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I made every block extremely slippery in Minecraft...

  • Published on May 8, 2020
  • I made every block in Minecraft act like it is extremely slippery. I coded it so that the ice physics that count for ice blocks, work on every single block in the game. And not just that, but I made it way more extreme... This was insane! I really hope you enjoyed this one, as it took a long time to make. So if you want me to do a "Minecraft but..." challenge on this, let me know!
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    Twitter (video sneakpeeks): fundylive
    Discord: discord.gg/JQhZZBb
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    Eurobeat part (not in order)
    - A OneOTHO EUROBEAT VOL 10 Love the VO まめみ
    - Odyssey - worldly spirits
    - Shihori - Day Breaker
    - 東方公式PV夜乃風車CrazyBeats公式
    Outro music www.youtube.com/watch?v=IatXU...
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  • Volted_Blitz
    Volted_Blitz 2 years ago +8366

    Who needs anything else to move around, when we have *BOATS*

  • Rchat42
    Rchat42 7 months ago +143

    I know why items and boats slide forever,
    It's because they are slippery in vanilla, and it just adds to the multiplier, so it multiplies by more than one

    • Psychopatz
      Psychopatz Month ago +1

      Of course, that explains why ice is more slippery than other blocks since it's just being multiplied by. Thanks mate 😁

  • Potato King
    Potato King 6 months ago +43

    The hostile mobs sliding around was actually one of the funniest things I've seen all year

  • DrepressoEspresso
    DrepressoEspresso 8 months ago +69

    His "tutorial" still have me wheezing, even after watching it like 10 times lmao

  • ggggggg
    ggggggg 5 months ago +8

    8:20 can we talk about how satisfying that was tho

  • OctoCreeper
    OctoCreeper 2 years ago +1677

    Use this mod on soul sand, use soul speed boots. Since there’s no friction you will infinitely accelerate

    • gneu152
      gneu152 2 months ago

      And do that on a flat world made of soul sand.

    • Dee Bee
      Dee Bee 2 months ago

      big brain

    • Unicorn Youtube
      Unicorn Youtube 2 months ago


    • Micks Pogs #roadto500subs
      Micks Pogs #roadto500subs 2 months ago

      @Hamon Hamoff made in china

    • I am in your house
      I am in your house 2 months ago

      @jereen moni islam true-

  • Intel mosh
    Intel mosh 6 months ago +10

    2:15 now I have a mental image of him eating broccoli while going up the stairs

  • SgtMaggi
    SgtMaggi 6 months ago +3

    Havent watched your channel before but I gotta say, your editing style is really fun. Its somewhat over the top without being distracting, great mix my dude!

  • md salam
    md salam Month ago +1

    His "tutorial" still have me wheezing, even after watching it like 10 times lmao

  • lord lem
    lord lem 5 months ago +2

    The villger's head spinning is just like the camera scanner spinning in incredible speed. Lol

  • Toby-Wan Kenobi
    Toby-Wan Kenobi 2 years ago +1024

    8:08 the arrow just bounces off the villager.

  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins 7 months ago +6

    1:11 that’s a mood, coding is a pain in the ass. It is the patient man’s game, so major respect to you.

  • Ⲟⲩsⲟⲣ
    Ⲟⲩsⲟⲣ Month ago

    actually tried this and now i have extreme respect for you

  • Spook Lass
    Spook Lass Month ago

    For frictionless behavior in newer versions, set the slipperiness to 1.1. No mobs will be affected by friction on this block.

  • Jessica Crystal
    Jessica Crystal 4 months ago

    here's an idea: like perpetual motion, if you move a single direction, (kinda like infinite power of ice) you keep moving the same direction no matter if you try to go a different direction, and if you hit a block you just break it

  • Arshad Marzuq
    Arshad Marzuq 2 years ago +3121

    Mumbo Jumbo: The fastest way to travel is teleporting
    Fundy: hold my shoes

    • Axolotl gaming
      Axolotl gaming 11 months ago


    • Lynch
      Lynch 11 months ago

      boat on grass

    • Nishi Suman
      Nishi Suman 11 months ago

      Baby zombie: hold my legs

    • セツRubiePie
      セツRubiePie Year ago

      @popycorn300 i mean your not wrong...

  • «•:-_'Zechnoblade Zeelix'_-:•»

    Dream needs this for better “speed”runs.

  • RoboPlayzYT
    RoboPlayzYT 2 months ago

    thanks so much for the tutorial it really helped!

  • Stacey Vasilovich
    Stacey Vasilovich 6 months ago +3

    POV: *you’re walking on tiles with socks on.*

  • Adam Kresta
    Adam Kresta 7 months ago

    The tutorial actually made sense. Very good tutorial (I am not joking)! This is the way I make mods/plugins!

  • Onomis
    Onomis 2 years ago +1748

    "Now i made EVERY block slipery in minecraft"
    Me instantly: *BOAT*

  • itzSamTheKing5759
    itzSamTheKing5759 8 months ago

    Fun fact: *the tutorial ACTUALLY helped me for real*

  • Firewolf
    Firewolf 26 days ago

    This honestly looks like a lot of fun

  • EeveeMaster547
    EeveeMaster547 6 months ago

    Okay but that scene with the drifting and dodging around mobs looked like so much fun holy peck

  • Mr.TurboPRO 🇷🇺
    Mr.TurboPRO 🇷🇺 6 months ago +1

    Imagine how fast the tortoises' flappers will move if they move that fast

  • Burny - Valve Source Games - Happys Edits

    I love how the speed of the items on the ground or boats grows exponentially

  • Berale Hanzin
    Berale Hanzin Month ago

    you can tell fundy was more of a editor then a modder

  • Captain cactus
    Captain cactus 2 months ago

    the tutorial helped a lot thanks!

  • Tim H
    Tim H 2 months ago

    Sometimes I wonder what goes through this man’s head while recording.

  • PHNX256
    PHNX256 4 months ago

    Funnily enough, the items do what they're supposed to do

  • Can I get 50k with videos?

    Everyone: how good are you at coding?
    Fundy: yes

    • Boisterous Gamer
      Boisterous Gamer Day ago

      @AndeemenGaming Fundy is dead

    • Small Savage
      Small Savage 12 days ago

      Hey, I was subbed to you when you had like 200 subs or sum lol

    • Jade
      Jade 23 days ago

      @Charles From henry stickmin ayyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • Pau
      Pau Month ago

      I mean.. yeah..

    • Sis Cra Cra
      Sis Cra Cra Month ago

      @AndeemenGaming Fundy is funi

  • Ramon Hop
    Ramon Hop 6 months ago

    i think the items behave like this because (i think) the items slide more than normal entities. Since the ground got very slippery too, it just slides like on the highway!

  • BlackNeon
    BlackNeon 7 days ago

    Keep the amazing work up Fundy!

  • AG64 Or AGM
    AG64 Or AGM 7 months ago +1

    3:27 That Incredibly Common Moment In Your Life Where You Turn Into A Curling Stone

  • Caleb Furlong
    Caleb Furlong 2 days ago

    Minecraft: So fundy, how slippery do you want the blocks?
    Fundy: *Yes.*

  • Creature2
    Creature2 Year ago +1723

    Imagine using a slime block piston and boosting yourself across the world

  • nancy xiang
    nancy xiang 2 months ago

    You know what is crazy? Some of those skeletons actually managed to use a bow to hit a moving target going at sonic speed (you) while going at sonic speed themselves.

  • i dont have a youtube account

    I would love to see people trying to pvp with this mod

  • Kyle
    Kyle 6 months ago

    I think this would be fun for the first five minutes then be a living hell for the rest of the game.

  • Vibingcatxx
    Vibingcatxx 7 months ago +4

    4:35 Pov: Me trying to runaway from my problems

  • Adam Greenhill
    Adam Greenhill 2 years ago +165

    This is easily one of the funniest mod videos I've ever watched
    His editing and ideas are on another level...

  • FewVidsJustComments
    FewVidsJustComments 6 months ago

    do a proper tutorial on this please. ive always wanted to edit minecrafts code like you do

  • Fabri Juegos
    Fabri Juegos 9 months ago

    The items do that because when You throw it and it Lands, the momentum of the item duplicates The speed,

  • chaos ruby
    chaos ruby 4 months ago +1

    8:01 Actually iits pretty eeasy to explain
    there are 3 boats, 2 villagers with their heads spinning in one
    A creeper and pig with their heads spinning in another one
    and a pillager with impressive aim and sheep with spinning heads in another one
    and there are 2 villagers panicing from the pillager that has impressive aim

  • Fun Gus
    Fun Gus 7 months ago

    7:21 did you know, on the wii U version you can do this with boats if you land the boat on top of a slab. idk why

  • MagicalSeven
    MagicalSeven 2 years ago +302

    I want Dream and George speedrun minecraft with this.

    • N Vwls :}
      N Vwls :} 2 years ago +1

      Yes, I want them to do this

    • isaac
      isaac 2 years ago +5

      What about them trying to beat the game without using a crafting table

    • Jason Klafendo
      Jason Klafendo 2 years ago +4

      DatJaneDoe I heard him say that when I read it.

    • ToniniSkillz
      ToniniSkillz 2 years ago +12

      I want Dream and George speedrun it too

    • paddler
      paddler 2 years ago +9


  • John James Edwards
    John James Edwards 4 months ago +1

    7:08 You go so fast that you destroy the entire frame rate.

  • Singularity Gaming
    Singularity Gaming 2 months ago

    "Every time I go up the staircase while eating broccoli, I always choke" Wait, doesn't that happen to everyone?

  • Nooberlink gaming
    Nooberlink gaming 2 months ago

    This dude should be a mojang employee

    SCP MEMELORD Month ago +2

    8:07 look at the villager running, the arrow bounces off of him

  • Phong Huynh
    Phong Huynh 2 years ago +752

    Alternative title: Turning Minecraft into Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

  • PartyGamer62 Game reviews and more!

    that tutorial was basically: "i just keep doing things, and they keep working!"

  • ShoKwave Gaming & Productions

    1:00 I finally realized the full context behind this and I am DYING WITH LAUGHTER.

  • Redwood althalwolf
    Redwood althalwolf 5 months ago +1

    Are we just going into ignore how the villager to the left at 8:08 just deflected an arrow

  • Night Raven
    Night Raven 7 months ago

    This could be turned into a new genre of game.

  • Jumpydoo5000
    Jumpydoo5000 2 years ago +2765

    Mob & players : oh God we're losing control of our movements
    Items & Baby zombies : *_I paid for the speedometer, gonna use the whole thing_*

  • Jahangir Alam
    Jahangir Alam 7 months ago +1

    Dropped items slip and slide because they are considered entities.

  • Colby Breau
    Colby Breau 6 months ago

    At 5:52 he's literally faster then a only powered cow in a mine cart

  • G-9
    G-9 7 months ago

    thanks for the tutorial ngl it helped a lot

  • Flyboombasher
    Flyboombasher  8 months ago

    Are we going to ignore the fact that the villager at around 8:08 in the video deflected the pillager arrow.

  • ZapDragon
    ZapDragon 2 years ago +1767

    "Come over"
    "Can't, I'm a block of dirt"
    "My parents aren't home"

    CANCEL ROSIE REN! 2 months ago

    imagine this is hardcore and you build a boat and just go hella fast

  • Minion Pig Studios
    Minion Pig Studios 8 months ago +1

    Villager: *This dirt equals 64 emerald blocks*

  • Lainey Yao
    Lainey Yao 2 months ago

    I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe when you ran away from the mobs!

  • jem 56
    jem 56 2 months ago

    You passed it off on the server as a bug but like... This has almost certainly been a bug someone's had at some point or another. Motion is pretty easy to miscalculate, I think.

  • Eli H
    Eli H 2 years ago +62

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate this man's editing skills?
    Seriously, it's amazing.

  • Extremeheat123
    Extremeheat123 5 months ago

    0:42 just get ice and duplicate it, then change look into another block and boom, but i guess you can do that

  • Kerem Karabulut
    Kerem Karabulut 2 months ago

    "I wonder does it actually work on other mobs!!"
    That moonwalking villager in the background:"does it??"

  • Ambeelol
    Ambeelol 7 months ago

    i could imagine this in real life where its like its ice but its very thinly and permanent paint or its just using ice as shoes lol

  • Madstar0401
    Madstar0401 23 days ago

    They need to add this for a gamemode i would be non-stop laughing

  • creeper krazzy
    creeper krazzy 2 years ago +160

    fundy: *laugh at villagers breaking their necks*

  • Tango Juliet
    Tango Juliet 6 months ago +4

    me:i wonder how much more difficult it would be to do a speed run with this mod-
    dream probably in the background:WHY AM I SLIDING?!

  • Krei-ations
    Krei-ations 7 months ago +1

    Directions for coding unclear…
    I accidentally thanos snapped my friend’s computer

  • Mark Laudermilk
    Mark Laudermilk 2 months ago

    I thought for sure on the tutorial part right after it he was gunna say "Or you could just use skill share"

  • mister_pincerey
    mister_pincerey 6 months ago

    what happens if you throw an item directly up or down?

  • Yemto
    Yemto 2 years ago +51

    I can say, as a developer myself. That tutorial is totally accurate when setting up any kind of development environment.

  • Technical Difficulties
    Technical Difficulties 8 months ago +1

    The boats went from a speed of 0 TO A MACH SPEED OF 💯

  • kee_xd_gaming_
    kee_xd_gaming_ 6 months ago

    Imagine using an elytra with fireworks and kind of sliding yourself on the ground with the fireworks. SPEED

  • Alightfoot07
    Alightfoot07 Month ago

    Fundy skills at making scuffed Minecraft over 9000

  • wayne matheson
    wayne matheson Month ago

    Spiders are like the true final boss with this mod.

  • Madbrine
    Madbrine 2 years ago +135

    Fundy: "I'm gonna go on a server and try not to get banned"
    Also Fundy: *HEY ADMINS*

    • StarOfFire
      StarOfFire 6 months ago

      @Милош Ђошић but maybe he just tries to get a fake aliby
      very sus

  • Thomas Budd
    Thomas Budd 2 months ago

    This should happen when you apply honey to copper

  • Krocodile55
    Krocodile55 7 months ago

    This would be so much fun, I wonder if this is possible in bedrock edition

    • Krocodile55
      Krocodile55 7 months ago

      Yea this is possible... I think, I'm gonna try to make it.

  • WinterFlame
    WinterFlame 7 months ago

    I Love that part where Fundy is just running so fast. Oh and one thing. I love Your videos, there awsome.

  • supermir168
    supermir168 6 months ago

    Wooww i found this tutorial soooo helpful

  • NightClaw Vids
    NightClaw Vids 2 months ago

    Is anyone gonna acknowledge how he literally tortured this poor villagers

  • Totally a furry
    Totally a furry 7 months ago

    that tutorial was amazing

  • PineappleNerd
    PineappleNerd Month ago

    my favorite thing to do, go on a flat world and use the "attribute" command to send me so fast that the world cant load in :)

  • Void
    Void 8 months ago

    Fundy, I know there's a huge change you'll never see any sign of this small comments entire existence, but, Did you stream the vids where you mess with minecraft like this, and with the eggs, and endermen coding?
    And, do you have the full streams because I would LOVE to watch them all

  • JtqsDraws
    JtqsDraws Year ago +582

    Anything: *exists*
    Fundy: “so I changed that”

    • Blah.
      Blah. 8 months ago

      @Russel Odrona 😱 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    • Russel Odrona
      Russel Odrona 8 months ago

      @Blah. Nothing: Exists

    • Nighpaw
      Nighpaw 10 months ago +1

      Wilbur: fundy is the kinda person to see anything and say "is anyone gonna change that?" And not wait for an answer

    • GalaxyDragDoesStuff
      GalaxyDragDoesStuff 11 months ago +5

      Fundy: I must change that

    • Blah.
      Blah. Year ago +6

      Nothing: Doesn't exist.

  • Green
    Green 4 days ago

    Pillager Part shooting villagers: I think that makes 360 shots a little too literal

  • NebulaMagePlays
    NebulaMagePlays Month ago

    Alternative title: Playing Minecraft as Luigi

  • ethangaming2345
    ethangaming2345 6 months ago

    i think the funniest part was when all those mobs were chasing him

  • WorthyWorm
    WorthyWorm 6 months ago

    this is basically my game Sword before I fixed the physics engine.

  • Deushcwargern
    Deushcwargern 2 years ago +133

    Imagine Dream and George makes a speedrun with this.

    • Takahashi
      Takahashi 2 years ago +1

      Man I would really like to see this happening

    • dead just dead
      dead just dead 2 years ago +3

      Can anyone gone to Twitters or any social media they are on to tell them this and brought this guy with to take the challenge too

    • DougtheDonkey
      DougtheDonkey 2 years ago +1

      Holy shit yes please

    • MACKY
      MACKY 2 years ago +1

      good idea actually

    • fuk ro
      fuk ro 2 years ago +1

      They have to!

  • Gyaradosnoises
    Gyaradosnoises 7 months ago

    This is absolutely hilarious

  • Rhys Morgan
    Rhys Morgan 4 months ago

    At timestamp 4 30 I choked on tea with a sore through, thanks funddy.

  • FunTimeRoxy👑🎗
    FunTimeRoxy👑🎗 5 months ago

    Thanks for always making me laugh

  • Mika Yesayan
    Mika Yesayan 4 months ago

    Everyone: how good are you at coding?
    Fundy: no im bad

  • FleeBiss
    FleeBiss 2 years ago +533

    Imagine this combined with cursed difficulty so when you trip on a rock or slip on moss and drop all your items they just zoom away from you

    • Marco GC
      Marco GC 6 months ago

      This is evil

    • CosmicCrimson
      CosmicCrimson 6 months ago

      the items: *GAS GAS GAAAAAS*

    • Kate Sugs
      Kate Sugs 7 months ago

      @CodeName:「Fox」 check the cursed difficulty that fundy made this has added to it

    • CodeName:「Fox」
      CodeName:「Fox」 7 months ago

      omg this so evil, Fundy gonna do this