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Amber Heard Cross-Examined by Johnny Depp's Lawyer | Part One - Day 17 (Depp v Heard)

  • Published on May 16, 2022
  • During the defamation trial on Tuesday, the cross-examination of Amber Heard continued. Heard was questioned by Johnny Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez about a variety of incidents and her testimony.
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Comments • 19 536

  • Annice Brown
    Annice Brown 4 months ago +2610

    it feels good to go back and watch these clips after knowing that the jury was seeing through all her lies

    • Annice Brown
      Annice Brown 12 days ago

      @D' sories exactly how sad is it that we were subjected to a cliff hanger even though we all new the truth, this is one of the few times they got it right

    • D' sories
      D' sories 18 days ago

      Exactly. Let's be real almost everyone could seeing through her lies. But we're aren't 100% sure johnny would win. Because almost everytime women seems as victims against a men. I'm glad and happy there are still justice .

    • Brenda O'Brien
      Brenda O'Brien Month ago +1

      Amber is a habitual liar. She gets caught in every lie. Hahahahahaha!

    • Sherly Dewi
      Sherly Dewi 2 months ago +1


    • K G
      K G 2 months ago +2

      And I LOVE that that one juror came forward and said they were creeped out by her constantly looking at them!! Lmao

  • Jennifer Maglalang
    Jennifer Maglalang 3 months ago +716

    Still watching this 1 month after the verdict has been announced. Why? Because I absolutely adore seeing a strong, intelligent and kind woman pin an abuser to the wall. It's seeing good conquer evil in real life. I cannot get over the fact that Camille is the same age as me but she is so amazing at what she does. I love Queen C!!!!

    • ShindlersFist
      ShindlersFist 19 days ago

      She is the same age as Amber lolll

    • Chris Mozer
      Chris Mozer 26 days ago +3

      I listen too… it’s even better watching knowing the jury saw right through her lies like all of us did.

    • Nic T
      Nic T Month ago +1

      It’s amazing right?!

    • Natasha loves Freddie Mercury
      Natasha loves Freddie Mercury Month ago +3

      Goorrlll me too!! Its amazing how she testifies one thing but when cross examination its its something else or doesn't remember...lol.. like wtf!!!

    • Katrina T.
      Katrina T. 2 months ago +6

      It’s August and I’m still watching, and I watched it when it happened. It is so satisfying to watch good conquer evil

  • diazrigau Interian
    diazrigau Interian 2 months ago +462

    I'm addicted to these cross examinations against Amber. Two months and I'm still watching. Is like a war against goos and evil.

    • Cox COX
      Cox COX Day ago

      @Raymond Floyd yes exactly 💯

    • Raymond Floyd
      Raymond Floyd Day ago +2

      Me too,can't stop watching it,it's a great tale how good beats evil

    • Stephanie Strong
      Stephanie Strong 4 days ago +2

      Yes, for all of us court case sleuths, it's a rare and glorious moment.

    • Melt with Nat n Jack
      Melt with Nat n Jack 7 days ago +1

      Same here especially knowing the verdict. I love rewatching her get slammed by Camille.

    • Cox COX
      Cox COX 9 days ago

      Me too!! Lol

  • Angie Palafox Reyes
    Angie Palafox Reyes 3 months ago +1144

    The fact that she so calmly lies and acts so matter of factly is terrifying, it’s so natural to her. I feel for people who deal with her on the daily

    • ROMANSChapter6
      ROMANSChapter6 2 days ago

      Imagine how her parents are feeling, not to mention her child

    • Rustie
      Rustie Month ago

      @gaysy1st if you believe graphology these sorts of flowery/flourishy penmanship is indicative some very negative qualities or traits. Which tbh I see in Meghan and Amber. The writing is nice, the people behind not so much.

    • gaysy1st
      gaysy1st Month ago

      @Rustie Don't give her credit, it is probably copied from someone else. Take a look at Meghan Markle's handwriting. She pretty much does the same thing, with the over exaggerated letters. Johnny does fancy writing, Heard is simply trying to be as flamboyant as he is. It makes her feel special.

    • Lisa Pully
      Lisa Pully Month ago +1

      @Donna Lee I do how so! All "this beauty" that she thinks she has, will be all gone by the time she gets out.

    • Donna Lee
      Donna Lee Month ago +1

      @Lisa Pully Let's hope she gets hers. Australia might pursue her for glassing and bringing her dogs into the country illegally. I heard just on the glassing charge that can carry a charge of 15 years. Stay tuned for the continuing Saga.

  • rosyjay85
    rosyjay85 3 months ago +915

    Ms. Camille Vasquez, you were absolutely masterful in this cross examination! You exposed the liar to the world in an articulate, classy and lawful way! Thank you for being such an inspiration to all victims of DV regardless of gender and to being such an incredible lawyer!

    • Sub you won’t
      Sub you won’t 3 days ago

      @Maggs Bufton she needs to stop being so good at her job before I have doubts about my career lol

    • Rob Roy
      Rob Roy Month ago

      @JamieN yeah, she's a stunner.

    • Rob Roy
      Rob Roy Month ago

      @Gail Trotman Ha ha ha, several mega pints and a crystal meth chaser.

    • Gail Trotman
      Gail Trotman Month ago +1

      @Rob Roy Sounds like she's already had a mega pint...

  • Hailey Elisabeth
    Hailey Elisabeth 3 months ago +808

    Who else is watching this cross examination daily? It’s so satisfying watching a narcissist get confronted by the truth! Go Camille!!

    • Aldine Lovett
      Aldine Lovett Month ago

      Me!!!!! I can’t help it, what does this mean you guys?

    • Greeneyed Southern Girl
      Greeneyed Southern Girl Month ago

      Me! Not even going to lie I watch this to help me sleep! It’s so calming watching a liar dismantled by an amazing attorney!

    • Lynn Bain
      Lynn Bain 2 months ago

      We love you John, Issac, Lynn, Vanessa, Lily, & Jack.

  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner 2 months ago +373

    I’m literally stunned at how much she lies and then she believes people believe her. That is psychotic for real.

    • Mrsjolie
      Mrsjolie Month ago

      She reminds me of Elizabeth Holmes 😳

    • Hilda Didzena
      Hilda Didzena Month ago +3

      Yes'scary'Lip-smacking she👹 SO😇JOHNNY DEPP'LEFT WITH HIS LIFE❤ 2022

    • Hajime
      Hajime Month ago +7

      same. she really thinks ppl will believe her lies. she has literally no doubt about that. she lies so easily. that's a narcissist 100%

    • Jessica
      Jessica Month ago +5

      It’s Narcissistic sociopathic.

  • Doksh
    Doksh 3 months ago +622

    What is really amazing and scary is Amber's ability to lie with so much authority and confidence. That is called pathological lying.

    • Thunderbird Messenger
      Thunderbird Messenger 12 days ago

      @Natasha Tamba Her team had every exhibit cued and ready when needed. Masterful and comprehensive!

    • Eric Hood
      Eric Hood Month ago

      @charlotte huh???

    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 months ago

      It is not pathological anything. It is desperate and right on the edge of some delusional beliefs. Time to heal. I think she has had enough criticism now. There is a reason JD is silent. Avoiding the cruelty show and probs holding a mirror I hope he removes soon.

    • LJean Young
      LJean Young 2 months ago

      REAL BAD pathological lying at that! 😂

    • Yasmin
      Yasmin 2 months ago +1

      @charlotte because none of her evidence(s) backed up any of her claims.

  • Sara Kirk
    Sara Kirk Month ago +20

    I love how Camille calmly brings AH to her knees in minutes in this cross examination. Camille doesn’t take any of her BS. She’s not taken in with AH like she tries with everyone else. Clever. witty and forthcoming fiery! JDs team certainly a force to be reckoned with. Worth every penny spent

    • Koolbraider Daigle
      Koolbraider Daigle 10 days ago +1

      Camille definitely deserved being made a partner in her firm. They all seem to be very professional and well spoken. I've heard Ben Chew and he's a delight to listen to.

    • Chubbs Peterson
      Chubbs Peterson Month ago +2

      You can tell she did her homework when she gets her on the knife 🔪 part right off the bat

  • ss
    ss 4 months ago +6782

    It's absolutely shocking how she denies evidence that's literally being presented infront of her...

    • Jessi Castro
      Jessi Castro 4 days ago

      This part!!!

    • Project World
      Project World 15 days ago

      I know she’s crazy! She’s denying her own Testimony! Her own words! 😂

    • Gail Trotman
      Gail Trotman Month ago

      Oh, Kumbaya, Amber! Then along came Morgan Tremaine, the TMZ Field Co-ordinator who knew exactly what went on on May 27th, 2016. Then came the airport police woman who witnessed the assault and separated her and Van Ree! Oops!

    • Gail Trotman
      Gail Trotman Month ago

      Her lies lost the case for her. No photos, no videos, no recordings of evidence, and no doctor's visits. Johnny had a mountain of evidence and excellent witnesses.

  • Mark Elmslie
    Mark Elmslie 3 months ago +153

    Any man who allows themselves to be alone in the same room as this women, let alone sharing a bed with her, is putting themselves in extreme danger in many respects!

    • Ana Manzanares-Jenkins
      Ana Manzanares-Jenkins 25 days ago

      In many aspects??

    • Amazonia Blue
      Amazonia Blue Month ago +2

      No zero respectz any man that chooses her clearly has no selfrespect. Only because of looks! Reap what you sow, is the saying.

  • Lady D
    Lady D 2 months ago +162

    Has anyone else watched this more than once just to watch Camille Vasquez expose Amber Heard as a terrible liar and a pathetic person?

    • Melt with Nat n Jack
      Melt with Nat n Jack Day ago

      @Jan Borrowdale same here

    • Melt with Nat n Jack
      Melt with Nat n Jack Day ago

      I’ve lost count how many times I watched this and each time I catch something else Camille is cornering her with. Every time I need a pick me up I rewatch.

    • Karen Jennings
      Karen Jennings 2 days ago

      Still watching.. lol

    • Cleopatra Byrd
      Cleopatra Byrd 17 days ago +3

      Yes omg it brings me so much joy!!

    • blueskies387
      blueskies387 20 days ago +2

      Yup I thought I was the only one 😂 thank god it’s not abnormal it was epic

  • Loyce Holland
    Loyce Holland 3 months ago +197

    She is frightening. How comfortable she is with the level of deception the willingness to freely lie is mind boggling.

  • We Need To Do Better
    We Need To Do Better 3 months ago +225

    This is why she lost. She failed to simply answer ANY question with a simple yea or no. She had an explanation for EVERYTHING. LACK of accountability

    • Joanna Petrova
      Joanna Petrova 2 months ago

      @Lee C .

    • A.Q.
      A.Q. 2 months ago +6

      And she lost because of the horrible audio tapes

    • K G
      K G 2 months ago +6

      And she had NO EVIDENCE!!!

    • Gigi C.
      Gigi C. 2 months ago +5

      And she lost because
      because her lawyer can't remember to EVER turn on her microphone!

  • michael ramsook
    michael ramsook 3 months ago +252

    All of these “attacks” JD committed yet she has NO medical records to back up her
    fairytales, it is so crazy how she could lie so effortlessly with a straight face with no regard to being in court, she should be held accountable for lying in court by charging her with perjury just to make an example out of her to show others not to commit perjury in court!

    • Katie Thomas
      Katie Thomas Month ago +1

      That's what I've been saying, like how has she not been charged with perjury yet??!

    • mrs. f.
      mrs. f. Month ago

      I can't get it. So any consequence for lying under oath? There's a difference there when someone tries to defence her/himself and straight up l y i n g.

    • Maggs Bufton
      Maggs Bufton 3 months ago +2

      @Kim F# Harp So does Ben Chew, his incredulity at her brazen lying under oath is obvious!

  • KelleyBelle
    KelleyBelle 2 months ago +41

    Me too. Some of this I haven't seen before. Camille destroyed all of her lies I think. AH really thought people would believe she was being "assaulted" with a bottle at the same time she was being held down by a guy who'd just lost a a fingertip while smashing a phone to smithereens? Jesus Christ, really? "I don't remember the sequence." Of course not. Vile slattern.

    • Jeff Bezos
      Jeff Bezos 3 days ago +2

      And on 8 to 10 pills of ecstasy too

  • Anna Annushka
    Anna Annushka 3 months ago +184

    She does herself no favours being so defiantly manipulative, awkward, devious, obtuse and evasive, she is actually proving her personality profile is accurate

    • Koolbraider Daigle
      Koolbraider Daigle 10 days ago

      She was the best witness against herself. Sometimes we get to see the good guy win.

    • Dixie Land
      Dixie Land 3 months ago +6

      Dr Curry got her 💯. I mean exactly to the tee ❣️

    • HazzTV
      HazzTV 3 months ago +2

      And loves it.

  • Telismen
    Telismen 3 months ago +538

    This woman is evil, she doesn't look sad or sorry or embarassed she looks angry that she has been cought lying.

    • Honey Locklear ASMR
      Honey Locklear ASMR 3 months ago +7

      Amber can hear just how ridiculous and implausible her testimony sounds after Camille reiterates it to her verbatim.

    • HazzTV
      HazzTV 3 months ago +9

      @Tiny Van Uffelen Narcissist go crazy when ignored.

    • Kirsten Ornelas
      Kirsten Ornelas 3 months ago +5

      This is insanity! He would have been in an enormous amount of pain, extremely altered and shaken state of mind at that point and that’s without having any substances in his system. Then she tries to say he took an amount of mdma that quite honestly (I have three years as a CNA at a center for adults with disabilities who were medically fragile as well as two and a half years of nursing school before making a hard right turn and joining the military I didn’t quite just decided to go into the military instead) would have killed anyone to include a freaking elephant. There’s no way he took that much and at no point did he have to just be treated for drug overdose and they were able to take him into surgery pretty much right away to fix the injury as best they could. If he had ingested that much mdma there is NO WAY he would have been taken into surgery right away. There is no way they wouldn’t have had to at the very least pump his stomach and there’s no way he wouldn’t have been extremely close to death if not dead. That’s just way too much there’s no way. She’s insane! We took a class about different drugs and how things are made and it even went into street drugs and what’s done in case of overdosed and why and how specific things work to bind to the different substances to rid the body of the substances and reduce the damage done by that substance and the faster they can give the medicine the better the outcome.

  • Lisa Pully
    Lisa Pully 3 months ago +200

    I NEVER get tired of watching this cross examination 😁 love Camille!

    • Eve Mayer
      Eve Mayer 9 days ago

      Camille is a great role model for countless young women.

    • Hilda Didzena
      Hilda Didzena Month ago +1

      🤝🇨🇦us too'She copies"JD's cloths/color---shes scary'her JELOUSY's SO"TRAGIC'JOHNNY'S HONEST🙏WORDS🙏 TO 👹AMBER HEARD💩

    • Yazan Kh
      Yazan Kh 2 months ago

      @Jackie Pryor me too 🤫

    • Jackie Pryor
      Jackie Pryor 2 months ago +1

      I watch it everyday

  • Babzy69
    Babzy69 3 months ago +142

    After watching her lie over and over is disgusting ! She makes me sick ! I'm so happy that the jury made the right decision to find her Guilty . Justice was served ..

    • Jackie Saunders
      Jackie Saunders 3 months ago +5

      I was over moon Johnny got justice he deserved and Jury made correct decision.

  • Joey J
    Joey J 3 months ago +80

    Also,I like how Camille never goes further than asking about something, and then letting the evidence speak for itself. Like asking about the pocket knife on the bed , but not arguing with Amber about the possibility and likelihood that it was the cause of the bed break. She just moves on to the next thing letting the jury think about the evidence that speaks for itself 👏👏👏👌💯❣❤

  • Carolyn M
    Carolyn M 3 months ago +208

    She’s so proud of herself - smiling and nodding to the jury, replying “YES, that’s correct” to the questions she can truly answer honestly - like “is this a copy of your transcript?” Then when when she has to lie or has no way to answer the question to her advantage, she looks so incredibly confused, like Camille is speaking in another language. And of course I can’t imagine the little smirks she gives the jurors would have done her any favours. Ugh.

    • Carolyn M
      Carolyn M 3 months ago +1

      @Gail Trotman yes! And she can usually manage all of those traits in one sentence

    • Ian Mangham
      Ian Mangham 3 months ago +3

      I was just writing about those awful facial expressions and the attitude, she is terrible on the stand 😂

    • Gail Trotman
      Gail Trotman 3 months ago +7

      Exhibit A for Dr. Curry's evaluation of "Cluster B" Amber. Diminishing responsibility, blaming others, the drama, terror of abandonment, volatility, adoration one minute, hatred the next, 98% liar! It's all present in this video.

    • inevski
      inevski 3 months ago +10

      'Feel so lost'
      Straight out of The Talented Mr Ripley

  • Y
    Y 3 months ago +200

    How was he able to grab you with his finger tip missing and bleeding everywhere and you were not covered in blood? No bottles anywhere had blood on them, no pooling of blood where he would have been standing and assaulting you while bleeding, and no blood on the counter top? Also his security even testified that just them trying to wash the injury caused him extreme pain. But he was able to hold u down or hold a bottle to assault you? Hmmmmm! This is why In this testimony she repeatedly says I don’t remember the sequence of events. She really believes that the sequence is what makes her story unbelievable, no ma’am your just unbelievable.

    • Kelli Danielle
      Kelli Danielle 28 days ago

      WELL SAID !! : )

    • Pet Adoptions Network
      Pet Adoptions Network 2 months ago +1

      Good point!

    • Starr Thompson
      Starr Thompson 2 months ago +6

      Sequence...he smashed the phone and his finger came off ..then he held her down on the counter around he neck with his injured hand and a bottle in the other and assaulted her..then he started writing on the walls with his injured finger...after a brutal assault that left her bleeding from her lady parts she got up from the counter and chased him around the house 5 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms...then she took some sleeping pills and went to sleep after an assault that lasted 3 days.

    • K G
      K G 2 months ago

      @Nathan Devine They knew she had no evidence they didn’t even have to bring up blood because SHE never even mentioned it getting all over her and no one at the house saw any evidence! She never told anyone either! She said “That s what I thought”when asked that it hit your public bone correct?” She didn’t say “I know it was a bottle hitting my pubic bone”

    • K G
      K G 2 months ago +1

      And the alleged bottle was neatly placed back on the table next to the bar?? She never said anything to all those people at the house afterwards?

  • Ant
    Ant 3 months ago +20

    The woman had the entire world literally handed to her on a silver platter, 3 times over! And yet she this is what her insanity has driven her too. Her lawyers should be helping her at this point, not pushing for an appeal, which I would think she has absolutely zero chance of getting. Let alone, winning...

  • marie harris
    marie harris 3 months ago +115

    It’s amazing how she Denys everything even when the behavior is witnessed by another person ‘s testimony. Her lies are so outrageous.!!!!

  • Susan B
    Susan B 3 months ago +313

    I love how smug and confident Amber seems, probably thinking that she's got the jury eating right out of her hands. Her mistake was in thinking that this was going to be similar to the UK trial where everything she said was believed without question.

    • Gail Trotman
      Gail Trotman Month ago +4

      I read that because she looked at the jury so much and they were completely unnerved by it, one juror turned completely away from her. Likely, their gut feeling was that this weird, creepy liar was trying desperately to control them.

    • Julia Wills
      Julia Wills 2 months ago +4

      Smug-yes, that’s the right word.

    • Rebekah Jackson
      Rebekah Jackson 3 months ago +5

      Yup!!! Her lawyers too!! Ik when they heard her talking, they had some slight regrets esp with Camille's line of questioning!!

  • SpecialK
    SpecialK 4 months ago +4135

    Can we please acknowledge how great this lawyer is??? 👏🏼👏🏻👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿👏

    • Karen Primeaux
      Karen Primeaux Day ago

      She is Out Of This World Fabulous!!!!

    • Elena z.h.
      Elena z.h. 2 months ago


    • Monique Scott
      Monique Scott 4 months ago


    • Rita Ward
      Rita Ward 4 months ago

      we all see it.............we all see it!

    • A
      A 4 months ago +1

      Proud Latina Mexican American

  • BreakingPhobia103
    BreakingPhobia103 3 months ago +343

    I’ve watched this cross examination probably 4 times, both part 1 & 2, simply because it is entertaining to watch Camille dismantle Amber’s lies.

    • Dee Hildreth
      Dee Hildreth 3 months ago +1

      Im here everyday. Lawtube videos too. I ❤️ watching Camille dismantle this bish.

    • David Dimbleby
      David Dimbleby 3 months ago +1

      Me 2

    • Thirston Howell The Bird and Friends!
      Thirston Howell The Bird and Friends! 3 months ago +2

      Me too lol!! Thank God I’m not the only one!!!!

    • L Shamon
      L Shamon 3 months ago +2

      @Deezel Kane One of the jerseys went on one of the entertainment news shows and said that they were very uncomfortable with the way she looked at them every question!!

    • L Shamon
      L Shamon 3 months ago

      @Samantha Lyons samantha it really is better! Lol

  • D Mart
    D Mart 4 months ago +168

    OMG. Her description of “seeing” and “being seen” regarding her nurse is case study material. Every two party conversation that includes AH is a vortex dive.

    • Cosmic Muffin
      Cosmic Muffin 3 months ago +2

      Perfect comment. This is life with a narcissist all. the. time.

    • rain tree
      rain tree 3 months ago +5

      LOL very clever comment !!!! Well Done

  • Rob Haskins
    Rob Haskins 2 months ago +31

    She is one of the most unsympathetic defendants-"that's correct" (instead of "yes"), evasive answers for the most basic questions that wouldn't weaken her case in any way . . . the question is, did her attorneys try to rein her in, or did they just give up? I can't believe they encouraged this in spite of their own lackluster performance.

    • Shae Doll💖
      Shae Doll💖 Month ago +6

      It's her!!! I'm sure she was advised but did not take their advice.

  • ChelleKT1
    ChelleKT1 2 months ago +37

    Every time I rewatch this I get something new,
    Amber stated that the photo shoot was two weeks after the alleged assault, she said they travelled to the island
    on the 23rd and the photo shoot was three days later, and then changed it to around New year, and then said several weeks later. She can’t even get her story straight and remember her previous statements, yet she says she’s not a liar.

    • High torr explore
      High torr explore 2 months ago +5

      I’m rewatching it and I’ve noticed loads of times she’s contradicted her own story! When she claims he did a cavity search on her looking for coke & she says how absurd it was as she would never do coke and is against it but then later admits to doing it! Can’t believe her lawyers let the same photos be submitted into evidence for different dates either!
      It’s shocking how she continues to lie so blatantly!

  • Knaux
    Knaux 4 months ago +15566

    Camille is destroying Amber with surgical precision. Impeccable.

    • Tina Vasquez
      Tina Vasquez 18 days ago

      I LOVE Camille!!

    • Anushkaskitchen
      Anushkaskitchen Month ago

      @Stephanie Lopez she is fighting ! Her lies are exposed . Just because she is comfortable to lie dosnt mean she is convincing. She is lying

    • Maureen Pate
      Maureen Pate 2 months ago +1

      @Roxana Avalos Camille didn't have to say a lot to prove AH is lying and the actual abuser. Amber proves this herself. Anyone who thinks Amber is smarter than JD attorneys is ignorant!!

    • Maureen Pate
      Maureen Pate 2 months ago

      @L Vega you are oblivious as well..Camille CLEARLY DESTROYED AH!!

    • Maureen Pate
      Maureen Pate 2 months ago

      @kimerie tate are you oblivious to facts?

  • Julia Wills
    Julia Wills 2 months ago +26

    That look on her face, when she’s just standing there, tells you everything you need to know about her. There is no way a woman as conceited as AH would let anyone touch her “perfect” face.

  • birdie
    birdie 3 months ago +47

    I’ve watched this 5x by now. Camille is just incredible. She’s the _first_ person I’d want defending me…. and the _last_ person I’d want cross examining me. Haha.

  • Meg League
    Meg League 3 months ago +318

    Even though the trial is over and we all know Johnny won big, I still love re-watching it cuz I love watching Amber get tore up on the stand lolol
    Amber Heard is a dangerous person. Very dangerous and manipulative.

    • elizabeth84266
      elizabeth84266 2 days ago

      @Project World that’s EXACTLY what she’s doing and she’s doing it in the most effective way. It’s amazing to watch, Camille doesn’t take any crap from AH and is NOT getting overwhelmed, confused or over emotional in response to all the narcissistic nonsense that AH spews! It doesn’t really matter how she answers these questions, Camille is putting blatant evidence in front of the jury and letting crazy pants dig her own hole.

    • deedi87
      deedi87 9 days ago

      Me toooooo 😁

    • Project World
      Project World 15 days ago

      Heard said she never testified about a sequence. The lawyer is just recapping over the order of events what heard testified to, lol Heard is showing she doesn’t understand the English language. 😂

    • Project World
      Project World 15 days ago

      @Shanan Alexander the strategy to make heard commit perjury, the lawyer is bringing up the sequence to show heard is contradicting herself

    • Project World
      Project World 15 days ago

      @Shanan Alexander the strategy to make heard commit perjury, the lawyer is bringing up the sequence to show heard is contradicting herself

  • cupodirect
    cupodirect 2 months ago +22

    Narcissism is extreme self-involvement to the degree that it makes a person ignore the needs of those around them. She could care less about him. It was all about her. She destroyed this man! It will take awhile for him to feel better but we are all with you Johnny!

    RULERZREACHF4N 4 months ago +2781

    It is SO ANNOYING that every time she answers she turns her face away and looks at the jury. The jury is not asking the question.

    • Mary Anderson
      Mary Anderson Month ago

      This is the kind of behavior that’s she’s probably used all of her life

    • NY Nurse
      NY Nurse Month ago

      It’s jury pandering and it’s pathetic.

    • Nathan Devine
      Nathan Devine Month ago

      She looks nervous and pitiful l don't if l should feel Sorry for her or that she deserves every confrontation thrown at her.

    • Vaest Kusten
      Vaest Kusten 3 months ago

      She's watched way too many of those Jodi Arias cross exam clips...

    • Malissa Ritchie
      Malissa Ritchie 3 months ago

      @Susan Fernando he didn’t do it with every question

  • elin star
    elin star 3 months ago +54

    Masterly. She dissects her and leaves the jury to draw their conclusions. It's amazing to me that some don't see what she's doing here.

    • Dawn2Dusk23
      Dawn2Dusk23 16 days ago +2

      Agreed. Absolutely brilliant.

  • Holly Spence
    Holly Spence 3 months ago +29

    I’m happy I’m not the only one who loves coming back to her testimony just to watch her lies come to light because of our queen Camille 😇

    • Debbie Brockie
      Debbie Brockie 3 months ago +2

      Same! Except I have to back to watching her the day of the verdict so I get to relive her going down. Icing on the cake. There was no snickering or smiling that day...lol

    • Malissa Ritchie
      Malissa Ritchie 3 months ago


  • Yare Diaz
    Yare Diaz 4 months ago +381

    She deserve to be prosecuted for perjury. She said so many lies under oath.

    • Kathryn Dunsing
      Kathryn Dunsing 2 months ago +1

      AH remembers to tell jurors she doesn’t remember … LOL … Calculated attempt to avoid perjury conviction

    • Kathryn Dunsing
      Kathryn Dunsing 2 months ago +1

      I would watch every minute

    • KJH
      KJH 3 months ago +4

      @Julie Peoples I’m sorry you had to go through that . I hope things are better 🙏

    • KJH
      KJH 3 months ago +2

      And she’s still going around to morning news shows repeating the same lies she told in court !!!! Defaming him again !!!!

  • Heather Fults
    Heather Fults 3 months ago +99

    Whenever Camille said “let’s refresh your recollection” or “let’s bring up plaintiff exhibit -“ it was about to go DOWN 😂

  • Shahan Hasan
    Shahan Hasan 4 months ago +43494

    I really want this trial on NETFLIX as documentary because I also want to know what the Jury and Judge were thinking everyday of this trail, please 🙏

    • rumdeedee
      rumdeedee 3 months ago

      I'd love to watch this full trial and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    • Gail Wright
      Gail Wright 4 months ago

      @탁사마좋아 Netflix has now stepped back from wokism, too late?

    • AxMan66
      AxMan66 4 months ago

      Netflix stock would jump 500%

  • jane ayre
    jane ayre 3 months ago +35

    Camille Vasquez is a mixture of delicacy, wit, intelligence and fury. She didn't miss a thing, very attentive to the details it was beautiful to see that day ad Amber's lies and contradictions being exposed!👏🏽

  • niki Bradley
    niki Bradley 4 months ago +255

    Amber Quote- “I have never assaulted Johnny “ She must not use “hitting” and “assaulting” synonymously.

    • Rob's World
      Rob's World 24 days ago +1

      “I could never hurt Johnny, he wasn’t really hurt when his finger was cut off and I punched his face.” She is delusional

    • No thing
      No thing Month ago +3

      Also throwing things at him

    • Leo Lion
      Leo Lion 3 months ago +4

      Comedy gold

    • Kim F# Harp
      Kim F# Harp 3 months ago +5

      Good one ☝️

    • Me Meeemee
      Me Meeemee 3 months ago +7

      @Sweetassugar I believe that’s correct 😂

  • Kris Ann
    Kris Ann 3 months ago +89

    I can now rewatch the trial, feeling content that the jury saw through her lies. But Johnny’s reaction at 1:20:04 had me dying😂

  • K G
    K G 2 months ago +35

    She’s so unbelievably devious when she speaks softly while asking Camille to repeat her question. She’s trying to trip her up. So calculating!!

    • Dawn2Dusk23
      Dawn2Dusk23 16 days ago +2

      She is thinking of the lie that she needs to tell. It's just a stalling tactic.

  • Greeneyed Southern Girl
    Greeneyed Southern Girl 3 months ago +69

    We had dealings in our family with someone like Ms. Heard-and it’s so satisfying watching her lies being exposed....people like her stop at nothing to ruin lives! Thank you jury for giving a man his life back! And thank you for sending a clear message it’s not ok to lie on someone!!!!!! ♥️

  • roni franz
    roni franz 2 months ago +29

    I have watched her testify many times. Best soap opera ever. It amazes me how AH responds to questions. She doesn't actually answer them. She distorts them. Never a simply yes or no. Just a script...and a bad one as well. The starring at the jury is both appalling and creepy. Yuck!

  • mina seho
    mina seho 3 months ago +34

    You can tell in Camilles voice that she is angry and outraged and couldn’t wait for this day to question and expose this evil woman that made up so many lies about something that never happened!!!!

  • Adria Lape
    Adria Lape 3 months ago +24

    She literally makes my skin crawl with her lies and attempted manipulation of everyone around her. She is the worst kind of woman and should be arrested for perjury as well as the damages done to another human being. Sad times for humanity

  • August Keller
    August Keller 2 months ago +40

    I think in hindsight, the reason she wasn't believed by the jury goes past the fact that her story was ridiculous and into the fact that she refused to cooperate on ANYTHING whatsoever. She quibbles about definitions, inane details, even her own statements. If she were asked "Ms. Heard, the sky is blue, correct?" And she would have responded "that is not my recollection, no, I believe it to be robins egg. I NEVER called the sky blue"
    "Please publish defense exhibit 69"
    *Recording of Amber* the sky is blue * recording end*
    "Is it now your sworn testimony that this is not your voice?"
    "Yes, that is and is not my voice, clearly what I meant to say is robins egg."

    • Joey J
      Joey J 2 months ago +5

      It's definitely annoying sure. " Amber Heard, that is your name, correct?" AH- " well before i was born my parents had a whole bunch of names picked for me and Johnny called me Slim His words not mine, and my sister calls me master and my best friend who isn't my best friend anymore who use to be my best friend called me her chosen sister and I'm sorry what was your question??"

    • Elizabeth C
      Elizabeth C 2 months ago +1

      Ok that's funny

  • TheRealVeeBee
    TheRealVeeBee 3 months ago +17

    This lady truly believes her own lies… so scary!

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina 3 months ago +57

    Wow! Two weeks after being “beaten up” she had a photo shoot in the Bahamas. She realizes that after her description of the attack, that people are looking for bruises on her when all of the photos are shown. She appears so confident and can’t even hide how happy she is looking at pictures of herself. Who’s the Narcissist Mr. Rottenborn?

    • Kimberly Billmeyer
      Kimberly Billmeyer 24 days ago +2

      I noticed that when she looks at pictures of herself she gets this loving look in her eyes. She is in love with herself and doesn't try to hide it.

    • Stella Vanessa Vida
      Stella Vanessa Vida 2 months ago +1

      @Johnny Depp 😂😂😂

  • Heart Coco
    Heart Coco 3 months ago +20

    Through all of this she never ever admitted wrong doing and everyone else was liars except her? How could her own words not be grounds for perjury ? How was she not charged??

  • Eric Vachula
    Eric Vachula 3 months ago +19

    This is going to be one of those cases that never really dies. Considering that not only did the internet agree, and shockingly, that Amber Heard was full of it, but that so many people watched to see if she would be called out on all of this. Truly a win in the right direction for ANYBODY that in an abusive relationship.

  • DeltaBleu
    DeltaBleu 2 months ago +13

    Genuinely curious if her attorneys advised her to look at the jury during her answers.
    It’s so unnatural. Imagine having a conversation with someone and every time they look at someone else as they respond to you. It’s creepy

    • High torr explore
      High torr explore 2 months ago

      Witnesses are told to look at the jury when asked to explain something to them but she goes way over the top with it where it must make them uncomfortable and it makes her look rude as she never looks at the person asking her questions, I’m surprised her lawyers didn’t tell her to tone it down!

  • Sally Sutter
    Sally Sutter 3 months ago +85

    She’s just unbelievable the level of diabolic manipulation

  • Cleopatra Byrd
    Cleopatra Byrd Month ago +6

    The fact that Amber and her legal team lied and cheated and was sneaky the whole trial and still lost shows that honesty will always prevail

  • Bfettrules
    Bfettrules 4 months ago +7898

    I can summarize Heard’s entire testimony in 2 sentences. “If it makes Johnny look bad & me look good, my memory is razor sharp. If it makes me look bad & Johnny look good, I can’t seem to recall.” Very convenient.

    • Jamie Thompson
      Jamie Thompson Month ago

      @Cistaz of Mercy ó I

    • Sister
      Sister Month ago

      This is so True!!

    • done with
      done with Month ago

      Lovit how j.d hits his forehead wen Amber says....johnny uses other ppl to bk him up 😆😆😆😆😆😆 classic

    • Lynn Dunn
      Lynn Dunn 2 months ago

      @Edward Lomeli - she's not looking at the jury in a manner that wld endear her to them at all. She is physically looking down her (surgically enhanced) nose at them. Her head swivels back & forth so quickly I can't see that she gjves any of the jury time to see her as a human.

  • Lucy R
    Lucy R 3 months ago +26

    Amber is so narcissistic. Even when Camille is trying to shut her up because her answer is not answering the question or whatnot, Amber continues to speak over Camille regardless. Amber wants control here. Sorry Amber, that's not happening.

  • ChelleKT1
    ChelleKT1 3 months ago +12

    Amazing how she refers to her mom as evidence when her mom isn’t there to verify it, will this woman stoop to any low level to get what she wants.

    • Anonymous User
      Anonymous User Month ago

      Many of us who followed the case for years suspected she had her baby via surrogate for attention and sympathy. We were proven correct when she did publicity over it and brought it up in court to falsely portray herself as an innocent loving caring mother.

  • Tyson Mandela
    Tyson Mandela 3 months ago +84

    I can't stand this woman. Someone lock her up and throw away the key before she tries damaging someone else's life.. " again "

    • oohsotracy
      oohsotracy 3 months ago +6

      She has a daughter she’s raising on her own. I think she’s an unfit parent! She’s scary

  • finster444k
    finster444k Month ago +8

    She’s a miserable Human Being from a family of grifters. She had Depp figured out before he ever met her that’s how she seemed to have so much in common with him. Imagine his horror when he figured her out.

  • ayanda Thwala
    ayanda Thwala 4 months ago +6696

    Whether Amber wins or loses this case I doubt I will ever watch a movie she is in or even entertain anything she is part of... I'm disgusted by this person.

    • Naomi S
      Naomi S 6 days ago

      Luckily she lost

    • Dawn Sorbo
      Dawn Sorbo 3 months ago +1

      @charnicole1 Ya Camilles little snarky comments thrown in there are hilarious lol

    • Sekich Dawn
      Sekich Dawn 3 months ago

      @doe eyes Well I'm very glad you were wrong!💕💕💕

    • Sekich Dawn
      Sekich Dawn 3 months ago

      @Lily Steel I watched pineapple express, but I don't remember her in it. So she couldn't have been that memorable.

  • Laura Indira
    Laura Indira 3 months ago +18

    Pretty interesting how her nose was broken, how he almost killed her many times, how he threw her across the room, and many other violent acts but yet there are no broken bones in her face nor stitches. If this had happened she would have ended up in emergency and there would be documents of the work done to her face. Gee I wonder why there isn’t any🤔

    • Mrsjolie
      Mrsjolie 25 days ago +1

      But she said once in court she didnt seek medical attention because the injuries werent „that bad”😳

    • Laura Indira
      Laura Indira 2 months ago +3

      @SL totally. Her lies are So ridiculous. She is so arrogant and such a narcissist that she actually thinks people should believe her. She is literally insane. She should be locked up. I really feel sorry for her child and I hope CPS is called to check on her

    • SL
      SL 2 months ago +5

      And how she was beat for 5 years as she says, yet not one photo of her being beaten up.

  • Lisa Mitchell
    Lisa Mitchell 3 months ago +23

    This woman is disgusting the way she lies, and the way she answers with snarky remarks. Her story changes with every deposition and trial it’s sickening. So glad she’s being investigated in Australia

  • C S Prakash Hande
    C S Prakash Hande 3 months ago +68

    She (CV) just nailed all her (AH) lies out of her brains - in a whisker - I am very proud of her - This should be a case study in all the legal institutions for the new attorneys to step in.

  • Marilee Herdman
    Marilee Herdman 3 months ago +16

    I've been watching these clips again not only because I miss seeing Johnny but because I enjoy seeing Camille tear her apart!! So glad Johnny won!!!

  • Luxx Lace
    Luxx Lace 4 months ago +3092

    Amber: “I don’t remember the exact sequence of events”
    Also Amber: “I know exactly how many doors I knocked on bc I am an accurate historian”

    • Jessica
      Jessica Month ago +1

      Lol right?!?

    • MaT
      MaT 3 months ago +2

      Amber: "I didnt leak the vid of JD slamming cabinets. I wouldn't know how to do it".
      Also Amber: "If I had wanted to leak it, I would have done it so much better, because there better ways to do it".
      It is difficult to lie. You must remember all your lies so as not to be caught. Too much work for a common brain.

    • azeez hammed
      azeez hammed 4 months ago +1

      That is not my question!

    • puremichigan
      puremichigan 4 months ago


    • Taylor Lumpkin
      Taylor Lumpkin 4 months ago


  • Olivia Tree
    Olivia Tree 2 months ago +14

    If her reaction is that extreme over having a glass of wine spilt on you… I really hope her kid doesn’t dump juice or milk or anything like that on her because YIKES. Her rage is triggered so easily.

  • Kaylee K
    Kaylee K 3 months ago +11

    Wondering if she never was thought by her parents that lying doesn't bring you anywhere. She lies without shame, and she continues to do so even after the trial.

  • Tracey Ramdehal
    Tracey Ramdehal 3 months ago +15

    All these so call assaults Johnny did to her and she got no medical help, so crazy, so glad they saw through her lies!

  • Jake the Snake
    Jake the Snake 3 months ago +33

    Watch out for people who call everyone else a liar.

    • Chrystine Spencer
      Chrystine Spencer 2 months ago

      It sickening that everyone didn’t take this seriously and would commit perjury to lie just to lie. AH is the only one telling the truth? Such bull.

  • Lauren Rachelle
    Lauren Rachelle 4 months ago +3546

    I love it when Camille says "let's remind you." Everytime amber can't remember something. 🤣

    • Precious Johnson
      Precious Johnson Month ago

      😂😂 yes yes

    • Kim F# Harp
      Kim F# Harp 3 months ago

      We will all be refreshing our recollection of this case for a long time.

    • Golden Autumn
      Golden Autumn 3 months ago +2

      Yes, Camille seems to well know that narcissists HAVE to have reality constantly brought home to them - they so conveniently 'forget' or deny what they've said or done, even if it was just a few minutes before!

    • N N
      N N 3 months ago

      @Gary Hillman apparently they actually increased her time, can you believe that

    • vinayak kashyap
      vinayak kashyap 4 months ago


  • Melody Valentine
    Melody Valentine 3 months ago +24

    Jesus, I watched this trial as it was happening but I must have missed the part where she was asked over and over where the bottle was as he was holding her by the neck. She tried all sorts to avoid answering, then went with "I can't remember the exact sequence of events". Why didn't she just say that to start with? She's exactly like my ex mother in law, never admits to things she's said or done, projects what she's done onto me, never admits when she's wrong. It's infuriating. I can't imagine having to live with her.

  • stephanie diaz
    stephanie diaz 3 months ago +68

    I keep rewatching these clips, because Camille’s skills are just so excellent 😭

    • ChelleKT1
      ChelleKT1 3 months ago +2

      Me too! 😂. Camille is fierce enough but calm.

  • Kylee Penrod
    Kylee Penrod 3 months ago +38

    It still annoys me so much how she looks at the jury when answering the questions not the person who is asking the questions

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller 3 months ago +37

    If you ever wanna know what the real like version of “gone girl” looks like here it is.
    She never thought someone wouldnt believe her. Never thought her story or words would be put under a microscope.
    Listen carefully anytime she is confronted about being the abuser. She said she could never hurt Johnny. And what that exactly means is that she wasn’t physically strong enough to hurt him. Which is terrifying to think because in her Delusion unless your strong enough to hurt someone then it never happened.
    For all the parents out there. Could you imagine if god forbid your son or daughter got involved with a train wreck like this psycho???????

  • Cyndi Ludwig
    Cyndi Ludwig 4 months ago +1454

    Camille could’ve shown her a photo of a blue sky and asked “This is a blue sky, isn’t it, Ms Heard?” And Amber would still be like “I don’t see it that way. I guess that’s your interpretation of the colors.”

    • Carol B
      Carol B Month ago

      Lol 😂

    • Marisa Vall
      Marisa Vall Month ago

      That's a great example!

    • Greeneyed Southern Girl
      Greeneyed Southern Girl 2 months ago

      “I disagree with that representation. As a matter of fact, that cloud looks like the shape of my face under the makeup i was wearing when I was beaten” 😒

    • tinyT323
      tinyT323 2 months ago

      YES. LMFAO

    • Rob Haskins
      Rob Haskins 2 months ago

      She would probably say, "I see a sky that has some blue."

  • Ania
    Ania 3 months ago +27

    This lady is a whole other level of crazy, can’t answer a single question with a simple answer but twists every.single.word
    Seeing this after the verdict makes it even creepier and crazier

  • Sukanya Manobal
    Sukanya Manobal 2 months ago +11

    Great job! To let people know the truth.

  • Ann Marie
    Ann Marie Month ago +4

    Her memory fails her when convenient. She’s absolutely a narcissistic personality with loss of composure into hitting and throwing things. I believe she loses all self control when angry.

  • Ricardo Rojas
    Ricardo Rojas 3 months ago +13

    I was in the law school for four years. I have had follow many rares cases closely. But I never had seen a person lying consistently with straight face like this one.

    • Natasha F
      Natasha F 3 months ago +5

      I know right! Every time I rewatch these clips I couldn’t be more floored at how the lies just roll off her lips like water on a duck. 😳😳😳

  • fred fredburger
    fred fredburger 4 months ago +4917

    Could you imagine being Camilles kids and trying to talk your way out of trouble? You'd have no chance 😄

    • CurryouslyCrafted
      CurryouslyCrafted 3 months ago

      "but mom I don't remember that" Camille -" here let me remind you" 😂

    • All Things TaLisa
      All Things TaLisa 3 months ago


    • Golden Autumn
      Golden Autumn 3 months ago

      I think she'd be a great mother actually - warm, feeling, but certainly no-one's fool.

    • NaNa
      NaNa 3 months ago


    • Ilyas
      Ilyas 4 months ago

      Mam I never smoke sigaret, I use synonymous
      Camile: with your respect sun, I don't use synonymous, you are hause arest 10 days.😁😁

  • Judy Smalls
    Judy Smalls 5 days ago +3

    Who else can’t get enough of the cross done so well by Camille? Knowing the jury saw straight through AH LIES is EVERYTHING! Team Depp here! 🎉💕❤️

  • Beaz_Nutz
    Beaz_Nutz 3 months ago +36

    I just love how courteous Camille is but still has that fire. Pitbull!! She is an inspiration for women!!

  • Mikey Carson
    Mikey Carson 3 months ago +17

    How embarrassing for Johnny! She's pure Evil! And Vile.

  • Ferraro Annie
    Ferraro Annie 3 months ago +14

    When you're assaulted, you remember everything, at least in my experience.

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 3 months ago

      ❤️Thanks for the endless love and support you have constantly shown me in such difficult moment. I’m forever grateful. I really appreciate your unconditional love to me and every effort exerted by you to cause a change…Where are you watching from?

  • Debra Moss
    Debra Moss 4 months ago +2850

    She does herself no favours being so defiantly manipulative, awkward, devious, obtuse and evasive, she is actually proving her personality profile is accurate

    • Debra Moss
      Debra Moss Month ago

      @Dylan Thuong I often think that of her PR Team! 🤣

    • Dylan Thuong
      Dylan Thuong Month ago +1

      Come to think about it. Maybe her lawyers just let her say whatever she wanted . They know the real her. They’re just getting a kick out of it

    • Jennifer R
      Jennifer R 3 months ago

      @Elizabeth King she has no reason to be honest and all the time with anybody actually unless she's going to jail you know it's that type and her or worse something where she truly does maybe have shakes you know true tears it's the only way. Lol

    • MzzNewYork
      MzzNewYork 3 months ago +1

      @Sekich Dawn
      this woman is so sick they haven't found a WORD/NAME to DESCRIBE her yet "she's IMPOSSIBLY DANGEROUS"
      EVERYONE that COMES in CONTACT with HER should be VERY "CAREFUL"

  • Lillith Sternin
    Lillith Sternin 4 months ago +42

    Lesson on this is to just be honest. If you tell things as they happened you dont have to lie. Honestly...she could have taken the $7m from JD and been okay and kept her career. But now she's out $8.5m plus legal costs.

    • Barbara McCabe
      Barbara McCabe Month ago

      And destroyed her reputation and most likely her career.

    • Jessica
      Jessica Month ago +1

      She wanted to destroy him. She wasn’t satisfied without trying to utterly destroy him for not wanting her anymore.

    • Golden Autumn
      Golden Autumn 3 months ago +2

      It's wonderful when the legal system honours justice - how I wish it were always the case.

    • chris tait
      chris tait 3 months ago +2

      + the money she still owes those charities..

  • carrie roderick
    carrie roderick 3 months ago +45

    With all due respect I don't wish to see it on Netflix I had enough of seeing this horrible women, the only thing I'd like to see is for her to be charged with perjury

    • Amy
      Amy  3 months ago +4


  • Jesse Johanna Macon
    Jesse Johanna Macon 3 months ago +20

    Lie, after lie, after lie. It's hard to fathom this. I'm so glad the jury saw straight through the BS.

  • Mr. M 34
    Mr. M 34 3 months ago +18

    The fact that this woman can sit there an claim a makers mark bottle was inside of her and she didn’t sustain any injuries that she needed medical attention for is amazing. If its true she has an amazing only fans career in her future.

    • Mr. M 34
      Mr. M 34 2 months ago +1

      @Chrystine Spencer Exactly. No lies detected in that statement.

    • Chrystine Spencer
      Chrystine Spencer 2 months ago +1

      Very true. As crafty as she was with taking pictures and recording, she has nothing to prove any injuries sustained especially the brutal beatings. If he did that forcefully with a bottle she would have been in so much pain, even if she wasn’t looking to get him into trouble, still she would need medical help. If he beat her up the way she says, again she would need help. JD had doctors and nurses at his disposal, it could have been covered up but AH could still use that as evidence.

  • I DONT GIVE A ****
    I DONT GIVE A **** 4 months ago +4033

    She’s truly convinced that adressing the jury directly everytime she’s answering a question actually makes her seem honest

    • NY Nurse
      NY Nurse Month ago

      She’s just pandering to them for pity, it’s pathetic.

    • Evelyn Olivera
      Evelyn Olivera 2 months ago

      My thoughts exactly …. Watching this for the third time, its just funny my neck hurts

    • Glinda Good
      Glinda Good 2 months ago

      @capps ginny It’s the WAY she is looking at them. Challenging, shearing, condescending. Yes,that would bother even YOU.

    • Glinda Good
      Glinda Good 2 months ago

      She’s freaking them out,.

    • Golden Autumn
      Golden Autumn 3 months ago

      Yep. Simply a manipulative tactic - but as one juror put it, it was annoying and unnerving.

  • BT
    BT 3 months ago +33

    Ms. Heard was entirely ignorant of how blatantly dishonest she appeared to the jury and television viewers.

  • corliss blackmon
    corliss blackmon Month ago +3

    Love Camille, she brings out the lies Amber tells, and how her description of events are ridiculous.

  • Patriot Jewell
    Patriot Jewell 2 months ago +14

    I’ve always been a Johnny Depp fan especially after he stepped up in support of the WM3. However, I think through all of this and his testimony that I am more a fan of him as a human and a man than an actor. The fame, acting and money aside… He is a sweet,humble and kind man. Know how I know AH is crazy in my opinion? She was married to JOHNNY DEPP and treated HIM like we heard in the audios and testimony in this trial. Any red blooded female in the world disagree?

    • Megan Mccarrens
      Megan Mccarrens Month ago

      Unbelievable! Johnny Depp is your husband and you do this to him?She’s a real POW

    • MorningMary67
      MorningMary67 2 months ago +1

      so true!

  • StoneyMC420
    StoneyMC420 17 days ago +3

    I love how she thinks she’s winning when she deflects but Camille is just proving to the jury that she’s full of it

  • Heather Leatherman
    Heather Leatherman 4 months ago +1447

    I think she actually believes her own lies at this point..so pathetic. Even without knowing anything about this case, anyone can see how much she is lying.

    • Tadiwa Tasah
      Tadiwa Tasah 4 months ago

      Lol or maybe she doesn’t believe her lies but she just have to be consistent. I mean it’s a long time to go back now.

    • AustinASmith
      AustinASmith 4 months ago

      @Matthew Howard it was 7 years ago she could have moved on

    • Trevor Clausen
      Trevor Clausen 4 months ago

      Thats Narcissists for ya 😉

    • Giulliano Etnel
      Giulliano Etnel 4 months ago


  • IleMagique
    IleMagique 2 months ago +7

    I feel sorry for both of them, Johnny for getting trapped with such a liar and manipulative woman and her for being such a sick woman. Johnny's team is doing an absolute great work! Amber is adding lies over lies over lies. Does she know she lies or does she really believe her own lies??