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Neil Patrick Harris Needs Magic to Escape Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 10, 2022
  • Neil Patrick Harris is an Emmy Award-winning actor who has entertained audiences for decades on everything from acclaimed sitcoms, to Broadway shows. You can check out his Wondercade newsletter for weekly odds and ends from the brain of NPH, and stream his new comedy series, Uncoupled, on Netflix. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the multi-talented star takes on the wings of death and discusses everything from magic history, to hosting the Tony Awards, to the enduring appeal of How I Met Your Mother. It's the Season 18 finale-let's go!
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Comments • 7 574

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  Month ago +3281

    Thanks for another great season, Spice Lords! Who do you want to see on Season 19?

    • Blurry Fac3 420
      Blurry Fac3 420 Month ago +2

      Ben Stiller

    • Dusty Designers
      Dusty Designers Month ago +2

      Billie Joe Armstrong

    • Yellow061
      Yellow061 Month ago +1

      Elton John

    • Oriyan Barnes
      Oriyan Barnes Month ago

      Chris Evans! Oh and Ryan Reynolds too!

    • Cassie O
      Cassie O Month ago +1

      Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski.
      Simone Biles
      Meryl Streep
      Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet
      Britney Spears

  • T
    T Month ago +6463

    This man has lived such an interesting life. The amount of award shows... his stories.. the way his face lights up when he's reminded by Seans excellent questions.. SOO GOOOD

    • Novyx L
      Novyx L 4 days ago

      His audio book is phenomenal. 10/10 recommend

    • Jordan Carpenter
      Jordan Carpenter 9 days ago

      Your life is interesting! If someone was to ask questions about the best memories for you, you would light up genuinely and just glow. The stories don’t have to be spectacular but mean some thing to you. You’d explain them in detail with your personality and it’d be watchable.

      SOULPOKER LMDY 14 days ago


    • Brian Macintire
      Brian Macintire Month ago

      No one beats Doogie Howser!

    • Jonathan Skrabak
      Jonathan Skrabak Month ago

      Bc SHAWN is the MASTER of interviews and question asking!!! GOAT 🐐💯🙌
      Stars are not asked the same BS as they have answered in a 1000x other interviews, but something very diff!!!

  • Ashley✨
    Ashley✨ Month ago +1385

    This host is unmatched. He matches whoever’s energy he’s interviewing. Not many can do that.

    • Justin Swayne Beats
      Justin Swayne Beats 29 days ago

      @Sam ???? what about Graham Norton? He's a good interviewer?

    • Jesse Klaus
      Jesse Klaus Month ago

      He should moderate the next presidential debate.

    • Brian Rodriguez
      Brian Rodriguez Month ago

      Yeah not always but I do think that reduces the amount of times I thought that happened for sure, so fair point.

    • Ashley✨
      Ashley✨ Month ago +2

      @Brian Rodriguez I think he does but it’s the way it’s edited

    • Brian Rodriguez
      Brian Rodriguez Month ago +1

      He’s the best I’ve seen but I do notice he doesn’t always give his guests the time to be in the moment of an experience has he rushes into the next question or finale. It seems rushed sometimes, but the vast majority is really fun to watch.

  • Touch. Me. I Will Turn You

    “This hurt - let me do it again” - spoken like a true scientist.

    • Crafted Geek
      Crafted Geek 22 days ago +3

      Well he does have a PhD in Horribleness...

    • Paul Vamos
      Paul Vamos Month ago +2

      @Deto Qcney 🤣

    • Deto Qcney
      Deto Qcney Month ago +12

      “Let’s move on to the back half.” “If I had a nickel.”

  • Luke Wade
    Luke Wade Month ago +483

    No joke, one of the best guests ever. Pleasant and funny, and killed the wings. I'd watch NPH again in a heartbeat.

    • slaughter0815
      slaughter0815 20 days ago +1

      has killed the wings? has survived small bites at the strong, but still brave

    • Sam M
      Sam M Month ago +3

      He has such a sweet energy, right?!

    • jillybean gaming
      jillybean gaming Month ago +4

      NPH is probably one of the legit coolest people in Hollywood.. he's so talented and funny, and he just seems so genuine and loving.. great episode, great guest. :)

    • MASKEDenergy
      MASKEDenergy Month ago +5

      I couldn’t agree more! I believe this was actually my favorite Hot Ones episode. My wife and I just finished Uncoupled on Netflix as well and we can’t wait for season 2! Highly recommend it

  • John Thomas Kooz Kuczmarski

    You could tell from his eyes that Neil was really feeling the heat the last few wings, but he remained perpetually composed, polite, kind and respectful as always!

      ADIZZYWORLD 2 days ago +1

      Coolest name ever

    • bssni touir
      bssni touir Month ago +4

      It's crazy how deep his voice is but when he performs its different. Never new his voice was so deep.

  • millennial me
    millennial me Month ago +2992

    Neil has to be one of the most composed guests ever. Even took a second bite from da bomb. Legen-wait-for-it-DARY!

    • Michael Shumaker
      Michael Shumaker 11 days ago


    • xy c
      xy c 20 days ago

      spoiler alert

    • H Marp
      H Marp 21 day ago

      The Undertaker Oct 2019 was amazingly good at it too.

    • yo
      yo 26 days ago

      I read your comment first and then I got dissappointed that he never said it 😢

    • srslysoulja
      srslysoulja Month ago


  • Jack Avian
    Jack Avian Month ago +389

    His “If I had a nickel” to the “back end” question was genuine and more hilarious for me!

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy Month ago +5

      NPH is a straight up a legend. He seems like the most polite person ever. He just seems happy there's something about him. Please have him back if he will.

  • kcidmil
    kcidmil Month ago +241

    My favorite part is how some guests just get wrapped up in the experience they forget they're on a press tour. Then at the end they have a look of pure puzzlement when they're handed the stage.

    • emart88
      emart88 7 days ago +1

      ​@yaliso gioouy agreed. his digestive system may as well be made of scrap iron.

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy Month ago +4

      Man I have love this show for years! Sean get’s no credit this dude cleans those wings every single time while everyone else is dying

  • Mackenzie Reeves
    Mackenzie Reeves Month ago +107

    This has to be one of the top episodes ever, even if it had been an hour long I’d have still asked for more. Please, please, please have NPH back again.

    • Paul Vamos
      Paul Vamos Month ago +1

      Neil is the GOAT!

    • luxir dlin
      luxir dlin Month ago +3

      Nph saying “should we try it again?” Made me respect him so much more

  • Diangos
    Diangos Month ago +94

    I found myself grinning ear to ear in the last half end of this episode. So much charisma between the two of you. This is such a great show.

    • luxir dlin
      luxir dlin Month ago

      God, I just LOVE this show. And Neil Patrick Harris is so likable and decent. He's just wonderful to listen to... great show.

  • Eduardo Ibarra
    Eduardo Ibarra Month ago +100

    Can we talk about how great a laugh Sean has? It's like there the whole time but isnt annoying and its great that NPH gives such great content to laugh at.

    • Grim
      Grim Month ago +3

      @Zach Kenny or even when he has a really bad time he still tries to play it off. Which is very respectable

    • tam tri
      tam tri Month ago


    • dong phuong
      dong phuong Month ago


    • Zach Kenny
      Zach Kenny Month ago +3

      I'm sure Sean Evans enjoys most of his guests, but you can just tell when he's having a REALLY good time

  • 3655bubba
    3655bubba Month ago +40

    Sean Evans is hands down the best talk show host! He's a real dude, that has a great way of connecting with people.

    • E Chap
      E Chap Month ago

      Him and Conan are leagues above the rest. Would love it if Conan came on!

  • MAE98
    MAE98 Month ago +51

    One of the best actors in the game that doesn’t get enough attention then he should

    • luxir dlin
      luxir dlin Month ago +2

      Nph saying “should we try it again?” Made me respect him so much more

  • HelloEloena
    HelloEloena Month ago +15

    This is easily top 3 of my favorite interviews on this show. 👏👏

    • bssni touir
      bssni touir Month ago +1

      One of the best actors in the game that doesn’t get enough attention then he should

  • agtjackbauer
    agtjackbauer Month ago +5237

    NPH is a straight up a legend. He seems like the most polite person ever. He just seems happy there's something about him. Please have him back if he will.

    • vulvalove
      vulvalove Month ago

      @Margarita Indubitably, Margarita. Indubitably.

    • Margarita
      Margarita Month ago

      @vulvalove And yet, you're worried about me, and my irrelevant opinion on someone you've never met, rather than yourself. Quite interesting.

    • vulvalove
      vulvalove Month ago

      @Margarita I think even more importantly is that there is actually no reason to evenhave an opinion at all about a celebrity in the first place especially one you haven't ever met. What I'm saying is worry about yourself, Margarita.

    • Margarita
      Margarita Month ago

      @vulvalove Oh, so what you're saying is that there is no reason for me to change my opinion on him. Ok.

    • vulvalove
      vulvalove Month ago

      @Margarita My cousin's girlfriend's neighbour's dentist's barber cut his hair one time and he said NPH was just a total sweetheart.

  • David Lee
    David Lee Month ago +17

    He is so pleasant. Some people are exciting and fun and rock out! and that's great but it can be tiring. This is relaxing soothing calm wholesome joy, it's pleasant. So so pleasant. I could watch NPH any day of the week in any mood I love him so much!

  • tonar wodi
    tonar wodi Month ago +17

    Sean's genuine look of amazement at the magic trick was the best part 23:32

  • Skip
    Skip Month ago +10

    I've had this man's face tattooed on my foot for a decade... Still my favorite Hollywood person. Great episode. Hope to meet him someday.

  • M
    M 23 days ago +11

    I really loved his portrayal of Count Olaf. Perfectly humorous and sinister at the same time. Wish there were more actors like him.

  • Remix Maniacs
    Remix Maniacs Month ago +83

    NPH gotta be the smoothest guest on the show. He just never breaks composure 🤣😂

  • Th3GreenLem0n
    Th3GreenLem0n Month ago +11

    This is probably my favorite episode so far. NPH brings a great vibe to the set.

  • Jake Javitch
    Jake Javitch Month ago +11

    Another great season in the books, well done as always!
    Would love to see something like a post game interview with the guests like 15 minutes-hour later if at all possible. Like they send in a quick video in the car or at home just like a decompression. Just had the thought and wanted to send it along! Amazing work, thanks for all the smiles!

  • koiun dwrru
    koiun dwrru Month ago +1

    One of the best actors in the game that doesn’t get enough attention then he should

  • Russell Wright
    Russell Wright 21 day ago +6

    I am a long-time fan of NPH and this is the second time I've watched this interview. I argue that he does some of the better analyses of the hot sauces compared to other celebrities (including the various food personalities)
    BTW, I got hold of the Los Calientes Verde Pringles and if that is how the sauce is, I need to get my hands on all the Hot Ones sauces (other than The Last Dab, of course)

    • Arla
      Arla 18 days ago

      I haven't tried the chips, but I've tried all 3 Los Calientes sauces and they're quite good. Lots of flavor + a kick that is decent but not painful!

  • Michael Dadourian
    Michael Dadourian Month ago +1132

    NPH is a living legend. Daring move, to wear a white suit coat, while eating hot wings; legendary.

    • B-Ro RP top10
      B-Ro RP top10 Month ago

      I know Doogie houser and Star troopers made him famous and alot of people know him as those roles but his roles n Harold and Kumar and obviously as barney Stinson literally was a different level and made him a house hold name u gotta love NPH

    • Mike B
      Mike B Month ago +4

      Any person that goes back towards DaBomb for "scientific" purposes gets, which absolutely makes him Legend... wait for it... need plenty of this to drink when doing hot wings... DAIRY!

    • Karsten M
      Karsten M Month ago +3

      Doogie Howser, MD, wearing white seems fitting.

    • Marcell Maritz
      Marcell Maritz Month ago +5

      You mean LEGEN......DAIRY!

    • Bruce Does Sports
      Bruce Does Sports Month ago

      Especially after labour day

  • JenMatt19
    JenMatt19 Month ago +5

    I adore NPH. He's got such a great vibe, both on screen and in "real life" (interviews). Been a fan since Doogie Howser.

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 24 days ago +4

    mad respect to NPH. Bringing his own special sauce to the show.

  • Patrick Sullivan
    Patrick Sullivan Month ago +43

    Nph saying “should we try it again?” Made me respect him so much more

  • Mardeee
    Mardeee Month ago +21

    NPH is such a legend! Easily one of the funniest people in America. I would pay big money to watch a big budget movie with him starring it.

  • J Cam
    J Cam Month ago +223

    Sean: "Are you ready to move on here to the back half?"
    Neil: "If I had a nickel..."
    Effing HYSTERICAL!!!! Great guest and a great way to end another fantastic season!

    • Albel
      Albel Month ago +2

      11:53 if anyone missed it.

    • Gawd Body
      Gawd Body Month ago

      I caught that too smh

    • jacob strange
      jacob strange Month ago +8

      Best and most underrated hot ones quote of all time

  • Jomigloy
    Jomigloy Month ago +14

    one of the best most well-mannered guest of all time.

  • Tim Addison
    Tim Addison 9 days ago +1

    Easily one of the best guests yet in terms of handling the heat, staying focused on the questions, and proactively engaging Sean. I like too how he sets the stage, by suggesting that he loves Mexican food... but doesn't seek heat. You almost expect that he will bag it half-way through. But he totally bangs it. Perfect theater.

  • Carmen B
    Carmen B 12 days ago +1

    I love this show. What a winner he is, btw.

  • mike s
    mike s Month ago +5

    Just binged a whole bunch of episodes and it's really a testament to the research team when you see when a guest really appreciates a question. They bring up some obscure project or factoid and you see the guest just light up.

    OPEN MIND Month ago +975

    This episode confirms: he is a very good WINGman

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago

      @JaRiEsD glaube schon, bin doch Ami

    • JaRiEsD
      JaRiEsD Month ago

      @Chris Grammatik-Nachhilfe würde dir gut tun

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago

      @JaRiEsD some weird German spam happening on this thread.. also wenn ich's verstanden habe solltet ihr dates vielleicht woanders finden

    • JaRiEsD
      JaRiEsD Month ago

      Und da soll mal noch jmd sagen dass Drogen nicht kreativ machen

    • incu
      incu Month ago

      Ich wollte einfach nur diesen perfekten Kommentar liken und bin sehr freudig überrascht darüber, dass er von dir ist :D

  • Kingsley Chan
    Kingsley Chan Month ago +12

    Neil Patrick Harris is such a gem! Great way to lose out the season!

  • Madison the awesome
    Madison the awesome Month ago +11

    Such a great host, hands down the whole team do amazing with the questions. Well done team I pray your channel grows huge!

  • what goes around comes around

    Here’s a true story about NPH ❤ A few years ago I sang in a theater in Berlin Germany. Neil came to watch our show! He was very entertained and sang along to almost every song ☺️ After the show he came backstage and talked to the whole crew. He was so nice and humble! Truly love that guy 🥰

  • Radoslava Mihaylova
    Radoslava Mihaylova Month ago +8

    There's something about this actor that's so special. Pleasure watching people who don't overdo it.

  • John Perry
    John Perry Month ago +7

    You absolutely need to get Bob odenkirk on this. He would be an amazing person to interview

  • Md Asaduzzaman Mana
    Md Asaduzzaman Mana Month ago +7

    So much charisma between the two of you. This is such a great show.

  • Tony Sandoval
    Tony Sandoval 29 days ago +4

    Neil really knows all aspects of theatre such a great actor, I bet he would be great to hang out with

  • Just Randomness
    Just Randomness Month ago +4

    This is now one of my favorites.
    Also me and my brother tried the hot ones bag of chicken that's sold in stores and i can honestly say that the left over pasta sauce we had in the fridge really helped cut the spice. Milk didn't do anything for me but pasta sauce does save the the gut. Better said tomato cuts the heat.

  • Trace Kerr
    Trace Kerr Month ago +625

    The way Sean matches the energy of his guests is a master class in interviewing every single show

    • Michael Greene
      Michael Greene Month ago

      He's always like this. Have you seen the show before?

    • RoloTomasie
      RoloTomasie Month ago +4

      The wing eating is just the gimmick/hook of the show, but Sean is truly a masterful interviewer.

    • Fabiola Gutiérrez
      Fabiola Gutiérrez Month ago

      Absolute Master!!!

    • Intricate Inc
      Intricate Inc Month ago +1

      Watch Seans hand movements in every show, he mimics them and he does the same finger guns/ chopping action all the time lol

    • Glass Jar
      Glass Jar Month ago +9

      Yeah he matched NPH energy so good he even looks like him

  • MelanieMonique
    MelanieMonique Month ago +7

    Im so happy Neil was the season finale guest. I loved his energy ♡ and loved him since Dougie Howser MD.

  • June🍆𝗙**𝗖𝗞 Me! Check 𝗠𝘆 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗳𝗶le💋

    This host is unmatched. He matches whoever’s energy he’s interviewing. Not many can do that.

  • Darryn Uerata
    Darryn Uerata Day ago

    Hey Hot Ones, always love ya stuff. Just an idea, after the final hot wing, a cool question could be for famous actors to describe which character they have played before fits which sauce and why. Or for a singer, which song of theirs they would associate with each sauce and why. Just thought it would be interesting :):)

  • Yoloswagger
    Yoloswagger Month ago +2

    definetly up there as one of the best episodes, great guest, great questions, just a great episode overall

  • Roger Gregory
    Roger Gregory Month ago +583

    I've never seen a guest take another bite of Da'Bomb. Neil looked so composed throughout. What a legend.

    • ZdraveBass
      ZdraveBass Month ago +1

      Tommy Chong destroyed the wings, didn't even flinch

    • Maria Neighbor
      Maria Neighbor Month ago

      He is legendary ;)

    • Elijah Ripley
      Elijah Ripley Month ago

      @Chay Terry gonna cue that up now.

    • Chay Terry
      Chay Terry Month ago +3

      Halle Berry cleaned all the wings.......... first time ever........

  • Mita Widyastuti
    Mita Widyastuti Month ago +8

    Oh my gosh I love this man so much, adore him since ages ago, super talented yet so humble and poised. I hope Sean will invite him again one day.

  • Dusty Gamer Guy
    Dusty Gamer Guy Month ago +8

    NPH is the best! Representing NM with honors.
    Love that he described the flavors and experience, took his time with each one, even tried several twice.
    A Very Merry Harold and Kumar Christmas is my holiday movie.

  • S. D.
    S. D. 24 days ago +2

    Love these! He is such an amazing interviewer and I love watching him work his magic. NPH is the best, and enjoyed uncoupled a lot. But he looks BAKED. It’s making me giggle.

  • Tiffany Harker
    Tiffany Harker Month ago +4

    He did amazing! I enjoyed this episode more than I expected to 💜

  • Battum
    Battum Month ago +755

    Neil: "This tastes like poison"
    Also Neil: "Let's try it again"

    • B-Ro RP top10
      B-Ro RP top10 Month ago

      @Loan Wolf bro made love stains in the back of Harold's car

    • IantheDugan
      IantheDugan Month ago

      @Loan Wolf his memory wipes

    • Loan Wolf
      Loan Wolf Month ago +5

      kinda had that Harold & Kumar feel to it didnt it

    • Charles
      Charles Month ago +7

      Neil really gave Da Bomb a second chance and it just hurt him again 😭😂

    • Emily K
      Emily K Month ago +3

      He's the bravest person I have never met.

  • arlyquino
    arlyquino Month ago +8

    I love that NPH referenced Madeline Kahn from Clue, one of my favourite moments in the movie. You could tell Madeline was totally riffing in that moment, and being so iconically her at the same time. Well done NPH :)

    • lyd98208
      lyd98208 28 days ago +1

      As soon as he quoted it, I knew what movie and actress he was referencing. :) Love that movie. Glad he cited the actual movie.

  • Ominous Omi
    Ominous Omi Month ago +9

    Whoa, NPH sounds so much different than I remember hahaha. Such a sophisticated individual, a perfect guest. Loved this episode!

  • Thx4thePepperoni
    Thx4thePepperoni Month ago +4

    dude made it all the way to the 8th wing or so before really saying "it's hot"... What a great interview.

  • John Clark
    John Clark Month ago +13

    Did he really go back for the second "da bomb" bite? He totally owned it!

  • DeepDuh
    DeepDuh Month ago +514

    “This hurt - let me do it again” - spoken like a true scientist.

    • Wynter
      Wynter Month ago +6

      Well, he IS Dr. Horrible.

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy Month ago

    I found myself grinning ear to ear in the last half end of this episode. So much charisma between the two of you. This is such a great show.

  • mojo
    mojo Month ago +6

    he is so calm but once he feels the heat he takes it well
    brilliant guest and great reactions
    good end to the season

    • tonar wodi
      tonar wodi Month ago

      One of the best episodes! Absolutely loved this one. NPH seems like a genuine nice person and Hollywood hasn't ruined him at all.

  • Martin Sodemann
    Martin Sodemann Month ago +3

    I just love him. So genuine, talented and humble. Thanks for having him on.

  • Wilson
    Wilson Month ago +4

    😎 among all the guests on this show, Neil Patrick Harris is by far the calmest & most enlightening speaker while eating the torture wings with Sean Evans. Both the Q&A's exchange are genuinely interesting. Kudos 😎

  • Corey
    Corey Month ago +847

    'If I had a nickel...'
    NPH is a total class act- clever, composed, and yet he still manages to be a little naughty. What an enchanting man!

    • Obecny75
      Obecny75 Month ago +1

      @Jesus Saves! Or you could just not use fairy tales to change your life, but you do you

    • Jesus Saves!
      Jesus Saves! Month ago

      @danyel doyle Aside from comparing God to some human you're dating, there's a huge misunderstanding in what you think God does.
      God knows your faith in him and what you will do before you do it. If you arent truly of God, he's not going to put you through trials and tribulations... He knows your heart. But let's say you're talking about someone new to Christ, a new believer:
      God could give them small things they can handle (with his help and guidance) or situations that test their knowledge on what they read, building their faith in him. Baby steps because... they're a baby in Christ.
      He could even throw something big in there knowing you won't do it, bringing it to your attention, your faith still has a way to go. Later in life, when your faith is higher and rely more on God, you'll succeed where you failed at first!
      From what I stated, it's nothing like what you said. God understands us more than we understand ourselves. God is all that is good and *wants the best for us.* The best we can have, is being with him.
      God wants to have a loving relationship with you, but it's your love of wickedness that stops you from seeking him; being all that is holy and righteous.
      Many forget, I lived a life in sin and I'm telling you about God on the other side. I cannot express how amazing God is because my fingers would hurt from typing for so long. Once you're truly of him, you won't desire ever going back to sin. He changes you, so long as your heart is open to him doing so. I thank you all for reading.

    • Sam Cooper
      Sam Cooper Month ago +3

      Holy shiot dude i scroll down to see if anyone has already put "if I had a nickel..." and these freaks jump out the woodworks!

    • danyel doyle
      danyel doyle Month ago +3

      @Jesus Saves! So just putting this out there. Ok so if a person u were dating put u through trials and tribulations saying u need to trust them but they didn’t trust u.. And they kept putting u in dangerous situation and telling u to have faith. But u were the only one at risk Would you continue to be with that person? Cause this kinda sounds like what Christian’s about faith.

    • Saibasamurai
      Saibasamurai Month ago +2

      @Obecny75 Jesus saves, Moses invests.

  • Spencer Cochran
    Spencer Cochran Month ago +1

    This was a fantastic episode :D

  • Nicole Leigh
    Nicole Leigh 8 days ago

    This episode is exactly everything about why I love those show! 🔥

  • Tom Eshchar
    Tom Eshchar 2 days ago

    Neil seems like such an interesting person and one day we will bump into one another on the streets of our city and have a great conversation

  • Kylie Smith
    Kylie Smith Month ago +1

    One of the best episodes! Absolutely loved this one. NPH seems like a genuine nice person and Hollywood hasn't ruined him at all.

  • Peti Scratty
    Peti Scratty Month ago +1

    That was great Neil, keep up the good work

  • KuddlyKisses
    KuddlyKisses 22 days ago +3

    He was _so_ composed 😲 I would have died from the smell of the 1st one let alone actually eating it 😰

    SUPERICEMANJR Month ago +1

    Such a fun episode. Thanks for another great season

  • Troy McGraw
    Troy McGraw Month ago +1

    NPH is just a solid, intelligent and talented dude.
    He has really made the transition from child star to working actor look unforced and seamless.
    Cheers to Dr. Doogie.

  • Sophia Miller
    Sophia Miller Month ago +801

    NPH is one of the toughest guests the show has ever had. How he handled the Da Bomb not once but TWICE is truly amazing compared to most of those guests who came before him. What a legend.

    • isaac peña
      isaac peña Month ago +9

      @ryan lebard i mean most people don’t finish the wing anyway so imo the fact that he went back for more after it died down and kept his composure both times is pretty impressive

    • ryan lebard
      ryan lebard Month ago +4

      Take it easy he took two tiny bites 😂

    • Lindsey T
      Lindsey T Month ago +3

      Giving very Guy Fieri Rachel Ray ( who are spooned sauce) and Alton Brown vibes for handling it. Alton is the one I still want back to rank the sauce again.

    • Yamelsys ‘Yami’ Kingsley
      Yamelsys ‘Yami’ Kingsley Month ago +6

      This entire comment was for that last line wasn’t it? Haha

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    calyx93 Month ago +1

    Perfect! Loved this episode - always love Neil Patrick Harris!

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  • Smokey Gin
    Smokey Gin Month ago +2

    I love Neal Patrick Harris! Have watched and admired him for decades. He is so compassionate and a pure genuine human being. A genius in everything he does. Talented and funny. Thanks for closing out another season of Hot Ones! ❤️🤗🔥🌶️

  • RadixDivinus
    RadixDivinus Month ago +1

    One of my favourite guests, I love Neil!

  • Berd
    Berd Month ago +1610

    neil is the coolest person that ever lived. legendary

    • Bill
      Bill Month ago

      @Jesus Saves! - I appreciate the sentiment but wouldn't be intellectually honest if I let you believe that was an apology. It wasn't. It was clarification on how I was addressing the concept of "cool." I stand by the other things I said, not as a personal attack on you, but as food for thought that might give you a little direction with your evangelistic aspirations. I could've taken some of the words you said as something deserving of an apology but I chose to let it slide.

    • Jesus Saves!
      Jesus Saves! Month ago

      @Bill Bless the Lord for putting it on your heart! I forgive you, Bill.❤️❤️

    • Bill
      Bill Month ago +1

      @Jesus Saves! - I was thinking about this interaction and decided to reply one more time as it wasn't my intention to be a stumbling block to you. The main issue to me was the word cool having the connotation of trendy or something ultimately destined to have just been a fad. I'm sure you meant it otherwise so just disregard my previous replies to you.

    • Play Kawaii
      Play Kawaii Month ago


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    TheMainsource01 Month ago +11

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    Sean get’s no credit this dude cleans those wings every single time while everyone else is dying 😂

    • TheMainsource01
      TheMainsource01 13 days ago +1

      @Deto Qcney 😂

    • Deto Qcney
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      Red Tachi Month ago

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    • thoa kim
      thoa kim Month ago


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    "THAT is a great question"

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    • Flow Rinse
      Flow Rinse Month ago

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    • Papa Grounds
      Papa Grounds Month ago +10

      Also, your voice gets lower when you age and especially if you use it as a professional tool.

    • Envy May
      Envy May Month ago +41

      that's because he's not neil patrick harris, he's count olaf in disguise don't fall for it

    • Jonathan Mayer
      Jonathan Mayer Month ago +20

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  • Shack Diesel
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    “If I had a nickel.”

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      Maizy since Starling Month ago +1

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    • L
      L Month ago

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