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Man Caught On Surveillance Video Shooting At Passing Car In San Francisco's Bayview

  • Published on Dec 28, 2016
  • Andria Borba reports on San Francisco police investigating Bayview shooting incident caught on camera (12-29-2016)

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  • Lenny Sharke
    Lenny Sharke 4 years ago +2142

    The insanity! That guy just ran a stop sign.

    • King-Ghost
      King-Ghost Month ago

      Cops never around when you need them,, they both could've killed innocent ppl lol

    • W W
      W W 4 months ago


    • ASMR Rounds
      ASMR Rounds 6 months ago

      Sfpd worked with the NSA to coordinate a satellite flyby, they got the plate number and that som bitch got his ticket

    • Rds
      Rds 7 months ago

      STOP stands for
      Squeal Tires On Pavemnt.

    • hazel tate
      hazel tate 9 months ago

      He’ll get sued by shooter

  • Kenneth LaRosh
    Kenneth LaRosh 5 years ago +636

    you can tell it was pre planned on how he approached the car. He wasn't some insane person shooting at random people. Though, he still may be a little insane

    • King-Ghost
      King-Ghost Month ago

      They was scoping the car out the entire time

    • silly willie
      silly willie 7 months ago

      @Zac Braf absolutely

    • joshua barnes
      joshua barnes 8 months ago +1

      Obviously it’s pre planned if it wasn’t I’m pretty sure he would have killed the 3 people walking ....

    • Desmond
      Desmond 9 months ago +5

      This was Yatta, supposedly. Depending on your musical proclivity you may or may not be familiar with him. Rapper from the city and this was retaliation for a killing, one in Sunnydale a short time before this incident. But yeah it was planned and it wasn’t at all random and I don’t think anyone in the vehicle was hit, remarkably. 12 years for this, Yatta’s still in the clink.

    • AbeGordon
      AbeGordon Year ago +3

      @Ken Smok goofy

  • The Real Frisco
    The Real Frisco 5 years ago +1826

    This is nothing new in SF. The only thing that is new is that they actually reported it on the news.

    • Chrossant Vegas
      Chrossant Vegas 3 months ago

      @Jack D half the guns they use aren't even legal anyway. Taking the legal way to get a gun will just increase the illegal amount of guns. They should give training which most times it's necessary but raise the limit to 21 Years old.

    • George Troxel
      George Troxel 6 months ago

      @Jay Money Mozzy ain't even in the Bay he in LA

    • Nightside Beats
      Nightside Beats 6 months ago

      You can tell by everyone else’s reaction that this isn’t that different from an everyday thing. There’s about 6 - 7 people outside not including the shooter or the car driving. Yet nobody ran. They jogged to cover at best. Nobody we could actually see, started to run.

    • *Freedom of speech * R have U 4gotten
      *Freedom of speech * R have U 4gotten 6 months ago

      Only thing new is they sf I jimmy g which ain’t shit 😂

    • George Troxel
      George Troxel 6 months ago

      Lakeview is rough, they used to beef with Sunnydale, got ugly

  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 years ago +823

    it was a hit, he knew who he was going after. just find the vehicle and question the driver.

    • h2ksoldier_
      h2ksoldier_ 2 months ago

      @Im elevated 😭😭

    • Dmarques Luckett
      Dmarques Luckett Year ago

      @BongToke419 lol no he not nigga stop talken you dont know shit lol

    • DS FA
      DS FA Year ago

      He knew how to shoot quite well also, this is no amateur, it's at least someone with plenty of practice shooting...

    • rick Grant
      rick Grant Year ago +1

      @quando pack lmao.........every, and I mean EVERY jail, state, and federal prison has a network of snitches. EVERY municipal police force, county Sheriff's office, and other law enforcement agency also have vast amounts of snitches deep in gangs, and neighborhood wannabes. How tf you think so many people get caught and do time. Life ain't some summertime B movie or a rap video. Wake up son

    • John Doe
      John Doe Year ago

      @Im elevated you're welcome! Make sure to tell everybody to post their crimes to the gram, if there's no proof on the gram, then you not a G 😎😎fy

  • nahur
    nahur Year ago +340

    You can tell this was a well-organized hit for him to know he was gonna drive up that particular street at that moment

    • Deeper Insider
      Deeper Insider 7 months ago

      set up

    • nice time fun times
      nice time fun times 9 months ago

      Exactly. I was just thinking about this. How can you know unless it's planned.

    • Hotboys
      Hotboys 10 months ago

      @Lor East yeah

    • Johndoe
      Johndoe Year ago

      @rick Grant this in sf thug 😹😹

    • Big ju
      Big ju Year ago

      @rick Grant look yatta government name up an this come up

  • Ernesto Garcia
    Ernesto Garcia 5 years ago +2108

    No face no case

  • Jeff Chamblin
    Jeff Chamblin 3 years ago +78

    Not only is it sad that this ever happened, but the comments show how far away from progress we have gone!

    • Nathaniel B
      Nathaniel B 4 months ago

      @W W Why are u mad...

    • W W
      W W 4 months ago

      Spoken like a true mangina..... are your feelings hurt?

    • steve hady
      steve hady 5 months ago

      @TaKticZ_57 Glad I have Jesus in my life. He makes the best tacos I ever had.

    • SpooklordNito
      SpooklordNito 6 months ago

      @Nathaniel B look at you, just added that word to your vocabulary? I'm making a statement you caveman

    • Nathaniel B
      Nathaniel B 6 months ago

      @SpooklordNito bro ur talking to urself like how is that relevant

  • Kenny G
    Kenny G 4 months ago

    That lady reporter deserves an Oscar; for her precise narration of the incident!!

  • Misael Toledo
    Misael Toledo 6 months ago +1

    Unfortunately there is too many neighborhoods where kids have to deal with these kind of things I am so glad that my son is not growing up in the places I did

  • Ryan Gonzales
    Ryan Gonzales Year ago +22

    This shows another example of criminals/mentally ill possessing firearms illegally. Focus needs to be getting the guns away from these types of people. Anti gun laws just hurts law abiding citizens more, not these criminals, they don’t follow or care about gun laws.

    • Remme Gee
      Remme Gee 4 months ago

      Criminals who are mentally ill do not plan their crimes. This man is not mentally ill because he was fully aware of his actions. He had everything planned out to commit a murder(s).

    • blvrrimg
      blvrrimg 6 months ago

      @Vinny The Nigga i hope that one day being a gangbanger can be diagnosed

    • Jxcksonszn
      Jxcksonszn 6 months ago

      He’s not mentally Ill he’s jus gangster asf🥱

    • Victor Guzman
      Victor Guzman 6 months ago

      Green light on another mf nuff said nada change

    • Dakota
      Dakota 7 months ago +1

      @Vinny The Nigga 😂 I scratched my head at that one

    GLOCK_BOY GOATED Year ago +29

    People are wondering “why did he do it at 2 in the fucking afternoon” but they don’t realize as soon as you get a tip of where the ops are you you gotta slide on them

  • Nightside Beats
    Nightside Beats 7 months ago +49

    He was literally getting to assassinate someone. I don’t even believe he walks like that. The disguise is perfect smh

    • Mark Train
      Mark Train 6 months ago +4

      He walks like that because his pants were falling down and he had a gun in the waistband.

    • No Name
      No Name 6 months ago


  • CM
    CM Year ago +17

    wow Praise God everyone is okay.

  • Frank Dalton
    Frank Dalton Year ago +2

    That poor child, having to duck stray bullets. May God have his vengeance delivered to this criminal.

  • Convicted Runescapist
    Convicted Runescapist 6 months ago +1

    Someone must have been telling him he was coming… how would he know that car would have been driving up the road at that exact time???

  • Typical Bulls fan 93’
    Typical Bulls fan 93’ 7 months ago +1

    Nice job of those officers for finding property damage ! Give those guys a gold medal !

  • Bang That Like Button ANR
    Bang That Like Button ANR 2 years ago +41

    Dam she just walked didn’t even run wow
    Cool as hell
    Straight outta hunters point
    Home sweet home

  • DonDon Donnn
    DonDon Donnn Year ago +37

    Damn his timing was on point.

    • TMode STL
      TMode STL 3 months ago

      @Tunnel Vision how wasn't it he had clear shot at just the car no bystanders or anything else

    • Tunnel Vision
      Tunnel Vision 8 months ago +1

      His shooting sure wasn't on point.

  • Jose Villanueva
    Jose Villanueva 5 months ago

    Those cute little kids im glad theyre okay

  • Hot boy lite
    Hot boy lite 7 months ago

    Glad da lady and kids didn't get hurt thank you God 🙏.

  • Joey Zasa
    Joey Zasa Year ago

    When being shot at and driving I suggest aiming your car directly at the assailant. What do you have to lose? Might even hit that hoodie wearing clown.

  • AussieBlokeGordo
    AussieBlokeGordo Year ago

    Cops were called but didn’t want to start a riot by arresting him

  • Chicofrankthetank
    Chicofrankthetank 4 months ago +1

    But wait!!! The Bay Area has some of the strictest gun laws in the country…🥴 Are you saying that criminals don’t follow gun laws?

  • Donke
    Donke Year ago +1

    Props to the guy didn’t shoot the peaple that were walking

  • kingscotty
    kingscotty Year ago +37

    Strange how no one paid attention to him running and peeking around corners with a mask on his face

    • John Mac
      John Mac 4 months ago

      It's bay area you mind your business MOB culture

    • Tee Tee
      Tee Tee 6 months ago

      lmaooo 😂

    • G23
      G23 Year ago +4

      Probably thought he was just a paranoid crackhead. There are thousands if crackheads in Frisco lol

    • kingscotty
      kingscotty Year ago +2

      @Torrance Roscoe more like people with their heads up their asses,their lives were easily in danger.

    • Torrance Roscoe
      Torrance Roscoe Year ago +18

      It’s called minding your business

  • KingPopinLockin
    KingPopinLockin 3 years ago +1

    I don't think it matters if they find witnesses, they would probably seen less than the cameras did.

  • augustusmd
    augustusmd 3 years ago +1

    great news reporting! everyone is covered..

  • hillbilly Joedy23
    hillbilly Joedy23 3 years ago +68

    “she WALKED behind her car”
    She wit the shitz

  • Big Xid
    Big Xid 3 years ago +270

    He fucced up it was a stop sign all he had to do was wait for them to stop then pop around the corner and shoot he was too thirsty and his opps got to live another day

    • Kasparov The God of War
      Kasparov The God of War 18 days ago

      Driving in enemy territory they would've less likely stopped at the sign.

    • S L
      S L 8 months ago

      In the Point most ppl roll through the stop signs or just blow em for this reason

    • Richard Gosnell
      Richard Gosnell 8 months ago

      Op ain’t live

    • Put the money In the bag
      Put the money In the bag Year ago +2

      Okay professor Op-catcher

    • Esteban Gudino
      Esteban Gudino Year ago

      In San Francisco we don’t stop at stop sign for this reason 😂

  • Super Gamer
    Super Gamer Year ago

    You mean the shooter didn’t stick around for the police to get there? Shocker!

  • O G
    O G 3 years ago +51

    Mission Passed Respect + +

    • O G
      O G 6 months ago +1

      @Jake Highland life has changed so much since that comment 😂. it’s crazy what can happen in 2 years

    • Jake Highland
      Jake Highland 6 months ago

      Aye, pay a niggah.

    • Keepit hundo
      Keepit hundo 2 years ago +2


  • Ryan Perranoski
    Ryan Perranoski 6 months ago

    2:30 in the afternoon?!!!!! What a great time for a shoot out!!!! Stop being so ungrateful and picky!!!!!

  • Kenny G G
    Kenny G G 5 years ago +2

    that would freak the hell out of me. if it happened to me. people in SF has been crazy , check out the zodiak killer.

  • TheMan Right Chea
    TheMan Right Chea 3 years ago +13

    Amazing that the gunman still couldn't tighten up his pants before shooting. You can see him repeatedly pulling up his pants. He might've gotten better aim on target if his pants were not loose

  • Art Studio
    Art Studio Year ago +2

    San Francisco officials: He was wearing a mask, how did he break the law??

  • pie app
    pie app 5 years ago

    what do you mean could not find any witnesses? they have the lady with the van and the kids at minimum.

  • Ed venuto
    Ed venuto 2 years ago

    A good point in going to make is I know people who wear sunglasses. I know people who wear a mask. I know people based on how they walk dress tattoos or the shoes they wear. Someone may know him. The bullets of the gun evidence. The video evidence. I think he will get caught. They may have his fingerprints. If he was arrested before they can see his record on file. They will catch him. The clothes place could see if he just bought the clothing. He may of bought the mask.

  • Tom Lane
    Tom Lane 4 years ago +3

    I left my heart in San Francisco. And my brain matter.

  • Douglas Dishroon
    Douglas Dishroon Year ago

    15 people in the area, but, not one witness. One of these days, you may get a phone call from someone telling you one of your children were shot and your second question to them will be, "by who?"

  • Bear Merica
    Bear Merica 3 years ago +8

    Lived in the Bay Area for 12 yrs. Locals will tell you not to go there if they like you.

  • j a
    j a 2 years ago

    I think they need a one more gun law so this doesn't happen. If it's was passed he would has not done this and he wouldn't have been able to get that mask and gun.

  • joe who
    joe who 3 years ago +1

    How can this happen? "no gun zone"

  • Ezekiel Patlan
    Ezekiel Patlan 4 years ago +42

    That shit was professional asf. Caught the car off guard n shit dam.

    • Maul the World
      Maul the World 6 months ago

      @Alex B poser how?? He did it

    • Jay Morgan
      Jay Morgan 8 months ago

      Far from professional. Professional hitmen aren't this sloppy.

    • rudy c
      rudy c Year ago

      @kyan_ likethat only boys say ya… Don’t worry about Church I’m atheist!

    • rudy c
      rudy c Year ago +1

      @kyan_ likethat Speak English can’t understand you

    • kyan_ likethat
      kyan_ likethat Year ago +1

      @rudy c would have put ya brain on ya church shoes boy go play

  • Scott T3rror
    Scott T3rror 7 months ago +2

    He knew when the car was pulling up, so he could possibly be a time traveler

  • Sea Doo
    Sea Doo 4 years ago

    What do you expect from a city that shelters criminals?

  • Dee P
    Dee P 3 years ago +2

    The camera was the witness 😲

  • Adam Corvus
    Adam Corvus 6 months ago

    The way he hoped in the middle of that street, he could have even shot that car up with a Nerf gun . lol

  • Gunplay Gaming
    Gunplay Gaming 4 years ago +221

    Damn it's like that in the bay? Damn broad daylight?

    • Drippy Boi
      Drippy Boi 10 months ago

      @Peace Be Still u sound crazy the bay ain’t never tried to be like la at all they completely different

    • russian from cali
      russian from cali Year ago

      It aint a game

    • AezK
      AezK Year ago

      Freeyatta fym

    • Sea Pea
      Sea Pea Year ago

      People are proud of this violence because for so long SF was recognized as a gay city and now gun violence all of a sudden makes people feel they are from a tough city and now they are proud.

    • AezK
      AezK Year ago

      @quantum Free yatta omm on real ones know 💯🤣

  • A V
    A V Year ago +2

    No witnesses ??? seriously people you need to step up and report and help the officers if you don't want this to happen to someone you know.

    • theofficialmascot
      theofficialmascot 6 months ago

      Literally LOL’d since there half a dozen just in that footage alone

  • Hayots Lernashkharh
    Hayots Lernashkharh 3 years ago


  • JS Kim
    JS Kim 3 years ago

    What a wonderful world...

  • Jackk Reacherr
    Jackk Reacherr 3 years ago

    "they found property damage." WELL NO SHIT BRO

  • Don Rechtman
    Don Rechtman 8 months ago

    We truly are "...for the land of the free, and the home of the dead."
    Gotta get rid of the guns!

  • Jefferson
    Jefferson Year ago +3

    Imagine if he tripped while running to the middle of the road and got ran over. Instant karma

  • Joshua Newsome
    Joshua Newsome 2 years ago +7

    That’s a professional hit

  • Ian Gavin
    Ian Gavin Year ago +38

    Wearing a mask, so ahead of his time 😂

  • Kevin Blanco
    Kevin Blanco 2 years ago +6

    That was a hit 100%

  • Levi Trap
    Levi Trap 4 years ago +2

    Dude is a G

  • MAB Vlogs
    MAB Vlogs 4 years ago +1

    He knew who he was shooting at! Gang related I'm sure cause the car did not report it.

  • Packrat’s What If.
    Packrat’s What If. 2 months ago

    This never going to stop is it ! Once you gave jumped over the edge, you can only go down.

  • silly willie
    silly willie 7 months ago +1

    Lol nothing new to me, I remember driving in SF and this guy was trying to get cops to go after someone trying to kill him and they all just ignored him because we'll.. they love their criminals in sf

  • Alex Mayer
    Alex Mayer 3 years ago

    Police could not find any witnesses??? Is that a joke? The video clearly shows people right there as witnesses. Must be a prank.

  • Siv Yis Vaj
    Siv Yis Vaj 5 months ago

    That’s a good citizen! Take take guns away from good citizens! 🤣

  • SandStorm XII
    SandStorm XII 3 years ago +14

    Dam he knew his target

  • Juan Rozzay
    Juan Rozzay 3 years ago +112

    Like A boss didn't harm no one but intended target ain't nothing wrong with that

    • David chagolla
      David chagolla Year ago +1

      Ur an idiot!

    • Cole Brown
      Cole Brown Year ago +1


    • GoofyGoober
      GoofyGoober Year ago +2

      I know this is one year ago but i swear this was the exact same thing i said and im high as hell rn

    • Kevin Fuentes
      Kevin Fuentes 2 years ago +1

      Juan Rozzay agree keep it like that folkz.

    • 2 Guns
      2 Guns 3 years ago +1

      Juan Rozzay
      Yea ..luckily...f****** idiot

  • Stuart's Travels
    Stuart's Travels Year ago +6

    Police officers found no sign of the gunman, so he didn’t hang around, maybe grab a coffee, that’s a surprise!.

  • Ritabrata patra
    Ritabrata patra Year ago +8

    See? This is why I say that humans are the most dangerous species on Earth.

  • Carlos Beckerman
    Carlos Beckerman 2 years ago +20

    He probably spotted the black sedan on the next block over to know the car was coming around the corner again

    • Hotboys
      Hotboys 10 months ago

      Palou is a long street honestly idk how he timed this so well

  • Piano Man42
    Piano Man42 Year ago +4

    Couldn't find any witnesses? I wonder why, probably shook and terrified. Too scared to come forward.

    • Haunted Mound Lyrics I Not Official
      Haunted Mound Lyrics I Not Official Year ago +1

      nobody snitches in sf no point you wouldn't gain anything out of it and it's none of your business I used to live on that same street to. Shootings happen every other day news just doesn't cover it all and it doesn't get documented.

  • OfficialRondo
    OfficialRondo Year ago

    Could be a hit or he could just know who his opps is ….

  • tonyplaysgta
    tonyplaysgta 4 years ago +7

    Gotta love my good old hometown

  • Allan Reed
    Allan Reed 5 years ago +42

    Free That Man

  • Washi Sayed
    Washi Sayed 3 years ago +33

    this walkby shooting is a pay back for all drivebys

  • Araya Buchichi
    Araya Buchichi Year ago +4

    “People do what they do”
    - Nancy Pelosi

  • glynbo68
    glynbo68 2 years ago

    Witnesses? they got it on camera!

  • this knee
    this knee 2 years ago

    Did he even hit the car?

  • Julio Jesus Jimenez

    The innocent lady is directly in the line of fire at 0:57

  • 2shiesty4you
    2shiesty4you 10 months ago

    I hope y’all know this dude got caught up already

  • West Kush
    West Kush 3 years ago

    At least he had a mask on !

  • Rich Link
    Rich Link 4 years ago +3

    Nice Work Homie!!>>>>>>Definitely had a target..No Civilian Casualties.Righteous!!>>>>>>>>Life can be hard!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Crazcompart
    Crazcompart 9 months ago

    That looked like a planned gun attack on a specific vehicle of people... Somebody got somebody else quite pissed!

  • TN Royal
    TN Royal 6 months ago

    Smh no other cameras in the area could help them point where he came from or went after. Or investigation didn’t check that

  • doc 2
    doc 2 Year ago

    how did he know that black car was going to come around like that? he clearly came from the blind building side so it's not like he could see it coming from far away to get set up like that. I guess he might've known that car comes around that way every day at around that time but his timing of getting there was so lucky to be seconds early. if he waited there for ten minutes for that black car at least it would be obvious he knew that route. the only other way i can think of him knowing that black car would be coming down that way is maybe he had some head set or cell phone on in his pocket with a lookout telling him it's coming. i don't know. also i was thinking this was during covid but it's before. how he got a mask on in the middle of the day and not be suspicious. those dumbass three dudes...

    • Slow Goat
      Slow Goat Year ago

      Thats what im wondering lol

  • Tremain Smith
    Tremain Smith 3 years ago +29

    Got Damn that was a high power firing right chere👀

  • Oxnard Chiques
    Oxnard Chiques 2 years ago +4

    That was Some Gangster Shit

  • commonconservative
    commonconservative 2 years ago +4

    it looked like he forgot his suspenders and was having problems. Was he wearing his daddy's trousers?

  • Church of Seabass
    Church of Seabass 8 months ago +1

    blacked out rear and front windshield, probably knew that car that circled around twice was coming for a hit

  • Seth Kethie
    Seth Kethie 3 years ago +4

    he was trying to steal a vehicle cargo

  • ian jones
    ian jones 6 months ago +11

    Ain’t gone lie that’s some good opp hunting right there

    • Smokey
      Smokey 6 months ago +1

      Lil this was Yatta

  • Sergio e
    Sergio e 4 years ago +3

    Thats what you call a real G!

  • Just a Timelord Having Fun :)

    This stuff has to stop. Give the death penalty to people who willie nillie use a gun and shoot at people. That or remove their hands. Problem solved.

  • Tina C.O
    Tina C.O 2 years ago +1

    The car should have run over him

  • passtheBuck Canuck
    passtheBuck Canuck 4 years ago +62

    Dude in the black car shouldn't have dodged him....I woulda had a new freshly placed 'hood' ornament......

    • kI
      kI Year ago

      @miles_lpt no victim was identified

    • Black PantherParty
      Black PantherParty Year ago

      I don't think so! He was smart enough to move and get a better aim at his target. If the driver had try to hit him he would have hit the parked cars instead which would've resulted in him having no control of the car and getting wet afterwards.

    • miles_lpt
      miles_lpt Year ago

      Yeaahhh right!! My question is did they survive? He had to have hit somebody.

    • nig fag2
      nig fag2 2 years ago

      @YHS Thirty you think this grand theft auto huh?

    • AskariVee
      AskariVee 2 years ago

      yhungjosue stfu

  • HeadHunter357🥷🏾
    HeadHunter357🥷🏾 3 years ago +1

    Gotta do what you gotta do

  • Diabetic Strength
    Diabetic Strength 6 months ago

    holy shit he even shot in the direction of the kids, that's unbelievably reckless

  • SznnTayy
    SznnTayy 2 years ago

    That’s by where I live too! SMH

  • Blue Balls
    Blue Balls Year ago

    such a caring and loving culture o.0

  • leo martinez
    leo martinez Year ago +1

    straight up hit they know each other

  • Element EL
    Element EL 3 years ago +7

    Watch that crossfire man!!! Otherwise, straight G.

  • RIP George Smith
    RIP George Smith 3 years ago +6

    *That was an improvised hit*