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  • Published on Oct 12, 2023
  • Amelia meets DJ and producer Kaytranada for a date in a Chicken Shop.
    Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Co-Written by Miracle Hurd
    Executive Producers: Liv West and Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Production Assistant: Manpreet Gehlan
    Cam A: Jonathan Moore
    Cam B: Emma Langley
    Sound Op: Eduardo Puhl
    Editor: Joe Bolger
    Conform: Brandon Pachecho
    Colourist: Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio
    Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce
    Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
    Social Media: Jade Whiteley & Ashleigh Kybert
    Photographer: Grace Olukanni
    Styling: Chloe Griffin
    Hair: Ellie Fox
  • EntertainmentEntertainment

Comments • 765

  • @ems3272
    @ems3272 7 months ago +6105

    I didn’t expect him to be so timid and sweet 😭 Love this man even more now

  • @khalilahd.
    @khalilahd. 7 months ago +2847

    “Have you had a glow up or have you always been this gorgeous?” Can always count on my girl Amelia to ask the important questions 😂

  • @ItsRuve
    @ItsRuve 7 months ago +2310

    OMGGG this is so cute bc Kaytra has always been a more lowkey artist who rarely does interviews, but you can tell Amelia made him comfortable and he was enjoying himself 🥹

  • @mk67897
    @mk67897 7 months ago +2286

    His “Oh I’m sorry about that” was so genuine 😭

    • @danielsparrow3701
      @danielsparrow3701 7 months ago +22

      He's Canadian, of course it was genuine 😂🇨🇦❤️

  • @ashley.bankss
    @ashley.bankss 5 months ago +195

    Kaytranada’s facial features are insane. I love this man

    • @ken306809
      @ken306809 5 months ago +8

      YES , He kinda Look like a beautiful African Lion ❤

    • @meritxell4285
      @meritxell4285 22 days ago

      Those eyes are just wow

  • @olaleyeonikuyide7541
    @olaleyeonikuyide7541 7 months ago +4049

    Amelia: Have you ever been heartbroken?
    KAYTRANADA: Oh, 100%.
    A: 10%.
    K: Not even 99.9%.
    If you know, you know.

  • @daphnav
    @daphnav 7 months ago +699

    The way you could just tell he wanted to use the music machine thing from the start 😂

  • @MichelleGrondine
    @MichelleGrondine 7 months ago +2093

    “an emotional glow up? wow.”
    [burger sauce]
    [finger guns]
    🎶 let’s get this party stArtEd~~~🎶
    [boppy music plays]
    [amelia dances]
    literal art

    • @KylETISZAI
      @KylETISZAI 7 months ago +6


    • @caram5134
      @caram5134 7 months ago +7

      I'm stealing that for myself. I am going through an emotional glow-up, and I can't be bothered with yall's shenanigans.

  • @user-pg9vv6pq3c
    @user-pg9vv6pq3c 7 months ago +620

    I’ve been listening to him for years and this is the first time I’ve heard him speak 🤣 he’s so adorable

  • @nikhilrampal7488
    @nikhilrampal7488 7 months ago +997

    You can tell Amelia rates his music. Big up Kaytranada

  • @sophialapidus2389
    @sophialapidus2389 7 months ago +302

    I love that he described an emotional glow up - he's the best

  • @_KNUCKLE.
    @_KNUCKLE. 7 months ago +515

    Please if you're not familiar with Kaytranada's music - go listen to it! Dude is arguably the greatest music producer of this generation

    • @harrydrysdale6837
      @harrydrysdale6837 5 months ago +8

      his boiler room set is legendary

    • @darling_savage
      @darling_savage 2 months ago +2

      greatest is exaggerated and i love him. flying lotus is better for example, and again, i love this dude too

    • @alexyoungbased
      @alexyoungbased 2 months ago +2

      Not while Flying Lotus is still kicking

  • @Santon-Motho
    @Santon-Motho 7 months ago +1010

    I feel like Amelia would be a great little invisible fairy on your shoulder that makes little remarks to things you do as you go about your day lol she has a pleasant voice and asks things in the most hilarious way

    • @britischenadligen3760
      @britischenadligen3760 7 months ago +50

      She needs to be cast in some advertisement that will use this idea 😂

    • @93teepee
      @93teepee 7 months ago

      @@britischenadligen3760or movie/show

    • @jaycielle
      @jaycielle 7 months ago +4

      Diminy Cricket

    • @biancadiblasio1331
      @biancadiblasio1331 7 months ago +4

      I hope she reads this and make a show out of this idea

  • @MadCaril
    @MadCaril 7 months ago +1133

    This is who Bobbi Althoff tries to be but fails miserably at lol

    • @roysantacruz6636
      @roysantacruz6636 7 months ago +142

      AGREED! Amelia is awkward, but FUN. Bobbi is boring as hell.

    • @MadCaril
      @MadCaril 7 months ago


    • @Natalia_Cherryvan19
      @Natalia_Cherryvan19 7 months ago +31

      Exactly, I love Amelia’s character but I don’t find Bobbi funny at all

    • @notoriouspomegranate5612
      @notoriouspomegranate5612 7 months ago +14

      Naa, they are pretty different. Bobbi is also very funny tho. But more so just offensive lol

    • @SweetSlumbers
      @SweetSlumbers 7 months ago +30

      I was thinking this too, but I think Bobbi's character is supposed to be rude and awkward.. which is a weird character to have when you're interviewing people LOL. whereas, Amelia's character is flirty but awkward.

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  7 months ago +2789

    Hello everyone ! I hope you love my date with superstar DJ and producer Kaytranada - I love his music so much. I had so much fun teaching him to be an EVEN better DJ, I’m hoping to join him on tour soon. Xoxo DJ DImz

    • @hotwasabi_
      @hotwasabi_ 7 months ago +24

      the chemistry was palpable. expect an engagement by the new year sis xoxo

    • @eensanom
      @eensanom 7 months ago +3

      Amelia when are you interviewing me next (im the girl who sang go ! go! manifestation girl)

    • @alvaroborges7064
      @alvaroborges7064 7 months ago +9

      Hello chicken shop girl,
      A date with victoria Monet NOW

    • @kumquatmagoo
      @kumquatmagoo 7 months ago +1

      I love you Dj Dimz

    • @khaemiz
      @khaemiz 7 months ago

      if this like gets 100k ,Amelia for the hot ones

  • @caristevens9494
    @caristevens9494 7 months ago +238

    ok he's so sweet, this was a very precious date

  • @laurenbecerra9825
    @laurenbecerra9825 7 months ago +274

    Amelia mixing beats is something I never knew I needed💀

  • @Y-xg5gl
    @Y-xg5gl 7 months ago +719

    Amelia's awkwardness always makes my day

  • @louisboulet3984
    @louisboulet3984 7 months ago +200

    I’d LOVE to see a “where are they now” documentary about the Montreal boiler room characters and I can’t be the only one

    • @GW-sc1rl
      @GW-sc1rl 7 months ago +35

      The world needs this 5 min documentary. Tall girl would need to be in it, they would have to find her

    • @zitambambiko6090
      @zitambambiko6090 7 months ago +15

      One of the girls who was bopping with Kaytra in the front ended up making some really good songs with him, her artist name is Shay Lia

    • @averywhitby8955
      @averywhitby8955 7 months ago +1

      Someone’s doing that on TikTok

    • @markarian1663
      @markarian1663 6 months ago

      who? the world needs to know @@averywhitby8955 link pls

    • @doloreshaze-ji4jw
      @doloreshaze-ji4jw 4 months ago

      Yes we need that omg

  • @alfdlgnaat
    @alfdlgnaat 7 months ago +68

    Honestly I’m so surprised he would do this. He’s notoriously shy

  • @nikhilrampal7488
    @nikhilrampal7488 7 months ago +484

    This guys got the best beats in the game. Easily.

  • @rickit8626
    @rickit8626 7 months ago +373

    Kaytranada is too cute. His giggle at 1:25 is just adorable ☺

  • @minibrain711
    @minibrain711 7 months ago +366

    if this man ever does another boiler room set i need to see amelia in the front boppin around

  • @khalilahd.
    @khalilahd. 7 months ago +130

    “Are you a good wingman because that’s the only reason why I wanted to meet you” Amelia 😩😭😭

  • @sleepysibs
    @sleepysibs 7 months ago +229

    Kaytra is SUCH A CUTIE gosh i could die

  • @AmandaMcGee
    @AmandaMcGee 7 months ago +111

    Ok this man is too much of a sweetheart even for Amelia to put him in weird, uncomfortable situations. He is just genuine! I have no idea who he is but this was an adorable episode 💖

  • @Y0B0
    @Y0B0 7 months ago +208

    Kaytranada's music is amazing.

  • @MeelaMeela000
    @MeelaMeela000 7 months ago +98

    I love the subtle switch up in your approach Amelia! Ur towing the line between genuine and funny a lot more than just funny and I think that’s really the sweet spot with interviews (from someone who knows nothing about interviewing but watching a lot of them lol). I think you’ve found ur an own personal sweet spot. Love it!

  • @oscarfamilia3740
    @oscarfamilia3740 7 months ago +123

    My favorite producer of all time! Give any artist his beats and it’s a hit

  • @Smallshotty97
    @Smallshotty97 7 months ago +74

    oh god, Amelia hitting on the Boiler Room set that had so much going on .. an iconic video, truly. Kaytranada is a chill person.

  • @reb2811
    @reb2811 7 months ago +41

    “Someone who has the same lens as me” love that

  • @Dontatme669
    @Dontatme669 7 months ago +102

    The OG blonde awkward babe we stan forever 🫶🏼
    Also his vibe is soooo on point

    • @letlotlo6566
      @letlotlo6566 7 months ago +8

      the ONLY awkward babe we stan forever

  • @abhiram.8713
    @abhiram.8713 7 months ago +28

    My man's eyes lit up when he say her pull up the DJ box thing 😂

  • @LLusion
    @LLusion 7 months ago +333

    i honestly forget how big Kaytra is. legend

  • @Laura-cz7wh
    @Laura-cz7wh 7 months ago +36

    personally for me he’s da GOAT. legendary sound

  • @rhodabaruch4
    @rhodabaruch4 7 months ago +156

    This man will always have a special place in my heart!

  • @mynameisliana
    @mynameisliana 7 months ago +63

    Am I gonna put my USB in there, can’t resist - I just knew Amelia was about to say something along the lines of “sounds intimate” 😂😂

  • @musiqnlove
    @musiqnlove 7 months ago +51

    I LOVE KAYTRANADA!!!!! Timeless music that I’ll play even 20 years from now like y’all don’t know nothing about this magic!

  • @gabbzthe1st984
    @gabbzthe1st984 7 months ago +30

    This is the coolest guest I’ve seen on this show for the fact that I rinsed 99.9% throughout uni - best album ever!

  • @benjaminkoskinen5835
    @benjaminkoskinen5835 7 months ago +35

    Super unexpected collab. He is quite shy which was why this kinda chocked me.

  • @fresitahailey
    @fresitahailey 7 months ago +11

    she’s so awk and funny like she’s def my fave girly with this kind of humor. i just can’t with the dry mean yt girl interview/podcast humor

  • @brooklyncurrys
    @brooklyncurrys 7 months ago +22

    “taking your chicken shop date virginity” lmfao, you and ziwe are my awkward qweens, legit hilarious 😂😂😂

  • @Lilmonke_586
    @Lilmonke_586 7 months ago +30

    Watching Amelia’s interviews has made me develop a crush on her lol I love her humor

  • @MsDarkie93
    @MsDarkie93 7 months ago +8

    ‘May I?’ He’s so sweet lmaooooooo. He was genuinely impressed with those decks.

  • @LunaMail
    @LunaMail 7 months ago +40

    Maple syrup on nuggets actually sounds delicious.
    Always love your dates, Amelia 🥰

    • @aaliyahstewart13
      @aaliyahstewart13 7 months ago +2

      that's what i get at Sticky's. Waffle Sauce is what they call it

  • @lqmgsta
    @lqmgsta 7 months ago +16

    I personally loved this. These two were on a DATE.
    Meaning people actually conversing... experiencing something new together (like whatever the heck that toy was lol)
    Idk if I should feel bad or amused by ppl. Is the dating bar just at rude flirting? lol
    Every once in a while, I wanna see Amelia not always getting shut down or shutting down for the amusement.
    Anyway I felt nice & giddy watching this one. & yes I caught the bf part, I can still enjoy two humans connecting, bonding (and learning about an artist).

  • @GeorgiaInTheSky
    @GeorgiaInTheSky 7 months ago +27

    I want to see Kaytranada whip out the toy DJ in his next boiler room set

  • @BrittnyShrub
    @BrittnyShrub 7 months ago +5

    I wanna hear the mix he created!!! Lol great video! Made my day! ❤

  • @jeremyv12
    @jeremyv12 7 months ago +2

    Was so exited for this episode! Loved it

  • @belovaklebelovak7770
    @belovaklebelovak7770 7 months ago +10

    The dedication in the cutaway shots is incredible. Bravo

  • @sydneyhunt9010
    @sydneyhunt9010 7 months ago +12

    I’m crying the woman with the bow really infamous for that night 😂😂

  • @user-qg5py2le1c
    @user-qg5py2le1c 7 months ago +18

    Amelia was so open and talkative 😭❤️

  • @ilmari23
    @ilmari23 7 months ago +50

    Stoppppp This was the most wholesomest cutest date ever and now my favorite❤❤ also we all want to see that boiler room mini doc 😂😂

  • @RexCapulet
    @RexCapulet 7 months ago +8

    My first time seeing Kaytranada up close in a fully lit room. He’s quite beautiful.

  • @peachnecctar1658
    @peachnecctar1658 7 months ago +5


  • @christian02183
    @christian02183 7 months ago +12

    been my favourite artist for many years, the colabs he's done have been legendary.

  • @ntokozox
    @ntokozox 7 months ago +10

    I don't know, bro is just adorable.

    @NYMPHLOLOGY 7 months ago +33

    Amelia you don't even know how much I needed this, you're a whole vibe.

    @ASUCAR 7 months ago +8

    I love how genuine is KAY

  • @vanceroday
    @vanceroday 7 months ago +2

    this needed to be longer!!! i love Kaytra 😭

  • @Leodejohnson
    @Leodejohnson 7 months ago +4

    Love the emotional glow up!!! So feel that! ❤

  • @jswjanjan
    @jswjanjan 7 months ago +26

    Proud Canadian here. He's so lovely. And we all adore Amelia.❤😊❤🎉

  • @ashvergent
    @ashvergent 7 months ago +14

    omg I love kaytranada, his music is so good

  • @alexandratauhid7458
    @alexandratauhid7458 7 months ago +2

    GASP. OMG. WOW. the combo I didn't know I needed!

  • @hotwasabi_
    @hotwasabi_ 7 months ago +27


  • @RobinShuki
    @RobinShuki 7 months ago +11

    “Am I gonna put my usb in there? This is crazy and you like, you can’t really resist”
    “Oh god. Sounds intimate” 😂😂

  • @thedeeprot
    @thedeeprot 7 months ago +63


  • @clothildemerlin1576
    @clothildemerlin1576 7 months ago +5

    Kaytranada! My man, so happy to see him on your video

  • @isa.yoshimura
    @isa.yoshimura 7 months ago +4

    omg this show only gets better and better! thank you Ameliaa, ur awesome!!!

  • @brianna_crawl
    @brianna_crawl 6 months ago

    Love his music so much. The authenticity there is just insane 🔥🔥

  • @PastelitoPapi
    @PastelitoPapi 7 months ago +21

    I was REALLY hoping we were gonna get a Kaytra beat out of that toy he had lmao he said May I and I was like THIS IS WHAT WE WAITED FOR

  • @thlee3
    @thlee3 7 months ago

    i Love the cut away shots of the shop

  • @iSupermaaaaan
    @iSupermaaaaan 7 months ago +56

    Wow I was so impressed that you invited KAYTRANADA 😍
    Next guest should be Fred Again for sure!

    • @MegaWilly34
      @MegaWilly34 7 months ago +7

      Yes but I don't see the point of inviting the same person twice

    • @kingkelz215
      @kingkelz215 7 months ago +1

      lol Did it not go well the first time?

    • @stephan137
      @stephan137 7 months ago +1

      Freds a boring prick lol

  • @Jean-tt6on
    @Jean-tt6on 7 months ago +25

    1. He is beautiful 😍.
    2. This is probably the closest CSD to a real date I've ever seen Amelia on. Felt so natural.

  • @LiquidChamploo
    @LiquidChamploo 7 months ago +6

    That boiler room set was legendary, and the actual set is a fucking banger one of my favorite sets ever.

  • @InHurleyWeTrust
    @InHurleyWeTrust 7 months ago +3

    Loved Kaytranada and his music for years ♥Thanks for the date

  • @morrisahj
    @morrisahj 7 months ago +1

    Been a fan for so long and was happy to see him opening for the Weeknd in Vegas last year 🤞💕 Super talented and so awesome

  • @oxiary
    @oxiary 7 months ago +3


  • @nonhlanhlamarubeni
    @nonhlanhlamarubeni 7 months ago +12

    I love him!!!!😭😭 This is my favourite chicken shop date!

  • @josegarcia3547
    @josegarcia3547 7 months ago +4

    I love your vídeos even more after watching that hour and a half interview where you said you've been 10 years doing this 😭

  • @TheOnlyFab
    @TheOnlyFab 7 months ago

    The editing was crazy good

  • @Emily-tx5wr
    @Emily-tx5wr 7 months ago +2


  • @ntombi-yensimbinarrates7297

    This was so cute. Love Kaytra and Amelia together🥰🥰

  • @guiporta1
    @guiporta1 6 months ago +1

    I would love to watch longer versions of these talks. I always feel like too much of the conversation is left out in the editing process

  • @dakotac180
    @dakotac180 7 months ago +9

    Oh YES perfect guest, he's iconic honestly any feature just extra great.
    Him enjoying her beats tho 😂

  • @martian_4348
    @martian_4348 7 months ago +4

    That BOILER ROOM SET THOOO!!! So many things happening at ONCE💀

  • @khialicen9683
    @khialicen9683 7 months ago +10

    How can each date be better than the last?
    Love to see Kaytranada here, thank you Amelia 💓

  • @muhlaynee
    @muhlaynee 7 months ago +6

    I have so much of this man’s music!! I love that he’s part of the LeGBooTy community too ❤❤❤

  • @amanverma1761
    @amanverma1761 3 months ago +1

    damn! so glad they talked about the legendary boiler room video. a video for every music fan and also research psychologist !

  • @melopepo
    @melopepo 7 months ago

    Thank you for the captions 🫶🏼

  • @martinbeeko3481
    @martinbeeko3481 7 months ago +10

    1:18 I’m eating lunch and literally was not ready for that 😱💀💀💀😳🙈😂😂😂 Amelia is too much 👌🏾❤️😅

  • @Jacob-eo7wk22
    @Jacob-eo7wk22 4 months ago +1

    I would 100% watch the where are they now boiler room mini doco. Please make it.

  • @CasYT
    @CasYT 7 months ago +7

    The cut at 4:50 had me dying for no reason

  • @sechabatheletsane9784
    @sechabatheletsane9784 7 months ago +1

    Oh my days Amelia!! The way you just get all these people i adore on here before i even ask in comments is😂😂 im a subscriber for all eternity 😂

  • @Kgoitsi.M
    @Kgoitsi.M 7 months ago +2

    bubba is still my favorite album of his till today😩😩😩😩

  • @MichelleGrondine
    @MichelleGrondine 7 months ago +18

    now i desperately need an amelia and dj mandy collab

  • @karma______
    @karma______ 7 months ago +20

    Please, we need a 5 minute docu series about everyone in that boiler room set

  • @moeezarts
    @moeezarts 7 months ago +2

    ive been waiting for this 😂

  • @FuzzyBSMcgee
    @FuzzyBSMcgee 6 months ago +2

    This man is just gorgeous and talented

  • @user-ci2sy5jb2j
    @user-ci2sy5jb2j 7 months ago +13

    I love how much thought Amelia puts into all her interviews and actually research’s her guests