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Top Johnny Depp Comebacks & Reactions to Questioning While Testifying

  • Published on May 10, 2022
  • Law&Crime presents a collection of top moments from Johnny Depp's testimony including his comebacks and reactions to questions from attorneys. It can be inferred that Depp was surprised by the number of objections based on hearsay.
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Comments • 9 001

  • Xavier
    Xavier 4 months ago +20248

    Johnny's a better attorney than Amber's lawyers. That bit where he pauses cuz he knows there's gonna be a hearsay call does bring a smile to my face

    • Bi Ba
      Bi Ba Month ago +1

      Totally legendary

    • Shay Fratus
      Shay Fratus 3 months ago +1


    • Lee Osmond
      Lee Osmond 3 months ago +1

      Definitely. The man is extremely intelligent. I love the way he speaks!

    • Edith Dlp
      Edith Dlp 3 months ago

      Exactly 👏

  • Lady of Darkness
    Lady of Darkness 3 months ago +655

    His face when he's waiting for the "hearsay" is priceless lmao

    • Kathryn
      Kathryn 7 days ago

      When was that?-

    • LordMalice6d9
      LordMalice6d9 10 days ago

      @Vamssiisol It was his smile afterward that is what made me laugh the most, he knew it was coming.

    • Vamssiisol
      Vamssiisol Month ago


    • C Fan16
      C Fan16 2 months ago +1


    • Mohammed Ashian
      Mohammed Ashian 2 months ago +20

      Ikr? He’s like “Anytime now, no? ok”

  • Christian1
    Christian1 4 months ago +1401

    “Maybe they are hearsay documents” 🤣🤣🤣 he’s the BEST!

    • WLL Tsosie
      WLL Tsosie 17 days ago

      Maybe he’ll write songs off of it

    • C Fan16
      C Fan16 2 months ago +1


    • Melissa Morehouse
      Melissa Morehouse 3 months ago +3


    • Bobby Lane
      Bobby Lane 3 months ago +5

      @Commander Shepard Respectfully, i'd like some muffins with that😆

    • Laurel Kelley
      Laurel Kelley 3 months ago +7

      That was one of my favorite lines too 🤣

  • Wayne Boydston
    Wayne Boydston 3 months ago +406

    Johnny is so calm, concise and in control of himself,stating the facts .

    • Vamssiisol
      Vamssiisol Month ago

      @DeathKid682 💯🥰👌

    • PBMS123
      PBMS123 Month ago +2

      @Hifly19 No he means he has control over himself, he isn't losing his cool. Not in control of a court room.

    • Giant Johr
      Giant Johr Month ago

      @Hifly19 Ew ukraine pfp

    • Dennis Robinson
      Dennis Robinson 2 months ago

      They aren't controlling his emotions.

    • Jamie Davis
      Jamie Davis 2 months ago +1

      Unlike that clownie car show put on by his ex. He had to witness that and just be "What was I thinking?"

  • teddy
    teddy 4 months ago +2086

    I love how she's allowed to rant endlessly about her dog stepping on a bee, but he can't actually say anything relevant without it being hearsay :)

    • Nancy Garret  Elliott
      Nancy Garret Elliott 2 months ago

      @Terri Davis and she did it all by her evil self!🤣

    • Terri Davis
      Terri Davis 2 months ago +1

      His lawyers let Amber ramble on to sink her own case.

    • Steph Bain
      Steph Bain 2 months ago +3

      @Nancy Garret Elliott 😂😂😂 most definitely! She got exactly what she deserves. Camille nailed it when said she gave the performance of her life and even then she wasn't a convincing actress!

    • Nancy Garret  Elliott
      Nancy Garret Elliott 2 months ago

      @Steph Bain and boy did she dig a BIG hole!😂

  • J H
    J H 4 months ago +14455

    He’s a whole lot more honest than Amber has ever been. Her horrible attempt at acting on the stand like a traumatized victim is repulsive.

    • jmr1068204
      jmr1068204 13 days ago

      @Edith Boozy You're a bot? Gotcha, we figured that already.

    • Edith Boozy
      Edith Boozy 13 days ago


    • OfficialChrist dembrowski
      OfficialChrist dembrowski 16 days ago

      @laurelle bernon thanks so much for your help love and support I really appreciate 🤝 you are really a good fans of my brother, I'm sister to johnny depp, I will love to know you more?

    • OfficialChrist dembrowski
      OfficialChrist dembrowski 16 days ago

      @specialkyt thanks so much for your help love and support I really appreciate 🤝 you are really a good fans of my brother, I'm sister to johnny depp, I will love to know you more?

  • Marilee Herdman
    Marilee Herdman 3 months ago +299

    Johnny is hilarious. I love how quick he is with the comebacks. He's awesome 😂😂😂😂

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 24 days ago +1

      Thank you for following my page , Support you showered on me, I hope you never stop listening to my music…I’ll love to honor you by giving you my personal information for a private conversation if that’s ok by you.. 💕❤️💋

    • Dennis Robinson
      Dennis Robinson 2 months ago

      Many of us are new fans

    • Luther Haugen
      Luther Haugen 2 months ago

      He’s the best,how long have you been he’s fan marilee?

  • Truthseeker
    Truthseeker 3 months ago +209

    Believe it or not , I watched Depp for the first time in this trial. I found him very in the moment , sharp, witty, genuine, courageous and unbelievably cool. His personality actually made me to search his movies. I watched willy wonka and Alice years ago but I had no idea that it was him. I was so surprised that it was him ! Also I had no idea about POTC movies because that was my nerd era ,was in school studying. Ofcourse I binge watched them now.
    He earned himself a die hard fan not just for his acting skills but also for his persona . I pray for his sobriety and good health. I am sure there are many like myself. New fans or Relatives as he says ❤️

    • Nowshin's Studio
      Nowshin's Studio 13 days ago +1


    • M T
      M T Month ago +1

      JD is a very unique most smartest and coolest guy you would come across. He fell victim to a mid-life crisis and a MePoo narcissist. His perfect storm. Thanks to his huge heart and spirit, he has survived. No stopping him now.

    • ylekiote99999
      ylekiote99999 Month ago

      You probably know about more movies he's been in than he does:).

    • Molotov
      Molotov Month ago

      Can you also pray for me please? Thanks!

    • Donna Barney
      Donna Barney Month ago +2

      Yes, relatives.

  • Kevin McGuinness
    Kevin McGuinness 3 months ago +431

    He shredded this lawyer's confidence with a lot of his sarcastic comebacks, so funny. The lawyer was a little boy trying to manipulate an alpha - never ends well. Mr. Rottenborrrnnnn 🤣

    • Jacob Morgan
      Jacob Morgan 10 days ago

      a mega pint........🤔

    • antone cruz
      antone cruz Month ago

      @Jamie Davis well he could keep his last name just add "not" as his middle name 😁

    • Jamie Davis
      Jamie Davis Month ago

      @08hge35f pretty sure I would have changed my name.

    • 08hge35f
      08hge35f Month ago +1

      Does his name actually imply that he was already born rotten?

    • Jamie Davis
      Jamie Davis 2 months ago +13

      ​@Julia Wills I don't think his lawyers wanted him to hide any facet of who he is. Even when he's politely putting Rottenborn in his place, he does it calmly, professionally, and with the sophistication, and class that Rottenborn lacks.

  • char west
    char west 3 months ago +648

    1:27 "We're going to go fast forward in time, Mr. Depp."
    "Yes, I can feel it "
    I laughed out loud!!! He's hilarious.

    • William Weaver
      William Weaver Month ago +1

      I almost fell out of my chair....

    • Kristin Gordon
      Kristin Gordon 2 months ago +2

      With a straight face🤣😐

    • Fabled Creature
      Fabled Creature 2 months ago +2

      I missed that! Oh my God that's gold!

    • Katts_Meow
      Katts_Meow 2 months ago +2

      Lmbo 😂🤣😂 gotta love Johnny!! ❤️

    • bighatlogannn
      bighatlogannn 2 months ago +6

      Hahahahaha ty for sharing i never caught that😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Springfield
    Springfield 3 months ago +180

    “Is that the document that I signed 3 times before?” 😂😂Legend

    • Roy 3:16
      Roy 3:16 Month ago +5

      "for the fourth time that is my signature" 😎😎

  • DiGa1481
    DiGa1481 3 months ago +709

    “Mr. Depp, with respect. We’re trying to respect the court’s time and the jury’s time. That was not my question. My question was…”
    JD, “I understand, when you take five minutes to look for a document.”
    Hilarious! 😂

    • Tina Vasquez
      Tina Vasquez 14 days ago +1

      @Susan Schroeder it was GREAT!😂😂

    • Tina Vasquez
      Tina Vasquez 14 days ago +1

      I. Was. Dying. 😂😂

    • Jennifer Dalwood
      Jennifer Dalwood 3 months ago +20

      DiGa1481: Yeah, that is hilarious. He is really funny. I like that come back that he did.
      Lawyer: You were drinking pretty heavily.
      Johnny Depp: Were you there?
      I love that 🤣🤣
      Exactly, were they there at that time?

    • Sarita
      Sarita 3 months ago +20

      Amber's lawyers are so disrespectful, one more than the other, especially that man! Such bad lawyers, how the heck did they even pass their bar exam?! maybe they paid for it. They can never let J.D. say 2 words without interrupting him so rudely. Just awful, they are! But Amber, can babble away all she wants. She's as rude as her lawyers. No wonder why they represented her, ( So badly , actually )! She deserves every thing she gets. After all this, I wonder who would hire her lawyers?

    • Susan Schroeder
      Susan Schroeder 3 months ago +8

      OH MISSED!!!!!!!!! ROFLMAO! ;) ;) ;)

  • RobertIngersoll
    RobertIngersoll 3 months ago +170

    "I poured myself a large glass of wine...I thought it necessary"
    --This line is more epic than any of JD's movie lines.

    • Dee Dee
      Dee Dee 3 months ago +2

      That was such a 'distinguished gentleman ' statement

  • KemetiChristopher
    KemetiChristopher 3 months ago +170

    "Maybe they were hearsay papers" 😆
    That one definitely made me chuckle

  • Cragzilla
    Cragzilla 4 months ago +2319

    “I poured myself a large glass of wine, I thought it necessary” me after work everyday 😂😂😂

    • Joy.Of.Everything.
      Joy.Of.Everything. 7 hours ago

      @OfficialChrist dembrowski oh wow! You’re Johnny’s sister?! Is English not your first language? Aren’t you from Kentucky?

    • Christa Fritz
      Christa Fritz 4 days ago


    • OfficialChrist dembrowski
      OfficialChrist dembrowski 24 days ago

      @Abbie Rose Holden thanks so much for your help love and support I really appreciate 🤝 you are really a good fans of my brother, I'm sister to johnny depp, I will love to know you more?

    • Kelli Danielle
      Kelli Danielle Month ago

      @Barefoot Prof He's never had a physical dependency on booze. However, he did have a dependency on Oxy's. Some people are more prone to addiction than others for a number of reasons. It's an illness. My mother died of cancer. It was already stage#4, so she died very soon after that. I drank to ease my heartache, and 1 glass turned in to 2 glasses then straight vodka. Snow ball effect. 4yrs sober now. Never in my life did I think I'd be so ill that I'd half to drink a full 5th of vodka to function. I required more to stop withdrawal. It can happen to anyone. You come off as being pretentious

  • Unknown TX
    Unknown TX 3 months ago +127

    He is the BEST! No denying he’s drank a lot and done quite a few drugs. But he still has his wits about him. He funny and quick-witted. And just wonderful. 🥰

    • Kweation
      Kweation 2 months ago

      You know...if I wanted to lie...I would tell you two truths as I say one lie

    • devil3sixi yeah
      devil3sixi yeah 2 months ago

      You know even pope drink wine so 💁

  • Doksh
    Doksh 3 months ago +136

    Johnny is gorgeous, funny and honest. However, even when he is smiling I can see deep sadness in his eyes. Poor Johnny, he must have suffered terribly at that woman's hands.

    • Marie Colban
      Marie Colban 20 days ago


    • Marie Colban
      Marie Colban 20 days ago +1


    • Marianne H
      Marianne H 3 months ago +4

      @Lee Osmond he’s a great artist

    • Barbara Weaver
      Barbara Weaver 3 months ago +3

      ‘The tears of a clown,
      When there’s no one around”

    • Lee Osmond
      Lee Osmond 3 months ago +7

      He's very talented have you checked out his art? You can here. He's a talent with an incrediable mind. I must say I did laugh at some of his remarks!!!

  • Tawnia Baze
    Tawnia Baze 4 months ago +432

    This makes me like Johnny even more!! I’ve been in a domestic violence situation and this women is a narcissist and abuser!

    • Marie Colban
      Marie Colban 20 days ago


    • Account lol
      Account lol 3 months ago

      @Johnny Depp what kinda bot are you

    • Lee Gee
      Lee Gee 3 months ago +1

      True she is

    • leann meddings
      leann meddings 3 months ago +7

      It's so easy to see a narcissist and abuser when you have been in a long relationship with one. The second I realize it I find myself wanting to turn and run. Horrible people they are.

    • Quack Quake
      Quack Quake 3 months ago +1

      @Johnny Depp bot

  • Jennifer Dalwood
    Jennifer Dalwood 3 months ago +172

    I love the part when:
    Lawyer: You were drinking pretty heavily.
    Johnny Depp: Were you there?
    That is a great come back. I love that lol 🤣

    • nicky langworthy
      nicky langworthy 6 days ago

      Interpretation is a perception conclusion ! Xx ❣️ GIFT ❣️ Johnny is so right !

    • johnnydepp6734gmailcom
      johnnydepp6734gmailcom 16 days ago

      @Jennifer Dalwood ❤️Thanks for the endless love and support you have constantly shown me in such difficult moment. I’m forever grateful. I really appreciate your unconditional love to me and every effort exerted by you to cause a change…Where are you watching from?

    • MultiEduardoruiz
      MultiEduardoruiz 2 months ago +1

      Great answer 😃😃

    • Luther Haugen
      Luther Haugen 2 months ago +1

      @Jennifer Dalwood wow that’s being a long time ❤️‍🔥,so which part of the world are you from ?

    • Jennifer Dalwood
      Jennifer Dalwood 2 months ago +2

      @Luther Haugen Since I've discovered him in Edward Scissorhands, I was in high school when I was 13 back in 1991.

  • Sid Plemons
    Sid Plemons 4 months ago +9386

    "you were drinking heavily"
    "Were you there?"
    Gets me every time 🤣

    • Zee Yacob
      Zee Yacob 3 months ago


      DEENZ MOHIUDEEN 3 months ago +3

      Amber and her team just showed the world how to be a 'Bunch of idiots ' 😝😝😝

    • Brett Marlene
      Brett Marlene 3 months ago

      Me too:{}

    • Abbie Rose Holden
      Abbie Rose Holden 4 months ago +2

      Wasn't just him drinking she was as well and she took drugs.

    • Kate Hamilton
      Kate Hamilton 4 months ago

      😂🤣🤣🤣 a mega pint red wine 🍷 😂🤣🤣

  • Genelle Campbell
    Genelle Campbell 4 months ago +731

    He really is hilarious 😂 Amber HATES that he is so entertaining, endearing , polite and charming.

    • Dennis Robinson
      Dennis Robinson 2 months ago

      Good observation

    • D Brooks
      D Brooks 3 months ago

      @Eve Mayermmhmm, like her acting💁🏻‍♀️

    • Eve Mayer
      Eve Mayer 3 months ago +2

      Her jealousy is tragic.

    • Ryan Rushford
      Ryan Rushford 3 months ago +2

      The exact reasons she fell for him and then became jealous. It’s quite sad. Gotta love Johnny.

    • D Brooks
      D Brooks 3 months ago

      @mystisage13 🤣😂me too!!

  • Mike S
    Mike S 4 months ago +138

    Johnny should send ROTTENBORN a thank you card, and sign it with …”Did you read this right?” 😂

    • mr Kimble
      mr Kimble 14 days ago +1

      @Tina Vasquez I'm like wtf???

    • Tina Vasquez
      Tina Vasquez 14 days ago

      @mr Kimble 🤣🤣 He must need more law experience!

    • Tina Vasquez
      Tina Vasquez 14 days ago

      @mr Kimble That will always be a thing now. Watch it start turning up as a joke in law school classes! I was only reminded of it in the movie 'Liar Liar'. 🤣🤣😂

    • Tina Vasquez
      Tina Vasquez 14 days ago

      YES!!! 🤣🤣

    • N J valhalla
      N J valhalla Month ago +1


  • Christian1
    Christian1 4 months ago +248

    He’s hilarious even he’s trying to be serious!!! 😂

    • Julia Willy
      Julia Willy 3 months ago +8

      Well, as serious as he can be. Johnny has a dry wit. I didn’t realize that until this trial.

  • Heidi
    Heidi 3 months ago +84

    I'm now officially a Johnny Depp fan 🙏

  • Natalie Nickals
    Natalie Nickals 4 months ago +1348

    He’s so funny and respectful despite what he’s going through.

  • Debra Charette-Ierardi
    Debra Charette-Ierardi 3 months ago +47

    I love his Johnny answers. He adds that little bit if sarcasm and subtle insults to her attorneys.

  • Zena Burgess
    Zena Burgess 3 months ago +60

    Well said. It's about time the media stands up and tells it as it is. She lost, get over it and stop your awful campaign you have going on.
    Well done to Jonny Depp for standing up to her x

    • Luther Haugen
      Luther Haugen 2 months ago

      He’s too funny 😂,how long have you been he’s fan zena ?

    FRUZSINA MARTHA 4 months ago +461

    He is hilariously funny with these comments, great sense of humour even in a serious case like this court trial. The jury needs to like the person, they need to be won over. Johnny was honest, humble yet often hilariously funny 😁❤️

    • Panos
      Panos 3 months ago

      Not that serious. Noone died. They will still be rich and famous.

    • Sandra C
      Sandra C 3 months ago +2

      He's a great guy so relatable with a great sense of humour. So happy he won. Truth conquers all.

    • Dan Davis
      Dan Davis 3 months ago

      @FRUZSINA MARTHA Yea I know that.

      FRUZSINA MARTHA 3 months ago +1

      @Dan Davis The chances that the previous account belongs to the 'real' Johnny Depp is very thin Dan 😉...There are fans who create accounts under their idol's name...But it's lovely that you are here 🙂

      FRUZSINA MARTHA 3 months ago +1

      @Dan Davis The chances that the previous account belongs to the 'real' Johnny Depp is very thin Dan 😉...There are fans who create accounts under their idol's name...But it's lovely that you are here 🙂

  • Kyle Entenman
    Kyle Entenman 2 months ago +35

    Love Johnny! I actually started watching the Pirates movies for the first time after seeing him in court. He is superbly witty and just an overall funny, warm, fella. I love watching him comeback at the attorney's questions.

  • CunningStunt69
    CunningStunt69 4 months ago +2327

    he absolutely won the hearts of everyone all over again by being so funny, confident and truthful

    • LaraCroftEyes1
      LaraCroftEyes1 2 months ago +3

      If wasn't for Amber marrying Johnny she would have never gotten a role in Aquaman and even Amber's acting coach have say Amber can't even fake cry for a movie.

    • LaraCroftEyes1
      LaraCroftEyes1 2 months ago

      Talking about Amber.

    • LaraCroftEyes1
      LaraCroftEyes1 2 months ago

      No, he doesn't

    • LaraCroftEyes1
      LaraCroftEyes1 2 months ago

      No, Amber got very toxic to Johnny.

    • Edie
      Edie 2 months ago

      @هه هه You forgot the fourth group in which I belong. It is the people who DGAF about these elite "actors" and the role they are playing to distract you from what their bosses aka the controllers want hidden. I wouldn't give these shapeshifters the time of day

  • eurobabe
    eurobabe 3 months ago +40

    all this case did was make me love johnny depp even more. he's so down to earth and genuine, i love his little witty responses to the lawyers

    • johnnydepp6734gmailcom
      johnnydepp6734gmailcom 16 days ago

      ❤️Thanks for the endless love and support you have constantly shown me in such difficult moment. I’m forever grateful. I really appreciate your unconditional love to me and every effort exerted by you to cause a change…Where are you watching from?

  • Samantha INGER
    Samantha INGER 2 months ago +31

    Johnny would make a good lawyer, he goes over everything meticulously in a calm, positive manner! Love the way he picks up on everything!

  • C. Beal
    C. Beal 4 months ago +169

    I love how the lawyer reads out the “other uses for your throat” like it’s something horrible. It was a man joking with his wife about getting head. How was that evidence FOR Heard?

    • TheAzorg
      TheAzorg 2 months ago +9

      Sorry, can you read that again?

    • Josh Grooms
      Josh Grooms 3 months ago +44

      Johnny asking him to repeat it was gold.

    • Jeff Navarro
      Jeff Navarro 3 months ago +16

      Someone needs to make an autotune song out of that line right away.

    • C Rn
      C Rn 3 months ago +36

      and he literally said “without injury” lmfaooo. like, idk how they think that’s relevant at all lol

  • Calvin Miner
    Calvin Miner 4 months ago +145

    It is incredible that Depp even had Rottenborn laughing while he was cross-examining him!

    • Lily T
      Lily T 3 months ago +2

      Even Amber's lawyers probably like Johnny better than her!

    • Kate Libby
      Kate Libby 4 months ago +3

      yes! Rottenborne even makes a comment like "I can understand that" in the full coverage.

    • RR
      RR 4 months ago +6

      I gave him a pill to stop talking 🤣

    • momlife852
      momlife852 4 months ago +5


    • Alecia Wimer
      Alecia Wimer 4 months ago +1

      What time stamp?

  • Saoirse Rose
    Saoirse Rose 4 months ago +6233

    The way he says “I poured myself a large glass of wine, I thought it necessary”
    Gets me every time!! 😂

    • Cate
      Cate Month ago

      I'm not sure why I'm re watching this x100 but it is so amusing n we don't have to pay to watch it as a movie. So glad JD won

    • Marcia Hess Moncayo
      Marcia Hess Moncayo Month ago

      @Podcast Fan perfeita sua análise!
      Concordo em tudo que vc disse!
      Abraços do Brasil!💚🌷

    • C P
      C P 4 months ago

      Mega pint was the greatest thing to come out of this by far. Bars will definitely start serving megapints now.

    • Last Boss
      Last Boss 4 months ago

      @sujaysukumar123 yes because each ppl. Tolerance is different and how fast they drink matter

  • Dero Kratzberg
    Dero Kratzberg 4 months ago +197

    the amount of objections from Amber's lawyers is absolutely absurd. They should have been silenced by the court. They generally didn't even wait 3 words before objecting. They just want him silenced entirely so they can bash him freely without any evidence based on truth. Amber was allowed to talk almost freely, but Johnny was repeatedly silenced when trying to answer the very questions they asked. Absurd.

    • Lewis Matthews
      Lewis Matthews 3 months ago +16

      He was kept silent for 6 years and those same vile people continued to try to silence him when it was his chance to speak. Twitter continues to block him from having an account.

    • Francesco B
      Francesco B 3 months ago +17

      However at the end this strategy didn't work really well...

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 4 months ago +181

    I love how he even makes Rottenborn the lawyer that's against him laugh with him @4:04

  • André Ihlen
    André Ihlen 4 months ago +128

    Johnny sure deserved a mega pint of wine after answering all these ridiculous questions 🍷

  • Terry Malloy
    Terry Malloy 3 months ago +47

    I could watch Depp do this all day. He's subtle and soft-spoken but brilliant!

  • Peteman
    Peteman 4 months ago +1955

    The Lawyer is trying to get under Johnnys skin and upset him but Johnny is actually getting under the lawyers skin and upsetting him instead. Its very enjoyable to watch

    • Sally MJ
      Sally MJ Month ago +1

      His lawyers helped him prepare. I think “the heavy” lawyer played RottenBorn, essentially. So they would have come up with various strategies for when the defense questioned him.. Johnny didn’t do that all the time, just probably when it was more light. So the attorney would probably get sarcastic and snotty and irritable with Joni, so he could prepare. RottenBorn was trying to be the male Camille Vasquez. But Camille was sarcastic with Amber‘s false information. I think RottenBorn was sarcastic with Johnny all the time.

    • Dennis Robinson
      Dennis Robinson 2 months ago

      because Johnny had more self control

    • Hmoob-dab-tsi
      Hmoob-dab-tsi 4 months ago +1

      When you suck at your job, you have to repeat and rephrase everything so the plaintiff gets confused. 😂

    • 019self
      019self 4 months ago +3

      @Escape From Crazytown yes you did read it right

    • Dustin Posey
      Dustin Posey 4 months ago

      @Uncharted 8907 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Deborah
    Deborah 3 months ago +55

    He is being his true self. Way to go Johnny! Please keep your self esteem & intelligence with your sense of humor and you will win.

    • Alysone Lynhiavu
      Alysone Lynhiavu 3 months ago

      @JOHNNY DEPP My family and I love you and have much respect for you. You are a wonderful soul, so inspiring. We wish you the best of success and lots of happiness.

      JOHNNY DEPP 3 months ago

      Thank you so much for your unconditional love,support and always believing in me.

  • The Sloth
    The Sloth 3 months ago +26

    The lawyer was using a psychological trick by asking "Did I read that right?" so many times. You ask several questions that you know will be answered with "Yes" and then throw in another question you would like the same answer to hoping that the person answering will just continue to roll with it. Good on Johnny for not falling for it.

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    MovieTube 3 months ago +84

    4:06 this man is so iconic that he even makes his enemy laugh who's actually here to ruin his life

    • Jesse Jordache
      Jesse Jordache 3 months ago +1

      @MovieTube To be fair, he had a nightmare client. And competent representation sworn to zealously represent your interests is a basic right -- I don't think Rottenborn crossed any ethical lines. Even scoundrels have the right to an attorney.
      But the big difference between the two sides on cross, and it was kind of consistent, was JD's side asked questions meant to be answered; with AH side, the question was the whole point. Elaine Brederhoff, after spending a brief time questioning Dr. Curry, just used her cross-examination to read things into the record.
      If anyone made a drinking game out of "Did I read that right?", they'd have to have their stomach pumped every time AH's lawyers cross-examined someone.

    • MovieTube
      MovieTube 3 months ago +3

      @Jesse Jordache ikr? I watched it like 7 times to make sure it was him. But even tho I liked it I still think rottenborn is garbage lawyer lol

    • Jesse Jordache
      Jesse Jordache 3 months ago +2

      @MovieTube I get it -- it's definitely a humanizing moment. I just found it hard to believe.

    • MovieTube
      MovieTube 3 months ago +4

      @Jesse Jordache Tbh it I kinda liked it. Shows that rottenborn wasn't always 100% hostile towards johnny bc of the case and sometimes could genuinely laugh with him like a normal person.

    • MovieTube
      MovieTube 3 months ago +3

      @Jesse Jordache Yes it actually was rottenborn, the guy who's only job isto act serious when johnny is "lying" and then blame him. Lol

  • debunkthejunk1
    debunkthejunk1 3 months ago +26

    I love how JD's testimony is honest and AH's was no more than begging the jury to believe her. Rottenbourn didn't do a bad job but he will always be known as the Megapint guy.

    • Paul Beard
      Paul Beard 2 months ago +1

      @debunkthejunk1 oops my bad 😞😔☹️

    • debunkthejunk1
      debunkthejunk1 2 months ago

      @Paul Beard That's Johnny Depp? I thought that was the guy with scissors for fingers.

    • Paul Beard
      Paul Beard 2 months ago +1

      Or this is the day you thaught you got Johnny Depth

  • Johny B
    Johny B 4 months ago +2498

    I've never seen Johnny on this level of serenity during a serious matter such as this. Kudos to Johnny for keeping calm while responding with common sense and wit.

    • jayive34
      jayive34 4 months ago +1

      Dude has nothing to be worried about.

    • Orphan Of Orbit
      Orphan Of Orbit 4 months ago +1

      How many other times have you seen him during a serious matter such as this?

    • Gelo Negron
      Gelo Negron 4 months ago +1

      @BD Perry You dont know that they dont know each other… its honestly weird that you would comment this.

    • M Gee
      M Gee 4 months ago +3

      Such a sexy voice and sassy composure I freakin love it

    • Mr Goodwrench
      Mr Goodwrench 4 months ago

      Who are you and what is he to you?

    ANIKET MAZUMDAR 4 months ago +90

    If there is anything us outsiders can take from this case, is we should all try to achieve close to Jonny Depp's composure, and his weighted delivery. Brilliant!

  • stinabo
    stinabo 3 months ago +55

    This is missing that one awewome one where he's explaining about something that happened and Rottenborn objects to him being non-responsive. Then Johnny answers directly saying "Miss Heard hit me... is that better?". It was hilarious! 😆

  • sᴡᴇᴇᴛ ń sᴘɪᴄʏ

    Love Johnny's bedside manner, humor and ability to keep calm and cool under high scrutiny, interruptions and irritation 😌 I could only wish that I could be just as balanced as he under so much stress.

  • ThatOneOddball
    ThatOneOddball 3 months ago +24

    "Yes, I can feel it" just gets funnier each and every single time

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 2 months ago

      Thanks for your lovely like and comments on my official page, it's great to know I have such a devoted fan.
      Where are you from? And how long have you been my fan?
      Much love 🎩 ❤️🦋🦋❤️🇺🇸

  • Russell Grover
    Russell Grover 4 months ago +102

    I love the face of Amber during this trail she knows she's lost.

  • Sunny
    Sunny 3 months ago +32

    Look at any of his interviews with David Letterman. The way he communicated in Court is similar to the way he interacts normally on interviews. He did not change a bit compared to AH who put up a show on the stand. He is genuine and no doubt believable because he spoke the truth.

  • KingEshuzTheFirst
    KingEshuzTheFirst 4 months ago +52

    2:33 "maybe they're heresy papers" freaking killed me. I had nothing to say but laugh 🤣😂

  • Jill Lewis
    Jill Lewis 3 months ago +27

    ‘Are they hearsay documents’ 🤣🤣🤣🤣 love it. He makes her lawyers look Like the fools there were.

  • Raven
    Raven 4 months ago +4677

    He has a lot of patience. They're asking him questions and refusing to let him answer. Just makes her and her attorney look like the scammers they are. Bless you, Mr. Depp! Stay strong.

    • Freedom❤
      Freedom❤ 4 months ago

      @527398 I was wondering why he can't answer Anything

    • Raven
      Raven 4 months ago +4

      @Aleksandra Ivanova His attorneys stopped her and others spouting embellished nonsense. That's their job, but they let her answer questions. Hers wouldn't even let him speak.

    • Aleksandra Ivanova
      Aleksandra Ivanova 4 months ago +3

      To be fair his attorneys did the same thing. That saying I love Johnny and amber was obviously trying to manipulate the court, but just to be fair, Johnny’s lawyers did the same and amber held her composure as well

    • St S
      St S 4 months ago +3

      @Szlendak it is called politeness to let someone answer in peace to the question. He is thoughtful. You don't get that, you should think about it perhaps.

  • Kai?
    Kai? 3 months ago +49

    Can we just talk about how respectful Johnny is while Amber is forcing water works and being overall mean to everyone, even the people on her side?

  • Gino Vazquez
    Gino Vazquez 3 months ago +12

    Do you guys realise when Johnny is speaking he is respectfully looking at the Ambers lawyers or judge while Amber was constantly looking at the jury and trying to sell a story. It tells a lot about her and how hard she was trying to sell a story.

  • Ti m
    Ti m 3 months ago +25

    Despite the hounding, JDs natural, innate, gentlemanliness just keeps shining through every time!!

  • get7025
    get7025 3 months ago +17

    In this trial, several times when Johnny’s voice cracked telling what Amber Heard’s lies had destroyed his life got to me. He has lived with these false accusatioms for a long time. She has never acknowledged how she hurt him. Ever. Even now, post trial. It’s only about here. She should be ashamed of herself. But she will never feel that way. She doesn’t know how to feel.

  • Elizabeth Torres
    Elizabeth Torres 3 months ago +41

    "Were you there?" By Johnny Depp when he was told of his heavy drinking, is my favorite Depp answer besides, "You continue to read them right."

    • Mother Ship
      Mother Ship 2 months ago +2

      You read that very very well. 😂

  • Fatima Daher
    Fatima Daher 3 months ago +40

    "As long as you're happy sir :)"
    Glad you won Johnny

  • J-Y Money
    J-Y Money 3 months ago +15

    “Maybe they’re hearsay papers.” Will forever be my favorite 😂🤭

  • Melissa LaVone
    Melissa LaVone 4 months ago +84

    0:18 The way Amber glares at everyone in the room for laughing at Johnny's joke. She does this several times. You can see how jealous she is over how much he's well liked.

    • Julia Willy
      Julia Willy 3 months ago +8

      I think jealousy helped destroy their relationship. It tells you what kind of person she is. You such want your partner to be loved and successful. Johnny felt that her ambition helped to destroy their relationship.

    • Ajakks
      Ajakks 4 months ago +2

      Envy is deadly beast it is...for those that let it control them anyway.

  • DJ
    DJ 4 months ago +2874

    LOL 😂 Even the judge loved his come backs. Everyone can tell he is honest.

    • Kat Foxx
      Kat Foxx 3 months ago

      @Pantos are you a litigator? Not just a lawyer but a litigator- who sits in court and actually engages in trial, knows rules of court, has tried cases first as a prosecutor then as a defense/civil torts practitioner? Because you would know that double-bind questions where there is no yes/no because neither is the truth are favorites of litigators who are trying to seem as though they are asking simple questions and the witness isn’t answering is a strategy to hammer the witness into self incrimination despite the answer. Clearly, this worked on YOU watching as a jury would to get YOUR EXACT VIEW that the witness is “hedging”. That’s the plan. I am a retired litigator and for the lawyers this is a chess game. Galley and jury form opinions about a witness through direct and cross/redirect. Go back to your recliner please, you’re very easily manipulated-- I counted on your type every time I put an opposing witness in the hot seat. Never fails to amaze and please me watching machinations of lawyers getting their jobs done through the appearance of seemingly clear cut questions designed to make that witness look like their hedging! It’s appearances and nuances that win or lose cases.

    • Raigar Müllerson
      Raigar Müllerson 4 months ago +1

      @JebalitaBB she already is. Its called being her in real life. And boy is there a lot of Emotional Damage lol

    • Tyler Toney
      Tyler Toney 4 months ago +1

      @Pantos Hearsay

    • JebalitaBB
      JebalitaBB 4 months ago +3

      @Pantos you should be thrown in jail for having an opinion this wrong

    • S111
      S111 4 months ago +4

      @Pantos for all our sakes I hope your not employed within the justice system.

  • Toni Crawford
    Toni Crawford 4 months ago +78

    He was absolutely hilarious! He is so intelligent; I would love to have a conversation with him! And when he said, "Tourette's", I almost fell on the floor laughing!!

    • Marianne Christine
      Marianne Christine 4 months ago +3

      I was almost on the floor laughing too when he said, "Tourette's." I honestly don't think many people caught that. Wish I could remember exactly where it was. He said it under his breath.

    • Julia Willy
      Julia Willy 4 months ago +3

      I know. I had no idea how witty and funny he is.

    • Leanne Robertson
      Leanne Robertson 4 months ago +1

      @Io I was wondering this too 🤔??

    • Io
      Io 4 months ago +1

      When ?

  • Banana boi
    Banana boi 3 months ago +11

    I love how Johnny still finds a way to make everyone laugh

  • daniel Sheldrick
    daniel Sheldrick 2 months ago +9

    When you have the TRUTH on your side, it’s easy to be comfortable in your response. 👍🏻

  • Marilee Herdman
    Marilee Herdman 2 months ago +6

    His comebacks are so awesome! That goes along with his funny sense of humor ❤️

  • Eh…
    Eh… 4 months ago +6258

    “And you were drinking pretty heavily.”
    “Were you there?”
    A neat way of reminding the lawyer that he is supposed to ask questions, not narrate.

    • LylyC
      LylyC Month ago

      @Eric Adams Cross examination is the process of asking yes or no questions, or "is it (not) true that...?". Lawyers have to be very clear as to the form of their questions during this process because they are trying to undermine the credibility of the direct testimony. Making statements as Rottenborn did there is not proper conduct for any questioning stance on trial (direct or cross).

    • Linda Bishop
      Linda Bishop 2 months ago

      @Serious Aleks the Mega Pint will live forever. Someone shouted it out to JD at a concert. I m surprised some bright spark hasn t made the T shirt. I bet Amber wishes she d never started this. What a boost she has unwittingly given J.D.s career. I think he was a little bedazzled by it all happening at this stage of the game and couldn't understand why people wanted to know what he ate for breakfast, where he slept and who he was "bumping sides" with!
      I m going to ask for a mega pint at the pub, they might give me half a litre😝

    • Asshats Love Johnny Depp!! Johnny Depp Es Racista!!
      Asshats Love Johnny Depp!! Johnny Depp Es Racista!! 3 months ago

      -I’ve got content of Johnny Depp pursueing Amber Heard with a sharp object as she begs him to stop. It is a recording played at trial that I transcribed.

  • Scott Mitchell
    Scott Mitchell 4 months ago +87

    My gosh to be on that stand , and getting interrupted every other sentence has to be brutal! The patience that has to be exhibited is off the charts. ROTTENBORN!!!!

    • Johnchristopher Depp0010
      Johnchristopher Depp0010 27 days ago

      @Julia Willy hello Julia thanks for the love and support that’s never goes unnoticed.

    • Johnchristopher Depp0010
      Johnchristopher Depp0010 27 days ago

      Hello Scott thanks for the love and support that’s never goes unnoticed.

    • Scott Mitchell
      Scott Mitchell 3 months ago

      Julia your right. Depp showed his demeanor. Low keyed dude.

    • Julia Willy
      Julia Willy 3 months ago +3

      He was trying to get to Johnny to blow his cool.

  • Karen R
    Karen R 3 months ago +10

    Love all these clips, but one thing that I loved the most was Johnny saying "Bless You" when someone in the courtroom sneezed. There was a pause in the whole room. No one else did that ever. I think Johnny did it twice. He is a genuine man.

    • Johnchristopher Depp0010
      Johnchristopher Depp0010 27 days ago

      Hello Karen thanks for the love and support that’s never goes unnoticed.

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 2 months ago

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      Where are you from? And how long have you been my fan?
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  • Jeannie M
    Jeannie M 2 months ago +14

    I love his facial expressions lol, his comebacks are so him!! Lol

  • TwinFlameGirl
    TwinFlameGirl 3 months ago +23

    “You poured yourself a mega-pint of wine?!” 😂😂😂
    Johnny is brilliant! May God bless his soul continuously! 🙏🏽

    • TwinFlameGirl
      TwinFlameGirl 3 months ago

      @Toffee Apple I thought I could not love Johnny Depp any more but that man is even more awesome than I knew!

    • Toffee Apple
      Toffee Apple 3 months ago +1

      Lol. I poured myself a glass of wine, yes

  • kayln leann
    kayln leann 4 months ago +3363

    They are asking him a question, then cutting him off and not letting him answer. Disgusting. Johnny deserves more

    • David White
      David White 3 months ago

      @vaguedreams because it was her choice to have it brought out in the public eye. She attempted to lie about him.

    • vaguedreams
      vaguedreams 4 months ago

      @TH3 H3RM3TIC MA9US what's unjust? There are fifty replies in this thread.

    • TH3 H3RM3TIC MA9US
      TH3 H3RM3TIC MA9US 4 months ago

      @vaguedreams because it’s unjust. Are you serious?

    • Laughing Mask
      Laughing Mask 4 months ago


  • Gwenda Darcy
    Gwenda Darcy 3 months ago +18

    He owned every fault , there is nothing like the truth …well done jd, and that’s why you won,

  • Manish Parmar
    Manish Parmar 4 months ago +46

    All this tells me is just how charismatic and charming Mr Depp is. In the end, Truth always wins.

    • Christina H.
      Christina H. 3 months ago

      ​@Manish Parmar you know that every psychopath, narcissist ect. was described as charming and charismatic - its a key trait

    • Manish Parmar
      Manish Parmar 3 months ago

      @Christina H. You're the danger then.

    • Christina H.
      Christina H. 3 months ago

      Charismatic and charming two dangerous words. I would run…

  • Mac
    Mac 3 months ago +45

    She is furious that Johnny isn't getting angry and heated at her Lawyer's questions. Her lawyer is trying to anger him and it's not working coz Johnny's not an angry, volatile person.

  • Chris Bryan
    Chris Bryan 4 months ago +41

    It’s so satisfying to rewatch this knowing that Johnny and his team won and completely crushed Amber’s team.

  • Shiddo
    Shiddo 4 months ago +66

    “Is that the same document that I signed three times before?” He sounds so sarcastic, I love him more than before now

  • Terri Bolton
    Terri Bolton 4 months ago +48

    "I once gave Marilyn Manson a pill..uh....so that he would....stop...talking so much" -Johnny Depp 🤣🤣🤣

  • bulletinmybeard
    bulletinmybeard 2 months ago +8

    "Sorry, can you read that again..." Gives me the laugh every single time xD

  • brian bond
    brian bond 3 months ago +13

    I want to meet him before I die . Watching him on the stand once he got the grove of it was priceless and like a drug . So funny . She got what she had coming rock on captain.

  • Pash Vang
    Pash Vang 4 months ago +4642

    I love Johnny! He’s not putting on an act, unlike AH. She’s defrauding the whole judicial system.

    • Barbara Weaver
      Barbara Weaver 3 months ago

      It’s called ‘Gaslighting’ - such ambition...attempting to gaslight the entire world! 🤪

    • B Hesseling
      B Hesseling 4 months ago

      Ho what did Albert Heijn do?

    • destery dw
      destery dw 4 months ago

      @Ali Alizada especially the ones with cocaine in them

    • ND
      ND 4 months ago

      @MJ Branch "msm was" they still are tho

  • Joseph Leclerc
    Joseph Leclerc 2 months ago +9

    I love how she’s crying her eyes out while he’s having a good time 😂

  • Xenia Martini
    Xenia Martini 4 months ago +24

    I worked with two narcistic coworkers. They're really awful people. They make up stories about you. Turn others against you. And it's never their fault and so on... They really destroyed alot of years of my life. Now I work somewhere else and I feel much better and safer. I can't imagine what Johnny and his family went through, when they heard those awful and sick lies. I hope from now on, they can live their life in peace.

    • Mochi Zuki
      Mochi Zuki 4 months ago +2

      I had the same experience, to a person I thought was a friend. They made up extreme stories about me, lied about our communications to my friends for months, making things about themselves when I could not pay attention to them due to being busy. I was here stupidly being nice to them. Good thing I could show screen captures of their lies to my friends.
      I am glad that you are now in a better place, these people are only a few, there are more good people, but one person could do so much damage.

    KAREN ABQ Month ago +2

    Johnny was so funny but so so honest. This trial was crazy but I'm so glad the truth came out.

  • UZ
    UZ 4 months ago +50

    Mr. Depp is a LEGEND! The way he is handling her lawyers, he deserves a MEDAL for it! How can world not love this amazing PIRATE!!!!!!

  • Kenny Shortcake
    Kenny Shortcake 3 months ago +13

    This trial should hopefully help people trapped in a relationship with a malignant narcissist. Rare to see them this close up..

  • LeeJ2512
    LeeJ2512 3 months ago +15

    My favourite is "We're gonna fast forward in time" "Yes I can feel it"

  • Tara Free
    Tara Free 3 months ago +6

    I hope Johnny knows how much we love and support him!

  • Saree Walker
    Saree Walker 4 months ago +38

    The Judge excuses Johnny after he apologises
    She's says
    " it's ok"
    So sweet!

  • Victor Lopez
    Victor Lopez 4 months ago +36

    "And you we're drinking pretty heavily."
    "Were you there." That's classic. Lawyer is supposed to ask questions, not narrate. 😂

  • Marlene PC
    Marlene PC 2 months ago +5

    Que voz, que imagen, que magnetismo tiene este hombre!!!!! No se lo que esta diciendo pero lo dice tan bonito

  • brad muehlenbein
    brad muehlenbein 2 months ago +3

    1:35 I love Johnny’s hesitation while anticipating ambers lawyers to object. 🤣
    And the lawyers like “OH YEAH! That’s my line…”

  • Pixie Frequency DNA subliminals

    Amber skimming through the jury's reaction after his comebacks 😂

  • Molly Newell
    Molly Newell 4 months ago +1235

    “October is two months before December, that’s correct” had me dying 💀

    • D Dee
      D Dee 3 months ago

      @nejuw what makes you think she is a bot

    • Seth Yellin
      Seth Yellin 3 months ago +7

      @nejuw you wish they were a bot. It's pretty funny too, the October thing. Maybe you're just dead inside. Laughter is the best medicine. Most of us are laughing at her team, and if you don't like the humour, then I dunno why you're here. Lol. Ciao. :p

    • nejuw
      nejuw 4 months ago +2

      You're easily amused bot.

    • Ganyu
      Ganyu 4 months ago +2

      FR 😂😂😂😂

    • Jo Davis
      Jo Davis 4 months ago +6

      I wish they would say "did I read that correctly" and not "right" 🤣🤣😅🤣

  • Templeton Peck
    Templeton Peck 3 months ago +5

    Rottenbourne's questioning shows how absolutely terrified he was about getting a real answer. That's why he spent the entire time asking "Did I read that right" rather than substantive questions to try and impugn Depp's testimony.

  • OG Fish
    OG Fish 3 months ago +7

    Can I just say the “yes I can feel it” @ 1:30 is the best part of this and I haven’t even finished this video yet

  • Nathan W.
    Nathan W. 3 months ago +6

    I love how he pauses to wait for him to say heresay because he just expects it.

  • Lisa Ozanne
    Lisa Ozanne 2 months ago +17

    Bless him. He is so funny with his response to the questions. His voice makes me feel so calm. I love him. Xx

    • Johnchristopher Depp0010
      Johnchristopher Depp0010 27 days ago

      Hello liz thanks for the love and support that’s never goes unnoticed.

    • Johnny depp Christopher
      Johnny depp Christopher 2 months ago

      Thank for all the love you've shown to me
      I've decided to make a random response to thank all my fans on Google chat you can feel free to drop your email

  • Kamill Gran
    Kamill Gran 4 months ago +9301

    Johnny is not only a great actor but he is a decent kind soul who clearly didn’t know how to deal with a manipulative psycho.

    • Shay Fratus
      Shay Fratus 3 months ago

      Lmao we never do, until we gotta! Agreed!

    • Dr. Judy A. Smith
      Dr. Judy A. Smith 3 months ago

      Sadly, it seems that AH was very similar in behavior to his mother, and he fell into the same response pattern. If he’d had parents with balanced personalities, he might’ve considered her behavior to be unacceptable and he might’ve ended the relationship far sooner.

    • leann meddings
      leann meddings 3 months ago

      Um, I'm not too sure it's possible to deal with this kind of monster unless it's another monster and that would never happen. Monsters don't want someone like themselves. They want someone they can destroy.

    • yackfou2412
      yackfou2412 4 months ago

      My Family is full of such humans... you can’t deal with them. You are always the bad as a fair loyal human

    • Barefoot Prof
      Barefoot Prof 4 months ago

      He is the one who is manipulative.