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So I made an "Apocalypse" Difficulty in Minecraft...

  • Published on Nov 14, 2020
  • So I made an "Apocalypse" Difficulty in Minecraft, a custom modded Difficulty where we removed the entire sun from Minecraft... this was insane.
    MERCH: fundy.store/
    Twitch (I livestream stuff weekly): www.twitch.tv/fundylive
    Twitter (video sneakpeeks): fundylive
    Discord: discord.gg/JQhZZBb
    Thanks to Kiryu144 for helping me code a major part of the mod!
    ★ Did you know subscribing on RUclips is free? Pretty neat, you should check that out. ★
    Intro soundcloud.com/kokonoku/um-ca...
    Outro music www.youtube.com/watch?v=IatXU...
    Minecraft, but the Sun Exploded. A custom Minecraft Difficulty / Challenge / Mod / Plugin that completely changes the game!
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  • Fundy
    Fundy  Year ago +27854

    I am aware of the tiny lagspike at 1:18 okay?! I am sorry!!

  • Yahiamice
    Yahiamice Year ago +12642

    This might be the only time in minecraft history where the bloody Nether's more habitable than the overworld. Christ's sake

    • Play Online Games
      Play Online Games 26 days ago

      basically you just need to go to the middle of overworld and nether, problem solved

    • Umbra Resistis
      Umbra Resistis Month ago

      there's another time in minecraft history where the nether is more habitable.: Scape and Run parasites

    • zShaRik WildCraft
      zShaRik WildCraft 5 months ago

      Yep. ;-;-;-;

    • cesarr dyoniziak
      cesarr dyoniziak 6 months ago

      well the nether has large fungus trees that are probably chemotrophic (chemical eating) or feed on decaying matter and considering that the nether since 1.16 is habitable yes...
      the nether would be a haven

    • Cute_cat
      Cute_cat 6 months ago

      i never agreed more-

  • Sophie Mosca
    Sophie Mosca Year ago +1162

    How is this gamemode "apocalyptic"? This is literally every day in Canada..

  • Charles Hampson
    Charles Hampson Year ago +410

    Hey, look on the bright side.
    You don't trip in this difficulty.

  • Lawrence Kwong
    Lawrence Kwong Year ago +105

    This would be the perfect mod for the new cave update, because now some plants grow underground so we don’t need to make plants above ground unrealistic which it would change the way the player survives and gathers food.

  • Combat Ben Þ
    Combat Ben Þ 4 months ago +13

    I'm pretty sure basalt is actually one of the most common volcanic rocks, being created when lava and magma reach a low enough temperature.
    Also when hovering over the basalt delta in Minecraft dungeons, it makes a ticking sound that indicates there's radiation.
    So the delta in basalt delta most likely means delta radiation, which delta radiation can completely ionize things with enough exposure.
    If you think that's bad, well basalt being the volcanic material it is, it tends to have volcanic gasses, which are poisonous.

  • Superior Nicholas
    Superior Nicholas Year ago +2103

    Fundy: “Have fun speedrunning this”
    Starter chest: now this looks like a job for me

  • no one
    no one 4 months ago +19

    "Those little guys are the only mob that can spawn EVER in this world"
    *literally ignores the bats flying around*

  • Fox of Heat Death
    Fox of Heat Death Year ago +15

    8:42 I don't think it's possible for snow to pile up that high. All the pressure would form heat deep below, causing the snow at the bottom to melt. I think if the snow passes like 5 blocks, the lowermost block melts into water or something idk.

  • Sergio King
    Sergio King Year ago +11

    Imagine how hard this would be if there was powdered snow as well

  • Hope Papernacky
    Hope Papernacky 9 months ago +16

    This feels scary.. I don’t know, it just feels isolated and dystopian. I kinda like the vibe.

  • Ayundaru
    Ayundaru Year ago +10977

    alternate title: Minecraft, but it's 2020

  • Spoop
    Spoop 6 months ago +4

    the heat from an oven should slow the freezing, iglos/caves/shelter should also *slow* or temporarily stop it from going down or up. although i can see how that'd be very difficult to code
    amazing work as always! i just said what i think would make the experience better and or easier

    • Drakewing Copperheart
      Drakewing Copperheart 6 months ago

      The furnace heating part is actually fairly simple, and is in Tough As Nails(the go-to temperature mod) with about the same function

  • Hamish Guthire
    Hamish Guthire 2 months ago +2

    Pair this with the Spooky difficulty to make a true horror-sci fi gameplay experience!

  • Eleftheria Savva
    Eleftheria Savva 2 months ago +2

    You should make an easy mode for this where you freese slower, the strays deal less damage and the snow grows slower

  • Angel™
    Angel™ Year ago +13

    "This is the ONLY mob that spawns"
    Bats: "Am I a joke to you?"

    • Cloudy Shxne
      Cloudy Shxne 6 months ago +1

      @niv. m yeah- I see comment copy and pasting everywhere

    • niv. m
      niv. m 7 months ago +1

      ok man this is really getting copy pasted.again...

  • XtremeFireFox
    XtremeFireFox Year ago +1557

    “Every single passive mob is dead”
    *Aren’t you a fox, Fundy?...*

  • Skippity Bop
    Skippity Bop Year ago +15

    “Basically the only mob in the game is this little guy”
    *shows stray*
    Bats in background: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • nancy xiang
    nancy xiang 2 months ago +1

    Considering the player is basically naked when they spawn in, managing to not die of hypothermia for a few seconds with no sun is amazing.

  • Eggdoe
    Eggdoe 5 months ago +1

    I like how he says “the only mob that ever spawns is the stray” then we just see the bats flying around 🤣

  • Appledrawss
    Appledrawss 16 days ago

    this as a whole video game but with some difficulty tweaks would be so incredibly fun, with like its own lore and stuff

  • Zachary Frank
    Zachary Frank Year ago +1223

    When Mojang said snowier snow, I didn’t think they would do this...

  • Mitch McCann
    Mitch McCann Month ago

    This is cool, the snow should start insulting you when you get snowed in. Apparently in certain places you should dig a hole and make a makeshift shelter out of snow.

  • Samuel Lillge
    Samuel Lillge 9 months ago +1

    Hey, funny idea. What if being on fire made you heat up twice as fast as a last-ditch effort to keep yourself warm?

  • c0smicCatBoi
    c0smicCatBoi 2 months ago

    You could still get food by smelting sand with the wood remands and get water bottles

  • Tybalt Harr
    Tybalt Harr Month ago

    I honestly wanna play this difficulty now. This looks din

  • Houdini
    Houdini Year ago +2551

    Fundy: "The only mob that spawns in this difficulty are STRAYS."
    *clearly shows six bats flying around the stray*

    • camman18
      camman18 17 days ago +1

      Polar bears should exist, right?

    • sebby the hyperspider
      sebby the hyperspider Month ago

      @S-DEW some ppl hav pet white bats

    • Skeepy
      Skeepy 2 months ago +1

      Bats are not mobs

    • Kizi
      Kizi 2 months ago +1

      This is exactly what I was thinking

    • insanity gaming
      insanity gaming 2 months ago

      there are other dead mobs, and What about polar bears and foxes?

  • Owen Rattner
    Owen Rattner Month ago

    This would be a great addition to the solar apocalypse mod. >_< so exciting!

  • Lukas Kapin
    Lukas Kapin 2 months ago +1

    World difficulty for me, i always wanted ever present endless tundra biome
    Temperature in minecraft outside of biomes doesnt mean anything, unless you need Ice and Snow.
    Now we just need to slow the freezing process so Hardcore and 1 life can be a thing

  • Muffin
    Muffin 4 months ago +2

    0:21 for plants so animals can feed then they get eaten and everyone has food technically without heat we could survive if we were able to adjust quick enough

  • Micah Willey
    Micah Willey Month ago

    This man gives me total Michael Reeves vibes and I love it

  • WadZee
    WadZee Year ago +11652

    don't ever make this downloadable, thanks

  • D1ff3r3nt_
    D1ff3r3nt_ Year ago +1

    Fundy: The only creature that spawns in this world is a stray
    Also Fundy: *walks past 2 bats*

  • Qwerty
    Qwerty 11 months ago +1

    "Basically the only mob that spawns.. is this guy!"
    The bat: Am I a joke to you?

  • BoogerOGravy
    BoogerOGravy 6 months ago +1

    Fundy: they're the only mob that spawns
    Bats: am I a joke to you?

  • Manperson the Human
    Manperson the Human 3 months ago

    Fundy: Adds freezing.
    Everyone in 1.17: He can see thing before they happen. It's a Jedi trait.

  • Lorena Botero
    Lorena Botero Year ago +955

    fundy: “stray is the only mob that spawns”
    the bat right next to fundy: “am i a joke to you?”

    • niv. m
      niv. m 7 months ago

      this comment is getting older as i scroll down aimlessley

    • Winder Wind
      Winder Wind Year ago

      @CatGotBored No copied comment may be rude and bad but it isn't in a youtube categorie of report so no
      And calm the heck down pls

    • CatGotBored
      CatGotBored Year ago


    • Winder Wind
      Winder Wind Year ago

      @CatGotBored Still not a reason to report for that just chill damn it

  • Landan Moore
    Landan Moore Month ago +2

    I like how he says the only thing left in the world is a Stray as a bat flies in front of him.

  • Giblej523
    Giblej523 6 months ago

    leather armor is super useful, but it's late game. you have to barter with piglins for leather

  • Artey Amor
    Artey Amor 4 months ago +1

    Imagine if you can go to a village ruin to find food but it’s just surrounded with snow.

  • Stephen Patterson

    Imagine this but with powdered snow from the 1.17 update.

  • Unqualified Toast
    Unqualified Toast Year ago +876

    "The only mob in the overworld"
    *Bats casually fly by him*
    "Imma just ignore that"

    • niv. m
      niv. m 7 months ago

      dude ive seen this joke atleast 50times this video just stop

    • uni
      uni Year ago

      @CoCloudy spawns. How do bats spawn if strays are the only one who spawns

    • kat
      kat Year ago +3

      He had fish in his inventory t the end 2 lol

    • Joe Gaming
      Joe Gaming Year ago


    • Mr. Sheeppeehs
      Mr. Sheeppeehs Year ago


  • Joshua Escasinas
    Joshua Escasinas Month ago

    fundy, to make the game more enjoyable for you, creating it, and for us, playing it, you could've added small little villages or reservation camps, consisting of villagers, little packs of animals, and small farms. it would aswell get tedious to always carry a campfire around so you could make some kind of armour in which makes you warm, for example: Leather armour, say you find a reservation camp with a blacksmith but all the blacksmith has is leather armour, you can wear said armour for a small fraction of the temperature bar, you could aswell craft the leather armour with other armour, such as: iron armour, leather armour plus iron armour equals Insulated Iron Armour, just a fun little side thing to do.

  • Max Lith
    Max Lith 5 months ago

    Honestly this would make an awesome dimension

  • Sani Jespersen
    Sani Jespersen 4 months ago

    10:50 Fundy: "Basically the only mob that ever spawns in the entire world is this little guy (Stray)"
    Bats entering screen: Am I a joke to you?

  • Leon Botschok
    Leon Botschok 2 months ago

    Firstly powdersnow and secondly leather Armor makes that you freeze slower (it doesnt Matter that you Cant get it) and a warmth bottle which can be fueled Up (get warm) at a fireplace

  • NotCan
    NotCan Year ago +2698

    “...the only mob that spawns in the entire world is, uh, is this little guy, the, uh, the Stray.”
    (Sad Bat noises)

    • Echoooo
      Echoooo Year ago +1

      If the bat is alive, does that mean the caves warm you up?

    • OneGreenSeaTurtle
      OneGreenSeaTurtle Year ago

      How did Polar Bears and snow foxes die when they are adapted to these conditions? Also the snow golems and snowmen

    • Random RimRock
      Random RimRock Year ago

      I was gonna comment that

    • Damian
      Damian Year ago

      I noticed that too

    • Rusha
      Rusha Year ago +1

      I was about to say that :D

  • Dallin Cory
    Dallin Cory 3 months ago

    "I present the only mob that spawns in this world" Fundi says as two bats cruise by.

  • Shade Kage
    Shade Kage 11 months ago

    This is practically a year old
    And this and the Halloween project have been totally forgotten
    Finish your old packs Fundy!

  • Elander Hurlen
    Elander Hurlen 6 months ago

    Fundy: there is only one mob in the game.
    Also Fundy: looking at a Stray and a bat at the same time.

  • McNuggies7361
    McNuggies7361 15 days ago

    This reminds me of the sun flares from Maze Runner except if the world got frozen, not scorched.

  • Karfour
    Karfour Year ago +1395

    Fundy: This is the only mob that spawns.
    Bat: casually flies by

    • Laquita McRae
      Laquita McRae 6 months ago

      No one:
      Funny:ThAtS ThE OnLy MoB ThAt SpAnS(bat: drinking invis potion

    • Purplinxe :/
      Purplinxe :/ Year ago +2

      The bat: Finally im not noticed by an youtuber

    • Imaginary
      Imaginary Year ago

      @cratus xd *Thats his son*

    • Imaginary
      Imaginary Year ago +1

      @Erkka *yes*

    • cratus xd
      cratus xd Year ago +9

      @Imaginary i tought it was a batman

  • Bacon_boi
    Bacon_boi 6 months ago +1

    Fundy: The only mob will spawn is the Stray
    Bats: Yea they’re the only mob will spawn

  • Stormy75
    Stormy75 6 months ago

    "This is the only mob that spawns in this world"
    The bat next to Fundy: Am I a joke to you?

  • DragonGamerAndArt
    DragonGamerAndArt 6 months ago +2

    you need to update this and add Goats(the only semi-passive mob that would survive) and Iceolegers

  • Jacky from Discord
    Jacky from Discord Month ago

    "the only mob that spawns is this guy, the stray!"
    the bats in the cave: *am i a joke to you?*

  • Incomplete River
    Incomplete River Year ago +1479

    *Sun explodes*
    *Earth is still there*
    Fundy: Ah yes science

    • Pedro Felipe
      Pedro Felipe Month ago

      That Does Not Excist

    • بووم كيربي تيلز Boom KirbyTails
    • No2ble Dasher
      No2ble Dasher Month ago

      @endenman18 otherwise known as illegal enchants, soooo.
      /ban earth

    • Emmett Simon
      Emmett Simon Month ago

      Also it wouldn’t be snowing infinitely because if the sun was gone the water cycle would stop and there would be no precipitation

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy 2 months ago

      Are you assuming that Steve, the man who can hold several million pounds of Gold, is on earth?

    YOUSI TORNADO 6 months ago

    Fundy: Basically the only mob that ever spawns in the entire world is a Stray
    *Two bats casually go past him*

  • Boaz Burger
    Boaz Burger 6 months ago +2

    If the sun died the earth would have burned, due to the sun swelling up before dying

  • Mya And family
    Mya And family 4 months ago +1

    10:50 “The only mob that ever spawns in the entire world-“
    The bats: _Are we a joke to you_

  • Zelotick
    Zelotick Year ago +5

    Fundy: There is only Strays
    Bats: Was I supposed to leave the group chat?

  • Raijou Konishi
    Raijou Konishi Year ago +803

    “You’re gonna die... a lot.”
    RLCraft Players: *Is that a challenge?*

  • PixelDragon
    PixelDragon 7 months ago

    Fundy: "The only mob that spawns in this difficulty are strays"
    Bats :flies by
    Nether mobs:still there
    ender dragon:also there

  • Krackle Venom
    Krackle Venom 2 months ago

    I love how fundy Says the only Mob that spawns here are strays while there are literally bats flying around next to him just ridiculous

  • nisplay
    nisplay 6 months ago

    Seed: doesn't have any sunlight and is in really cold temperatures
    Normal people: Well, it can't grow
    Fundy: 60X AS FAST

  • Minecraft Mikey Official

    If it was extended:
    New Strays: Buff, Elemental, Weak, Faster, Slower, TNT Stray
    Replacement for Creeper: Glacier Stalker (texture is blue ice) If it attacks you, your temperature bar go to the lowest point
    Replacement for Rabbit: Preserved Thing (passive) if you kill it, your health go’s down by 2 hearts (drops raw rabbit) (rare)
    Replacement for Enderman: Icyman (texture is blue ice too) basically like Enderman, but it is a frost mob like the stray

  • Taiga Aisaka
    Taiga Aisaka Year ago +273

    "Why do I always make thing that are incredibly impossible to beat"
    Wadzee: *Evil Laughter*

  • •°Star Samantha°•
    •°Star Samantha°• 8 months ago +3

    Fundy: "Strays are the only mob that spawn here"
    Me: "Oh! Okay... So bats aren't considered as mobs!"

  • Veszprémi Réka
    Veszprémi Réka 7 months ago

    fendy: the only living thing that spawns is the stray
    bats literally next to him: am i a joke to you?

  • Auuu
    Auuu 7 months ago

    "The only mob that spawns in the overworld"
    Meanwhile the bats that were in the cave, "have you forgotten us?"

  • TheXBacon
    TheXBacon 2 months ago

    Fundy: Skeletons are the only mobs that spawn
    Bats: What am I to you?

  • Everan
    Everan 5 months ago

    tip: go to the nether ASAP because the nether is like an oasis. Logs as in the forrest’s. stone from the black stone biomes. Food from the goblins that drop pork

  • Awold Sword
    Awold Sword 9 months ago

    10:50 “basically the only job which spawns in the game is a stray” “casually 2 bats flying around”

  • zclor
    zclor 6 months ago

    Fundy: The stray is the only mob that spawns
    Also fundy: *is in a cave with bats*

  • Austin Willey
    Austin Willey 2 months ago

    I like how in the cave when fundy says strays are the only mob you can clearly see bats flying around

    • Austin Willey
      Austin Willey 2 months ago

      POV: You have a comment idea before you read the top comments and don't realize someone already did it

  • Papi Alyx
    Papi Alyx Year ago +1165

    Fundy: “This is the only mob that spawns”
    The Bat when he’s showcasing the Stray: still don’t know my name;(

    • Sapper
      Sapper 11 months ago

      OTher mobs: "AAAA-" Bat: "This is fine"

    • Just_ISe
      Just_ISe Year ago +1

      @CrispyGaming it's okay my dood, everybody has atleast thought about something that somebody else has already been thinking about :)

    • CrispyGaming
      CrispyGaming Year ago +1

      I know, btw i havent seen this comment earlier and decided to comment about the bat too, but when i saw this comment, i was guilty ;-;

    • Omar Moktadir
      Omar Moktadir Year ago +2

      i was just about to say that and I saw tons of that

    • EricaWorshipeR
      EricaWorshipeR Year ago


  • Lunar Creeper
    Lunar Creeper Year ago +1

    imagine this in 1.17 with freezing to death feature

  • Justin Dolan
    Justin Dolan Year ago +2

    I’d recommend making the snow accumulate a little slower and add a set of armor that will keep you warm.

  • Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat

    Place torches , and have a floor made of ice.

  • Sodium fluoride
    Sodium fluoride 6 months ago

    Man, I really want to play this.

  • Lekatamur
    Lekatamur Year ago +409

    Fundy: “This is the only mob that spawns.”
    The bats: *flying around nervously*

    • Emmanuel Reyes
      Emmanuel Reyes Year ago

      /kill @e [type=bat] type that in a command_block set it to repeat always active you're good to go!
      It has a range limit tho

    • FaeWulf
      FaeWulf Year ago +2

      Yes this is what i am looking for.

  • larkol
    larkol 6 months ago

    But wouldn't there also be no more snowfall? If the sun is gone then the water cycle stops and water won't be evaporated into the atmosphere. and therefore no more rain to freeze into snow.

  • Mystik Wanderer
    Mystik Wanderer 11 months ago

    What you should have done is make the nether an underground overworld.
    Because I'd like to think that the nether is underneath the bedrock in the overworld. I know this maybe isn't true, but it's a cool thought.

  • Chara
    Chara Year ago +1

    I can’t wait until someone speed runs this mod

  • Gingerbread
    Gingerbread 6 months ago +1

    Am i the only one who realizes that it cant snow when theres no evaporation of water? If its soo cold theres no chance water will reach the sky by evaporating

  • Trapman
    Trapman Year ago +9008

    So is what the Netherlands is like.. no thanks I'll vacation in France

    • Pablo Garcia
      Pablo Garcia Year ago


    • Gorl heck
      Gorl heck Year ago

      Nah that’s Ohio yer thinkin of

    • Sk1pp
      Sk1pp Year ago

      @the Mousies goed ik ben helaas positief getest dus ik zit nu thuis

    • Justin Aguilar
      Justin Aguilar Year ago +1

      How to speak french
      Ver vere ver vert verse vere ver vere verse ion eau

    • the Mousies
      the Mousies Year ago

      @Sk1pp prima, en die van jou?

  • Tʜᴇ Pʀoxʏ Ⓧ
    Tʜᴇ Pʀoxʏ Ⓧ Month ago

    You know, the End is basically in like a..space. And the space is super cold. So it should be freezing you immediately :D

  • Max rlx
    Max rlx 6 months ago

    It’s always a consistent temperature underground so just go in a cave

  • Kyle Minecraft Chaos
    Kyle Minecraft Chaos 8 months ago

    10:49. Basically the only mob that can spawn. He says as a bat flies right past him. Also there are no living mobs. I think bats are living.🤔💭

  • Avtandil Nikoleishvili
    Avtandil Nikoleishvili 4 months ago +1

    Fundy: These are only mobs that spawn.
    Meanwhile Bats...

  • Clockwise
    Clockwise Year ago +417

    “The sun is a deadly laser “ Fundy : Not anymore!

    • Clockwise
      Clockwise Year ago

      @IwasFrogs yes

    • IwasFrogs
      IwasFrogs Year ago +1

      Scp-001| When day brakes:
      *I'm a joke to you?*

    • Fongkelyj风柯
      Fongkelyj风柯 Year ago

      Damn i miss that channep

    • BlueTheFox :3
      BlueTheFox :3 Year ago

      the cold is a deadly deadly

    • E
      E Year ago +2

      not anymore theres a blanket

  • Rehana Mohamed
    Rehana Mohamed 8 months ago

    I would have never thought that the nether would be safer than the overworld

  • Jennifer Ketterling
    Jennifer Ketterling 2 months ago +1

    Fundy: this is the only mob that spawns in the game.
    "bat flys past the screen"

  • mathguy37
    mathguy37 2 months ago

    The first 8 minutes should look normal because after 8 minutes light is no longer coming from the sun because it takes that time to get to earth

  • NotMikalinioo
    NotMikalinioo 5 months ago

    Fundy: This is the only mob that spawns.
    The bat literally flying around his face: Am i a joke to you?

  • ‘‘
    ‘‘ Year ago +557

    “Basically the only mob that ever spawns in the entire world is the stray”
    *speaks as bats spawn and fly past him*

    • Greninji
      Greninji Year ago +2

      @Beacon Blaster omg how could I be so blind your right it’s a cake

    • A large red lizard
      A large red lizard Year ago

      @Skull Y simple: Ender kids

    • Beacon Blaster
      Beacon Blaster Year ago +2

      @Greninji That's no bat! That's a cake!

    • Someone507
      Someone507 Year ago

      @Skull Y in the nether is a biome that spawns endermen is a blue forest

  • Sketch
    Sketch 2 days ago

    Fun Fact: We'll never know the difference in this video of ash from all the things burnt and reduced to nothing from the ever so large explosion of our beloved star within our system and snow

  • Zero_does_random_stuff

    Fundy: So yeah this is the only mob that spawns.
    Bat: am I a joke to you?

  • Patrick Lancaster

    He should recreate this with the new additions in 1.17
    (Freezing and powdered snow)

  • Mr Trixer
    Mr Trixer Month ago

    Okay, sooo. There is no living creature out there, no seed, no saplings and you freeze to death within seconds and have to spawn-die over and over again until you find a cave where you can dig in and start a campfire. Alternatively, get leather equipment on a random chest within a certain radius of said campfire.
    Oh, and you have to spawn in seeds for yourself to survive as well. Did you even consider making this playable at all here Fundy? I normally play hardcore but I cant even imagine having any chance whatsoever to last long enough to get even stone tools here. ^^"