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Inside Tan France’s Dream Home in Salt Lake City | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  • Published on May 25, 2024
  • Today Architectural Digest is welcomed by Tan and Rob France to tour their new home in Salt Lake City. Wanting a forever home for their growing family, the 'Queer Eye' star and his husband bought a plot of land and spent the next three years building their dream house from the ground up. With the help of The Fox Group, Tan and Rob built a grand Tudor-style home bringing together a blend of South Asian, English, and American interior touches. The design of their home was the project of a lifetime for the 'Next in Fashion' host, and it was Tan’s own background as a stylist and designer that helped bring the couple’s dreams to life. “I treated this house like a collection,” France says. “If you’ve ever been to a runway show, it should tell a story. I wanted the top of the house to be like the opening look of a runway, and I wanted the final look to be shocking as the showstopper.”
    Watch Tan and Rob's dream home come to life in 'Home at Last': • Home at Last
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Comments • 472

  • @TheCommentSmerf
    @TheCommentSmerf Month ago +36

    I can tell he’s just used to sitting back and letting Tan talk… and talk… and talk. He just smiles in support even when he’s interrupted lol.

  • @knotmeitsyou8993
    @knotmeitsyou8993 3 months ago +619

    This is what a house looks like when two individual people have their own tastes that compliments each other. Perfect blend of traditional with cultural elements. By far the best House, I’ve seen on AD

  • @lykadoodles4958
    @lykadoodles4958 3 months ago +460

    the wallpaper on the theater is GORGEOUS

  • @samanthawhang7498
    @samanthawhang7498 3 months ago +1068

    I’ve never seen better hair on a couple.

    • @1paradox
      @1paradox 3 months ago +11

      True! After reading this comment I had to rewind and pause to appreciate their hair lol

    • @njb1814
      @njb1814 3 months ago +7

      I was thinking the same thing! lol

    • @josephforsuh6929
      @josephforsuh6929 3 months ago +7

      Agreed, they must have the same barber/hair stylist. They truly are immaculate men!

    • @user-gf7zx8xr6x
      @user-gf7zx8xr6x 3 months ago

      I am pretty sure not 100% are real

    • @1paradox
      @1paradox 3 months ago

      @@user-gf7zx8xr6x that's okay, it's still a glorious sight! ☺️

  • @MinaDeborah
    @MinaDeborah 3 months ago +1024

    They're such a cute, complimentary couple. They always look in perfect symbiosis. I'm happy they found eachother 🖤

    • @desiredditor
      @desiredditor 3 months ago +1


    • @mmd2035
      @mmd2035 3 months ago +11

      I don't know, judging by body language only, I can smell some abuse and superiority complex ... time will tell !

    • @jdos5643
      @jdos5643 3 months ago +18

      @@mmd2035no. Not all ppl are narcissistic

    • @sarahrean7174
      @sarahrean7174 3 months ago

      ​@@jdos5643rich people are not narcissistic but narcissism yes

    • @user-qi3hf8ko3q
      @user-qi3hf8ko3q 3 months ago


  • @ulib9121
    @ulib9121 3 months ago +299

    The Goonight Moon built-in scene is so adorable.

  • @user-nf9qd9fx7f
    @user-nf9qd9fx7f 3 months ago +488

    I don't think I have ever, in my entire 20 years of life, seen or am going to see 'THE' most gorgeous, exquisite, luxurious, beautiful mansion ever. I am still screaming!

  • @Between2_worlds
    @Between2_worlds 3 months ago +122

    The way Rob looks at Tan like love is so beautiful 😍🥹

  • @dodgethis_
    @dodgethis_ 3 months ago +76

    The house is beautiful, but the most wonderful thing in this video is the relationship between Tan & Rob.

  • @StudioBaoBao
    @StudioBaoBao 3 months ago +394

    I saw so many AD houses in the past, most of time it’s like okay cool rich ppl big house with nice material. But this house is truely a piece of art. It should become a cultural heritage site !!and it’s so hard to do tasteful colorful house and they did it❤❤❤❤❤

  • @shreyasinghhernandez6082
    @shreyasinghhernandez6082 3 months ago +16

    The bluebells make me want to cry. To be loved is to be known.

  • @afterglowisle
    @afterglowisle 3 months ago +225

    Perfect ending to a wonderful journey, AD you've done a fantastic job at showing the behind the scenes. Well done 👏🏽

  • @aricufl2214
    @aricufl2214 3 months ago +93

    It’s impressive how the pride each of them feel of each other really shows on the smallest gestures. This house is amazing!

  • @nicolepetersen-log2621
    @nicolepetersen-log2621 3 months ago +104

    Tan France always makes my heart so, so happy. I smile every time he’s on screen. I absolutely LOVED this series and watching the house come together. The house is a masterpiece, and what a beautiful & wonderful family. More like this please, AD! ❤

  • @wahine101
    @wahine101 3 months ago +78

    Ohhhhh I LOVE it! But I'm a bit sad that this might be the last video of Tan and Robs gorgeous house. This has been my most favorite series by AD ever.

  • @linedancing_zalika
    @linedancing_zalika 3 months ago +28

    7:00 "Kiss the city"
    That is so cute 😍

  • @dilpreetkaur9782
    @dilpreetkaur9782 3 months ago +58

    Perfect hair. Perfect couple. Perfect house. This would be hard to top AD!

  • @jennifertoliver9546
    @jennifertoliver9546 3 months ago +26

    Gorgeous, but i love the English influences, the intricate South Asian influences, the front hall a triumph! the kitchen Impeccable, the private spaces, Wow!

  • @ameliamathew8636
    @ameliamathew8636 3 months ago +13

    The spice kitchen, and the mouse house are my favorite things in that house, such magical additions ❤️

  • @bremusicpage
    @bremusicpage 3 months ago +45

    This is legitimately stunning and Tan and Rob's relationship is a breath of fresh air to witness! Love this house and love you guys!

  • @josephforsuh6929
    @josephforsuh6929 3 months ago +37

    The reflection wallpaper in the Cinema room is phenomenal!!!!

  • @RenataV130
    @RenataV130 3 months ago +80

    The House is very Special but the Couple‘s Vibe is amazing 🥰🥰🥰

  • @hellenhighwater2024
    @hellenhighwater2024 3 months ago +39

    Well dang, now I need a club fender. Also literally everything about this house is gorgeous and timeless.

  • @fashionstalks
    @fashionstalks 2 months ago +8

    I kind of slept on watching this video, but wow! This house is gorgeous! The wallpaper, the colors, the spice kitchen, the breakfast nook, the mouse house….they did THAT!

  • @theresadimarco764
    @theresadimarco764 3 months ago +21

    They are so perfect for each other & just an adorable couple. I am so ecstatic for both of them. My favorite room was actually Tan's closet. It is sacred place to itself, not just a closet. I thought I saw all the episodes to this but somehow had missed this episode. Thank you, Tan & Rob.

  • @Jellybean0207
    @Jellybean0207 3 months ago +15

    Totally love the closed spice kitchen! As an Asian-American, I give my two thumbs up 👍👍. The windows are also beautiful.

  • @isarwono5881
    @isarwono5881 8 days ago

    What a BEAUTIFUL house ❤ This is my dream house. Congrats to Tan & Rob France and family to have acquired, built and lived in such a gorgeous house with such a wonderful view!

  • @iabunawass
    @iabunawass 3 months ago +21

    So perfectly charming and elegant and lovely. I was like I don’t really care for the dining room being open to the foyer, then Tan pulls out the pocket doors…. They thought of everything.

  • @justwondrin
    @justwondrin 3 months ago +17

    The best part of the house is the exuberance and love between Tan and Rob. 🎉

  • @goldenyogis
    @goldenyogis 3 months ago +11

    going to say it again - Rob is crazy talented. I'd buy wallpaper/stencils/fabric/hardware with his designs any day of the week

  • @theimpracticalmystic
    @theimpracticalmystic 3 months ago +3

    The goodnight moon mouse house story brought me to tears, I am so happy for them 🥹

  • @smitanambiar6418
    @smitanambiar6418 3 months ago +8

    Best mini series ever. I am gobsmacked. I cannot get over how gorgeous this house is

  • @named_juan
    @named_juan 3 months ago +27

    the Jenna and Jeremiah call-out was hilarious haha

  • @RMBell-ks3je
    @RMBell-ks3je 3 months ago +38

    Loved this series! Loved that it was not your typical house with white walls. ☺️

    • @deemariedubois4916
      @deemariedubois4916 3 months ago +2

      And it’s not full of shades of gray. I see these homes with gray everywhere and a ‘pop of color’ is a couple of throw pillows. I would get bored with that so quickly.

  • @xenduvall
    @xenduvall 3 months ago +4

    WOW that was amazing! The wooden swing in the clothing room the attention to detail! the creativity! the wallpaper!

  • @JulietJonesRodney
    @JulietJonesRodney 3 months ago +7

    This house is GORGEOUS. Honestly one of the best houses I’ve seen on AD. The creative team did the THING!!

  • @Carrie_13
    @Carrie_13 3 months ago +2

    THIS is what it looks like when style & class come together under a roof! It's an absolute credit to them both. ❤❤

  • @freyjabrigid
    @freyjabrigid 3 months ago +7

    I love these two so much. They make my heart so happy.

  • @cookiekhoala
    @cookiekhoala 3 months ago +10

    That primary bathroom is divine!

  • @JRR0013
    @JRR0013 Month ago +4

    Okay, I'm done. This is one of the most beautifully decorated homes I've ever seen. The gray wallpaper with the birds and flowers, and all the Indian influences combined is just amazing. And the master bath, omg. Just stunning!

  • @madhubonibhattacharya

    the emotion in their voices and on their faces when they talk about their son and how he inhabits the house

  • @JaslynFellows
    @JaslynFellows 3 months ago +12

    ALLL of the wallpaper is gorgeous! 🤌🏾

  • @avidworkslol
    @avidworkslol 3 months ago +3

    The craftsmanship of this house is absolutely stunning.

  • @katrinam963
    @katrinam963 Month ago +1

    Thank you for sharing AD! Their house is absolutely Beautiful!! Every room was done perfectly! You can tell it was a labor of love❤

  • @susanhayes7152
    @susanhayes7152 3 months ago +10

    Beautiful, tasteful, piece of art . And these beautiful people get to live in it. Thank you for sharing

  • @VitorLeite0303
    @VitorLeite0303 3 months ago +7

    This house is BEAUTIFUL! Happy for you both and the family!

  • @tesstimmons422
    @tesstimmons422 3 months ago +3

    Tan, Rob, AD Bravo! I'm sad the series is over. It was so joyful. Thank you!❤

  • @debrajosephs
    @debrajosephs 3 months ago +9

    Wow Tan and Rob. I watched the videos up to this point, Thought you're are so picky and WAY over the top. Seeing it all together is beyond. Both your visions mesh. Mind Blowing. Congratulations.

  • @Wendy-fw2mi
    @Wendy-fw2mi 2 months ago +1

    At the 5:43 mark my heart just flew wide open seeing these two wonderful people bust into laughter! I sat with that feeling at tears bellowed down my cheeks to my own laughter and remembered what I has asked for when doing my water affirmations after just waking up this morning. "I am blissful I am ecstatic!" were my affirmations as I spoke into my water drinking it in during the first 30 minutes of the spiritual power hour. I looked up at the clock and it was 6:05:55 showing me the angel number 555 which interprets to "Change is coming" I thought YES more of this please! The new moon on March 10th said it would bring in more sensitivity to our life so I decided to take charge of that direction and you guys kicked it off for me. Bless you and your beautiful souls! Thank you

  • @purty.kurty.
    @purty.kurty. 3 months ago +1

    Amazing to see this beautiful finished product. You can tell they poured their hearts into it and it came out so wonderful. I love the blending of styles and cultures. Unrelated, you can tell how much Rob adores Tan just by the way he looks and smiles at him, it's so cute and wholesome.

  • @joantorres3309
    @joantorres3309 3 months ago +5

    Absolutely stunning 😮 they’re beautiful together. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations!

  • @andreagoodman1636
    @andreagoodman1636 3 months ago +2

    The house and this couple are SO LOVELY!!

  • @bluegreen700
    @bluegreen700 3 months ago +3

    Im taking a shot for every time Tan says GORGEOUS 😃

  • @lisacraze1
    @lisacraze1 3 months ago +9

    Oh gosh it's so so so beautiful! I love that you take such joy in every detail. May you be very happy there for many years.

  • @pureblue2
    @pureblue2 3 months ago +1

    Just Glorious and an inspiration, the house and Tan and Rob! You’re both a beacon on a hill radiating joy, love and positivity, may it be contagious!

  • @melsyoutube
    @melsyoutube 3 months ago +11

    i loved this series SOOOO much, please do it again!

  • @difanjunaedi7430
    @difanjunaedi7430 2 months ago +1

    The house is gorgeous. I like the way they chose to used wallpaper that I just think it's feel like put a taste on the house wall. What I like the most is the house feels like calm and very artsy.

  • @user-oc8lb2vu2l
    @user-oc8lb2vu2l 3 months ago +7

    I've been waiting for the full tour! AMAZING!!!

  • @rubystark5722
    @rubystark5722 3 months ago +30


  • @d.w.1986
    @d.w.1986 3 months ago

    it's so lovely how Tan and Rob both designed the small details bringing in the South Asian culture.

  • @TheSushmaHomeSellingTeam
    @TheSushmaHomeSellingTeam 3 months ago +3

    So cool! The architecture, the design, and the surrounding landscape all seem to come together in perfect harmony. 💖💖

  • @PandaCitten
    @PandaCitten 3 months ago +1

    Love the house but even better is seeing the love in this beautiful family and how happy it makes them all.

  • @risg4me
    @risg4me 3 months ago

    my favorite couple ever since I heard their meet-cute on Tans channel few years ago. I love them so much.

  • @shellyclayton202
    @shellyclayton202 3 months ago +1

    Tan is just an amazing person! I know he styled Rob's hair too! looks fabulous! xoxo

  • @lcf1985
    @lcf1985 3 months ago +1

    stunning, gorgeous, exciting and calminha house...Theo truly put their hearts into every detail

  • @agusrodriguezz
    @agusrodriguezz 2 months ago

    I kept staring at Rob’s outfit, he looks amazing!! Such a lovely couple 🥰. Probably the most stunning house I’ve ever seen, so elegant and unique

  • @rrsee-zk3zu
    @rrsee-zk3zu 3 months ago +3

    YES TO THE SPICE KITCHEN! We also have a version of that in Southeast Asia!

  • @user-qh2nk6of6v
    @user-qh2nk6of6v 3 months ago +5

    I love the series and watching them felt so warm and cosy!

  • @9catlover
    @9catlover 3 months ago +7

    It's like Tan is becoming American and Rob is the reserved British guyThey are so lovely. The house is beautiful but i couldn't live with lighter carpets due to stains and wear. I'd have a rich burgundy red, or some other dark moody colour

  • @sherynmadrano1246
    @sherynmadrano1246 3 months ago +1

    I love the wall paper so much. Gorgeous and elegant.

  • @Theo_forzabimm
    @Theo_forzabimm 3 months ago

    Omg aesthetic of this house is stunning… bathroom grey marble and all the design of kitchen top on top

  • @C3PVO
    @C3PVO 3 months ago

    Your house is stunning! And your family dynamic is nothing short of inspirational! So much love xx

  • @isabelc.m9593
    @isabelc.m9593 3 months ago

    just been obsessing over all these videos of Tan and Robs house!

  • @loganmomable
    @loganmomable 3 months ago +3

    Delightful to see their delight! Hope it is the repository of a wealth of lovely memories!

  • @karanjanzisa4593
    @karanjanzisa4593 2 months ago

    Tan's jacket and closet are EVERYTHING!

  • @51db18.6y
    @51db18.6y 3 months ago +1

    I love this family and wow what a gorgeous house. I’m happy for them.

  • @unfortun8ely
    @unfortun8ely 3 months ago

    So fantastic to see that there is new construction that actually has unique features!

  • @aggiegalletly9835
    @aggiegalletly9835 3 months ago +1

    The most real AD celebrity house tour thus far.

  • @Alinanais
    @Alinanais 3 months ago +1

    omg the energy , the details, the house their energy.....I am happy you never disappoint...your taste? omg exquisite...fabulous...it s just...no words

  • @cuckoofrombg
    @cuckoofrombg 3 months ago +1

    What marvellous house. All of the wallpapers are amazing.

  • @whitneyhesmer6648
    @whitneyhesmer6648 3 months ago +1

    This is unbelievably stunning...wow!! 😍

  • @chonsankhil2709
    @chonsankhil2709 2 months ago

    The house is so dreamy like it's literally all in one i love it

  • @deanne7777777
    @deanne7777777 3 months ago

    This is just incredible. I just watched it twice in a row.

  • @tanmayeebatsa2662
    @tanmayeebatsa2662 3 months ago +1

    I LOVE IT!! This house makes me want to SCREAM!

  • @teressahartley8616
    @teressahartley8616 3 months ago

    Gorgeous and so well thought out! Love the attention to detail

  • @archietect4924
    @archietect4924 3 months ago

    Love your house - what a great project and what a fantastic location. The designers you worked with did a brilliant job.

  • @apurvasharma6610
    @apurvasharma6610 Month ago

    I think this is the best celebrity house I have seen till date..This is just beyond words🤩🤩😍😍😍😍

  • @Eww_David858
    @Eww_David858 Month ago

    No, this is STUNNING. Perfection even.

  • @Ninguno903
    @Ninguno903 3 months ago +1

    I didn’t know who they where, and now i love them

  • @Sediessa
    @Sediessa 3 months ago +3

    I've loved this Series, and this concept!

  • @Sonturist
    @Sonturist 3 months ago +1

    I’m probably going to rewatch this once a day, it’s so dreamy ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😊

  • @007lluvia
    @007lluvia 3 months ago

    Just amazing full of love and marvelous design ! ❤

  • @DeeAnnieFL
    @DeeAnnieFL 2 months ago +3

    You know you're doing well in life when you have a separate kitchen for Indian food

  • @robertrios7973
    @robertrios7973 3 months ago +3

    The DETAILS. It's alllll in the details!

  • @laurentimko9834
    @laurentimko9834 3 months ago +3

    I have loved his series on the channel! ❤❤

  • @michellew8118
    @michellew8118 3 months ago +3

    I recognise a Yorkshire accent anywhere! Please don’t lose it!

  • @crybabyland
    @crybabyland 2 months ago

    As much as I loved Sophia Vergara's estate, this interior design is absolutely stunning! Blown away!

  • @sussanmartinez4374
    @sussanmartinez4374 3 months ago

    Beautiful house! Wonderful taste! The wallpaper in the entrance was my favorite! ♥

  • @sharonl3597
    @sharonl3597 3 months ago +1

    Beautifully done. Gorgeous house.

  • @jasonxxxxx555
    @jasonxxxxx555 3 months ago +5

    bedroom wallpaper so magical