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Fortnite x Avatar: Elements - Gameplay Trailer

  • Published on Apr 10, 2024
  • Avatar: Elements begins April 12, 2024 at 9 AM ET
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  • @Rezztro
    @Rezztro Month ago +5285

    I love that I can now play Fortnite with a 6ft tall blind Toph who can hold a gun, crank 90s and hit the griddy 😂😭

    • @Deadender2008
      @Deadender2008 Month ago +44


    • @ibrahimahmad29
      @ibrahimahmad29 Month ago +19


    • @treasure9342
      @treasure9342 Month ago +157

      Fr, they are uncannily tall, like the korra skin made sense to be tall cause she was older in her show.........but these guys were so much shorter, they all grew a foot somehow💀

    • @CaidenBailey-wl9bg
      @CaidenBailey-wl9bg Month ago +133

      The funniest part is she is blind and she can use a sniper lol

    • @JackTrahanOfficial
      @JackTrahanOfficial Month ago +8


  • @matthewjarek3026
    @matthewjarek3026 Month ago +1097

    It's a tragedy that Fortnite is now technically the best Avatar video game.

    • @x_dray872
      @x_dray872 Month ago +24

      It is not there is an awesome small vr game for earth bending (I can't remember the name I'll edit if it come back)

    • @Adammikke
      @Adammikke Month ago +37

      @@x_dray872the game you are describing saunds like rumble but sadly it only has earthbending but quality over qvantety as they say

    • @x_dray872
      @x_dray872 Month ago +12

      @@Adammikke Yes It's rumble ty ! and yes but I believe that in 15 years it will ahve all four elements

    • @Adammikke
      @Adammikke Month ago +5

      @@x_dray872 hope so and i also hope that if they make other types of bending they are as well made aa the earthbending i just got to maunten rank and unlocked all the moves and its truely amazing how all the moves can be combined in so many deferent ways

    • @namedless
      @namedless Month ago +5

      The best unoficial avatar games was that one battle royale about magic
      (Its dead now sadly)

  • @metalmarauder1211
    @metalmarauder1211 Month ago +146

    "Long ago, the four islands lived together in harmony, but everything changed when the sweats attacked"

    • @gomlagames
      @gomlagames Month ago +3

      Thats so right😂😂😂

    • @blankets5782
      @blankets5782 26 days ago +5

      Only the Casuals, master of all vibes, can restore balance.
      But when the world needed them most, they vanished (they left to play Apex or Warzone 😅🗿).

    • @metalmarauder1211
      @metalmarauder1211 26 days ago +4

      "A hundred years passed, my brother Sokka and I discovered the Casual, a default named Aang inside a creative map , and although his editing skill is great, he has a lot to learn before he can take on the Sweats, but I believe Aang can save the world"

  • @madster01
    @madster01 Month ago +106

    “Stop right there, Ozai!”
    *hits the nastiest, most disgusting griddy*

  • @NathanYeoh-ny9ti
    @NathanYeoh-ny9ti Month ago +2733

    Air bending is mobility, Fire bending is a shotgun, earth bending is materials and water bending is an AR.

    • @I-am-a-kebab
      @I-am-a-kebab Month ago +109

      Water bending = Chug jug

    • @DevourFNSAlt
      @DevourFNSAlt Month ago +41

      No, it = a burst smg​@IHATEHANDLES842

      @TRISHCALIXTE Month ago +8

      True that

    • @universaltoons
      @universaltoons Month ago +30

      Don't translate...

    • @jorgeyujra1497
      @jorgeyujra1497 Month ago +3

      ​@@universaltoons ñ AND ü?

  • @PlebNC
    @PlebNC Month ago +797

    Aang: "I'm going to defeat the Fire Lord by not killing him, and using this gun I found."

    • @huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhn
      @huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhn Month ago +35

      "I'm going to defeat the fire lord by trapping him in a box with traps in STW where he will get disconnected"

    • @BotvsBots
      @BotvsBots Month ago +7

      Just hit 2.5K subs Fortnite. Thanks for your support!!❤

    • @TateTrump
      @TateTrump Month ago +2

      @@BotvsBotsI just subbed bro

    • @BotvsBots
      @BotvsBots Month ago

      @@TateTrumpthanks bro

    • @The4KPodcast
      @The4KPodcast Month ago +2

      @@BotvsBotsI might as well too I like your pack openings

  • @MayIhaveaCOOKIEplz
    @MayIhaveaCOOKIEplz Month ago +22

    And when the world needed him most, he was cranking 90's

  • @DannyQuastro
    @DannyQuastro 26 days ago +7

    I will miss this

    • @blakhawk999
      @blakhawk999 26 days ago

      Same fam. I enjoyed this section of a season SO much and honestly, I'm a little hurt it had to go and may never come back

    • @DannyQuastro
      @DannyQuastro 26 days ago +1

      @@blakhawk999 idk maybe its coming back

    • @blakhawk999
      @blakhawk999 26 days ago +1

      @@DannyQuastro no time recent but maybe in the later Future. For now, they didn't take out waterbending

    • @DannyQuastro
      @DannyQuastro 25 days ago


  • @nbox64
    @nbox64 Month ago +943

    "When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change." - Aang

    • @Wano-Kuno
      @Wano-Kuno Month ago +102

      *proceeds to take out a glock*

    • @blueskinblonde7230
      @blueskinblonde7230 Month ago +8

      ​@Wano-Kuno can you make a video of aang saying that line and immidetly pulling out a weapon shooting a flock

    • @halosonar9248
      @halosonar9248 Month ago +13

      ​@@Wano-KunoAAang"I call this lead bending"

    • @nileredsexperiment834
      @nileredsexperiment834 Month ago +1

      @@halosonar9248 Lead is Metal right? so its just Metalbending then? lol

    • @kidartninja
      @kidartninja Month ago +2

      cranks 90s and gets a victory Royale immediately after

  • @plushbuddies6936
    @plushbuddies6936 Month ago +1046

    The solar eclipse made me realize we need to in vade the fire nation

  • @thesuit3323
    @thesuit3323 Month ago +8

    So now i'm going to see Aang, Goku, Gojo, Rick and Kratos do the griddy

  • @mangosteen9000
    @mangosteen9000 26 days ago +12

    Goodbye, Avatar, the last airbender.
    Thanks for collaboration. May/3/2024

  • @MateosVidz
    @MateosVidz Month ago +402

    Can’t believe Fortnite is a game with an Airbender hitting the griddy while cranking 90s

    • @integrals.4677
      @integrals.4677 Month ago

      A literal pacifist kid with a gun shooting people is like Ghandi was a terrorist it's hilarious.

    • @donutsorokin8042
      @donutsorokin8042 Month ago +21

      Forget the airbender, toph Is literallty blind, how tf Is she going to shoot a gun 💀

    • @huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhn
      @huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhn Month ago +11

      @@donutsorokin8042 she can metal bend nub

    • @kovu9523
      @kovu9523 Month ago +4

      ​@donutsorokin8042 we do have visualize settings. So she can sense where shooting and people's footsteps

    • @TarsASaur
      @TarsASaur Month ago +1

      You can’t emote while building 😂😂😂😂

  • @mrpicklepants9258
    @mrpicklepants9258 Month ago +533

    Lol the cabbages bit

    • @BotvsBots
      @BotvsBots Month ago +6

      Just hit 2.k Fortnite nation😂

    • @The4KPodcast
      @The4KPodcast Month ago +1

      @@BotvsBotsI just subbed bvb

    • @TateTrump
      @TateTrump Month ago +1

      @@BotvsBots nice bro I’ll give your channel a shot I just subbed

    • @BotvsBots
      @BotvsBots Month ago

      @@The4KPodcast thanks bro

    • @BotvsBots
      @BotvsBots Month ago

      @@TateTrump cheers homie thank you

  • @rdproductions517
    @rdproductions517 Month ago +5

    I like how it shows Aang using all of the elements throughout the video

  • @user-mg5vz3kk5r
    @user-mg5vz3kk5r 25 days ago +5

    Please bring the avatar back 😢

  • @ZaPbOy
    @ZaPbOy Month ago +450

    When The Loop needed him the most he vanished

    • @alfredo_master_7
      @alfredo_master_7 Month ago +55

      100 years later me and my brother discovered the new FNCS champion a young controller player named aang

    • @haz_gaming6636
      @haz_gaming6636 Month ago

      @@alfredo_master_7he’s good at controller, but must master the 4 fortnite compatible devices to save the world

    • @user-ru7ti8yc7v
      @user-ru7ti8yc7v Month ago +31

      @@alfredo_master_7and although his piece control skills great, he has a lot to learn before he’s ready to win the World Cup. But I believe aang can become the best controller player in the world

    • @HxdraFN
      @HxdraFN Month ago +4


    • @megachad961
      @megachad961 Month ago

      ​@@user-ru7ti8yc7vBook 1: wall edits
      Chapter 1:Boxed up like a fish

  • @DawaraDragon
    @DawaraDragon Month ago +591

    I like how in the image, Katara, Zuko, and Aang look directly at you but Toph doesn’t because she’s blind.
    It’s a cool detail.

  • @animeOfDarkness405
    @animeOfDarkness405 25 days ago +4

    Please keep it in game i wasn't finished my quest getting the big glider😡

  • @user-rq3en8mi7k
    @user-rq3en8mi7k 24 days ago +4

    Why did they have to end the colaboration it was the best one😢

  • @mysticguard1an
    @mysticguard1an Month ago +40

    "And i'd never use violence to take a life"
    *aang holding a gun*

  • @SkyBlue-gb3qx
    @SkyBlue-gb3qx Month ago +148

    Ozai: what did you do to me?
    Aang: I took away your building
    Ozai: *smiles in zero build*

    • @konrad1916
      @konrad1916 Month ago +1

      For I handed on to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scriptures; that he was buried; that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the scriptures
      1 Corinthians 15:3

  • @tomwhite7022
    @tomwhite7022 22 days ago +3

    The fact this only lasted a month is disgraceful

  • @satokookoro1828
    @satokookoro1828 16 days ago +2

    I really wish Fortnite made an avatar pt 2 where they add metalbending lightningbending bloodbending lavabending and more

  • @thiagots85
    @thiagots85 Month ago +33

    "HEY GUYS! I SEE THE ENEMY!" Toph, showing again that she still blind.

    • @TheMichaelMyers
      @TheMichaelMyers Month ago +3

      Because shes blind doesn't mean she can't still sense someone

  • @flapzyofficial
    @flapzyofficial Month ago +67

    I love that somehow Jonesy always appears in some trailers 😂

    • @shockincj3597
      @shockincj3597 Month ago +3

      This time it felt like they put him in last second just to appease fans for themselves ruining their game

    • @SteamGrace
      @SteamGrace Month ago +4

      How can he _always_ appear in *some* trailers?

  • @SasamuelTheCool
    @SasamuelTheCool Month ago +1

    I've been binge watching avatar and the legend of korra lately, i don't even PLAY fortnite, or know basically ANYTHING about it, but i LOVE this!

  • @user-tu5yv4rq8u
    @user-tu5yv4rq8u 19 days ago +3

    Rly poor Sokka😢

  • @FlamingouTuber
    @FlamingouTuber Month ago +135


    • @BotvsBots
      @BotvsBots Month ago +3

      Guys I just hit 2.5k I appreciate all your support means the world to me❤

    • @The4KPodcast
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    • @TateTrump
      @TateTrump Month ago +1

      @@BotvsBotsI love the name lol I just subbed too

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    • @BotvsBots
      @BotvsBots Month ago

      @@TateTrump I love yours!!! Thank you also!

  • @justsomeculturedswine8761

    When the world needed him most, he vanished

  • @stevengarcia5382
    @stevengarcia5382 Month ago

    Bro every single time it comes so good

  • @wizard6330
    @wizard6330 Month ago +1

    The TMNT collab will never be surpassed. You could tell the staff gave it their all for the turtles. They're probably fans themselves

  • @FOF275
    @FOF275 Month ago +82

    An elements only mode would be amazing

  • @ButterJaffa
    @ButterJaffa Month ago +71

    Am I the only person who thinks Fortnite should add a bending only LTM along with all the new elements?
    Full on AVATAR BATTLE ROYAL Game at that point haha 😫👏

    • @Wasteds_not-important-fe2pv
      @Wasteds_not-important-fe2pv Month ago +6

      yoooo that would be sick in fact it would be a cool vid idea if you hosted an atla battle royale game on mc with some friends

    • @scar2377
      @scar2377 Month ago +4

      Man they should have made avatar it's own season we could have got myths that are one shot like making a tornado the giant water avatar lava bending or lighting bending

    • @BotvsBots
      @BotvsBots Month ago +3

      I think they should add back to the future car but hey I just hit 2.5k subs❤

    • @Crash907
      @Crash907 Month ago

      Eh, we would need more bending if that would’ve happened

    • @The4KPodcast
      @The4KPodcast Month ago +1

      @@BotvsBotsyeah back to the future would be sick, also I just subbed

  • @user-pp1pq9jo6o
    @user-pp1pq9jo6o Month ago

    Epic fights animation! The cabbage at the end😂

  • @Sierra19
    @Sierra19 Month ago

    This collab took way too long to come, but glad it's finally here

  • @gradymitchell5046
    @gradymitchell5046 Month ago +18

    I was saying to a friend how cool it would be if they did an Avatar collaboration back in 2019, and now it actually happened.

  • @FAMLIT402
    @FAMLIT402 Month ago +267

    Where is SOKKA?!

  • @blueknight7884
    @blueknight7884 Month ago

    I love avatar and fortnite and seeing the two finally collab is like a dream come true.

  • @VoidFN431
    @VoidFN431 Month ago +2

    I wish there was a style for Aang that’s his normal variant, not the folded over robe.

  • @user-jo1ph3kl6p
    @user-jo1ph3kl6p Month ago +156

    Earth, Fire, Water, Fortnite

    • @theinhibitor420
      @theinhibitor420 Month ago +42

      Long ago, the Fort nation's lived together in Battle Royale

    • @SuperMemeMaker
      @SuperMemeMaker Month ago +32

      But that all changed when the sweaty Greek gods ramp rushed us.

    • @dzzathegamers2958
      @dzzathegamers2958 Month ago +2

      don,t fragile air

    • @SlayerXGamez
      @SlayerXGamez Month ago +22

      @@SuperMemeMakeronly the Avatar Master of four builds can stop them

    • @theinhibitor420
      @theinhibitor420 Month ago +17

      @@SuperMemeMaker Only the Zero Build, the master of all No Sweatness, was able to control them

  • @wesner1th
    @wesner1th Month ago +13

    Ang looks so grown because he has to fit the hitbox lol

    • @ethzzexists
      @ethzzexists Month ago +2

      Smaller change than Peter griffin at least (not hating on Peter btw)

  • @massimosamdal1209
    @massimosamdal1209 Month ago

    Bro I swear they literally nail it every single time

  • @DragonicSnow
    @DragonicSnow Month ago

    why is this one of the coolest things I have ever seen , the skins look amazing

  • @massgunner4152
    @massgunner4152 Month ago +14

    Fun fact: you can find a derelict cabbage car near the train tunnel at olympus.

  • @pettriciapettycoat2284

    Imagine you get all the abilities and just become the avatar kinda like the infinity blade

  • @nellysol76shorts
    @nellysol76shorts Month ago

    When i first saw the ad, this is a ture masterpiece!
    "Water, Earth, Fire & Air"

  • @sirhydr0
    @sirhydr0 Month ago +10

    I was told to leave suggestions here by epic support, although irrelevant to the video. I just wanted to mention that as a South African player we have to play on 140+ ping against 0 ping players, with our playerbase being larger than OCE and ME.
    Hope this does get considered, as Africa is the only continent without servers!

  • @RETR-ExE-113
    @RETR-ExE-113 Month ago +7

    When the world needed him most, he picked up the AK47 😆

    @OMGXKATYLIN Month ago +1

    Fornite, you might not read this but next chapter can you make it called “the returnitive” where all the old stuff comes back and they fix the loop!
    So please add this

  • @anthonygallicchio8121

    The cabbages at the end was a good nod to the show chefs kiss

  • @uhobme2028
    @uhobme2028 Month ago +14

    When a collaboration looks better than the official game put out

  • @shinnaru274
    @shinnaru274 Month ago +63

    Fortnite please lower the prices. 2k vbucks without a single edit style per skin IS TOO MUCH!

    • @ThisGuyDannyyy
      @ThisGuyDannyyy Month ago +5

      Legendary skins are originally priced for 2,000 since 2018 so stop complaining bud. You never played Chapter 1 so the prices are different than what you expect.

    • @integrals.4677
      @integrals.4677 Month ago +13

      ​@@ThisGuyDannyyythe problem is that the skins aren't worth 2000 v-bucks all because the pickaxe, Fortnite should just allow you to buy it separately.

    • @porteroglesby3001
      @porteroglesby3001 Month ago +10

      @@ThisGuyDannyyynot a valid argument seeing as these skins aren’t legendary to begin with, they’re collab skins, and rarities don’t exist anymore so there’s literally no reason to price them at 2000

    • @huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhn
      @huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhn Month ago +2

      people are gonna buy it anyways.
      Dont buy it and in the future they might make cheaper skins

    • @justcholey4131
      @justcholey4131 Month ago +4

      ​@@huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhn that is absolutely easier said than done

  • @kerroseir4764
    @kerroseir4764 Month ago

    Can’t lie they put more effort in this than any other place I’ve seen

  • @VxncyCramorant
    @VxncyCramorant Month ago

    Toph with a sniper rifle is crazy dawg.

  • @ANH875
    @ANH875 Month ago +6

    I love how they put the cabbage guys stand in the game

  • @TheCrispyForge
    @TheCrispyForge Month ago +27

    I don’t like how Zuko and Aang both have their season 3 outfits but then Katara has her season 1 outfit. It would have been cooler if they all had either season 3 or 1 outfits.
    (Toph’s outfit never changes so I didn’t bring her up. Also I am not talking about their fire nation disguises)

    • @OhDontMindMee
      @OhDontMindMee Month ago +5

      I think they used her comic version where she’s older

    • @TheCrispyForge
      @TheCrispyForge Month ago +1

      @@OhDontMindMee oh ok. 👍

    • @adrielalonso1026
      @adrielalonso1026 Month ago +9

      Aang and Toph are the comic versions, where they are older and taller, the outfits are also slightly different. Zuko has S3 outfit and Katara S1.

    • @TheCrispyForge
      @TheCrispyForge Month ago

      @@adrielalonso1026 my mistake.

    • @FunkoSiths412
      @FunkoSiths412 Month ago +1

      I wanted a Painted Lady version of katara 😢

  • @chargyplays
    @chargyplays Month ago +1

    This looks awesome! Can't wait to play!

  • @datkidlori
    @datkidlori Month ago +1

    All we need now is Fire Lord Ozai and Amon. The Fire Nation has risen again....

  • @troyfarara6126
    @troyfarara6126 Month ago +5

    I love the way how the fortnite and avatar title appeared just like the show opening 💯 can't wait to get aang!

  • @Monkemanjoey
    @Monkemanjoey Month ago +11

    Toph gunna be using senors to headshot snipe

  • @ashishkdeshpande
    @ashishkdeshpande Month ago

    I just love how angry came in and knocked over Jonesy cabbages

  • @jojthani8930
    @jojthani8930 Month ago

    Avatar will never get old

  • @JDAZ_raindrop
    @JDAZ_raindrop Month ago +8

    Fortnite in ch5 be like peter Griffin cranking 90s dodging lighting from zeus as ang flying as solid snake and going to the underworld 😂😂😭💀

  • @user-kr1zi7ne9c
    @user-kr1zi7ne9c Month ago +4

    Can't believe it looks and feels better than official avatar game

  • @justaguy6133
    @justaguy6133 Month ago +1

    At this point I don't even know what type of game Fortnite is trying to be

  • @EEMMOsGaming
    @EEMMOsGaming Month ago

    i like how they put jonesy as the cabbage merchant, that's hilarious xD

  • @johanaflorez5816
    @johanaflorez5816 Month ago +63

    Katara killed zuko while mrbeast is griddying on Rick sanchez while naruto is cranking 90s on marshmallow 😮😮😮

    • @secretdgoni
      @secretdgoni Month ago +5

      only in fortnite

    • @User.64938
      @User.64938 Month ago +5

      And Peter griffin darth Vader and the terminator are bush camping while hitting the griddy

    • @DeterminedTorres
      @DeterminedTorres Month ago +2

      All the while Omni-Man hits the griddy with his squad of Kratoses after defeating Zeus

  • @JuniorArroyoOfficial
    @JuniorArroyoOfficial Month ago +66

    When the community needed the locker ui changed and cosmetic rarities back… we got Aang!! 😂

    • @NekoHime77
      @NekoHime77 Month ago +13

      rarities are worthless stay mad

    • @jcgamerolo
      @jcgamerolo Month ago +12

      ​@@NekoHime77It's so useless that all the players want it back

    • @gavincos202
      @gavincos202 Month ago +6

      ​@wizard101man100 rarities kept our lockers organized and not a mess I can barely find any of the skins I want to use and I can barely find any of the emotes I like to add and remove from my set because of all the sprays are every where. They remove the rarities for every item u can buy with vbucks except for series items. Also rarities kept the cost of everything in check without them there is no price limit. The can make a non colab skin 2500 vbucks that every one wants and because rarities aren't there. If they were then the most they could do is 2000.

    • @KC-ql6dd
      @KC-ql6dd Month ago +2

      The locker UI does need some serious work though.

    • @NekoHime77
      @NekoHime77 Month ago

      @@jcgamerolo not all I don't care

  • @KingSalmooni
    @KingSalmooni Month ago

    Now I’m addicted to saying yip yip every time is pull out appa

  • @SavageCounter15
    @SavageCounter15 Month ago +3

    I know no one will probably see this, but I just want to share a list of songs that I'd like to see in Fortnite Festival.
    1."Who Was in My Room Last Night?" by the Butthole Surfers
    2."Video Killed the Radio Star" any version
    3."Pepper" also by the Butthole Surfers
    4."Lazy Eye" by Silversun Pickups.

    • @SC24825
      @SC24825 Month ago +1

      My would be nirvana songs

    • @SavageCounter15
      @SavageCounter15 Month ago +1

      ​@@SC24825Yeah, maybe "In Bloom" or something like "The Man Who Sold the World."

  • @user-jn6hu5yn7e
    @user-jn6hu5yn7e Month ago +49

    Bring back the rarity of skins😢

  • @katebrown2501
    @katebrown2501 Month ago +4

    I lost my cabbages watching this video from how awesome this collab looks

  • @theomiari8730
    @theomiari8730 Month ago +3

    Can you hold all four elements at once? (Edit: you definitely can because I comboed someone so hard it was like aang vs Ozai)

  • @jagishan3454
    @jagishan3454 Month ago

    Yo a game mode with just the elements as a team vs team would be so sick, similar to the game mode from the marvel season with randomized marvel mythics!!!

  • @DudeVR102
    @DudeVR102 Month ago +19


  • @captaincritter6173
    @captaincritter6173 Month ago +71

    Toph: “We could take them, four on four?”
    Sokka: “Actually Toph there’s five of us.”
    Toph: “Oh I am sorry once again, I didn’t count you, cause your not a bender.”
    Sokka: “But I can still fight, I have a boomerang and a space sword for Pete's sake!”
    Epic: “Yes, but due to our budget, we can only afford at least four more characters from the “Avatar” franchise, so sorry.”

  • @Bin_chiling
    @Bin_chiling Month ago +1

    We live in a universe where Toph is tall as the crew

  • @carlostorres-iq5ki

    I watched that show on Nickelodeon back in mid 2000s and the legend of Korra in 2010s. I streamed on Netflix and Paramount+.

  • @ShuffleGamer
    @ShuffleGamer Month ago +26

    *We got Aang in Fortnite before gta 6* 💀

  • @Xominus
    @Xominus Month ago +12

    Bruh they didn't even give Aang a built in style where he goes into the Avatar state and change styles, wow.

    • @huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhn
      @huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhn Month ago +4

      massive cringe but i dont expect much from epic anymore, cant be disappointed this way.

    • @SkyBlue-gb3qx
      @SkyBlue-gb3qx Month ago

      Relax, they gave it to korra, they’re gonna give it to aang. The pass isn’t even out yet dudes.

    • @Xominus
      @Xominus Month ago +3

      @@SkyBlue-gb3qx Korra doesn't even have a buit in emote where she transforms into the Avatar state and stays that, wtf are you on?

  • @mrenderman3141
    @mrenderman3141 Month ago

    I like how iconic cabbage man is that he got his own emote

  • @Not_a7med_0055
    @Not_a7med_0055 Month ago +1

    I never thought Kora may full box Zuko while Toph hits griddy on Aan 💀💀

  • @LiamLopez-qi1in
    @LiamLopez-qi1in Month ago +3

    Its easy to do nothing its hard to forgive"''-Aang

  • @plattytheperrypus5701

    My man Aang got a growth spurt!

  • @akiiiinheaven
    @akiiiinheaven 8 days ago

    i love how they reference cabbage man in this trailer

  • @Thebig-nothing
    @Thebig-nothing Month ago +9

    The way Fortnite always puts funny bonus videos at the end of the video this one is just good and the air coming on the MY CABBAGES emote was time sooooo perfectly 0:38

  • @xPhlyt
    @xPhlyt Month ago +12

    Give us a yugioh collab next please 🙏
    Flying in on a blue eyes white dragon as a dark magician 🤌

    • @KC-ql6dd
      @KC-ql6dd Month ago +2

      As much disdain as I have for yugioh, for killing off digimon, that would be pretty cool.

    • @cameron5332
      @cameron5332 Month ago

      The next anime we r gonna get is probably going to be demon slayer not gonna lie

    • @cameron5332
      @cameron5332 Month ago

      I would go crazy for a yugioh collab having a yugi skin with a builtin emote to change into atem

  • @HMWolf1
    @HMWolf1 Month ago +8

    Claim your ticket before it starts have some snacks too

  • @knightofreee3322
    @knightofreee3322 Month ago

    Yoo wait this is fire, when’s it releasing

  • @d09e3.0
    @d09e3.0 Month ago

    This will turn this season in a good direction

  • @kitanahasw7830
    @kitanahasw7830 Month ago +3

    Better bring my boy Sokka next season.

  • @pushdemon
    @pushdemon Month ago +13

    i started watching avatar because of fortnite and its my fav anime of all time

  • @unpluggedtoast
    @unpluggedtoast Month ago

    Waterbending is so OP I love it

  • @aimeec.6886
    @aimeec.6886 Month ago

    Elements bending is the most fun I've ever had playing Battle Royale.

  • @lmPeely
    @lmPeely Month ago +10

    Love the update, but where is SOKKA?

    • @NicoandLucah
      @NicoandLucah Month ago

      He did not make it to the fortnite island. :(

    • @Bababoi.
      @Bababoi. Month ago

      Shut up lil bro

    • @NicoandLucah
      @NicoandLucah Month ago

      @@Bababoi. yoo chill

    • @Bababoi.
      @Bababoi. Month ago

      @@NicoandLucah im 100% sure that your friend lucah doesnt even exist. 😭

    • @NicoandLucah
      @NicoandLucah Month ago

      @@Bababoi. what? He is my brother dude.

  • @fatejester41
    @fatejester41 Month ago

    I'm not much of a fan of Fortnite, but this has me reliving my childhood, while I'm now picturing Aang holding a gun to Ozai's head for some reason😂

  • @Eit4n_CLAPZ
    @Eit4n_CLAPZ Month ago

    “No my cabbages”😂😂

  • @xaviersejour9183
    @xaviersejour9183 24 days ago +5

    Is the avatar battle pass over? I really wanted the space sword and I was so close. I knew I could do it in one last day but I just didn’t feel like playing Fortnite anymore

    • @tomwhite7022
      @tomwhite7022 22 days ago

      Exactly what a waste

    • @ryanwilliams1694
      @ryanwilliams1694 12 days ago

      Same here. Paid for the pass to get Aang and didn’t even have chance to unlock his Avatar State skin

  • @NeonSlice
    @NeonSlice Month ago +4

    I love Avatar 😊