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  • Published on May 25, 2024
  • Amelia travelled to Glasgow to meet Lewis Capaldi for a date at The Blue Lagoon
    Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Co-Written by Ania Magliano
    Executive Producers: Liv West and Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Producer: Diara Vassalo Ndiaye
    Cam A: Jonathan Moore
    Cam B: Tayo Yusuff
    Sound Op: Callum Bentley
    Editor: Joe Bolger
    Conform: Matt Easy
    Colourist: Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio
    Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce
    Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
    Social Media: Jade Whiteley & Ashleigh Kybert
    Photographer: Ashraf Nsubuga
    Styling: Chloe Griffin
    Hair: Sophie Macdonald
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Comments • 1.9K

  • @Cismithhh
    @Cismithhh Year ago +9890

    Most times, she leaves them speechless. This time he made her speechless. The energy was matched

    • @myacct8304
      @myacct8304 Year ago +141

      I would dare say it was surpassed. Lewis came prepared. He knew exactly what he was doing lmao

  • @fleur-irenee
    @fleur-irenee Year ago +2208

    3:48 “what life can you imagine with me” “definitely separated” 😭😭😭😭😭

    • @inspectanickk
      @inspectanickk 10 months ago +4

      I think he said sacred. Not sure though.

    • @fleur-irenee
      @fleur-irenee 10 months ago +3

      @@inspectanickkmaybe! his accent is thick!

    • @IBZGaming
      @IBZGaming 9 months ago +49

      ​@inspectanickk how in the world did you hear sacred it doesn't even sound remotely like he said that💀

    • @rachhrachh1
      @rachhrachh1 2 months ago +5

      No it was definitely “separated”, I’m Scottish

    • @yomamasohot6411
      @yomamasohot6411 2 months ago +1

      ​@@rachhrachh1I'm Indian, and I heard separated. His accent isn't that thick.

  • @ElizaH753
    @ElizaH753 11 months ago +1005

    their platonic chemistry is so good that it seems almost like she broke character. They act like old friends.

  • @megan_1
    @megan_1 Year ago +6354

    Amelia: That was poetic. Are you a songwriter?
    Lewis: I am. Grammy nominated.
    Amelia: But you didn't win.
    Lewis: I did not
    LMAO 😂

  • @pro_kate5756
    @pro_kate5756 Year ago +25633

    Lewis is probably the perfect person to be on this show he was made for it

    • @lewis72
      @lewis72 Year ago +214


    • @MrJol420
      @MrJol420 Year ago +21

      Hes literally white. It's a show about black rappers eating chicken with a fit white girl..

    • @MrJol420
      @MrJol420 Year ago +11

      You're so wrong bruv. 😂

    • @menswear-rp1yf
      @menswear-rp1yf Year ago +186

      @@MrJol420 who gave you that idea

    • @marcusrushton3862
      @marcusrushton3862 Year ago

      @@MrJol420 😂😂😂😂😂 shut up you nugget

  • @kwiatowycytryn9248
    @kwiatowycytryn9248 Year ago +9934

    Lewis was an impeccable choice to be in Chicken Shop Date. THE VIBES MATCHED

  • @P374Wilma
    @P374Wilma Year ago +3283

    Lewis capaldi is hilarious and such a breath of fresh air in these days. So sick of pompous conceited artists who are so up their own arses. His talent speaks for itself but the fact he is so comfortable just being himself puts him in a whole other league

  • @lovesingstory
    @lovesingstory Year ago +543

    lewis is so unpredictable he’s the only one who can make her break character lmaoo

  • @Missjunebugfreak
    @Missjunebugfreak Year ago +7302

    Lewis is one of those people that's insanely likable without even trying. He matches Amelia's deadpan humor brilliantly it's so fun to watch.

  • @aroralover
    @aroralover Year ago +9535

    I needed this to be at least 20 minutes longer 😭

  • @mychannel8809
    @mychannel8809 Year ago +231

    “I am currently experiencing cramps”
    I actually love how real he is 😂

  • @Niojoki
    @Niojoki Year ago +408

    That was probably the most relaxed conversation on this whole show, loved every second

  • @chanbaekforever13
    @chanbaekforever13 Year ago +3612

    This should be one of the best, funny, genuine, and chaotic episode of chicken shop date. Amelia found her soulmate.

    • @philosophy_bot4171
      @philosophy_bot4171 Year ago +3

      Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "He who has a Why to live can bear almost any How"
      ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

    • @andreanieto9903
      @andreanieto9903 Year ago

      @@philosophy_bot4171 That's not Nietzsche, that's from Viktor Frankl

  • @chanbaekforever13
    @chanbaekforever13 Year ago +4039

    I love their energy. They have the same vibes. I hope Lewis could also guess on Amelia's cooking show. That will be chaotic and fun for sure.

  • @YouTube
    @YouTube Year ago +3745

    this date is everything i wanted and more

  • @fookinavocado
    @fookinavocado Year ago +228

    both of them calling matty healy a narcissist was *chefs kiss*. he's such an insufferable turd
    also, lewis is hysterical and his chemistry with amelia is fantastic. could watch them banter all day!

  • @MERKthatDUCK
    @MERKthatDUCK Year ago +5330

    a language barrier within the same language haha, this episode is chaotic but equally sweet. one of the best channels on youtube!

    • @philosophy_bot4171
      @philosophy_bot4171 Year ago +5

      Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "Art is never finished, only abandoned"
      ~ Leonardo da Vinci

    • @joshhill5002
      @joshhill5002 Year ago +3

      It's not the same language 🤣🤣

    • @TheSomeChanter
      @TheSomeChanter Year ago +5

      @@joshhill5002what you rattling on about?

    • @joshhill5002
      @joshhill5002 Year ago

      @@TheSomeChanter someone said language barrier with the sane language fuckin read it

    • @ResponsibleCitizen001
      @ResponsibleCitizen001 Year ago +2

      @@joshhill5002You are a wee jobby mate

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  Year ago +6995

    Hello everyone! I was so so excited to travel to Glasgow for a date with Lewis in because I really thought we would be a great match and....I WAS CORRECT. I also really enjoyed my first deep fried mars bar but i think I'll stick to the chicken nuggets for now...too messy.

    • @adamjpb4344
      @adamjpb4344 Year ago +41

      One of the best 🙏❤️

    • @tycase9441
      @tycase9441 Year ago +10

      I love you Amelia! Your show is incredible! Keep being you

    • @oscarlovesbella
      @oscarlovesbella Year ago +16

      Just so you know we don’t all eat fried Mars bars in Scotland! I’ve never had one In my life

    • @SirSpence
      @SirSpence Year ago +57

      Next guest is ishowspeed, confirmed!

    • @janieh64
      @janieh64 Year ago +6

      Lady & the tramp ( in a nice way 😂 )

  • @VanderWoodson
    @VanderWoodson 10 months ago +139

    This was PROPER hilarious. Give these two a show. I’ll binge.

  • @misspiggyirl
    @misspiggyirl Year ago +125

    The way she flips the vibe when she accuses him of thinking she’s not pretty… Amelia is a genius 😂

  • @myasalley7998
    @myasalley7998 Year ago +949

    Lewis: “I have a love hate relationship with love…”
    Amelia: “how edgy”😂😂😭😭😭

    • @Jm649
      @Jm649 Year ago +9

      What do you think you'd want to be better at?
      Navigating the trials and tribulations of life..
      Oh god🙄🙄 ..Sent me 🤣

    • @myasalley7998
      @myasalley7998 Year ago +5

      @@Jm649 right he was perfect for this! when he said “ hahah you can call me L😁” makes me laugh everytime too he never fails 😂😂

  • @ThiccKimmyGibbler
    @ThiccKimmyGibbler Year ago +1450

    Amelia's hair is outstanding! SLAY
    Lewis was made for this

    • @mitza420
      @mitza420 Year ago +43

      that jacket the hair everything she looks slay everytime, shes a real style icon! ✨

  • @stevenkellingham6215
    @stevenkellingham6215 10 months ago +39

    I love how the cutaways to the staff of these businesses always last just a second too long

  • @larahorhor5470
    @larahorhor5470 Year ago +90

    Are we not gonna talk about the improvements in production starting with her amazing OUTFIT

  • @taylorm771
    @taylorm771 Year ago +2284

    "What life are you imagining when you look at me?"
    "ehhmm... it's definitely separated."
    It's too good. Their dynamic is too good.💀

    • @ghanaianodette402
      @ghanaianodette402 Year ago +16

      Screaming! 😂😂😂😂

    • @allthingsdaphine7936
      @allthingsdaphine7936 Year ago +4


    • @Persiphon
      @Persiphon Year ago


    • @jaywalker.
      @jaywalker. Year ago +1

      I choose to believe he fired that off instantly the way it looked on my screen.

    • @MrFFHN
      @MrFFHN 10 months ago

      When he said that I had to pause the video and collect myself, that cracked me up

  • @elizadubose1145
    @elizadubose1145 Year ago +572

    This is the most relaxed and genuine Amelia has ever been on a date

  • @beaulorandos957
    @beaulorandos957 Year ago +164

    This is the best one by far. You two are like an old married couple drinking tea. So comforting to watch. Cheers.

  • @RageKroc888
    @RageKroc888 Year ago +67

    This guy is a full grown hobbit and I love it. Mans got Meri's stature and Pippin's humor, what a national treasure!

  • @awksusannehun
    @awksusannehun Year ago +1671

    They're on the same wavelength so much that this feels like a very normal conversation. Like, it doesn't even feel awkward?! 😂❤🙌🏻😍

  • @keshalia21
    @keshalia21 Year ago +789

    Amelia and Lewis are the definition of “match my energy” 🤝

  • @douglasransom4138
    @douglasransom4138 5 months ago +17

    Just a reminder, this is the same man that made us absolutely bawl our eyes out with "Wish You The Best".

  • @Claudia_Chenaux
    @Claudia_Chenaux 11 months ago +91

    Best chemistry ever of any Chicken Shop date! Banter couldn’t be better scripted if any writers even tried. This is gold. I’ve watched it 15 times and it honestly gets funnier each time! I’d love to see the full unedited version. Thanks Amelia and Lewis you rock ❤

  • @christopherrock3270
    @christopherrock3270 Year ago +1026

    I love it when Amelia is matched with a kind soul. I get sad when she's linked with the "super cool" arrogant types. You can see they're both in their own lil personality zone and that makes me happy.

  • @Norkaisa1
    @Norkaisa1 Year ago +768

    Amelia, I think you have finally found your soulmate 😂

    • @philosophy_bot4171
      @philosophy_bot4171 Year ago +2

      Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "The pendulum of the mind alternates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong"
      ~ Carl Jung

  • @Aida-bs1nu
    @Aida-bs1nu 8 months ago +10

    she looks SO pretty here omggg this is such a look!!!!

  • @faeiii9004
    @faeiii9004 Year ago +45

    He's so down to earth, its so nice to see some one with such charisma in this weird media music sphere!

  • @myphone9831
    @myphone9831 Year ago +466


    • @vertigoEdits
      @vertigoEdits Year ago +4

      @@moomoocowsly wym what happened

    • @florenceelkan1490
      @florenceelkan1490 Year ago

      Ikr lol

    • @serenasneddon
      @serenasneddon Year ago +1

      ​@@vertigoEditst swift

    • @oohmyjooy
      @oohmyjooy Year ago +16

      ​@The LORD Well, they do know him personally and you don't. So I guess he must be a good person.

    • @Bekka_boo13
      @Bekka_boo13 Year ago

      @@vertigoEdits he’s a racist, misogynistic POS…he’s a bad person basically

  • @Robert-sherman
    @Robert-sherman Year ago +308

    Two people speaking different languages having the best conversation together 😂

  • @nigeldancy
    @nigeldancy 10 months ago +22

    3:50 that moment ....separated ....this was absolutely the most perfect date ....you guys need to revisit this lol

  • @jamesstephen7307
    @jamesstephen7307 Year ago +95

    This was fantastic! Lewis is such an amazing guy. Proud to be scottish🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • @NixieRen
    @NixieRen Year ago +409

    He’s literally the most chill guy. Love his sense of humour 🥰

  • @Lukerogers0121
    @Lukerogers0121 Year ago +181

    I’m convinced Lewis came for the food & Irn Bru, but stayed for the vibes.

  • @jordanavery4279
    @jordanavery4279 Year ago +9

    I am pleading with you to make these longer but this is one of my favorite interviews so far ugh love u both

  • @blubei
    @blubei Year ago +37

    Perfect. I love they're both so comfortable with themselves and each other. This flowed effortlessly ❤

  • @britischenadligen3760

    "My heart is cracked, not broken" 😂 this is how I'm gonna explain my relationship status from now on 😂❤

  • @jasminemarsh1992
    @jasminemarsh1992 Year ago +275

    This was definitely not as long as it should have been. I want an hour long episode of you both together. ❤

    • @Strawberry-zb9mz
      @Strawberry-zb9mz 11 months ago

      Agreed i've been waiting for this pairing for like 2 years lmao i need this longer!

  • @michelesegrove1600
    @michelesegrove1600 Year ago +13

    This one was so good! They bounced back and forth so well

  • @LudicrousPlatypus
    @LudicrousPlatypus 4 months ago +3

    I like how this is the Blue Lagoon right next to Glasgow Central station. The furthest Amelia dare venture into Glasgow is like 20 metres from the train.

  • @stellale_8221
    @stellale_8221 Year ago +347

    this was somehow so wholesome!!! we need longer episodes Amelia!!! and a part 2 with lewis 🥰

  • @_oviya_
    @_oviya_ Year ago +150

    The energy in this is simply chaotically sweet 🧁✨

  • @jackydooley6053
    @jackydooley6053 Year ago +1

    I would love to see this entire video shoot uncut unedited! Brilliant!

  • @aaronkirchner5584
    @aaronkirchner5584 Year ago +5

    4:36 "Oh thats ho' inni' " Truly beautiful.

  • @sihle7873
    @sihle7873 Year ago +67

    Amelia looks stunning, the outfit, the hair, the makeup..Perfect! Loved this chicken shop episode

    • @ericascharf8711
      @ericascharf8711 Year ago

      she’s had a great glow up

    • @britischenadligen3760
      @britischenadligen3760 7 months ago +2

      ​@@ericascharf8711tbh she was always pretty and cute but I feel like now she's got her own makeup artists probably and her outfits have gotten more fabulous, so Yeah ❤

  • @paulachoi2375
    @paulachoi2375 Year ago +24

    The more-than-usual-sass from Amelia this ep.. I'm living

    • @ashton1860
      @ashton1860 Year ago +6

      Lewis is so chill and shameless, she had her work cut out for her trying to make things awkward

  • @nicolletteprecious

    I wish these were longer!!

  • @rebeccam2553
    @rebeccam2553 4 months ago

    I wish this was longer!!

  • @dcdddaap
    @dcdddaap Year ago +108

    I love how sweet and respectful you both were to each other while still giving (gross-eww) bro sis vibes!!!

  • @charlalar14
    @charlalar14 Year ago +56

    Lewis is the perfect person to hang out with, down to earth, funny and chilled. What a cool guy.

  • @aandm7772
    @aandm7772 Year ago +70

    the chemistry between them two is unmatched. i think they either need to be best friends or lovers. i have no idea who he was but he felt like a natural. also amelia is looking so so so so so stunning wow the hair, the outfit, the glam is glammin

    • @joep4224
      @joep4224 11 months ago +1

      Look him up, an incredible singer/songwriter. You'll probably recognise some of his songs.

  • @TrashyTurtles
    @TrashyTurtles Year ago +1

    I just wish these episodes were longer!!!

  • @katiie7
    @katiie7 Year ago +46

    Have him back please! An interactive date like mini golfing bowling etc Loll

  • @kiwiberryyy
    @kiwiberryyy Year ago +17


  • @ar5984
    @ar5984 Year ago +10

    Lewis is such a precious soul I love him so much , there’s something so comforting about both of u guys’s energies 🥺u go perfectly together 💅🏽😩💖

  • @thebabsalmighty
    @thebabsalmighty Year ago +9

    These two in Blue Lagoon is a MOOOOOOOOOOOOD. 12/10 I need this to be about 2 hours long. Thanks v much.

  • @jennalauren4713
    @jennalauren4713 Year ago +49

    this needed to be an hour long i love them sm

  • @georgeholliday3808
    @georgeholliday3808 Year ago +57

    Lewis is such a hero 😂 and glad Amelia learnt how to count to three in Glaswegian 😂

  • @monicaaaaah
    @monicaaaaah Year ago +1

    need it to be longer!!

  • @francescamedici1706

    absolutley amazing! wish it had been longer!! :(

  • @haroldvicta3778
    @haroldvicta3778 Year ago +42

    Lewis too much for Amelia.
    She wants to talk about romantic stuff, he wants to talk about his bowel movements, a true King.

  • @steveniven2252
    @steveniven2252 Year ago +76

    This is just perfection. Amelia nailed the scottish accent while eating a deep fried mars bar 😂😂

  • @jackydooley6053
    @jackydooley6053 Year ago +3

    Favourite Lewis ever! He was taken aback by her which surprised me, I love how she interviews him in a condescending and sarcastic way! 😂

  • @whisperedmessage4409
    @whisperedmessage4409 11 months ago

    I love the B roll shots

  • @Jublines
    @Jublines Year ago +40

    ugh I love this, just wish there was a longer uncut/unedited version of this bc this was just fun to watch lmfao.

  • @Paul-sl9zm
    @Paul-sl9zm Year ago +163

    Lewis Capaldi is amazing!!!
    Love from Ireland 🇮🇪

  • @michellep5387
    @michellep5387 6 months ago

    Everything I've seen him on, he's so genuine!

  • @karinadent4210
    @karinadent4210 Year ago +1

    No waaaaay!! Blue Lagoon! Iconic for decades, one of my fav haunts
    This was a cool episode Amelia and Lewis ty!!

  • @asian6oy
    @asian6oy Year ago +99


  • @gravy1219
    @gravy1219 Year ago +44

    These 2 together is bloody brilliant

  • @anaf9001
    @anaf9001 Year ago +3

    amelia just enjoyed the day. Not even tried to go with the bit. This was wonderful

  • @mochalove123
    @mochalove123 Year ago +1

    one of the best ones yet!

  • @me-zb7qm
    @me-zb7qm Year ago +29

    The way she asked the guy who wrote "Someone You Loved" if he was a romantic😂

  • @river8226
    @river8226 Year ago +56

    The date we all needed🥰

  • @rachelst-germain7896
    @rachelst-germain7896 11 months ago +1

    Lewis is such an easy going lad. I love this type of personnality

  • @Youutterwasteof
    @Youutterwasteof Year ago

    Love her outfit / look!!

  • @MissFelice
    @MissFelice Year ago +106

    I would be very happy to watch an hour of this, they match each other’s energy and humor in the best way. Perhaps an Amelia and Lewis spin-off show??

  • @sarab4241
    @sarab4241 Year ago +30

    I'm embarrassed by the number of times I've watched this. I'm obsessed with both of them.

  • @heath6327
    @heath6327 Year ago

    Nice work on the episode

  • @minahilali835
    @minahilali835 Year ago +6

    I never knew how much I needed to see these people interact. I only wish there was more.

  • @aysha-simonebrown2170

    'definitely separated' LOOOOOL Lewis is witty

  • @randomguyonyoutube9870

    this is such an amazing duo. i feel like they have really great siblings energy hahahaha the love-hate relationship and their personalities just perfectly match. love this!

  • @miltalbot7401
    @miltalbot7401 Year ago

    Thank heavens for subtitles! Quality content

  • @__delroc
    @__delroc Year ago +8

    He's so attractive. I've never seen someone so confident and charming but at the same time so likable, genuine and chaotic 😂 literally if you ever come across someone like that how can you not feel the need to spend your life with them?❤

  • @shamveelahammed8131
    @shamveelahammed8131 Year ago +42

    The behind the scenes of this episode would be amazing.

  • @DarkenRoss
    @DarkenRoss Year ago +295

    Lewis has to be the weirdest character I've ever seen on this date 😂😂
    I literally followed his actions from the guzzling the can of water and then burping like a grizzly bear. He looks like a happy grizzly though. 😂

  • @kadelu1137
    @kadelu1137 10 months ago +8

    Lewis is so sweet and i loved this interview.
    Also so grateful for the accurate subtitles!!! Thank you to whoever decided they're needed, love the inclusivity. ❤

  • @chrislynfernandes
    @chrislynfernandes Year ago +2

    Yesssss ma'am!!! These interviews stay top notch 👌🏼

  • @kyabukapiji9759
    @kyabukapiji9759 Year ago +23

    This should have been longer 😭 I could watch Lewis content all day.

  • @Eviebishop
    @Eviebishop Year ago +38

    The sheer amount of times I’ve had dreams about dating Lewis Capaldi is extortionate. This has helped me live my dreams

  • @zoe-mv6ji
    @zoe-mv6ji 4 months ago +1

    This has to be the best episode and I’ve watched quite a few. He’s actually hilarious and Amelia seems so comfortable

  • @frankie1539
    @frankie1539 Year ago