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Witness Vapes & Starts Driving During Testimony

  • Published on Apr 26, 2022
  • During the defamation trial on Wednesday, a pre-recorded deposition of Alejandro Romero was played in court. During his testimony, Romero was vaping and began to drive while answering questions. Johnny Depp and other members of the court struggled to maintain their composure, some even laughing.
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Comments • 16 383

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    This is the perfect example to show that not everybody needs to be all “formal” and “correct” in order to capture everyone’s hearts with the truth that he’s speaking.

    • Pain Killer
      Pain Killer 2 months ago

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    • Derek Morgan
      Derek Morgan 2 months ago

      And you are also neither

    • o
      o 2 months ago

      stop being everywhere

    • Sahil Choudhary
      Sahil Choudhary 3 months ago

      true but atleast not in front of judge

    • SaiTheSamurai
      SaiTheSamurai 3 months ago

      that's not the point>> the main point is that court shouldn't have been taken so serious in the first place most things shouldn't be all these new rules to punish everyone for only a few of histories bad eggs its ridiculous that we have a judicial system so corrupt and biased

  • Death Stroke
    Death Stroke 4 months ago +6849

    This guy is not on court's time. The Court is on HIS time

    • Saibi Sureddo
      Saibi Sureddo Day ago

      which arguably. Probably should be the case for people who aren't the defendant/plaintiffs.

    • L G
      L G 7 days ago

      Exactly!!, they wanted his testimony, this dude said he just want to live his life, he don’t even want to be doing this, And to compel him to do this, they said OK fine we will leave you alone if you just virtual testify, At least he was wearing clothes, because the man could’ve been naked in his car if you wanted to, that’s completely legal.

    • Ant West
      Ant West 23 days ago

      That’s facts lol

    • Shilpi Sudheer
      Shilpi Sudheer 29 days ago +1

      6k th like

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  • Pulkit Sharma
    Pulkit Sharma 5 months ago +4524

    What a LEGEND. People, that’s how real people are WITHOUT a script.

  • Aaron Shields
    Aaron Shields 4 months ago +979

    I love how the judge looks in disbelief, but at same time, you can tell she respects it

    • shop from Lurdgan_durgz on INSTAGRAM 🍄🍫
      shop from Lurdgan_durgz on INSTAGRAM 🍄🍫 Month ago +1

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    • NewLiFe
      NewLiFe 2 months ago +1

      Facts 🤣

    • Capybara Ponque
      Capybara Ponque 2 months ago +1

      @upland77 The judge doesn't interrogate the witnesses.

    • upland77
      upland77 3 months ago +50

      Exactly. She's thinking "well, at least he answered all my questions" 😂

  • MidniteSkye
    MidniteSkye 4 months ago +383

    I’m SCREAMING! The judge is so shook by the end of it, poor lady. She sat there just staring for a minute trying to process what she just saw. She then scratches her head and is still in disbelief 😭😭😭😭

    • Tin Man
      Tin Man Month ago

      Why are you screaming?

    • Papa Gold Chainzz
      Papa Gold Chainzz 2 months ago +3

      @Penelope P. Maggie Idk man she did the "in disbelief wtf was that" nod

    • Penelope P. Maggie
      Penelope P. Maggie 3 months ago +11

      She wasn’t just sitting there, she was waiting for the jury to leave the room before saying anything

    • Kara_Milan
      Kara_Milan 4 months ago +4


  • DisLB
    DisLB 5 months ago +25793

    First man in history to give testimony while driving, in court, *without a seatbelt*

    • Rick van Hattum
      Rick van Hattum 6 days ago

      Can you name one person who was driving, in court, with a seatbelt though lol?

    • EmmelineSama
      EmmelineSama 17 days ago

      The poor judge.

    • shop from Lurdgan_durgz on INSTAGRAM 🍄🍫
      shop from Lurdgan_durgz on INSTAGRAM 🍄🍫 Month ago

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    • Reggie Bannister
      Reggie Bannister Month ago

      and while parked notice the cars behind are not moving.. this trial was a waste of my tax dollars i want them back we all need to go after them both for our money back it was a show trial at the whim of 2 petty people

    • Kornelius Plavsky
      Kornelius Plavsky Month ago

      Did he drive circle?

  • Ethereal Dawn
    Ethereal Dawn 5 months ago +1715

    You know you’re living in a messed up world when someone who acts naturally and authentically is called ‘bizarre’

    • Vinay Negi
      Vinay Negi 24 days ago +1

      @Mystic Presence well that's your take on authority and I have no problem with it.

    • Mystic Presence
      Mystic Presence 24 days ago

      @Vinay Negi Well is he getting anything out of it? Usually when I'm respectful to "authority", it's because I believe I'm getting something out of it. The only authority I believe in is God :D

    • Mystic Presence
      Mystic Presence 24 days ago

      @New Projects Did he choose to testify, or did they subpoena him? If it's the 2nd one... he might've not wanted to testify... I have just dodged those in the past

    • Pain Killer
      Pain Killer 2 months ago

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    • Pain Killer
      Pain Killer 2 months ago

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  • Helen Berry
    Helen Berry 4 months ago +233

    Alejandro was brilliant, he was so sick of it before the testimony even started, then the defense started asking the same questions over and over, he even said he was so sick of it, and in the end he started vaping and drove off. It cracked me up then and it cracks me up now. He is a star.

    • Iris Iris
      Iris Iris 4 months ago +11

      He has more important things to do.

  • gilpetperdon
    gilpetperdon 4 months ago +136

    The judges face is killing me, she just witnessed a man drive a car casually while on a video call and she can't really do anything about it.

    • TechJourney
      TechJourney 12 days ago

      its not the judges jon to arrest or prosecute thats a policemens job and prosecutors job

    • PaunchCounter
      PaunchCounter 21 day ago +2


  • J B
    J B 4 months ago +298

    Still the funniest moment in this trial thus far... the judge's expression is just priceless.

    • 13ullseye
      13ullseye 3 months ago

      I think the crazy scientist guy was funnier 🤣🤣🤣

    • Zach Lang
      Zach Lang 4 months ago +11

      The way she closed her laptop just… spoke a million words

  • The End Of An Error
    The End Of An Error 5 months ago +34908

    Vaping, driving, and testifying. This dude takes multi-tasking to a whole new level.

  • G
    G 4 months ago +70

    This guy has more important things to be doing than wasting his time on what this court has forced him to do !

  • Dolly Dagger
    Dolly Dagger 5 months ago +44

    This was hilarious … I love this dude ! He has some really awesome and loyal down to Earth people working for him . The fact that Johnny is able to smile & laugh again even at himself is so cool . The Judge wants to laugh so bad !

  • WeWake
    WeWake 4 months ago +27

    That driver gave the amount of respect this case ACTUALLY deserves

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 4 months ago +17

    Vaping, driving without a seat belt and just answering like he is talking to a friend. This man is a legend.

  • huwbertooo
    huwbertooo 5 months ago +34798

    The fact he was speaking to the judge whilst driving without a seatbelt is hilarious.

    • StarLink777
      StarLink777 Month ago

      he did it so casually noone noticed until after his testimony. Legend.

    • Unreleased
      Unreleased Month ago

      @Jon Charles made it so much funnier😂😂

    • Andrey Dedovchenko
      Andrey Dedovchenko Month ago

      Weird rule for a country which praises freedom.

    • theReal JayZ
      theReal JayZ Month ago

      @ᴹᵒᵒⁿˡⁱᵍʰᵗ nah, Jon is right. We don’t use that word in the hood

    • Caleb
      Caleb Month ago


  • Erik S
    Erik S 4 months ago +48

    This guy is a real L E G E N D for what he did!
    Court testimony whilst driving without seatbelt and smoking! This in front of a judge with filled court!

  • aaa
    aaa 4 months ago +28

    truly grateful that this case is allowed to be seen by everyone on the internet cause the phenomenal clips keep making my bad days a great one with a lots of laugh😍🥰

  • Доминик
    Доминик 4 months ago +17

    This judge wins my heart hahaha, she's probably is used to so much formal settings, and now she's been through a crazy televised Hollywood rodeo. Great judge though. 9/10 would definitely let her sentence me to death.

    • GiselleKlara
      GiselleKlara Month ago

      she's literally gonna have awkward party anecdotes for the rest of her life even if she never does anything else!

  • Wil Dasovich
    Wil Dasovich 4 months ago +82

    I’ve been giggling for 10 minutes straight this clip brought me so much unexpected happiness to my life 🥲

    • NightWeebLA
      NightWeebLA 4 months ago

      Koyaaa Wil!!

    • Deadly Fun
      Deadly Fun 4 months ago +3

      Glad it's not just me. I was laughing the whole time too

  • Xavier
    Xavier 5 months ago +11989

    This is pure entertainment and needs to take place much, much more often.

    • Neo
      Neo 4 months ago

      @willow unleash Cuz he copy and pastes other people's comments on these types of videos

    • willow unleash
      willow unleash 4 months ago

      Why am I always seeing you 😐🤣😅😐

    • LordSparkleBum
      LordSparkleBum 4 months ago

      @Lil Hyena you should go there

    • Patty Laura
      Patty Laura 5 months ago

      You know the Judge wanted to lol at the end of his testimony but instead grabbed her hair and ear and thought NOOO your a Judge you can’t but she did have that smirk like 👍 lol and had to say something when AH Attorneys stated at end like no seatbelt and replied yes this is first, but knew how he stated I don’t want to be involved in this it’s causing me to much stress! Lol I’d probably forget to buckle lmbo

    • Neo
      Neo 5 months ago

      No one cares bot

  • Mox ಠ ᴥ ಠ
    Mox ಠ ᴥ ಠ 4 months ago +961

    idolized for being genuinely normal
    what a timeline

    • Young Dr. Seuss
      Young Dr. Seuss 2 months ago

      @Aaron Lam facts

    • Aaron Lam
      Aaron Lam 3 months ago +4

      Vaping and driving without a seatbelt whilst giving a genuine testimony is considered genuinely normal
      What a timeline

    • Keyboard
      Keyboard 4 months ago +2

      May be the guy don’t remember what he had in the breakfast so i think he forgot the camera is still rolling.

    • Nikhil Dixit
      Nikhil Dixit 4 months ago +2

      @Danny Kanerva agree with a rest of the part except it's not a video chat of a friend, it's a testimony on a high profile case that whole world is watching lol

    • Danny Kanerva
      Danny Kanerva 4 months ago +9

      @Maclain well , he clearly doesn't think of this endeavor as : "le _largest grandiose celebrity lawsuit in several decades_ omg" . For him this is just a regular videochat.
      That makes him normal.
      He won't put the situation of others on a pedestal because their status or whatever

  • Atta Hissan
    Atta Hissan 4 months ago +13

    My respects to that man from halfway across the globe.

  • Sreejesh Saji
    Sreejesh Saji 4 months ago +16

    That Judge's face says it all, she experienced through all kinds of emotions in that single court session lol 😂. Questioning her life, why she had to be the only Judge out of them all to take this Case 😅.

  • learai_s
    learai_s 4 months ago +5

    The judge is rethinking all her life choices and how she ended up here, 😭
    I can’t blame her if she thought Amber and her lawyers are a disappointment-

  • Sarah Kennedy
    Sarah Kennedy 4 months ago +6

    Must defend this man at all costs. Love him to pieces.

  • Sailgoat
    Sailgoat 2 months ago +4

    I love how laid back Johnny is. He starts laughing the second he vapes on camera lmao

  • kirshak
    kirshak 4 months ago +10

    The face the judge is doing is so priceless "I'm dealing with the whole circus"

  • Bojan Kordic
    Bojan Kordic 3 months ago +5

    He must have spoken from the heart since he didnt have time to make up any lies 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ this dude is a legend

    • yvonne dunkley
      yvonne dunkley 2 months ago

      He just kept it real,I mean after Elaine B.questionig about A H make up,he was done

  • vallreign
    vallreign 5 months ago +15179

    No seat belt, recording while driving, no suit n tie, answered the questions simply, vaping, all while in court. Truly a testament to the times, this trial is amazing. Justice for Johnny !

    • Anita Jevv
      Anita Jevv 3 months ago

      @S Bhatti He was unprofessional. I hope he does get in trouble

    • Saffy Graham
      Saffy Graham 4 months ago

      If this was Amber’s witness it would be a whole different story for the way you’re describing this guy 🙄🙄🙄🥱🥱

    • Christopher robin Kivisild
      Christopher robin Kivisild 5 months ago

      @Ayman M. I guess so. Just feels wierd starting to drive around parking lot randomly

    • Ayman M.
      Ayman M. 5 months ago

      @Christopher robin Kivisild if he's on private property he can drive without a seatbelt and that's something they don't know so they can't punish him or hold him accountable.

    • Violent
      Violent 5 months ago

      @Lawrence Melasecca Think again.

  • Jeannie Baker
    Jeannie Baker 4 months ago +4

    Love this man! Salt of the earth down to earth, believable and funny!!!!!

  • Elsa Lagmay
    Elsa Lagmay 5 months ago +6

    this guy is genuinely funny and honest

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo 5 months ago +11

    He's a multi-talented dude, giving his testimony, vaping and making johnny smile. 😎👍

  • FriendlyCanadian
    FriendlyCanadian 4 months ago +9

    He is literally filming himself breaking the law with that seatbelt off. What a guy.

  • Strings 1043
    Strings 1043 5 months ago +24389

    I love this. People are so serious during this trial, but others aren't and that's when makes this trial great.

    • Carmel
      Carmel 3 months ago

      @Rabbi Ama I'm laughing a lot cos she lost hahahahaaaa

    • Sheevino Palpatino
      Sheevino Palpatino 5 months ago

      Ah yes, trials about defamation are HILARIOUS!

    • vic ki
      vic ki 5 months ago +1

      @BellaLove Try to concentrate on WHY Heard was smirking versus WHY Depp was laughing.

    • Alex Teretean
      Alex Teretean 5 months ago +1

      @Microb two celebrities having a defamation trial could be a comedy plot easily. So yeah, pretty comic.

    • Magician_aleks
      Magician_aleks 5 months ago +1

      @Suraya bruh u must be blind or something.

  • Llanfabon
    Llanfabon 4 months ago +3

    Johnny Depp's laughter literally melted my heart

  • Pat Rigdon
    Pat Rigdon 5 months ago +1

    I love what ive seen of this judge. Composed. Has a visible sense of humor as well though. I really would like to know her inner thoughts on all this, in this trial. Id actually like to just have a conversation with her. I think one could stand to learn.

  • TheLoneTerran
    TheLoneTerran 5 months ago +15

    No seatbelt, operating a vehicle while distracted, vaping, giving oath-bound legal testimony, and making it so there was misunderstanding that he was telling the truth. Dude was probably on his way to work. If I remember right, the case is being tried in...Virginia? He may work 2nd shift and heading on out.

  • ThePromoModel
    ThePromoModel 4 months ago +7

    His testimony is THE SOLE reason I want to see the whole ridiculous trial!! 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Charles Cass
    Charles Cass 5 months ago +5887

    They've got the Judge questioning her OWN life decisions at this point. This whole thing is absurd.

    • Satwik K
      Satwik K 5 months ago +1

      @あかり he thinks she's unprofessional and not fit just because she was acting human. The whole reason this video blew up was because of the fact that the dude was smoking and driving while testifying before a court. That isn't normal. That is why we clicked. That's the same reaction she gave. Her only remark was that.. it was a first for her. She never even gave the slightest remark that she thinks rudely of him.

    • あかり
      あかり 5 months ago +4

      @Dee Montez What is someone like her exactly? Tf are you talking about?

    • Dijon Volner
      Dijon Volner 5 months ago +1

      @Abominable Paradox I think alot of people are drained watching this - especially listening to Amber's Lawyers 🤯

    • Dynastic Light
      Dynastic Light 5 months ago +2

      This .is like a Badd movie. Starring a Herd of Amberz...Time for Nonparrels...

    • tyler maloney
      tyler maloney 5 months ago +1

      holy fawk....

  • B-nice
    B-nice 4 months ago

    Hahahaha I've seen this clip a million times... Dude is a legend... Anyone lucky enough to be in his life has a hilarious experience with him on a daily... Hahahaha one of the best moments of the trial without a doubt 😊

  • Kaylee Mahoney
    Kaylee Mahoney 3 months ago

    I love the judges reaction more than anything in this video. You can see wheels turning as she wonders wtf just happened 💀😂

  • Thiago Moreira
    Thiago Moreira 5 months ago +5

    The judge was like: “ what am I doing with my life” 😞

  • Ryoko007
    Ryoko007 4 months ago +9

    The judge's face was like" I can't believe this guy was vaping and driving without a seat belt while giving testimony on the phone while driving. It's like, Her face is saying, what did I even become a judge for? wasn't it tell people not to play on their phones and drive at the same time as it could cause an accident." But this guy did all that and more. lol. Well it's a live case and he looks so busy, judge can't really do much to him. The court needs him and his testimony more than he needs them. He's being real.

  • BeetleBuns
    BeetleBuns 5 months ago +9012

    honestly that makes me trust his testimony even more, because he's not focused on keeping a story straight, he's just out for a drive answering questions

    • Sweetie Lady
      Sweetie Lady 5 months ago

      Lol that's a fair point actually.

    • glb076
      glb076 5 months ago

      @Victoria dude it was a joke and i literally said im sure he did actually listen

    • Helen Xu
      Helen Xu 5 months ago

      @BeetleBuns haha exactly. I guess even if I'm sitting in court, I'd be doing my testimony and playing sugar crash or something on the side~

    • Mister Dank
      Mister Dank 5 months ago

      @Yoyo 🌸 you must be a terrible coworker...but a great friend. Though, you must have balance.

    • Victoria
      Victoria 5 months ago

      @glb076 Why? You realise how conversations go right? Does he need to sit up straight and give someone his undivided attention when they are repeatedly asking him the same thing over and over trying to twist his words? He literally answered the questions, please explain how you think he didn't listen to them being asked?

  • Joseph Tuscher
    Joseph Tuscher Month ago +1

    The judge’s face was priceless.

  • Camille Victoria Vega
    Camille Victoria Vega 4 months ago +2

    The judges reaction is everything.

  • Niya Joy
    Niya Joy 4 months ago +3

    He was the most hilarious verdict ever on the court for the defamation trial so far.

  • S A
    S A 4 months ago +31

    Judge penny is probably thinking " unbelievable". These kind of testimonies are actually in my court. ". I don't even know what to think of it I don't even know how to react to this.". That judge has the patience of Job. she's trying to act very professional while probably wanting to shake her head or laugh her head off. 😄😄😄

    • Emily Rose
      Emily Rose 4 months ago

      Dead wrong, she is not fighting any laugh back at all, she apologizes to AH lawyer for this, likes is some very upsetting thing. She needs to get loose. All this former BS must be so boring, but she knows nothing else.

  • The Kickboxing Community
    The Kickboxing Community 5 months ago +17829

    This dude is going to get an entire fanbase for simply being there

    • shop from Lurdgan_durgz on INSTAGRAM 🍄🍫
      shop from Lurdgan_durgz on INSTAGRAM 🍄🍫 Month ago

      👆👆 look up that handle
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      MDMA, and other psychedelic. Ship to all locations swiftly.

    • MM
      MM 2 months ago

      Yeah! If he has a RUclips channel and have him talking about anything like he was talking to a friend, I would love to watch and listen to him.

    • I am a Pokerface
      I am a Pokerface 2 months ago


    • awesomeruben
      awesomeruben 2 months ago

      @KrazyTubeTV lol he's an inspiration to every human

    • Mack MacDude
      Mack MacDude 4 months ago +1

      American media will have him with his own reality show when this is over. There is a reality show for everything these days. 😄

  • Fricer77
    Fricer77 2 months ago

    Idk if im the only one but her reaction and the way she paused and contemplated that whole conversation actually killed me.

  • Malicious Muppet
    Malicious Muppet 4 months ago +1

    He shows up to court vaping a delta, being disheveled, not wearing a seat belt, suitless, unshaven, stands before the whole wide world and says the most amazing things. We just love em.

    CB MOBILE 26 days ago

    That was the most legendary testimony interview ever recorded in the universe's history

  • Mia Cat
    Mia Cat 4 months ago +7

    The judges expression is just hysterical 😂. "Well then... so... that just happened..." 😳

  • Kria
    Kria 5 months ago +13678

    You can literally see on judge's face how she wonders how her career ended up in a point where a guy gives a testimony vaping and driving. Love the expression, so funny

    • mb
      mb 3 months ago

      @Me WHZY camera man was savage. That slow zoom in 😊

    • hepzibah
      hepzibah 5 months ago

      She is at the level where she is presiding over the most high profile case in recent history worldwide. She'll live.

    • Kathrin Siegmund
      Kathrin Siegmund 5 months ago

      She was seriously questioning her life choices 😂.

    • Sandra
      Sandra 5 months ago

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂 I feel so bad for her bro

  • campos3452
    campos3452 2 months ago

    The judge’s reaction was just perfect 👌🏼 😂

  • Jae
    Jae 2 months ago

    The fact he’s just casually driving without a seatbelt, while on a FaceTime call, WHILE VAPING IS WILD

  • Living  in the Forest
    Living in the Forest 4 months ago +1

    The judge is hysterical I love her!

  • Muddy Witch
    Muddy Witch 5 months ago

    That was surreal!!!!! A high profile trial like this and the witness vapes while driving!!!!! And the judge behaved as if she didn’t notice it!

  • Say it Ain’t so
    Say it Ain’t so 5 months ago +12675

    When a judge has seen just about everything..this guy comes along.

    • bobs & vagene
      bobs & vagene 10 days ago

      you guys know this is all fake manufactured drama to raise awareness about her movie projects.. this whole thing is a show! lol i feel like im in the twilight zone.. how does nobody see this is all fake 🤷‍♂

    • jack hartmann
      jack hartmann 11 days ago

      i’m crying 😂😂

    • shop from Lurdgan_durgz on INSTAGRAM 🍄🍫
      shop from Lurdgan_durgz on INSTAGRAM 🍄🍫 Month ago

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    • GiselleKlara
      GiselleKlara Month ago

      lol, she also seemed to kinda like him

    • hans pz
      hans pz 2 months ago

      @850films yep to be honest I think johnnys side (I think he’s johnnys side right) treated the whole thing like a joke. I personally didn’t take sides in any of this, it’s way too juvenile and hearsay

  • At the same time
    At the same time 4 months ago +2

    The judge finally understood what it meant to be saying this-
    *Stop judging people*

  • Caroline Ella Daly
    Caroline Ella Daly 3 months ago

    The look on the judge's Face I don't know why but it broke my heart 💞

  • Sosoma
    Sosoma 4 months ago +2

    vaping and video chatting court while driving has to be ultimate 'above the law' move I've ever seen.

  • deeplydeepali
    deeplydeepali 4 months ago

    The judge afterward! Her reaction has me weak 😂

  • The Confused Llama
    The Confused Llama 5 months ago +9288

    Definitely one of the most bizarre court cases this judge has been through

    • LordSparkleBum
      LordSparkleBum 4 months ago

      @Mimi McGee 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Mimi McGee
      Mimi McGee 4 months ago

      @Elizabeth Miranda I’m not saying anything about that dude’s behavior. He can do what he wants. I’m speaking to the antics in the courtroom. I’ve never watched a trial where reactions were allowed in the courtroom. Peeps are laughing and snickering and reacting verbally. You cannot do that, it can bias the jury and it’s unprofessional. Judges tell folks that are in court for serious crimes such as murder that they cannot react during the reading of the verdict or they will be removed. Family members with loved ones that are killed cannot even react when the murderers is let loose. Yet this case has folks reacting like they’re watching a broadway comedy act. It’s a mockery and this judge is a joke.

    • Jordy John
      Jordy John 4 months ago +1

      1:00 lmao

    • Bekind
      Bekind 4 months ago

      I'm liking your profile pic. Clever

    • Tommy Bear
      Tommy Bear 4 months ago +1

      Almost like it's a script huh?

  • Mari
    Mari 2 months ago +1

    Legends never die.

  • Imran singh
    Imran singh 2 months ago +1

    This man is a legend

  • todd cote
    todd cote 4 months ago +4

    Guy is a star, being discovered, a diamond in the rough!

  • GT Godbear
    GT Godbear 4 months ago +27

    AH Attorney; "We can't take his testimony legitimately because he wasn't wearing a seat belt. Which clearly indicates he breaks the law"

  • Opinion Parade
    Opinion Parade 5 months ago +26464

    What a boss.
    He's not on the court's time, the court is on his time.

    • Elizabeth Miranda
      Elizabeth Miranda 5 months ago

      @William N O please 🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Elizabeth Miranda
      Elizabeth Miranda 5 months ago

      Shouldn't it be the right of a person if they want to wear theirs or not?

    • Elizabeth Miranda
      Elizabeth Miranda 5 months ago


    • WoRld CuRe
      WoRld CuRe 5 months ago

      @Mercy S maybe he has a lap belt, or he just doesn't like the cross belt so he puts it behind his back.

    • inVINcible
      inVINcible 5 months ago

      @William N Dear God I hope you’re joking 😅

  • Bette Springer
    Bette Springer 4 months ago

    OMgosh, that was hilarious! Johnny’s expressions were priceless, and the judges comments were so funny! Very entertaining, but believable, witness. 🤣

  • ashleyhwrd7
    ashleyhwrd7 4 months ago +5

    Oh my gosh. I love him . I was having such a crappy day until I saw this.

  • Zac B
    Zac B 4 months ago +3

    bro the clip of that judges face at the end lmfao it always gets me. she looks like shes been on the job for a decent amount of time now, she definitely doesnt strike me as someone who just started the job of a judge... but it definitely seems like this is the one case she has had that made her question her career choices 🤣

  • RoastedFicus
    RoastedFicus 4 months ago

    This is definitely one of the testimonies of all time

  • pannonianbrute
    pannonianbrute 5 months ago +6832

    This man treated the case with the seriousness it deserves.

  • Mohammed Shaykh
    Mohammed Shaykh 4 months ago

    Judge's reaction was priceless

  • MaiXoxo
    MaiXoxo 4 months ago

    Lmao I burst out laughing at the judge when she started shaking her head 😂

  • Taylor Sky
    Taylor Sky 4 months ago

    If this guy was Amber's witness everybody would be freaking out on how disrespectful, rude, "whatever insult" he is. They would probably try to fry him fot driving without a safety belt.
    But since he's Johnny's witness he's suddenly a "legend".

  • riya
    riya 3 months ago +3

    1:03 Oh my God!! i just lost at this moment ,i died of laughing over her expression 😂😂😂

  • Sly Shooter Gaming
    Sly Shooter Gaming 5 months ago +15227

    This whole court hearing has been funnier than any Judd Apatow or garbage comedy that’s come out in the past decade, lmao.

    • keLetoN
      keLetoN 5 months ago

      Agreed, but 40 year old virgin is a classic.

    • Polish Lass
      Polish Lass 5 months ago

      @jdennis867 every day brings something new

    • Polish Lass
      Polish Lass 5 months ago

      Should me more interested in Maxwell trial. But that went quiet under radar.

    • waseh siddiqui
      waseh siddiqui 5 months ago

      Let’s be fair tho, Apatow is a legend in his own right

    • No🦉Fool
      No🦉Fool 5 months ago

      SLY: THAT COURTROOM is a typical example of society!... in this particular case, rich elite society!

  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago +1

    This whole situation is just mind boggling 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Toua Xiong
    Toua Xiong 4 months ago

    What Romero said was by far the most truthful thing to have been ever been said since the birth of mankind.

  • G. S.
    G. S. 5 months ago

    I love this judge ❤️

  • K.R.O
    K.R.O 3 months ago

    The famous "I thought I'd seen everything" face. We've all done it. And every couple of years something comes along to remind us we definitely have not.

  • Stan Khan
    Stan Khan 5 months ago +20361

    You can tell the judge is just over it. She’s probably thinking “I went to school and committed my whole life of being a judge all just to run into that.”

  • Chommi
    Chommi 4 months ago +1

    This entire court case feels like its straight out of a sitcom

  • death by cat
    death by cat 5 months ago +3

    "I could be on vacation with my family right now"
    -poor judge who was assigned to this hearing

    • Okami Kitsune
      Okami Kitsune 4 months ago

      And it took a dude vaping while driving without a seatbelt AND giving his testimony via video call to make her see the light. LMAO

  • NailzSparkly
    NailzSparkly 3 days ago +1

    I can’t tell if the judge is holding back tears or laughter

  • Hannah Rodero-Ortega
    Hannah Rodero-Ortega 4 months ago +1

    Lots of bloopers in this trial but this testimony is funniest of all. Legendary!

  • Glen Garbera
    Glen Garbera 5 months ago +14099

    I'm crying. The look on the judges face says it all. " anymore surprises, what's next"

    • HelloCDN
      HelloCDN 3 months ago

      Reevaluating her entire career and life choices lol 😂

    • B H
      B H 3 months ago +1

      If Elaine wouldn't have ask the same question 15 different ways he wouldn't have been on camera come time to go to his job.

    • Jo Toco
      Jo Toco 4 months ago +1

      I was about to leave the video as a read this comment and I’m so glad I didn’t

    • Jim Huffman
      Jim Huffman 4 months ago +3

      "In our next trial, we have a guy who will be giving testimony while he's in the shower"

      SOCIAL DISTANCE CLUB 4 months ago +2

      To be honest... her pink bra was more surprising than Mr. vape man to me.

  • shikue
    shikue 4 months ago +4

    The judge is like “wtf just happened?” 😂😂

  • Do Li
    Do Li 4 months ago +1

    Wasn't sure if the judge was going to burst into tears or into laughter.

  • KP Nation
    KP Nation 2 months ago +1

    When a man answers questions while doing all that and giving no fuqs you know he's not lying.

  • FS Videos
    FS Videos 3 months ago

    This judge sure has seen a lot of things for the first time in this case.

  • Alpagaa
    Alpagaa 5 months ago +8293

    The fact that the judge stared silently into the void for almost a minute to recover from what she just witnessed is HILARIOUS 😂😂😂

    • Blackhole
      Blackhole 5 months ago

      @Ro Ems calling people "kid", makes you feel good huh? Trying to show dominance in the internet. Sad soul

    • Citrus Bloom
      Citrus Bloom 5 months ago

      @Ron Petersen She is required to uphold the standards and etiquette of her courtroom whether the jury is present or not.

    • Citrus Bloom
      Citrus Bloom 5 months ago

      @J Cerqueira Does not matter, she is still a judge whether the jury is present or not. She doesn't just have to act responsible while the jurors can see her🤨

    • Ro Ems
      Ro Ems 5 months ago

      @Nicola Maxwell🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 what?

  • Kaylum Goodell
    Kaylum Goodell 4 months ago +1

    Me too lmao imagine if they tried telling him he couldn't vape😭

  • elyssamber on instagram

    I love seeing Johnnys smile come back for a second :)

  • Atg Imm
    Atg Imm 2 months ago +1

    The man's a legend

  • Ruben Braekman
    Ruben Braekman 2 months ago

    And this is why this trial got so much attention and love from the media

  • A D
    A D 5 months ago +6140

    That judge just went through the 5 stages of grief - denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.