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House of the Dragon Season 2 | Official Trailer | Max

  • Published on May 13, 2024
  • Raise your banners. The official trailer is here.
    June 16 on Max. #HOTDS2
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Comments • 7K

  • @StreamOnMax
    @StreamOnMax  4 days ago +566

    Watch more House of the Dragon here: ruclips.net/p/PLSduohp5OGX5tYPOtjlYnwucsjMtpgGQN

  • @aespafan8917
    @aespafan8917 4 days ago +20092

    Team Black loyalists, where are you?

  • @pacizalive1759
    @pacizalive1759 4 days ago +9182

    HBO casually doing a kendrick here, posting their trailer 30 mins after competition lol

  • @Janice.calv_
    @Janice.calv_ 2 days ago +849

    Amazon: drops RoP-Trailer
    HBO: "Dracarys!"

  • @romanxxxxyoutube
    @romanxxxxyoutube 3 days ago +1404

    The way Daemon says “I did not think they’d be so eager to die” is giving Jamie’s “I don’t think he expected to die”

    • @digitalvictory8266
      @digitalvictory8266 3 days ago +37

      "He meant to burn with the rest of us and rise again, reborn as a dragon."

    • @redhotfreckles97
      @redhotfreckles97 2 days ago +6

      @@digitalvictory8266the irony in this is it even says in the Fire & Blood book that many Targaryens believe that’s what does turn them into a dragon. Can’t remember who it was, but someone drank the wildfire saying the same thing.

    • @swiftpath11
      @swiftpath11 19 hours ago +3

      @@redhotfreckles97not many, just two, Aerys the Mad King and Aerion Brightflame who drank wildfire. If that was the case then there would be more stories of mad targs self immolating

    • @redhotfreckles97
      @redhotfreckles97 Hour ago

      @@swiftpath11 sorry, when I say many, it means more than 1 but yes you’re right

  • @MikkiLGalloway
    @MikkiLGalloway 4 days ago +6267

    Dorne is sitting on the sidelines drinking and placing bets

    • @Freddy-xz9nf
      @Freddy-xz9nf 4 days ago +112

      Jack Sparrow approves 👌

    • @sergeyevich1375
      @sergeyevich1375 4 days ago +85

      @@Freddy-xz9nf Captain Jack Sparrow!

    • @nevaehaho61
      @nevaehaho61 4 days ago +148

      Well they’re not part of the seven kingdoms yet. They join through marriage about 50 years after this

    • @artimuos903
      @artimuos903 4 days ago +31

      Done had too much plot armor before GoT.

    • @mjbull5156
      @mjbull5156 4 days ago +82

      Done is really pleased to see House Targaryen tearing itself apart. They are rooting for a long civil war.

  • @kayell1010
    @kayell1010 4 days ago +2488

    How much dragons should we put in this trailer?
    HBO: Yes

  • @Alexis.varez.
    @Alexis.varez. 22 hours ago +133

    HBO: I didn't think Amazon would be so eager to die.

  • @michaelburandt9134
    @michaelburandt9134 3 days ago +346

    "Do you accept me as your Queen and Ruler?"
    Matt Smith: Here we go again..

  • @madsnowman4067
    @madsnowman4067 4 days ago +10366

    Amazon: Here's the season 2 trailer for Rings of Power

    • @JLchevz
      @JLchevz 4 days ago +128


    • @sistockbridge8764
      @sistockbridge8764 4 days ago +282

      And 1 trailer was fantastic, while the other one is abhorrent. 1 guess which is which 😂

    • @Clickitstore-jc6lr
      @Clickitstore-jc6lr 4 days ago

      Competition competition

    • @grandadjim99
      @grandadjim99 4 days ago +105

      don't slate rings of power, if you don't like it, it's because you expect it to be like the films

    • @joshuaadams6565
      @joshuaadams6565 4 days ago

      House Of The Dragon 🏆
      Rings ⚱️

  • @Divine_Chareka
    @Divine_Chareka 4 days ago +8924

    Benjicot: "Half your men will die, Lord Stark"
    Cregan Stark: "they died the day we marched, boy"

      @RODRIGOAMORIMP23 4 days ago +76

      this dialogue is not in the trailer? Is it?

    • @mathiaszap3407
      @mathiaszap3407 4 days ago +516

      It's from the book

    • @Darkstar_Dayne
      @Darkstar_Dayne 4 days ago +158

      ​@@RODRIGOAMORIMP23 When it happens it will be epic

    • @ellucasoxd1237
      @ellucasoxd1237 4 days ago +163

      I need Cregan badass Stark ‼️‼️‼️

    • @SpiralSine6
      @SpiralSine6 4 days ago +72

      @@RODRIGOAMORIMP23this scene would happen after, season 3 maybe 4.

  • @MariaCCutlip
    @MariaCCutlip 3 days ago +518

    Rhaenys in her battle armour, Aemond being emotional, Meleys at Rook's Rest, Jace paralleling Jon Snow at the wall, Daemon putting Rhaenyra through it! This season will be my favorite for sure!

    • @Chiarakai
      @Chiarakai 3 days ago +6

      Jon snow? I think you have the wrong series there.

    • @ataridc
      @ataridc 3 days ago +7

      im just thankful for this show, after game of thrones prematurely ended at 6 seasons

    • @MrMinevision1
      @MrMinevision1 2 days ago +1

      *Aegon tf when was Aemond emotional

    • @neo.d1
      @neo.d1 2 days ago

      hee..you have two dragon eggs

    • @celinepraveeni2706
      @celinepraveeni2706 2 days ago

      ​@@MrMinevision1 1:49 I'm guessing we'll see the more human side of Aemond too

  • @emas-n
    @emas-n 3 days ago +345

    Baela chasing Cripsy with Moondancer is the most satisfying scene in this trailer.

    • @_BlackSummer
      @_BlackSummer Day ago +2

      Lmaooo Crispy Kale

    • @Aemond2024
      @Aemond2024 Day ago +3

      ​@@_BlackSummerthe best warrior of his time

    • @eleonora1333
      @eleonora1333 Day ago

      ​@Aemond2024 I'm honestly mad how they reduced book Criston, and also pretty much everyone on the Greens side, to a hateful incel in the show. Hopefully he'll be more like his book counterpart.

    • @jamien368
      @jamien368 20 hours ago

      she's shasing him with a nuke, it's smart to run otherwise your lack brain🤣

  • @mharshavardhan3310
    @mharshavardhan3310 4 days ago +4284

    That Last shot with the dragon ......GOOSEBUMPS

    • @haneefs666
      @haneefs666 4 days ago +37

      Which dragon was that?

    • @ncrawford3k
      @ncrawford3k 4 days ago +332

      @@haneefs666 Vermithor

    • @marysev7688
      @marysev7688 4 days ago

      ​@@haneefs666Vermithor I think

    • @emmanueladedeji3335
      @emmanueladedeji3335 4 days ago +305

      @@haneefs666 Vermithor & he’s looking like an absolute beast!!

    • @paigeshelton5028
      @paigeshelton5028 4 days ago +161

      @@haneefs666 I think Vermithor, the dragon Daemon sang to in season 1.

  • @user-pkjha
    @user-pkjha 3 days ago +300

    "The enemy within is more insidious." very practical life lesson.

  • @AviseadWhiteh
    @AviseadWhiteh 4 days ago +2971

    *shivering "War is coming and neither of us may win" what a cold sentence!

      @UMVELINQANGI 4 days ago +48


    • @masterDarts4188
      @masterDarts4188 4 days ago +22

      We all know how it ends sadly.

    • @linkofvev
      @linkofvev 4 days ago +22

      "But but but... who sits the iron throne in the end??"
      Yeah but no one says Robb Stark won the War of the 5 Kings because his brother ends up being king.

    • @engineerdeluxe
      @engineerdeluxe 4 days ago

      Open war is upon you, whether you would risk it or not.

    • @reemalalyani7087
      @reemalalyani7087 4 days ago

      ​@@masterDarts4188 Idk .. plz tell me how it ends

  • @shriniwasarunpawar5041
    @shriniwasarunpawar5041 4 days ago +2012

    Daemon and Aemond casually committing war crimes this season 😂🔥🔥

  • @saurabhnagar6074
    @saurabhnagar6074 3 days ago +111

    GOT - Winter is coming
    HOTD - War is coming

  • @BirdsFlyinHigh
    @BirdsFlyinHigh 2 days ago +20

    Please stop claiming youtubers who react to your trailers. it's advertisement and more eyes for your show. That being said i'm extremely hyped, this looks amazing.

  • @Rasim98
    @Rasim98 4 days ago +1527

    There is no war so hateful to the gods as a war between kin , and no war so bloody as a war between dragons " absolute chills

    • @HK-gm8pe
      @HK-gm8pe 4 days ago +20

      Rhaenys looks soo badass in this armor

    • @nenyeo6090
      @nenyeo6090 4 days ago


    • @zaja2418
      @zaja2418 4 days ago +2

      If the gods are that upset about wars being fought between kin, I'm sure they will let us know. Oh, wait, they can't. They don't actually exist.😆

    • @Pookie12396
      @Pookie12396 4 days ago


    • @Alejojojo6
      @Alejojojo6 4 days ago +2

      @@zaja2418 They do exist, they cant intervene though

  • @Rasim98
    @Rasim98 4 days ago +616

    Whoever had cast Matt Smith for daemon Targaryen... Thank you. One of the best casting of the century.

  • @MeiziSant
    @MeiziSant 3 days ago +34

    "War is coming and neither of us may win" - what a chilly statement! *shivering

  • @distantraveller9876

    I'm glad they brought back Lady Mysaria, she's the Varys of House of the Dragon but even scarier because she uses Blood Magic like Melisandre. I was afraid they were going to retcon her after Rhaenyra and Daemon got together.

  • @jacksonperez5615
    @jacksonperez5615 4 days ago +2483

    They’re messing with Amazon so hard by dropping this. They know this is so much better

    • @ashd.portgas7038
      @ashd.portgas7038 4 days ago +27

      Nooo actually. That trailer was leaked. that's why they released it immediately

    • @jacksonperez5615
      @jacksonperez5615 4 days ago

      @@ashd.portgas7038 sure, I bet they leaked the whole show 2 years ago at the same time Amazon dropped rings of power too

    • @thomasmuandersontheneousul4184
      @thomasmuandersontheneousul4184 4 days ago +11

      @@jacksonperez5615 I fail to see how this is "better" - only a small part of the fandom even "cares" about this part of the story.........

    • @chrism2964
      @chrism2964 4 days ago

      @@thomasmuandersontheneousul4184 Viewing figures say otherwise.
      Regardless, both this and TROP are based on excellent books, but TROP isnt allowed to use the story it needs to. Its literally fan fiction, and not that great fan fiction. This is a proper adaptation of the real story. Season 1 of both shows demonstrated the difference. HOTD was in a different league.

    • @cherny9756
      @cherny9756 4 days ago

      @@thomasmuandersontheneousul4184 cope

  • @wokeaf1337
    @wokeaf1337 4 days ago +1761

    Intern: Should I release the trailer?
    HBO: HOLD IT, not yet...patience
    Amazon: Releases "The Rings of Power" Trailer

  • @kylesmorgabord5592
    @kylesmorgabord5592 3 days ago +8

    The dragon riding at 2:06 looks so sick

  • @ryanmaddox5859
    @ryanmaddox5859 3 days ago +41

    The whole trailer is awesome. But that last shot of Vermithor and Rhaenyra standing there with him... EPIC!! 🔥🔥

    • @The_Reality_Filter
      @The_Reality_Filter 2 days ago +2

      literal *shivers*

    • @ryanmaddox5859
      @ryanmaddox5859 2 days ago +1

      @@The_Reality_Filter shivers beyond belief

    • @The_Reality_Filter
      @The_Reality_Filter 2 days ago +2

      @@ryanmaddox5859 Emma D'Arcy has been nothing short of incredible in this show as have all the actors. Considine, Smith, Cooke, Ifans, Mctavish, Best etc etc etc

    • @ryanmaddox5859
      @ryanmaddox5859 2 days ago +1

      @@The_Reality_Filter most definitely. Paddy Considine probably being my personal favorite from season one.

    • @brianmay1361
      @brianmay1361 2 days ago

      yea i never forget him also in Peaky Blinders ​@@ryanmaddox5859

  • @AndreH-fx1pr
    @AndreH-fx1pr 4 days ago +538

    ‘Then the storm broke . . . and the dragons danced.’

  • @evancodsworth2
    @evancodsworth2 4 days ago +1446

    Paddy Considine not getting an Emmy still hurts.

    • @julieloucalcote1368
      @julieloucalcote1368 4 days ago +22

      I agree!

    • @orangefox1231
      @orangefox1231 4 days ago +129

      The fact he wasn't nominated still pisses me off.

    • @wholettrumpoutwhowho
      @wholettrumpoutwhowho 4 days ago +43

      They stole his right

    • @hemanthkapavarapu8380
      @hemanthkapavarapu8380 4 days ago +43

      Even Leana heady didn't got Emmy for portal of Cersi lannister

    • @dws0828
      @dws0828 4 days ago +68

      After rewatching recently it’s even more egregious, he only got better as the show went on. His performance in his final episode is one of the best we’ve ever seen on a GOT show

  • @lolz9449
    @lolz9449 3 days ago +26

    Imagine HBO delays House of the Dragon to an August release just so they can spite Amazon.

  • @ultimatebookmaniacs
    @ultimatebookmaniacs 2 days ago +8

    Am I the only one who's excited but also scared of what's about to happen?

  • @MiamiGameHunter
    @MiamiGameHunter 4 days ago +348

    Rhaenyra: "Do you accept me as your Queen?"
    Daemon: "Come on, Netflix already made me do the whole accepting my wife as Queen thing."

    • @carla3693
      @carla3693 3 days ago +7

      I mean but does he thought he looks frustrated

    • @user-xr3ul2xc1l
      @user-xr3ul2xc1l 3 days ago +20

      ​@carla3693 Not even in the books did he accept her as Queen, I theorise that daemon had a plan to get rid of rhanyra and harwin strongs children and place his 2 children with rhaenyra as the heirs to the throne and drift mark. I think he wanted to push HIS sons as the heirs rather than his stepsons in jacerys, lucerys and joffrey.

    • @Charliesmurph
      @Charliesmurph 3 days ago

      OmL tgis looks so f cool I cant wait

    • @ciaocezi5693
      @ciaocezi5693 2 days ago +5

      ​@@user-xr3ul2xc1l but rhaenyra's sons are betrothed with daemon's daughters...

    • @user-xr3ul2xc1l
      @user-xr3ul2xc1l 2 days ago

      @ciaocezi5693 I domt think he cares tbh, he probably looks forward to the dance and wants his blood ruling as soon as possible, even if that means destroying the betrothal of his daughters. He'll manipulate them.

  • @KingMoon110
    @KingMoon110 4 days ago +930

    "The only thing that can burn down the house of Targeryan is itself"

    • @PsychoSanRey
      @PsychoSanRey 4 days ago +4

      The parlays gon go crazy

    • @PiscatorLager
      @PiscatorLager 4 days ago +9

      Bobby B has entered the chat

    • @javierlopez9789
      @javierlopez9789 4 days ago +2

      Idk, the starks, baratheons and arryns did a pretty good job and a stark ended it.

    • @d3viant643
      @d3viant643 4 days ago +3

      It’s “The only thing that can tear down the house of the dragon, is itself.”

    • @d3viant643
      @d3viant643 4 days ago +3

      @@PiscatorLagerRobert had Targaryen blood from his grandmother Rhaella.

  • @kennakellon2025
    @kennakellon2025 3 days ago +45

    "this senseless war should end" SAYS THE WOMAN WHO STARTED IT

    • @Nathan-yw4yj
      @Nathan-yw4yj 21 hour ago +2

      I definitely think this is her reaction to hearing about Lucerys.

    • @jamien368
      @jamien368 20 hours ago +3

      did she though? all she did is crowning her son, she didn't rally armies or murdered anyone.

    • @annaskopikova3554
      @annaskopikova3554 19 hours ago

      @@jamien368 yes she did, by doing that she usurped Rhaenyra, the rightful heir

  • @asyasudetas1571
    @asyasudetas1571 3 days ago +21

    I love Emma D'arcy and her portrayal, but I just miss young Rhaenyra's fierceness and her ability to ignore everyone to have it her way. Hope to see this part of the character in the war too!

    • @Nathan-yw4yj
      @Nathan-yw4yj 21 hour ago

      I think we will. Emma said we are going to see a very hateful Rhaenyra this season after Lucerys.

  • @makofthedawn
    @makofthedawn 4 days ago +605

    no more timeskips. we going straight to war now

    • @Daneki
      @Daneki 4 days ago +53

      this timeskip complaint... i dont get how people still complain about this. did you want to skip over half the character development? or did you just want a Michael bay movie

    • @makofthedawn
      @makofthedawn 4 days ago +33

      @@Daneki it was not a complaint 😭 i actually thought they were great, i just meant in a way that the first season was set up and now we goin to non stop war. just to hype it up lmao

    • @pettybettyjay
      @pettybettyjay 4 days ago +8

      @Daneki didn't see it as a complaint. It seems more like "here we go. The actual dance of the dragons"

    • @joebond545
      @joebond545 4 days ago +1

      ​@@makofthedawn they handled the time jump in the best way they could. It was still jarring and it was one of the only complaints I had with the season other than fight choreography which I also hope is improved here. Battle of the B*stards really set a high bar in that regard

  • @KlausM4
    @KlausM4 4 days ago +502

    Omg .... Rhaneyra standing in front of Vermithor is such a badass scene ...

    • @jeremyheninger8766
      @jeremyheninger8766 4 days ago +18

      Some speculate that may be the Cannibal because of it's color, shape and size.

    • @rionedmonds7538
      @rionedmonds7538 4 days ago +16

      ​@@jeremyheninger8766the cannibal is notably aggressive to targs. My theory is its vermithor with a redesign (sunfyre and seasmoke have changed face shape a bit as well). It kind of has a spike-beard like book vermithor.

    • @talecollecting9902
      @talecollecting9902 4 days ago +7

      The Cannibal is coalblack babes... but at first I thought so too!! ❤😊

    • @maricelatorres9719
      @maricelatorres9719 4 days ago

      Yesssss 💯 ❤

    • @jademoth1626
      @jademoth1626 4 days ago +1

      @@jeremyheninger8766 idk about that one, cannibal was described as being too aggressive and was never tamed

  • @Amantducafe
    @Amantducafe 2 days ago +5

    As a book reader that is still waiting for Winds of Winder... this trailer is so beautiful.
    Cheers to other fellow book readers, lets enjoy this civil war with cheese.

  • @PhageTheFinalCure
    @PhageTheFinalCure 3 days ago +5

    Love that they dropped this at the same time as ROP, seeing how positive HOTD comments are and then how much disgust there is in the ROP dead horse thats being dragged along

  • @truetory6231
    @truetory6231 4 days ago +725

    That shot with Cregan Stark and Jacaerys atop the wall, totally nailed it.

    • @manvirshergill1739
      @manvirshergill1739 4 days ago +25

      What's to nail about it? They just have to stand. Some fans have some weird observations sometimes...

    • @christopherpeter5106
      @christopherpeter5106 4 days ago

      ​@manvirshergill1739 sharrup

    • @salva2387
      @salva2387 4 days ago +47

      @@manvirshergill1739 bro is pissy somebody else is excited and happy abt something... that means your life is as empty as it can be lol. Grow up boy and don't be toxic

    • @p1ysaucedo
      @p1ysaucedo 4 days ago +26

      ​@@salva2387they're right tho.. they're just standing.

    • @salva2387
      @salva2387 3 days ago

      @p1ysaucedo i can see you have no expertise in videomaking. It's the composition, colors, the atmosphere that tell a story lol 2 dudes standing can give very different emotions and sensations depending on the context. Shallow kids like you are what's wrong with the world😬

  • @Vert-LIVE
    @Vert-LIVE 4 days ago +387

    Prime: *Releases new Rings of Power Season 2 Trailer*
    HBOMAX: *Hold my Dragon*

  • @guilhermegarcia8473
    @guilhermegarcia8473 2 days ago +6

    We accept you as our queen and ruler, Rhaenyra. We love u🖤

  • @hopegalloway578
    @hopegalloway578 Day ago +2

    I really like how Rhaenyra is acknowledging no one will win this war.

  • @SantoshKumar-lu1xd
    @SantoshKumar-lu1xd 4 days ago +359

    I am a cancer patient with stage 4.I will not able to see all the season of house of the dragon .But i am happy to see the season 2.Eagerly wait for season 2.

  • @jmace2424
    @jmace2424 4 days ago +146

    I had forgotten what it was like to be excited for a new season of a great show.

  • @Riceisnice234
    @Riceisnice234 3 days ago +7

    Not gonna lie moondancer here looks amazing 🔥

  • @smithcorona3947
    @smithcorona3947 2 days ago +5

    Damn this trailer clapped the cheeks of rings of power

  • @Ravenblack42
    @Ravenblack42 4 days ago +496

    Daemon’s response to the release of Amazons Rings of Power trailer: “I did not think they’d be so eager to die”. “Our terms are very simple. Renounce the false king and bend the knee to the queen, or your House burns”, again.

    • @aramideafolabi-bello8280
      @aramideafolabi-bello8280 4 days ago +1

      RoP had more viewers genius🙃

    • @1slummzzs
      @1slummzzs 4 days ago +1


    • @Ravenblack42
      @Ravenblack42 4 days ago +15

      @@aramideafolabi-bello8280 True, and yet many of those viewers abandoned the show before it's end, unlike those of HOTD who still remain loyal subjects to their queen.

    • @aramideafolabi-bello8280
      @aramideafolabi-bello8280 4 days ago +1

      I'm going to need a source for that. Do you have any?

    • @AnakinGozie77
      @AnakinGozie77 4 days ago +6

      ​@@aramideafolabi-bello8280 I think you are one of the few fans of the cursed LOTR : RoP 😼

  • @shaunesseyfruean
    @shaunesseyfruean 4 days ago +377

    "War is coming. And neither of us may win." I. CAN'T. WAIT!!!!!

  • @beclou9832
    @beclou9832 3 days ago +5

    Looks so good! Can't wait for June

  • @dreamfyres
    @dreamfyres 3 days ago +3

    I’ve just started a rewatch of season 1 and season 2 looks like it improved a lot!

  • @aishaalamoudi599
    @aishaalamoudi599 4 days ago +271

    We saw Caraxes, Vhaegar, Moondancer, the beautiful Sunfyre and king Vermithor.

    • @indranilghosh9232
      @indranilghosh9232 4 days ago +48

      Meleys too

    • @nicksmithnutmilk
      @nicksmithnutmilk 4 days ago +10

      Vhagar in season 1 got more screen time then all of the other dragons combined 😂😂

    • @thedarkblackspeedy3140
      @thedarkblackspeedy3140 4 days ago +4

      Vermithor the 2.14 scene ? He has more spikes, could it be the mud brown dragon sheepstealer ?

    • @lewiseverett2588
      @lewiseverett2588 4 days ago +11

      @@thedarkblackspeedy3140it's definitely Vermithor, He's huge and bronze :)

    • @AnakinGozie77
      @AnakinGozie77 4 days ago

      I like the white one with black designs on both of it's wings , what's it's name?

  • @Bluegemthunder930
    @Bluegemthunder930 4 days ago +383

    who else though naked Aemond was Rhaenyra at first? lmao

    • @theemperor4901
      @theemperor4901 4 days ago +17

      WHAT 😂😂

    • @Bluegemthunder930
      @Bluegemthunder930 4 days ago +29

      @@theemperor4901 IM NOT CRAZY ITS THE HAIR 😂😂

    • @truepureblue
      @truepureblue 4 days ago +54

      Glad I'm not the only one who thought he was Rhaenyra at first. 🤣🤣😅

    • @jamien368
      @jamien368 4 days ago +52

      They're siblings after all 😂
      Bro looks majestic 💚

    • @Emilia-em5cz
      @Emilia-em5cz 4 days ago +4


  • @SioutHeiwo
    @SioutHeiwo 3 days ago +1

    Oh my god, that last clip of Vermithor!

  • @jkazi122
    @jkazi122 3 days ago +4

    Goosebumps. Now I have to rewatch Season 1

  • @brunomachadopinheiro6112
    @brunomachadopinheiro6112 4 days ago +240

    "There's more than one way to fight a war" THAT'S GAME OF THRONES's vibe!! C'MON

    • @kayladugger7042
      @kayladugger7042 3 days ago

      The sound of coins throughout the trailer related to this gives me goosebumps.

    • @Amantducafe
      @Amantducafe 2 days ago +7

      Blood & Cheese

    • @RAZGR1Z
      @RAZGR1Z Day ago +1

      @@Amantducafe don't forget the poison

    • @Amantducafe
      @Amantducafe Day ago

      @@RAZGR1Z That's why you make your best and only friend your personal food taster

  • @neggroplease
    @neggroplease 3 days ago +8

    1:13 this the second series a woman has asked this man this question 😂😂

  • @kianlincoln3557
    @kianlincoln3557 2 days ago +1

    I met the location scout manager when they were filming at Salisbury. The entire filming crew stayed at the hotel I worked at. Really nice people. Can’t wait for it to come out

  • @athyrius
    @athyrius 4 days ago +1077

    "F*CK DIGNITY!" damn that character development🔥🔥

    • @rahulmaddila939
      @rahulmaddila939 4 days ago +159

      tbh he never really cared for dignity, but its nice see him care about something

    • @nen_dis061
      @nen_dis061 4 days ago +150

      😂😂what development? Even in the first season he didn’t care, the rapist a usurper

    • @alexissimpson5819
      @alexissimpson5819 4 days ago

      Rapegon is still the same. He never had dignity or a bath

    • @user-df8lp9zq8s
      @user-df8lp9zq8s 4 days ago +37

      its good that he wants revenge for that thing i will not spoil

    • @asdasd-zh1kl
      @asdasd-zh1kl 4 days ago +34

      I don't think he cared about dignity in the first season either bud 😅

  • @mohdata8008
    @mohdata8008 4 days ago +97

    See you in 10 years later when this trailer gets nostalgic

  • @SalmanFarizi69
    @SalmanFarizi69 3 days ago +4

    This season is going to be devastated. Can't wait for it

  • @RawhideRohirrimAndRanger3777

    Employe: Should I release the trailer?
    HBO: Hold, hold , not yet...
    Amazon: Releases "The Rings of Power" Trailer
    HBO: NOW GO, DO IT NOW !!!

  • @kimackerman2183
    @kimackerman2183 4 days ago +704

    *"War is coming, and neither of us may win"*

    • @MrJohnmirelli
      @MrJohnmirelli 4 days ago

      You’re gonna be upset one day when she finally dies:)

    • @briancurtis413
      @briancurtis413 4 days ago +27

      Her ending will be brutal in the series if you read the book.

    • @cs.a.745
      @cs.a.745 4 days ago

      ​​@@briancurtis413Stop spoiling it it's season 2 idiot... (Someone who read the book) 😵

    • @TheAnonymousFTW
      @TheAnonymousFTW 4 days ago +14

      She will get burnt and eaten by sunfyre in front of joffrey

    • @sneezydeezymcdeluxe7015
      @sneezydeezymcdeluxe7015 4 days ago


  • @Pedro-ci7hz
    @Pedro-ci7hz 4 days ago +670

    This trailer alone is already better than the entire Rings of Power show

  • @cassiuswest
    @cassiuswest 2 days ago +3

    Best trailer I’ve seen in a while

  • @annazak2520
    @annazak2520 Day ago +2

    When Targaryen married a
    Hightowers woman, a family
    war broke out between the
    dragons in Westeros. Maegor
    and Ceryse, Viserys and
    Alicent. Hightowers are damn
    Team Black Long live Queen

  • @musiclover9518
    @musiclover9518 4 days ago +201

    1:41 Crispin cole being chased by Moondancer😆
    Make him CRISPY Cole already😆💀☠

    • @bechpudding8595
      @bechpudding8595 4 days ago +8

      Lmao noticed that too! Crispy creme better run! 😂

    • @enthusiasticchic2222
      @enthusiasticchic2222 3 days ago +9

      it looks like Baela on Moondancer was chasing him?

    • @Stanley_Fields
      @Stanley_Fields 3 days ago +2

      Man was going 90 mph on that damn horse!

    • @Hastur_the_King_in_Yellow
      @Hastur_the_King_in_Yellow 3 days ago +16

      Oh trust me, if they stay true to the book, he gets an absolutely insulting death later on.

    • @gig7932
      @gig7932 3 days ago

      ​@@Hastur_the_King_in_Yellow maybe it's just me since I read the book before I watched the show but the way his army went to show how dangerous they thought he was considering the fact that they decided to drain him both physically and mentally. Honestly not counting dragons, with the exception of maybe Benjicot Blackwood, Criston is probably the most dangerous fighter in the realm.

  • @Winter-Alpha-Omega
    @Winter-Alpha-Omega 4 days ago +125

    I love this shot of the two siblings seemingly going insane thanks to their losses.
    Great and the only parallelism so far created between the two, and not only of Rhaenyra and Alicent.

  • @007ever
    @007ever 3 days ago +2

    Team Black 🖤🖤

  • @TK-un1pu
    @TK-un1pu 2 days ago +2

    I love Daemon - he stays ready so he doesn’t have to get ready! ❤

  • @gingercatqueen4368
    @gingercatqueen4368 4 days ago +226

    I can’t believe a show can make me cry over some CGI dragons! I’m not ready. 😭 😭

  • @emmanueladedeji3335
    @emmanueladedeji3335 4 days ago +316

    Vermithor looks INSANE!

    • @rebnbk
      @rebnbk 4 days ago +15

      i think its sheepstealer, we've already seen vermithor

    • @joshuaadams6565
      @joshuaadams6565 4 days ago +7

      @@rebnbk Yeah he’s a bit different to episode 10 but they might have just updated his design to differentiate him from mumma Vhagar

    • @rionedmonds7538
      @rionedmonds7538 4 days ago +2

      ​@@rebnbkif the new (awful) rumour is true, sheepstealer doesn't live on dragonstone in the show .

    • @rionedmonds7538
      @rionedmonds7538 4 days ago +1

      ​@@joshuaadams6565almost definitely. His season 1 model was apparently a slightly modified version of a rejected vhagar design

    • @jayson1geek479
      @jayson1geek479 4 days ago

      Is that him at the end??

  • @ballerswagbro9k611
    @ballerswagbro9k611 3 days ago +4

    Bro the Battle of God's Eye will be so peak

  • @CrimsonFIame
    @CrimsonFIame 4 days ago +181

    I love how HBO drops this incredible trailer the same day as the depressing Rings of Power season 2 trailer

  • @gingercatqueen4368
    @gingercatqueen4368 4 days ago +115

    The last shot with Vermithor made me 😭

  • @dylanbaxter8071
    @dylanbaxter8071 3 days ago +3

    Team Neutral where you at?
    We root all sides and no sides, and just wanna watch chaos!!

  • @vikki8699
    @vikki8699 Day ago +1

    I am SOOOO looking forward to seeing Daemon and Aemon fight!! Please HBO, don't fumble this!!
    This is going to be good!

  • @parkmia1752
    @parkmia1752 4 days ago +149

    Aemond looks like he came out of a renaissance painting🫠

    • @HK-gm8pe
      @HK-gm8pe 3 days ago +7

      yeah? I have studied art history and I dont remember anything like that :D:D , he is also very skinny which wasnt in fashion at the time

    • @gabbyjunie8842
      @gabbyjunie8842 3 days ago +23

      ⁠@@HK-gm8pebro its not that serious😭 they just mean he looks good

    • @sofia-ou3uf
      @sofia-ou3uf 2 days ago


  • @alinalisan3361
    @alinalisan3361 4 days ago +159

    Dorne is riding their bike while whistling without a care in the world rn

  • @afellowhumanbeing3708
    @afellowhumanbeing3708 2 days ago +2

    2:15 shot >>>>>>>> Whole trailer 🥵❤‍🔥

  • @jacksonblack6205
    @jacksonblack6205 3 days ago +1

    Only 2 million views? Why do I feel it’s not going to hit or renewed for a third season

    • @dreamfyres
      @dreamfyres 3 days ago +1

      I wouldn’t worry, the first teaser and the black trailer have around 10m views.
      They’re already working on a 3rd season. I think a lot of people forgot about it during the 2 year wait, once the season starts I’m sure the ratings will be fine

  • @pranjalkumar2017
    @pranjalkumar2017 4 days ago +1452

    Who is here for Vermithor??

  • @shikharlincoln8016
    @shikharlincoln8016 2 days ago +1

    Moondancer hitting the ground with Godspeed literally gave me Chills!! Salute to creators

  • @adam-ll1yf
    @adam-ll1yf 2 days ago +1

    I’m still stuck on the shot of Alicent walking through the fields. It’s like a moving painting. Giving major Ophelia vibes.

  • @sergio_os
    @sergio_os 4 days ago +343

    The fact that they droped this right after RoP trailer, means this isn't a competition anymore and everyone agrees with it.

    • @aldunlop4622
      @aldunlop4622 4 days ago +5

      No, this was a knife fight.

    • @taten-jinmu718
      @taten-jinmu718 4 days ago +55

      ​​@@aldunlop4622 it was a knife fight. And HBO brought dragons 😂

    • @mirceadacialorantbrescia4340
      @mirceadacialorantbrescia4340 4 days ago +5

      rop is better

    • @aldunlop4622
      @aldunlop4622 4 days ago +22

      @@mirceadacialorantbrescia4340 Yeah right, troll.

    • @Alejojojo6
      @Alejojojo6 4 days ago +15

      @@mirceadacialorantbrescia4340 hahahahha Nice joke! That really made me laugh! Good one, you're funny.

  • @TheTudorChest
    @TheTudorChest 4 days ago +276

    That brief clip of Princess Rhaenys flying into battle with Meleys has already got me very excited and extremely sad! I cannot wait to see more of Moondancer and Sunfyre, and tell me that's Vermithor at the end!!!

    • @joshuaadams6565
      @joshuaadams6565 4 days ago +13

      Omg I was so here for Rhaenys and Meleys. It’s sad but it’s so badass!

    • @TheTudorChest
      @TheTudorChest 4 days ago +19

      @@joshuaadams6565 she’s the Olenna Tyrell of House of the Dragon. Imagine what Olenna could have achieved with a dragon!

    • @cursedkei66
      @cursedkei66 4 days ago +17

      @@TheTudorChest Naaaah, Olenna would have roasted those fools at the coronation ceremony. Rhaenys proved a softie at the pivotal moment and it will cost them everything.

    • @jona.scholt4362
      @jona.scholt4362 4 days ago +5

      I'm so pissed the made Sunfyre a bland tan color instead of shining like gold like, you know, he's actually supposed to. Super disappointed in his design. You just know they'll make Moondancer extremely "bleh" too

    • @lorenagarcia3189
      @lorenagarcia3189 4 days ago +2

      ​@@cursedkei66 no, Olenna would have Viserys and Daemon killed to become the queen.😂😂

  • @Moondancer-zk8nf
    @Moondancer-zk8nf 3 days ago +2

    1:40 :- House Stark 🐺 .... let's goooooo🎉

  • @Neon002121
    @Neon002121 3 days ago +2

    Whether we support green or black; the only thing we know for sure is that this will be WAAAAY better than Rings of Power.

  • @rafaelblake7278
    @rafaelblake7278 4 days ago +285

    I can't hold my scream when i saw my boy SUNFYRE THE GOLDEN finally on screen 😭😭😭

  • @Youand2023
    @Youand2023 4 days ago +421

    I can't believe Aemond called Alicent a fool.

    • @Fawnelie
      @Fawnelie 4 days ago +88

      she is a fool

    • @andreademarchi7495
      @andreademarchi7495 4 days ago +16

      I mean shes playing cautios and that maybe would have been better considering what will happen...💀

    • @andreademarchi7495
      @andreademarchi7495 4 days ago

      I really don't want to spoil but man AEMOND IS AS COOL AS HES AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT,this from a former Green supporter

    • @ileana823100
      @ileana823100 4 days ago +132

      actually i am rather surprised he is calling her by her name not mother

    • @V7979
      @V7979 4 days ago +2

      Ok don't believe

  • @SerM101
    @SerM101 3 days ago +3

    And so my watch begins🗿

  • @thaismagalhaes5928
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    Im SO ready for season 2!!!

  • @nicholasgarrick8855
    @nicholasgarrick8855 4 days ago +99

    Literally got fully body chills after that last scene showing vetmithor rising up in front of rhaenyra he looks so amazing best dragon Design yet 🐉🔥.

  • @BuGGy2DaB
    @BuGGy2DaB 4 days ago +170

    HBO: Not Like Us
    Amazon: In it’s feels

  • @michaelborbor5614
    @michaelborbor5614 3 days ago +1

    "Do you accept me as your Queen and ruler?"
    Daemon: 😏

  • @Devera1203
    @Devera1203 3 days ago +1

    0:56 the best 👌 🖤

  • @florianfrueh3282
    @florianfrueh3282 4 days ago +227

    amazon "here is a trailer for wigs of power season 2"
    HBO: Hold my dragon eggs.

    • @jza6093
      @jza6093 4 days ago +10

      Wigs of Power!! So good, the comments section on the ROP trailer is hilarious....my favourite...."but they were all of them deceived, for another wig was made..." Lets keep supporting great series like HOTD!!

    • @tittybiscuits1388
      @tittybiscuits1388 4 days ago

      one wig to fool them all

    • @LiquidSpartan117
      @LiquidSpartan117 4 days ago

      @@jza6093 im watching both because why not

    • @aldunlop4622
      @aldunlop4622 4 days ago +3

      Anything that crushes RoP gets my upvote.

  • @joshuaschaeffer2820
    @joshuaschaeffer2820 4 days ago +155

    Releasing this trailer 2 hours after Amazon releases the Rings of Power trailer is such a savage move by HBO

    • @__shifty
      @__shifty 4 days ago +1

      "savage" google that word before you keep using it.

    • @aldunlop4622
      @aldunlop4622 4 days ago +5

      Yeah it's like "oh you think your trailer is good? WATCH THIS!" BOOM!

    • @joebobhenrybob2000
      @joebobhenrybob2000 3 days ago

      @@__shifty The streaming content version of striding forward and clobbering the opponent in the cage match in the first 30 seconds. You know, savage. Use google, bro.

    • @nonamenamenamenone
      @nonamenamenamenone 3 days ago

      ​@@__shifty"insufferable unlikeable loser" google these words before you continue plaguing others with your presence.

  • @nerapavane7132
    @nerapavane7132 2 days ago +2

    I didn't like Darcy as Rhaenyra at first, but she grew on me.

  • @ladhkay
    @ladhkay 3 days ago +3

    This is how you do a show Amazon