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3 Interior Designers Transform The Same Dated 90s Living Room | Space Savers | Architectural Digest

  • Published on May 28, 2024
  • We gave interior designers Joy Moyler, Darren Jett, and Noz Nozawa a photo of the same dated 90s living-then asked each of them to transform the space in their particular style, however they pleased with no restrictions. Three artists, one canvas, each bringing something different to the space. Which updated living room would you bring into the 21st century?
    Director: Hiatt Woods
    Director of Photography: Kevin Dynia
    Editor: Alana McNair
    Designers: Darren Jett; Joy Moyler; Noz Nozawa
    Producer: Joel David Ahumada
    Line Producer: Joe Buscemi
    Associate Producer: Josh Crowe
    Production Manager: Melissa Heber
    Production Coordinator: Fernando Davilla
    Camera Operator: Jake Robbins
    Gaffer: Cody Blevins
    Audio Engineer: Michael Guggino
    Production Assistant: Shahid Barraza; Pichteeda Taing
    Post Production Supervisor: Andrew Montague
    Post Production Coordinator: Holly Frew
    Supervising Editor: Christina Mankellow
    Assistant Editor: Andy Morell
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Comments • 623

  • @Kswolrd1538
    @Kswolrd1538 5 months ago +833

    Darren made a living room that looks identical to my now deceased heavy smoker Orange County glamma’s (glam grandma) bedroom with the shiny dark walls and cheetah print carpet. it’s nostalgic for me but i can smell the second hand smoke in this space. It’s also funny he keeps saying “bring it to modern day” when it actually is bringing it back lol

    • @wengi_tuu
      @wengi_tuu 5 months ago +14

      I thought the same thing

    • @katrish786
      @katrish786 5 months ago +6

      🤣 Agreed

    • @chriswilson4112
      @chriswilson4112 5 months ago +21

      Your glamma sounds like tons of fun.

    • @Tommytumee
      @Tommytumee 5 months ago +17

      Before reading your comment I thought that Darren's room looks a bit like a cigar lounge, but I like his design in general

    • @08pixiedust
      @08pixiedust 5 months ago +4

      Yeah, I would not be able to take living in that space. He is very talented but brown lacquered walls and that carpet are not for me.

  • @Velo-vl3qj
    @Velo-vl3qj 5 months ago +558

    Did they render Joy's room correctly? Particularly the metal mesh and the lighting behind it just looked nothing like what she was describing or the sample she held up.

    • @cbvickers4044
      @cbvickers4044 5 months ago +70

      totally agree...where was the TV cover she was talking about?

    • @samanthaa.6055
      @samanthaa.6055 5 months ago +7

      @@cbvickers4044 Yeah I was confused there.

    • @EH23831
      @EH23831 5 months ago +6

      I was thinking the same thing

    • @autumnbluemoon99
      @autumnbluemoon99 5 months ago +22

      I feel like a better rendering would've changed so much about how her final result looked, like o feel like it would've looked much better

    • @chelsmeister
      @chelsmeister 5 months ago +18

      Yea, and yet still I think it was my favorite because I LOVE the design concepts she had, especially switching the direction of the couch and chair, and having the window full-length

  • @seriliaykilel
    @seriliaykilel 5 months ago +834

    I could never live in any of these rooms but I am absolutely fascinated by how they think. Darren is always the MVP for me, but awesome to see all of them

    • @06-shreetdave21
      @06-shreetdave21 5 months ago +8

      @@dnquixtedflaming4220 Nah, you can live 4 days in Darren's room, the 5th day onwards you regret it.

    • @tompw3141
      @tompw3141 5 months ago +3

      He extended the room outside the front door! Lol.

    • @chelsmeister
      @chelsmeister 5 months ago +2

      Nah I LOVE Joy's room! I would totally have that in my house

  • @Trilingualeks
    @Trilingualeks 5 months ago +461

    I like to think of these solutions as conceptual art as opposed to real designs for real people. If I were given no budget, a blank room that I don't have to use and free reign, I would go nuts as well 😁 I really appreciate that with this format we get to experience their thought processes. Love to see Noz and Darren back with Space Savers, they're my favourites!!

    • @nomadine85
      @nomadine85 5 months ago +31

      Absolutely agree! I feel like that’s the point of the series. There’s another series where Darren designs for actual people and their rooms and that’s a different approach. This series is so fun BECAUSE it can be as outlandish as a designer’s imagination allows. That’s what makes it fun!

    • @autumnbluemoon99
      @autumnbluemoon99 5 months ago +11

      Even if I don't always love what Noz and Darren do, I love seeing them on here. They're so fun and out of the box so I love to see the ideas they have

    • @nomadine85
      @nomadine85 5 months ago +3

      @@autumnbluemoon99 Absolutely and exactly!

    • @alexdelaloire8739
      @alexdelaloire8739 2 months ago +4

      If you give any artist a blank canvas and unlimited budget, you'll get crazy stuff

  • @DocNyrlathotep
    @DocNyrlathotep 5 months ago +326

    Was missing Noz in these! Her designs are definitely not for everyone, but I love how unapologetic and authentic she is when it comes to these videos with no budget or restrictions. Personally liked Darren's the most, but Joy's could also be quite nice, just missing a bit of warmth, I feel.

    • @chelsmeister
      @chelsmeister 5 months ago +1

      I think so too about Joy's! But I think she *did* have more warmth in the materials she was holding, just didn't show in the actual photo

    • @deeeno6867
      @deeeno6867 4 months ago +2

      This is the first video I’ve watched in this series, and I absolutely *adore* Noz! While her style isn’t exactly the same as mine, I feel really inspired by how creative she is and how many boundaries she pushes. She’s just out here not giving an F what anyone else thinks! A queen 😊

    • @BrisFournier
      @BrisFournier Month ago


  • @valarya
    @valarya 5 months ago +74

    "Chocolate lacquered walls and leopard carpet" are words I never expected, or wanted to hear. It's lovely how different our tastes can be. 😅

  • @MochaLatteMilkChocolate
    @MochaLatteMilkChocolate 5 months ago +286

    I was just thinking I missed these three the MOST. They're my favorite trio for this series. Only to open RUclips and see this video! What a treat! ❤️❤️❤️

    • @MochaLatteMilkChocolate
      @MochaLatteMilkChocolate 5 months ago +12

      I want to have brunch in all of Noz's designs, have cocktails in all of Darren's and live in all of Joy's."Hello roses! Hello roses!"🌹 🤣 It feels like they all gave different aspects of the 90s a more modern angle. Love all three! Could listen to them forever! SUCH an amazing trio ❤❤

    • @kathleenherzik9858
      @kathleenherzik9858 5 months ago +1

      I too thoroughly enjoyed this one. ❤

    • @kiyasthriftycrafts
      @kiyasthriftycrafts 2 months ago

      Fully agree, they’re my favorite trio. The personalities are so fun and vibrant and their designs are always great too

  • @leahartmanphoto
    @leahartmanphoto 5 months ago +19

    Can’t say that any of those designs is an improvement.

    • @omfug7148
      @omfug7148 Month ago +2

      I dig changing out the single window with floor to ceiling windows that really opens up the space.

  • @evelina2363
    @evelina2363 5 months ago +141

    Darren’s design is fabulous. It’s so sleek and gorgeous it makes me forget there’s a leopard carpet all over the floor

    • @therenschchild1
      @therenschchild1 5 months ago

      well said sir

    • @EH23831
      @EH23831 5 months ago +2

      I think he could lose the shiny chocolate walls though…

    • @tompw3141
      @tompw3141 5 months ago +1

      Stainless steel trim is not practical

  • @michaeln1448
    @michaeln1448 5 months ago +51

    FINALLY! These 3 are back! The best combo because that’d are all so different and personable

  • @nathanmailhot6923
    @nathanmailhot6923 5 months ago +245

    They took a dated space and .. made it look more dated? I'm usually shocked by how wonderful these videos are, but, this one was a miss.

    • @HibouRondo
      @HibouRondo 5 months ago +9


    • @bohaeghens-vg5cn
      @bohaeghens-vg5cn 5 months ago

      i thought joyce just made a psychiatrist office or something @@HibouRondo

    • @jordandrexler9559
      @jordandrexler9559 5 months ago +8

      Nah Darren’s 80s look is retro and in today. The original 90s one though not so much

    • @Sharon-pb7so
      @Sharon-pb7so 4 months ago +3

      If I HAD to have one of these rooms in my house it would be Darren's. I might lose the cat in the leopard carpet though. Note to self: do not get a spotted cat, for everyone's sake, but who doesn't love a gorgeous Bengal kitty?

    • @vaderladyl
      @vaderladyl 4 months ago +1

      I like the before as well.

  • @brittandean2727
    @brittandean2727 5 months ago +41

    Darren is living in Halston's world. Noz almost had me but overdid it with the bows, screen and blob mirror. Joy's was the most practical approach but not enough color or life (also the room feels very cold) for someone with such a fantastic flowered broach!

  • @sashan1281
    @sashan1281 5 months ago +139

    The iconic three are back, great seeing all of their styles come to life.

  • @oopsIdid
    @oopsIdid 5 months ago +106

    I’m obsessed with Darren Jett. Everything he does is epic. If I won the lotto, i would fly him here to San Francisco and help me out.

    • @sweetgrasshopper
      @sweetgrasshopper 5 months ago +3

      Same! Albeit Scandinavia.

    • @Oogabooga814
      @Oogabooga814 5 months ago +3

      I usually love him but I thought this room was pretty horrendous

  • @kurenable
    @kurenable 4 months ago +48

    I love Noz's design way more than I thought I would. It's so cozy. How is anyone supposed to watch the TV in Joy's room?

    • @DMTHOTH
      @DMTHOTH 2 months ago

      exactly.. she could just put LG rollable TV infront of the window. So they can put TV down to enjoy the nature outside.

  • @kamillelord3891
    @kamillelord3891 5 months ago +201

    I absolutely love these videos to see how different minds think about changing the same space

  • @shortfusegmr
    @shortfusegmr 5 months ago +129

    I love seeing the process each person went through to remake this room! Darren's is my favorite, it's wild but balanced with structure, and the focus on the room as an intimate space is forward and intentional

    • @tompw3141
      @tompw3141 5 months ago

      Darren doesn't have bookshelves. He has the idea of bookshelves.

  • @victorianantiquities
    @victorianantiquities 5 months ago +1314

    As horrendous as the 1990's room was? The proposals were even worse . seriously worse.

    • @KrysLynne82
      @KrysLynne82 5 months ago +50


    • @toml.733
      @toml.733 5 months ago +147

      I thought you were being dramatic before I watched but omg these designs are tragic…

    • @de2296
      @de2296 5 months ago +42

      😂😂😂😂 the Asian speaking tone annoys the shat out of me !! are you asking or making a statement? Every sentence had a question mark at the end ..grrrrrrr

    • @kathythompson9931
      @kathythompson9931 5 months ago +68

      No-NO-NO BOWS!

    • @Abcd-hw9ku
      @Abcd-hw9ku 5 months ago +11


  • @mpc5584
    @mpc5584 5 months ago +56

    Surprisingly I love Noz's room the most this time :). It feels so fun.. and so practical that you can still watch TV if you want to and have friends over.. but that couch near the fireplace seems like a burn hazard... Joy's the closest to what I have today except only one person can watch the TV with a stiff neck. Darren's is stunning but the room looks like a bar lounge.... my place had that vibe when I moved in, and I gutted out the whole living room walls as it was collecting too much dust (and second hand smoke odor).

    • @carrieohio
      @carrieohio 5 months ago +4

      His was very much an evening space for me. I want a room that is bright and stimulating for daytime. I'm a fan of a huge couch that wraps around, and orange and cobalt. Could maybe use some leopard print, though. It really is a neutral.

    • @witchhazel8228
      @witchhazel8228 5 months ago +4

      love love Noz's designnnns its sooo fun

    • @C-rol
      @C-rol 5 months ago +2

      I'm surprised Noz didn't add wiggling hands on the wall😂😂😂

    • @Pip734
      @Pip734 2 months ago +1

      Noz' room was hideous

  • @zoebot85
    @zoebot85 5 months ago +182

    please please give darren his own show id love to see his designs being fully realised !

  • @bellesall6045
    @bellesall6045 5 months ago +64

    I love these three together the most and was excited to see what they’d come up with but ummm this is the first time in this series where I’d take the original over these options.

    • @samanthaa.6055
      @samanthaa.6055 5 months ago +4

      I like that AD is giving them more realistic spaces. It's interesting to see how far out they still go with them though!

  • @dirkster42
    @dirkster42 4 months ago +5

    There's always so much sheer joy in Noz's process!

  • @hibiscusboy
    @hibiscusboy 5 months ago +20

    I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing the iconic TRIO (Joy, Darren, & Noz) do Space Savers (or any show for that matter!) A buffet of design inspiration with these three! Also, love that in this episode we learned Joy Moyler's personality is "Dark And Deco" LOL

  • @GregCoconut
    @GregCoconut 5 months ago +23

    My main problem is most high end interior design is perfectly exhibited in this video. These designers are creating spaces to photograph and display but not live in.

  • @topclosetsacto5313
    @topclosetsacto5313 5 months ago +78

    Love this series so much. This was the first one where I might have preferred the before to any of the afters...

  • @ansbach74
    @ansbach74 5 months ago +26

    Of the three designers, I love Joy Moyler, design. Thanks again AD and all three deigners.

  • @gozdeuysal7374
    @gozdeuysal7374 5 months ago +14

    These 3 interior decorators are the best combination for this series 😍

  • @mcflyloveme
    @mcflyloveme 5 months ago +4

    Noz wins for me. I'd love to drape myself across those sofas and I actually think it's practical too! Please make more of these videos!!!

  • @yingyingchang6839
    @yingyingchang6839 5 months ago +7

    Hearing Darren say 'underfoot' in every video makes me delightfully happy

  • @cargogh
    @cargogh 5 months ago +84

    Darren won again. By default. I think the best case here would be to wait 5 years until 1990s are trending,
    then up grade the TV and call it a day.

    • @bengibbs1318
      @bengibbs1318 5 months ago +3

      The 90’s are trending. Darren always wins

    • @morlamweb
      @morlamweb 5 months ago +4

      @@bengibbs1318 hardly. He turned that room into a coffin. I'm surprised that he kept the window.

  • @CourtneyMathers
    @CourtneyMathers 5 months ago +27

    so in love with all darrens' designs and spaces wow

  • @Weekly4u
    @Weekly4u 5 months ago +31

    Tf did Noz smoke? there is a abolutely no cohesion in her room, would drive anyone crazy sitting a minute in there 😂

  • @isabellaceja371
    @isabellaceja371 5 months ago +12

    Such a trip to see their process for this round cuz all I wanted was for them to make it a little library 😂 and their vibes are so different but it’s interesting to see what they each prioritized in the design

    • @Sharon-pb7so
      @Sharon-pb7so 4 months ago

      Yes! Exactly. That room would be a library for me too.

  • @mjrh45
    @mjrh45 5 months ago +9

    The gentleman's design is absolutely stunning.

  • @greggdoty3076
    @greggdoty3076 5 months ago +10

    I love Darren's use of leopard print carpet--very Madeline Castaing. I am actually considering embracing my inner drama queen and using that carpet as well, in a my small condo, used as part of a cross between Castaing and Studio Dimore. Maybe emerald green walls...some neoclassical statues and busts...some plants...

  • @thegooddinggleberry
    @thegooddinggleberry 5 months ago +4

    These are all very interesting designs. Noz really grew up, her design was the best today 😁

  • @alexandergibson1900
    @alexandergibson1900 5 months ago +10

    I want to see them design rooms for the same person and see what different things they come up with

  • @carlawolff8793
    @carlawolff8793 5 months ago +19

    Love these videos. Please make more. And keep Darren in the mix, his creativity is off the charts.

  • @benedictharry
    @benedictharry 5 months ago +11

    Aah Gorgeous Noz's back 😍😍

  • @harryng2824
    @harryng2824 5 months ago +18

    Darren's room was my favorite. He knows how to create a visually stimulating room that's made for entertaining. The ashtray 🤌✨

  • @littlefirecracker1289
    @littlefirecracker1289 5 months ago +50

    The initial "dated" living room was gorgeous!

  • @AyanamiFaerudo
    @AyanamiFaerudo 5 months ago +2

    Noooozzz! I missed you in this series.
    As to the redesigns... not 90s anymore but Darren 70s, Noz 80s, and Joy 60s.

  • @jstokes
    @jstokes 5 months ago +10

    This series expands my mind to the possibilities of a space.

  • @KarenBaker616263
    @KarenBaker616263 5 months ago +12

    They are all great! But I really watch just to see Noz's beautiful jewelry! Joy's pretty silver bracelet is also amazing!

  • @msprairierd
    @msprairierd 5 months ago +11

    love Darren's design.. gorgeous

  • @ginacrusco234
    @ginacrusco234 5 months ago +6

    As soon as I see one of these videos pop up, I stop EVerything to watch it! The room I could live in is Joy's -- I would rotate pops of color through. The most design-forward is Noz's, and I see its merits but wouldn't stay there longer than tea. Darren's is, as ever, brilliant -- I'd love to visit it as a slick hotel lobby.

  • @DianaPLeon-qz3oj
    @DianaPLeon-qz3oj 5 months ago +13

    Joy and Darren! Darren is usually my favorite but Joy wins this one for me. I love her approach and her outfit in this video is GIVING.

    • @savannah115
      @savannah115 5 months ago +2

      I really feel like her personality is showing more, too as these videos go on. I'm liking her more and more.

  • @Waumboll
    @Waumboll 4 months ago +1

    Wow, a super dark design, a super overloaded design and a design that's not correctly rendered. Out of all of them I like the original room best.

  • @FionaEm
    @FionaEm 5 months ago +9

    Umm, stone fireplaces were 50s/60s and arches were 70s. Do Millennials think there was no history before the 90s? 🙄😂

  • @foxwilliamulder
    @foxwilliamulder 5 months ago +51

    The only design approach I truly enjoyed was Darren's. His room created an experience; the other two rooms were boring. He created a space that you would see in a movie, something that you think is not practical but in reality it is. The other rooms are stuff you see everywhere. Joy and Noz just put random stuff into their rooms and put some fancy words into their description but really what you have is a chicken cage with overpriced furniture with Joy's room and a rug with holes in it and an impractical bookcase with Noz's design.

    • @chriswilson4112
      @chriswilson4112 5 months ago +5

      "Chicken cage"...priceless...

    • @gurubhaikhalsa9337
      @gurubhaikhalsa9337 4 months ago +2

      Not to mention burning the back of the shirt of whoever is sitting in front of the fireplace.

  • @BriannaStimpson
    @BriannaStimpson 4 months ago +1

    Noz is the most fun, whimsical, and seems like she pushes clients to lean into their personalities. I love it! Darren is always wildly impractical so I can't even really tell if I like it and Joy is a little too simple for me.

  • @alexmccarter6051
    @alexmccarter6051 5 months ago +4

    Besides the hot screen Noz's really worked for me this time. But all the designs were fascinating!

  • @michaelthomas172
    @michaelthomas172 5 months ago +7

    Darren! Yes, give ME that space! Excellent!

  • @lw3269
    @lw3269 5 months ago +11

    Darren and Joy's room were not my cup of tea, but well done. The design by Noz looks as if you gave a toddler free rein to make their own room. I'd need sedation after one hour in there.

  • @jenniferchan498
    @jenniferchan498 5 months ago +3

    i love these three!!! i love Noz's design

  • @jeannenowak1863
    @jeannenowak1863 5 months ago +8

    Omg once again Darren Jett did an amazing job ✨

  • @panamaveggie
    @panamaveggie 5 months ago +21

    I just love these, always so excited to see what they do. Each of these updated tv rooms is absolutely fabulous!

  • @TRL007
    @TRL007 5 months ago +30

    Darren is the Christopher Nolan of interior design.

    • @RomanosMustache
      @RomanosMustache 3 months ago

      If you mean overly dark, moody and wasting detail on the wrong things then yeah.

  • @pcbrightlights
    @pcbrightlights 5 months ago +5

    Noz lost me with that wrap around skirted sofa. I wasn’t keen on Joy’s fireplace and over large bureaus but at least she had the design sense to move the couch. Darren’s made the room look wider and larger but I think he ‘cheated’ a bit by extending the room. This room would look less long and narrow if the main seating faced the fireplace wall.x

  • @lorenzovalente1
    @lorenzovalente1 5 months ago +3

    Omg the OG designers, Im so happy to see the three of them

  • @deltatango6793
    @deltatango6793 5 months ago +8

    These 3 are uniquely wonderful!

  • @talkandeattv
    @talkandeattv 5 months ago +9

    darren never disappoints !

  • @TwentyTwo_22_
    @TwentyTwo_22_ 5 months ago +4

    Alway love Darren. For this room there are so many points in his design which seem inspired by Sera Hersham Loftus. AD, please get her on soon!

  • @karinaibarra7359
    @karinaibarra7359 5 months ago +1

    Joy Moyler's idea of moving the couch was brilliant!!

  • @AyaBlue22
    @AyaBlue22 5 months ago +2

    I don't know if this makes sense, but, I feel like Noz's room is a lot like someone'd designed it while 'experiencing' "Alice in Wonderland" for the first time. The classical aspects are quite 'proper' and remind me of fancy plates and dishes for tea, and then you get a smattering of the eclectic, seemingly out-of-place bright, graphic accents throughout.

  • @user-qi3hf8ko3q
    @user-qi3hf8ko3q 5 months ago +7

    We missed DARREN in this series!!! THANK YOU!! 🙏🏻🥹 Now please do an episode with Darren, Becky and Lula, please!!

  • @rebahensley5323
    @rebahensley5323 5 months ago +18

    Darren! Please come do my entire house!! The other rooms weren't terrible but Darren always wows me. It's a matter of taste.

    • @tompw3141
      @tompw3141 5 months ago

      I'm wowed by his inclusion of an ashtray

    • @debblouin
      @debblouin 3 months ago +1

      Yes, they were. Terrible. All three.

    • @rebahensley5323
      @rebahensley5323 3 months ago

      @@debblouin I was trying to be nice. Lol.

  • @sharongart4579
    @sharongart4579 5 months ago +3

    Darren’s room transformation is it for me. Glam and gorg

  • @Yayarayaya
    @Yayarayaya 5 months ago +3

    I loved the room Noz made!!
    Also am i the only one that keeps seeing a face like 😬 or 😳 in the couch/lights in Joy’s room? 😂 as in: the couch is the mouth and the lights are the eyes

    • @Sharon-pb7so
      @Sharon-pb7so 4 months ago +1

      I see it now.. 🤣

    • @Yayarayaya
      @Yayarayaya 4 months ago

      @@Sharon-pb7so 😂 now you can’t unsee it anymore

  • @jaydenweist2456
    @jaydenweist2456 5 months ago +1

    I absolutely love these videos. These three have done it enough times that I think it would be fun to see them all have to design a room in one of the other designers style.

  • @sadie513
    @sadie513 5 months ago +3

    The OGs! Automatic like.
    Noz - Quirky as always. if the sofa covers were plain, I actually don't mind the craziness of the rest. Plus, I love dogs.
    Darren - That's more like some villain's hidden bar, not a living room. But it's totally him.
    Joy - The most livable although i would've liked it if it was lighter.

  • @beckysmith8473
    @beckysmith8473 5 months ago +3

    And they are interior designers? On My goodness!

  • @ethandaniels110
    @ethandaniels110 5 months ago +10

    Darren and Joy really did something here 😍

  • @vimeaux
    @vimeaux 5 months ago +1

    I missed these three so much! Glad they are back :) Darren is my absolute favorite. I would watch endless amount of videos of him. He's amazing!

  • @cat-uu3gn
    @cat-uu3gn 5 months ago +3

    Noz needs to call the fire department.

  • @steveo6960
    @steveo6960 5 months ago +8

    Darren won that

  • @robinirby222
    @robinirby222 5 months ago +8

    I love these videos! They are so well done, and I just love these 3 designers

  • @N.aesth1
    @N.aesth1 3 months ago +1

    3:53 calls the room an overdone pancake and proceeds to make it look like a waffle... 😂
    but loved all th3 final looks, stunning and unique!

  • @bigbrotherqcrecaps7700
    @bigbrotherqcrecaps7700 5 months ago +2

    im 24 seconds in and I love the dated 90s living room

  • @roka2031
    @roka2031 5 months ago +4

    The guy's room was the best

  • @milabolognini6305
    @milabolognini6305 5 months ago +3

    Darren Noz and Lula would break the internet 🙏🏼❤

  • @Nalanrd
    @Nalanrd 5 months ago +9

    I wouldn’t let Noz to decorate (in my opinion is to ruin) my house even she does that for free 😅 I mean, so far I watched like 3-4 times, not liking anything she’s done. She seems very nice person though, love her personality. She is very bright, energetic and optimistic.
    I didn’t like any of them much but Darren made the room look rich, I would like it more without that animal print floors. That pattern makes house look messy and cheap. Joy’s decor is also nice but that dog cage walls. Seriosly, that really looks bad.

  • @valleyofthecauls4238
    @valleyofthecauls4238 5 months ago +1

    The chocolate walls in Darren's room are really bringing the Billy Baldwin vibes, and this one wins for me.

  • @jameswright3410
    @jameswright3410 4 months ago +1

    Wow. So many awesome ideas. At least now I know my "win the lottery" fantasies need to include "hire a decorator with more taste than me".

  • @matthumphries
    @matthumphries 5 months ago +11

    Joy's is inoffensive but a little cold and uninspired, Noz's is visually scattered and unattrative, Darren's is rich and sophisticated, but not exactly my taste. hate to say it but idk if I'm feeling any of them

  • @heatherdeavalon
    @heatherdeavalon 5 months ago +8

    I like these videos! Keep them coming! Darren rocks❤

  • @powersliding
    @powersliding 5 months ago +1

    fascinating how their approach reflects their personality

  • @kimhaas7586
    @kimhaas7586 5 months ago +8

    Let’s address moody. Not a fan of dark or brown. The mood I want in a living room is calm and happy in every season. The blue room comes close to the lightness and color palette but it’s totally crazy maximalist. The leopard print carpet room is a bit too glam and dark for a summer day flooding the room with natural light. The wallpaper on the third room paired with the graphic rug and neutral colors made me think of a 60s waiting room at Sterling Cooper.
    So, nice things in each room but none of them are really ringing my bell. If I had to choose, I’d go with the blue chintz room and do a Coco Chanel removing about half of the accessories, especially that silly “HOT” sign. She could lose her interior designer card for using literal word art.

  • @casperunnerup
    @casperunnerup 5 months ago +9

    I would hate to live with all 3 designs..

  • @MPangerang
    @MPangerang 5 months ago +1

    My 3 favorite combine are backkkk!

  • @SlodWick
    @SlodWick 5 months ago +9

    I love these videos, and I get that they're designing for themselves and not a client, but yikes - almost without fail, I hate the rooms they end up with. None of these really feel comfortable or relaxing to me; shockingly, I don't want to live inside a glass-lined cage or a chocolate bar or a Delft gift box.

  • @sethhasler2122
    @sethhasler2122 5 months ago +1

    they brought in the mvps for this one

  • @johnamstutz
    @johnamstutz 5 months ago +3

    I prefer the Buatta inspired room.

  • @margotjones7168
    @margotjones7168 5 months ago +5

    Darren's was my favorite. I wouldn't necessarily make every choice he did, but the room became very cozy but modern and chic, too.

  • @roxc.507
    @roxc.507 5 months ago +1

    I loved all of their visions.

  • @paveladamek3502
    @paveladamek3502 5 months ago +1

    Noz transformed a dated 90s living room into then-owner’s grandmother’s living room. The "skirt" on the sofas is as dated as it can be.

  • @ednatucker5445
    @ednatucker5445 4 months ago +1

    All the designers did think "outside the box." (Neither design tickled my personal fancy). Incorporating new products, colors and materials are an amazing decorating feat. All of the designers accomplished the "soul" of their designs, but I think Joy "calmly" decorated for 21st century update.

  • @jennypai3763
    @jennypai3763 4 months ago

    i absolutely LOVE Noz's design! it's so cute! I wasn't too into that particular fireplace screen, but I like the humor aspect of it. I also like Darren's design, but I think it's trend for me that I can't get into his designs at first because of all the dark colors, but he would later add something that eventually bring me into it. Like for this design, I didn't feel it until he added the white sofa. he lost me again at the curtain at the entrance of the room, but the coffee table and the plant brought it back again. I like the full glass door in Joy's design, I love natural light, but not into the pieces she chose. But very creative for all of them

  • @TC-Love001
    @TC-Love001 5 months ago +14

    They all have interesting views on how they would renovate the place. Darren did have the best idea, second Joy....and third Noz...I'm not sure where she was going with her new design of this room, but she tried.

    • @bengibbs1318
      @bengibbs1318 5 months ago +7

      She definitely gets a participation medal 😂

    • @TC-Love001
      @TC-Love001 5 months ago +2

      @bengibbs1318 Yessssss! 😂😂😂 I'm not a designer, however, I've would've did something entirely different. I look at beautiful homes almost everyday. It would've been something different if it were me designing.

  • @joyatesting5979
    @joyatesting5979 5 months ago

    Please, please keep using Joy! She's one of the few designers that I think truly thinks about the actual space and what realistically works... versus the (ahem) designers that just constantly use checkerboard (so dated...) and dream up wildly expensive remodels that no normal person/New Yorker would be able to afford!