH , your stories don’t add up

  • Dennis Robinson
    Dennis Robinson 2 months ago +1

    We hated how she faked the distraught look of a recent domestic violence victim.

  • Chris M
    Chris M 4 months ago +4924

    I love how every time Amber says "I don't remember", Camille says something like, "Oh, well, let's remind you then" and rummages through the evidence and proves she's lying. Every. Single. Time. That last 10 seconds was a total mic drop.

    • Cathy Lindeboom
      Cathy Lindeboom 2 days ago +1

      @taleb daas ?? Huh? Hate to tell you but she's created every bit of her own problems. And look how merciless she has been to Johnny. No pity for her from me.

    • Cathy Lindeboom
      Cathy Lindeboom 2 days ago

      @Anamaria Polanco ? To "pledge" is to make a promise; to "donate" means you actually make a contribution. They are NOT synonymous. I'm sure AH thought she was pulling off a clever ruse, the way she argued that so confidently. Her "confidence" usually comes across as looking- down-her-nose-arrogance, imo.

    • Zachery Heater
      Zachery Heater 2 months ago

      What lies?

    • Mary Samson
      Mary Samson 4 months ago


  • Marilee Herdman
    Marilee Herdman 3 months ago +1

    She loves thinking she's right & twisting everything around to make it look like she's not to blame for anything, never took accountability, lies!!!

    TEJANI UMESH 3 months ago +1

    The judge did justify! 🥰

  • Stacy M
    Stacy M 3 months ago +1

    The attorney said the witness was "taught right", to look into somebody's eyes when speaking to them. Hint, hint Amber....

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp Month ago

      ❤️Thank you for your utmost love and support you have consistently shown me in such difficult moments. I’m forever grateful. I really appreciate your unconditional love to me and every effort exerted by you to cause a change…Where are you watching from?

  • Patti Spain
    Patti Spain 3 months ago +1

    He gets in the elevator with a cup in his left hand. He gets in and backs into the corner with his right shoulder against the wall. She backs up next to him. She claims he touches her bruised face and then lays his head in her shoulder in response according to her. With his right shoulder in the corner and a cup in his left hand...which hand did he use to touch her face? 👀 Also ...when she gets in the elevator the right side of her face is visible...no bruise?

  • Katie Chiatovich
    Katie Chiatovich 4 months ago +10053

    I love that a female attorney is doing the questioning. This way she can't say a man is attacking her. Plus she is incredible and knows how to handle a hostile Amber. She is amazing. Well played 👏👏

    • darkprince56
      darkprince56 13 days ago

      The attack instead was that Camille had internalized misogyny lol

    • louise dow
      louise dow 26 days ago

      -Come over an see Johnny Depp pursuing Amber Heard with a blade as she begs him to stop, a recording played at trial that I transcribed and loudened

      MARK SAWATZKY Month ago +1

      @Janet Lee Turner Camille.😆.

      MARK SAWATZKY Month ago

      @Scott Cates She's brilliant!!♨♨♨👣👣👣😒😒😒.

    • Ken's Ken
      Ken's Ken 2 months ago +1

      @Skywind007 they didn't turn it into a "Men vs women".
      Amber would have done that, if Camille was a man.
      + Amber was such a disgrace that having a live sample of a normal, educated, good woman, right besides her, was nice. It showed that the issue is her, not women.

  • Macmillan Bongwani
    Macmillan Bongwani 3 months ago +1

    Why is she looking side ways when she answers is that a lying style 🤔

  • Jordan Ongel Stern
    Jordan Ongel Stern 3 months ago +1

    Once a cheater, is always a cheater!!!

  • Fawad Naseer
    Fawad Naseer 4 months ago +1

    Salute to this attorney, what a personality 😍😍

  • Tulop
    Tulop 4 months ago +1

    6:24 ok question, so the day she went to get a restraining order, and appeared with a bruised face, was he out of town? how did she get a bruised face? Am I piecing the information together correctly wanting to know xD

  • Darryle Tillman
    Darryle Tillman 4 months ago +8081

    Camille Vasquez one part intelligence, one part beauty, and four parts legal assassin.

    • Kalie Vesely
      Kalie Vesely 4 months ago

      @RA general so true

    • kenneth ukoh
      kenneth ukoh 4 months ago

      Just what I was thinking.

    • Sheryl Laco
      Sheryl Laco 4 months ago

      Im a fan Of her hope JD wins this trial

    • RA general
      RA general 4 months ago +1

      Camille is condescending. She has been rolling her eyes, laughing and attempting to provoke Amber this entire trial. Disgusting that you all are praising such behavior in the court room. Whether you side with Amber or not, it is highly irresponsible for Camille, a legal official, to behave this unprofessionally.
      Amber is responding with composure and class.

      DEADWAVE 4 months ago

      I hope Johnny and his lawyer hooks up..They looked really good together..HollyWood Royalty and Lawyer power couple from Hades!!

  • Babalooqi Smooqi
    Babalooqi Smooqi 4 months ago +1

    5:50 exactly so nooot midnight. You’re wtong im right. She’s so glad the lawyer messed it up with the words there. Amber. You’re Done. You’re going to become a meme untill mankind dies.

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar 4 months ago +1

    That play again for time clarification is the mother of SAVAGE move by camille.

  • T F L
    T F L 4 months ago +1

    I hate mr depp 😀

  • Lindsay .singingnailart.
    Lindsay .singingnailart. 4 months ago +1

    They are both crazy. However, I think she is more to blame after hearing all of the evidence. She’s definitely got a screw loose. Something just isn’t right with her. …Does anybody else remember when she was a lesbian at the beginning of her career? LOL

  • Nandini Dube
    Nandini Dube 4 months ago +6587

    My god Camille Vasquez is an excellent lawyer. She knows how to deal with someone twisting their words the way AH does. She’s not here to play games, she’s here to win.

    • Donatella Barbagallo
      Donatella Barbagallo 25 days ago

      Good but not excellent. She missed Gold opportunities

    • Hyperf1sh
      Hyperf1sh 2 months ago

      She’s the Queen 👑

    • Ray
      Ray 2 months ago

      And she bad

    • taleb daas
      taleb daas 3 months ago

      Amber Heard made me remember what Austin Powers in International Man of Mystery said about Alotta Fagina....
      "She's the village bicycle !... Everybody's had a ride".

    • Gerin Slingers
      Gerin Slingers 3 months ago +1

      She is Alexa bliss twin sister the wrestler Alexa bliss twin sister daughter of king and queen Luciver of the North Pole Luciver

  • MCMJ
    MCMJ 4 months ago +1

    When did Franco leave?

  • Scarlet  Lady
    Scarlet Lady 4 months ago +634

    What’s scary is that because of women like her, real victims will not be believed

    • Künstlerin-DAB1995
      Künstlerin-DAB1995 Month ago

      @Matthew Lee If she was willing to destroy Johnny Depp's career, why didn't she press charges against him in 2016, and why did she sign an NDA after their divorce?

      MARK SAWATZKY Month ago

      @Alex bro They ran out.😤.

    • Matthew Lee
      Matthew Lee 2 months ago +3

      What's also scary is she was actually willing to destroy Johnny's career in order to stick to her own lies

    • SoulJAH JustICE
      SoulJAH JustICE 3 months ago +1

      What about those like Johnny Depp in a similar situation that don't have money?

  • ThaRealest616
    ThaRealest616 4 months ago +1099

    The fact she keeps looking at the jury every time she responds is like her saying "Please believe my lies!!!"

    • Bradley Buttar
      Bradley Buttar Month ago +1

      she looks disturbed the way she keeps looking around

    • Wayne Boydston
      Wayne Boydston Month ago

      Fully agree

    • Sol Ti
      Sol Ti 3 months ago +1

      Exactly... Amazing was from which school she learned said to impress jurors you must look into jury's eyes when giving testimony. .

    • Nikki Beacth
      Nikki Beacth 3 months ago

      Very Jeffrey Dahmer

    • Maria Yazbeck
      Maria Yazbeck 3 months ago +1


  • Antoshka
    Antoshka 4 months ago +1

    Living with a drug addict is very stressful! Plus alcohol addicts, omg - They are out of their minds most of the time! And doing drugs in front of the children is sick! Why do people keep defending a junkie!

  • Ramon Rodriguez
    Ramon Rodriguez 4 months ago +8140

    She's living in Jonny's apartment and takes Franco there... what kind of person does that? Being unfaithful is one thing but doing it in Jonny's own apartment is utterly disgusting.

    • Rajat Lalwani
      Rajat Lalwani 4 months ago

      @RiBeastie any links/media to verify this?

    • Michaela Meyer
      Michaela Meyer 4 months ago

      @Hugh Graham it's so sad! 😔 I hope he's doing well

    • Hugh Graham
      Hugh Graham 4 months ago

      @Michaela Meyer I had a friend in Germany and his wife did same with his neighbor and best friend. Divorced and friend moved into his house. Heartbroken he left for Ukraine not even knowing the language. Don't know what happened since.

    • Hugh Graham
      Hugh Graham 4 months ago

      Many things done in that bed - dumping, threesoming, francoing, eloning, over thirtying, etc

    • Theresa Cheng
      Theresa Cheng 4 months ago

      If she had won, he would not forgive her and would had haunted by the past.
      If Johnny is haunted, Amber cannot move on neither.
      Better he wins, has the last laugh, so he can move forward instead of living in the past. So she can move forward too.

  • Gojo's Girl
    Gojo's Girl 3 months ago +316

    I'm confused: she claims Johnny is this violent and abusive monster yet she risked bringing another man over to HIS house late at night claiming she didn't know his schedule or when he'd be back? She just decided to take the chance that he would be gone from the time Franco was there until he left? If I were cheating on my "abusive" husband, I would make CERTAIN I knew how long he would be out the house and that there was no chance I'd get caught and beaten within an inch of my life. She's basically saying she didn't care if Johnny came back and saw them. I mean, it's almost like she was trying to provoke the man she's so deathly afraid of

    • Mark Savoia
      Mark Savoia Month ago

      In thinking, keep to the simple. (Tao 8)
      Woe unto you, scribes and pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up The Kingdom of Heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither do you allow others to go in. (Matt 23:13)

    • Künstlerin-DAB1995
      Künstlerin-DAB1995 Month ago

      @Bethany Chatman And yet only the CCTV of James Franco was shown. No evidence for over 30.

    • Bethany Chatman
      Bethany Chatman Month ago

      @Künstlerin-DAB1995 Josh Drew her friend and her neighbor for almost the entire time they were married and lived in those penthouses. Also on of her witnesses. He would have been intamently aware of these comings and goings.

    • Künstlerin-DAB1995
      Künstlerin-DAB1995 Month ago

      @Madeleine Donaldson Who is Josh Drew and where does he get his information from?

  • It's Aidy'tude
    It's Aidy'tude 4 months ago +287

    You honestly have to admire the lengths that Amber Heard, a fully grown woman goes not to take any personal responsibility for her behavior. Watching her ramble and twisting the narrative is like watching a child lie their way out of having their hand caught in the cookie jar. The literal mental gymnastics this woman goes through, just to make an excuse that excludes her, absolutely astounds me. She should be genuinely ashamed of herself. What a terrible human being.

  • BerkleyCalifornia
    BerkleyCalifornia 4 months ago +136

    She’s such a liar. I can’t be around people like her. They drive me nuts. Talking to her is a complete waste of time.

    • Fujitsu 2000
      Fujitsu 2000 3 months ago +6

      The main thing is most people agree she’s a liar and her career is over lol

  • Debbie Paddack
    Debbie Paddack 2 months ago +10

    The way she looks at the jury every time she talks looks crazy

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp Month ago

      ❤️Thank you for your infinite love and support you have consistently shown me in such difficult moments. I’m forever grateful. I really appreciate your unconditional love to me and every effort exerted by you to cause a change…Where are you watching from?

  • Micah Johansson
    Micah Johansson 4 months ago +9618

    Protect this lawyer at all costs! She's deadly.

    • Nicky
      Nicky 4 months ago

      Camille is Flyyy! Get Em✊🏾

    • Nicky
      Nicky 4 months ago

      Camille is Legal Lethal...woooo!✊🏾

    • ShawBrothersGirl
      ShawBrothersGirl 4 months ago

      That's what I was thinking because the way Amber Heard looks at this lawyer *like if looks could kill Camille would be dead* seriously protect that lawyer

  • Dohn Joe
    Dohn Joe 4 months ago +510

    Can we all agree that Amber Heard is a liar, a cheater, a gold digger AND a bad actress? Alrighty then. Let's move on.

  • Karin Skarban
    Karin Skarban 3 months ago +23

    This lawyer is amazing 💓 her parents must be so proud. She's worth every single bit of money she gets. Wow again she's amazing.

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp Month ago

      ❤️Thank you for your infinite love and support you have consistently shown me in such difficult moments. I’m forever grateful. I really appreciate your unconditional love to me and every effort exerted by you to cause a change…Where are you watching from?

  • Gaga Goose
    Gaga Goose 4 months ago +159

    Good grief did AH think that responding with sassy answers and a defiant demeanor would convince the jury that she was a victim? She looked ready to climb over the witness stand and take on Camille.

    • sue ouzounis
      sue ouzounis 3 months ago +2

      Doesn't your hand just itch ✋️

    • Elsa Jones
      Elsa Jones 3 months ago +2

      It has always worked for her, why not now

  • Maggs Bufton
    Maggs Bufton 3 months ago +32

    You could drive a freight train through the holes in her testimony. What a brazen liar ! She’s positively shameless!

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp Month ago

      ❤️Thank you for your infinite love and support you have consistently shown me in such difficult moments. I’m forever grateful. I really appreciate your unconditional love to me and every effort exerted by you to cause a change…Where are you watching from?

  • Donut Click
    Donut Click 4 months ago +5347

    Camille is just incredible. It feels like she already has a fanbase of her own. She's so confident, doesn't stutter (knows what questions to ask and from which side to approach) and always a one step further. That's a great example of a good lawyer

    • Silv3rm00n
      Silv3rm00n 4 months ago

      Shes so amazing

    • M
      M 4 months ago

      Stuttering isn’t a bad thing

    • CC N
      CC N 4 months ago

      @Jordy John I love her voice

    • Cody Armstrong
      Cody Armstrong 4 months ago

      @Maguire c: :vvv

    • Madison Wren
      Madison Wren 4 months ago +1

      She’s awesome. You can tell she truly cares about Johnny and isn’t only there for the money.

  • camerrill
    camerrill Month ago


    • camerrill
      camerrill 28 days ago

      @Johnny Depp I am not, but I will be!

    • camerrill
      camerrill 28 days ago

      @Johnny Depp absolutely!

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 29 days ago +1


    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 29 days ago

      Specify with your name when you write me on the telegram account below

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 29 days ago

      @camerrill Are you on telegram?

  • Red Hulk
    Red Hulk Month ago

    Amber Heard bisexual WOW

  • Tito Turtle
    Tito Turtle 2 months ago

    So I hate my last name now which is Franco

  • shakun vashisht
    shakun vashisht 2 months ago


  • Tracy Lopez
    Tracy Lopez 4 months ago +2905

    She’s disgusting. She’s twisting everything around. I really hope the jury sees through this charade.

    • W Vu
      W Vu 4 months ago

      @Nalin Gupta That is super important as it means that she has their total attention. How you point your shoulders, eye contact, your posture, etc. means a lot.

    • Nalin Gupta
      Nalin Gupta 4 months ago

      If u follow runkle of the law tube who was sitting inside and noticing the jury, he said the jury was looking at camilia Vasquez the whole time

    • The Motocross Lounge
      The Motocross Lounge 4 months ago

      @iam Smilin 9 out of 10 actors/actresses are extreme narcissist but has indeed separated herself to be a complete psycho

    • slashbrackets
      slashbrackets 4 months ago

      @iam Smilin Yeah, I wonder if they stayed together how long it would be before another "Jody Arias" trial instead of this civil suit.

    • W Vu
      W Vu 4 months ago

      @clarence mitchum It's like a boxer clinching to get a breather and think their baring straight. Sure they gonna lose points but they fighting for dear life. Cross Boss Camille is like "Go for it, but I got the evidence/ammunition to put this away. Just delaying the inevitable."

  • Lia Lia
    Lia Lia 2 months ago

    When she looks off to our left, who is she looking at or what?

    • Lia Lia
      Lia Lia 2 months ago

      @vickivale83 oh wow. What a weirdo she is

    • vickivale83
      vickivale83 2 months ago

      She was trying to make eye contact with the jurors

  • Madeleine Donaldson
    Madeleine Donaldson 3 months ago

    She tried to blackmail him to give her $14 million, 3 Penthouses cars, pay all her Bills, maintenance for life $50,000.00, or she would obtain a TRO

  • Utari
    Utari 3 months ago

    Is this what our world has come to be? How come the judge allow a lawyer commit murder in a court?

  • peggy mccabe
    peggy mccabe 3 months ago

    What the HE'LL Screwing all these guys in your Husband's penthouse while your married I'm mean really seriously !Amber needs constant attention from anyone 24/7 !I'm not sure she should be with a baby !She's so out of control!

  • E Honda
    E Honda 4 months ago +2077

    This lady dismantled the lies of a narcissistic manipulator in 8 hours of careful examination. What an absolute boss operator

    • Stephanie Redden
      Stephanie Redden 4 months ago +8

      And when the clouds broke and the sunlight hit her, she literally looked like an angel.

    • Belle Ame
      Belle Ame 4 months ago +22

      Ben is behind Camille- smart move- as a man would play in to her victim stance. She would play the role of damsel in distress. Lol.

    • Jon B
      Jon B 4 months ago +37

      Heard’s ego in plain sight. Camille talking straight to the prideful demon in Amber’s body.

  • Myrah Naif
    Myrah Naif 3 months ago

    I can't wait harry and megan in this court ..time will tell when🤣
    Harry will be the client of Camille
    Megan ...no one🤣🤣maybe samantha

  •  dan52
    dan52 3 months ago


  • myint Aye
    myint Aye 3 months ago


  • Countrycowboy08
    Countrycowboy08 3 months ago

    “Okay… Let’s remind you.”
    You go girl!

  • GymFoodie20_
    GymFoodie20_ 4 months ago +9317

    I feel like this lawyer is going to get hired a lot more after this, she’s amazing at her job.

    • Steph De La Paz
      Steph De La Paz 3 months ago +1

      She made partner at the law firm she works at. Her name is now part of the firm. Congratulations camillie!!

    • sex metal barbie
      sex metal barbie 4 months ago

      @Adam Smith also,,,whaaatttt theee heeeccckkkk do u meeaaannn you can VISIBLY see how irritated amber was getting any and every interaction with Camille. Just more proof how quick to anger she is...
      Edit, Amber's lawyers were very mean and condescending, Rottenberg was a very unnecessary amount of arrogant and straight up rude to johnny, you can feel his tension off the phone. Elaine was just trying to make him look bad in any way outside of the case and her job, they seemed so personal about it...Camille was direct, and quite literally just NOT trying to play any of Amber's games. Her snickering could be rude and unnecessary, but it's just so funny that she was still trying to lie under oath so I don't blame her for that cuz I and alot of others laughed too. Ben was unbiased and sweet, just doing his job defending johnny with no extra or personal kicks to anyone's character. I personally loved jds lawyers Amber's seemed mean and off topic and unprofessional.

    • sex metal barbie
      sex metal barbie 4 months ago

      @Adam Smith ur comment didn't age well lmaoo

    • Kat M.
      Kat M. 4 months ago +1

      So amazing!! 👏👏

    • Dennis Soliman
      Dennis Soliman 4 months ago +1

      @Michael Favor i love her voice. It's so soothing.

  • Er. Jyoti R. Nayak
    Er. Jyoti R. Nayak 3 months ago

    This culprit should be ashamed to call herself woman

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 3 months ago

    This is 1 evil person

  • Willdabeast Davenport
    Willdabeast Davenport 3 months ago

    “Believe all women theory” has been destroyed‼️

  • Zarir Zaman
    Zarir Zaman 4 months ago

    That's what she said

  • Wanderlust
    Wanderlust 4 months ago +2158

    This woman is argumentative, entitled & very defying. We can clearly see that’s not the personality or attitude of a woman who’s been constantly battered. She’s disgusting.

    • Pam Mckay
      Pam Mckay 4 months ago


    • TheWorld
      TheWorld 4 months ago

      It’s a lie they all same. Imagine if Johnny is poor this case would have gone under shelves

    • Gem Star
      Gem Star 4 months ago +2

      @Sandeep Sengupta They both recorded eachother

    • Boca Riley
      Boca Riley 4 months ago

      You left out manipulative and deceitful.

    • Mario S
      Mario S 4 months ago +5

      @Gem Star They'll say anything to try and "score points" on their poor victims. It makes them feel powerful in their false reality.

    BONGGA KA DZAI 4 months ago

    You know the FACE OF LIAR

    BONGGA KA DZAI 4 months ago

    3:35 she’S probably thinking Okay im DEAD!

  • Gerard McGinnity
    Gerard McGinnity 4 months ago

    If you take out all the lies, Amber Heard said very little throughout the trial. No wonder she lost. She wasn't given enough time for the telling the truth part. I blame the judge.

  • R
    R 4 months ago

    Calling law enforcement liars man this lady

  • Alice
    Alice 4 months ago +1476

    She changed her husband’s penthouse lock while her husband was many miles away for work. Then she could invite her lovers come over for a party. How disgusting this woman could be!!!!!

    • Mugwump
      Mugwump 4 months ago

      @David Amendola Jesus is dead... if he ever existed in the first place, that is. Also, no thanks. Suffering your proselytism on completely unrelated videos is already too much. Get lost.

    • David Amendola
      David Amendola 4 months ago +1

      @Mugwump Jesus does love you. Demons are not on our side. My testimony is ok my site. Check it out. Got bless you.

    • Mugwump
      Mugwump 4 months ago

      @David Amendola You might wanna start looking for it, then. Myth and superstition aren't it.

    • David Amendola
      David Amendola 4 months ago +1

      @Mugwump the jokes are those who reject truth. They will perish. Jesus doesn’t want that though.

  • Pras Durafe
    Pras Durafe 4 months ago

    Camille - wow …clever and charming - a deadly combination. So precise in asking the perfect questions. Really AH had no chance to escape. She must have charged millions 😊

  • Hare Krishna creativity

    Kay, let's remind you
    That caught me 😂

  • Still Picture
    Still Picture 4 months ago

    She must have been a terrible step mom.

  • shanika wood
    shanika wood 4 months ago

    Amber: I don’t remember
    Camille: Okay, let’s remind you 😂

  • Gary Harkin
    Gary Harkin 4 months ago +5517

    As someone who dated a malignant narcissist, and suffered, it’s very satisfying to see one being grilled, and revealed for the toxic trash that they are.

    • Sonia Thomas
      Sonia Thomas 4 months ago +1

      I feel Amber as the victim as I’m in a relationship with a Narcissist and see how physically abusive one can be and her reactions I can understand as yelling and hitting as we may think it won’t hurt the other person as how much they hurt us internally. And intention to hit or scratch can be self defense as well.

    • Jenn
      Jenn 4 months ago

      @Alexa Wermuth thank you for this info. The prob with amber is she has these issues but then she blatantly LIED about being a victim and Johnny is an abuser to ruin him when she is not a victim by any means. She doesn’t just have BPD but she’s also a liar and vindictive.

    • Gary Harkin
      Gary Harkin 4 months ago

      @Alexa Wermuth for the record, I don’t really think any person is inherently trash, I’m obviously still upset about the way I was treated, or maybe more accurately ‘the way I allowed myself to be treated’. And I don’t know for sure what her professional diagnosis would be, NPD/BPD etc, but from all the stuff I researched in trying to understand, covert narcissist seemed to fit best, but it could be wrong. All I know is that it was a horrific experience, I became a shell of my old happy self, I was terribly confused, and totally miserable. Now that I’m well out of there, I’m happy again.

    • Candi Byrum
      Candi Byrum 4 months ago +1

      @Alexa Wermuth lol, I'm a conservative. Oh, just watched another video about that Dr who diagnosed her with BPD & heard it wasn't the only mental issue she was diagnosed with, just to letcha know.

    • Alexa Wermuth
      Alexa Wermuth 4 months ago

      @Candi Byrum are you a conservative? Cuz liberals are never this civil

  • Jack
    Jack 4 months ago

    this trick is crazy.

  • 1400 years Ago's dog
    1400 years Ago's dog 4 months ago

    Amber is actor like how she criminalized Johhney

  • Ey Ram
    Ey Ram 4 months ago

    Amber doesn’t remember? Ms Vasquez “ok let’s remind you !!” This was like a mother and child scenario where the child had been caught red handed lol 😂

  • Carol Christiansen
    Carol Christiansen 4 months ago

    Until now. Most people would not recognize Amber.

  • AcidicMonk
    AcidicMonk 4 months ago +3224

    That lawyer for Depp is both terrifying and incredible at the same time.

    • Jake Vendrotti
      Jake Vendrotti 4 months ago

      Camille is not terrifying, she's a relief

    • Zohaan Rana
      Zohaan Rana 4 months ago +6

      She reminds me of one of those scary teachers that scold you a ton but make sures your successful in class innit

    • NussyBeth
      NussyBeth 4 months ago +2

      I feel like she could make me cry almost inmediatly tbh😂

    • Jatiendredew Goerdien
      Jatiendredew Goerdien 4 months ago +3

      She's A BEAST!!

    • B3N G
      B3N G 4 months ago +4

      She is one sharp girl who you just can't lie to

  • anth ukoh
    anth ukoh 4 months ago

    My life my doing start on lockdown till now , do I look like I always go see a person. It just like this.

  • Amazing Theatre
    Amazing Theatre 4 months ago

    “How do you know?” “Because you said ‘He told me…’l

  • I am Weazel
    I am Weazel 4 months ago

    camille vasquez is a weapon, i would fear lying in front of that woman

  • The Like Button
    The Like Button 4 months ago

    3:08 watch the blonde react to the james franco shot it's just hilarious 💀

  • Queen Eliane
    Queen Eliane 4 months ago +16786

    I hate when people say “she believes her own lies”, no she doesn’t, don’t give her that. She knows she’s lying and is purposely trying to manipulate everyone in the room by playing word games and confusing them.

    • Caren Carlin
      Caren Carlin 3 months ago

      she knows she’s lying

    • Caren Carlin
      Caren Carlin 3 months ago

      Totally agree with you Queen Eliane

    • J J
      J J 4 months ago

      That’s basically what they’re saying but you broke it down to your understanding

    • Queen Eliane
      Queen Eliane 4 months ago

      @bcburt2000 🙄

    • Queen Eliane
      Queen Eliane 4 months ago

      @Bushy Brow no she’s not, that’s why she’s such a bad liar

    AYADUMA QONONO 4 months ago

    This grill was so hot and burned Amber such that it was felt across all news channels on RUclips 🤣

  • roland meza
    roland meza 4 months ago

    Selective amnesia, 😂 what a pathological liar 🤥

  • Bless2Fish
    Bless2Fish 4 months ago

    James came to wax pootie. 😂

  • Girl Dad Isar Coleman
    Girl Dad Isar Coleman 4 months ago

    Was that a phone conversation at the end, or was it an in person convo? Because if it was in person that'll be so weird to have a recording 🤔

  • Sy May
    Sy May 4 months ago +2007

    she believes her own lies. she’s scary, she believes these things have or have not happened. she is truly disgusting.

    • FauciOnTheCouchi
      FauciOnTheCouchi 4 months ago

      She's nuts, she's off the reservation

    • Maricon Israel Noto
      Maricon Israel Noto 4 months ago


    • Atharali Maan
      Atharali Maan 4 months ago +1

      She doesn't believe her own lie , she wants others to believe her lie

    • cn
      cn 4 months ago

      @Lauren Deaves

    • Salatah
      Salatah 4 months ago +2

      No she doesn’t believe her lies she knows what she’s doing

  • D v. D
    D v. D 4 months ago

    Amber is looking at the jury and not the lawyer😁and with her nose in the air . That,s not what a real victim does. Her worst acting job ever.

  • Victor Creed
    Victor Creed 4 months ago

    Now I see why it was a cake walk win for Johnny. Not only speaking the facts, but then he went and hired this savage beast of a lawyer. Just grilling the Heard relentlessly. 🤣

  • mslala hopwood
    mslala hopwood 4 months ago

    When I say I want to be a lawyer, I literally mean I want to be a , Camille!!!!

  • gede yogam
    gede yogam 4 months ago

    Just like dave chapelle said "got you b!!!"