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Johnny Knoxville Gets Smoked By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
  • Welcome back, Hot Ones army! In this season premiere of Season 6, we welcome a long-requested guest to the table, Johnny Knoxville. The Jackass alum has been gored by bulls and shot in the chest, but can he survive the wings of death? Find out as Knoxville becomes the first brave celebrity to take on the all-new Hot Ones sauce lineup, scaling the heights of Mount Scoville while talking about prank etiquette, his friendship with Steve-O, and the injuries he incurred shooting his new movie, Action Point.
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Comments • 16 734

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  4 years ago +36

    Do you think Sean should put a Carolina Reaper in the boot? Y/N

  • BananaAssassin
    BananaAssassin Year ago +5

    It’s always been interesting how Johnny has the calmest personality but is also equally nuts

  • Jeffrey Toman
    Jeffrey Toman Year ago +5

    Imagine being a medical insurance provider and having your phone ring only to hear "hi I'm Johnny Knoxville"

  • Marcus Lefleur
    Marcus Lefleur Year ago +3

    Johnny's impression of Steve-O is spot on.

  • Zac Baggett

    “You don’t have to do it” - Sean

  • Chad M
    Chad M Year ago +1

    I used to think it’d be a disaster seeing these guys get older, but I love them more!

  • Big Ben's Arrowhead Channel

    This man has sacrificed his body for the last 20+ years for our amusement. Respect

  • Austin Allen
    Austin Allen 3 years ago +8

    Johnny was one person who never gave up on Steve-O

  • Hacked Cooking
    Hacked Cooking Year ago +878

    It definitely hits you when he says “I love Steve-O”. That saying alone means a lot to him and us fans knowing what Steve-O has been through. Johnny was there for Steve-O when no one else was and he definitely helped him a lot through his drug addiction and recovery.

  • TheREAL Scrub_Jake
    TheREAL Scrub_Jake Year ago +578

    He took one drink of milk and sipped a beer the whole time, what a legend 🤣

  • Brandon Pett

    Just watched Jackass: Forever with my 16 yr old son over the weekend. He had no idea what he was getting into but I've never seen him laugh so hard.

  • Jess Arellano
    Jess Arellano Year ago +277

    You can tell Johnny really loves Steve-O, and that love is mutual back to him. I love their relationship

  • Scott B.
    Scott B.  +112

    It seems johnny is able to speak a lot faster here than more recent interviews. I hope that last bull hit didnt mess him up too bad.

  • Justin Mcmanus
    Justin Mcmanus 3 years ago +9

    The man who saved Steve Os life. You can tell he loves him

  • yappa08
    yappa08 Year ago +136

    I appreciate Johnny’s answer on crossing the line on pranks. I do feel that pranks nowadays aimed at random people, and you can’t tell either it’s real or staged. What’s great with Johnny and the crew is that their pranks are 100% real and it’s at their expense instead of others so you know that he care of the general public.

  • ALLY S
    ALLY S  +113

    I feel like this was the least stressful episode of hot ones yet. Johnny was well/soft spoken and he didn’t look like he was dying from the spice. I expected nothing less from someone from Jackass. The guy’s a beast

  • Minej Mosuris
    Minej Mosuris Year ago +505

    Damn man-... The way he talks about Steve-O is as if he's talking about his brother, It was kinda heartwarming ngl❤️

  • Christopher W

    Knoxville doesn't act like he's worth 75 million he just loves what he does and I respect that.

  • ExileMCR
    ExileMCR  +31

    Sean has made this show one of the best interview style shows ever made in my opinion. He’s so much more in touch with his guests asking the really interesting questions…not a single off key question or boring question to date. Love it!

  • Vitto Prince
    Vitto Prince 2 years ago +1

    This is somehow the safest thing Johnny Knoxville has done in his entire career