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  • Published on Mar 9, 2023
  • Amelia takes Shania Twain on a date in a chicken shop
    Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Co-Written by Ania Magliano
    Executive Producers: Liv West and Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Producer: Diara Vassalo Ndiaye
    Cam A: Jack Ayers
    Cam B: Tayo Yusuff
    Sound Op: Jordan Tewkesbury
    Editor: Rob McGuire
    Conform: Lewis Ashley
    Colourist: Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio
    Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce
    Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
    Social Media: Jade Whiteley & Ashleigh Kybert
    Photographer: Ashraf Nsubuga
    Styling: Chloe Griffin
    Costume Design: Zoe Lou Design
    Hair: Yasmin Simone
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Comments • 908

  • @llindseee
    @llindseee Year ago +5395

    Shania is so much more chaotic than I was expecting and I'm loving it

    • @kildogery
      @kildogery Year ago +19

      She knows.
      She always did.
      Have you never see her videos?

    • @theotravers6365
      @theotravers6365 Year ago +1


    • @DG-sf9ei
      @DG-sf9ei Year ago +1

      Fact : She's a narcissist self-serving pyscho b-tch and has been from the beginning. We use to cater her concerts back when she had some element of relevance, and she made the most pathetic victimized diva seem normal.

    • @bear6699
      @bear6699 Year ago +20

      I swear yall have no concept of normal human behavior bc she was far from chaotic 💀

    • @kildogery
      @kildogery Year ago +5

      @@bear6699 they just mean "normal" kids today are weird

  • @hannahdigitals
    @hannahdigitals Year ago +5039

    She’s like the cool mom of your high school friend group who gives you a pep talk after a break up

  • @dominicmcdowell252
    @dominicmcdowell252 Year ago +2988

    Imagine walking past a chicken shop in London and seeing Shania twain! My mind would be blown!

    • @meeekeeey
      @meeekeeey Year ago +32

      It's okay, she's now unrecognisable

    • @KingoftheRoad-2023
      @KingoftheRoad-2023 Year ago +10

      What happened to Shania's face? This is not the Shania we grew up watching and listening? plastic surgery? totally different person

    • @user-bx4ti6ig3i
      @user-bx4ti6ig3i Year ago +48

      ​@@meeekeeey y'all forget aging is a thing. She doesn't have plastic surgery so it's natural aging.

    • @meeekeeey
      @meeekeeey Year ago +5

      @@user-bx4ti6ig3i ermmm..uh huh

    • @sarab4241
      @sarab4241 Year ago

      And the other person is wearing a leopard print bodysuit/robe?

  • @jacoboleary9076
    @jacoboleary9076 Year ago +1395

    What I adore about Shania (besides her chaotic mom energy) is that despite her having sung those songs probably 1000 times apiece for the last 25 years, she still seems to really love them and isn't annoyed that other people love them too.

    • @JoeIsOut2lunch
      @JoeIsOut2lunch Year ago +12

      That is the curse of all musicians. We get bored and the passion is gone. Or even worse, the songs performed differently than it was originally. If she still loves the songs, that’s rare and amazing.

  • @TheFireBurningWithin
    @TheFireBurningWithin Year ago +1156

    A singer who actually enjoys her lyrics being spoken back to her

  • @leteesia2389
    @leteesia2389 Year ago +410

    Shania lowkey losing it over the “drive my own bus” bit. Is my favorite part😂

  • @philbinpar1
    @philbinpar1 Year ago +732

    Amelia was so genuinely shocked that Shania Twain had never met Brad Pitt that she very briefly went out of character 😂

    • @dylanbrannon9673
      @dylanbrannon9673 11 months ago +18

      It is truly dumbfounding if it's true. They have both been AAA-list celebrities for decades so they must end up at parties together once in awhile, AND she says his name in her most famous song. I'm as shocked as Amelia was.

  • @1815matt
    @1815matt Year ago +565

    I love that her response to "would you like to talk to animals?" is "I CAN talk to animals" 😂 When you think about it, anyone can talk to animals

    • @DC42087
      @DC42087 Year ago +14

      Yeh whether they understand is something else lol

    • @magicknight13
      @magicknight13 Year ago +1

      Hahahaha so true!😂

  • @belindabella_
    @belindabella_ Year ago +974

    Didn't realise how much I needed to see Shania Twain throw chicken nuggets at Amelia 😂😂😂

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  Year ago +2683

    Hello everyone! VERY excited to have had a date with the icon that is Shania Twain. Who would have thought this could ever happen! I also feel one step closer to securing a date with you know who....because if Shania won't give me Harry's number maybe she could give him mine....hehe. See you next time! xxoxoxo

  • @chels6991
    @chels6991 Year ago +242

    I love how she started to sprinkle in her own lyrics here and there 🤣

  • @mando3061
    @mando3061 Year ago +523

    At 2:06, I love how Amelia completely brushes off Shania's comment and just immediately moves onto the next random question.

    • @getslikedahhhbroo1851
      @getslikedahhhbroo1851 Year ago +16

      It’s an edit

    • @mando3061
      @mando3061 Year ago +22

      🤔 And here I thought that entire date lasted five straight minutes. I had no idea there might be edits involved. Thanks for clearing that up for me, dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhBroooooooooooooo... 🙄🙄🙄

    • @getslikedahhhbroo1851
      @getslikedahhhbroo1851 Year ago +1

      @@mando3061 I’m talking about Amelia not answering her question. That’s obviously not what happened u fool. Her response in real time didn’t make the final edit. Stupid.

    • @mando3061
      @mando3061 Year ago

      @@getslikedahhhbroo1851 Stupid... You aint kiddin', amigo.

  • @alifaakthar3583
    @alifaakthar3583 Year ago +296

    I can’t deal with this girl turning up in this outfit in a chicken shop. Iconic. 🤣🤣🐆

    • @breakfastattiffanys741
      @breakfastattiffanys741 6 months ago

      You've obviously never been to a chicken/kebab/pizza shop at 3am...... outfits vary from cheap skank, costume party to posh wasted chicks wearing dior 😂

  • @jasminkhangura3832
    @jasminkhangura3832 Year ago +96

    My only complaint is that these Chicken Shop date videos are too short. At least 10-15 minutes are needed!

  • @Obibopbop
    @Obibopbop Year ago +127

    I feel like shania was so kind and personable I almost wanted it to be a normal interview haha

  • @AgentMaayan
    @AgentMaayan Year ago +24

    "If I have to fancy Harry Styles, I might" is the perfect way of putting it really

  • @meep3709
    @meep3709 Year ago +349

    Shania’s backstory is really sweet, if you don’t know it. She literally came from nothing.

    • @oliviabirch1025
      @oliviabirch1025 Year ago +17

      She's incredible she fought her entire life

    • @alexgregg1058
      @alexgregg1058 Year ago +32

      And then the story gets really really good and then it gets out rageously messed up. For those who don't know her and girst her husband had a couple that were best friends with. It turned out and her husband was sleeping with his wife for a long time. She ended up being so traumatized by the situation that she could not sing physically for years. Then I guess she was really sad and had to talk to someone who went through the same thing and decided to reach out too Her friend that was once the husband of the othee cheater. He was also in a horrible emotional place and I guess they became friends again and helped each other heal. I'm not sure but I believe they may have gotten married after years of just being for there for each other as friends and as kind of sort of therapists for each other.

    • @tturner609
      @tturner609 Year ago +40

      And her ex husband cheated on her with her best friend and married the woman 🤢 but Shania got the last word by marrying that woman’s ex husband 😂 he’s way better looking, too!

    • @117mel
      @117mel Year ago +2

      @@alexgregg1058 omg that's almost exactly what happens in the film in the mood for love 😭

    • @burlhorse61
      @burlhorse61 Year ago +2

      @@tturner609 wasn't the ex was the one who made her hit the bigtime?

  • @renosance8941
    @renosance8941 Year ago +37

    Amelia wearing the 'That Don't Impress Me Much' outfit was a thoughtful touch. 👌🏽

  • @MedicJen
    @MedicJen 9 months ago +20

    This is basically five minutes of Shania Twain being the best sport imaginable.

  • @aniamags
    @aniamags Year ago +98

    obsessed with Shania just joining in and singing her songs

  • @GermaineNimundel
    @GermaineNimundel Year ago +46

    I was not expecting this at all. All thought she was going to be annoyed by Amelia, but she's just as chaotic 🤣

  • @angiietineocardenas
    @angiietineocardenas Year ago +230

    OH MY GOD this is the kind of interviews I live for!!! Shania paired the same energy, what a phenomenal way Amelia!

  • @Apocalypz
    @Apocalypz Year ago +25

    Never in my life have I watched Shania Twain, but I appreciate her chaos 100% at this moment.

  • @J97736
    @J97736 Year ago +90

    LOVE Shania. Her new album is so good!

  • @TheAlkebulanTrust
    @TheAlkebulanTrust Year ago +23

    Never in a million years did we expect this to happen. Glad to see Shania Twain back

  • @xDotje
    @xDotje Year ago +45

    They give off some best friend energy ⚡️✨ I love it!

  • @RedHeadThriller10
    @RedHeadThriller10 Year ago +18

    I would never expected Shania on here but here we are! This is such a cool channel and I love your humor its so adorable! I can't with you!

  • @missk2052
    @missk2052 Year ago +53

    I loved this, she’s such an icon. Why wasn’t this an hour long??? ❤

  • @nikkis7375
    @nikkis7375 Year ago +65

    I grew up screaming Shania Twain in the truck with my grandpa 😂hearing him sing MAN, I feel like a woman with me and my two brothers. Priceless memories lol we drove to florida from Michigan for like 2 days and listened to only Shania with my parents when I was a kid lol those are my two memories when I see her 😂❤

  • @matthewhampshire1088
    @matthewhampshire1088 Year ago +21

    Had a crush on her since I was 11 and here I am still crushing on her at 32. God damn Shania you're a WORLDY

  • @Frussian40
    @Frussian40 Year ago +352

    Shania won the genetic lottery. Pure talent and the looks of a supermodel 🤩.

    • @lehnrik
      @lehnrik Year ago +33

      Well there seems to be a healthy dose of make up and surgery going on there too.

    • @michelleb3698
      @michelleb3698 Year ago +11

      @@moomoocowsly I couldn’t agree more. Shania was a naturally attractive women. But the work on her face is obvious and not remotely natural looking, or particularly attractive, in my view. There’s nothing wrong with aging, but these women don’t celebrate it, despite claiming to.

    • @TheHajinator
      @TheHajinator Year ago +1


    • @Frussian40
      @Frussian40 Year ago +3

      @@moomoocowsly watch the videos -that don’t impress me much or -I feel like a woman. I’m obviously talking about when she was at the height of her career. She’s older now and has had work done ofc 🙄. I’m guessing you don’t know her music. Why would I be baiting ?🤦‍♀️

    • @kay-collins
      @kay-collins Year ago +7

      @@michelleb3698 her surgery compared to MANY others in Hollywood doesn’t look bad at all

  • @inayahcee3131
    @inayahcee3131 Year ago +35

    Shania is so cool, and thrived in this interview there is no argument this is everything she is everything

  • @alicialouiseawesome

    Omg I love Shania!! Can’t stop listening to her new album. And of course love you Amelia. What a dream collab. Watching with my leopard print and cowgirl hat on xxx

  • @beautyunboxed530
    @beautyunboxed530 Year ago +25

    OMG, I love Shania, such an icon!!!

  • @mrsshierify
    @mrsshierify Year ago +13

    Shania's French Canadian accent has cured my seasonal depression.

  • @Reesie.
    @Reesie. Year ago +3

    I was too invested in this episode.. I needed it to be longer.. I never knew I needed this.

  • @EurovisionSongContest
    @EurovisionSongContest Year ago +216

    We love fries too, Shania 🍟

  • @alyssahomen3753
    @alyssahomen3753 4 months ago +4

    This is probably the funniest chicken shop date. Shania was a great guest she understood the assignment

  • @quietrainydays
    @quietrainydays Year ago +23

    Those felt like the fastest 5 minutes, that’s how fun she is

  • @negasek454
    @negasek454 Year ago +135

    This chicken shop date feels different to the other ones

    • @sneekz07
      @sneekz07 Year ago +71

      She's too legendary to get the usual treatment.

    • @Ohnooooohnoooonnono
      @Ohnooooohnoooonnono Year ago +18

      It’s cos it’s someone else this time

    • @Juniperus_Godegara
      @Juniperus_Godegara Year ago +37

      Amelia is on a date with an established world superstar not some UK newbie rapper...

    • @MP_3122
      @MP_3122 Year ago +15

      I feel like they’re not actually in the same room for some reason. The conversation has a very odd pace to it. And they’re never in the same camera shot

    • @landlubber541
      @landlubber541 Year ago +7

      @@MP_3122 Untrue: 3:03

  • @chrisjyoub
    @chrisjyoub Year ago +9

    This changed my whole day. Thank you

  • @martinabucci6493
    @martinabucci6493 Year ago +4

    shes so gorgeous and such an icon! loveee

  • @AnotherAnonymousMan

    Chicken shop dates is the the gift that keeps on giving!

  • @Aphrobam
    @Aphrobam Year ago +13

    I had no idea Shania Twain was so wild and wholesome

  • @hargoniyamaki5168
    @hargoniyamaki5168 Year ago +8

    Shania reminds me how great it feels to be Canadian. We love you Shania. We always will.

  • @dsoules4749
    @dsoules4749 Year ago +24

    This needed to be an hour long I swear HAHAHA

  • @alyxfiddler
    @alyxfiddler Year ago +4

    Love her ❤️❤️ seeing her at her Canada show in may!!! Floor tickets 🥹❤️

  • @dwarkanathsinha
    @dwarkanathsinha Year ago +8

    Somehow this feels like your best Chicken Shop Date! Really enjoyed it and literally laughed at several points.

  • @griffin6817
    @griffin6817 Year ago +13

    1:49 he absolutely owns the awkward shot like no other

  • @_Tennille
    @_Tennille Year ago

    I didn’t think I needed this link up but I did because this was great. Love Shania ♥️

  • @ptproc
    @ptproc Year ago +6

    This was lovely. I adore shania ❤

  • @theplaylister
    @theplaylister Year ago +17

    Wasn't expecting Shania to speak impeccable french at the end

    • @tess6358
      @tess6358 Year ago

      She's been living in Switzerland for almost 30 years

    • @loriweitzel
      @loriweitzel Year ago +5

      She grew up in Timmins, Northern Canada...french speaking community.

    • @user-ed7et3pb4o
      @user-ed7et3pb4o Year ago

      @@loriweitzel I had no clue she was Canadian, I love that

    • @oliviabirch1025
      @oliviabirch1025 Year ago

      She was born in Windsor ontario and grew up in Timmins

  • @nicholewerner7964
    @nicholewerner7964 Year ago +11

    I sooo want to be the third wheel on this chicken shop date! LOVE IT!!!!!

  • @nellyville8132
    @nellyville8132 Year ago +2

    omg gagged!!everyday it's someone bigger...sooo proud of u babe❤

  • @LukeHarwood2913
    @LukeHarwood2913 Year ago +3

    This is how all interviews should be!!

  • @realeques
    @realeques Year ago +7

    i think from Shania's attitude you can tell she knows her worth but she's also a little bit silly ... i like that.

  • @Ms10outta10
    @Ms10outta10 Year ago +3

    Love this!!!!

  • @vxvant
    @vxvant Year ago

    This series is sooo great

  • @joellegraham3403

    Thank you so much for sharing this video I love Shania Twain she is amazing.

  • @a120068020
    @a120068020 Year ago +10

    Wow! This is a next level date. Is there anyone who doesn't want to be on Amelia's CSD?

  • @Gmez759
    @Gmez759 Year ago +13

    Shania Twain in chicken cottage is HILARIOUS

  • @mlancashire3667
    @mlancashire3667 Year ago

    We need more of this date!

  • @scotthenkle7482
    @scotthenkle7482 Year ago

    These are all so brilliant

  • @Golden90960
    @Golden90960 Year ago +8

    These two need to be in a movie together 🤣

  • @berryboo5390
    @berryboo5390 Year ago +13

    Shania is just gorgeous and down to earth just love ❤️

  • @hazelconchata7681
    @hazelconchata7681 Year ago +1

    Loved this. Shania is absolutely gorgeous🥺 you look stunning in that fit Amelia❤

  • @masterd8279
    @masterd8279 Year ago

    This was an amazing experience to watch....love them both!

  • @senecachica7
    @senecachica7 Year ago +3

    SHANIA!! I recently watched the Vice video of the story behind her song "Man, I Feel Like A Woman" and it was fascinating. She is a FORCE who deserves all the wonderful things.

  • @kasimhussain1435
    @kasimhussain1435 Year ago +6

    I don’t use this word lightly like most but this is genuinely ✨iconic✨

  • @DevoteddreamerD
    @DevoteddreamerD Year ago

    Loved this!!!

  • @lucys7311
    @lucys7311 Year ago +2

    Loved this! Curious why the set up never has them both in the frame together at the same time, lighting for the queens perhaps?

  • @jody024
    @jody024 Year ago +3

    I respect Shania for comitting to singing again. Her voice is not as capable as it used to be and she owns it by not hiding it.

  • @postmoderntrash1850

    The energy here is insane. It felt like such a long video lmao

  • @peacemaker-cx6dn
    @peacemaker-cx6dn Year ago +2

    I LOVE Shania!!!! This was awesome!

  • @mutintasatchmo5099
    @mutintasatchmo5099 Year ago +2

    🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ the energy.

  • @whambamwhoshotsam6844

    this is the most iconic one yet

  • @luckycherry4
    @luckycherry4 Year ago +3

    Yay I clicked thinking wait isn't she veggie?! So happy she still is. 😍✨️

  • @magicknight13
    @magicknight13 Year ago

    This is soooo awesome!!!

  • @akimyoung8507
    @akimyoung8507 Year ago +1

    Omg i freaking love Shania Twain. I’d never actually seen her before this. She’s sooo cool🥹😎

  • @raynemichelle2996
    @raynemichelle2996 Year ago +7

    Fabulous CanCon. Shania is a national treasure and an icon.

  • @victoriaung8969
    @victoriaung8969 Year ago +27

    LOL Amelia’s face when Shania said she can juggle

  • @AndySaenz924
    @AndySaenz924 5 months ago +2

    Amelia’s wearing a leopard print velvet trench coat like in Shania’s That Don’t Impress Me Much! music video! She has to be a hardcore, diehard Shania fan! I went to one of her Queen of Me concerts on May 21 in Denver, and it was amazing! It was the BEST concert I’ve ever been to!

  • @fionma_downie
    @fionma_downie Year ago +1

    This is so lovely

  • @sabret00the
    @sabret00the Year ago +7

    This was so random and unexpected. Well done Shania!

  • @Angie-zk4ei
    @Angie-zk4ei Year ago +5

    I scream laughed at the nugget throw 😂. Their chemistry is great!

  • @Joanna_Goes
    @Joanna_Goes Year ago +1

    Ok, I need to see the whole outfit! 😍

  • @princesscris4301
    @princesscris4301 Year ago +1


  • @hahatoldyouso
    @hahatoldyouso Year ago +18

    I think it's time we got Harry on a chicken shop date!

    • @eclectica1
      @eclectica1 Year ago

      Drake first

    • @student40008
      @student40008 10 months ago +2

      @@eclectica1 Drake sleeps with kids, harry is crossdressor, sorry guys not 2 be mean sorry

  • @butternutson
    @butternutson Year ago +6

    i want shania twain to play the mom in a lighthearted comedy /rom-com movie, but i don't want her to be given a script. i just want to hear what she has to say. i hope that makes sense.

  • @stoneylrobertson
    @stoneylrobertson 5 months ago

    This was the funniest, most amazing thing I've seen today!

  • @YouAchieveMe
    @YouAchieveMe Year ago +1

    i cant believe youve got SHANIA TWAIN on chicken shop dates im cryinggggggg that do impressa me much

  • @kassidyrose9138
    @kassidyrose9138 Year ago +5

    The fact that they talked about Harry styles and Harry just followed Amelia on instagram… I would lose my mind.

  • @mitchmulder2488
    @mitchmulder2488 Year ago +4

    This impresses me much

  • @deanbarnette1602
    @deanbarnette1602 5 months ago

    I loved this!! ❤

  • @leahadams560
    @leahadams560 Year ago

    Amazing, love it ❤

  • @angus_ismyname3424
    @angus_ismyname3424 Year ago +36

    Shania was the reason I knew I was bisexual as a kid. I had a major crush on her and I didn’t understand why I felt that way- now I do!

  • @whorebag0003
    @whorebag0003 Year ago +4

    Who knew how much we absolutely needed this

  • @lacicrowell9988
    @lacicrowell9988 Year ago +4

    this was actually really funny i love amelia LOL

  • @Megzerz96
    @Megzerz96 Year ago

    This was everything I needed and more.

  • @Elizalustof
    @Elizalustof Year ago +1

    I can really see Amelia presenting at like award shows on stage. I really really hope she has the best success and luck. Genuinely love her whole vibe
    ♥️🙏🏼 Xx

    • @meldais1
      @meldais1 7 months ago