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So I made Minecraft ACTUALLY impossible...

  • Published on Dec 10, 2023
  • I decided to add my own difficulty to Minecraft and make the game impossible. This was crazy, and incredibly dangerous, but so much fun to make...
    Merch: fundy.store
    Twitch (I livestream stuff weekly): / fundylive
    Twitter (video sneakpeeks): / fundylive
    Discord: / discord
    Plugin: www.mediafire.com/file/mgjwsfv...
    The plugin is written for a Minecraft 1.15.2 Spigot server. It is not a mod!
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    Outro music • Land of Petals
    Minecraft but challenges, Minecraft difficulty and lots more fun Minecraft mods / plugins / datapacks. Custom coded survival challenge by Fundy. This gamemode was super funny and hilarious to make / play.
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Comments • 24K

  • @Fundy
    @Fundy  3 years ago +34629

    Subscribe or I'll steal your shoes
    I really hope this doesn't get beaten in 2 days. again.

  • @Sam11714
    @Sam11714 3 years ago +4377

    someone: beats minecraft with his plugin
    fundy: *that is not okay.*

    • @random.ars0nist_410
      @random.ars0nist_410 3 years ago +23

      me after someone beats this difficulty too:
      *Impossible mode ++ :D*

    • @tryoxiss
      @tryoxiss 3 years ago +5

      Vchang a plugin is a mod

    • @an_egg_guy
      @an_egg_guy 3 years ago +5

      @@tryoxiss No it's not, mods can do a ton more than plugins. Mods are changes to the game's code. Plugins just affect the things servers do.

    • @22XERO22
      @22XERO22 3 years ago +2

      @@vc3986 who cares, both change gameplay.

    • @bloodyinkblot660
      @bloodyinkblot660 3 years ago

      Vchang It literally doesn’t even matter

  • @loblo5542
    @loblo5542 Year ago +406

    I think making cows hostile when you punch them or getting damage when you are too close to a cow would be quite realistic.

    • @cevatkokbudak6414
      @cevatkokbudak6414 4 months ago +2

      Also make them deadly ( Because in Turkiye, cows are in the list of deadliest animals )

    • @deft_spex_jr9628
      @deft_spex_jr9628 Month ago

      @@cevatkokbudak6414 And I remember watching a video on animals who saved human's life, a women's horse saved her from a cow attacking her, the cow ran off and both the horse and women were fine

  • @sinisterlennyface1178
    @sinisterlennyface1178 Year ago +269

    The new sleep/food system actually seems interesting, realistic and not over-the-top difficult! I wouldn't mind having it in my vanilla Minecraft.

    • @shanixzz2387
      @shanixzz2387 Year ago +13

      I would so shut up.

    • @dizzyizzyyt745
      @dizzyizzyyt745 11 months ago +2

      @@shanixzz2387 Its a mod its not like mojang will add it, or like you have to install the mod.

    • @underyou_bed
      @underyou_bed 11 months ago +10

      @@shanixzz2387 chill, its called an opinion. If it was a mod it would actually be fun, however in Vanilla I agree it might get annoying

  • @mif_sovremennosty
    @mif_sovremennosty Year ago +83

    Actually in one of the first April updates Mojang did the most impossible difficulty. It's really impossible just because you start dying from the beginning without any reason.

  • @Grandflea02
    @Grandflea02 2 years ago +732

    Ah, remember when tripping just slowed you down a bit?
    Rather than, you know, shooting your entire inventory everywhere in random directions?

    • @magnesiumzinc5486
      @magnesiumzinc5486 2 years ago +33

      and maybe better if random fragile things despawn and stuff

    • @depagogd1426
      @depagogd1426 Year ago +12

      @@magnesiumzinc5486 Like glass or sand or dirt?

    • @magnesiumzinc5486
      @magnesiumzinc5486 Year ago +8

      @@depagogd1426 and also prob lanterns as well

    • @depagogd1426
      @depagogd1426 Year ago +6

      @@magnesiumzinc5486 ok, sounds interesting

  • @LeShawnDeWalrus
    @LeShawnDeWalrus Year ago +125

    I love how Fundy showed us himself how to overcome that.

    • @TheRealMechael
      @TheRealMechael 7 months ago +5

      "Punching wood or stone hurts your fist, so make tools."
      Me realizing that the only way to get tools other than village chests and stuff is by wood: huh

  • @s4en
    @s4en 3 years ago +349

    Well, the IMPOSSIBLE Minecraft seemed pretty impossible, but maybe not enough

  • @sildsilly1167
    @sildsilly1167 Year ago +440

    you should make it so you take damage when you land in water from a high area (damage varies by how high you land) because in real life, you still take water pressure damage

    • @taugoldsboro7297
      @taugoldsboro7297 Year ago +2


    • @khajogaming5753
      @khajogaming5753 Year ago +7

      and it only doesn't deal damage when its ~3 blocks deep since you still would take damage with one block beneath you, but bcause of the water slowing u down u don't take full damage.

    • @heatherhaupt1684
      @heatherhaupt1684 Year ago +1

      That is true

    • @funiguy2219
      @funiguy2219 Year ago +2

      @@khajogaming5753 please dont jump from a building thinking minecrafr waterbucket mlgs are real

    • @khajogaming5753
      @khajogaming5753 Year ago

      @@funiguy2219 rather than trying a smart comeback I will try not to even though I know better

  • @mintreads6402
    @mintreads6402 2 years ago +1800

    fundy needs to make a podcast his voice is so soothing

  • @potatoe972
    @potatoe972 Year ago +11

    I think it would be really funny if you made a mod that was really difficult, so that someone would try to beat it. Then when they somehow managed to get the eyes of ender they’d find out that the portal was rigged to always spawn oitside the world barrier, with all 12 pearls filled too. It would be a funny way to waste 100 hours

  • @mylifeisacomplexpastiche7901

    One thing you should’ve added, or rather removed, was the damage done by explosions when you’re in the water. In real life, explosions are deadlier in water because it has a higher density than air and actually concentrates the shockwaves formed. So not only should you have taken away explosion resistance in water, but it should do even more damage if not outright kill you.

  • @TheKiwiYT
    @TheKiwiYT Year ago +6

    I think you should have given the wither skeletons enchanted netherite swords and made the charged creepers multiply when they explode. Maybe the difficulty should be hardcore too.

  • @inotfunny5755
    @inotfunny5755 3 years ago +1718

    Fundy: *Breaks a bee hive*
    Minecraft: Oh, time to die

    • @z1_p-
      @z1_p- 3 years ago +5

      My phone will not live with that bee nest sooo R.I.P PHONE

    • @SunnyCress
      @SunnyCress 3 years ago +1

      I can’t like because

    • @hiddengiggas
      @hiddengiggas 3 years ago +2


    • @dorito7753
      @dorito7753 3 years ago +1

      444th like

  • @bigboyhayes2667
    @bigboyhayes2667 2 years ago +757

    This isnt impossible ++ difficulty its just the realistic difficulty.

  • @sunshinedarkmoon1151
    @sunshinedarkmoon1151 2 years ago +532

    Fundy: cows are better than pigs!
    Technoblade: Am I a joke to you? (raises axe)

  • @StootWorts
    @StootWorts Year ago +3

    Actually I think the sleeping mechanic should be in the base game somehow. Maybe only in hardcore mode or a toggleable setting.

  • @Ptc_Alfo_788
    @Ptc_Alfo_788 2 years ago +218

    fundy: tries to make minecraft realistic
    also fundy: chickens made a ravanger.

    • @elagelilio1878
      @elagelilio1878 11 months ago

      ravager* make*

    • @Ptc_Alfo_788
      @Ptc_Alfo_788 11 months ago +3

      @@elagelilio1878 🤓

    • @majorse000
      @majorse000 10 months ago

      @@Ptc_Alfo_788 what's the trend with that whenever someone corrects someone or says something that's objectively right, you reply to them with that stupid emoji?

    • @Ptc_Alfo_788
      @Ptc_Alfo_788 10 months ago

      @@majorse000 that's a nerd emoji, because they are nerds to correct someone over silly grammatical mistakes on a random comment on the internet, I mean, we are in a comment section on the internet, no need to have a perfect grammar.

    • @majorse000
      @majorse000 10 months ago

      @@Ptc_Alfo_788 No need to call someone a nerd. Do you realize that it might be insulting?

  • @Ri_Guy16
    @Ri_Guy16 Year ago +10

    This just proves that real life is 100% hardcore

  • @rizaldy2594
    @rizaldy2594 3 years ago +254

    Fundy: Tries to make minecraft more realistic
    Also Fundy: *R A V A G E R*

  • @fernandocortes8875
    @fernandocortes8875 Year ago +18

    I love how wadzee gives fundy the ability to infinitely recycle this video idea, and it's still bomb after the 10th one 😆

  • @vaiibhavprabhuchandhar185

    The way that makes it truly impossible is if you remove the end dimention from the game.

  • @frogmangtm9091
    @frogmangtm9091 6 months ago

    this was quite hard but many of the features were easy to counter, if you see a ravager, dont go near it, same with the creepers and other mobs, carry many tools with you at all times and just play with your eyes open

  • @twigget2647
    @twigget2647 2 years ago +30

    What if when you wore armour while walking in the desert you sunk into the ground? This could apply to sand, gravel or leaf areas too probably

  • @lewisonhowerconnery259
    @lewisonhowerconnery259 11 months ago +16

    Someone: *beats impossible mode in 2 days*
    Fundy: "And I took that personally"
    And now we need a part three

  • @the_og_alpha
    @the_og_alpha 3 years ago +628

    "You don't feel tired" at night?
    Skeletons one shot you?
    Desert and hot biomes damage you?
    Cannot break trees with fists?
    A strong mob can spawn among peaceful ones?
    Yep, still sounds like RLcraft to me

    • @jokinglimitreached1503
      @jokinglimitreached1503 3 years ago +25

      Yes, Fundy's mod starts to look like...
      Faithful RLCraft

    • @silkengold
      @silkengold 3 years ago +1

      right haha

    • @thrictical
      @thrictical 3 years ago +7

      Also u can break tree with ur fists but in rlcraft u cant its gonna take. 1 year and its even gonna give u a log

    • @windestruct
      @windestruct 3 years ago +3

      Sometimes you feel not tired at night

    • @amemory7065
      @amemory7065 3 years ago

      You can break a tree with your fists it just hurts a lot

  • @henriquefuzishima1062

    love how the desert is way too hot for your armor
    but nether is just fine

  • @drabtortise9524
    @drabtortise9524 2 years ago +10

    There was a server that had this plugin. My friends and I spent almost 20 hours trying to beat this mode. We finally did it and it was one of the best (most infuriating) gaming experiences of my entire life. Just wanted to say thanks.

    • @Dhruv45124
      @Dhruv45124 Year ago

      Oh my god, I cant even beat the game in easy mode and u...

  • @gregtechnewhorizons

    the sleep thing is actually cool, i'd love it as a separate mod

  • @bottlegen4803
    @bottlegen4803 2 years ago +60

    Flaw: ice can be used to get on top on obsidian pillars in end.

  • @AbsurdlyLudicrous724

    "Impossible doesn't mean very difficult.
    Very difficult is winning the Nobel Prize;
    impossible is eating the Sun." -Lou Reed

  • @oNucx
    @oNucx 3 years ago +465

    Fundy: This plugin is really impossible.
    Dream: Let's do a speedrun.

  • @mayorbean1105
    @mayorbean1105 2 years ago +51

    True impossible difficulty: Remove strongholds

    @X-SPONGED 2 years ago +49

    Fundy : "Cows are better than pigs, and I tried to remove pigs from the game but I couldn't, I tried really hard but I just couldn't"
    _You hear a faint whisper from inside your head once the dutch fox said that sentence_

  • @gabboandgaming7131
    @gabboandgaming7131 11 months ago +2

    Since WadZee beat impossible++ I wanted to make some suggestions:
    1. Ender crystals take 3 hits to destroy
    2. If the player is in a cold biome they will freeze without armor
    3. As soon as you enter a village a raid begins
    4. Illagers have two iron axes, like how wither skeletons have two swords
    5. Any mob on fire can burn you if you are near them and Blazes can burn you even if you have a shield or fire protection armor
    6. Silverfish can be disguised as any block
    7. There is no more potions (for realism)
    8. Enderman can instantly teleport
    9. Villagers will avoid you if you hold out a weapon
    10. If a bed is used more than three times it will begin to hurt you because you had a "uncomfortable sleep"
    11. Using any type of pickaxe, axe, sword, shovel, or hoe can give you a splinter
    12. Moving for too long will make you get slower from exhaustion
    13. If you look at the sun you will get blindess for 5 seconds
    14. Skeletons arrows will burn, poison, weaken, and slow whoever is hit
    15. If you take a chest from a villager house all the iron golems will turn hostile and villagers will never trade with you (cause you are a thief)
    Other people can use this to also give suggestions to Fundy and I really enjoy what Fundy does.

  • @CheeseCakeWithFries
    @CheeseCakeWithFries 2 years ago +218

    Sign: I use to be a pig
    Technoblade: and I took that personally

  • @spiderbatkids5317
    @spiderbatkids5317 Year ago +2

    something I suggest: make it so water counts as something cold as long as it’s night and there is no lava outside the water in a 50 block radius.

  • @jellybby7953
    @jellybby7953 3 years ago +904

    Fundy: "so its impossible"
    Dream, wadzee and illumina: "are you challenging me?"

  • @sirquacksalot52
    @sirquacksalot52 2 years ago +2

    Suggestion: any tools/armor you have in your hot bar or inventory will go down by 1 Durability point for its durability as of wearing out.

  • @Skybox02
    @Skybox02 2 years ago +2

    I think it's funny how now we actually have moss in-game and Fundy literally predicted it.

  • @LegoinMotion09
    @LegoinMotion09 Year ago +2

    The armor is actually reflecting the light so you would probably be cooler.

  • @agressivebahamutdragon6696

    Fundy: You are slowly taking damage up to the point that you die due to overheating.
    Also Fundy:So anyway I started *walking*

  • @aidanhammans9337
    @aidanhammans9337 Year ago +1

    Dude, you missed a opportunity. You should make it so you can only eat Melon slices without getting ill effects. That way, it would be 100x as hard, but not statistically impossible

  • @juliatakahashi1121
    @juliatakahashi1121 3 years ago +525

    Wadzee: beats Fundy’s impossible game mode
    Fundy: there is another

  • @gileadtrantalis722
    @gileadtrantalis722 2 years ago +25

    WadZee will not beat this if you add this on top of what you did here: all mobs are invisible, make a villager’s trade only useable once, make it take 1 minute to regenerate half a heart, iron golems are always mad at you, all mob drops are rare, end crystals randomly regenerate, armour slows you down, shields health drops very quickly, landing in water that’s less then 10 blocks deep will not break your fall, potions only last one minute, cutting yourself is more common, durability drops faster, peaceful mobs like cows and sheep will attack you, pillagers shoot flame arrows, zombies can randomly spawn baby zombies, effects from mobs are permanent unless you die, most stone bricks in the stronghold are infested, standing on netherack will randomly burn you, the enderdragon does increased damage, skeletons have fully enchanted bows, zombies and wither skeletons duel wield fully enchanted Dimond swords and all tools and amour can randomly disappear. Yes, I want to see the world burn.

  • @meanwhileinthemindofagoril1343

    fundy: so i tried to remove pigs-
    technoblade: *blood for the blood god*

    • @astraygalaxy4916
      @astraygalaxy4916 2 years ago +2

      Technoblade : my family is extreme
      Fundy : remove's pigs
      Technoblade : nooo my family
      Wait what about piglins

  • @beaned3739
    @beaned3739 Year ago +1

    Fundy:creates a impossible++ gamemode
    Someone:somehow beats it
    Fundy:"years of academy training wasted"

  • @user-dc9sf2rl8m
    @user-dc9sf2rl8m 2 years ago +1

    If you wanna make it realistic with the tripping, install RealCW. It adds rocks and leaves and the grass.

  • @pixelz3040
    @pixelz3040 4 months ago

    My favorite part is that too make Minecraft harder, Fundy basically just turned it into Don't Starve

  • @josiahhodges1893
    @josiahhodges1893 3 years ago +418

    Fundy: Imposible!
    WadZee: (Completes it)
    Fundy: Parry this you filthy casual

  • @jaxonpatfield-ossel7505
    @jaxonpatfield-ossel7505 2 years ago +19

    Wouldn’t be hard enough you should add skeletons with shields and make them so live they can just pull out storage in all of them diamonds

  • @soulstonekim5470
    @soulstonekim5470 Year ago +11

    4:30 probably the reason why techno never dies

  • @MechanicallyGold
    @MechanicallyGold 10 months ago +1

    Fundy should make a difficulty that is all of his hardest difficulties together and see if anybody could beat it

  • @donutshark2013
    @donutshark2013 2 years ago +1

    Good stuff to add: all mobs are invincible and don't drop anything and make you burn and water and lava instantly kill you and you are always forced to be in hardcore and all mobs ( including passive and neutral mobs ) instantly kill you and have bows

  • @littleblockser8d840

    imagine doing this with the dice roll mod
    that'd be insane

  • @thatteen2173
    @thatteen2173 3 years ago +471

    “Here’s a little fact, Cows are better than pigs”
    Technoblade: *excuse me what*

    • @VoidWorldGaming
      @VoidWorldGaming 3 years ago +6

      Oh no let just hope he doesn’t try hunting for fundy’s head

    • @thesealdude2110
      @thesealdude2110 3 years ago +15

      Now pvp is much easier.
      Technoblade: I'm gonna kill ya
      gets close
      Becomes a sign

    • @bbaa752
      @bbaa752 3 years ago


    • @ren.67
      @ren.67 3 years ago

      I agree

    • @bidetsupremacy1698
      @bidetsupremacy1698 3 years ago +1

      Potato: I'm your food yet I made you king

  • @racer927
    @racer927 2 years ago +2

    Why would you give Wither Skeletons dual Iron Swords when they have no pets or minions to take advantage of the stat bonuses?
    (Props to whoever gets *that* reference)

  • @samuelcaskie9098
    @samuelcaskie9098 2 years ago +42

    "Up to 40,000 bees can be in one beehive"
    Me knowing exactly what's going to happen: Oh no

    • @kirbykraftgames
      @kirbykraftgames 11 months ago

      How can you know what happens next, when not even Fundy was prepared for what was gonna happen next

    • @keikoizawa8104
      @keikoizawa8104 11 months ago

      @@kirbykraftgames lol You can kind a predict that the bees will be replaced with something that is…. dangerous.

  • @_Funtime60
    @_Funtime60 Year ago +1

    Isn't peaceful already impossible? or does the dragon ignore that setting?

  • @VanessaTheDumbassMtfEeveeUWU

    To make this WAY harder...
    Use this and mix it with RLCraft

  • @amysbin
    @amysbin 11 months ago +1

    you should add sunburn, like if you are in the sun too long you will start to take damage and need shade

  • @yingsonic
    @yingsonic 3 years ago +647

    This is basically RLCraft,
    kinda realistic, but not.

    • @ItsKhad
      @ItsKhad 3 years ago +28

      Tf do u mean its realistic af! each time i walk on ice, I fly in the air...

    • @sammerchel8855
      @sammerchel8855 3 years ago +11

      @@ItsKhad yea like in real life

    • @alyshay82597
      @alyshay82597 3 years ago +12

      Sam M exactly, it’s so realistic! I can’t even count the amount of times my pet chicken gave birth to a full grown ravager.

    • @rito6046
      @rito6046 3 years ago +3

      @@ItsKhad wdym? don't you fly when you touch ice? it's realistic

    • @riakkoas8638
      @riakkoas8638 3 years ago +3

      Play Rlcraft and this plug in at once

  • @kallekiwi9011
    @kallekiwi9011 2 years ago +5

    Idea for another impossible mode: If you're too high up and jump in the water you will take fall damage

  • @ItzIngenious
    @ItzIngenious Year ago +3

    For one of these difficulties you should make inventory space smaller

    • @Astropug
      @Astropug Year ago +2

      There is a mod that makes it 1 hot bar space and no inventory

  • @adarsh_ravikumar
    @adarsh_ravikumar 6 months ago

    Or you could have locked the difficulty to peaceful and change the 12 eye end portal spawn chance to 0

  • @anthonyjohnson-qd9vt
    @anthonyjohnson-qd9vt 2 years ago +5

    suggestion: make it always night and spawn enemy's every time you mine.

  • @Chinarider1972
    @Chinarider1972 4 months ago

    Imagine just playing Minecraft and all the natural mobs you see, but some of them are literal Ravagers wanting to kill you.
    And after the nether update, Piglins and Hoglins all seem like animals…

  • @liuemma7175
    @liuemma7175 3 years ago +716

    Fundy: "Over 40,000 bees can live in a single beehive"
    me: "welp, my computer had a great life..."

  • @rat4198
    @rat4198 2 years ago +10

    Fundy’s next video is just going to be him removing the end and calling it ACTUALLY Impossible

  • @fletchergariglio6379
    @fletchergariglio6379 2 years ago +1

    This is what you need if you want to be a speed runner because you need to practice.

  • @nickkyri6143
    @nickkyri6143 6 months ago

    This difficulty is awesome, now I can destroy my sleep schedule in Minecraft too!

  • @loafcat6
    @loafcat6 Year ago +1

    You didn't make minecraft more impossible, you made it more as the real life

  • @swaggusbutawesome
    @swaggusbutawesome Year ago +2

    Why not make air make you take 2 damage every second
    make the melee mobs extremely fast
    Make the ranged mobs shoot 1 thing they shoot every second
    the wardens spawning on the surface
    every mob gains +40 hp
    You explode every minute.
    Really impossible

  • @captaintoad-ef6zt
    @captaintoad-ef6zt 3 years ago +304

    Whenever you walk in a village it automatically starts a raid. The ravagers, vindicators, etc. are also very speedy.

    • @jakethejacketsfanYT
      @jakethejacketsfanYT 3 years ago +2

      No... just no...

    • @charlesryan1578
      @charlesryan1578 3 years ago +2


    • @charlesryan1578
      @charlesryan1578 3 years ago +2

      Do ittt

    • @ryannorthup3148
      @ryannorthup3148 3 years ago +6

      Ok. That's smart. Permanent max level bad omen effect, crazy amounts of slowness, and you only have a 5% chance of getting hero of the village. A raid won't happen while you have the hero effect, but it only stays for a quarter of the time it usually stays, and the effect is terrible. It makes the trades MORE expensive.

    • @dimokratisnt3637
      @dimokratisnt3637 3 years ago +1

      @@ryannorthup3148 he could also add something like you must eat 12 steaks to full your hunger bar and stuff

  • @ironcopper9229
    @ironcopper9229 Year ago +1

    There's so much room for improvement, here's a few
    -If you can't beat a world in 10 minutes it gets deleted
    -Chunks have a 1 in 2 chance of completely disappearing every time they are loaded in
    -If any mob sees you you die
    -Crafting anything gives damage until you are at half a heart
    -You take 2 hearts of damage every 5 seconds
    -Any fall of more than 1 block leaves you at half a heart
    -Any block you step on has a 3 in 4 chance of turning into a ravager
    -Raids are triggered whenever you are less than 1000 blocks from a village
    -All ores only generate below y level 10 (or -54 in 1.18)
    -Every time a block is broken there is a 2 in 10 chance of instantly dying, 3 in 10 chance of it turning into a random mob (remember that if any mob sees you you die) and 5 in 10 chance of you dying in real life
    That's more like impossible

  • @pandus5534
    @pandus5534 2 years ago +19

    Wadzee: ah yes i finally beat the impossible difficulty
    Fundy: oh here's a harder difficulty
    Wadzee: welp here we go agaiiiiiiiiiiiiii-

  • @TayLords
    @TayLords Year ago +3

    How to make it impossible: Everytime you walk you take 3 hearts of damage.

  • @pinkierpie
    @pinkierpie 2 years ago +3

    *Imagine playing this in hardcore mode.*

    • @yeetdlgamer984
      @yeetdlgamer984 2 years ago

      The entire video: ok guys let’s get some woo- oh well I died

    • @matthew8629
      @matthew8629 Year ago

      Absolutely impossible

  • @Zerolusa
    @Zerolusa 5 months ago

    Time to make a chicken farm. Or just a raid farm.

  • @thatoneasian2074
    @thatoneasian2074 3 years ago +682

    Wadzee: “impossible++” beats first try with no deaths

    • @noone-ie5yk
      @noone-ie5yk 3 years ago +9

      I was going to say that

    • @flipiiz
      @flipiiz 3 years ago +6


    • @lorrainestockford-clark5153
      @lorrainestockford-clark5153 3 years ago +4

      What a perfectly perfect idea? Why didn’t I think of that?

    • @whitefire6291
      @whitefire6291 3 years ago +4

      I think hé ill make it harder for Wadzee and when Wadzee Gets it hé ill make it like insta death evrything

    • @nooblygmr
      @nooblygmr 3 years ago +8

      soon theres gonna be impossible+++++

  • @PobonsPing
    @PobonsPing 2 years ago +67

    The thunder was Technoblade striking his trident coz he got mad at you for removing pigs

  • @cowboyliketalya
    @cowboyliketalya 2 years ago +60

    fundy: "i made pigs die when u get close hehe"
    techno: "and YOU used to have parents"

    • @manpersonthehuman2681
      @manpersonthehuman2681 Year ago

      Fundy fighting Techno in his Impossible++ difficulty: "Oh, this is going to be easy."

  • @ghostwing255
    @ghostwing255 9 months ago

    The ice in this difficulty is the equivalent to cartoon banana peels

  • @seifhejazi9968
    @seifhejazi9968 2 years ago +3

    i just love how wadzee beat this in one try AGAIN

  • @jackmatchett1805


  • @snailsquishy002
    @snailsquishy002 3 years ago +467

    Idea for Impossible++ or Impossible+++:
    If someone eats food straight out from the furnace (6 seconds after it comes out) they burn their tongue, which means they lose 2 hearts.

  • @HanSlukas1
    @HanSlukas1 Year ago +1

    Fundy: Makes it so you catch on fire from wearing a helmet in a dessert.
    Also Fundy: Makes it so you can just casually walk around in hell (The nether)

  • @supaswirls1545
    @supaswirls1545 2 years ago

    The only thing that would make it more difficult is if he gave all mobs speed 10

  • @RyanPalmer8828
    @RyanPalmer8828 4 months ago

    4:25 you should have made the pigs spawn 5× than normal, then give them infinate hp

  • @MajProblem09
    @MajProblem09 Year ago +1

    WadZee: *beats the impossible mode
    Fundy: Hold by beer.

    • @ShaunyBuddy
      @ShaunyBuddy Year ago

      also wadzee: are you sure about that?

  • @jannahalawadi1747

    Wadzee: *beats this difficulty*
    Fundy: i was not expecting that
    Fundy: but i expected not to expect something, so it doesnt count.

  • @drakethebagel4347
    @drakethebagel4347 3 years ago +2959

    It would be cool if the villagers could "scam" you and not give you anything.

    • @ShibuNub3305
      @ShibuNub3305 3 years ago +72

      So in other words, you want to go back to 1.8.

    • @drakethebagel4347
      @drakethebagel4347 3 years ago +19

      @@ShibuNub3305 sure

    • @miguelsoto7314
      @miguelsoto7314 2 years ago +90

      I feel like he should have made it so if you’re wearing armor while swimming it drags you down like a magma block

    • @Ole_Rasmussen
      @Ole_Rasmussen 2 years ago +16

      @@miguelsoto7314 When Moses parted the sea, that's how the soldiers coming after him drowned. I randomly remembered a bible story I heard when I was 9 haha

    • @ARandomMonkey
      @ARandomMonkey 2 years ago +8


  • @leethao4835
    @leethao4835 Year ago +1

    Did you know in Minecraft there is an 11 percent chance a skeleton has a bow in its left hand instead of the right, so might I suggest… the occasional ambidextrous one with two bows, so… every time it shoots, two arrows come out. Also zombies have rotting flesh, so maybe add a small chance that being hit by one gives the wither effect?

  • @toast9261
    @toast9261 Year ago +2

    He didnt make it impossible, he made it ✨Realistic✨

  • @aaron9335
    @aaron9335 8 months ago +1

    Easy fix: All structures have chances to spawn wardens. All hostile mobs have twice as much speed and strength. Including pigs, dogs and parrots dont exist>:). Always burn in hot biomes and also wither when you sprint. have like 35% chance of when sprinting/ sprint jumping, random mobs spawn. Also every biome gives a negative effect such as deserts give nuasea and plains dophlins grace

  • @radiangacha2762
    @radiangacha2762 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Fundy’s outro is the best thing ever created

  • @akulgoel9259
    @akulgoel9259 Year ago +7

    can you please make a tutorial for how to make this, i want to make something similar

  • @thehero8012
    @thehero8012 3 years ago +4584

    Me, an intellectual: Beats the game in creative mode.

    • @sitisabariahali2109
      @sitisabariahali2109 3 years ago +94

      Wow how intelligent

    • @whenmemesdie537
      @whenmemesdie537 3 years ago +46

      Very intuectual

    • @z1_p-
      @z1_p- 3 years ago +73

      I imagine that if you beat the game in that mode and you go to the credits. It will say *your a cheater* it will telaport you to a box what have some weird photo and a creepy music playing in the background over and over now I know there in creative *BUT* it would just give you a creepy vibe of it

    • @Veesixxx
      @Veesixxx 3 years ago +38

      You won't see this but also you should get slowness if u stack up on to many weapons or tools cuz real life that stuffs heavy and you would slow down (sorry I'm just saying this on top comment so maybe people will see it cuz I think it'd be cool)

    • @CS-ke8ww
      @CS-ke8ww 3 years ago +9

      But then it won’t be impossible it will be creative . Their both different modes so it wouldn’t make sense. Good idea though

  • @zabooka
    @zabooka 2 years ago +1

    You should recreate this and make it so the player is claustrophobic and whenever they are stuck in a small area they begin to take damage

  • @voidtelevision7468
    @voidtelevision7468 2 years ago +4

    Oh, the ghast one is fine, I rely on the noises they make to alert me if they are too close and have started attacking. I’m just really bad at multitasking, so I have to devote a lot of time to looking out for mobs like that