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Ohio State Football spring game highlights | CFB on FOX

  • Published on Apr 12, 2024
  • Check out the best highlights from the Ohio State Buckeyes' spring football game!
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    Ohio State Football spring game highlights | CFB on FOX
    • Ohio State Football sp...
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Comments • 426

  • @CFBonFOX
    @CFBonFOX  Month ago +27

    What was your favorite highlight from this game?

    • @michaeljurczak2315
      @michaeljurczak2315 Month ago +5

      Urban talking about the run game

    • @Al-Rudigor
      @Al-Rudigor Month ago +7

      Emeka Egbuka's catch.

    • @LUKE12360
      @LUKE12360 Month ago

      To be honest nothing

    • @bosstee561
      @bosstee561 Month ago +4

      Mine was the interception by Jaylen McClain BIA.

    • @AP-to3hz
      @AP-to3hz Month ago

      Every time
      THE Real Undisputed, Undefeated 2023’ CFP
      National Cha〽️pions,
      15-0 〽️ichigan Wolverines were
      24/7 365 Rent Free
      🙌🏽ail Go Blue
      And Joel Klatt, don’t appease Ohio fans by referring to the 〽️ichigan Wolverines, BigTen’s back-to-back-to-back Cha〽️ps & college footballs defending National
      Cha〽️ps, as TTUN. Ever.

  • @southeastdaygo6193
    @southeastdaygo6193 Month ago +169

    Emeka with the 1 handed catch was savage!

  • @jarondetty8001
    @jarondetty8001 Month ago +94

    The team looks a lot more balanced this season. Defense didn't absolutely dominate like last spring game. Excited for this team!

    • @andrewnunez7894
      @andrewnunez7894 Month ago +14

      They played 2 hand touch. You can’t know how they look.

    • @jarondetty8001
      @jarondetty8001 Month ago +5

      @@andrewnunez7894 Well everyone criticizes teams off their spring games so why not praise them

    • @matts5247
      @matts5247 Month ago +5

      The defense absolutely did dominate you’re nuts thinking they didn’t within the context of it being a sprint game with different rules and different intentions and purpose

  • @jok3r_tr1ckster96
    @jok3r_tr1ckster96 Month ago +53

    offensive line looked better running than in the pass game. defense looks amazing. i think we have a good chance of making a run for it.

    • @b3stanman946
      @b3stanman946 Month ago +1

      That’s Chip Kelly

    • @Him-bl9kx
      @Him-bl9kx Month ago +1

      Better chance than last year for sure, can’t lie yall have a good team this year

    • @emotionaldamage2167
      @emotionaldamage2167 Month ago +2

      ​@@Him-bl9kx we had a good team last year minus Kyle McCord. If we had any other QB we'd have made the CFP

    • @Mano82828
      @Mano82828 Month ago

      Yall better will with all that talent

  • @Ryahn2893
    @Ryahn2893 Month ago +23

    I’m really liking what I’m seeing from Air Noland. Gives us that true duel threat that we’ve been missing.

  • @ghostwalker89
    @ghostwalker89 Month ago +36

    An outsider's view, but defense looks real good. Offense had to fight for just about every inch. Egbuka showing his first round skill. Wish i got to see Judkins more (i guess they don't want any chance of injuries to them and would rather play the game more like 7 on 7). Didn’t get to see much of Howard at all either.
    This seemed more about letting the guys fighting for spots and seeing what the young ones got.

    • @vlegendz727
      @vlegendz727 Month ago

      Yea seemed like their was a mixture of 1,2,3,4 teams playing all together no set starters all at once. Very hard to judge our team as a whole but, saw a lot of depth at most positions. I feel like our offense has a great shot of being top tier again

    • @alfadub1962
      @alfadub1962 Month ago

      Judkins will absolutely BALL OUT this year. I’m so excited to watch him play man

  • @TheaGreenfield
    @TheaGreenfield Month ago +121

    The Buckeye's are the Best...80,000 plus for Spring Game

    • @Elishanbowman
      @Elishanbowman Month ago +3

      Tickets were free

    • @SoICYDRE662
      @SoICYDRE662 Month ago +2

      ​@@Elishanbowman most are

    • @di114n2
      @di114n2 Month ago +2

      Those degrees aren’t worth much . The people have nothing else to do

    • @vernonhuffman3595
      @vernonhuffman3595 Month ago +10

      Nope $10.00 a piece. We were there today. Great show out. Go Bucks

    • @gmailuser5461
      @gmailuser5461 Month ago +4

      ​@@Elishanbowman they were $10

  • @JohnMcmillin-br8tk
    @JohnMcmillin-br8tk Month ago +19

    All the comments that predict how a team looks for the upcoming season by watching a spring game doesn't even know or understand football😂

    • @Michael-nx2he
      @Michael-nx2he Month ago +2

      Especially one so controlled as this one was.Touch football too.

    • @504Teety
      @504Teety Month ago

      U can get some things from a spring game. A blind man can see that this defense is gonna be insane..

  • @angelobrodie9415
    @angelobrodie9415 Month ago +26

    Osu has some weapons but you win natties based on your O and D lines.

    • @user-xw3rm9ok5v
      @user-xw3rm9ok5v Month ago +1

      The defense line looks great, but that o line looked weak

    • @freeclimb5487
      @freeclimb5487 Month ago +1

      Neither were impressive. Once again day gets all flash with no substance.

    • @dragonsurge1
      @dragonsurge1 Month ago

      @@freeclimb5487it’s non tackle…We have no idea what the O and D line will be

  • @chaselangford6893
    @chaselangford6893 22 days ago +1

    Qbs are solid at throwing int’s, looking for lots of those this year

  • @tudfrey
    @tudfrey Month ago +7

    Wow really impressive. Love how they tackle. This looks like a really tough team. Go Ryan.

    • @freeclimb5487
      @freeclimb5487 Month ago

      What game were you watching?

    • @m.a.allday
      @m.a.allday Month ago

      Pretty sure it was sarcasm 😂​@freeclimb5487

  • @mikaeltorres2746
    @mikaeltorres2746 Month ago +6

    All the QB's are looking very smooth and fluid nice to see

    • @poodook
      @poodook Month ago +1

      Definitely the toughest test they’ll face this season!!!!

    • @dare2554
      @dare2554 Month ago +1

      @@poodook until they lose to Michigan again and then get blown away by UGA

    • @aj551
      @aj551 Month ago

      We watchin the same game?

    • @vincentrivera9408
      @vincentrivera9408 21 day ago

      They're the weakest link on the team lol. They are middle of the pack in the BIG this year max.

  • @IzzPlaysDrumz21
    @IzzPlaysDrumz21 Month ago +7

    Miami’s O-line looks better than OSU’s O-line at this point. 💀

  • @NeonKing16
    @NeonKing16 Month ago +11

    The game was such a pillow fight 😂

  • @kevinpierce1229
    @kevinpierce1229 Month ago +23

    Urban Meyer said "we don't believe in hazing."😆

    • @pauliewalnuts2527
      @pauliewalnuts2527 Month ago

      jim harbaugh cheated and fled to the nfl to escape punishment.

    • @drewblue1164
      @drewblue1164 Month ago +3

      That’s why his name is really Urban Liar.

  • @seanmcginnis7564
    @seanmcginnis7564 Month ago +21

    OSU offense has a lot to work on.

    • @nuccidadon586
      @nuccidadon586 Month ago +2

      I’m checking in from UGA our offense looked decent but not as great as last season , but our defense on the other hand is amazing looking forward to a UGA vs Ohio State natty game

    • @hugh-jasole
      @hugh-jasole Month ago

      Their D Line looked great but O line def needs work. I wanted to see more of Judkins in action too

    • @Pappagar
      @Pappagar Month ago

      Its spring, no contact ball with the backups in. chill

    • @jakolby6511
      @jakolby6511 Month ago +1

      @@nuccidadon586Georgia ain’t gonna play a better defense than the one they played Saturday.

    • @nuccidadon586
      @nuccidadon586 Month ago

      @@jakolby6511 I was born and raised here in Georgia we are the standard 😎

  • @ian24101
    @ian24101 Month ago +6

    It was a great game I was at it

  • @myworldofsports1376
    @myworldofsports1376 Month ago +8

    Spring games D should be ahead of the offense but neither will look the same as game 1 w/transfer portal & nil mix

  • @freeclimb5487
    @freeclimb5487 Month ago +5

    O-line looks weak again.

  • @buckeyetater7540
    @buckeyetater7540 Month ago +18

    Sums it up when Ryan Day said “Did he get in ?” He ran it ?” “I would have thrown it”. Maybe that’s why we kick FGs instead of scoring TDs. Thank God Chip Kelly is here.

    • @JohnMcmillin-br8tk
      @JohnMcmillin-br8tk Month ago +2

      Pump the brakes😂 spring game.

    • @amyswenson1706
      @amyswenson1706 Month ago +11

      if you watched, ryan explained before the play that if the qb got a certain look he should throw it. sayin got the look but chose to hand it off. it's not about scoring it's about teaching these young qbs how to read defenses and make good decisions

    • @cameronevans5547
      @cameronevans5547 Month ago

      @@amyswenson1706sssshhhhhh buckeye fans don’t like that. They like QBs that can sling the football for 500 yards and be absolute studs. I’m a buckeye fan and most of these fucktards are rediculously arrogant.

  • @contactpradaroe9246
    @contactpradaroe9246 Month ago +5

    Sam Williams Dixon looks like rb 3

    • @emotionaldamage2167
      @emotionaldamage2167 Month ago +1

      I wouldn't sleep on Peoples either but both look like future studs

  • @travisoshea
    @travisoshea Month ago +1

    Would be awesome if someone had all of the spring games

  • @carlgilmore-murry5789

    1 thing I will say is this: I think this team will lead the country in both sacks & takeaways.. the secondary go feed off that front 7’s ability to rush the QB

  • @jayb9282
    @jayb9282 Month ago +3

    So far Sayin an Howard are the 1-2 guys, sayin is a gamer, u can jus tell, an his release is the quickest, would’ve loved to see more of Air Noland

  • @cjfoster4179
    @cjfoster4179 Month ago +10

    They have the personnel to win it all. Itll come down to coaching, game plans and toughness

  • @drewblue1164
    @drewblue1164 Month ago +2

    I hope Day keeps the exact same offensive philosophy under Chip. Soft airshow track meet that can easily beat 10 or 11 teams on their schedule until they play a real team. 😱

  • @slimeslime7968
    @slimeslime7968 Month ago +10

    Love seeing dem jersey boys on dat field ignosum Simon bonsu mcclain 💯💯 dem boys some dawgs been dat since back inna cheese

  • @tylerbailey470
    @tylerbailey470 Month ago

    They're out there having fun when you see a team with that level of talent out there having a good ole time not struggling with too many basics this early you know they're dangerous. This team is going to be a force this year

  • @kamryncollins2803
    @kamryncollins2803 Month ago +31

    Having a head coach leave his job to come be the OC at Ohio state.. to have FOX announcers call the spring game at Ohio state.. is absolutely crazy af.. Ohio state is on a whole different level

  • @Laxalis77
    @Laxalis77 Month ago

    WH qb1, DB qb2, AN qb3, Henderson, Egbuka are absolutely fantastic

  • @matthewboylez34
    @matthewboylez34 4 days ago

    Defense is solid. Need to get QB1 figured out and we will be a feared team.

    • @mychalowens127
      @mychalowens127 2 days ago

      I thought the younger guys looked good. Howard is mid

  • @JohnnyBlazeSins
    @JohnnyBlazeSins Month ago

    All fun and games till you remember last year. Need to celebrate let’s get this win

  • @elijahjohnston-ligesha

    Sayin was only throwing to 89. Nobody wanted to utilize Smith and when they did, the amazing defense got to him. Smith is gonna have to work on departing from D

  • @hmldjr
    @hmldjr Month ago

    i remember going to the spring game when woody was head coach. there was hardly anyone there at that time

  • @AustinRides7264
    @AustinRides7264 Month ago +1

    If the buckeyes had a good o-line they'd crush everybody, coming from a Michigan fan. They'll never learn smdh. Props though for a much improved defense with knowles

  • @darrean15
    @darrean15 Month ago +2

    Offseason national champs again??

  • @Daonly_Ai1.D
    @Daonly_Ai1.D 27 days ago

    We definitely making a comeback ⭕️

  • @ChemiiAlert
    @ChemiiAlert Month ago +1

    Will Howard 🐐

  • @keving3982
    @keving3982 Month ago +5

    Ohio needs Alabama players too be relevant 😂
    Roll tide!

    • @youngboyj4820
      @youngboyj4820 Month ago +1

      WTH are you yapping about 💀

    • @avi7278
      @avi7278 Month ago

      The nerve of this guy after Alabama needed OSU transfers who couldn't even see the field at OSU to be relevant.

  • @michaelwou1667
    @michaelwou1667 Month ago +2

    It’s not the defense that was good, it’s the QBs that were bad and mostly out of sync.

  • @BamaProds
    @BamaProds Month ago +6

    It’s gonna be a long season for Ohio State’s o-line 🤦‍♂️

  • @keithdavid17
    @keithdavid17 Month ago +1

    We got Archie Griffin son or grandson Dante Griffin pretty cool hopefully he a baller fr

  • @MovieViewbyAndrew
    @MovieViewbyAndrew Month ago +1

    The O-line is the problem I don’t know why Day can’t notice he hired the wrong coach in Frye.

  • @abdulsmith1569
    @abdulsmith1569 Month ago +2

    None of this matters if u don't beat TTUN 😮

  • @papaadot9369
    @papaadot9369 Month ago +2

    Better win The game this year

  • @NeonKing16
    @NeonKing16 Month ago +2

    Can’t wait to see yall in autzen

    • @raymondmadrigal7991
      @raymondmadrigal7991 Month ago +15

      Yall finna get whooped

    • @TedNahas
      @TedNahas Month ago +2

      We coming don’t you worry…

    • @NeonKing16
      @NeonKing16 Month ago

      @@raymondmadrigal7991you may beat us, but you arent “whooping us’

    • @NeonKing16
      @NeonKing16 Month ago

      @@TedNahasand im counting on it

    • @TedNahas
      @TedNahas Month ago +1

      @@NeonKing16 honestly we both are going to dominate the big 10 . Michigan is going to fall out of relevance. We might play each other 3 times next year.

  • @Bucknut4000
    @Bucknut4000 Month ago +6

    1:19 in, 3&7, that rushmen package of JT, Sawyer, Kenyatta Jackson, Tyliek and Hamilton. Omg

  • @neenarman
    @neenarman Month ago +4

    coach hatin like air noland throw

  • @grind_life2538
    @grind_life2538 Month ago

    The fact the coach said “I would have thrown it” tells me how the year gone be lmao. Bruh, he would have thrown it on 1st and GOAL!!!!

  • @llongone2
    @llongone2 Month ago +6

    Still looking soft.

  • @MatthewShane-ro9id
    @MatthewShane-ro9id Month ago +2

    I promise OSU fans one thing: Chip Kelly will lose you at least two games with his play calling.

  • @timothychoppo
    @timothychoppo 25 days ago

    I'm here for the QB situation

  • @BlakeCorum235
    @BlakeCorum235 Month ago +3

    GO BLUE!!!

  • @daveshaklovitz1097
    @daveshaklovitz1097 Month ago +2

    Defense looked good, running backs looked good. Offensive line and definitely the QBs need a lot of work. NOT a national contender.

    • @jeremyvorberg3678
      @jeremyvorberg3678 Month ago

      Will Howard played an amazing game. The OL definitely needs work but we barely even got to see the starters play

  • @matthartrum2196
    @matthartrum2196 Month ago +11

    That was embarrassing, two hand touch😂🤣soft asf

    • @dbz24
      @dbz24 Month ago +3

      Bruh, it’s a spring game. It’s to prevent starters from getting injured.

    • @jmitt97
      @jmitt97 Month ago

      @@dbz24soft, watch Georgia

    • @matthewc164
      @matthewc164 Month ago +3

      Yeah let's go full tilt and risk loosing starters for the season. 👍

    • @southeastdaygo6193
      @southeastdaygo6193 Month ago +3

      2s and 3s were full contact, I guess you missed that in your little soft batch cookie of an assessment!

    • @patricksmith3781
      @patricksmith3781 Month ago +2

      ​@@dbz24and that mentality breeds softness.

  • @vincentrivera9408
    @vincentrivera9408 21 day ago

    Ohio St. has a real Qb problem. This is not even close to a national championship team.

  • @Mafwarrior
    @Mafwarrior Month ago +9

    “I would have thrown it”
    It’s Good Day not calling plays anymore. Why would you throw it on the 5 yard line!

    • @GreeneHouseProductions
      @GreeneHouseProductions Month ago

      lol i came to the comment section to post this... Day loves to throw the ball too much..

    • @jamescooper3324
      @jamescooper3324 Month ago

      And this is why they’ll lose to Michigan.

    • @avi7278
      @avi7278 Month ago

      It's a run pass option for the QB. It has nothing to do with the call play. He was saying the throw was the better option based on the defense he saw. The QB made the wrong read. Come on, guys.

    • @Mafwarrior
      @Mafwarrior Month ago

      @@avi7278 my point exactly why are you throwing risking an interception?

  • @guccigangdolo6346
    @guccigangdolo6346 Month ago +8

    Emeka chill 4:29 😭😭😭

  • @dondol7214
    @dondol7214 Month ago

    Need to mention the QB's name during the play, rarely knew who was throwing.

  • @thedogs3467
    @thedogs3467 Month ago +6


  • @kimnewcom
    @kimnewcom Month ago

    What’s the difference between forced punt vs 3-and-out

  • @timothychoppo
    @timothychoppo 25 days ago

    Wait what!!????? Chip Kelly!!??

  • @flman1478
    @flman1478 26 days ago

    No more time outs, Game on, low snap, Milrose stopped Milrose stopped. McCord looks, fires, it's intercepted Rod Moore. Penix looks the other direction down the seam, it's intercepted by Mikey Sandersil. He has a convoy!!!!! Go Blue, You guys should take a family vacation and come up and look at the Trophy😋.

  • @andrezest
    @andrezest Month ago +1

    The cameraman at 7:25

  • @SovereignInvestments

    What? Yall finally didn't share it? 😂

  • @calebnash21
    @calebnash21 Month ago +1

    GO BLUE😂😂〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️

  • @nathanjunk719
    @nathanjunk719 Month ago +1

    Lincoln and Devon…. Welcome to the portal!

    • @chrisw647
      @chrisw647 Month ago +1

      Devin had the best drive of the day & the only TD pass, which for some reason was omitted from these so called "highlights."

  • @CoconutDreams123
    @CoconutDreams123 Month ago +2

    Go, Bucks!

  • @JonathanJeffrey-kg2en

    I was there

  • @cameronmitchell5201
    @cameronmitchell5201 Month ago +14

    1st string barely got to play , this game really didn’t tell us much

    • @rodneyrainey2021
      @rodneyrainey2021 Month ago +1

      You not gonna get it until they actually play but Howard would have been sacked atleast 3 times I see

    • @cameronmitchell5201
      @cameronmitchell5201 Month ago

      @@rodneyrainey2021 the 3rd string offensive line looked better than 1st! It’s potential there , they may have to move it around

    • @rodneyrainey2021
      @rodneyrainey2021 Month ago

      @@cameronmitchell5201 yeah I hope so plus we have some more talented Quarterbacks but we can't lose to Michigan again im getting sick of it

    • @rodneyrainey2021
      @rodneyrainey2021 Month ago

      @@cameronmitchell5201 and yeah hey gonna figure out something and will be ready to go and compete

  • @krisdrew988
    @krisdrew988 Month ago +1

    Why did they cut out the only TD pass of the day?

    • @chrisw647
      @chrisw647 Month ago

      Yeah, they cut out Devin Brown's TD pass. Great "highlights" 🙄

    • @krisdrew988
      @krisdrew988 Month ago

      Why would they do that? The pic on the cover is the kid who caught it but it’s not in the video

  • @Mr_77
    @Mr_77 Month ago +1

    Lot of interceptions didn’t see that much in last year’s spring game and the offense still a questionable. Defense dominated and will make a lot of stops going into the season. Too early to see but the O-Line is still questionable.

  • @colbyjackburger
    @colbyjackburger Month ago +10

    As a Michigan fan I see OSU or Oregon winning the big 10

    • @TacticWolf2
      @TacticWolf2 Month ago +7

      As an OSU fan you’re welcome here anytime

    • @joelstands9
      @joelstands9 Month ago +1

      Oregon worries me so does Michigan

  • @mychalowens127
    @mychalowens127 2 days ago +1

    No tackling. F*ck 2024

  • @richardwright1000
    @richardwright1000 Month ago

    Anybody noticed they didn’t show Devin td pass only offense td of the game

  • @Owe_U_Nothin
    @Owe_U_Nothin Month ago +1

    Looks like they need to spend another 13 million on the o line

  • @NatetheGreat009
    @NatetheGreat009 Month ago

    O$U is used to the IPads on the sideline

  • @Elliesbow
    @Elliesbow 10 days ago

    qb is wearing #33 lololololol

  • @jmitt97
    @jmitt97 Month ago +5


  • @andrewknox9658
    @andrewknox9658 Month ago +2

    Someone tell Ohio state they can run the ball?

  • @josephringling769
    @josephringling769 Month ago

    I think a lot of things are going to be different this season compared to prior years under Day.
    Let's be honest here. He has to beat Michigan, win the Big Ten, and win a championship or bust this season.
    That's a heck of a load to carry, but i think it's seriously within reach. Rely on a great defense like last year but incorporate a lot more of the run game on iffense. We have 2 amazing RBs and that freshman back in the highlights looks like he came to make a case to be #3.
    I really hope we go all the way, and Coach Day finally gets that monkey off his back.
    A lot of those guys retuned for another year when many could have been a first - or second round nfl draft pick. That shows the culture they've cultuvated over the years and speaks to the dedication and loyalty they have for the program.

  • @slimj091
    @slimj091 Month ago +5

    They still look like cream puffs.

  • @SovereignInvestments
    @SovereignInvestments Month ago +1

    But people only talk about ohio state because they are jealous of the sustained success. And another accomplishment no team has had there spring game televised on a national level other than two other teams. Jealousy

  • @theflixcapacitor1372

    Ballard going out of bounds before the pass on 3rd down is unfortunate for a veteran guy.

  • @Luckyez525
    @Luckyez525 23 days ago

    Didn’t see innis

  • @saugasauce
    @saugasauce Month ago +5

    Copying Michigan with the group photos 🙄

    • @Victor.A.
      @Victor.A. Month ago

      What? Every team does that 😂

  • @nicholasallande9371

    Even though I'm a Michigan fan defense actually played better than the offense that kind of scares me

  • @carsoncoffman7889
    @carsoncoffman7889 Month ago +12

    please beat Michigan next year

    • @juantrotter5811
      @juantrotter5811 Month ago +5

      LoL you should pray a little harder

    • @williamrivera6966
      @williamrivera6966 Month ago +2

      Not with that team

    • @JohnMcmillin-br8tk
      @JohnMcmillin-br8tk Month ago +7

      ​@@williamrivera6966seriously 😂. Michigan is going to lose three even before entering ohio stadium.

    • @tbyrdsr313
      @tbyrdsr313 Month ago +1

      @@JohnMcmillin-br8tkwhat 3 games are you talking about?

    • @dez7649
      @dez7649 Month ago +1

      @@JohnMcmillin-br8tkyou on every comment lol, you see what’s gonna happen to yall so idk why you even tryna hide behind that laughing, based on this…that offense isn’t that good

  • @VintageAndersonMusic

    Smh…I’m not sure I’ve EVER seen a OSU team look this bad.

  • @kadenthompson7822
    @kadenthompson7822 Month ago


  • @chasp9369
    @chasp9369 Month ago +9

    3:59 let them play a little bro that’s a touchdown

  • @antoniowashington6148

    The announcer was saying to Jenny that this WR was all serious about the next game and I get it it's her job to interview athletes, and I'm sure that she felt bad about what she did, In no harm no foul, Sideline commentators has to learn that there's a time to limit yourself when it comes to interview athletes because they don't want to miss out on opportunities when the game is on the line and I'm sure it shouldn't happen to Sideline commentators if they were in the players shoes like herself. I remember when the XFL started that Sideline commentators kept constantly interacting with players everytime they make a play. I also noticed in one of the games that an sideline commentator was walking and speaking while the player and coordinator was designing a play call which is distracting. Some say this person isn't speaking to me? Well this person is definitely serious to play ball without getting distracted, have you thought about that? If so think about it because there's a time to interact with players and there's a time to limit yourself for not doing it too much that players don't need to miss out on a game play and when that happens then you know who gets the blame. Our beloved modern world has changed due to common decency courtesy.

  • @user-xw3rm9ok5v
    @user-xw3rm9ok5v Month ago +7

    This didn’t show me nothing too many times the defense got to the quarterback so that mean the o line is still weak not beating Michigan if the o line can’t hold up ain’t nothing like a real game practice is practice

  • @SovereignInvestments
    @SovereignInvestments Month ago +1

    Can't wait to see yall joke program spring game next week. I'm gonna talk about yall bad. Sherrone Moore team better look elite.

    • @antoinejohnson5371
      @antoinejohnson5371 Month ago

      Hold Michigan's Natty while I ponder that thought 🤔
      Yeah that was a dumb statement 🙄

    • @SovereignInvestments
      @SovereignInvestments Month ago

      @@antoinejohnson5371 Ahh, shut up cheaters, yall soft 🤡

    • @SovereignInvestments
      @SovereignInvestments Month ago

      @@antoinejohnson5371 What took yall so long? 🤡

    • @SovereignInvestments
      @SovereignInvestments Month ago


    • @SovereignInvestments
      @SovereignInvestments Month ago

      @@antoinejohnson5371 Hold this L homie, and this is just for coaching and recruiting violations. They are just getting started. 😂

  • @chulywitdabigtoolie3791


  • @Cainoah
    @Cainoah Month ago +6

    The spring game is more of a show for the fans

    • @JackycClark
      @JackycClark Month ago +1

      Good percentage of people aren't able to see their Buckeyes during the season .
      Glorified practice or not taking your kid to the Shoe to watch Ohio State on a beautiful spring day makes for some great memories .

    • @pauliewalnuts2527
      @pauliewalnuts2527 Month ago

      that and a proving ground. a chance to earn your spot.

  • @Moody_82
    @Moody_82 Month ago +1

    Y'all be rushing to judgement...

  • @florida1289
    @florida1289 Month ago

    That Ohio State O may not score vs Michigan.
    The Missouri game changed everything as far as Day being some kind of Guru.
    They'll have a good defense + schedule is easier.
    I still see them behind Michigan though as that title must be earned on the field not anointed in debate.
    How does playing touch football prepare you for Michigan run game?

  • @davidroseman4917
    @davidroseman4917 Month ago

    Its practice with fans in attendance

  • @christopherdial
    @christopherdial Month ago

    They don’t tackle?