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  • Published on Oct 13, 2022
  • Amelia meets Matty Healy, lead vocalist in The 1975, in a chicken shop for a date.
    Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Executive Producer: Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Co-Written by Ania Magliano
    Producer: Georgie Goadsby
    Cam A: Jack Ayers
    Cam B: Tayo Yusef
    Sound Op: Louis Ottmann
    Editor: Rob McGuire
    Conform: Lewis Ashley
    Colourist: Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio
    Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce
    Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
    Social Media: Jade Whiteley and Joel Bjarni
  • EntertainmentEntertainment

Comments • 5K

  • @incubrian
    @incubrian Year ago +3475

    this was so british it actually colonized my phone.

    • @LuloDM7
      @LuloDM7 3 months ago +45

      This comment is so good, I don’t get why it doesn’t have more likes 😂😂

    • @DuskAndHerEmbrace13
      @DuskAndHerEmbrace13 3 months ago +4

      @@LuloDM7 Because that exact same joke has already been told verbatim many, many times before.

    • @cyndolltia7713
      @cyndolltia7713 2 months ago +2


    • @shonadavies9951
      @shonadavies9951 2 months ago +1


    • @yomamasohot6411
      @yomamasohot6411 2 months ago +3

      ​​@@DuskAndHerEmbrace13and still as funny.

  • @_all_around_us
    @_all_around_us Year ago +4664

    "what's ur least attractive trait?"
    "Probably my personality"

  • @taylaleonardis6951
    @taylaleonardis6951 10 months ago +4652

    Amelia was so real for telling him not to do a podcast lmao

    • @Cammerlot
      @Cammerlot 10 months ago +53

      I choked when I heard it

    • @cheesecakelasagna
      @cheesecakelasagna 5 months ago +19

      Sadly, it's too late. Already costed us a potential iconic 1989 feature. 😅

    • @janetb3063
      @janetb3063 4 months ago +35

      You are correct and it sucks. I love TS but she needed to defend his reputation just as she values her own. She let her rabid fanbase swallow him hole. He may be awkward and provocative , but he is in no way shape or form a freakin racist. He's funny and a brilliant writer. She shoulda stood by him proudly, even as a friend. That collab is/was prob phenomenal. Rant over. : ) @@cheesecakelasagna

    • @rosemarydoffas5129
      @rosemarydoffas5129 Month ago +3

      @@janetb3063 you still feel this way after the album LMAOOOOO

    • @janetb3063
      @janetb3063 Month ago +3

      why wouldn't I? LMAOOOOOO?

  • @lucyholmes4001
    @lucyholmes4001 Month ago +2621

    Who's here after processing TTPD and trying to figure out what the **** it is about this man that inspired Halsey and Taylor to write MASTERPIECES of songs about him?

    • @hmmm5200
      @hmmm5200 Month ago +117

      Me, it’s me.

    • @Bixdreamy
      @Bixdreamy Month ago +72

      So confused 😅

    • @Will-vb6pv
      @Will-vb6pv Month ago +213

      I ONLY clicked on this video to see if I could see anything interesting about this guy lol 😂

    • @Will-vb6pv
      @Will-vb6pv Month ago +70

      Actually , now I see this after hearing all the songs everything came full circle and I can understand now why Taylor's like fuck this guy lol

    • @candaceleonard9303
      @candaceleonard9303 Month ago +2


  • @ester201
    @ester201 Year ago +11855

    matty healy is the kind of guy who gives the bare minimum then says they want to go on another date with you

    • @lilybet3099
      @lilybet3099 Year ago +330

      be careful he posted a tweet like this on his story the other day😭😭

    • @Anzy.99
      @Anzy.99 Year ago +694

      true. as a fan, I say this with so much love, but he's a complete narcissist. I figure he would be a very annoying person to have around since he would probably think he's the only one that matters in there room. Great artist tho

    • @Toribell1928
      @Toribell1928 Year ago +157

      The way this man is every tinder date🫢

    • @spongebobsjellyfish
      @spongebobsjellyfish Year ago +91

      And yet that is super hot. And I would probably do whatever he says. 😅

    • @shipbare
      @shipbare Year ago +34

      @@Anzy.99 hence the Aries joke.

  • @violetslit
    @violetslit Year ago +8952

    "why don't you buy me some iron supplements" amelia has such a way with words. her flirting skills are truly unmatched

  • @FalakA
    @FalakA 2 months ago +672

    amelia refusing the kiss added 10 years to my lifespan

  • @lomalinke5042
    @lomalinke5042 5 months ago +1401

    Wow, I think he's the first one to completely match her energy. This is like watching a movie where two lovers meet but both are secret agents tasked with killing the other one, but friendly. I loved this.

    • @saurabh_IITD
      @saurabh_IITD Month ago +16

      She is the best in acting like an awkward one, and he is genuinely awkward

    • @marniekilbourne608
      @marniekilbourne608 Month ago

      YUNGBLUD did it far better!

    • @k3yd478733fyhew362hy
      @k3yd478733fyhew362hy 27 days ago +5

      Yeah normally the bit is she hits on the guys in a way that makes them uncomfortable. But he's not cooperating and tries to turn it back on her, here. Wonder if that annoyed her! Still entertaining to watch.

  • @SC-ps4ti
    @SC-ps4ti Year ago +12155

    His quiet “oh god” after she mentioned him being an Aries was EVERYTHING

  • @moseshrangbung6958
    @moseshrangbung6958 Year ago +5278

    It's like two meta sarcastic AIs trying to simulate a date and I'm here for it

  • @jesbair-hill
    @jesbair-hill Month ago +379

    Literally perfect dry sarcastic banter. To ppl saying he’s insufferable - he’s matching her energy and humor to a tee. This is some of the best flirting I’ve ever seen i love when ppl can pick up on another persons’ style of humor and go toe to toe with them after only knowing them a few mins. Thats the definition of chemistry lol

    • @timarahmcintosh3592
      @timarahmcintosh3592 Month ago +19

      Watching this I totally get TTPD.
      Like I would’ve died for a guy like this in highschool.
      The “he’s my twin lyric” makes a lot of sense to me knowing this

    • @bonnieplattner3094
      @bonnieplattner3094 22 days ago +2

      This is so British

    • @bonnieplattner3094
      @bonnieplattner3094 22 days ago +3

      You know they are both fire signs - twin flames

    • @thehousespouse
      @thehousespouse 20 days ago +4

      That’s what he does. He matches the energy of anyone he talks to.

    • @xxShadowOfTheWolfxx
      @xxShadowOfTheWolfxx 18 days ago +2

      amelia also mentioned he was her favorite guest at this point

  • @laurens.7510
    @laurens.7510 7 months ago +830

    A year later and still slaps. My absolute favorite date hands down. Chemistry is off the charts

  • @mariamusilli2771
    @mariamusilli2771 Year ago +15604

    Matty trying to understand what this actually is and then calling it “high art” killed me

    • @amanda9043
      @amanda9043 Year ago +10

      Same!!! 😂

    • @SarahbearJayne
      @SarahbearJayne Year ago +38

      He is all of us 😂😂😂

    • @jeezyjeez47
      @jeezyjeez47 Year ago +59

      dating Amelia is art

    • @mcelsyke
      @mcelsyke Year ago

      Low art

    • @superjay42
      @superjay42 Year ago +142

      Lmao right?? He goes through some genuine realizations during this, he's met his match and then some. I love how he's suddenly aware that he's basically a fly in Amelia's spiderweb.

  • @ktdrawsometimes
    @ktdrawsometimes Year ago +36107

    i think amelia has finally found someone who matches her humour effortlessly

  • @xxShadowOfTheWolfxx
    @xxShadowOfTheWolfxx 18 days ago +40

    One of Dimoldenberg’s favourite dates was a fairly recent one. Matty Healy, The 1975 frontman and chronic smoocher, was uniquely game to push the date further than most guests are willing. Even after being playfully mocked by Dimoldenberg’s interrogative questions, he propositions her with a request no one has made before, an “earnest kiss”. One can imagine this is the kind of romantic moment Chicken Shop Date was made for, but Dimoldenberg settles for a peck on the forehead. “If the cameras weren’t on, I definitely would’ve kissed him,” she says. “It just wasn’t right, I think it would’ve been so weird.”
    “I actually told him afterwards, ‘You probably don't know this, but I was falling out of love with the format,’” she recalls. Chicken Shop Date in its various iterations has been going on for close to a decade now, and even the most exhilarating of shows can start to feel tired at some stage. "I’m not bored, but I just needed to have some energy put back into it. I needed to feel energised by it. And then that episode happened and the energy was so different. It just made me fall back in love with the series,” she clarifies. “I said that to him and he was like, ‘I need a cigarette,’ and he just walked off.”
    - Amelia about the date for anyone interested

  • @sandorkocso1798
    @sandorkocso1798 29 days ago +155

    taylor is crazy and now i kinda get it. but the shift from joe to this to travis is the craziest thing

  • @issdanni866
    @issdanni866 Year ago +4838

    There was so much chemistry that Amelia broke character several times

  • @LifewithBethandCourt
    @LifewithBethandCourt Year ago +2613

    "I was born in 1989, and I'm still young and relevant." Literally what I say to myself every day 💀

    • @DJTomOke
      @DJTomOke Year ago +13

      Try being born in 1980. Nightmare

    • @r.j.9873
      @r.j.9873 Year ago +1


    • @iammilorex
      @iammilorex Year ago +1

      Okay, but do you have a TikTok though? 😂

    • @LifewithBethandCourt
      @LifewithBethandCourt Year ago +1

      @@iammilorex YEP! 😂 @lifewithbethandcourt enjoy the chaos 💀

  • @Brotspinnchen
    @Brotspinnchen 10 months ago +639

    I rewatched this a uncomfortable amount of times. They are both brilliant.

  • @susannahu91
    @susannahu91 26 days ago +22

    I love Matty, his humor and sarcasm is brilliant and the chemistry with Amelia is one of the most funnier and entertaining things I’ve seen in years!

  • @tameruz8203
    @tameruz8203 Year ago +9173

    matty asking amelia if she actually went out with aitch is so funny, that man is chronically online just like the rest of us dkjfhskdjfh

    • @jackiejuarez7595
      @jackiejuarez7595 Year ago +43

      loved it😂

    • @lordgemini2376
      @lordgemini2376 Year ago +141

      Think both him and Aitch are from Manchester too so probably know each other

    • @zeemaybee
      @zeemaybee Year ago +138

      I've only watched like 3 chicken shop dates and they all mention Aitch. Is this a common theme? LOL

    • @amazinggrace1467
      @amazinggrace1467 Year ago +39

      @@lordgemini2376 aitch is way younger plus Manchester is huge so I doubt it

    • @joshuacrompton5949
      @joshuacrompton5949 Year ago +22

      Breaking news: Man goes on internet

  • @ge0rgeinit
    @ge0rgeinit Year ago +9089

    matt’s disdain when amelia spoke about star signs took me OUT 😂

  • @Pastelgarbage
    @Pastelgarbage 23 days ago +19

    “You’re an Aries”
    Visible disgust “oh god”

  • @barbaragaarciiia
    @barbaragaarciiia 13 days ago +11

    I always end up coming back to this interview

  • @leemorejacqueline
    @leemorejacqueline Year ago +8502

    OH MY GOD this was amazing ... amelia didn’t know how to deal with the intimacy AND stonewalled him at the same time. “so you’re an aries” was a gold moment. amelia, you’re a gold moment.

  • @xZotiC454
    @xZotiC454 Year ago +8953

    The forehead kiss really put him in that friend zone and I’m dying 😂😂😂😂😂 she’s so Iconic 😂

    • @bobthebuilderday6leader
      @bobthebuilderday6leader Year ago +40

      My queen, my everything.

    • @LittleRedMoon16
      @LittleRedMoon16 Year ago +90

      She’s a professional

    • @ayjohnnyboy1995
      @ayjohnnyboy1995 Year ago +44

      I'm pretty sure she just didn't want to kiss a man on camera for her current or future boyfriends to see lol.

    • @thiccrat
      @thiccrat Year ago +18

      how many current boyfriends ya think she has? i feel it must be like 3. shes too much for one person

  • @KelseyBoyanzhu
    @KelseyBoyanzhu 26 days ago +18

    "I didn't think I'd be your type."
    "Well, you're here."

  • @HywelM
    @HywelM Month ago +132

    The Tortured Poets Department was for this queen and this queen only

  • @pantasticduda5371
    @pantasticduda5371 Year ago +3223

    amelia is so much stronger than me for not accepting to kiss him, she got that man giggling and twirling his hair

  • @wintermelonboba9903
    @wintermelonboba9903 Year ago +3183

    "why dont you buy me some iron supplements?"
    "or some gloves"
    i cant with these two 😭

  • @emmam.2784
    @emmam.2784 6 months ago +62

    “What’s your worst trait?”
    Matty: “my personality” 😂🤣😂

  • @oliviasicherman7834
    @oliviasicherman7834 7 months ago +106

    his disappointment at carrying a moleskin around with him SENT me

  • @clarissaflores7327
    @clarissaflores7327 Year ago +14004

    Amelia denying the kiss, then looking around awkwardly gives the same energy as Jack Harlow saying "love ya" and Emma Chamberlain laughing as he walked away.

    • @lilypond5158
      @lilypond5158 Year ago +65

      Didn't she say love you too thsn laughed

    • @ithilgreenleaf8184
      @ithilgreenleaf8184 Year ago +168

      @@lilypond5158 I think what happened was that she said "I love you" back as a knee-jerk reaction, and then seconds later her brain registered what had just happened, so she awkwardly laughed

    • @Waseemmmm
      @Waseemmmm Year ago +3

      Ithil Greenleaf Patella tendon reflex

    • @when_life_gives_you_limes
      @when_life_gives_you_limes Year ago +47

      @@ithilgreenleaf8184 yeah. It was kinda like you buy a ticket to see a movie, then the cashier tells you "Enjoy your movie!" & you say "Thanks. You too." back.

    • @donttalktomebye
      @donttalktomebye Year ago +44

      i literally felt her soul leave her body as he kept pressuring

  • @shesjenny
    @shesjenny Year ago +6272

    Him practically begging for a kiss 🫠 “I can reach” had me floored LIKE 🥵

    • @tonimargarettegrey2661
      @tonimargarettegrey2661 Year ago +104


    • @hushdolll5112
      @hushdolll5112 Year ago +28


    • @fredstolperman2785
      @fredstolperman2785 Year ago +4

      Yeah... girls, don't forget: It's also predatory behaviour if you find the man attractive ;) Don't complain to us if something happens to you, if you are really that easy to trick

    • @LemonSte
      @LemonSte Year ago +18

      @@fredstolperman2785 wtf are you on about fred

    • @Sarah-m17
      @Sarah-m17 Year ago +11

      @@fredstolperman2785”don’t complain to us” ok who asked, bet ur also the type to blame the girl for what she’s wearing, no matter what it’s never an invitation if it isn’t wanted

  • @80sluva92
    @80sluva92 25 days ago +15

    Intellectual humor is the best kind..

  • @ancamaria382
    @ancamaria382 29 days ago +18

    The tattooed Golden Retriever

  • @tinygothbabe
    @tinygothbabe Year ago +15161

    her saying she has low iron and matty just replying with "that's a turn off" had me laughing for twenty minutes I swear

    • @abbyolivia
      @abbyolivia Year ago +84

      That’s the best parttfndndnsjsbahahahaha

    • @vanessaperez7818
      @vanessaperez7818 Year ago +33

      Lol that was my favorite part too!

    • @joshuabrunfire4227
      @joshuabrunfire4227 Year ago +18

      The best😂😂

    • @B.A.Pilgrim
      @B.A.Pilgrim Year ago +6

      Bit sad if that made you laugh for 20 miss. by the way, you don't need to spell 20 out in letters

    • @kaylol934
      @kaylol934 Year ago +182

      @@B.A.Pilgrim who pissed in your coffee

  • @aabracadavra
    @aabracadavra Year ago +20955

    I've never felt more mortal than after seeing Amelia refuse that kiss. She's a God.

  • @cheshirecatswiftie
    @cheshirecatswiftie Month ago +203

    Who’s here AFTER TTPD? 😂

    • @kkchig
      @kkchig 27 days ago +5

      lmaooo im trying to understand what taylor saw in him

    • @gustavoaroeira7329
      @gustavoaroeira7329 27 days ago +6

      I can't believe guilt as sin is about this thing

  • @MillyZp_
    @MillyZp_ 27 days ago +19

    I've watched this interview an unhealthy amount of times. 🤣

    • @sarsol19
      @sarsol19 26 days ago +3

      Same! Not even a fan of Matty but this interview is funny. "Or some gloves!" LOL

    • @stickgirl.
      @stickgirl. 21 day ago

      Same. Love it.

  • @magurlpansyparkinson5221

    Matty Healy is one of those people where you genuinely can't tell if they're being sarcastic or not

    • @RoninWaffle
      @RoninWaffle 8 months ago +66

      So, the English?

    • @oxiary
      @oxiary 5 months ago +9

      i fucking hate it lmaoo
      but damn the band makes bops !!

  • @anakom003
    @anakom003 Year ago +11512

    the humorous chemistry between these two is amazing

    • @khalilahd.
      @khalilahd. Year ago +133

      I lost it when she kissed his forehead 😭 definitely getting that second date

    • @anakom003
      @anakom003 Year ago +127

      @@khalilahd. genuinely laughed so hard. lots of moments where I couldn’t tell if real flirting or satire was happening and I loved every second lmao

  • @soccerlife8912
    @soccerlife8912 6 months ago +611

    Sorry but not really- it’s HYSTERICAL to me that there are people using this as one of the reasons to hate Matty. This is some of the breeziest, silly satire I’ve seen and I love it.

    • @janetb3063
      @janetb3063 4 months ago +19

      People LOVE to get their knickers in a twist - gives them something to look forward to.

    • @Absabob
      @Absabob 3 months ago +19

      I mean the racism and misogynoir and misogyny amongst other things are reasons

    • @okcoolros4121
      @okcoolros4121 2 months ago +6

      @@awesomecutieusername you're not supposed to ask for proof in this scenario because its not like you're going to get it

    • @samanthaswade7053
      @samanthaswade7053 9 days ago +1

      Jesus thank you, lol. People are just dumb and make a fuss for nothing. He's in on the joke people.

  • @dlgirl62
    @dlgirl62 27 days ago +12

    This interview actually made me laugh 😂 the answers they gave to each other. They actually make a good couple, NGL. Their personalities match perfectly

  • @khalilahd.
    @khalilahd. Year ago +3699

    He matched her energy perfectly. If she doesn’t get the date with Drake I’m rooting for him 😮‍💨

  • @wintermelonboba9903
    @wintermelonboba9903 Year ago +2969

    matty moving closer to amelia for a kiss killed me omg 😭😭😭😭😭

  • @brgtmcrdl
    @brgtmcrdl 28 days ago +13

    "you tweeted about doing a podcast, i was just gonna say, like, please don't" I'M CRYING

  • @shensilong5726
    @shensilong5726 Month ago +28

    "Low iron?" "Thats a turnoff" 🤣🤣🤣

  • @althejazzman
    @althejazzman Year ago +8390

    I love it when they almost break character.

  • @Sofiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


  • @MK98ification
    @MK98ification Year ago +28

    1:47 that smile is the turning point for him, completely different energy after that and he's locked into her after she drops 1 flirty line 🥺🥺🥺 suddenly hes asking about Aitch and twirling his hair omg this date is so cuuuuute

  • @lalaruetangelino2016
    @lalaruetangelino2016 10 days ago +6

    Still my favorite of all and hits the best. Also, still funny all this time later. M. H. is 'next level.' He is only matched by Amelia (a true talent because she makes those opposite her the best they can be on camera).

  • @martincalise23
    @martincalise23 Year ago +6790

    Amelia asking for iron supplements is the kind of sexual energy I have to emulate in my own personal life

  • @AvaxPompea
    @AvaxPompea Year ago +7689

    Hear me out… I know nothing about the 1975 or Matty Healy… but this is by far the greatest, most chaotic episode of chicken shop date I’ve ever watched and I live for it

    • @isychia4947
      @isychia4947 Year ago +21

      I almost agree, but for some reason I keep going back to joy crookes date lol

    • @geomanko4142
      @geomanko4142 Year ago +26

      @@isychia4947 well this is still new. you’ll come back to it because he’s a… genius.

    • @Digzitify
      @Digzitify Year ago +34

      you gotta get in to The 1975 right now. I am kinda new myself, but it is good vibes

    • @pinkpeace
      @pinkpeace Year ago +9

      You gotta get into their very first album era!!

    • @lemouther4179
      @lemouther4179 Year ago

      been watching it everyday since it came out

  • @cara.leo_
    @cara.leo_ 6 months ago +214

    Low key Matt’s nonchalant personality is doing something for me

  • @Heavy_Hitta_Sucka
    @Heavy_Hitta_Sucka 8 months ago +133

    If that quiet "oh god" from Matty after she mentions astrology needs to be a meme if it isn't already.

  • @marykatekenney
    @marykatekenney Year ago +2362

    this is one of the best yet, her awkward humor mixed w his directness makes for hilarious chemistry

  • @bre7603
    @bre7603 Year ago +24238

    matty trying to kiss amelia is going to destroy the internet

    • @garyman420
      @garyman420 Year ago +243

      Probably won't though, will it?

    • @olga-tk8wz
      @olga-tk8wz Year ago +105

      Im crashed, like JB once said: that could be me (i wish)

    • @NipponStiqqyPaint
      @NipponStiqqyPaint Year ago +357

      That was almost too much br’ish sexual tension.
      And then the ciggie came out I felt more relaxed.

    • @yennefer440
      @yennefer440 Year ago +77

      It had me screaming 😂

    • @superweeniehutjnrs
      @superweeniehutjnrs Year ago +56

      i nearly died

  • @veronikatube
    @veronikatube Year ago +236

    Me visiting this video to see a glimpse of what Taylor and his dates would be like

  • @johnster02
    @johnster02 Year ago +40

    3:28 “this is quite meta, this is kinda high art.”
    this video is high art

  • @paque1442
    @paque1442 Year ago +12591

    I....never wanted this to end.

    • @SarahbearJayne
      @SarahbearJayne Year ago +90

      It’s incredible how much replay value her content has. I’m obsessed with her dry humor.

    • @LeadwithKindess
      @LeadwithKindess Year ago +33

      They need that second date for sure 😅😊

    • @allatnniya
      @allatnniya Year ago +4


    • @deanomcevoy
      @deanomcevoy Year ago

      You gotta nut eventually it’s only human

    • @burlhorse61
      @burlhorse61 Year ago +2

      i find him awkward

  • @emilycashin8033
    @emilycashin8033 Year ago +4842

    When she backed him into a corner and he had to admit that he has always considered himself a genius absolutely sent me. The look on his face 😂 They had so much fun.

  • @y.m.7300
    @y.m.7300 10 months ago +173

    This really is one of the best episodes. I come back to watch it from time to time and it makes me laugh EVERY time. I wonder why it hasn't more views

  • @manana6646
    @manana6646 21 day ago +9

    "or some gloves" 🤣 This one has to be the best date! Actually no, the one with Paul Mescal is the best because he's this cutest thing but this one is a close second! And of course, Keke Palmer, a close third. There, best trio!

  • @emliah
    @emliah Year ago +5354

    I never wanted this to end

    • @nicolerambla
      @nicolerambla Year ago +8

      SAME OMG

    • @sieurchan
      @sieurchan Year ago


    • @aimonpolidano
      @aimonpolidano Year ago +4

      My god same here! Worst thing I've seen today by far... this was so bad and so awkward. I sat here thinking and saying what am I watching here?

    • @thriller008
      @thriller008 Year ago +34

      @@aimonpolidano read the original comment again

    • @tae7x
      @tae7x Year ago +7

      @@thriller008 😭

  • @misssygorgeous0244
    @misssygorgeous0244 Year ago +6452

    Amelia contemplating if she should risk it all and kiss him 😂😂😂 I love this episode

  • @CarlySharec86
    @CarlySharec86 29 days ago +158

    How can people look at this and think this isn't the Jehovah's Witness suit?

  • @jademeads7405
    @jademeads7405 4 months ago +79

    WE NEED A SECOND DATE WITH MATTY!! I can’t keep rewatching this it’s becoming unhealthy 😂😂

  • @suzannaelizabeth6576
    @suzannaelizabeth6576 Year ago +3974

    Matty's dedication to the bit tryna play Amelia at her own game... is so fun to watch!!!

  • @aykay4878
    @aykay4878 Year ago +3819

    “Listen, you’re gorgeous but I’m going on tour for a very long time”. THAT is a taste of real life 😂. This show was just made for someone like him - a guy you should never date in real life but as a shameless, piquing flirt, he’s a great time. And Amelia’s just the girl to call him out on everything - the suit, the moleskin, the genius - all of it.

    • @notsappology2574
      @notsappology2574 Year ago +161

      I mean he's also kind of leaning into a character for the bit, so let's not make this an actual character analysis lol ... Like the genius bit is obviously a joke etc ...

    • @ilove_cha1
      @ilove_cha1 Year ago +10


    • @GobanShodan
      @GobanShodan Year ago +44

      @@notsappology2574 I've never watched this channel and I can't tell if everyone in the comments is just playing along with the joke or if they genuinely think this is real. Still hilarious

    • @jnnae
      @jnnae Year ago +27

      @@notsappology2574 he’s been pretty much like this in every interview I’ve ever seen of him. It’s not THAT much of a bit.
      At least when he starts off saying he felt like school got in the way of his “visionary genius” that was earnest. He only started playing it up after she called him out

    • @gabbi_fnacct0172
      @gabbi_fnacct0172 Year ago +12

      you're so right tho on the "a guy you should never date in real life" lol

  • @yamony.4060
    @yamony.4060 8 months ago +64

    This is the best chicken shop episode in history lol. Period.

  • @crazyqueenslay
    @crazyqueenslay 11 months ago +46

    i love how matty really get deep trying to understand the concept of the show

  • @annasaint9962
    @annasaint9962 Year ago +1765

    The will power she has to not kiss him is insane. I could never

    • @thecoldscoop
      @thecoldscoop Year ago +28

      What was that? Come on girl give in

    • @dleung4623
      @dleung4623 Year ago +198

      You can tell she was REALLY contemplating whether or not to do it

    • @kythefairy2029
      @kythefairy2029 Year ago +18

      literally sat here thinking how i would’ve seized that opportunity so quick

    • @camden787
      @camden787 Year ago +2


  • @Xgn123
    @Xgn123 Year ago +2555

    Amelia this is so incredible pls never stop bringing hot funeral men on here

    • @golden.333
      @golden.333 Year ago +14

      Second this.

    • @islandzki.inaczej
      @islandzki.inaczej Year ago +21

      !!!!!! You just named my type T_T

    • @truthseeker5447
      @truthseeker5447 Year ago +19

      Girls think this guy is hot? Take the whole musician thing out of it. You see this bloke walking the street. You wouldnt look twice lmao

    • @Xgn123
      @Xgn123 Year ago +88

      @@truthseeker5447 oh I definitely would , I live for a scrawny boy who looks like he’s never seen the sun x

    • @MissPinkBabeClo
      @MissPinkBabeClo Year ago +10

      @@truthseeker5447 ew, wrong

  • @thethrowawaythatstayed7055

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  • @user-ue5fy1sy6b
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    7:23 - Taylor, I get it

  • @speakinginbodies
    @speakinginbodies Year ago +9030

    amelia denying a kiss and matty calling it “pathetic” explains him perfectly

    • @mcelsyke
      @mcelsyke Year ago

      She deserves to be called pathetic tbf

    • @realitysven
      @realitysven Year ago +2

      He's butt ugly And also a bit of a creep but fill your boots lol

    • @user-kw6bh2tk5s
      @user-kw6bh2tk5s Year ago +45

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    • @aimegarcia3979
      @aimegarcia3979 Year ago +186

      @@autumnsmart664 he checks IDs now before doing his kissing bit, so I guess he improved 😅

  • @matt00794
    @matt00794 Year ago +1911

    I love how he just processes the whole concept of the show real time and flips it on it's head, and she plays with it so well.

    • @Smoove_J
      @Smoove_J 5 months ago +12

      The processing/flipping ratio is so tight. Just really exemplary.

  • @aliciacarreno5233
    @aliciacarreno5233 7 months ago +10

    “Im still young and relevant” ugh! That one hit close to home 🥹

  • @caseyshaw99
    @caseyshaw99 18 days ago +15

    Okay I see what Taylor saw.

  • @junenye
    @junenye Year ago +593

    "I just have low iron"
    "well that's a turnoff"😂😂

  • @livieegee
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    The way Matty committed to the bit was everything 😂😂😂

    • @user-ih3rz1cx6r
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      i have a feeling that this is just matty being matty😭

    • @sierravera1051
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      @@user-ih3rz1cx6r yeah lol he thinks it’s for real

  • @Whyamiherel0l
    @Whyamiherel0l Year ago +19

    When his kiss was being denied I felt like I was in Amelia’s mind going through the Pros and Cons of my next action and what to do. GOOD MOVE W THE FOREHEAD KISS

  • @gensha5657
    @gensha5657 11 months ago +23

    This woman is fucking hilarious! I stumbled onto this by accident but was genuinely impressed by her tone and wit.

  • @zoe4481
    @zoe4481 Year ago +901

    Matty saying he can reach in far enough to kiss, is not something I expected to hear but now I have, it will forever be in my memories 🙂

  • @lilycooke5671
    @lilycooke5671 Year ago +1059

    'it's like nardwuar' huge compliment and very true to amelias talent

  • @moli0verdr1ve
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    4:29 amelia telling him to not do a podcast has never been so relevant

  • @jerlong4422
    @jerlong4422 11 months ago +18

    Great chemistry, so much fun! Matty's reaction to 'what's your star sign' cracks me up everytime.... Love you both ❤

  • @leilajaafari8436
    @leilajaafari8436 Year ago +1832

    “I was born in 1989. I’m still young and relevant.” 😂 honesty is the best policy Matty.

  • @nofbformeno8414
    @nofbformeno8414 Year ago +4891

    There's NO WAY that none of the guests have fallen for her, even if a bit. Even if this is generally staged, her half-acting half-real conversations are charming her guests. It's not the other way around! She is so attractive. She is pretty but it's her personality, her demeanour, her CHARM that truly make her beautiful.

    • @sofiaguerrero0969
      @sofiaguerrero0969 Year ago +306

      Yep she’s witty and hard to get! A charmer that’s not easily swayed by the cute boys. She’s a 10/10

    • @debsaye3360
      @debsaye3360 Year ago +157

      Yea when I first saw Amelia I didn’t really particularly say she is beautiful to ME. But watching her talk and her personality makes her attractive

    • @oscarcirilo3562
      @oscarcirilo3562 Year ago +45

      Exactly my thoughts, if I were a guest I'd definitely crush on her.

    • @jswjanjan
      @jswjanjan Year ago +4


    • @mcelsyke
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      Her cringey fake charm

  • @alyssseil
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  • @Whyamiherel0l
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  • @malloriebiron5918
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  • @wiktoriaweintritt
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  • @xnicolex44
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    I screamed as soon as I saw who the guest was. This is hysterical, I had to pause bc I was laughing so hard at his reaction to the Aries question and saying he was born in 1975 😂 I’ve never seen anyone actually make him laugh, now I need a second date PRONTO

    • @roman7357
      @roman7357 Year ago

      Dont reply to this message they are swindlers we are trying to track them

  • @_katieee
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  • @Therapistmind
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    I’m 54 y/o grew up with Fleetwood Mac/Eagles and I love the 1975 huge Matty Healy fan for someone my age so very talented!