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So I Made Minecraft Satisfying...

  • Published on Jul 14, 2022
    Twitch (I STREAM A LOT SOMETIMES): www.twitch.tv/fundy
    Twitter (FUNNY STUFF): fundylive
    Discord: discord.gg/fundy
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    Editor: krayestation
    Outro music www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hu6cW...
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  • Fundy
    Fundy  2 months ago +2329


  • Vapor
    Vapor 2 months ago +13854


  • charlie
    charlie Month ago +38

    i love seeing people code and have genuine fun, it makes me to happy :))

  • Reid Pfaltzgraff-Carlson

    I really liked how you explained a bit of the code! If you did a more in depth walkthrough, or even a series of modding tutorials I would totally watch it. Great video!

  • huh no « corn »
    huh no « corn » Month ago +16

    The reason for the weird sand pattern is most likely the grass
    Since it breaks the falling sand on impact

    • the_ m
      the_ m 5 days ago

      i believe mc uses perlin noise to generate terrain so i thought maybe the different concentrations or noise were just being revealed and visualized easier due to the sand but ur prob right lolol

  • Ghosty
    Ghosty Month ago +8

    I think it would be really cool if he had a download link for all the mods hes creating so it can be put to use or he could even make a patreon and have them on there for supporters!

  • Rowan
    Rowan 2 months ago +5964

    0:37 The little detail of saying 'technoblade never dies' and making it so the sword didn't kill the pigs is absolutely amazing

  • Bacon
    Bacon 15 days ago +3

    Can we appreciate how much time he puts into his vids just to keep us entertained? Also I’m not a bot.

  • CelestialTree
    CelestialTree Month ago +3

    Genuinely one of the most convincing sponsors I've seen outside of Runesmith

  • Jbrickfilms and stuff
    Jbrickfilms and stuff Month ago +6

    0:38 wholesome moment of "technoblade never dies

  • {Mia}
    {Mia} Month ago +1

    This was one of the most ✨satisfying✨ video to watch and the sand was so cool I liked how it made that really cool pattern when It fell Also the little ' Technoblade never dies

  • Hey_There_ Scout
    Hey_There_ Scout 2 months ago +3360

    It’s nice that he made it to where the pigs don’t die, it’s such a simple change that has such a big meaning

    • Prussiaball
      Prussiaball 7 days ago


    • Red Planet Productions
      Red Planet Productions 10 days ago

      @bee man most people die at 70-80

    • Superior Doggo
      Superior Doggo Month ago

      @bee man no, to die at the age 20, thats really young. Most people die atleast age 60-90 or something

    • tree!!
      tree!! Month ago


    • One vs Many
      One vs Many Month ago

      TECHNO REFRENCE (rip btw)

  • Musical_Costumer
    Musical_Costumer Month ago +1

    The sand one is wonderous, in my opinion. It's in just so cool to look at the patterns.

  • Corgie frog
    Corgie frog 20 days ago

    The pattern for, the sand is the pattern from when you bonemeal flowers and get rid of all the grass, it is very pretty and is used for all random patterns in coding😊

  • Seek
    Seek Month ago +1

    The way how the patterns are created on the sand part is because some teams like flowers and tall grass and such that can break sand creates that type of pattern

  • Numero_Cero ☃︎✌︎︎

    We don’t mind how long the video is, as long as it’s satisfying 😌

  • The Enderian Allium
    The Enderian Allium 2 months ago +1726

    The pigs and the little message... This is why we love Fundy, he's great at subtle hints that can just hit in all the best ways

    • egg
      egg Month ago

      @JellyDragonWolf202 00:36

    • The Enderian Allium
      The Enderian Allium Month ago

      @Don't Do That the ace flag :]

    • Claire Bear
      Claire Bear Month ago

      @Don't Do That it’s the asexual flag

    • Don't Do That
      Don't Do That Month ago

      What are the colors in the back on your pfp Enderian?

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement Month ago +1

    That heatmap looking pattern in the sand was so cool.

  • Cosmic Uchiha
    Cosmic Uchiha 15 days ago +1

    My favorite part was when he tried the sand command, and tons of bedrock fell instead.

  • Dallenson
    Dallenson Month ago +1

    9:17 It almost looks like the pattern weeds grow in Farming Simulator 22 with Precision Farming installed.

  • Canlice4two
    Canlice4two Month ago +1

    That end screen is perfection, the music matches too, perfecto.

  • Kindakinda
    Kindakinda 2 months ago +1565

    And when the world needed him most, he came back

  • CoolDoge
    CoolDoge Month ago +1

    Great Video! *This is series extremely hilarious and I love it*

  • Roice_boi
    Roice_boi Month ago +1

    The sand was actually the pattern of flowers generating in Minecraft. I know it’s pretty cool.

  • Sandwich
    Sandwich Month ago

    the sand patterns come from the grass that destroy sand so some of the area with grass leave gaps instead of just making a dessert of sand

  • havnmartin
    havnmartin Month ago +1

    Its possible in vanilla without coding: /execute at @e[type=arrow] run summon tnt ~ ~ - {Fuse:60} dont add more now, note: you Can change the 60 into any number (it might not be the exact same as in the video)

  • Nathaniel Cutajar
    Nathaniel Cutajar 2 months ago +1261

    As a developer, I respect the fact that he actually showed the code and took his time to explain how it is, in a fun and concise way

    • Nevedya Gwalani
      Nevedya Gwalani 2 months ago

      @Just somebody He just asked a simple question smh. Why are you being like that.

    • uppast5am
      uppast5am 2 months ago +1

      personally as a developer i hated it but i think im just being a hater

    • Just somebody
      Just somebody 2 months ago +2

      @Someone clearly you haven't coded python or java or anything at all

    • Shamima mou
      Shamima mou 2 months ago

      for more watch time

    • DirtL1
      DirtL1 2 months ago +1

      @An Emu I mean sure they could get interest but you can't start coding in spigot without learning java first. (Which many people give up on because it takes years)
      As they said on forums, it's like asking a newborn baby to fly a fighter jet.

  • fuecOHKO
    fuecOHKO Month ago

    I love how he doesn't take the ads seriously at all

    LEONARDØ Month ago +1

    Are the sand patterns caused by the flowermap? (flowers break falling sand so there will be fewer where the flowermap is denser)

  • Daniel Rhodes
    Daniel Rhodes Month ago

    The TNT arrow system is essentially what the military uses for diffusing paths through minefields with explosive wire! That’s a cool real world comparison in my opinion.

  • Arnav
    Arnav Month ago

    Thank you soo much! This helped a lot! ❤️

  • JazzyWazzy😋
    JazzyWazzy😋 2 months ago +360

    The fact he coded it so no pigs die is just so heart warming ❤️

    • Bagelbop 👑🎗
      Bagelbop 👑🎗 2 months ago

      At 0:38 he even put a little note that says "Technoblade never dies

    • Cakey
      Cakey 2 months ago +3

      @Fred Hype Yan nonono you don’t need to be sorry man. It’s just kinda weird considering it wasn’t even a minute into the video lol

    • JazzyWazzy😋
      JazzyWazzy😋 2 months ago

      @YouCanCallMeSpeedy :/…

    • YouCanCallMeSpeedy
      YouCanCallMeSpeedy 2 months ago +1


    • Stoney_iz cool
      Stoney_iz cool 2 months ago +1


  • Code Tech Studio
    Code Tech Studio Month ago +1

    Man, you are the first youtuber that convinced me to subscribe after a long time of watching others :D

  • Wolf Army pack
    Wolf Army pack Month ago

    The sand falling on the terrain looks like a geographical map that’s why it’s so satisfying

  • Senor_Cheesecake
    Senor_Cheesecake 8 days ago +1

    The fact that rec room didn't give you a script makes me almost wanna check it out

  • AidenPlayz
    AidenPlayz 6 days ago

    I kind of want to watch a full Fundy rec room video in the future.

  • liouy cnny
    liouy cnny 2 months ago +1162

    The pigs and the little message... This is why we love Fundy, he's great at subtle hints that can just hit in all the best ways

  • C0dY
    C0dY Month ago +1

    Sometimes mistakes lead to better results, like recovering from screwing up in pvp

  • Radical Gaming
    Radical Gaming Month ago

    The patterns happened with the sand because the grass block (the ones that drop seeds) brick the sand

  • Giuseppe Reiter
    Giuseppe Reiter Month ago

    the fact sweeping edge didnt kill the pigs is great, thanks fundy.

  • Lukas Estrella
    Lukas Estrella Month ago

    OMG, I can't believe Fundy made a tnt arrow, I've had the idea for 5 years but could never do it with ONLY command blocks. Brings a tear to my eye

  • WadZee
    WadZee 2 months ago +2240

    I am satisfied.

  • Mazing
    Mazing Month ago

    When you need to level a grass field you left click and it slowly levels it to what u need. Satisfiing

  • ThrellzysStuff
    ThrellzysStuff 13 days ago

    i know what happened with the sand patterns, the tall grass prevented the sand from going on that block, so it became an item.

  • Евгения
    Евгения Month ago

    It's all fun and games until Fundy makes a real life "sweeping edge quadrillion" netherite sword and swings it...

  • Saenz Zahir
    Saenz Zahir Month ago +1

    Fundy really went through a anime training ark to get that fast with the sword to kill a lot of villagers

  • Sirender
    Sirender 2 months ago +2198

    Suggestion - You know how if you throw loyalty enchanted tridents with a full inventory they come back infinitely orbiting the player because they don't have a slot to return into? I'd love to see that be turned into a whirlwind shield around you that actually does damage. For even more chaos you could try combining it with the TNT arrow idea and watch them fling TNT in all directions as the kinetic force goes back and forth

    • Emilia Azar
      Emilia Azar 2 months ago

      Fundy, I need to speak formally about this idea…DO IT NOW ITS GONNA BE SOOOOO COOOLLL AAAHHHH YES, IT WILL BE AWSOME!

    • nobody important
      nobody important 2 months ago

      now you right here are one of humans non mistakes

    • MadMaverick
      MadMaverick 2 months ago

      Ain't no one care, my content is better + this you? 🤓👶

    • Phoenix
      Phoenix 2 months ago


  • Mike&Max'sUniverse
    Mike&Max'sUniverse Month ago

    Sweeping Edge Fundy vs overspawned villagers is basically a re-enactment of Anikin vs younglings 😂

  • The eye
    The eye Month ago

    You can also do this with repeating command blocks with two commands one is repeat second is on repeat but not always active do the repeater trick for it to work the command is /execute at @e[type=arrow] run summon tnt that command will be in always active repeating command lock and second is /kill @e[type=arrow] on the loop repeator trick with a redstone timer of 3 repeaters set on 4 ticks

  • Tahmidur rahman
    Tahmidur rahman 12 days ago

    I think the sand looks like cave systems under ground so perhaps thats what is causing it.

  • Al
    Al 13 days ago

    The reason the sand makes the pattern is that sand breaks on grass flowers slabs torches and more

  • TGD
    TGD 2 months ago +987

    We heard Mumbo Jumbo say "This redstone is actually really simple."
    Now we hear Fundy say "This code is actually really simple."

    • SwxPizz
      SwxPizz 2 months ago +1

      Honestly it actually was pretty simple , mostly if statements and a decrementing loop that instanciates tnt objects.
      The only difficulty is if you're not familiar with Java.
      I think people need to realize there is nothing inherently difficult with coding , you should give a try.

    • Happy1speed In Minecraft
      Happy1speed In Minecraft 2 months ago

      @LuuNguyenPhong618 "simple"

    • LuuNguyenPhong618
      LuuNguyenPhong618 2 months ago

      @Happy1speed In Minecraft break beds, get invis pots first. (literally bedwars)

    • QuadSingular Studios
      QuadSingular Studios 2 months ago

      because it *is* simple

    • Corporal Anonymous
      Corporal Anonymous 2 months ago

      Simpleness in different generations

  • Rainbow Bot
    Rainbow Bot Month ago

    The reason of the pattern is because of the grass plant and flowers hope that helps (:

  • Bryan Fuentes
    Bryan Fuentes 13 days ago

    I have a good idea :D, and if you create in some way, that when you put water, it fills everything around it, like in a pool, it's amazing

  • Nick Birnie
    Nick Birnie 10 days ago

    Wait, did you give yourself sweeping edge factorial from the upper limit? Or was it just 1-10?
    Eitherway jesus that's a big area

  • Toggle_Cat
    Toggle_Cat Month ago

    the reason for the pattern in the sand is because mc uses perlin noise to generate the positions of grass and flowers, the sand is destroyed by this. This reveals the perlin noise pattern

  • lethargicsauce
    lethargicsauce 2 months ago +582

    I liked the inclusion of Pigs having sweeping edge immunity for Techno at the start there.
    Also, could you upgrade the TNT Bow to have an actual arrow at the end of the TNT chain, which would get hyper-propelled by the explosion?

    • Willified
      Willified 2 months ago

      ​@byzantine thrive It was intended. At the start none of the pigs die from the sweeping edge and the text "technoblade never dies" pops up on the screen in small text for a moment.

    • RedFlareYT
      RedFlareYT 2 months ago

      There was even some text right before the cut it made me so happy to see

    • Piggy
      Piggy 2 months ago

      @MadMaverick L + Ratio + Your om

    • Cynthyawong Wong
      Cynthyawong Wong 2 months ago


    • alexmalqqqq
      alexmalqqqq 2 months ago +1

      @LucasBruinsMC ur supposed to just ignore the fatherless beings completely

  • mark stephen sajul
    mark stephen sajul 13 days ago

    The sand patterns kinda remind me of the rice terraces

  • Pixlatr the Jester
    Pixlatr the Jester Month ago +1

    "Rec rooms a really fun game" I felt that

  • TG_Uno3
    TG_Uno3 Month ago +2

    You should add the tnt arrows to your custom difficulty series

  • -Zynx-
    -Zynx- 11 days ago

    “Technoblade never dies” That aged well💀

  • Merit Engler
    Merit Engler 2 months ago +273

    0:37 is so great, I was close to crying. I love how everyone is grieving but in a wholsome way. He left an incredible legacy. Technoblade never dies

    • BluWolf098
      BluWolf098 2 months ago +1

      I noticed this too, was about to comment he left the pigs. Technoblade never dies

    • Arbondawn
      Arbondawn 2 months ago +1

      I had to rewatch it like 5 times because it was such a sweet surprise :)

    • Typh io
      Typh io 2 months ago +11

      Man I AM crying :’)

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement Month ago +1

    0:38 Aw- the little "Technoblade never dies

  • galaxygamer
    galaxygamer Month ago

    He just made skeletons even more scary for hardcore

  • Ernie plays
    Ernie plays Month ago

    Fundy: tries to make a satisfying thingy with sand
    Also fundy: accidentaly makes chicken strip rain

  • SashaTheGreat
    SashaTheGreat Month ago

    You could have done this just using command blocks tho. Simply useing the execute/summon command. Since both the arrow and primed tnt are entities. Coding is a bit over kill.

  • PlywoodPants
    PlywoodPants 2 months ago +741

    And here he is, using his big brain yet again to create satisfying moments yet d-rails and goes to simply entertain himself with the dumbassitry of his creation.
    *Ahh yes, love me a Fundy video*

    • Домик
      Домик 2 months ago

      @Milk_Choc Thank you

    • Milk_Choc
      Milk_Choc 2 months ago

      @Домик Green Greens, from the Kirby franchise.

    • Clukonit
      Clukonit 2 months ago

      never gonna give you up

    • Kokonut Binks
      Kokonut Binks 2 months ago +4

      I gotta know the thought process behind "d-rails"

    • Hannah Mosburg
      Hannah Mosburg 2 months ago +2


  • Mark Galloway
    Mark Galloway Month ago

    Fundy: walks slowly towards village
    Villagers: “Do y’all here boss music..?”

  • Ice sakura kanchi
    Ice sakura kanchi Month ago

    8:40 the way the flowers and stuff are generated is cool

  • 선생라면
    선생라면 7 days ago

    Fix the bow so all of the TNT doesn’t explode at the exact same time

  • Caleb Dhami
    Caleb Dhami Month ago

    this is so inspiring... i do things like that but i use commands and not coding

  • Ikar Aviator
    Ikar Aviator 2 months ago +212

    I love the fact he coded the blade to not touch pigs. First I didn't realized and just went Technoblade never dies like it was just a coincidence but then rewatched and get to know it was on purpose

  • TheVeterain
    TheVeterain Month ago +1

    How intense would the dream smp wars be if these weapons were added…

  • Owner Zennc
    Owner Zennc 20 hours ago

    you could code it so when you press a button it forms a spiral pattern of tnt the rest is your choice!

  • Charlie
    Charlie Month ago

    "This video is getting long."
    Sir, it really didn't. 11 minutes is a relatively short video. A long video would be numerous hours.

  • Alex Fallyn
    Alex Fallyn Month ago

    i didnt know that Wilbur's furry son was so good at coding. good job tho lol the sand pattern looked epic

  • kamiel theunis
    kamiel theunis 2 months ago +599

    The fact taht tje pigs had sweeping edge immunity was beautiful. Rip techno. Also the effect with the sand is caused by the grass. If sand falls on grass it turns into an item and not a block. So you were able to see the pattern of the grass generation. I wonder what it´ll look like if you did it in a flower forest without the trees

    • Lohjutsu Legend
      Lohjutsu Legend 2 months ago +4

      @Sebastian Ramirez For one moment you could see a text saying "Technoblade never dies"

    • Sebastian Ramirez
      Sebastian Ramirez 2 months ago

      I don’t think it was because of techno maybe just far away enough so he wouldn’t die

    • BeDeadGray48 or FiipinoYT
      BeDeadGray48 or FiipinoYT 2 months ago

      @Thai Phu i know

    • BeDeadGray48 or FiipinoYT
      BeDeadGray48 or FiipinoYT 2 months ago

      @Thai Phu typo

    • Lohjutsu Legend
      Lohjutsu Legend 2 months ago +7

      @Rat The distribution of grass would make no sense this way. There's no pattern in grass generation and also not that much everywhere.
      I don't know how he/she thought that was the reason.

  • Thomie Plays
    Thomie Plays Month ago

    for the sand drop part he over engineered it.
    you could just do the fill command in two coordinates then press enter smh

  • ernost
    ernost Month ago +1

    "the code is actually very simple"
    me who doesnt understand a single thing hes saying: *nice*

  • CatKing36
    CatKing36 Month ago

    remove those spaced out sand pieces somehow and fill it with water, automatic "insane river" biome

  • Daniel Del
    Daniel Del Month ago

    The sand pattern comes from the grass/flower generation

  • Kieran's Transport Diaries
    Kieran's Transport Diaries 2 months ago +154

    I can’t lie, the sand patterns fundy accidentally created are so strangely beautiful.

    • TheJumpingBox
      TheJumpingBox 2 months ago

      @spiritism ik it's how it works, but grass and flowers don't spawn like that

    • spiritism
      spiritism 2 months ago

      @TheJumpingBox i mean it's just how it works u can look it up urself

    • TheJumpingBox
      TheJumpingBox 2 months ago +3

      @spiritism nah, it's too consistent to be that, literally anywhere it's not all chunked together, it's in a perfect grid, grass don't do that

    • spiritism
      spiritism 2 months ago +3

      @TheJumpingBox when the sand falls, it breaks on top of the grass/flowers/etc

    • TheJumpingBox
      TheJumpingBox 2 months ago +4

      My guess is that something in the code made it link to cave generation or flower generation maybe

  • Benjamin Schoolland

    The tnt bow skeleton should be in fundy’s next difficulty. Change my mind.

  • RaptorMusic
    RaptorMusic Month ago

    Legend has it the TNT is still glitching underwater to this day

  • Fabcat Games
    Fabcat Games Month ago

    As of today I can now say that I've seen every item in Minecraft at the same time 😄

  • Zaneinthevein
    Zaneinthevein Month ago

    For the tnt arrows use a repeat and always active command block and put in execute @e[type=arrow] ~ ~ ~ /summon tnt i use bedrock. Don’t know if it works on Java

  • Jade_wastaken
    Jade_wastaken 2 months ago +459

    I love how he made the pigs not die when he used sweeping edge. Technoblade never dies

    • Jade_wastaken
      Jade_wastaken Month ago

      @Thegamingchewie ??????

    • Thegamingchewie
      Thegamingchewie Month ago

      @Jade_wastaken 🤡 killing pigs is haram

    • Jade_wastaken
      Jade_wastaken Month ago

      @Thegamingchewie I- what? It he literally had a small text that said “technoblade never dies”

    • Thegamingchewie
      Thegamingchewie Month ago

      the pigs not dying is an islam reference

    • Neon Knight
      Neon Knight 2 months ago

      @Edward Lim I actually feel bad for techno,I just don't get why people say he never dies,he died

  • Mari x Sunny OTP
    Mari x Sunny OTP 28 days ago

    0:35 techno never dies
    5:11 tnt snake moment
    6:56 imagine the lag

  • OnlyCitoTWz
    OnlyCitoTWz Month ago

    i know the reason of the pattern of the sand :)
    is the grass, tall grass, flowers, etc (sand cannot "destroy" flowers or grass/tall grass, so the sand dissapear and create the pattern (i think that's the reason)

  • Kid Antaya
    Kid Antaya Month ago

    This is super interresting to see the patern of the grass, so weird!

  • Dinaman
    Dinaman Month ago

    Bro ur amazing me every time i watch ur vids ur programming skillz are awesome dude i am so amazed

  • 2nd Brain
    2nd Brain 2 months ago +231

    A scythe for farming would be a cool thing to see coded in Minecraft.
    Specifically something that uses sweeping edge to break crops.

      JOEL PAULSANTOSH 2 months ago +1

      Instead of tools we need new turorials...because the current version has none

  • mark stephen sajul
    mark stephen sajul Month ago

    Sword should have like a shadow thing that shows how big of an area it can hit

  • Elmago 280
    Elmago 280 Month ago

    Fundy: ok so the code is very simple, first it checks if the shooter is a player, so not a skeleton
    Skeleton: shoots
    Code: yeah fair enough *triggers the whole sequence*

  • Glompticc
    Glompticc Month ago

    if wilbur or techno had that bow during the raid on manberg it woulda been amazing

  • Yeet Mcyeetalot
    Yeet Mcyeetalot Month ago

    You could recreate the thumbnail with one command block with the command “/execute @e[type=arrow] ~ ~ ~ summon tnt” repeating always active unconditional

  • ItsBlue
    ItsBlue 2 months ago +834

    I believe the sand patterns you were getting around 8:50 relate somewhat to the flower generation code- there are only certain places that flowers can spawn naturally, and although the places change from seed to seed the pattern looks almost exactly the same.
    You can view the pattern if you use/spam bone meal over a large area(this is will still show you the pattern since flowers can still only spawn in the same places as natural generation)(and get rid of the tall grass when that generates as well, then repeat the process until there's next to no tall grass, as it has been replaced with flowers) you get a similar-looking result. I'm no expert, but that seems like the most likely solution. PhoenixSC also did this on stream once, that's how I found out about it
    subscribe to fundy also have a good day :)

    • Puttle
      Puttle 2 months ago

      @Ivan Sergeevich nah. I'm atheist.

    • Ivan Sergeevich
      Ivan Sergeevich 2 months ago

      Dear friend, believe in our God.

    • circle 22
      circle 22 2 months ago

      It the generation looks like perlin noise

    • Puttle
      Puttle 2 months ago

      @Maysee wait. It's locution?

  • christopher misola
    christopher misola Month ago

    You know in the latest update it's actually possible to summon tnt using multiple arrows using command block

  • oof of
    oof of Month ago

    Great job Fundy made the skeleton 10 x more dangerous

  • Adam Podjarny
    Adam Podjarny Month ago

    Make a command that spawns a tower of cows (20-50 cows high), then lightning strikes the cows. It'll be perfect