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3 Interior Designers Transform The Same Empty Garage | Space Savers | Architectural Digest

  • Published on May 28, 2024
  • We gave interior designers Joy Moyler, Darren Jett, and Noz Nozawa a photo of the same empty garage-then asked each of them to transform the space into a luxurious guest house, however they pleased with no restrictions. Three artists, one canvas, each bringing something different to the space. Which luxury guest house has you packing your overnight bags?
    00:00 Meet the Designers
    01:05 The Plan
    02:02 Flooring
    03:51 Walls
    05:43 Ceiling
    07:04 Garage Door
    09:20 Furniture & Layout
    14:25 Lighting
    17:16 Decor
    19:06 Final Thoughts
    20:05 Designer Roundtable
    Renders by Duke Renders
    We Serve Busy Interior Designers With 100% Accurate Photo-Realistic 3D Renderings Of Their Creative Designs. We make you and your clients proud, confident and empowered at every step of the design process. Visit www.dukerenders.com/start
    Portfolio Pictures by:
    Lauren Andersen www.sencreativeco.com/
    Seth Caplan seth-caplan.com/
    Verasson Creative www.verasson.com/
    Christian Harder www.christianharderphoto.com/
    Ori Harpaz oriharpaz.com/
    Christopher Stark www.christopherstark.com/
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Comments • 399

  • @zeddyreacts
    @zeddyreacts 3 months ago +2111

    i love darren, he really has an amazing ability to take anything homely and turn it into something resembling a brothel

    • @danao308
      @danao308 3 months ago +124

      He really is chaos, personified.

    • @JonniD
      @JonniD 3 months ago +49

      It's a skill. 😅😅

    • @weiwen
      @weiwen 3 months ago +9


    • @grrrrrrlful
      @grrrrrrlful 3 months ago

      more like BDSM donjon

    • @carloscastro1476
      @carloscastro1476 3 months ago +57

      lmaooo not where i was expecting the end of this sentence to go - but so fitting hahah! A very stylish one at that!

  • @Sam-rp8lo
    @Sam-rp8lo 3 months ago +1290

    when Noz said her design style is sometimes minimalist i spit out my drink!

    • @cicelyinamerica
      @cicelyinamerica 3 months ago +46

      she always doing too much smh

    • @LUNNGII
      @LUNNGII 3 months ago +20

      I came here just for this comment!

    • @Sam-rp8lo
      @Sam-rp8lo 3 months ago +87

      @@cicelyinamerica to be clear I love Noz on these! Shes not for everyone but she’s true to her own taste which makes her exciting. I always like seeing what she does even if it’s kind of batshit (compliment), I think she’s successful at what she aims to do.
      I just was laughing at the idea that she’s minimalist in any way!!!

    • @LordGertz
      @LordGertz 3 months ago +27

      Keyword "sometimes." Usually maximalist.

    • @ohnana95
      @ohnana95 3 months ago +15

      she's literally being sarcastic cause she's been on the show so many times and people know her style by now.

  • @Mazdayxxxspb
    @Mazdayxxxspb 3 months ago +1251

    someone has watched «50 shades of Grey» too much 😂

  • @luffyskywalker7549
    @luffyskywalker7549 3 months ago +1031

    "A gym" 😉😉 *surrrreeeee*

    • @BetterMe981
      @BetterMe981 3 months ago +36

      Yup, a “gem” alright… with “leather bedding” 😂😂😂

    • @David.124
      @David.124 3 months ago +10

      With one bench sitting in the middle of the room

    • @kage122
      @kage122 3 months ago +11

      i quite enjoy a red lit gym with leather furniture 🫢

    • @BrunoKalix
      @BrunoKalix 3 months ago +6

      Darren’s is basically a SM playroom! And who could enjoy the red glass?! No one could get any sleep under Noz’s glass ceiling. I feel Joy cheated the assignment creating a garage underneath. They are all a fail to me. 👎

  • @kelconway5792
    @kelconway5792 3 months ago +610

    Joy's design is AMAZING! She is the only one who literally transformed the space into a room that no longer looks like a garage.

    • @jonathanrross
      @jonathanrross 2 months ago +11

      But she missed the point about it being a garage. The underground parking was an unrealistic move

    • @creiglamb6036
      @creiglamb6036 Month ago +1

      ya I didn't understand how the underground parking works. she made a grandma-chic bachelor apartment.

    • @lauraketteridge324
      @lauraketteridge324 Month ago +7

      @@jonathanrross She didn't miss the point. The brief was to change the garage into a guest room. There was nothing about retaining the ability to use it as a garage.
      "We gave interior designers Joy Moyler, Darren Jett, and Noz Nozawa a photo of the same empty garage-then asked each of them to transform the space into a luxurious guest house, however they pleased with no restrictions. "

  • @SaltyThinker
    @SaltyThinker 3 months ago +507

    when darren added the cactus lmfaooo, putting the M in BDSM

    • @roselynmvm
      @roselynmvm 3 months ago +19

      Lol 😂
      That poor cactus would not even last a month in that space with that kind of hue surrounding it. It is literally for torturing purposes and then monthly replaced by a new one 😂😂

    • @MrSmith-ik4bx
      @MrSmith-ik4bx 3 months ago +3

      any dark room needs a cactus, no?

    • @thegooddinggleberry
      @thegooddinggleberry 3 months ago +2

      I've never seen fight club.... 😏

  • @sumedhalongani5124
    @sumedhalongani5124 3 months ago +220

    We've finally reached the day when Noz presented the most coherent, usable & inviting places of the episode. So proud 🥺

    • @Raerz1
      @Raerz1 3 months ago

      ikr 🤣

    • @juliaostlund9360
      @juliaostlund9360 3 months ago +23

      Her spaces have always been coherent to creative people with a spark.

    • @sumedhalongani5124
      @sumedhalongani5124 3 months ago +11

      @@juliaostlund9360 Nah, most creative people with a spark saw how most of her earlier places were her putting random pretty stuff she liked in a room with little rhyme. This time she was whole vibe doing SO MUCH in a small garage while making sense of it all in the very creative Industrial-Japanese context ❤️

    • @juliaostlund9360
      @juliaostlund9360 3 months ago +5

      Idk... I saw it. And it's a shame that people were making normie comments

    • @fredsalfa
      @fredsalfa 3 months ago +3

      Maybe she’s been listening to everyone’s feedback 😆

  • @mistorflea4783
    @mistorflea4783 3 months ago +373

    Joy knowing what’s up with Darren’s room

  • @dirkster42
    @dirkster42 3 months ago +451

    Noz restrained by Zen is absolute perfection.

    • @julied9473
      @julied9473 3 months ago +11

      I was going to that effect but you put it so well!! The Bonsai indoor/outdoor is such a profound touch!

  • @charfree6888
    @charfree6888 3 months ago +262

    First time that I don't lean in to Darren's design much. Joy's energy this video is new and refreshing. Noz is always so interesting and I may not choose her designs all the time but I always look forward to what her creative mind can come up with. ❤

  • @aissanougba1966
    @aissanougba1966 3 months ago +548


    • @katella
      @katella 3 months ago +14

      The idea of Tina Turner living in a garage is unacceptable to my brain. Also why would anyone with a Bugatti be doing that?

    • @iaminsfiredbytrustfration8502
      @iaminsfiredbytrustfration8502 3 months ago


    • @annettekleynhans6127
      @annettekleynhans6127 Month ago +1

      I know grandma is still shaking it……. But being a shaking grandma myself …….those chairs really does not inviting. Those chairs will be for visitors 😂

  • @BillyHuynh94
    @BillyHuynh94 3 months ago +167

    I wanna live a simple life in a quiet Japanese city with Noz's design, own a beachy vacation property in Malibu with Joy's design, and have a wild weekend at Folsom in San Francisco with Darren's design

  • @anastasiagibbs6189
    @anastasiagibbs6189 3 months ago +71

    19:42 the idea of my inlaws staying in Darren's space so I can show them who I am... 😅

  • @valarya
    @valarya 3 months ago +280

    Joy's spaces are the only ones I would actually want to BE in - she just gets human class and comfort. 😎🥰

  • @spoileddolllife8057
    @spoileddolllife8057 3 months ago +203

    Darren's idea, looks like "Christian Grey's" humble beginnings!! Pre millionaire

    • @EH23831
      @EH23831 3 months ago +12

      Nobody except Mr Grey would want to be in that space - hideous 😖

    • @spoileddolllife8057
      @spoileddolllife8057 3 months ago

      @@EH23831 😂🤣

  • @rlph_12
    @rlph_12 3 months ago +224

    they are my favorite designers, so glad they decided to put them all together in one video

    • @gidiess7880
      @gidiess7880 3 months ago +2

      Mine too! I've been waiting for this panel 🎉

  • @RiverSightPortugal
    @RiverSightPortugal 3 months ago +18

    That bed is hilarious😂 kudos to him for keeping a straight face

  • @inebyine
    @inebyine 2 months ago +7

    Love how Darren keeps finding new and creative ways to represent his seventies-eighties bachelor pad aesthetics. I always look forward to his designs.

  • @elenayee3093
    @elenayee3093 3 months ago +111

    I typically don't care for Noz's style; however, I'm liking hers the most.

  • @MissFotini
    @MissFotini 3 months ago +57

    They're all so gorgeous, but Noz is the only one who bothered to put any plumbing in their design, so she wins by default. I also love her commitment to restraint here.

  • @urmompele
    @urmompele 3 months ago +53

    i'm actually quite surprised by Noz's design here,, it seems cozy and and warm love!

  • @tecatokeez
    @tecatokeez 3 months ago +150

    Darren never seizes to amaze me with his creativity.

  • @hibiscusboy
    @hibiscusboy 3 months ago +42

    These comments are HILARIOUS! Keep 'em coming y'all! The dynamic trio has done it AGAIN. Love the detailed considerations and where each designer put emphasis on the need & use of this space. Quite different conceptually & in execution. Bravi!

  • @alyshalight9762
    @alyshalight9762 3 months ago +64

    Love this series! I hit "play" so fast every time a new one pops up 🙂

  • @steveo6960
    @steveo6960 3 months ago +100

    Love Noz's design

  • @thegooddinggleberry
    @thegooddinggleberry 3 months ago +24

    I hate Darren's floors but he made a Mojo dojo Casa house and I love this adventurous spirit, not many designer consider men using a living space.

  • @BetterMe981
    @BetterMe981 3 months ago +25

    The dude’s design looks like a torture chamber in an early James Bond flick.

  • @stephaniemaloney4324
    @stephaniemaloney4324 3 months ago +54

    This is the look into Darren's mind that I never ever needed.

  • @karmaoutlaw
    @karmaoutlaw 3 months ago +69

    Most guests will resent having to traipse through the back yard in the middle of the night with a flashlight to get to the main house to tinkle, especially grandma.

    • @catabyte
      @catabyte 3 months ago +8

      Yeah that was my thought too - are they expected to use chamberpots??

    • @svetlanak1043
      @svetlanak1043 3 months ago +5

      Seriously. I would rather sleep on a couch in a living room

    • @meratka
      @meratka 3 months ago +19

      In my country, garage is usually attached to the main house and you can also enter the house through garage.

  • @aura3337
    @aura3337 3 months ago +128

    Joy's by far is the BEST design!!!

    • @saulgoodman2018
      @saulgoodman2018 3 months ago +11

      Except for putting the car underground.

    • @scoutjunior6929
      @scoutjunior6929 3 months ago

      No it is not, she didn't design within the parameters of the space. Seriously, she is the least imaginative of the three designers, so she probably couldn't think of design solutions incorporating dual use space of a garage.

    • @danieljohn4014
      @danieljohn4014 2 months ago +1

      @@scoutjunior6929 what parameters? dual use space as in parking? she made that possible while joy didn't.

    • @lauraketteridge324
      @lauraketteridge324 Month ago +1

      @@scoutjunior6929 The brief was, "We gave interior designers Joy Moyler, Darren Jett, and Noz Nozawa a photo of the same empty garage-then asked each of them to transform the space into a luxurious guest house, however they pleased with no restrictions." Absolutely no mention was made of retaining the space for use as a garage.

  • @seriliaykilel
    @seriliaykilel 3 months ago +86

    This might be my favorite Noz design - especially in keeping the furniture on casters, it felt like a very practical idea. Joy's was beautiful, but not super practical on parking underground. Darren -- I love you, I really do. But you just build a BDSM garage. Just saying -lol

    • @kateschmate
      @kateschmate 3 months ago +2

      Noz is not very practical either because electricity can’t run through those paper walls and notice how there’s no road outside the garage. How is the car even going to drive in there??

  • @moniquekyahlovewilson2374
    @moniquekyahlovewilson2374 3 months ago +10

    Joy - beautiful story teller. Elegant space. My fave
    Noz - Love her passion. Perhaps the most practical to achieve design.
    Darren - What in the ' Fifty shades of Grey'!!!!!

  • @darling_savage
    @darling_savage 3 months ago +11

    Had the pleasure to meet Joy at multiple design events here in NYC; she is a gem.

  • @samanthaa.6055
    @samanthaa.6055 3 months ago +86

    If mom has a Bugatti she can get a hotel when she comes to visit

  • @PropertyItaly
    @PropertyItaly 3 months ago +39

    19:19 Joy nailed it ❤

  • @Torus2112
    @Torus2112 3 months ago +14

    I like Joy's design best purely as a bedroom and if I had someone living there long term I'd probably do it, but Noz's design is very attractive and comfortable considering it's still usable as a garage and I'd definitely choose hers if it was just for temporary guests.

  • @jennifergraham3752
    @jennifergraham3752 3 months ago +39

    Three wonderfully creative spaces! I wish that someone had explored the option of creating a small bathroom in the space. I think a guest would prefer that to having to go to the main house in the middle of the night. Even if it was the type of toilet that is used in a tiny house. (Although if we can build an underground parking space I guess we could also run proper plumbing to the garage as well 😉.

  • @MemesOverOutrage
    @MemesOverOutrage 3 months ago +21

    Darren was listening to Sam Smith 'Unholy' on his way to film this video 😂

  • @Sonturist
    @Sonturist 3 months ago +30

    Joy’s design is so elegant

  • @colortura
    @colortura 3 months ago +45

    Joy is the winner.

  • @nadinerich
    @nadinerich 3 months ago +7

    Joy did an awesome job, love that she kept the beams and stained them dark, so lovely!

  • @lewiswilliams1893
    @lewiswilliams1893 3 months ago +18

    Noz's thumbs are mesmerizing.

  • @katiakuryanava9762
    @katiakuryanava9762 3 months ago +10

    What’s going on here? 😂 Where are the infinite curtains, Darren? 😅 Noz’s gone minimalist and Joy is going wild 🤪 Well, thanks AD for this fun shake we all needed! It’s also nice watching these three feel so comfortable together and at the show ❤

  • @juliaostlund9360
    @juliaostlund9360 3 months ago +7

    I will always stan noz. She is truly inventive and knows her stuff. I feel like joy stepped it up and i was happy to see her engage with her imagination joyously.

  • @civilizeddiva
    @civilizeddiva 3 months ago +27

    I don't understand the assignment: a sometimes guest room that is still an accessible garage? So, when there is no guest, I'm supposed to move furniture to park a vehicle?

    • @vutlharhimahatlani8557
      @vutlharhimahatlani8557 3 months ago +3

      Exactly my point☝️

    • @crystall8275
      @crystall8275 3 months ago +4

      When you listen to it again, it just says change the garage into a livable space, but I don’t think it said that the car still has to go in the garage which would’ve been cool and if that’s the case, they all fail the challenge and who wants to get up in the middle of the night go into the main house Window to go pee. There is no bathroom LOL

    • @ragdolly22
      @ragdolly22 Month ago

      Maybe need to build another garage for the car 😂

  • @tiaaa7108
    @tiaaa7108 3 months ago +28

    Joy did a great job

  • @musashi-san____1409
    @musashi-san____1409 3 months ago +28

    Noz easily has the best one. You can actually return it to a garage once again.

  • @benedictharry
    @benedictharry 3 months ago +52

    Finally, gorgeous Noz is back ❤😍❤

    • @claudefrou7119
      @claudefrou7119 3 months ago +1

      Love Noz!

    • @MissFotini
      @MissFotini 3 months ago +5

      I adore her 🥺 her designs are always so unexpected but lovely and playful. She's great!

  • @stonerdk
    @stonerdk 3 months ago +13

    They all took this in such different directions it’s crazy. Darren, I love it

  • @jasenjahn
    @jasenjahn 3 months ago +29

    Does the red 50 shades of gray room come with whips?

    • @starveartist
      @starveartist 3 months ago +4

      In the cabinets, next to the Crisco, but not actually part of the interior design/furniture.

  • @Chepina_tik
    @Chepina_tik 3 months ago +20

    First time that I really vibe with Noz.

  • @PostDeleted
    @PostDeleted 3 months ago +6

    Joy knows what she's doing. Great design

  • @CatMoca
    @CatMoca 2 months ago +1

    I love Noz's design for this! Usually I don't vibe with every element of her design. But this time everything was a hit for me. And I loved how easy it would be to make a garage back and then a guest room

  • @sundancita
    @sundancita 3 months ago +12

    These 3 are my faves! Love their personalities and styles!

  • @aleynaulkened2041
    @aleynaulkened2041 3 months ago +1

    THE OGS ARE BACK! 🫶🏼 Love Darren, his style is just my absolute favorite. But honestly all 3 have immaculate taste.

  • @ansbach74
    @ansbach74 Month ago

    3 Interior Designers, three different designs. And I have to say this time I love Joy's design. Thanks, designers.

  • @deirdrebeecher3508
    @deirdrebeecher3508 3 months ago +19

    I watched this episode feeling like I was going insane maybe there is something about American garages which is different but I'm screaming in European. A garage for a car, normal, a garage converted to a guest room, normal. Dual use, absolutely not.

    • @mileech2107
      @mileech2107 3 months ago +2

      We are screaming here in USA too. . WE don't have multifunctional guest room / garages. That part was just odd . Although, Joy and Noz had nice designs.

  • @rafifalhashmi
    @rafifalhashmi 3 months ago +9

    Yaaaaay FINALLY! I have been waiting patiently for a new episode of this series 🎉

  • @ZeepDr
    @ZeepDr 3 months ago +10

    This is my favoritte trio!! I love this show.

  • @simba5364
    @simba5364 3 months ago +4

    I had a fight or flight reflex when he said the bed could be used for other things 😂

  • @Eloiseat6
    @Eloiseat6 3 months ago +11

    No one thought of a bathroom, though they thought of a kitchen and a dining room?

  • @johannaperalta7064
    @johannaperalta7064 3 months ago +5

    I always love noz’s style she’s amazing

  • @sghantous
    @sghantous 3 months ago +3

    Noz Nozawa's Zen Garden design is by far my favourite - not sure what's supporting the roof though 🙂

  • @suereed3474
    @suereed3474 3 months ago +11

    Well, I love Joy's. She has such great taste. But Noz was smart in putting a sink in. This time I am not crazy about Darrin's. I am proud that Noz finally put something together that was nice and not clashing. But you have to put a car in a luxurious guest house?

  • @Gojoswife_
    @Gojoswife_ 3 months ago +4

    I LOVED Darren's design that red glass was such a cool idea

  • @mmclennon
    @mmclennon 3 months ago +5

    omg they had so much fun with this one

  • @rollingstone6699
    @rollingstone6699 3 months ago +1

    Joy's remodel is a winner.

  • @craigmerkey8518
    @craigmerkey8518 3 months ago +3

    "Grandma is still whipped it!" Best line E V E R !!

  • @mpc5584
    @mpc5584 3 months ago +6

    Love love love Noz's design!!!

  • @emndiaye9019
    @emndiaye9019 3 months ago +8

    I would pay to stay in Noz's design!!

  • @judithmccartney1045
    @judithmccartney1045 3 months ago +6

    Where is the closest for the guests clothes, and where do the guests store their luggage?

  • @luxelist
    @luxelist 3 months ago +5

    Loved watching the process and exploring how each of these talented designers approach things so differently. Especially enjoyed hearing about Joy's plan for the space.

  • @VisiblyLogan
    @VisiblyLogan 2 months ago +2

    19:30 “Kinda gag” is definitely is the perfect description for that room to.

  • @kaycegoen8435
    @kaycegoen8435 3 months ago +8

    Noz's design is everything I could ever hope for in a guest house 🥲

  • @jade138
    @jade138 3 months ago +2

    All my favorite designers! Joy’s energy this video was so funnn! I loved it!

  • @helohalo3106
    @helohalo3106 3 months ago +20

    It’s crazy that Darren does not have his own show, his beyond interior designer.

  • @zandilevilakazi6527

    Joy made me nervous when she started with the "grandma" storyline but, the final design was *chef's kiss*

  • @RhcpRockerDosed
    @RhcpRockerDosed 3 months ago +2

    Darren room is giving Christian bales character in AMERICAN PSYCHO

  • @gidiess7880
    @gidiess7880 3 months ago

    I haven't even watched the video yet and I'm already excited! The magic of this series is not just the vision and creativity of the designers but their presence on camera. There have been some real duds, but these three have excellent on screen charisma. They have such different aesthetics and they have distinct personalities that come across really well. I can't wait to watch this!!!

  • @philakilTV
    @philakilTV 3 months ago +6

    I like this episode... Joy and Darren snapped, in my opinion! I can't choose

  • @MochaLatteMilkChocolate

    I LOVE these three designers the most. The other designers are all amazing, but there's just something about these three together that makes these videos such a treat!

  • @almaarea
    @almaarea 3 months ago +2

    Due to the housing/cost of living crisis going on in most western countries, I would love to see them transform awkward rental houses, being unable to change floor/wall colouring/structural details.

  • @cherieodell9048
    @cherieodell9048 3 months ago +1

    I love this episode! All of these designers did SUCH a wonderful job! I love all these designs. They are fantastic!

  • @andioscity
    @andioscity 3 months ago +4

    This is my fave one yet! I like all of them

  • @claudefrou7119
    @claudefrou7119 3 months ago +1

    Love this trio of designers, you never know what to expect!

  • @fantasylovemagic
    @fantasylovemagic Month ago

    I want to see more of Noz' zen side, this is beautiful!

  • @_scottysews
    @_scottysews 3 months ago

    This episode was so fun!! I love how different each of the designs turned out. So cool

  • @aadyaamadhu
    @aadyaamadhu 3 months ago

    I love these three designers together. Their styles are so distinctly different

  • @lovingmayberry307
    @lovingmayberry307 3 months ago +8

    As always, I like Joy's the best. The red one is hideous, imo.

  • @sobeso
    @sobeso 3 months ago +2

    all three were amazing and interesting it took awhile to see how it will be a guest room in the end because in the beginning it still felt like a garage but it came together so well

  • @furtz68
    @furtz68 3 months ago

    I always love their designs and personnal take on the subjects but also their interactions at the end are always fun and wholesome haha

  • @vasilikonstan
    @vasilikonstan 3 months ago

    YES! I love this combination of designers!!

  • @tvariuness
    @tvariuness 3 months ago +1

    joy's is crazy wow. that's an apartment!

  • @BaDazai
    @BaDazai 3 months ago +2

    I looooved Darren's so much, more than I thought I would 😅❤

  • @TheRobinBestia
    @TheRobinBestia 3 months ago

    omg this one is absolutely radical i love every single one of these rooms

  • @SIMulatedSara
    @SIMulatedSara 3 months ago +1

    I love these design videos. The ideas are amazing

  • @ardianworld4129
    @ardianworld4129 3 months ago

    I love all three designs! They are so fun!

  • @TheSingingGardener
    @TheSingingGardener 3 months ago +8

    We know what Darren is into and what he’s designing that space for 😂

  • @aschmidtbrille
    @aschmidtbrille 2 months ago

    I'd probably use a combination of Noz's and Joy's design. I love the idea of a small kitchen. Especially if you are thinking about a grandma that might enjoy her morning coffee.

  • @rakotomalalalouisaaudrey3394

    This is my favorite video of all, loved all of the three designs 🎊