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New Avengers Trailer Arrives - Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer 2

  • Published on Jan 11, 2015
  • Ultron returns to cause even more trouble for our heroes in another trailer for Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron," in theaters May 1!
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Comments • 19 582

  • Icy
    Icy 7 years ago +270

    For the end credit scene the Avengers should return to the tower to throw a victory party after a while they leave to go to the after party with Thor leaving his hammer behind on a table. A janitor comes in and starts cleaning up the room; he starts wiping the table and he picks up Thor's hammer to wipe underneath it without any struggle then immediately putting it down while whistling to the spidermans toon. And the janitor is shown to be Stan Lee.

    • Andrew Waters
      Andrew Waters Month ago

      @Zach_Xmddd really

    • Zach_Xmddd
      Zach_Xmddd 2 months ago +3

      Literally what happened in the LEGO game lol

    • Tyler F
      Tyler F 7 years ago +3

      There won't be a victory party after this movie

    • Chris Kostopoulos
      Chris Kostopoulos 7 years ago

      true. true.

    • Chris Kostopoulos
      Chris Kostopoulos 7 years ago

      @***** and at the end of gotg 2, they arrive on earth. civil war has just ended, and the avengers and guardians see each other, they just stare silently at each other, and then the movie ends

  • Banestudent21
    Banestudent21 6 years ago +1406

    If only the movie had the same tone as these trailers

    • JJ LL
      JJ LL 18 days ago

      @Shirokröte WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having a wise crack every 15 minutes is BORING

    • Christian Hoover
      Christian Hoover 7 months ago

      U just hit the nail right on the head it fell short

    • Gogeta Loquendero 125
      Gogeta Loquendero 125 8 months ago

      @Jay R now imagine an extended version, with deleted scenes and everything planned from the beginning.

    • Jay R
      Jay R Year ago

      Age of Ultron is such an underrated movie. 75% WAYYY too low this movie is awesome.

  • pjharb
    pjharb 7 years ago +356

    Some scenes were filmed at my university (UEA) while I was there last year :)

    • Thabsoffical. -
      Thabsoffical. - Year ago


    • Angelic Gamer Of Ravenclaw
      Angelic Gamer Of Ravenclaw Year ago +3

      @FunStuff No the Avengers compound scene at the end of Age Of Ultron and the other films that have the Avengers compound in it.

    • FunStuff
      FunStuff Year ago +1

      The Dr. Selvig scene?

    • Ataene Dienye
      Ataene Dienye Year ago +1

      @Angelic Gamer Of Ravenclaw cool

    • Angelic Gamer Of Ravenclaw
      Angelic Gamer Of Ravenclaw Year ago +5

      I loved that to be honest. Norwich is often overlooked and yet the University was used for Age Of Ultron and subsequent films like Ant-Man, Civil War, Infinity War and Endgame. Thankfully though even with how the Avengers compound went down in Endgame, we still have a University. 😂😂😂
      Edit:- And Homecoming... Completely forgot about Homecoming lol.

  • DanGrey32
    DanGrey32 6 years ago +76

    This was probably the best trailer from the movie

    • I'mTheReverse
      I'mTheReverse 11 days ago

      Nah the teaser trailer was pure perfection.

    • Dark Phoenix
      Dark Phoenix 2 years ago +5

      It's one of the best trailers, the music is perfect, the movie was mediocre

    • Itz Wildyy
      Itz Wildyy 5 years ago +6

      DanGrey32 ikr. i like the music in the beginning

  • Jason Huynh
    Jason Huynh 6 years ago +172

    "I'm gotta tear you apart, from the inside." One of my favorite lines

    • Sim Joh
      Sim Joh Month ago

      Then SW did with the Avengers team in Civil War

    • Atlas
      Atlas 5 months ago

      @Erik Salazar Kinda fun…for a while.

    • Erik Salazar
      Erik Salazar 2 years ago +3

      How is 2016

    • senseiWHIS
      senseiWHIS 6 years ago +9

      Too bad it wasn't in the actual film, I loved that line too.

  • Jeffer Ddk
    Jeffer Ddk 7 years ago +24

    This is now my favorite movie, there is so much more to it than what's in the trailer and a complete shocker. I'm now 100% devoted to Marvel's Cinematic Universe!

    • KoolEdits13
      KoolEdits13 3 months ago +5

      @ThunderSoul from a guy named Peter Odinson and a moon knight profile picture

    • ThunderSoul
      ThunderSoul 4 months ago +2

      Me I wanna reboot the whole Marvel.
      There are too many things in Marvel that I hate.

  • Damien Khan
    Damien Khan 7 years ago +54

    I loved this movie for its characters, CGI, Easter Eggs, Action, and Scale. But I was unfortunately let down with the plot and Ultron

    • Atlas
      Atlas 5 months ago

      @FPS Lounge Have you opinion changed?

    • FPS Lounge
      FPS Lounge 4 years ago +2

      You see, I can't appreciate a movie based solely on that. The movie is made by its plot and characters, esp a good villain. Say what you want about DC, I actually can appreciate the darker stories in their movies (though the flow was destroyed in JL by, you guessed it, Whedon and Warner Bros). I cared for Superman, I felt sorrow for Batman and all of his troubles, I was compelled by who Wonder Woman was. All of this is why I loved MoS, BvS, and WW over AoU. Just my opinion, sorry for the mini rant xD

    • AG AZ
      AG AZ 6 years ago +2

      I liked also. But Ultron was too funny and comedic and shit. I mean he was good but not great and dark. I hope they bring him back and make him a good villain.

  • beeanca13
    beeanca13 7 years ago +3

    This movie was absolutely fantastic. full of action, comedy, and just great character connection. All of these actors are amazing.

  • Rhasan Brunner
    Rhasan Brunner 5 years ago +10

    this was a really cool trailer. it adds a onimous, horror type theme to the ultron trailer. Despite the collective power of the avengers, a terrifying evil force has the power to tear them apart, from the inside.

  • HisShadow
    HisShadow 7 years ago +228

    I'm a little disappointed that Ultron didn't make another Disney line at the end of this trailer. I was hoping for a creepy Aladin reference myself. Maybe have Ultron extending a hand to someone and him saying "I can show you the world"

  • André Gunts
    André Gunts 2 years ago +4

    The greatest trailer in the MCU

  • Abbie House
    Abbie House 7 years ago +23

    I am SOOOO ready for this movie!😍 haha 😂

  • JoseRangelMG
    JoseRangelMG 7 years ago

    Creo que esta será mi película favorita y mis ansías por ir a verla en el cine no acaban...

  • Victor Krum
    Victor Krum 7 years ago +1

    If the movie's gonna be anywhere near as good as the soundtrack, it's gonna be a classic

  • Marvel Entertainment
    Marvel Entertainment  7 years ago +6100

    Ultron returns to cause more trouble in another action-packed trailer for *Marvel's "Avengers: Age Of Ultron"*, in theaters May 1!

  • Juan pablo Gonzalez Arroyo
    Juan pablo Gonzalez Arroyo 8 months ago +13

    Amo este trailer
    Es bellísimo

  • dragonmcmx
    dragonmcmx 6 years ago +6

    Looking back 1 and a half years later, this is literally THE best trailer Marvel has ever released for any of their films. Such a shame the film itself didn't even come close to this level of greatness.

  • Don't Eat Plato
    Don't Eat Plato 5 years ago +2

    This movie was truly amazing.

  • AsphaltInfinity
    AsphaltInfinity 3 years ago +3

    Anyone else just watching every marvel trailer while impatiently waiting for Avengers Endgame?

  • Lydia Lian
    Lydia Lian 7 years ago

    Who else thinks it'd be awesome to include the winter soldier??...i hope some day he'd be one of marvel's super heroes

  • HellKaiser Ryo
    HellKaiser Ryo 7 years ago

    "I'm gonna tear you apart, from the inside"
    Love it!!!!!!!!!

  • Villaaa
    Villaaa 7 years ago

    No matter how many trailers get released, this will always be my favorite one.
    It give like the conflict of the movie, but it don't giveaway almost nothing at the same time, it's get you hyped.
    And the music, oh gosh the music it so well in place with the scenes and adds a little bit of suspense.
    fkin marbel komiks releis dis shet naw

  • Arapache Films
    Arapache Films 7 years ago

    Por fin una secuela resulta mejor que su antecesora! Marvel es grande por películas tan maravillosas como éstas. En nuestro canal hicimos una crítica sobre este film y no podíamos cortar más los minutos porque había mucho que decir y agradecer.

  • SpideyFace
    SpideyFace 7 years ago +21

    This trailer was EPIC!!! I hope DC is watching this so that they can take notes.

    • MCU Assemble !
      MCU Assemble ! 7 years ago +1

      Certainly !

    • Michael He
      Michael He 7 years ago

      @Enrique Gonzalez How does DC suck??

    • SpideyFace
      SpideyFace 7 years ago

      @Gabriel Resendiz I said they "barely" have any jokes I never said that they didn't have any at all.

    • theprotoman
      theprotoman 7 years ago

      @SpideyFace Dc do have jokes its just you have to know the characters to get the jokes. For example in The Dark Knight Rises batman is talking to catwoman and turns around because a helicopter is around and when he turns back to catwoman she's gone and he says so that's what that feels like. Batman always disappears on everyone as they talk to him.

    • SpideyFace
      SpideyFace 7 years ago +1

      @Gabriel Resendiz DC movies barely have any jokes which makes a superhero movie boring and DC movies are always dark and sad which nobody likes in a superhero movie as much. Marvel on the other hand has entertaining and funny movies which makes a superhero movie awesome and I think they do very well with their jokes! Also it's not just the action in marvel movies that brings people in, its the action, interesting story, and the lovable characters in marvel movies that brings people in!

  • Андрей Бегашев

    This trailer better then all, very beautiful. Guys from Endgame, hello!

  • Matthew Ace70
    Matthew Ace70 5 months ago +2

    Ah, good times. Awesome superhero movie!

  • Naveen Babu
    Naveen Babu 7 years ago +14

    I'm so happy the guys who directed the winter soldier will direct infinity war. winter soldier is a good movie. the best marvel movie IMO.

    • Therox.
      Therox. 4 years ago

      Naveen Babu and... Did you like it?

  • Harsh Parmar
    Harsh Parmar 7 years ago +7

    this is about some extraordinary stuff..
    about next world, artificial intelligences, and you never seen stuff like what you'll see in this movie. and personally me, I love every from #marvel so I'm just waiting for may.. all the best to marvel and his whole crew. I'm expecting so much from tony. xoxo.. I'll definitely go to inox for it..

  • Rubina B Noor
    Rubina B Noor 7 years ago

    This was actually 100% better than the first film imo. Thoroughly enjoyed.

  • xiana allison
    xiana allison 7 years ago

    Just finished watching it. And its AMAZING ♡

  • Trench Man
    Trench Man 6 years ago

    I didn't mind the lighter tone too much, I was a little saddened by it but the characters made it a fun and sometimes scary journey with Ultron

  • John Fotios
    John Fotios 7 years ago

    Watched this last night in cinema... awesome film! Vision is amazing.

  • Nightpony inRface
    Nightpony inRface 7 years ago +66

    This is going to be an amazing movie indeed.

    • Gilberto Sanchez
      Gilberto Sanchez 7 years ago +3

      @ShenWooXIII well the russo brothers who directed "Captain America: The Winter Soldier", are gonna direct both of "Avengers: Infinity War" movies!

    • Ryan DeKnoblough
      Ryan DeKnoblough 7 years ago +1

      @ShenWooXIII Well who then?

    • Retry Of Heal Guy
      Retry Of Heal Guy 7 years ago

      Remains to be seen. I would be more confident if the director wasnt Joss Whedon. I mean i love the avengers, but the first movie was kinda wasted potential.

    • ayaz mulla
      ayaz mulla 7 years ago +2

      You got that rii best movie . Worth watching in iMax

  • Wim Wilk
    Wim Wilk 7 years ago +1

    This movie was so good!!!!!!!!!!! It came out early in our country!!!!!! I was fangirling like crazy!!!!!!!!

  • Jeevan Kennedy
    Jeevan Kennedy 7 years ago

    I has chills right now, I can't wait for the next few marvel movies!!

  • Cynthia Utz
    Cynthia Utz 6 years ago

    For me, I liked the movie for what it is... But I want to see where Infinity War comes in. I think some people dislike it because that Marvel gives hyped for the other Marvel Movies for Phase 3, and not waiting for Age of Ultron.

  • Ice▪muffin🍰
    Ice▪muffin🍰 6 years ago

    It must be an unearthly feeling knowing that you have friends you can ALWAYS count on, no matter the circumstances, and even when your and their own life is at stake they won't abandon you, and neither will you. Sounds pretty much like a utopia, idealistic, but still remains beautiful, even inspiring as a concept. And one question : I didn't undestand how the Vision knew Scarlet Witch was still in that train, and why did he return for her anyway? Why did he go searching for her, how did he know where she was exactly ? Why bother I mean. I am aware they're supposed to develop some sort of romantic feelings for each other in the future, but isn't it a tad too early for them (or him) to already show such care ? The knew each other for like a day after all...

  • Farran
    Farran 7 years ago +36

    This looks pretty damn wicked.

  • MichaelGilligan
    MichaelGilligan 7 years ago

    Don't know why but my favourite line in this trailer is "ultron... In the flesh" it just sounds so sinister and it means tht the avengers are scared

  • Barney on Movies
    Barney on Movies 6 years ago

    This film was really good in my opinion - the best Marvel film yet, but the trailers showed it as something completely different so it was completely different to everyone's expectations.

    JOHN PACLE 7 years ago +1

    God, the scene of tony with a frustrated face while slamming hulk into the ground is just AWESOME!

  • Goku Super Saiyan
    Goku Super Saiyan 7 years ago +1

    This is an amazing trailer!

  • wiiplaya25
    wiiplaya25 6 years ago

    This trailer had me so hype especially with ultron's line but I was so let down like if civil war doesn't kill someone then I'm done

  • Joaquín Bernales
    Joaquín Bernales 7 years ago

    Such an amazing trailer, the most box-office ever!!

  • Weary Wanderer
    Weary Wanderer Year ago +2

    The trailers for this movie are amazing!

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 7 years ago

    Marvel I'm glad you put vision in the movie and I hope you're trying your hardest to bring the best movie to us

  • DarkHadal
    DarkHadal 7 years ago +2

    Am I the only one here excited to see the Hulk Buster in this movie? I seriously hope the fight against the Hulk will be fairly long so we can see more of the Hulk Buster in action x3

  • Morgan Kelani
    Morgan Kelani 7 years ago

    This movie was so awesome, too bad we have to wait so long to see the other ones

  • Chelsea Barrett
    Chelsea Barrett 7 years ago

    This couldn't look any better. I'm so excited!!!!

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo Month ago

    After all these years, I still come back to watch this sometimes. This trailer is that good

  • Asia Malaysia
    Asia Malaysia 7 years ago +85

    I just wanna sort of like fall asleep and wake up the May 1, this wait is killing me!!!!!

    • Steve
      Steve 7 years ago

      @***** miss fortune

    • Stephen Baker
      Stephen Baker 7 years ago

      April for the UK eek

    • Alexiz001
      Alexiz001 7 years ago

      ME TOO omg

    • Steve
      Steve 7 years ago

      @honesty90 Honestly... honesty90

    • Steve
      Steve 7 years ago +1

      someone called the schlock that hollywood is spouting nowadays an endless "anticipation machine" The movies suck, it's just the months and months of hype that we all crave.

  • Amber_xoxo_133
    Amber_xoxo_133 10 months ago +2

    Scarlett Johansson was pregnant during filming, so many of her scenes were scheduled early in filming before she began to show. To help hide her pregnancy later in filming, three stunt doubles were hired. This caused a lot of confusion amongst the other actors since, according to them, all of the stunt women looked very similar to Johansson. Chris Evans stated that it got to the point where he would say hello and start a conversation with one of them only to realize midway that the person he was talking to wasn't Johansson. Ultimately, some scenes used CGI to hide Johansson's belly

  • Laddiegaga !
    Laddiegaga ! 7 years ago

    Omg! I haven't been this excited about a movie since the original Avengers movie! It looks FECKIN awesome!! Joss Whedon is THE man!! 😃

  • Ira Laurentine
    Ira Laurentine 7 years ago

    I watched the movie already. It was great! Another awesome marvel movie again!

  • Tonya Lynn
    Tonya Lynn 7 years ago

    This movie is going to be so AWESOME!!!!!!

  • Adair.
    Adair. 7 years ago +5

    I want to see this so badly! Sometimes I imagine the day Infinity Wars Part 2 comes out and how I'll feel when I'm on my seat about to watch it! Loving the darkness... weird but I want to sense their weakness at some point of the movie! Just 2 1/2 months to go!

    • Sushrut
      Sushrut 7 months ago +1

      So how you feel now man! After watching it.

  • Na Na
    Na Na 7 years ago

    Oh hell yeah! just saw the movie, and it got me goosebumps during the action.

  • anna fiona
    anna fiona 7 years ago

    Disclaimer: I may seem like just a girl who only watches Marvel because of attractive men, but I really love these movies because of they're plot and jaw-dropping effects :)
    I really hope Loki has some appearance, he's a really great character I would love to know more about. He always leaves me on the edge on my seat, and Thor The Dark World left me speechless at the end. I am dying to when Thor finds out about the end, I simply can't wait for the next Thor.

  • tysoon363636
    tysoon363636 7 years ago

    Every scene was epic!

  • sanderflop
    sanderflop 6 years ago +62

    The movie was advertised like it was going to be Marvel's Empire Strikes Back but it ended up being Marvel's Return of the Jedi

    • Tomuchcake
      Tomuchcake 10 months ago

      Return of the Jedi is literally 1 thousand times better than this. Empire Strikes Back is 1 million times better than this

    • Zay Visualz
      Zay Visualz Year ago +2

      @Cancer Itself185 Your compression is terrible.

    • Cancer Itself185
      Cancer Itself185 3 years ago +2

      Plague Produkshuns If you’re suggesting that Age of Ultron was better than Return of the Jedi, then you’re wrong.

      WORLD'S #1 EP3 ENTHUSIAST 3 years ago +1

      @Cancer Itself185 Return of the Jedi isn't as good

    • Cancer Itself185
      Cancer Itself185 3 years ago +4

      sanderflop That’s an insult to Return of the Jedi.

  • lAmCanad1an
    lAmCanad1an 7 years ago +908

    Well this confirms it. Hulks eyes are red from Scarlet witch. She obviously compels him to go after Stark. It would be funny if it were like this;
    *Scarlet Witch* "I've hired the best hit-man to take you out..."
    *Tony Stark* "I have an army"
    *Scarlet Witch* "I have a Hulk"

    • T- 883
      T- 883 5 years ago

      lAmCanad1an ...Tony stark: I have a hulkbuster.
      Scarlet Witch: I have...SHIT!

    • Lock Shock Barrel
      Lock Shock Barrel 7 years ago

      Juel Khan, um Scarlet Witch can control minds tho. It was already confirmed that she can get into people minds and see what they see in an interview and also a description of the Hulkbuster scene was released and it confirms that Hulk is being controlled by her.

    • Bankai
      Bankai 7 years ago

      That wouldnt be funny ...

    • Write Way
      Write Way 7 years ago

      @Steven Morrison GET OUT NAO

  • Hero 7th Place
    Hero 7th Place 7 years ago +63

    They made the trailer like it was going to be so such a serious movie, but sadlyit was just as much of a comedy as the first one.

    • I Can't Think of a Good Name
      I Can't Think of a Good Name 6 years ago +8

      I still didn't think it was bad. But whoever made the trailers really deceived us. Still it was entertaining.

    • TimeTellsNoLies90
      TimeTellsNoLies90 6 years ago +7

      +Brian DelGiudice Yeah, false advertising at its worst. I felt that the 1st one should've had the 2nd one's quality, while Age of Ultron should've had this and the other trailers's moods and tones.

  • Matias León
    Matias León 2 years ago +5

    Age of ultron is not a bad movie, it is regular, what disappointed is that they sold a dark and dramatic tone in the trailers, so that the film in the end is action and comedy, of course there are dramatic moments like the witch making them see memories and visions to the avengers, the death of quicksilver, but apart from that, the tone of the film is action-comedy

  • Manito Martinez
    Manito Martinez 7 years ago

    this movie is gonna be awesome!

  • Baba Joe
    Baba Joe 7 years ago

    wow action looks amazing the fight between hulk and iron man is incredible

  • David Potts
    David Potts 7 years ago +3

    I swear to God, every time I watch these two Ultron trailers, I get Goosebumps. Every time. Every. Single. Time.

  • Santiago Luquez
    Santiago Luquez 7 years ago

    Awesome movie. Can't stop thinking about how amazingly crazy it'll get very soon. .... wow. The end shows the avengers engraved in marble statues as the Romans did for their gods. Transhumanism has reached do time. The most important message is clear.. we must harness true love to build the next generation of evolution, anything else will not work because there's nothing more powerful than love.

  • Magnus Meling
    Magnus Meling 7 years ago

    I thought the movie was pretty awesome. Maybe the greatest Marvel movie ever in my opinion. I thought the action was better and more memorable. Ultron is maybe the gråtest Marvel villain in this universe (and I hope Thanos will be even better, so can The Avengers movies have all the best villains, because they are the best movies) This movie got me pretty excited for Black Panther, due to the scenes with Ulysses Klaue (he was AWESOME!) But the thing that I loved the most with this movie, was that it showed that Avengers have to secure the whole planet and the movie melted my heart when Tony visited my little country, Norway. I know it was short, but I just loved it! They even got the Norwegian accents right! Oh yeah! (I know, we suck at English) I don`t think people can understand how important it is for me to feel that my country is apart of this cinematic universe, it just made a big smile on my face! Ah! Norway! The greatest country in the world! Love you Marvel!

  • Gianispil Pilarinos
    Gianispil Pilarinos 5 years ago +3

    This is the best MCU movie ever made!!!

  • Christopher Nindyo
    Christopher Nindyo 7 years ago

    Believe me. It is so GOOD ! I watch it 2 times, not enough.

  • Giovanni Cheng
    Giovanni Cheng 7 years ago +8

    I am super excited for this movie. Can't wait for this movie to come out. Definitely gonna watch it with my mates. So far, the best movie I've watched this year was Kingsman Secret Service. I hope this movie doesn't disappoint.

  • Paulinho Guilherme
    Paulinho Guilherme 7 years ago

    Que dlç de filme 🌚

  • mns guitarist
    mns guitarist 7 years ago

    It was amazing. I love the Avengers and the X-Men franchise as well, they are both phenomenal. Now, here's a quick guitar cover of the Main Titles of X-Men: Days of Future Past! :) hope you like it.

  • avada
    avada 7 years ago +35

    1:14 - This "Oh, boy" wasn't in the final movie was it?

  • Zoey Aloonson
    Zoey Aloonson 7 years ago

    i can not freaking wait for avengers!

    NYHC COMICS 7 years ago +13

    #Marvel #Avengers #AgeofUltron #Trailer 2 #Dope!

  • Emma М
    Emma М 7 years ago

    Saw the movie today, was awesome and hilarious! And I am now obsessed with scarlet witch! :-D:-D

  • dragnetter
    dragnetter 7 years ago

    Amazing movie! Battles galore!

  • Cj tv
    Cj tv 3 years ago +1

    This trailer gave me the chills

  • NMac
    NMac 7 years ago

    It's hard without spoiling it but all I'll say it is Avengers is full pack bad ass action. For me hawkeye is amazing but each on is as well :) It is soooooo funny hha I still can't get over it and I love each character, there are some who are back and new ones but they are all so good it's exciting aargh I can't wait for the third one !!

  • Douglas nnts
    Douglas nnts 7 years ago +39

    This looks so awesome. I can't wait.

    • Douglas nnts
      Douglas nnts 7 years ago

      @Diego Iziga yes

    • 6164L
      6164L 7 years ago

      The epicest!!

    • Alex
      Alex 7 years ago

      He you are the guy who uploaded the Awesome Mix soundtrack. Hey!

    • Diego X
      Diego X 7 years ago +2

      hey, you're the guy who uploaded the video of the songs of The Guardians of the Galaxy, I adore you man.

  • kieran10202
    kieran10202 7 years ago

    See this trailer is darker, it makes me see some of the criticisms, like ultron's funny-menacing balance being a little to far to the left (the malice really does shine through in parts though.) This trailer also made me think his plan would be more similar to that in I, Robot, and he would rule us as what he saw as a benevolent god (much like Loki, which would have been interesting.)

  • Brooklyn Rose
    Brooklyn Rose 7 years ago

    Two words; Scarlet Witch. ❤️❤️❤️

  • CiarasBack
    CiarasBack 7 years ago


  • Svetoslav Petrov
    Svetoslav Petrov 7 years ago

    Dat soundtrack... the chills... can't wait. Bring it!

  • Ricky Dhira Wijaya
    Ricky Dhira Wijaya 5 months ago +16

    Is it just me or does anyone think that Avengers Age Of Ultron is *criminally underrated* ?

  • Pacificsugar
    Pacificsugar 7 years ago

    OMG!!!!!! I finally realized who does the voice of Ultron!!!!!!!!!! SPADER!!!!!!!!!!! INFINITELY MORE EXCITED NOW! I love his voice, so emotive, so chilling!

  • Cross Wise
    Cross Wise 7 years ago

    this trailer just made the movie more mysterious and showed us how dark ultron was. awesome trailer

  • Andreas Marras
    Andreas Marras 5 years ago +5

    i hope kitty was still alive and making us laugh hard as it was the old days uh i missed him but his is now on a better world with god

  • Sapphire
    Sapphire 7 years ago +3

    I LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE, I have been waiting since Avengers came out to see this.

  • FpvMax
    FpvMax 7 years ago

    I just can wait to see the movie:) IROMAN ROCKS!

  • jesse Brown
    jesse Brown 6 years ago

    I like the new look of ultron

  • jahleel breland
    jahleel breland 7 years ago +1

    This movie was the best film in MCU . and the build up 2 avengers 3 is gonna be great. I hope we see the true power of Thor in ragnarok. And cap 3 gonna be epic and all the other movies

  • ACC
    ACC 7 years ago


  • Dylan Julian
    Dylan Julian 7 years ago +11

    Can we just take a moment to recognize how perfect it is for James Spader to be cast as Utron!

    • SuperWillHatch
      SuperWillHatch 7 years ago +1

      This is basically Less Than Zero: Thirty Years Later since Spader and RDJ were both in that movie too.

    • Psylocke29
      Psylocke29 7 years ago

      Thank you OMG! I fell in love with the decision the moment I saw the first trailer.

  • xTractioN
    xTractioN 6 years ago +6

    I can't wait for 2019 when justice league and avengers come out the same year now that's a competition

      BTEC BRADFORD 2 years ago +2

      Funny how things turned out

    • gemofbricks
      gemofbricks 5 years ago

      i am slayer 15 same month as thor 3

    • gemofbricks
      gemofbricks 5 years ago

      i am slayer 15 justice league will come out in 2017

  • Hawk Johnson
    Hawk Johnson 7 years ago

    I'm so hype right now

  • Jodobanks
    Jodobanks 7 years ago

    I can't wait it's almost here

  • LoveLife
    LoveLife 7 years ago

    Kicking off my Birthday with this movie, can't wait until Friday, it's going to be fun.

  • Gandalf Lannister
    Gandalf Lannister 7 years ago +184

    My 2015 Box-Office Predictions
    Age of Ultron ● 1.6 billion
    Star Wars ● 1.1 billion
    Jurassic World ● 700 million
    Furious 7 ● 900 m
    Minions ● 500 m
    Spectre ● 950 m
    Fifty shades of grey ● 2.1 billion

    • disneyfan2001
      disneyfan2001 7 years ago

      @Amy Hicks age of ultron america box office 800 million

    • Amy Hicks
      Amy Hicks 7 years ago

      @O_storm99 I see what you did there...

    • Owen Gao
      Owen Gao 7 years ago +2

      More accurate
      Fifty Shades of Grey ● 69 Billion

    • The Comedy Bros
      The Comedy Bros 7 years ago

      @Ryan Looney 80 million** - 250 was worldwide. PLUS, that was mainly because of Valentine's Day. It's gonna drop tremendously this weekend, no doubt!

    • Ryan Looney
      Ryan Looney 7 years ago

      @Travis Ament Fifty Shades got $250 million it's opening weekend, so...yeah.