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So I made Minecraft ACTUALLY impossible...

  • Published on Jun 26, 2020
  • I decided to add my own difficulty to Minecraft and make the game impossible. This was crazy, and incredibly dangerous, but so much fun to make...
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    Discord: discord.gg/JQhZZBb
    Plugin: www.mediafire.com/file/mgjwsfv...
    The plugin is written for a Minecraft 1.15.2 Spigot server. It is not a mod!
    ★ Did you know subscribing on RUclips is free? Pretty neat, you should check that out. ★
    Outro music www.youtube.com/watch?v=IatXU...
    Minecraft but challenges, Minecraft difficulty and lots more fun Minecraft mods / plugins / datapacks. Custom coded survival challenge by Fundy. This gamemode was super funny and hilarious to make / play.
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  • Fundy
    Fundy  2 years ago +33986

    Subscribe or I'll steal your shoes
    I really hope this doesn't get beaten in 2 days. again.

  • Sam
    Sam 2 years ago +3697

    someone: beats minecraft with his plugin
    fundy: *that is not okay.*

    • MaxGamingYT
      MaxGamingYT 2 months ago

      @John Doe LANGUAGE

    • ZombieC100
      ZombieC100 3 months ago


    • RBCL Gaming
      RBCL Gaming 6 months ago

      Guys stop fighting no one really cares if he said plugin instead of mod so how about this: NOBODY ASKED

    • nigel silk
      nigel silk 7 months ago

      FUNDY!!! Needs to make among us in the game

  • Sildsilly
    Sildsilly 8 months ago +360

    you should make it so you take damage when you land in water from a high area (damage varies by how high you land) because in real life, you still take water pressure damage

    • Sus
      Sus Month ago

      Surface tension is the reason

    • Taryth
      Taryth 2 months ago +1

      @Funi guy I mean, Minecraft avatars technically land feet first always, and perfectly straight. In terms of surface tension, they would cut through it fairly well, and with little damage (depends whether you consider their feet to be pointed or flat on impact). The bigger problem is that 1 block (meter) of water is not going to realistically break any fall from a great height.

    • Funi guy
      Funi guy 2 months ago +1

      @khajogaming no like dude im not trying to be funny or insult you or anything, just google it, its impossible to live after falling from great hight onto water, infact, if you belly flop onto a pool your body starts aching like it fell onto actual concrete, just try it

    • khajogaming
      khajogaming  2 months ago

      @Funi guy rather than trying a smart comeback I will try not to even though I know better

    • Funi guy
      Funi guy 2 months ago +2

      @khajogaming please dont jump from a building thinking minecrafr waterbucket mlgs are real

  • LoBlo
    LoBlo 2 months ago +34

    I think making cows hostile when you punch them or getting damage when you are too close to a cow would be quite realistic.

  • Chacos
    Chacos 6 months ago +23

    "You can do 2 things, You can use an invisibility potion for the whole time you're here, Or you can.." *Doom Music Starts Playing*

  • Fernando Cortes
    Fernando Cortes 6 months ago +8

    I love how wadzee gives fundy the ability to infinitely recycle this video idea, and it's still bomb after the 10th one 😆

  • Colton
    Colton 2 years ago +7149

    He's just on his way to making rlcraft at this point

  • Миф Современности

    Actually in one of the first April updates Mojang did the most impossible difficulty. It's really impossible just because you start dying from the beginning without any reason.

  • Agressive Bahamut Dragon
    Agressive Bahamut Dragon 6 months ago +8

    Fundy: You are slowly taking damage up to the point that you die due to overheating.
    Also Fundy:So anyway I started *walking*

  • StootWorts
    StootWorts 4 months ago

    Actually I think the sleeping mechanic should be in the base game somehow. Maybe only in hardcore mode or a toggleable setting.

  • River Laurman
    River Laurman 4 months ago +2

    the sleep thing is actually cool, i'd love it as a separate mod

  • MikeIsToasty
    MikeIsToasty 2 years ago +8414

    The chickens who made the ravager: Honey, care to explain why our child looks like the neighbor.

  • Henrique Fuzishima
    Henrique Fuzishima 5 months ago +2

    love how the desert is way too hot for your armor
    but nether is just fine

  • Potatoe972
    Potatoe972 Month ago +2

    I think it would be really funny if you made a mod that was really difficult, so that someone would try to beat it. Then when they somehow managed to get the eyes of ender they’d find out that the portal was rigged to always spawn oitside the world barrier, with all 12 pearls filled too. It would be a funny way to waste 100 hours

    SPIDERBAT KIDS Month ago +1

    something I suggest: make it so water counts as something cold as long as it’s night and there is no lava outside the water in a 50 block radius.

  • “-fleetway super sonic-“

    The invisible stick one perfectly represents my day
    After I start walking home from school me and my friend have this area we would rest for a bit
    There was a stick I didn’t see and tripped
    Face planted
    Phone falls
    Arm feels like it was almost broken
    I still do not trust running near there again

  • liaju1121
    liaju1121 2 years ago +525

    Wadzee: beats Fundy’s impossible game mode
    Fundy: there is another

    • Para
      Para 2 years ago


    • TheGamerPro2007
      TheGamerPro2007 2 years ago

      Chuckles in meme lord

    • Alex
      Alex 2 years ago +10

      2 minutes later
      Wadzee:i beat minecraft impossible difficulty with my ass

  • Gamers United
    Gamers United 6 days ago +2

    This just proves that real life is 100% hardcore

  • Toast
    Toast 7 months ago +1

    He didnt make it impossible, he made it ✨Realistic✨

  • DaxolotlGames
    DaxolotlGames 7 months ago +2

    For one of these difficulties you should make inventory space smaller

    • Astro Pug
      Astro Pug Month ago +1

      There is a mod that makes it 1 hot bar space and no inventory

  • Lego in Motion
    Lego in Motion Month ago +1

    The armor is actually reflecting the light so you would probably be cooler.

  • The DragonbOi
    The DragonbOi Year ago +4574

    Wadzee: also beats impossible++
    Fundy: you weren’t supposed to do that

    • Shahrezan Ishak
      Shahrezan Ishak Month ago

      Fundy:creates impossible+++
      Wadzee:beats it

    • gaming 360
      gaming 360 Month ago

      @Pretzel also wadzee: its acctually ez

    • Jack Groseclose
      Jack Groseclose 2 months ago

      @Pretzel another year later impossible ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    • K Izzy
      K Izzy 2 months ago

      Time to make impossible+++

  • soulstone Kim
    soulstone Kim 6 months ago +1

    4:30 probably the reason why techno never dies

  • ImHaizy
    ImHaizy 6 months ago

    Just make the physics of rlcraft, plus when you mine wood it spawns 10 vexes in a 3 chunk radius when you craft theres gonna be a mobpocalypse but when you turn off the gui they disappear. Turn up the times lava pools are generated and make it so if you dug down too far you'll fall into an endless pit of lava since core of the earth or smthing

  • LittleBlockser8 :D
    LittleBlockser8 :D 2 months ago

    imagine doing this with the dice roll mod
    that'd be insane

  • I have no idea how I should name myself.

    It's easy to make it impossible. You just have to spawn in lava.

  • spideyywebz
    spideyywebz Year ago +1480

    Fundy: "i want it to be realistic"
    Also Fundy: *2 chickens can make a ravanger*

  • 「HelPer」
    「HelPer」 6 months ago

    I think you should give slow effect when using armor... except for leather armor

  • Tau Goldsboro
    Tau Goldsboro 6 months ago +1

    You should have made it so that ice freezes you instantly

  • Doggo
    Doggo 7 months ago

    You shoulda added surface tension where you take damage when you land in water cause it hurts irl

  • swaggus
    swaggus 2 months ago +1

    Why not make air make you take 2 damage every second
    make the melee mobs extremely fast
    Make the ranged mobs shoot 1 thing they shoot every second
    the wardens spawning on the surface
    every mob gains +40 hp
    You explode every minute.
    Really impossible

  • captaintoad7006
    captaintoad7006 2 years ago +303

    Whenever you walk in a village it automatically starts a raid. The ravagers, vindicators, etc. are also very speedy.

    • Ryan Northup
      Ryan Northup 2 years ago

      @Dimokratis nt Now that's just regular minecraft.

    • Dimokratis nt
      Dimokratis nt 2 years ago +1

      Or even instant breaking tools

    • Dimokratis nt
      Dimokratis nt 2 years ago +1

      @Ryan Northup he could also add something like you must eat 12 steaks to full your hunger bar and stuff

    • Ryan Northup
      Ryan Northup 2 years ago +6

      Ok. That's smart. Permanent max level bad omen effect, crazy amounts of slowness, and you only have a 5% chance of getting hero of the village. A raid won't happen while you have the hero effect, but it only stays for a quarter of the time it usually stays, and the effect is terrible. It makes the trades MORE expensive.

    • Charles Ryan
      Charles Ryan 2 years ago +2

      Do ittt

  • Void
    Void 7 months ago

    having any lava buckets on the player burns them, an agitated cow will charge them, chickens run away from them regardless, 3 layers of water or lower cannot stop explosion or fall damage, and hostile mobs can temporarily disable a limb. also, their body becomes an undead that they must fight to get their gear back.
    Combat or suffocation = zombie
    burning = wither skeleton
    drowning = drowned

  • Leo’s Quality Content

    All you need is two hearts of life and you can break the rest of the tree using a single log you collected

  • TornaTy
    TornaTy 4 months ago

    Now what to do is when you sleep the bed turns to primed tnt and says "no" and make it so 5 creepers always follow you

  • Kiya Patel
    Kiya Patel 7 months ago

    A way to make it super difficult is to make no trees spawn

  • INotFunny
    INotFunny 2 years ago +1715

    Fundy: *Breaks a bee hive*
    Minecraft: Oh, time to die

  • Ot93
    Ot93 2 months ago

    Imagine playing this on hardcore

  • Almighty Warrior
    Almighty Warrior 2 months ago +1

    I want to see an SMP with this difficulty

  • DiamondPiggy1221
    DiamondPiggy1221 Month ago +1

    “I tried to remove pigs”
    Technoblade: God tried to do that to me…
    So anyways I’m god now

  • NairMcgee
    NairMcgee 5 days ago

    You should have made it so that falling into water from a certain height damages you

  • Zaki Khan
    Zaki Khan 2 years ago +572

    Fundy: "This gamemode is impossible+"
    Wadzee: "Challenge accepted!"

    • Mist
      Mist 2 years ago


    • chunky egg
      chunky egg 2 years ago +3

      the funny part is wadzee isnt even a speed runner or pro player he just good at the game

    • Marius Boss
      Marius Boss 2 years ago +1

      He Will probably win This Challenge.

      SENSEI GEN 2 years ago +1

      @Yellow Console nope

  • Shaylen Rangasamy
    Shaylen Rangasamy 6 months ago +1

    WadZee: *beats the impossible mode
    Fundy: Hold by beer.

    • San0
      San0 6 months ago

      also wadzee: are you sure about that?

  • Firefox 4hire
    Firefox 4hire 6 months ago +1

    Dude just, delete the items required to win, like get rid of the end portals.
    But this is cooler

  • Jennifer Ulsh
    Jennifer Ulsh 6 months ago

    Maybe you should have also locked it on hardcore mode.

  • Hannah_Blossom
    Hannah_Blossom 5 months ago

    I love how the ice makes you jump it is the opposite of water

  • drakeTheBagel
    drakeTheBagel Year ago +2970

    It would be cool if the villagers could "scam" you and not give you anything.

  • SeriousNorbo
    SeriousNorbo 6 months ago +1

    Wadzee: "I'm just gonna... you know... beat... you know ... your impossible mode again, you know..."

  • AbsurdlyLudicrous
    AbsurdlyLudicrous 4 months ago

    "Impossible doesn't mean very difficult.
    Very difficult is winning the Nobel Prize;
    impossible is eating the Sun." -Lou Reed

  • Aidan Hammans
    Aidan Hammans 2 months ago

    Dude, you missed a opportunity. You should make it so you can only eat Melon slices without getting ill effects. That way, it would be 100x as hard, but not statistically impossible

  • suren duan
    suren duan 6 months ago +1

    How to make Minecraft impossible: make it so that the ender dragon don’t spawn

  • Danish 2.0
    Danish 2.0 2 years ago +109

    Some strategies to beat it
    -Avoid Ravager at all cost wherever you see it, use shield to block it when it comes toward you
    -bcs you can sleep only between 8-10 hours, sleep early in the beginning of night,wake up at dawn and do the same following every day
    -in the nether, don’t fill the cauldron with water first, just put it down unfilled wait until you catch some flame and put the water into cauldron. Bring tons of water bucket/bottle there. If you come across snowy/mountain biomes, use snowballs as your advantages to take the blaze from safe distance
    -Avoid pigmen and run from them at all cost, use tnt (maybe) to take them out
    -minimize sprinting and running to anticipate tripping and stubbing your toes, sneaking is a priority and come along with shield to fight back monsters
    -Run as fast as you can in nether
    -Always be wary of your hunger bar
    -Prioritize the use of shield and make the many
    -Avoid warm biome and jungle, when you spawn in there, leave it immediately. Snowy biome also can be a problem bcs of the ice, so the ideal biome to work out is in lush-green biomes like plains, forest and even mushroom island
    -Wither skeleton might look menacing with 2 swords but you can deal with it with placing 2 blocks high area around you, so they can’t get to you, this strategy WORKS every time with wither skeleton
    -Also, bcs nether is classified as a warm biome and you’ll get burned, rush to the blaze, take it with safe distance and make your way out rushing
    Like this so Wadzee fans can see this

    • Sarcastic Grumps
      Sarcastic Grumps 2 years ago

      @Danish 2.0 Yeah, with some luck, it should be possible to beat this difficulty and if it is... Fundy will suffer the consequences of his lies and get sent to the darkest pit of hell. Well maybe not that last part but we will give him the L

    • Danish 2.0
      Danish 2.0 2 years ago

      Yep after getting some blaze rods, you can use some to make it for fire resistance and then i think you can wear your armor again and invisibility also coming handy. This is inspired from dream’s speedrunner vs hunter videos.

    • Sarcastic Grumps
      Sarcastic Grumps 2 years ago

      Potions are gonna be key to beating the game too, he didn't do anything to potions or the Ender Dragon so as long as you can get Blaze Powder and ender pearls, you can beat the End like the normal Impossible difficulty

  • Funtime60
    Funtime60 Month ago

    Isn't peaceful already impossible? or does the dragon ignore that setting?

  • _Unknown69_
    _Unknown69_ 6 months ago

    So if you can’t break wood with your fist without taking damage..
    That means you can use grass/dirt to break wood.. and you won’t even take damage 😂

  • marioforever97
    marioforever97 6 months ago

    Beating the game on any anarchy server if you're the guest is extremely hard ngl

  • Enderman719
    Enderman719 2 months ago

    What you should do is: everything in pairs. All the mobs. So there are always two cave spiders, iron golems, charged creepers, endermen etc. You also have to beat two ender dragons, and two wardens and withers are summoned.

  • Cursed tails
    Cursed tails 2 years ago +1745

    “Here’s what happens when you break a beehive”
    Computer: in terms of frame rate we have no frame rate

    • ShibuNub 犬
      ShibuNub 犬 Year ago

      *Do you want to explode?*

    • SeleverTheCatboy
      SeleverTheCatboy Year ago

      @HamBamBallam Also, that was funny, and yes, I am a lesbian, and no, not gay as in happy.

    • SeleverTheCatboy
      SeleverTheCatboy Year ago +1

      Red button: turn in bomb
      Computer: Red button happily.

    • coffee needs espresso
      coffee needs espresso Year ago +1

      *”your free trial on life has ended”*

    • Random dude
      Random dude Year ago +1

      @TammyTheRanger normie

  • beaned
    beaned 4 months ago

    Fundy:creates a impossible++ gamemode
    Someone:somehow beats it
    Fundy:"years of academy training wasted"

    ANONYMOUSE 6 months ago

    Idea : make it so that when you trade too much with a villager he quits.

  • 10D 36 Ved Mhatre
    10D 36 Ved Mhatre 6 months ago

    8:53 give the wither skeletons some horses and two bows(they shoot fire arrows when holding a bow in vanilla minecraft)

  • Quanten
    Quanten 5 days ago

    The one did the impossible, the one who never feared, the one could beat this mode was truly “”*TECHNOBLADE*””.
    A minute of respect pls..❤

  • Josiah Hodges
    Josiah Hodges 2 years ago +418

    Fundy: Imposible!
    WadZee: (Completes it)
    Fundy: Parry this you filthy casual

  • Loaf Cat
    Loaf Cat 6 months ago

    You didn't make minecraft more impossible, you made it more as the real life

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper 2 months ago

    _"Now, you might think that that's already pretty bad. But it doesn't end there..."_ [1:03]
    _- Bethesda Entertainment everytime they try to make a Videogame Installment_

  • lord lem
    lord lem 5 months ago

    It would be cool if the villagers could "scam" you and not give you anything.

  • ZombieC100
    ZombieC100 3 months ago

    Wadzee needs to make a 100 days series on this one…

  • Rahal Fan girl
    Rahal Fan girl 2 years ago +475

    Fundy: So I Made Minecraft actually impossible
    Everyone: Let’s call Wadzee and Dream

    • Alye
      Alye 2 years ago +2


    • Exillion
      Exillion 2 years ago +1

      2 days someone is going to beat this lolol

    • Exillion
      Exillion 2 years ago +1


    • Bruv
      Bruv 2 years ago +4

      Oh Dreaaaaaaaam

    • Gavin Quigley
      Gavin Quigley 2 years ago +3

      It’s kinda funny how people think this is hard

  • Henry Walker
    Henry Walker Month ago

    make a fox difficulty where the player has the same health as a fox and jumps at chickens uncontrollably. make it so chickens spawn in unfavorable places for laughs

  • Luckless
    Luckless 6 months ago

    fundy: removes trees
    wadzee: "i did not expect that"

  • Pranav Manoan
    Pranav Manoan 7 months ago

    You need to get into the nether to get invisibility potions.

  • Lingqin Tu
    Lingqin Tu 8 months ago

    Fundy: *This is hard.*
    Wadzee: You can say that again!

  • oNucx
    oNucx 2 years ago +465

    Fundy: This plugin is really impossible.
    Dream: Let's do a speedrun.

    • Evil REEEE
      Evil REEEE 2 years ago


    • Josh Dave
      Josh Dave 2 years ago

      You are right

    • GrAlL
      GrAlL 2 years ago +2

      Dream is a god. He is unbeatable.

    • Roasted Porkchop
      Roasted Porkchop 2 years ago +4

      Not rly smth Dream would do

    • Petra Rose
      Petra Rose 2 years ago +28

      i really want to see that!
      Dream and George need to play this 😂

  • IScreamIceCream
    IScreamIceCream 2 months ago

    Fundy: makes a new difficulty
    Wadzee: Hold my beer

  • Brianna Stutler
    Brianna Stutler 4 months ago

    Ok so... With metal armor, you would freeze in metal armor. So you would have to have leather armor instead

  • Bill  Skarsgard
    Bill Skarsgard 3 months ago

    A wise man says:"Everything is possible."

  • Kaowboy
    Kaowboy 6 months ago

    Difficulty which is way more difficult
    Ah yes the glass here is made out of sand

  • The Hero
    The Hero 2 years ago +4612

    Me, an intellectual: Beats the game in creative mode.

  • IronCopper
    IronCopper 7 months ago

    There's so much room for improvement, here's a few
    -If you can't beat a world in 10 minutes it gets deleted
    -Chunks have a 1 in 2 chance of completely disappearing every time they are loaded in
    -If any mob sees you you die
    -Crafting anything gives damage until you are at half a heart
    -You take 2 hearts of damage every 5 seconds
    -Any fall of more than 1 block leaves you at half a heart
    -Any block you step on has a 3 in 4 chance of turning into a ravager
    -Raids are triggered whenever you are less than 1000 blocks from a village
    -All ores only generate below y level 10 (or -54 in 1.18)
    -Every time a block is broken there is a 2 in 10 chance of instantly dying, 3 in 10 chance of it turning into a random mob (remember that if any mob sees you you die) and 5 in 10 chance of you dying in real life
    That's more like impossible

  • Lolster
    Lolster 6 months ago +1

    Fundy-"Cows are better than pigs"
    Technoblade- "bruhhh"

  • YourFriendlyWhitieHere
    YourFriendlyWhitieHere 6 months ago

    Fundy: "you can't use pigs anymore good luck"
    Zeus: *thundering of anger*

  • Pnylyck Jvanof
    Pnylyck Jvanof Day ago

    It's a bit unrealistic that you can stand with your feet basically all the way off the block

  • Tyler Butschli
    Tyler Butschli 2 years ago +52

    “3 bees in an entire hive is kinda unrealistic”
    *Makes it so that a Ravager can spawn when two chicken mate.*

  • tophat froggy
    tophat froggy 2 months ago

    To make it less possible get every skellington with a 3third arm and it shoots flaming arrows and normal skellington have 2 normal bows and one flaming one and also defeat every structure in minecraft then they just have to mine;)

  • §H@D0W
    §H@D0W 7 months ago

    You could have made any hostile mob open doors and any hostile mob when you get close explodes but depending on the mob explodes more radius

  • angelcatYT
    angelcatYT 2 months ago

    The liquid makes sense to me especially the lava

  • A13X
    A13X 2 months ago

    "endermen are always angry at you, even if you're not looking at them"
    Bro I don't need a custom difficulty to experience that

  • Jellybby
    Jellybby 2 years ago +850

    Fundy: "so its impossible"
    Dream, wadzee and illumina: "are you challenging me?"

  • 18. Khushvardhan Pathak

    Fundy: makes mod
    Techno: ahhhhh yes the usual.

  • Tomasz Przenica
    Tomasz Przenica 5 months ago

    In reality tripping happens while you step in the grass (the decorational one).

  • The general productions

    should have made it so you can get thirsty, but the water can be dirty and give you nausea or poison for a couple seconds

  • Tintincool70
    Tintincool70 5 months ago

    They should add some features on Rlcraft that Fundy made l meaning those time stamps of sleeping at night time to make the game really hard in Rlcraft

  • ThatTeen
    ThatTeen 2 years ago +476

    “Here’s a little fact, Cows are better than pigs”
    Technoblade: *excuse me what*

  • Xx-FireMan-xX
    Xx-FireMan-xX 2 months ago +1

    5:03 this feels different now with techno gone..

  • Melon
    Melon 6 months ago

    “Because why not”
    Best reason fundy has made yet

  • Jose Herrera
    Jose Herrera 2 months ago

    Actually I'm pretty sure water skeletons already had iron swords or is it just the older updates

  • Seansational
    Seansational 3 months ago

    "Cows are better then pigs"
    Technoblade: *interesting*

  • s4en
    s4en 2 years ago +343

    Well, the IMPOSSIBLE Minecraft seemed pretty impossible, but maybe not enough

    • Londa Londa
      Londa Londa 2 years ago

      @Khan 92983832 lmao

    • KAI_
      KAI_ 2 years ago +1

      Your right bro
      Wadzee still gonna make it to the end
      Fundy please change the Minecraft end

    • Blumin
      Blumin 2 years ago


    • Edward Charlz ONG
      Edward Charlz ONG 2 years ago

      Yeah make the sun be a laser because its 40 - 60 degrees

    • 010 101
      010 101 2 years ago


  • { ♥ Nightingale ♥ }

    Another idea: *Dream as the Ender dragon.*

  • Mak Karpov
    Mak Karpov 6 months ago

    Imagine if dream make speedrun on this diffcult

  • Tapirgod
    Tapirgod 7 months ago

    im suprised he didnt make it so that iron golems insta kill you when you loot from villages!