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I made your dumb ideas in Minecraft...

  • Published on Sep 18, 2020
  • I decided to make your dumb ideas in Minecraft, and here's what you came up with. I am not proud of you. Video heavily inspired by Michael Reeves. You're awesome.
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    Outro music: Kokonoku - Delicious!
    So I made your dumb ideas in Minecraft... Now while this is not a fundy Difficulty, or a Minecraft, but video, I think it was still funny and enjoyable to watch. I hope you enjoyed it!
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  • Fundy
    Fundy  2 years ago +33367

    (that might be a lie, but who knows)

  • Gavin Brooks
    Gavin Brooks 2 years ago +6308

    This man is the Michael Reeves of Minecraft.

  • FlamingNinja_95
    FlamingNinja_95 2 months ago +295

    Fundy is the only person who can turn the idea "Forever alone"into a dance party.

  • Li'lBlu RidingHood
    Li'lBlu RidingHood Month ago +101

    I just realized that coders are the gods of minecraft worlds.

    • Stepanchicko
      Stepanchicko 5 days ago

      @sombody what?

    • sombody
      sombody 6 days ago

      @Stepanchicko Ay now no need to get so pressed about it, it you don't like it then dislike the comment. Not that hard dude

    • Stepanchicko
      Stepanchicko 14 days ago

      Okay Sherlock

    • Catriona Lawless
      Catriona Lawless 14 days ago +2

      Yeah lol

    • Mase.0
      Mase.0 Month ago +2

      Lol right

  • TheWilderCat
    TheWilderCat 2 months ago +91

    “Modified entity data of Ender Dragon” followed by violent death sounds was unreasonably amusing.

    • a name
      a name Month ago

      When I saw that, I immediately started thinking the game modified the ender dragon’s liver to nothing.

  • Slapith
    Slapith Month ago +21

    Everyone is trying their best to do something crazy. Meanwhile, Smug Gabe shows up says the word "egg" and manages to hard crash the game.

  • Hoodend
    Hoodend 2 years ago +8740

    This dude is turning into a family friendly Micheal Reeves.

    • Cody
      Cody 2 months ago

      What yo mean

    • DarkSide
      DarkSide 2 months ago

      Why doesn’t anybody know how to spell Michael

    • IloveCatz
      IloveCatz 4 months ago

      Say what now

    • Midnightsky9671
      Midnightsky9671 4 months ago

      Holy heck yea

    • mscreg
      mscreg 4 months ago

      Want you to make a infinity sword

  • Unemployed Professional

    The Terraria in Minecraft was really impressive and so nice !

  • Lee Thao
    Lee Thao 27 days ago +1

    According to quantum physics, the win-by-being-afk thing isnt that unreasonable, since the computer is in superposition, both winning and not winning at once, when it isnt being observed

  • Thunder Sun
    Thunder Sun Month ago +4

    I like how when fundy was afk he didn’t even need the stuff in his inventory

  • JAKO
    JAKO Month ago +2

    Heavily inspired by Michael Reeves. And I love it

  • Laura Milford
    Laura Milford Year ago +1815

    cutting the dirt block in half was the perfect opportunity for a “everything is cake” meme

  • Jose & Sofia Gaming YT

    Fun fact : The "You have to blink in the game" Is 100% change of the character to blink in bedrock WITH a custom skin

  • D1ff3r3nt_
    D1ff3r3nt_ 2 days ago +1

    To be fair, Tommy said *Minecraft* IN Terraria. Good luck with that, Fundy.

  • rubenfjr
    rubenfjr 3 days ago

    “Heres an egg.” *Famous last words before death.*

  • Ahmet Miraç Karabulut

    8:00 the speedrun record 😂

  • Qbomb 147
    Qbomb 147 2 years ago +3973

    Anyone who watches Michael Reeves knows this is a terrible idea.

  • Funky00Chunky
    Funky00Chunky 15 hours ago

    I was watching this video and as soon as the cat suggestion popped up my cat laid on my phone it was just chilling with me so I'm glad you subverted expectations.

  • SecretOwl Roblox
    SecretOwl Roblox 11 days ago

    In the first ten seconds of this video, I'm already laughing :)

  • Hola imma random person

    Imagine being able to cut off a villagers nose with shears

  • °•Im Lazy•°
    °•Im Lazy•° Month ago +1

    When he cut the dirt block i thought i was gonna get rickrolled 💀

  • saladass. km
    saladass. km 2 years ago +1869

    he's legit becoming Michael Reeves of Minecraft.

  • Thinkverse
    Thinkverse Month ago

    9:17 imagine you disabled forever alone and creepers are walking towards you lol

  • tucciG
    tucciG Month ago

    love how matt damon is also a dirt block

  • MrDemon RBLX
    MrDemon RBLX 6 days ago +1

    you know its true pain when you need to calculate how to shit

  • Wilbzone
    Wilbzone 4 days ago

    I watched this while working out idk why it made me want to do funny coding

  • The Inked Devil
    The Inked Devil Year ago +3080

    Minecraft, but you can string bees together to make flying machines.

  • ఌ︎ᴀʟɪᴊᴀʜꨄ︎

    That villager be like:
    "Im really not liking this sir"

  • fork in the microwave
    fork in the microwave 2 months ago

    "foxes named fundy turn into the death star" fundy:ok
    also fundy:breaks pc

  • The Quiet Prince
    The Quiet Prince 6 hours ago

    Simply farm crop and end up with angry mob villagers at your back

  • timothy spider
    timothy spider Month ago

    Famous last words
    “Theres an egg.. and uhh”

  • The0neAndOnlyNoob
    The0neAndOnlyNoob Year ago +4623

    He became Minecraft’s version of Michael Reeves

  • FrogBoi
    FrogBoi Day ago

    Nah when he cut that dirt in half i lost all my anxiety

  • Jennifer Wuorio
    Jennifer Wuorio Month ago

    I love how forever alone turned into a dance party XD

  • RAY_zin
    RAY_zin Month ago

    Fundy, if you do this again, can you please make it to where when you use a firework to fly, that a Llama follows :) It seems funny, I don't know

  • Lucida Shigeno
    Lucida Shigeno Month ago

    Fundy is literally so smart tho-

  • NotAHacker
    NotAHacker 2 years ago +1102

    Fundy "All of your ideas are absolutely garbage"
    Michael Reeves: "First time?"

  • Arli_91
    Arli_91 2 months ago

    Alternative title:fundy sayng "why?" compilation

  • gamer Wolfy
    gamer Wolfy Month ago

    You should add Warden Armor and sword and tools and other mobs in the deep dark

  • Amina Amina
    Amina Amina 2 months ago

    So painful to see people commenting dumb ideas, i totally agree with u fundys

  • emie jane malapad
    emie jane malapad Month ago

    I love the way Fundy was told when you jump the cat will die but instead he coded to kill himself

  • Krypto
    Krypto 2 years ago +3351

    I just realised that Fundy is the Minecraft version of Michael Reeves

  • Be@n
    Be@n 2 months ago

    I would like to see fundy code being able to tame a bee

  • waylonmorristexas
    waylonmorristexas 28 days ago +1

    Does anyone know how he made the eggs turn into more eggs?

  • Gloria Gómez
    Gloria Gómez Month ago

    Idea which most people will enjoy: a nerf for the warden

  • GuestStreamz
    GuestStreamz 2 months ago

    At least you get infinite cookies from the “cocoa beans”

  • lukewarm lani
    lukewarm lani 2 years ago +420

    “Forever alone? More like a dance party!!”
    - Fundy, 2020

  • LittlePuff_Ira
    LittlePuff_Ira 6 days ago

    Fundy is complaining about our dumb ideas but in reality, he’s probably enjoying it on the inside lol.

  • big monke
    big monke Month ago +1

    instead of hard-core make easy-core

  • Tahmidur rahman
    Tahmidur rahman 5 days ago

    6:20 it took around 6 seconds for egg to destroy fundy pc

  • ann obrien
    ann obrien 26 days ago

    Instead of losing hearts you gain them.

  • Snowdrop Pax
    Snowdrop Pax Year ago +5064

    Fundy to his fans: Give me some ideas to make in Minecraft.
    Quackity, Tommy, Philza, and Tubbo: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

  • Jacob Oswalt
    Jacob Oswalt 2 months ago

    i like the part where a fox sings while being surounded by horrifying dancing monsters that explode

  • Imad_Lmao8
    Imad_Lmao8 Month ago

    Forever alone would work better if every mob died dropping no loot

  • Rogerread1
    Rogerread1 Month ago

    Your a brilliant coder

  • KillerWolf
    KillerWolf Month ago +1

    Me: mom is that how chickens were born?
    Mom: YES
    Dad: nope
    Me: what?

  • Rohan Crow
    Rohan Crow 2 years ago +205

    I love how fundy starts by calling everyone’s ideas stupid and then ends up having fun :)

    • Shinom4ever
      Shinom4ever 2 years ago +1

      One thing doesn't counter the other... Also you didn't saw him codeing xD

  • joey678
    joey678 2 months ago +1

    6:27 fundy's computer rooter explodes

  • MrDemon RBLX
    MrDemon RBLX 6 days ago

    you know its true pain when you need to calculate how to shit

  • warWICKzz DeviLuke
    warWICKzz DeviLuke 27 days ago

    How about Armour and wing merge in one 😂

  • Booty bandit
    Booty bandit Month ago

    Getting a shit ton of Michael reeves vibes off this

  • fayyadh
    fayyadh 2 years ago +1733

    alternate title: The PG Michael Reeves of Minecraft.

  • Apyrxkッ
    Apyrxkッ Month ago

    6:23 this is just so comedic

  • Froggo
    Froggo Month ago

    3:28 This is what I do to my friends on discord xD

  • SunnyYelloTello
    SunnyYelloTello 2 months ago +1

    8:45 social distancing be like…

  • Savannah Brock
    Savannah Brock Month ago

    And also make peaceful mobs hostile hostile mobs friendly

  • seelcudoom1
    seelcudoom1 2 years ago +404

    fundy: makes it a thing
    fundy 5 seconds later: "WHY IS THIS A THING"

    REKC_BCQ 14 days ago

    “They’re supposed to be FUNNY” That is so freaking funny. It’s so mean but I love it

  • Seek
    Seek Month ago

    Sanford: deez nuts
    Dedmos: deez nuts
    Hank: deez nuts

  • albatross_333
    albatross_333 Month ago

    U r 2 good at coding love ur vids

  • waylonmorristexas
    waylonmorristexas 28 days ago +1

    How did you make the eggs that turn into more eggs?

  • Matthias
    Matthias 2 years ago +320

    Tommy actually asked for "Minecraft" in "Terraria", not "Terraria" in "Minecraft". Please redo the video.

    • Ky8
      Ky8 Month ago


    • Katt IsWriting
      Katt IsWriting 2 years ago

      @Trevor Rutherford I hope this IS a joke, because if you didn't read, the whole principal comment was indeed a joke 🤡

    • Trevor Rutherford
      Trevor Rutherford 2 years ago


    • Preesha
      Preesha 2 years ago


    • Matthias
      Matthias 2 years ago +5

      @Brandon Johnson Calm down lol I'm just joking

  • ShadowkotPL
    ShadowkotPL Month ago

    Our ideas are dump but your interpretation is op

  • The Complicated Fish

    Fundy, you should make all the mobs love you and try and beat the game with you!

  • Robo skully
    Robo skully Month ago +1

    6:18 best part

  • Minecrafter
    Minecrafter Month ago

    6:25 eggs = infinity, world hunger solved

  • pyro
    pyro 2 years ago +476

    Fundy rants about how he’s almost the Minecraft equivalent of Michael reeves cause he gets a ton of shit ideas for 11m46s

  • KaitouZuxan
    KaitouZuxan 2 months ago

    Minecraft but you can summon the entire members of dream smp

  • Mr.youtubez
    Mr.youtubez 18 days ago

    The fact the villager walked over.

  • April Blair
    April Blair Month ago +1

    Make the ender dragon look like skulk and the warden

  • Baked Potato
    Baked Potato Month ago

    Its like me trying to make friends.🧍

  • ♡Lovely Dovey♡
    ♡Lovely Dovey♡ Year ago +944

    The title should have been “Fundy Losing His Sanity Because of His Fans”.

    • idkwatnametouse
      idkwatnametouse 8 months ago


    • Owen Verdibello
      Owen Verdibello 9 months ago

      and his own friends.

    • ♡Lovely Dovey♡
      ♡Lovely Dovey♡ Year ago +2

      @Maxis_eats_soap also forgot to mention his pals,lol my bad

    • Maxis_eats_soap
      Maxis_eats_soap Year ago +1

      +tommy, Quackity, Ph1LzA

    • Cole
      Cole Year ago +1

      Y e z

  • Shajilamol R
    Shajilamol R Month ago

    Make it so if you place something
    It will turn into a giant building

  • CreeperCart 2.0
    CreeperCart 2.0 2 months ago

    Edit: I just realised Fundy has Jotaro's hat.

  • SadBear234
    SadBear234 Month ago

    I feel like you and Phoenix SC are super similar, but you are more chaotic and Phoenix SC is just... I don't know.

  • _Solut1on
    _Solut1on Month ago

    3:31 was expecting Rick Roll...

  • ajunice.
    ajunice. 2 years ago +504

    Fundy out here acting like they’re horrible ideas when he really just gets to show off his coding skills

    • xtwrd
      xtwrd 2 years ago

      *k p o o p*

    • ajunice.
      ajunice. 2 years ago

      富士の長子 haha you so ✨funny✨

    • G
      G 2 years ago


    • BoxCart
      BoxCart 2 years ago

      He be flexing on us

  • Munir Ahmad Ahmadi
    Munir Ahmad Ahmadi Month ago

    You can make it whenever you complete the end portal the head or a hand of ender dragon comes from the portal and slaps you.
    Leather armor 9.5 hearts damage
    Gold armor 9 hearts damage
    Chain armor 8 hearts damage
    Iron armor 7 hearts damage
    Diamond armor 5.5 hearts damage
    Netherite armor 3 hearts damage
    Protection 1 =1 less damage
    Protection 2 =2 less damage
    Protection 3 =3 less damage
    Sorry if it's hard.

  • Donut Studios
    Donut Studios 2 months ago

    That Steve skull thing made me die

  • The empire Needs subs
    The empire Needs subs 20 hours ago

    The title making YOUR dumb mincraft ideas
    *messing around with jumping animals for half the video*

  • Коля Николаенко

    Make your person change the voice when you take damage

  • MischievousMarker
    MischievousMarker Year ago +1092

    Everyone who's ideas got in the video but got called dumb:
    *We've won, but at what cost?*

  • Agent Octo
    Agent Octo 2 months ago

    This reminds me of Michael Reeves video about stupid robot ideas, or Mumbo's silly redstone contraptions alot

  • Ace FrostPlayz
    Ace FrostPlayz Month ago

    Fundy deserves 50M subs right now

  • Luke Anforth
    Luke Anforth 2 months ago

    Pov: your that villager
    Fundy: *shits on him*

  • Patrycja Rafalska
    Patrycja Rafalska 2 months ago

    Egg: *Gets Double*
    Fundy: AAAAA

  • Hail Chocolate
    Hail Chocolate 2 years ago +318

    Fundy: “All of your ideas are garbage”
    Also Fundy: **laughing and suffering at the ridiculousness**

    • PaulC
      PaulC 2 years ago +1

      This is thr michael reeves of minecraft u cant disagree

    • Fabian Frei
      Fabian Frei 2 years ago +1

      Slowly turns into micheal reeves

    • sohg
      sohg 2 years ago

      i about to comment this lol

  • MonthlyMash
    MonthlyMash Month ago

    whoever knew eggs were so dangerous

  • Justin Gibbs
    Justin Gibbs 2 days ago +1

    Make tnt multiple when it explodes

  • MaxNatürlich
    MaxNatürlich 2 months ago +1

    I got an idea: minecraft but its minecraft dungeons