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  • @hannahdigitals
    @hannahdigitals Year ago +6440

    I love having one-on-one time for each of the members, really gives them the chance to show their individual personalities

    • @Carlisios
      @Carlisios 5 months ago +1

      Amelia and emma who else?

  • @HJ-ul6mr
    @HJ-ul6mr Year ago +4112

    “no ones fallen on stage”
    “there’s still time” god amelia kills me

  • @sb3796
    @sb3796 Year ago +5132

    Whenever I see Renée, I'm in awe of her beauty

  • @vuyolwethu_m26
    @vuyolwethu_m26 Year ago +2207

    Stella is just upfront and honest, Jorja is SHADY - I love it, and Renee is friendly and polite

    • @inmyjoe
      @inmyjoe 10 months ago +27

      Jorja ain’t shady you just don’t know her like flolifers do

    • @zimbabe2046
      @zimbabe2046 9 months ago +30

      @@inmyjoeflolifers? 😂 be sooo fr

    • @jefmardo9
      @jefmardo9 9 months ago +4


    • @seoulku
      @seoulku 9 months ago


    • @zimbabe2046
      @zimbabe2046 9 months ago +6

      @@seoulku if there was a problem i would’ve cussed them out. don’t speak to me again child.

  • @Nameisnic0le
    @Nameisnic0le Year ago +2319

    How can Stella say “you give gerbil energy”😂😂😂

  • @unkownmukbangers45
    @unkownmukbangers45 Year ago +3502

    flo is definitely on the come up.

    • @Celebrity.GroupChat
      @Celebrity.GroupChat Year ago +17

      Mhmmm repeat tat louder for the ppl in the back 👏🏽🗣️

    • @dadon5175
      @dadon5175 Year ago +2

      I hope so 🤞😊

    • @tea4471
      @tea4471 Year ago +2

      most definitely

    • @YesIlikebananasSo
      @YesIlikebananasSo Year ago +15

      they really do feel like the next destiny’s child to me, even Not My Job feels like 2022’s version of Bills Bills Bills (not in a copying way) 🥹

    • @Celebrity.GroupChat
      @Celebrity.GroupChat Year ago +6

      @@YesIlikebananasSo yea they be giving me SWV vibez

  • @moonlover1144
    @moonlover1144 Year ago +1795

    The "no" before Amelia even starts singing🤣

  • @ltaylor3033
    @ltaylor3033 Year ago +1009

    did you hear that??? thats the sound of thousands of hearts breaking after they found out jorja has a boyfriend

  • @thecoldscoop
    @thecoldscoop Year ago +983

    Gerbilina? God she can never take anything the wrong way. She is such a gem.

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  Year ago +3784

    Hello everyone! Was so much fun going speed dating with FLO. I had the best time with Jorja, Stella and Renée - they are so sweet. ALSO I think i am most definitely the newest member of the group! p.s I was actually stuck in that cardboard box for a while after the date ended but thankfully I'm out of it now and preparing for my next date......i wonder who it will be with! Love you all xxx

    • @cece5203
      @cece5203 Year ago +13

      we love you and flo!!

    • @leslieprvv
      @leslieprvv Year ago +4


    • @Causeitsallthisgood
      @Causeitsallthisgood Year ago +18

      F L O W!! It's FLOW now

    • @kevintudor5812
      @kevintudor5812 Year ago +4

      I'm not weird says Amelia who proceeds to get into a box!🤭

    • @Elizalustof
      @Elizalustof Year ago +1

      Please take British drag queen Bailey J mills on a chicken shop date ❤
      You both are legends xx

  • @MrsAdrielelle
    @MrsAdrielelle Year ago +327

    Renee's face card never declines 💜💜💜

  • @qnandedube_2838
    @qnandedube_2838 Year ago +419

    Renée's beauty is wow... just wow🥺

  • @ThatBranB
    @ThatBranB Year ago +909

    Stella matches Amelia's energy. Jorja's just there for the food. Renee is 100% the best dancer. Amelia's coat doesn't deserve Sam's Chicken shop! Chicken Cottage would suffice 🤗

    • @tshepiii.m
      @tshepiii.m 4 months ago +3

      Heavy on the coat.Thats a beautiful coat for it to be worn to Sam's chicken shop😭

  • @purtypurty0194
    @purtypurty0194 Year ago +532

    “This is a SCAM!” Stella is so funny 🤣🤣

  • @mariabrown6926
    @mariabrown6926 Year ago +392

    Renée is gorgeous and has such a soothing voice 😍

  • @cisalt214
    @cisalt214 Year ago +1218

    Renée is so gorgeous omg😍🔥This was so fun to watch and I can’t wait to hear more music from them!!

  • @jaidenjn
    @jaidenjn Year ago +138

    "when I join, we can add the 'w' at the end" that was such a good one ahahaha

  • @melsyoutube
    @melsyoutube Year ago +70

    “imagine if you all had the same type”

  • @KelvinR3
    @KelvinR3 Year ago +67

    Jorja just watching Amelia go back into the box sent me 💀💀💀💀

  • @kayodebradnock8954
    @kayodebradnock8954 Year ago +235

    75k in 7 hours is insane - flo definitely going places first group to bring back that 1990s /early 2000s r and b sound they can sing wow

    • @foreverlis
      @foreverlis Year ago +9

      75k in 7 hours? where’s that from?

  • @riyapatadia4166
    @riyapatadia4166 Year ago +110

    the cardboard box reference 💀💀

  • @Jjoujou
    @Jjoujou Year ago +346

    Amelia’s hair is legit the colour of a crispy chicken nugget 😂

  • @yelizbethsantos634
    @yelizbethsantos634 Year ago +87

    Amelia - “I’m not weird”
    *climbs in a box right after*

  • @lara9130
    @lara9130 Year ago +70

    Why isn't anyone talking about Amelia singing the intro from 'Not My Job' live version. I loved that. This interview was hillarious, these girls are just something else

  • @ManuelGould
    @ManuelGould Year ago +29

    they're all beautiful but something about renee just makes you stop and stare like omg she so fineeee

  • @sae8863
    @sae8863 Year ago +124

    these girls are so funny 😭

  • @Jambobist
    @Jambobist Year ago +90

    Amelia: "I'm not weird". Also Amelia: climbs into a cardboard box in a chicken shop.

  • @fatimaconde7033
    @fatimaconde7033 11 months ago +12

    Find this so amazing when it comes to to British groups they always sound totally different from their speaking voice to their singing like the Stella girl sounds so much different talking then she does singing

  • @Cooliganify
    @Cooliganify Year ago +61

    Idk if it’s just me but Renee’s “no one’s fallen over on stage” took me out 😂😂

  • @indychloee
    @indychloee 11 months ago +8

    “you got a great smile”
    jorja: 😁
    LMAO i love her

  • @laurynh.603
    @laurynh.603 Year ago +35

    i have a crush on the whole group

  • @ItsJoKeZ
    @ItsJoKeZ Year ago +28

    they all seem like quite nice, quiet people- bit shy! I'm not from here and have no idea who a lot of people are but love the concept anyway, very humanizing.

  • @rengokusfox
    @rengokusfox Year ago +30

    renée is absolutely stunning

  • @dakotac180
    @dakotac180 Year ago +34

    They are cute, I love that she interviewed them individually
    Renee knows she's gorgeous too 😍

  • @viiyana
    @viiyana Year ago +17

    they are all so pretty and talented 😭

  • @heloisay
    @heloisay Year ago +30

    i love rénner's facial expressions!! 😆

  • @loopstationyt
    @loopstationyt Year ago +218

    THANK YOU FOR THIS! These women are so talented and deserve the world! This interview was hilarious from start to finish 🤣 When Stella said you give her gerbil energy 💀

  • @wecantbfriends
    @wecantbfriends Year ago +67

    “you can bum boom me” jorja is so funny

  • @ninapinter3629
    @ninapinter3629 Year ago +80

    omg i love flo they are rnb perfection so glad you went on a date with them :)

  • @anitaaracely2046
    @anitaaracely2046 Year ago +42

    She said" you give me dolphin vibes "😂😂

  • @benchatonda8588
    @benchatonda8588 Year ago +56

    jorja is so unhinged 😭😭

  • @jubiterr
    @jubiterr Year ago +34

    stella's energy in unmatched

  • @hummus7742
    @hummus7742 Year ago +44

    Stella n amelia vibe so well together

  • @cyberbae.studios
    @cyberbae.studios Year ago +27

    they are so GORGEOUS what da heck

  • @JaysonT975
    @JaysonT975 Year ago +94

    how is Renee so perfect?

  • @rosiegiesler4705
    @rosiegiesler4705 Year ago +37

    Ok this has fully made me a fan of the entire group. Not just insane music but also a really lovely, funny and relatable group of girls 🥰

  • @RzCapone
    @RzCapone Year ago +33

    Renee is too fine

  • @ruthogolo1633
    @ruthogolo1633 Year ago +92

    I actually really enjoyed this😂😂😂they're all so adorable.

  • @sarab4241
    @sarab4241 Year ago +71

    I want to see Amelia play the recorder at a FLO gig.

  • @austinideh9048
    @austinideh9048 Year ago +24

    “When I join we can add a W to the end” 🤣

  • @shera8110
    @shera8110 Year ago +110

    Amelia is literally an icon. My spirit animal ❤️

  • @ToyaMel
    @ToyaMel Year ago +29

    Not the cardboard box LMAOO

  • @dokessezeaka5159
    @dokessezeaka5159 Year ago +9

    I need renee to give me a step by step on her skin care, make up and clothes routine

  • @melsyoutube
    @melsyoutube Year ago +18

    this was wayyyy too short 😭
    STREAM FLO!!! not my job, feature me, cardboard box, fly girl, summertime and control freak are all bops!!!

  • @peaceLove1988
    @peaceLove1988 Year ago +103

    She is always hilarious. Watched her yesterday on taskmaster New year's special 😂.

  • @MubinNoor
    @MubinNoor Year ago +147

    "Jazz hand? They're a bit dated though aren't they?" Amelia should've been like, "Yeah but so is 2000s R&B Pop no?" 😂

    • @seoulku
      @seoulku Year ago +10

      clearly it’s not since mostly everyone takes from 2000s r&b and pop

    • @MubinNoor
      @MubinNoor Year ago +49

      @@seoulku relax, it's just a cheeky joke Amelia could have made. This isn't what i personally think considering i love flo and their music lol.

    • @preposteroussvideos
      @preposteroussvideos Year ago +3

      Damn lmaooo

  • @denishemberi
    @denishemberi Year ago +13

    Never knew they were from the UK. Can’t wait for an album

  • @denarendall
    @denarendall Year ago +19

    My excitement for this one after the TikTok was throughhhhh the roof - LOVE FLO and I can’t wait to watch them get bigger and better

  • @trentfrazier8403
    @trentfrazier8403 Year ago +16

    😭😭😭this was too short!!!! i NEED a 2nd date with FLO ❤️

  • @ReeceyboiMusic
    @ReeceyboiMusic Year ago +12

    “A bit lower” was the funniest part😭😂

  • @anyae.3087
    @anyae.3087 Year ago +18

    I love all of them…they have great personalities!

  • @MsMassiel11
    @MsMassiel11 Year ago +35

    I couldn’t stop cheesing the whole interview. Loved everyone involved. Amelia the coat is 🔥🔥🔥

  • @redsnappa7837
    @redsnappa7837 Year ago +30

    After a long while, I think I'm starting to get the joke. Amelia is so quick-witted

  • @majinfool
    @majinfool Year ago +22

    New Flo fan, love this group! Wish them all the success they deserve💫

  • @lissalovesyou
    @lissalovesyou Year ago +58

    I was waiting for this and it did not disappoint 😂

  • @sammygadd65
    @sammygadd65 Year ago +26

    Jorja seems like the nicest ever

  • @simonlake_
    @simonlake_ Year ago +28

    Flow are going to be huge!

  • @dawlatalexander6580

    every single one of these ladies served loooooks! Amelia, I love your new hair color! Obviously content is great tooo.

  • @Mar-kc6cv
    @Mar-kc6cv Year ago +10

    everyone is so beautifulll

  • @Come_AsYouAre
    @Come_AsYouAre Year ago +11

    Ah just love this smmm, everyone’s such a vibe and so funny 😩💖

  • @junlizhong
    @junlizhong Year ago +10

    Omg Amelia just threw in a pun with perfect timing. Flo(w) chart❤

  • @alyssejohnson6603
    @alyssejohnson6603 Year ago +11

    I really love this for Flo and proud to be part of their journey!!! Been here from the jump and I claim this for me❤❤❤

  • @jayaguilar629
    @jayaguilar629 Year ago +7


  • @unkownmukbangers45
    @unkownmukbangers45 Year ago +3

    been waiting for you to post this !!!

  • @Nunofyabizzzzz
    @Nunofyabizzzzz Year ago +12

    Jorga and Renee are so sweet

  • @refilwemotlhabane8138

    Oh Jorja the woman that you are.

  • @NekoNyan
    @NekoNyan 2 months ago +1

    Jorja is so beautiful. They're all really beautiful, but she really catches my eye every single time

  • @mikaylaalves8660
    @mikaylaalves8660 Year ago +25

    so happy you got flo!

  • @saraa350
    @saraa350 Year ago +6

    They're all so gorgeous! ❤

  • @Drexxaal
    @Drexxaal Year ago +4

    Amelia jus cracks me up every single time!!! I love her n yes thank u my little Gerbalina, I will now go n look up this fantastic looking group of young ladies! Cheers!!!

  • @anafelicidadeslucio7260

    Thank you Amelia for existing and for the most amazing channel.
    Love FLO tooo❤❤❤❤

  • @hannahmrios
    @hannahmrios Year ago +10

    renee is such a queen like

  • @jacobmacdonagh4070
    @jacobmacdonagh4070 Year ago +11

    It amazes me how many people don’t get the concept of these when they go on, within the first minute she’s saying how she has a boyfriend and doesn’t go on dates. Play along! The whole concept is that you are meant to be on a date together

  • @steffikaysince1996

    I love this colour hair on Amelia!

  • @sparkatronnnn
    @sparkatronnnn Year ago +3

    They’re so pretty omg

  • @sparkatronnnn
    @sparkatronnnn Year ago

    I love this

  • @pineappleoghana1986

    I've been begging for this!!!

  • @BogoljubTeofilovic
    @BogoljubTeofilovic Year ago +15

    this was so enjoyable, go FLO!

  • @rabiudoeseverything2397

    This is so cool!😻

  • @aluatnyang8227
    @aluatnyang8227 Year ago

    Been waiting for this one

  • @anacarl5035
    @anacarl5035 Year ago +10

    This was a great choice for guests

  • @indychloee
    @indychloee 11 months ago +2

    i adore them so much 😭🎀

  • @hellobye7697
    @hellobye7697 Year ago +17

    these ladies are the next big thing.

  • @hazykitchen
    @hazykitchen Year ago


  • @ToyaMel
    @ToyaMel Year ago +2

    Been waiting for thisss🎉

  • @sarab4241
    @sarab4241 Year ago +1

    Loved this episode!

  • @yutashealingsmile
    @yutashealingsmile Year ago +1


    @LOL_LAMBO 3 months ago

    omg!FLO!! 갑자기 떠서 놀랐네 ㅋㅋ너무 좋지!!!ㅎㅎㅎ amooo

  • @lanresarahabdul-gaffar3753

    Looooool I absolutely love this they’re all so cute

  • @cece5203
    @cece5203 Year ago +9