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"I did not punch you, I was hitting you" - Audio Recording Between Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

  • Published on Apr 19, 2022
  • An audio recording was presented to the jury in court on Wednesday during the direct cross-examination of Johnny Depp. The recording depicts an argument between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard relating to a fight they had.

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  • Frumpus Numpus

    The fact that she thinks 'hitting' is not as bad as 'punching', and therefore he needs to stop complaining is just gross. She's subconsciously saying, 'I could have hurt you if I really wanted to, but I had pity on you'. That right there, is an abuser. Like, ma'am, you did hurt him, physically and emotionally.

  • Cuda_Clutch

    Listen to him, hear and break down his voice and tone. The man isn’t comfortable being there, he doesn’t want to be there. He wants peace and justice so he’s putting up with everything to end this torture. You’ll never read this Johnny, but you’re a good man and a loving father. An inspiration. If you’re ever in north east ohio, come grab a beer. I’ll buy.

  • Arctic !

    The fact she's still playing the victim card when she's clearly in the wrong is just astounding, I hope she gets the punishment she so rightfully deserves

  • bbyk^^0
    bbyk^^0  +2

    she’s so manipulative it’s disgusting, and the fact her ego is big enough to think she can manipulate the story and manipulate everyone on her side is even worse.

  • Some Random Human Being on The Internet

    I’m sorry, as someone who has trauma and has dealt with similar situations, watching Johnny Depp listening to that audio and then trying to keep his composure while explaining what they were is so heartbreaking.

  • Cicily Lunceford

    The fact that he even got down on his hands and knees during a fight to make sure she was ok, and for her to kick him says everything about his and her character

  • S117
    S117  +108

    She admitted to hitting him and played it off like it was nothing, telling him to grow up. But if the rules were reversed he would be sentenced to jail right then and there. Unbelievable.

  • What the cinnamon toast fuck

    If Depp doesn't win, it just goes to show how useless the justice system is. I am appalled by the lack of support male domestic violence victims have. Amber Heard deserves the worst sentence possible. Give this man peace.

  • Mandem
    Mandem  +3

    Amber Heard in her recent testimony: "I know you can't hit a woman- you can't hit a man- you can't hit anyone"

  • Bochan
    Bochan  +844

    It's honestly impressive how while hearing herself say such things in court with a jury she can keep her expression. It's so clear she is the abusive one here.

  • Katelyn Walker

    Don’t know if any of you guys seen Amber testify yet, but if you did, did you notice how she stares at him the whole time he’s on the stand, but the whole time she was on the stand he did not even look up? Most people who are in court with an abuser it actually physically pains them to stare at their abuser.

  • Rachel
    Rachel  +150

    I love how she uses pledge and donate synonymously but yet she has a clear distinction between hit and punch

  • Dark
    Dark  +65

    The fact he had his career permanently damaged because HE was the victim is honestly disgusting.

  • Gary
    Gary  +1

    Johnny is more genuine in giving his testimony. He actually seems like he's recalling an actual memory. He speaks deliberately, without a lot of "filler noises" like "ummm." He gives specifics too, so the listener can really picture the scene in their head.

  • Oliviya Lupardus

    You can see it in his eyes and feel it through his emotions when he was listening to these recordings. He is definitely reminiscing and reimagining the scenario. My heart goes out to him.

  • el :]
    el :]  +226

    this is actually embarrassing for her. the fact she keeps fighting for this is only making it worse, it’s truly sad.

  • M-Set
    M-Set  +714

    I can't imagine a woman that is being hit and threatened by a man in her marriage, hitting him, bullying him and calling him a baby with such an ease.

  • EmmaBerra
    EmmaBerra  +22

    The look on Johnny's face is heartbreaking. That woman is a disgrace... a monster.

  • Sikanda
    Sikanda  +30

    The way she looks around like an empty robot trying to emulate sadness to garner sympathy from the jury is appalling. I can't believe this case isn't closed already. There's actual recording of her admitting she assaulted him multiple times, what more do they want? Give Johnny back his credibility and career, that man deserves a medal for sticking his head out of the water after what he's been through.

  • Some Random Human Being on The Internet

    Wow, the fact that throughout these audio clips Depp remained entirely calm, no matter how angry Amber got, is insane to me. He’s such a cool person and obviously the victim in this conversation.