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Inside Joshua Weissman's Minimalist Texas Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  • Published on Mar 27, 2024
  • Today, AD is welcomed by chef and RUclipsr Joshua Weissman to tour his minimalist home in Austin, Texas. It’s often said the kitchen is the heart of the home, and with nearly 9 million subscribers following his gastronomical RUclips content, Weissman’s kitchen doesn’t disappoint. The RUclips star’s knives (his prized possessions) are proudly displayed along magnetized blocks, and Italian Carrara countertops add a luxurious feel. But more important than style is the function of his space. Though maybe not the most beautiful of stoves, Weissman cannot beat the performance of his Wolf. And then there’s Weissman’s cabinets, organized to perfection to save time and thought when he could be cooking up a storm. “The number one thing that’s important about a really great kitchen is not its size or how nice it is; it is about how you organize yourself and how you operate in that kitchen, so that you can actually enjoy the process of cooking,” he says. “Instead of having to think so much, I can think with my eyes.”
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    "Skull Abstraction III,"Handmade in Ojai, CA | Nicholas Ali | Duo Luto
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  • @Archdigest
    @Archdigest  Month ago +101

    Shop pieces inspired by Joshua Weissman's Austin home:
    When you buy something through our retail links, we earn an affiliate commission.

    • @tanaka9617
      @tanaka9617 Month ago +4


    • @user-om2pl9fz6x
      @user-om2pl9fz6x Month ago +1


    • @_pugito1659
      @_pugito1659 Month ago +2

      I need a link for the black stickers labels used on containers, please and thank you!

    • @richardshuster3756
      @richardshuster3756 Month ago +1

      I suspect his nugget ice maker is a Scotsman and not the whirlpool model linked here.

    • @jrivelis
      @jrivelis Month ago +1

      Does anyone know what kind of couch? Looks like RH Cloud?

  • @dachiiiii
    @dachiiiii Month ago +6252

    never thought id see papa joshua on this channel

    • @OskarHersch
      @OskarHersch Month ago +47

      Me neither, clicked on it immediately.

    • @certifiedbidry
      @certifiedbidry Month ago +4

      He's been on before

    • @VIK_1903
      @VIK_1903 Month ago +14

      Same, I guess he's trying to sell his house...

    • @hansolo189-6
      @hansolo189-6 Month ago +3

      Who’s papa Joshua ? I thought this comment said papa John’s I was like huh?

    • @dachiiiii
      @dachiiiii Month ago

      @@hansolo189-6 papa Joshua is the guy in this video. us, his subscribers often call him papa joshua

  • @shoocharu
    @shoocharu Month ago +3345

    I legit remember when he had 100k subs.. wow

  • @ToxicSpork
    @ToxicSpork Month ago +1999

    Joshua Weissman having seven copies of his own cookbook is the most Joshua Weissman thing ever

    • @Kanzaz
      @Kanzaz Month ago +5

      i wonder how often he opens them

    • @fredles1
      @fredles1 Month ago +8

      marketing 101

    • @peasndough
      @peasndough Month ago +9

      I remember when he refused to write one

    • @loveofplantswestindies4820
      @loveofplantswestindies4820 Month ago +10

      I was thinking the same thing. I thought it was funny he had so many. But, upon thinking about it maybe he has them to be able to gift to guests if they come over or something!

    • @DirtMaguirk
      @DirtMaguirk Month ago +3

      My cookbook "But Better"...B roll

  • @matthewboiser8330
    @matthewboiser8330 Month ago +1768

    I Still remember the time when he puts the camera on his cupboard and film there, this guy has come a long wayyy

    • @Mat-qo3hh
      @Mat-qo3hh Month ago +16

      I just realized he doesn't do that anymore 😭I loved those cupboard openings

    • @antzpantz
      @antzpantz Month ago +1

      Surely he's just green-screened himself in his lounge room?

    • @KnowOne111
      @KnowOne111 Month ago +1

      Nah he grew up rich

  • @sarahlacorte1364
    @sarahlacorte1364 Month ago +965

    Love how sleek and modern it is, but I feel like it needs just a touch more warmth and softness. The bed is screaming for a beautiful rug underneath to match that awesome art piece. I love all that natural light and the blend of indoors and outdoors. The vibe really matched Josh's practicality and polish.

    • @TheLounika21
      @TheLounika21 Month ago +21

      Soooo true for the rug. And the couch in the library/bar, so uncortable also 😔

    • @sneezing_panda
      @sneezing_panda Month ago +3

      @@TheLounika21 It really ties the room together...

    • @chrism45
      @chrism45 Month ago +5

      The bedroom is really small and empty. Looks like it was supposed to be an office and they changed their mind later.

    • @athmaid
      @athmaid Month ago

      ​@@chrism45I bet Cliff Tan would be upset if he saw this lol

    • @richmondvand147
      @richmondvand147 Month ago +1

      most likely was purged for AD to come so you can see the bones not the clutter or personality of the person in the building

  • @tomjohns2208
    @tomjohns2208 Month ago +457

    I love how he has his thing, which, obviously is cheffing, and he is such an absolute nerd about it.

    • @Joris0815
      @Joris0815 Month ago +3

      The only way to reach the top of succes is to be an absolute nerd about 1 thing

  • @flatout420
    @flatout420 Month ago +814

    this is the biggest minimalist house I've ever seen

    • @Kniveschowyas
      @Kniveschowyas Month ago +115

      I don’t see minimalism, it just looks like a showroom

    • @tamiwithani
      @tamiwithani Month ago +69

      Minimalist is also a style. It's very muted tones, not too many knickknacks and embellishments. Just modern and sleek.

    • @GoSlowTaco
      @GoSlowTaco Month ago +47

      @@tamiwithaniwhy not just call it modern and sleek then because this is not minimalist.

    • @GroillaMan
      @GroillaMan Month ago +22

      @@GoSlowTacobecause it sounds more intriguing and most people don’t know the actual definition of minimalist

    • @tamiwithani
      @tamiwithani Month ago +32

      @@GoSlowTaco because 'modern and sleek' is the definition of the style movement called 'minimalism'. If there wasn't a style movement called minimalism, i could understand using two or three adjectives to describe something, but a word exists for that. It is minimalist in the design sense and that preceded this 'i only own 3 shirts and sleep on the ground ' minimalism

  • @trashpandatee
    @trashpandatee Month ago +311

    Never thought i'd see my dad on AD... and also didn't know my dad had such a nice house.
    luv u papa

  • @curryberry7930
    @curryberry7930 Month ago +218

    he acts really natural and chill in front of the camera - it's not easy!

    • @roobee2872
      @roobee2872 Month ago +11

      hes a youtuber💀

    • @hhhaon
      @hhhaon Month ago +4

      @@roobee2872yes he’s a youtuber, but i can name so many youtubers that act weird/talk in a scripted way that sounds so off putting

    • @velipulla3936
      @velipulla3936 Month ago +2

      @@hhhaonlol this guy sounds most scripted

      @VORTEXPLAYXYZ 29 days ago

      @@velipulla3936 have u scene he's video that he's actual voice

  • @bunnynooryani7020
    @bunnynooryani7020 Month ago +228

    ‘’This feels so clean, I think it might even be dirty.’’ I´m with you, bro.

  • @kitchenhack3r811
    @kitchenhack3r811 Month ago +260

    Oh crazy I toured this house a couple years ago before they bought it! First AD house I've been in.

    • @ronaldo19832
      @ronaldo19832 Month ago +9

      I drove by that house so many times lol crazy indeed. It’s a great construction. Definitely went up a lot in price since when they built it.

    • @mschein10
      @mschein10 Month ago +7

      @@ronaldo19832 How much did it originally cost and what did it sell for?

    • @tuyenhoang5546
      @tuyenhoang5546 Month ago +1

      Probably over 2-3M given it’s Austin?

  • @Taecoconut
    @Taecoconut Month ago +133

    Omg… he’s officially super super big 😅😂 I never thought I would see him on AD

  • @BrandonDoyleMN
    @BrandonDoyleMN Month ago +181

    Minimalist but bigger because you know, it’s Texas!

    • @tamiwithani
      @tamiwithani Month ago +12

      minimalist the visual movement not the 'i own three underwear and sleep on the ground' minimalist

    • @gabrielleroux2333
      @gabrielleroux2333 Month ago +8

      It’s not about big or small, it’s about not being overstuffed

    • @T22m3
      @T22m3 Month ago +8

      ⁠@@tamiwithaniThat’s the most hipster way of hijacking “minimalist.” This house is not minimalist (and neither is sleeping on the ground, since you went extreme with your comparison).

    • @levezze
      @levezze Month ago +5

      @@T22m3 There's nothing "hipster" about Architecture terminology and styles. They existed before you were born. If you don't know what you're talking about, don't talk.

  • @JCKershAuthor
    @JCKershAuthor 9 days ago +1

    I remember celebrating his 10k subscriber milestone and now the dudes got a mansion. He really is living the dream and so happy for his success!

  • @kungfukaity
    @kungfukaity Month ago +53

    I literally toured this house 5ish years ago when it had just finished being built! It was part of an Austin Modern Homes tour.

    • @ladyleaner200
      @ladyleaner200 Month ago

      WHO is it built by and the architect? Location? Hubs wants to build one similar!

    • @KERO0988
      @KERO0988 Month ago

      @@ladyleaner200 This is already the 2nd comment where you asked for the location. You're creepy and weird, you don't need to know his address so that your husband builds something similar. He already said which architect built it in the video and you don't need to know more about the location other than the fact that it's in Austin, Texas. Stop being so creepy, you sound like a potential stalker.

  • @miaelledge
    @miaelledge Month ago +53

    I've always wanted to be on AD. It's amazing to see Josh running the show! I used to wait outside for my carpool with Weissman back in high school. It really goes to show how far a person can take themselves. I'm so proud of him. Great setup in Austin. I'm sure he grills a lot.

  • @bbrowne9855
    @bbrowne9855 Month ago +133

    Rather than the AD requisite bowl of lemons on the counter, you have a yellow toy car.

    • @jimmyadaro
      @jimmyadaro Month ago

      Wait, the requisite what?

    • @RoxaneJ14
      @RoxaneJ14 Month ago +1

      I know, I was SSSSOOOOO ready for the lemons/limes!!!

    • @bbrowne9855
      @bbrowne9855 Month ago +5

      @@RoxaneJ14 I think he should have a bowl of toy Lambos on the counter instead lol

    • @GretchArmstrong
      @GretchArmstrong Month ago +1

      There's the lemon comment I came here searching for! Props to Josh for bucking the forced trend!

  • @katiew.4861
    @katiew.4861 Month ago +154

    When Josh said "I got this on Etsy," and "I found this at an antique store..." Yes!! He is one with the people. I knew I liked him for a reason lol

  • @yt.silentknight
    @yt.silentknight Month ago +37

    my first discover of Josh was him making croissants like 4-6 years ago. he's come a long way 🫡😭😭

  • @daniell8201
    @daniell8201 Month ago +47

    Love that Josh made it like this. Hes such a great guy! Been following him forever. Love your house and glad you’re the one in it! You earned it

  • @josephj-dw6sn
    @josephj-dw6sn Month ago +28

    I find your house extremely well thought out, materials, ceiling, kitchen, outdoor, and most of all I love your "organized" way of being, minimalist, and yet perfectly organized. I also believe that at least 75% of cooking is planing, organizing, preparing, and the way you have everything "at fingertips" and visible is just a dream! Same for the other rooms as well. You certainly have a great character as well!

  • @jamied8667
    @jamied8667 Month ago +40

    That Matthew McConaughey impression doe 😮

  • @ayanbarnwal2905
    @ayanbarnwal2905 Month ago +38

    If only Josh were this chill on his own channel...

  • @TheLounika21
    @TheLounika21 Month ago +28

    In the end not really interested in the interior design, but impressed by the sonic machine and his curated skill for fan art. Didn’t regret the time spent here

  • @kkwkamm
    @kkwkamm Month ago +8

    Insane how far hes come and so happy for everything he and his tema have achieved

  • @heavyq
    @heavyq Month ago +36

    Josh fangirling over Sonic ice is 100% relatable.

  • @ExpectoPatronum28
    @ExpectoPatronum28 Month ago +55

    He's so chill. 😅

  • @cherylrleigh1912
    @cherylrleigh1912 Month ago +38

    Just absolutely gorgeous! Well done, and congratulations, Joshua!

  • @faithbasedliving9391
    @faithbasedliving9391 Month ago +12

    “Anyone can organize their kitchen like this”
    Sir, we don’t all have that amount of space.

  • @steixeirajr
    @steixeirajr 23 days ago +1

    Nothing but respect for Joshua Weissman, he found an incredibly unique voice and style, entertaining and with cred but also very funny. He's going places

  • @yourfavpersuasion9385
    @yourfavpersuasion9385 Month ago +10

    oh my!! josh made it!!!

  • @theostrugaming
    @theostrugaming Month ago +8

    That kitchen organization is an inspiration.

  • @litwin707
    @litwin707 Month ago +4

    Love it, love it all!! Especially the blend of my two favorites, Joshua & AD tours. It was definitely the vibe of your channel Joshua, which makes this super fun.

  • @dobrinagavazova1786
    @dobrinagavazova1786 Month ago +1

    Love him and love the space he has created , it’s not pretentious, it’s comfortable, sleek, modern, exactly how I like it

  • @elio5105
    @elio5105 Month ago +14

    I remember showing this house to clients! If I could would’ve got it for myself

  • @FrootNinja
    @FrootNinja Month ago +8

    Love how Josh did the cabinet intro

  • @danielefoglino
    @danielefoglino Month ago +33

    having a cooking channel like yours.... seeing where you've come is inspiring to me

  • @sierramorrison3425
    @sierramorrison3425 Month ago +3

    I love this aesthetic so much

  • @TheChizznut
    @TheChizznut Month ago +3

    That kitchen tho!! Love how we were able to see how he organizes his cabinet

  • @asha8859
    @asha8859 Month ago +2

    I Heart this guy. His personality is awesome, his videos are awesome, and he's just freaking awesome.

  • @PSP_24
    @PSP_24 Month ago +2

    Very tasteful not only in the modern rendition of architecture, but of decor choices that are just exquisite. Fantastic display of personality and style!

  • @kd969
    @kd969 Month ago +12

    This is very cool. I'm super happy about this guy's success.

  • @TheSushmaHomeSellingTeam

    First word that comes to my mind, "Woah". 😲😍

  • @alessandrophilidor9670

    I really love when Simple doesnt look Simple at all! I love this Place🎉

  • @sebastianthurow605
    @sebastianthurow605 Month ago +22

    I will never understand homes without a single touch of personality. It looks nice but like no one is actually living there

    • @christophebrou1178
      @christophebrou1178 Month ago +2

      Same thought!

    • @Shahinaz14
      @Shahinaz14 Month ago +1

      Agreed..most modern and industrial design gives me tgis feeling

    • @Paultato
      @Paultato Month ago +6

      It feels like that for you but not for him. He even talks about were he got stuff and is obviously personally connected to the interior. Its not your personality but that is more an opinion than a fact.

      @MERCHIODOS Month ago +2

      To me these minimalist modern houses look more like an art gallery then a house. Like where's the warmth? These types of houses doesn't feel inviting at all

  • @ladydeathstrikeX
    @ladydeathstrikeX Month ago

    This is probably the most fun house tours I have seen in a while..never a dull moment with Papa.

  • @justineedwards1642
    @justineedwards1642 Month ago +2

    Serene and beautiful. Love how the backyard and trees are an extension of the house.
    Also, a second living room with minimal books, meant for relaxing = a den. Should definitely call it a den.

  • @elijahburgos8414
    @elijahburgos8414 Month ago +1

    the flex is unreal… and im here for it 🔥🔥🔥 absolute killer house Josh!

  • @Pedrorock7
    @Pedrorock7 Month ago +19

    The way i SCREAMED when i saw this, so proud of seeing you here papa Joshua💞❤

  • @Jay_Ayo
    @Jay_Ayo Month ago +2

    That wooden ceiling is legit lovely 😊

  • @ignaciodegeyter1
    @ignaciodegeyter1 Month ago +13

    maybe you recently moved in but so far the house feels impersonal (?) a bit too hotely or airbnb like. The part that stands out the most is your office because it feels more personal and intentional, unlike most of the house.

  • @neenuhcruz
    @neenuhcruz Month ago +2

    this was so enjoyable. i love his energy and his taste

  • @Ruslan.Asadullin
    @Ruslan.Asadullin Month ago +13

    That spice rack is awesome! 🤙🌞

  • @tahirchaudhry25
    @tahirchaudhry25 Month ago +16

    Idk who this guy is but his vibes are amazing lol

  • @nickgray
    @nickgray Month ago

    I love this guy he's so wholesome and smart

  • @margaretphipps6608
    @margaretphipps6608 Month ago +1

    the AD we've all been waiting for

  • @milanjankovic4925
    @milanjankovic4925 Month ago +8

    That RUclips money aint no joke!!

  • @CodyCleggMusic
    @CodyCleggMusic Month ago +6

    Was just thinking I could use a new AD ep. Wasn't expecting the ultimate crossover event.

  • @robinbeisel702
    @robinbeisel702 Month ago +1

    This is so much nicer and ascetically pleasing than a lot of celebrity houses I've seen!

  • @christopherzucchero4447

    I was with Joshua and Vicram yesterday!! I love those two guys dearly!!!

  • @drmiteshtrivedi
    @drmiteshtrivedi Month ago +6

    That house is beautiful in it's simplicity; definitely a soft spoken luxury. Love it Josh.

  • @thecrymble2646
    @thecrymble2646 Month ago

    Finally the kitchen tour, I’ve waited so long for this

  • @anaceciliabarrera5893

    So inspiring! You Go Josh!!!

  • @oshinsims
    @oshinsims Month ago

    I’m so proud of him 🥲

  • @simplychaff1875
    @simplychaff1875 Month ago +5

    Papa’s house is actually just a West Elm showroom 😂 I’m actually surprised with myself that I instantly recognized all the pieces

  • @khadyajah
    @khadyajah Month ago +1

    he has such a great personality

  • @marycallan1937
    @marycallan1937 Month ago

    Enjoying the minimalist, simple vibe

  • @lacykn
    @lacykn Month ago +1

    Wow. Beautiful Joshua ❤

  • @Marfinmadeit
    @Marfinmadeit Month ago

    Absolutely Stunning. Follow your dreams!

  • @becspresso
    @becspresso Month ago +1

    I love that Joshua, along with some other luxury NYC apartment tour video I saw, has the same Joanna Gaines for Target salt cellar that I have. I love that thing.

  • @marychristensen8596

    Love JW and I've never seen a house that I like more. Love everything about it.

  • @innocentrage1
    @innocentrage1 Month ago +4

    Nice call out to him talking to us through the shelf

  • @kittycatrascal
    @kittycatrascal Month ago +1

    I remember the little kitchen I saw out of The Cabinet! Wow!! Awesome & suits you! Thanks for opening my mind to cooking! Beautiful Place Dude!

  • @usailaanjum
    @usailaanjum Month ago +16

    Been watching him since he had like low thousands subs and still worked at the restaurant . He’s come a long way

  • @Nancy-ty9ou
    @Nancy-ty9ou Month ago +1

    Love the knives, big windows, fragrance collection. I, too, have a large perfume habit. 😊

  • @seekingthelost7
    @seekingthelost7 Month ago +1

    Love the design of this house.

  • @sauravdhungana8729
    @sauravdhungana8729 Month ago +1

    Aesthetically pleasing house and very cozy

  • @bndp
    @bndp Month ago +2

    dude this is such a beautiful house!! I mean I don't envy whoever clearns all of these huge windows but that is such a pretty house!

  • @fernandarosenbrock9708

    It’s amazing to see how much he has grown… crazy

  • @asandstorm
    @asandstorm Month ago +1

    I love it! I've always thought my mind might be similar to his and his home's architecture/design is exactly what I would want as well

  • @Jiang_Cheng
    @Jiang_Cheng Month ago +6

    Interesting, I wonder where he’s moving to now? Considering that 90% of the houses on this show are sold within two years.
    It’s a clever selling tactic and I would also do it if I was famous enough and trying to sell my house

  • @thomas_delaney
    @thomas_delaney Month ago +68

    Go figure, he has all the space in the world for stand mixers to make homemade bread

  • @frankbombaci4977
    @frankbombaci4977 Month ago +8

    Never heard of this dude but I’m a fan of his personality for sure! Need to check him out

  • @hettyj8335
    @hettyj8335 Month ago +1

    Beautiful and simple and I like his sense of humor 😍😍😍😎😎😎😎😎

  • @Sara-fp6xr
    @Sara-fp6xr Month ago +2

    Frank Lyod Wright Architecture vibes! Love it

  • @ankitdas2197
    @ankitdas2197 Month ago

    RUclips is a life style
    He used to diy things for his kitchen i remember
    I congrat you on this epic house

  • @exxymusic
    @exxymusic Month ago +3

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this house!!! Wow! The architecture, the interior design, the organization...what a dream! Joshua and his wife did an incredible job. I love his personality and sense of humor as well.

  • @beinerthchitivamachado874

    I've been following Papa Josh for YEARS and didn't know he was into cars like that. That's dope af.

  • @goeshen4359
    @goeshen4359 Month ago +2

    Love the idea of sonic ice 😊

  • @Markley92
    @Markley92 Month ago +2

    This is just an awesome video!

  • @katrinahewitt8488
    @katrinahewitt8488 Month ago

    Papa Joshua! I could watch him cook all day! I too love cooking aaaand love perfumes!

  • @scrambledmegs2272
    @scrambledmegs2272 Month ago +104

    Very nice house, but I was surprised when he said he was married because the house is giving bachelor pad, imo. I didn't see any sign of someone else living there lol

    • @ulitkabob7567
      @ulitkabob7567 Month ago +1

      Он её шмотки убрал в шкаф в гараже. Педант

    • @sunshineelizabeth4865
      @sunshineelizabeth4865 Month ago +12

      Whenever they make these videos it usually means the house will be on the market soon and they usually stage the space for the video so that’s probably why.

    • @emptyforrest
      @emptyforrest Month ago +22

      there wasnt really much of a sign that ANYBODY lived there. looked like a public space.

    • @TWForeeever
      @TWForeeever Month ago

      @@sunshineelizabeth4865 oh, that’s interesting

  • @kateswrld_
    @kateswrld_ Month ago

    the way i clicked this video so fast (Ive been working) JOUSHUA has made it to the arrchitetural digest house tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Maliceless100
    @Maliceless100 Month ago +1

    Brazilian hardwood ceilings are gorgeous 🪵🌎☀🌡

  • @pmay10
    @pmay10 Month ago +7

    Bro is LOADED

  • @ypcomchic
    @ypcomchic Month ago

    WTG Josh!! Congratulations!!

  • @thessien1
    @thessien1 Month ago +1

    I absolutely love this guy (and would never assume he would have house like this ;D )

  • @SavyaEmiko
    @SavyaEmiko Month ago

    Loved it! 👏👏

  • @ghazaln
    @ghazaln Month ago

    This was so much fun! Thanks 😊