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Lizzo Earns Her Hot Sauce Crown While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 3, 2022
  • Lizzo is a three-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter, and it’s likely she'll be adding a few more of those trophies to the mantle with her latest album, Special. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the “About Damn Time” hitmaker takes on the wings of death and discusses music theory, red-carpet fashion, Coldplay, and so much more.
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Comments • 8 637

  • First We Feast

    What’s your favorite quote from Lizzo’s episode? Too many gems to choose from…

  • FashnJunkie

    I love how Sean REALLY does his homework on his guests.. I haven’t watched one episode where a guest wasn’t shocked by a question

  • Lianna Katherine

    I love how Sean is so respectful and aware of everybody's dietary restrictions and makes sure they can eat and drink everything

  • Sarah Mazelowski

    People hate on her so much but I don’t understand why. She’s likable, multitalented, educated, endearing, real, funny, fearless and someone I’d truly love to eat hot wings with.

  • Kaitlyn Schmelzer

    HOW REFRESHING it is to see & listen to someone so visibly and audibly proud of themselves and their accomplishments. Oh how peaceful life could be if we were all a little nicer to ourselves.

  • Linda Mitchell

    "I'm so bad at picking singles for myself because I think everything I do is incredible." - Lizzo

  • Marisa Rangel

    This might be my favorite episode by far, it just shows how nice Sean is, respectful and then shows how down to earth lizzo really is, she really appreciated that he picked pictures she’d feel beautiful looking at. It’s just. Such a nice episode. Two beautiful people matching each other perfectly

  • Malikah Meyer

    Being able to perfectly match your guest's energy is a special talent not many hosts have, Sean is so good at his job

  • The Lore Master

    For anyone wondering, when Sean asked about Phrygian and chromaticism, it's referring to a specific sequence of notes that evokes a specific emotion. Most pop music sticks to the same sound, but Lizzo's music uses classical influences to create a more complex sound.

  • Stew Draws
    Stew Draws  +210

    Lizzo proving what I've believed for years now, no matter the scovilles of "hotter" hot sauces, Da Bomb is the most awful eating experience mankind has ever concocted.

  • Kayydee D.
    Kayydee D.  +350

    Whoever was laughing at Lizzo in the background…. Your laugh is contagious and had me dying at 2am, thank you! Lol

  • Jonathan Mulle

    Literally the quintessential HotOnes episode. Pain, entertainment, chemistry between guest and interviewer, authenticity, being humbled by Da Bomb, just perfect.

  • Jherlene Cargill

    I haven’t even finished the episode and I am just amazed by Lizzo. Like I loved her music but listening to her speak is even better. And she’s so beautiful. Sean as always amazing. What a treat!

  • standabovethecrowd

    "Selfish when you're creating it, and selfless when you're putting it out," is honestly great advice for any creator.

  • Liz
    Liz  +203

    Every time Sean brings out the random facts no one knows, the shock on the interviewee's face is just amazing

  • That Girl Renee

    I’ve never been into her, haven’t heard her music, but oh my goodness EVERY interview i watch of her, she has this fun, light, bubbly energy. she seems like she’s so fun to be around. she’s adorable, her personality is too cute. and that pink hair on her is everything!! 😍🙌🏻🖤💙🫶🏻

  • Jordan Leigh Wheatley

    She's one of the best celebrities. She's always down to talk to anyone and wants to make everyone feel good and respected.

  • sofia oliva

    He really is such a great host and asks his guest meaningful questions, even without the wings this would be a great interview

  • Kate Willis

    "I feel like my ancestors was talkin to me for a second." I laughed so loud 😂😂😂😂😂

  • baebttr
    baebttr  +6

    I love how incredible Sean is with interviewing. He can literally interview anyone and make them feel at ease. No BS no fake laughs. And most importantly I think that the celebrities are actually EXCITED to come on the show and actually be engaged in a real conversation.