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Kevin Hart Catches a High Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Oct 10, 2016
  • As his history-making comedy special What Now? hits theaters, the biggest comedian in the game joins the biggest Internet wings show in the game for an extra-hot interview. Kevin Hart damn near loses his mind on the hot sauce, but that doesn't stop him from peppering in some motivational speeches, cracking jokes about DJ Khaled, and regaling Sean with some hilarious anecdotes about working at a male strip club. In Hart's own words, "We out here!"
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  4 years ago +2570

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  • Kyle McCrea
    Kyle McCrea Year ago +19951

    Kevin looks like he's constantly looking for his mom in the crowd

    • The Daily Dose
      The Daily Dose 10 hours ago

      🤣🤣dude!! For real!

    • Travis Sleep
      Travis Sleep 22 days ago

      Looking at all his "YES" crue

    • Mike L
      Mike L Month ago

      now whenever I see him looking around, I'm always going to think of this.

    • Shiobhan Murray
      Shiobhan Murray Month ago


    • ItsMeNala
      ItsMeNala Month ago

      @Monarkey not rlly they didnt know

  • Esmeralda Estrada
    Esmeralda Estrada Year ago +2162

    I died laughing when Sean would start talking the second Kevin bit into the wing 😂 You know damn well Kevin was like hold tf up 🤣

    • opus 57
      opus 57 Month ago +1

      @Joey Scott i think he did it more because Kevin's reaction each time was hilarious, so he leaned into it 😂i don't think he's done that as much in his other interviews

    • Joey Scott
      Joey Scott 3 months ago +6

      That was kind of weird, but I think he ask questions right away because if not...the hot would set in. And it really would get hot,
      So by him or her opening their mouth, air is going in and out.
      To have some type of circulation.
      I wouldn't do that. That's to hot for me.😡

  • Joseph Mach
    Joseph Mach Year ago +1711

    We need to have Kevin and the Rock together on this show. Would be the funniest thing ever!!!

    • Seemab Mubarak
      Seemab Mubarak 13 days ago

      Yes please

    • Coco Tyler
      Coco Tyler 18 days ago +1

      @Nina Kondza the rock prides himself on being kind and down to earth but at the end of the day he is THE ROCK lol i don’t doubt he would do this because Kevin mr ego himself did it

    • Nathan Reed
      Nathan Reed Month ago +2

      @Nina Kondza When you're a legendary wrestler and a Hollywood top pick Youd have a bit of an ego. Comes with the business

    • opus 57
      opus 57 Month ago +4

      @Nina Kondza um... he lost in Doom, pretty badly. bro got blown up

    • Fay8th
      Fay8th 2 months ago


  • Dey
    Dey 9 months ago +362

    The stare down then Sean immediately asking a question once he took a bite was the funniest thing 😂😂 19:25

    • Exoblix’s
      Exoblix’s 7 months ago +4

      i didn’t notice that before lol

  • Hunter Conway
    Hunter Conway Year ago +1528

    **Kevin takes a bite**
    Sean: "so as we've talked about-"
    Kevin: "god- you better wait a minute"

    • Morgan Rees-Pearson
      Morgan Rees-Pearson Month ago

      It's also the way that Sean watches in anticipation of asking the question

    • ItsMeNala
      ItsMeNala Month ago +2

      He said “what” but still funny 😂

    • TitaTati
      TitaTati Year ago +20

      laughed so hard on this one 🤣🤣🤣.

  • Marcelo Souza
    Marcelo Souza Year ago +7724

    I love how he started full of swag with the sunglasses and one by one the wings broke him down...

    • Samurai Simz
      Samurai Simz Month ago

      FR BRUH🤣😂

    • sdg72
      sdg72 Month ago


    • Damián "el Salsuero"
      Damián "el Salsuero" 4 months ago +1

      @miilQ Sorry... don't know what you're talking about.

    • miilQ
      miilQ 4 months ago

      @Damián "el Salsuero" your favorite tag is probably "mind break"

  • Ratelin Botha
    Ratelin Botha 11 months ago +335

    I love how respectful Sean is when interviewing his guests 😊❤

    • ItsMeNala
      ItsMeNala Month ago +1

      @Danny Garcia oh cuz how he was acting to Sean?

    • Danny Garcia
      Danny Garcia Month ago

      @ItsMeNala kevin

    • ItsMeNala
      ItsMeNala Month ago

      @Google Korìsnik who?

    • Google Korìsnik
      Google Korìsnik 9 months ago +9

      he really did with kevin, so disrespectful of him

  • Rachel Knowles
    Rachel Knowles 7 months ago +179

    The comparison of this episode to the most recent one is insane. Sean is so much more relaxed now and takes his time with the questions.
    The evolution of both the show and him as an interviewer is phenomenal to watch.

    • Saurav
      Saurav Month ago


    • Joey Scott
      Joey Scott 3 months ago

      And you can tell they have different jobs. Kevin is a Comedian
      And Sean eat ht stuff.
      To even it out..Sean should do standup.

  • novaWRX
    novaWRX 9 months ago +98

    To me this is the peak of Hot Ones! The very last time they’ll ever have an A list celeb who has no idea what hell they’re about to endure. Been watching since season 2 and can’t be happier a good dude like Sean is getting his due. First We Feast, pay that man his money!

  • Tejumade
    Tejumade 9 months ago +516

    I feel like this must be one of Sean's most difficult interviews. Kevin is like a toddler🙈. Just all over the place.

    • Tejumade
      Tejumade Month ago +1

      @Dara Lee I am relaxed. Maybe you should relax. Why are you so pressed about it?

    • Dara Lee
      Dara Lee Month ago +2

      Only time he breaks eye contact is when it get too hot to handle. Not everyone can handle that so relax on the judgment without knowing.

    • Simone Rene
      Simone Rene 2 months ago +5

      This was hilarious what are you talking about

    • R
      R 3 months ago +6

      @VKN Gx right?! Atleast make eye contact

    • Prodigy Grinder
      Prodigy Grinder 5 months ago +8

      He did fine 🙄

  • Archismaan Bhattacharjee
    Archismaan Bhattacharjee 4 months ago +28

    He just got the whole set laughing. Such an amazing comedian and personality is he

    • Ryan W
      Ryan W 11 hours ago

      Nah he just brought his posse who laugh at everything he does no matter what

  • Luana P.F.
    Luana P.F. 15 days ago +1

    Don't know if I'm going mad, but every time I watch these hot ones now, I start feeling the spicy taste in my mouth. Mind boggling

  • Kenia Beltran
    Kenia Beltran 10 months ago +58

    I almost died crying of laughter when he said we about to sht some fire 🔥 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Simone Singletary
    Simone Singletary 8 months ago +30

    I've watched this video at least 5 times and it NEVER 👏🏽GETS 👏🏽OLD! My favorite line Kevin says is: "We out here now ain't we?" 😂

  • R. Oyler
    R. Oyler 5 years ago +2569

    my favorite part is watching Sean continue to ask insightful questions while the guest is completely distracted by the heat

    • Samuel Epps
      Samuel Epps 4 years ago +1

      R. Oyler I agree with ya, Sean asking these questions while Kevin just feel mortified.

    • jerooo159
      jerooo159 4 years ago +9

      Nah, There is a time limit for how long Kevin or any other guest can be there. They are famous people, they have to get to places you know.

    • Jackie Jakovljevic
      Jackie Jakovljevic 4 years ago +18

      I get its hot and you needa chance to gather yourself, but I felt like Hart was paying too much attention to his mate :s Sean would begin speaking and Hart immediately cut him off way too many times. Even in the first few wings before it got really hot Hart wasnt really ever paying attention to Sean lol feels like thats the reason he kept getting straight into the questions.

    • nicole abrenica
      nicole abrenica 4 years ago +24

      I kinda didn’t like that at some points because Hart is trynna gather his bearings while Sean is kind of badgering him for an answer idk I guess I found it kind of annoying. Even Kevin was like “damn why u gotta talk while I’m -“ and then stopped cause his mouth was dying. I know that was kinda the point but stilllll ehhhhhhh

    • Cristian astello
      Cristian astello 4 years ago +2

      R. Oyler and the guest every 3 word slick ahhhhh shit it's hot

  • TheOneCleanHippy
    TheOneCleanHippy 10 days ago +1

    Sean has gotten so much better at interviewing over the years. These days he's able to really build an instant rapport with the celebrities, whereas back here Kevin Hart was barely acknowledging him and was paying much more attention to his entourage off-screen.

  • Natalie Thomas
    Natalie Thomas 11 months ago +55

    I watched it again!! Still my favorite!!😂😂😂 I couldn’t stop laughing 😂

    • Anthhurs
      Anthhurs 15 hours ago

      @Drew Tyson I like that one too

    • Drew Tyson
      Drew Tyson 18 hours ago

      Definitely a good one but for me, out of the ones I’ve seen so far, Shaq has the best one

  • joe diamond
    joe diamond Year ago +29

    This is by far my favorite one yet, so funny as you would expect 😂

  • Sussy Baka
    Sussy Baka 5 months ago +12

    Old episode... BUT Sean & the whole crew have done such an amazing job improving their show. Sean gets more "clean" lol and professional with his role in this show. Crew does amazing research and I just wanted to point out, as I've watched this show for years, how amazing it was this long ago, but how only MINOR changes have been made to improve just PROVING how great they've always been!

  • N Ã S S
    N Ã S S 4 years ago +12921

    Kevin Hart is hilarious, but this host is underrated af 😂

    • Abdullah Aznag
      Abdullah Aznag 4 months ago

      I don't like the host neither

    • Mya A.
      Mya A. 8 months ago

      no frrrrr 😂😂

    • Craig Small
      Craig Small 9 months ago

      @unrefusableoffer lol you joking right?

    • Anderson R
      Anderson R 10 months ago +1

      Naaa we all know how badass Sean is

    • unrefusableoffer
      unrefusableoffer Year ago +1

      host speaks like an interviewer, way too formal.

  • Keith Rosenthal
    Keith Rosenthal 6 months ago +16

    You can tell that this is when Sean was still coming into his own. You can see he’s just going with question after question, not recognizing the celebrities in pain, going off of that, having fun with them suffering but he is just constantly pushing the question and ignoring everything else. Very serious. Newer episodes Sean realized where he had to take it and has more of a normal conversation with questions involved

  • abbie ceesay
    abbie ceesay 3 months ago +5

    When I'm having a bad day, I come back and watch this. One of the best episodes ever!

  • Brian Green
    Brian Green Year ago +12

    This episode made me a serious fan. Funnies one by far. Any time I’m bummed and need to laugh I come watch this episode. Kevin Hart was extremely entertaining 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mustafa Mohammed
    Mustafa Mohammed Year ago +16

    3 years later and this is still funny, we need another one

  • Andrea Nye
    Andrea Nye Year ago +65

    I love that he cracks himself up. It's so cute.

    • ItsRosey
      ItsRosey 5 months ago +2

      I love that most about him

  • El Joelo
    El Joelo Year ago +11

    Kevin was drunk or high from the start since he had difficulties enunciating. Still one of my all time favorite comedians.

  • Ruth Ilano
    Ruth Ilano Year ago +20

    I've been addicted to these videos for a bit and I gotta say wow, Mr. Hart's has been the most inspirational for me I was not expecting that

  • Jeremiah Griffins
    Jeremiah Griffins 6 months ago +10

    Cant get enough of this episode, one of the funniest every time I watch can't stop laughing

  • Chris Buck
    Chris Buck Year ago +4540

    I have never laughed so hard when kev goes “why you with the talking right after man “ 😂

    • Mulhat Abdillahi
      Mulhat Abdillahi 2 months ago +2

      Same man. I’m dying here😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Caffeine
      Caffeine 2 months ago +2

      "Why do have to make eye contact?" LOL

    • Itzel Heruiz
      Itzel Heruiz 2 months ago +2

      @QuantumBraced that's the point, put em in pain and get the to work through the pain

    • MegaAwesome1121
      MegaAwesome1121 4 months ago +2

      @QuantumBraced I hate that Sean always does that

    • QuantumBraced
      QuantumBraced 4 months ago +7

      LOL. I kind of agree, it's the worst time to ask a long convoluted question, right after someone has had a superhot wing and is struggling to breathe.

  • Cyn Ev
    Cyn Ev 4 months ago +1

    I absolutely LOVE this show! Been watching for years & this one is my FAV! Please, PLEASE, put the names of the sauces in text next to the bottles. Some of those labels are so hard to read and fans want to actually try these at home. Keep up the awesome work, Sean!

  • Pontsho Potloane
    Pontsho Potloane 7 months ago +11

    😂😂😂😂I am cracking up watching this. The way Sean wants to just keep talking during these dark times LOL

  • mytwinsroc
    mytwinsroc 8 months ago +13

    I’m laughing my ass off while he has half of his jacket off talking about wanting to look stylish when he’s on stage it cannot get any better than this

  • Doogie
    Doogie 8 months ago +4

    Great show! Kudos to Kevin Hart! I learned a couple things while eating hot Foods & Spices over the years. Number one if some Joker tells you to try this pepper and simply eats the small tip of it, don't trust them tell them to take another bite. There are no seeds in the tip of a pepper. Obviously never wipe your eyes. And water only spreads the oil that the seeds hold with all of that heat. And, I used to get those funny feelings that felt like I was drunk. That is your brain sending your body's morphine in response to the pain. Endorphins maybe adrenaline as well

  • Junior Kay
    Junior Kay 2 years ago +5033

    This guy is a robot he’s trained to speak exactly when the guest takes a bite

    • Stepan
      Stepan 9 months ago


    • Micheal Burns
      Micheal Burns 10 months ago

      Man it's edited, they interview for a full hour and cut it down to the episode length. They make it look exactly how they want it to look.

    • J.Gilly
      J.Gilly Year ago

      @Bruh 555 you need help

    • Highhh By
      Highhh By Year ago

      @LordSesshomaru86 uhm cause he was eating hot ass wings 🤣🤣🤣

  • WellGoodMorninMax
    WellGoodMorninMax Month ago +1

    I would love to see a second interview with these two
    A lot of chemistry here

  • Ronald Jorman
    Ronald Jorman 11 months ago +13

    This episode still makes me laugh every time I watch it

  • Bellie Rose
    Bellie Rose 9 months ago +10

    Watching this almost at the end of 2021, seeing his reaction everytime he took a bite made me feel excited for the next year 🤣 Coz he's like trying to have a best time in his life, like I did in 2021 😅

  • CT
    CT 4 months ago +6

    This was, this is, and will FOREVER BE, THE BEST AND FUNNIEST HOT WINGS EPISODES EVER!!!!!!!!!! I love when Kevin said, wha I couldn’t hear you man!!!

  • Bobby Machete
    Bobby Machete Year ago +1323

    Sean matches Kevin's energy so well. He mentioned once about mirroring his guests, and you can really see that in this episode. He's an amazing interviewer.

    • Hellopleesh
      Hellopleesh 17 days ago

      Nothing against Kevin, but this is definitely one of the worst interviews he's gotten to do. Kevin was performing for the crowd, Sean couldn't even talk to him lol. Kevin doesn't even look at Sean once the whole time haha.

    • Kingtosin The3rd
      Kingtosin The3rd 4 months ago

      I’m laughing so hard

    • Cruzin’
      Cruzin’ 5 months ago +6

      I felt Kevin’s entourage should not have been in the room. He keeps looking at and ‘performing for’ those off camera and it’s super distracting and disrespectful to the host.
      Watch Gordon’s episode. He’s zoned in on the host the entire time.

    • TriIII
      TriIII 8 months ago +4

      Raul Casas yeah these earlier seasons are rougher fs. He’s come along way

    • Supersonicgaming
      Supersonicgaming 9 months ago +27

      Dude how? Their energy was so off the questions where good but I could tell Sean was kinda struggling with the tempo he was dead serious while Kevin’ struggling with the wings and look desperate for those answers

  • Ali Siblini
    Ali Siblini 9 months ago +10

    We need to see a round 2 of this man. Maybe even with shaq or the rock

  • Liban Valladares
    Liban Valladares Year ago +26

    This is still one of the FUNNIEST EPISODES!!!!!! Hands down still cracks me up

  • Good Vibes
    Good Vibes 8 months ago +6

    I don't think i laughed as much , seeing others take this challenge . I enjoyed hearing both laugh together really though

  • Just a Guy
    Just a Guy 9 months ago +12

    You can tell that Kevin came into this thinking that it was a joke and he was on his high horse. But once that spice level kicked up, the shades came off and he was humbled!

  • Lauren Moore
    Lauren Moore Year ago +5555

    The fact that he took his jacket halfway off and then just left it like that 😂

    • ItsMeNala
      ItsMeNala Month ago +2

      @Nuri Dickson as a black person I will never understand that 😂

    • Night Owl Rally
      Night Owl Rally 3 months ago +4

      @Nuri Dickson Respect! I don't care how I look most days long as I'm comfortable xD

    • Hazal
      Hazal 9 months ago


    • Kino D
      Kino D 10 months ago +1

      @Lauren Moore ohhh shii long lost twin

  • Reko Sosa
    Reko Sosa 6 months ago +7

    Would love to see Kevin back on he is hilarious

  • Nora Ursus
    Nora Ursus 10 months ago +32

    I wish Kevin Hart would do this again by far he was the best one. It was hilarious

  • Theresa Davis
    Theresa Davis 11 months ago +8

    This was the funniest one I’ve watched so far!! 😂🤣😂🤣

  • liveelovelaugh1
    liveelovelaugh1 8 months ago +18

    “Gimme a water man. You see me over here strugglin’” 😂 @13:54 my fav part

  • S [][]
    S [][] 3 years ago +2949

    We need Ryan Reynolds or impractical jokers on this show ASAP !!!!!!!! Would be LIT

    • Lisa Brummett
      Lisa Brummett 3 months ago

      @GP2626 I love me some Joe

    • zerocraic
      zerocraic  Year ago

      I would love to watch Sal get upset on this show 😂

    • Hopegarden
      Hopegarden 2 years ago +6

      Joe will go like.....Laaaaaarrryyyyyy

    • Pinoy
      Pinoy 2 years ago

      SeRgio [][] ryan reynolds would awesomeeeeeee

    • Rukiasenpai
      Rukiasenpai 2 years ago +3

      Omg I totally agree I love Ryan Reynolds he needs to be on here and I vote for sal murry Joe and q to be on here to lol

  • Southernblonde1310
    Southernblonde1310 Month ago +1

    Kevin's shout out to having him on the show is why I love him.

  • Doug Stewart
    Doug Stewart 11 months ago +10

    This host is a real professional ! He should be in the big leagues!!

  • Cindy Poole
    Cindy Poole 11 months ago +20

    Kevin you have SO made history. Hart means so much to so many.

  • Catherine Fisher
    Catherine Fisher 11 months ago +3

    Sean is relentless - this is a brilliant concept and hilarious to watch

  • Who’s That Chick
    Who’s That Chick 4 years ago +2529

    The way the host asks the questions straight after Kevin takes a bites is hilarious 😂🤣

    • And3
      And3 3 years ago

      @Mike Pressley lol pain

    • Mike Pressley
      Mike Pressley 3 years ago +2

      The host is probably doing it to try and take the guests mind off the pain!

    • And3
      And3 3 years ago +2

      Yeah, you can see his face everytime Kevin about to take he bite, he was just waiting to ask. Lol

    • brian tyler
      brian tyler 4 years ago +1

      Lol we out here.

    • Nicolas
      Nicolas 4 years ago

      Sean can legit torture someone and asks their about their internet history searches with all these hot sauces.... I mean, look how calm he is! lol

  • Devon Hill
    Devon Hill 9 months ago +11

    20:20 when Kevin thinks he's drunk I never laughed so hard 🤣

  • Eclypse
    Eclypse 6 months ago +2

    Coming back to watch some of these older Hot One episodes and to see the clear growth of Mr. Sean Evans is amazing.

  • Dj Stone
    Dj Stone Year ago +20

    I love how Kevin eats every wing like a man knowing damn well its gonna hurt lol

  • Brianni Hough
    Brianni Hough 11 months ago +13

    This is hilarious EVERYTIME I watch it … “ we out here now” lol

  • Two Cents
    Two Cents 4 years ago +6156

    This shit really makes me want some hot wings

  • Xxi Britannia
    Xxi Britannia 11 months ago +5

    Can't stop laughing with this 🤣

  • Suren Shrestha
    Suren Shrestha Year ago +7

    Kevin definitely knows where the crowd is. Love this guy.

  • canihelpyou
    canihelpyou 4 months ago +1

    this is still one of the funniest hot wings reaction 😂😂😂

  • Leesha
    Leesha Month ago +3

    The fact that Sean does this every time amazes me - doesn’t even phase him lol

  • SquirrelBawks
    SquirrelBawks 3 years ago +18010

    Yo $20 Kevin’s feet don’t touch the ground sitting on that chair

  • Hawesome134
    Hawesome134 6 months ago +1

    “Are you ready to move on?”
    Kevin: “ Nope, but I’m going do it”
    Kevin never disappoints 😂😂😂

  • Jonson Doe
    Jonson Doe 2 months ago

    Dope interview, he stayed on it and succeeded becoming one of the most known comedians and then some.

  • jennyreay1
    jennyreay1 7 months ago +5

    How can he not laugh his head off when hes interviewing these celebs. Some are hilarious 😂 lol 😆 .

  • Brenda Vanderbilt
    Brenda Vanderbilt 8 months ago +6

    I love Kevin hart he always make me laugh, but this shit right here, I’m still crying, I can barley leave this comment. Laughter truly is good for the soul, and in the midst of everything I’m going through now, this truly blessed me and made me forget all my pain. I stumbled on you guys channel Saturday and absolutely love love love it, now instead of crying I laugh yes laughing my pain away! Kudos to your channel I will always be watching, thank you for making me feel so much better❤️

  • Ysabelle Nicole Lood
    Ysabelle Nicole Lood Year ago +9552

    Kevin Hart : takes bite
    Kevin: Holyshi-

    • sugarbeartay
      sugarbeartay 6 months ago

      My favorite part in every episode. Especially Key and Peele. One beauty of this genius show production

    • Calley Michelle
      Calley Michelle 7 months ago


    • Mya A.
      Mya A. 8 months ago


    • Hazel Ann Espital
      Hazel Ann Espital 8 months ago


    • Rq3yB
      Rq3yB Year ago +2

      19:32 IFKR!😂😂

  • Madison Krull
    Madison Krull 10 months ago +15

    Imagine Kevin and Dwayne Johnson doing this together 💀

  • kato223
    kato223 Year ago +7

    Kevin has it! WOW! I love these interviews because they give you so much insight into the person that you don't see in movies or only what you hear from others. Kevin is indeed a great man! I have always loved his work and now watching this has put him over the top in my book! Great job and keep up the great work Kevin!!!

  • Patrícia Aguiar
    Patrícia Aguiar 6 months ago +5

    kevin is naturally funny istg that man just breathes and makes me laugh

  • Pickleless
    Pickleless 9 months ago +5

    Honestly I take his interaction with his friends as him being relaxed more than disrespectful. I agree that it does come off as disrespectful, therefore is disrespectful, but he seemed to be just living up the experience with his friends, and compliments the show with his ad time for being an interesting, good experience. Very self focused, but not malicious at all.

  • Ian Honeycutt
    Ian Honeycutt 2 years ago +4955

    I love how Kevin hart acts like a thug in the beginning, like with his glasses on and shit, and then he progressively breaks down during the episode.

    • Miss B
      Miss B 9 months ago

      @EazyTheDon54St I dunno man, I just watched a recent episode and the guest didn't know about the last dab.

    • 凧
       Year ago +8

      Let’s stop using words incorrectly. There isn’t a thug alive that acts like this 💀

    • Sassy K
      Sassy K Year ago

      Exactly 😂😂😂😩😩

    • Peace and love BO
      Peace and love BO Year ago +10

      That's not acting like a thug

  • lexxus Smith
    lexxus Smith 10 months ago +6

    I love that Kevin cracks me up he is so hilarious 😂 he is the best comedian and actor ever 😍

  • Sim Simas
    Sim Simas Year ago +5

    Sean is so good at interviewing. How is he doing this? Damn good episode.

  • auder
    auder 2 months ago

    Loved this! Never knew anything about Kevin, but now I know a little and will pay more attention to him. He's great!

  • Invincibleツ
    Invincibleツ 11 months ago +8

    Kevin Hart is honestly a super funny guy irl, he also seems like a really nice dude

  • Christopher Heflin
    Christopher Heflin 3 years ago +9749

    We need Dwayne Johnson on this show pronto.

  • Kell Marie
    Kell Marie 3 months ago +2

    The way Sean just goes to the next question is the funniest part of this interview

  • Sarah D
    Sarah D Year ago +1

    Sean’s interview skills have gotten sooo much better!

  • DJ Brizzle Trill
    DJ Brizzle Trill 6 months ago +1

    I saw Kevin live, funniest thing I ever seen in my life

  • Sai Pavan
    Sai Pavan 8 months ago +1

    we always wonder how hard it must have been for the celebrities to answer to the questions while eating spicy wings? but we never wonder how is sean evans able to asks questions so calmly while contril spice so hard@!

  • BeastVII
    BeastVII 4 years ago +1709


    • Arianikolle Ortemoreno
      Arianikolle Ortemoreno 6 months ago

      I mean he has done 40+ times he'll be dammed he didn't get used to it

    • Archangel888
      Archangel888 4 years ago

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    • Laura
      Laura 4 years ago +1

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      TheNovaGoose 4 years ago

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    • Ho lee Bawls
      Ho lee Bawls 4 years ago +1

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    Richard G Year ago +4862

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