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So I made a "Spooky" Difficulty in Minecraft...

  • Published on Oct 31, 2020
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    So I made a "Spooky" Difficulty in Minecraft...
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    Outro music www.youtube.com/watch?v=IatXU...
    In this video, I made a Minecraft, but Challenge / Difficulty where Spooky / halloween / scary gameplay is key. The entire game of Minecraft is changed into something scary. A lot of people have done "Minecraft, but" challenges on these difficulties, so I figured making a new one is the best thing to do. Have fun, goodluck. You will need it... Minecraft but challenges, Minecraft difficulty and lots more fun Minecraft mods / plugins / datapacks. Custom coded survival challenge by Fundy. This gamemode was super funny and hilarious to make / play. I had a great time and making the video was great. I wonder if it's possible to do a Minecraft, but style video / challenge / competition / difficulty with this! Would love to see it! This was a really funny concept to work on, and I definitely enjoyed it all the way through. I hope you enjoy the video as well!
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  • avamaewoo
    avamaewoo Year ago +7425

    me, who's already scared by regular cave sounds and mobs that can be killed: this sounds like an excellent idea

  • T1M0THY_YT
    T1M0THY_YT 6 months ago +322

    You know it's good when the creator itself is scared of his own work

  • space_ juice
    space_ juice 2 months ago +96

    Pair this difficulty with a proximity chat and microphone detection. A whole new horror game right there

  • e
    e 6 months ago +596

    You know how it’s already scary enough? Now imagine playing this in VR whilst home alone.

    • Sour  Strawberry
      Sour Strawberry  5 hours ago +1

      @KiooZaax I would die of fear I’m in my room with my cat and the lights on with the video paused and I’m scared

      OVERDRIVE78 17 hours ago

      @KiooZaax Bro...

    • Megan D
      Megan D 2 days ago

      Oh I'd cry. I'd cry so hard

    • Deniz Niederberger
      Deniz Niederberger 2 days ago

      Leave your porch door open

    • Light Sylver
      Light Sylver 6 days ago

      Better yet install this on a family members vr headset so when they next play vr minecraft they wished they were dead

  • An Owl
    An Owl 5 months ago +255

    How to deal with “demons”
    Shade: just don’t make a sound, don’t run, and just crouch.
    Visitor:look directly up, or down.

    • Pencil
      Pencil 28 days ago +2

      @Nonickname I thought I heard once it was 4, my bad

    • Nonickname
      Nonickname Month ago +2

      @Pencil its 3 blocks tall lmao

    • Pencil
      Pencil Month ago +3

      Better to face down, as endermen are 4 blocks tall, and you could probably see them if you look directly up

    • winterhorb
      winterhorb Month ago

      @Nonickname epic man

    • Crazed Axe But Better
      Crazed Axe But Better Month ago

      Void trap

  • AquaFellDown
    AquaFellDown Year ago +2539

    *What all of our first nights in Minecraft felt like:*

    • SpunkyCheetah
      SpunkyCheetah 7 days ago

      One of the first times I played Minecraft as a kid, I was playing in peaceful creative mode and I used a spawn egg to spawn a blaze. Of course the blaze despawned immediately, because that's how peaceful mode works, but I thought it had teleported away and was watching me from the shadows so I quite the world out of fear that I was being stalked by a stealthy blaze that could be anywhere around me

    • Huzaefah Syed
      Huzaefah Syed 27 days ago +1

      @Cherry Blossom My first Minecraft survival world I was spawn killed by a polar bear. I hate tundra biomes so much…
      Apparently if you are close to a polar bear and her cub in Minecraft she’ll start attacking you. That would have been helpful to know.

    • cookiecrumbs
      cookiecrumbs Month ago


    • Leanne Bond
      Leanne Bond 3 months ago


    • Seek
      Seek 3 months ago

      Lol true

  • Undead Gamer
    Undead Gamer Month ago +12

    I feel something that would have pushed this beyond epic into nightmare fuel, is to add a mob that only spawns in caves and peaks out from behind blocks at random just to give you a spook
    Edit: Also... I got spooked by a fucking leaf block... Feels bad man

  • Mexican Dream
    Mexican Dream 6 months ago +46

    You know it's scary if the person who legit made it and had probably heard it several times before recording gets scared from it.

  • rule0
    rule0 6 months ago +36

    For some reason, i love seeing fundy slowly going insane and starting to yell at crows

  • EndTurist
    EndTurist 2 months ago +17

    Fundy in start of the video:
    "It's so cool!"
    Fundy three minutes later:
    "I hate it!"

  • Dorus Blanken
    Dorus Blanken Year ago +7249

    *Turns minecraft into a horror game*
    Also Fundy:

    • Starry Agent99
      Starry Agent99 Month ago

      Me: laughs in Ancient Cities and Warden

    • Fog on the street
      Fog on the street Year ago

      If you really want to make a horror game in minecraft, just add to coding some mods, that relate to it.
      Seriously, that will help

    • UnusualBlu
      UnusualBlu Year ago

      something forsed him to

    • kn2187
      kn2187 Year ago

      Imagine dream speedrunning this

    • DiamondSnake125
      DiamondSnake125 Year ago

      Well th that's wat happened

  • SkyeBorgYT - Music
    SkyeBorgYT - Music 4 months ago +9

    Imagine if you played this difficulty in 1.19 fighting the warden

  • the wolf studio
    the wolf studio 2 months ago +4

    I feel like it'd work a bit nicer if the heartbeat's volume was also based on proximity and maybe a bit quieter, just as a sorta touch of subtlety, but dis is a very nice mod, mate.

  • IronBrandon
    IronBrandon 3 months ago +11

    Kinda sad this project was abandoned, it actually looked really interesting

    • IronBrandon
      IronBrandon 2 days ago

      @Cool_Aneek I’m guessing he was too busy with other things and didn’t expect it to go anywhere, or he just wasn’t having fun anymore

    • Cool_Aneek
      Cool_Aneek 2 days ago +1

      Huhh when???whyy??!

    • IronBrandon
      IronBrandon 12 days ago +2

      Still very sad it was abandoned

  • UG1
    UG1 4 months ago +5

    If the visitor had a custom texture, It would probably be an alternate.

  • nära till naturen.-*
    nära till naturen.-* Year ago +4823

    "There is one thing more dangerous than a shade."
    _"A visitor."_
    Me: Relatable.

    • Anonymous Simp
      Anonymous Simp 4 months ago

      especially those who wanted to enter your room and destroy it.

    • No one knows
      No one knows 4 months ago

      too true

    • Mmouse
      Mmouse 4 months ago +1

      Thank god someone gets it

    • full_moon_umbreon
      full_moon_umbreon 5 months ago +1

      this comment gave me "there's only one thing worst than a ####, boom" " a child" "no" vibes

    • Marco GC
      Marco GC 7 months ago +1


  • Nios
    Nios 2 months ago +2

    This sounds like a sick idea to put it on a server, is there a way to get this as a mod?

  • John Elsmore
    John Elsmore 2 months ago +4

    Even in creative mode Fundy is still scared of everything

  • bored elder god
    bored elder god 4 months ago +3

    I have an idea
    Nymph: it produces a small dim light and they are invisible they only spawn in caves and mostly near mineshafts they really dont like other light sorces (including other nymphs) so if they see a light sorce they will go near it and attempt to kill it so you have to turn off your flash light with in about 3 second and if you dont they near by monster know where you are meaning if they find another nyphm they will still try to call nearby mobs they will also kill the nyphm they are attacking ...oh did i mention that they know the difference bettween a lava light and the player? Have fun :)

  • 花Mrs. Fl wer花
    花Mrs. Fl wer花 3 months ago +1

    If I want to be honest the cave could be scarrier by adding a random mob to run thru, but it's just there for a Jumpscare!

  • Mika
    Mika Year ago +6953

    Fundy: *hears weird noise*
    Also fundy: *makes weirder noises to assert dominance*

    • BethGrace30
      BethGrace30 5 months ago +1

      Ha ha LOL 😆 this wasn't scary for me at all

    • ~ Mysterymind ~
      ~ Mysterymind ~ 5 months ago

      OrCa CaLl SoUnD

    • Jovone' O
      Jovone' O 7 months ago

      I laughed so hard when I herd those sounds 😆

    • Antonzio_99
      Antonzio_99 7 months ago

      *BWAA! *

    • Marco GC
      Marco GC 7 months ago

      @Sad Trombone sigma rule right there

  • Carlos Cerda Castro
    Carlos Cerda Castro 4 months ago +6

    Come on, Fundy. Finish this mod, please. I beg you 😭

  • DogeDogeMan
    DogeDogeMan 4 months ago +1

    There's no need to be scared about the sounds, cause it can be comforting, cause instead of you being in a dark scary cave, well at least you're now not alone.
    You can know that I am with you. Peeking over your shoulder.

  • Gabriel Fuhr
    Gabriel Fuhr Month ago +1

    watching this with the lights off, window open, and screen brightness all the way down is the optimal way to experience this.

  • StormyCreed
    StormyCreed  2 months ago +1

    Imagine even texturing the mobs to be creepy too

  • PirateNutz
    PirateNutz Year ago +2588

    "there's only one thing more dangerous than a shade"
    "a child"

  • Jason Janssen
    Jason Janssen 5 months ago +1

    Never thought they could make worse cave sounds.

  • Immortal6701
    Immortal6701 2 months ago +1

    Just imagine seeing two pitch white eyes in this mode on a single player world

  • FromAndToUnknown
    FromAndToUnknown 2 months ago

    now that i think about it, it feels like the "shades" is basicallythe preversion of the warden

  • Cosmo Gaming
    Cosmo Gaming Month ago

    I was literally sitting with my feet on my chair the whole time!! Thank you fundy for making me never sleep again!!!

  • A Random Aro
    A Random Aro Year ago +1594

    Alternate video title: Fundy getting scared by his own creation for 20 minutes straight

  • Deko
    Deko 5 months ago

    It's a shame he gave up on this mod. I was really excited to play it..

  • mineturtttle
    mineturtttle 5 months ago

    This reminds me of the new warden update so much and I cant get rid of the thought that mojang just got the idea from Fundy😂

  • James Surbrook
    James Surbrook 2 months ago

    I have an idea for a new mob for this mod I call it "the depth" they are like drowns but they can drag you down into the water until you drown and to make things worst you can tell that one is near not just by your heart rate but also the color of the water, because it gets more red the closer it gets. to make things worst put some ender eyes in the water. oh ya last thing to survive you need to stand completely still you can look at it if its in your site but just... don't... move. I think they cloud look like sirens 'the mythical mermaid things'. not like a real siren.

  • lord lem
    lord lem 5 months ago +1

    "They're blind, They're fast, and they're deadly"
    Me: so wardens basically

  • SpeedSeinVater
    SpeedSeinVater Year ago +3825

    I like how Fundy is scared of his own creation😂

  • DualSwitch
    DualSwitch 6 months ago +2

    It’s been an entire year and he still hasn’t released this.

  • Tanya Crocker
    Tanya Crocker 2 months ago

    I love these videos and I am hoping that you make more of them

  • Mega Chonk
    Mega Chonk 6 months ago

    Imagine playing this difficulty while the 1.19 warden is somewhere near you..

  • Duckzombie11
    Duckzombie11 6 months ago

    “Spooky” difficulty. Understatement of the century

  • akihira
    akihira Year ago +1734

    Fundy saying *there is something to be scared about-*
    has the same energy as Ranboo saying " *okay, there is ONE bad thing that is a powder* "

    • I'm probably taller than you IRL
      I'm probably taller than you IRL 6 months ago

      @Schizoid man are you ok buddy

    • Schizoid man
      Schizoid man 7 months ago +2

      Helikopter, helikopter!(🇧🇦♀️♂️🚁😍)
      Para kofer, para kofer!(💵💼💵💼💪👨‍💼)
      Helikopter, helikopter(🇧🇦🚁)
      Šaljem ako treba(♥️📤🚁)
      Para kofer, para kofer(💵💼💵💼)
      Da bacaš sa neba(📤🌃)
      Helikopter, helikopter(💣🚁🇧🇦)
      Kol'ko treba zlata(💵💵❓❓❓)
      Samo da od doma otvoriš mi vrata(👐🚪📂👉😤😤😤)
      Majko moja, kakva je(🌌🚁🚁)
      Stvorena je za mene(👉😤)
      Majko moja, vidi je(👆😍😍🚁)
      Vrh ljepote, takva je(🌌🌌🌌🚁🚁🚁)
      Ne postoji blago to(💵✖️)
      A ni cijena ta(🏷️🏷️🏷️)
      Na koju ne pristajem(✋💵👉🚁)
      Da je imam ja(🚁✖️😭)
      Helikopter, helikopter(🇧🇦🚁)
      Šaljem ako treba(♥️📤🚁)
      Para kofer, para kofer(💵💼💵💼)
      Da bacaš sa neba(📤🌃)
      Helikopter, helikopter(💣🚁🇧🇦)
      Kol'ko treba zlata(💵💵❓❓❓)
      Samo da od doma otvoriš mi vrata(👐🚪📂👉😤😤😤)
      Kao da je dragi Bog(☪️🧕🛐)
      Baš za sebe stvorio(🏗️⚒️👉😤)
      Moje oko nikad ljepšu(✖️👀)
      Od nje nije vidjelo(🚁>🚁)
      Ne postoji blago to(💵✖️)
      A ni cijena ta(🏷️🏷️🏷️)
      Na koju ne pristajem(✋💵👉🚁)
      Da je imam ja(🚁✖️😭)
      Helikopter, helikopter(🇧🇦🚁)
      Šaljem ako treba(♥️📤🚁)
      Para kofer, para kofer(💵💼💵💼)
      Da bacaš sa neba(📤🌃)
      Helikopter, helikopter(💣🚁🇧🇦)
      Kol'ko treba zlata(💵💵❓❓❓)
      Samo da od doma otvoriš mi vrata(👐🚪📂👉😤😤😤)

    • Marshmeburn
      Marshmeburn Year ago +2

      White powde-

    • ItsCraftyCat
      ItsCraftyCat Year ago +5


    • ItsCraftyCat
      ItsCraftyCat Year ago +5

      me:watches also me: got startled when my sister came by

  • • | Drowning | •
    • | Drowning | • 4 months ago

    imagine if i mixed this difficulty with some horror modpack this will be very more scary

  • BootTooBig
    BootTooBig 5 months ago

    Some of the noises you used are already in the game... for example, he used the basalt delta ambient for the cave

  • Waffle God
    Waffle God 2 days ago

    How else didn’t think the cave sounds couldn’t get more scary

  • Ghristopher Myers
    Ghristopher Myers 2 months ago +1

    You should have added a mob that watches you from the distance with glowing white eyes imo

  • Gyro Zeppeli
    Gyro Zeppeli Year ago +538

    I want the Dream Team to do a Minecraft manhunt with this game mode.

  • Mycroft 33
    Mycroft 33 2 months ago

    Ya know, it would be cool to see this revamped with some of the 1.19 stuff

  • Shayan Hossen
    Shayan Hossen 13 days ago

    Fundy: Explaining How Shades are Scary
    Also Fundy: Shows us its just a wither skeleton

  • Joe ma Ma
    Joe ma Ma 4 months ago +2

    Hey fundy, i had a cool idea in addition to the cave system, why not make the player blink randomly? I mean the sounds and darkness's is already scary. But imagine running from a creeper and then suddenly a scary music pops up and your screen went entirely blank.

    • Turtoile41
      Turtoile41 2 months ago +1

      Wouldn't it only go blank for like a second?

  • The hater
    The hater Month ago

    That cave scene is exactly how i act on normal difficulty in minecraft haha

  • Laff
    Laff Year ago +41125

    I’m gonna beat this in VR

  • Mr Axolotl
    Mr Axolotl 4 months ago

    Idea: Add a mob which rarely can spawn 50 blocks away from you and kinda like the shade all light will flicker

  • BoneScienceGaming
    BoneScienceGaming 4 months ago

    I was literally laughing the entire time at how scared he got over noises

  • Phyzzxx
    Phyzzxx 20 days ago +1

    Basically fundy predicted exactly what will happen when you get close to the warden.

  • Speakercouch
    Speakercouch 3 months ago

    Pretty Scary Update: Exists
    Fundy: Let's take it up a notch

  • Bitim
    Bitim Year ago +2362

    Fundy: “I’m lazy”
    Also Fundy: **has coded like 5 new game modes and an entire movie into minecraft**

    • ZaxaidilZaxTheGamer
      ZaxaidilZaxTheGamer 10 months ago

      @neptune sehat?

    • rene walker
      rene walker Year ago

      @The Real E yea right

    • Dominik Schäfer
      Dominik Schäfer Year ago

      @SomeRandomDoge dod Yeah he said it would be finished in some days. Now it's literally over 2 months...

    • OtakuGurl
      OtakuGurl Year ago

      And the movie was for a Minecraft date.

  • Andja Cavar
    Andja Cavar 4 months ago +1

    I just realised that "Shades" are some kind of Warden. Bdw good job on it! I really like it!

  • PxelGhast
    PxelGhast 4 months ago

    Fundy: *Says there are twelve ender eyes* Also Fundy: *Combines the ender eyes in his inventory to only seven of them*

  • cloudyloudy
    cloudyloudy 5 months ago

    This would be a great mod for a scary map

  • Jordan Golden
    Jordan Golden 4 months ago

    My heart should still be beating VERY LOUDLY 5 YEARS after encountering one of those deadly bad guys.
    I’m never getting it

  • Waffles4thewin
    Waffles4thewin Year ago +445

    I like how he's just walking around convincing himself he's not scared... And then practically peeing himself

    • Scientist Dr Milorad
      Scientist Dr Milorad Year ago +2

      @Nixon Tiau *NO* ✋😳

    • dv59
      dv59 Year ago +3

      @Nixon Tiau *N O*

    • Chris
      Chris Year ago +4

      "There's nothing to be scared about"
      "There's nothing to be scared about"
      *Creepy low growl*

    • Max Bermudez
      Max Bermudez Year ago +2

      Ikr lol

  • Conjob The Tyrant
    Conjob The Tyrant  4 months ago

    lol from this I wasn’t scared I was just laughing at how fundy was so scared of his own creation

  • Exotic_Tomato
    Exotic_Tomato Month ago +2

    Me watching this at 1am and with big fear of jump scares and the dark.

  • DJMo13
    DJMo13 Month ago

    This video is awesome, but it seems like the compression is kicking in on my phone really hard so… it isn’t really that scary for because of it. Please complete the mod and make it downloadable for others

  • Random stuff
    Random stuff 2 months ago +1

    That's how I imagine my backyard at night.

  • KenMarie
    KenMarie  Year ago +2836

    Fundy: Trying to make something spooky
    Ads: “I’m gonna ruin this mans whole career”

  • StupendousX
    StupendousX 2 months ago +1

    fundy 2 years ago: "im going to spend the entire next few days working on this difficulty; making it perfect. And once its finally done ill tell you guys about it and give you the download."
    me :D (exited)
    fundy for the next 2 years:

  • Kami & Nari
    Kami & Nari Month ago

    Remember kids, "If you hear weird or scary noises, just make weirder or scarier noises louder to assert dominance."

  • Base13
    Base13 5 months ago

    Fundy: The cave sounds are a lot worse
    Mojang: Are you sure about that?

  • Zoey Cruz
    Zoey Cruz 18 days ago

    I cant wait for the spooky difficulty✨

  • Useless Human Being
    Useless Human Being Year ago +1749

    Minecraft Players: *"Cave sounds aren't scary, grow up!"*
    Fundy: *"I'm gonna end this man's whole career"*

  • pro GAMER F103
    pro GAMER F103 5 months ago

    Imagine this in hardcore

  • Sweet.lili.45
    Sweet.lili.45 Month ago

    Philza just looking after his grandson the whole video be like: *crow sounds*
    Fundy: Go away demon!

  • Blind Honor
    Blind Honor 4 months ago +1

    Will we ever get the full version for download or is this just a benched project

  • w0mpyy
    w0mpyy Month ago +1

    This needs to be playable!!

  • Creative Username
    Creative Username Year ago +1063

    Introverts: “There is one thing more dangerous than a shade, One thing.”
    Introverts: “...And it is a visitor.”

    • hello
      hello Year ago

      @The ? yeah its called socially awkward, im a socially awkward introvert.. but introvert itself just means you prefer alone time, its not the same thing but a lot of introverts do feel socially awkward so i guess its grouped together

    • TheAmazing Pug
      TheAmazing Pug Year ago +3

      @The ? I am and I’m a introvert but hey

    • Gremlin Master
      Gremlin Master Year ago +3

      I can agree

    • The ?
      The ? Year ago +2

      @Elrian Arseid so your an ambivert. But it is still funny though.

    • Elrian Arseid
      Elrian Arseid Year ago +2

      @The ? well i'm both introvert and extrovert so i don't really know about stuff like this but sometimes yes

  • Soulreaper666
    Soulreaper666 28 days ago

    I love your videos thank you so much keep em coming

  • taya krasnikova
    taya krasnikova 17 days ago

    thank you so much for your work!

  • Nicodapeek2
    Nicodapeek2 7 days ago +1

    It's been a full year, Fundy. Where's the difficulty?

    LLEVC 5 months ago

    i like how it's been almost two years now and there still isn't a download link 😂

  • Balazs Docs
    Balazs Docs Year ago +438

    Fundy: This difficulty is really scary and thus isn't suitable for the faint of heart
    People who have experienced the regular cave sounds in Minecraft: *Pathetic*

    • Robert Moore
      Robert Moore Year ago +1

      i feel like there should be some high pitch shrill sounds along with the ones he added

    • sodaii
      sodaii Year ago +1

      *you call this scary*

    • Votch
      Votch Year ago

      Haha Cave go BRRRRRR

    • Spoonnuggies
      Spoonnuggies Year ago


    • Spoonnuggies
      Spoonnuggies Year ago


  • Logic71
    Logic71 9 days ago +1

    Fundy: I can also make loud noises, *starts to choke"

  • Dalsus
    Dalsus Month ago +2

    i watched the entire video without skipping and never got scared
    its also 4am and my family is asleep

  • Reed Phillips
    Reed Phillips 6 months ago

    The most scary fear: fear of the unknown
    Fundy: so much fear of the unknown

  • RandomFricklet
    RandomFricklet 2 months ago

    Imagine if the shades started to attack you only when you look at them when the heartbeat sound starts playing imagine you're in a cave start hearing the heartbeat sound turn around and see a shade

  • Global Dinosaur
    Global Dinosaur Year ago +516

    Fundy: "I am very lazy"
    Also Fundy: codes an entirely new difficulty
    Take some credit man

    • James
      James  Year ago

      1 reply wtf

    • Gaffclant
      Gaffclant Year ago +10

      As a coder myself, lazy or not our stuff still will look like we put effort into it lol

  • Eastin Alvarez
    Eastin Alvarez 2 months ago +2

    4:54 that sound scares me the most if I heard that sound in minecraft I’m digging underground 3 blocks and covering the top

  • Crusal Flames
    Crusal Flames 5 months ago +1

    Do this again but with the new warden and the darkness effect

  • Savannah Ehrman
    Savannah Ehrman 4 months ago +1

    At 5:00 my guess would be those are the Wales of the Damned Souls that tried surviving this new land of nightmares

  • Sans
    Sans 2 months ago +1

    But orginal cave sounds are more scary then all sounds in this dificulty

  • Le skinny doge
    Le skinny doge Year ago +2685

    "They're blind, They're fast, and they're deadly"
    "so wardens basically"

    • • Levî •
      • Levî • 4 hours ago

      @Foxi someone said if hes chasing you he goes at mach 5

    • bonky
      bonky  13 hours ago

      yea the heartbeat sound to compared to the menace we got now

    • Brandon Miller
      Brandon Miller 5 days ago

      Wise man

    • doggo 69
      doggo 69 6 days ago

      but smol

  • AshTheDash
    AshTheDash 4 months ago +1

    bro imagine playing minecraft hardcore while watching this

  • mastermine1117
    mastermine1117 Month ago +1

    imagine combining this with the scape and run parasites mod!!

    • LucasDotje
      LucasDotje Month ago

      I Wanted To Do That But I Can't Download It :{

  • Gio
    Gio 3 months ago

    Fundy: 'I'm lazy'
    Also Fundy: *makes a whole new game mode* 😭🤣

  • dragon cat
    dragon cat Month ago +1

    If there isn't a sound of just footsteps sprinting towards you then I'd like to suggest it lol

  • LavenderTheLime
    LavenderTheLime 5 months ago

    Fundy is going to have nightmares of traversing a dark mushroom forest and stepping through damp caves with a flickering flashlight after this

  • Double H
    Double H 29 days ago

    Pls make this so no new mobs are added the aesthetic of this mod is crazy good

  • Weeb SCP 096
    Weeb SCP 096 2 months ago +1

    Ah, it's just a shade, I've played enough phasmophobia to know that all I need to do is bring 1 person with me!

  • Maxwellquipey
    Maxwellquipey 3 months ago +1

    Sorry, but the darkness makes it very difficult for me to tell if there is anything at all and I might walk into things.

  • Click Egg Or u bad
    Click Egg Or u bad Year ago +1839

    If Minecraft cave sounds was a game: