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America's first Muslim-majority city

  • Published on Aug 31, 2016
  • Muslim and Polish communities in Hamtramck, Michigan, are learning to live side by side.
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  • H A
    H A 2 years ago +292

    I worked in Hamtramck for exactly five years and lived right on the border for over 30 years. I'm an Arab Muslim. I don't recall any bad experiences with Polish Americans. They were very kind, sweet and very welcoming. I won't let a very small percentage ruin my experiences with them. I've had bad experiences with my own people. It wouldn't be fair to treat them any different because they are not one of us. I'm sure most of them feel the same way. The loudest voices shouldn't be heard over the majority.

    • Bryan Bradley
      Bryan Bradley 8 months ago

      @H A sure

    • H A
      H A 8 months ago

      @Bryan Bradley that's the 1st pillar of Islam.
      2. Establishing Prayer
      3. Giving wealth to the poor.
      4. Fasting Ramadan
      5. Pilgrimage
      Is this what you meant?

    • Bryan Bradley
      Bryan Bradley 8 months ago

      @H A 🤦🏼‍♂️ After that

    • H A
      H A 8 months ago

      @Bryan Bradley I bare witness that there is no God but Allah and I bare witness that Muhammad is his slave and Messenger.

    • Bryan Bradley
      Bryan Bradley 8 months ago

      What's the first thing you said as a Muslim?

  • djcchicago
    djcchicago 11 months ago +24

    My father grew up in Hamtramck when it was mostly Polish(20's, 30's). I lived in the city for a short time as well, though not in that house, in the 90's. I think it is misleading to say the Polish population left because of newer immigrants from other places. They got old. Their children didn't choose to live in the city, and there weren't the same numbers of immigrants coming from Poland, especially after Poland became part of the EU.

  • Isaac Rizard
    Isaac Rizard 3 years ago +359

    Being Polish is about nationality but being Muslim cut across nationalities and racial groups.

    • Carym Nuh Gibril Samad Alnas Uddin
      Carym Nuh Gibril Samad Alnas Uddin Month ago

      It's an ethnicity too

    • Ss
      Ss Year ago

      I am from bangali race and muslim .
      Religion and race are two different things. Race u got by birth and religion u can choose or follow ur ancestor one!

      ❤ISLAM TEACH HUMANITY ❤ Year ago

      @D Casa ur totally wrong 😡😡.
      Alhamdulilha iam converted to islam recently ☝️😘🕌

    • Zeon_TRL
      Zeon_TRL 2 years ago

      Realmatic Schisms funny that you say these things while Christians and Catholics praise a human being as god, a trinity, idolizes and pray towards statuses and crosses lmao

  • Md Kamarussalihin Hj Shahrol Azman

    Seeing from the comments, I am proud that people know the differences between race, ethnicity and religion. I just dont get it why media is ignorant about it.

  • Gwant
    Gwant 3 years ago +2822

    Polish isn't a Religion, and Muslim isnt a Race, what kind of equivalency is this?

    • Carym Nuh Gibril Samad Alnas Uddin
    • Automobili
      Automobili 10 months ago

      @Nasir hey George I agree with you. My view on muslims has changed alot in 2 yr. They are infact innocent

    • Reyyna
      Reyyna 10 months ago

      Don't study hard bout Qu'ran, your heart will full of t0x1c, hatreful and jealousy

    • Thomas ABABA
      Thomas ABABA 11 months ago

      @This is a christian server 200y ahead stop taking drug

  • : Antypas
    : Antypas 2 years ago +12

    I am a so-called Christian Arab/Lebanese, in America they call me Arab American and other names, whatever is convenient for the situation, the heat of the moment, etc... but what I miss most from my childhood is the Mosque's call for prayer left of our house, and the church bells from the right; each one was one block away ... and these "noises" regulated and punctuated my days and childhood. Now, on my laptop's bookmarks bar, I just have a bookmark to the Quran...whenever I am tired or de-spirited I click the link and listen, that's where I go for refuge. The other link on my bookmarks bar is to the Feynman Lectures on Physics. Each serves its purpose.

  • NovorSec
    NovorSec 2 years ago +489

    At the start of the century Italy population where composed by 90% Italians, now about 80% of the population is Catholic!

    • Fatima Imtiaz
      Fatima Imtiaz 21 day ago


    • Reyyna
      Reyyna 10 months ago

      @Meggof Extension well after what happened in 4fghani, our eyes is not blind anymore 😃😆😆

    • Burak Yildiz
      Burak Yildiz 11 months ago


    • str
      str 11 months ago

      @adwaith slot media 😂

    • str
      str 11 months ago

      @proud to be a muslim ur caste name bro....

  • neng_atcha
    neng_atcha 3 years ago +1710

    1970: 90% polish
    Now: 60% Muslim
    Do you have any idea that polish is an ethnic regardless of their religion,
    and Islam is a religion regardless of the ethnic.
    that's not apple to apple comparison.

    • Carym Nuh Gibril Samad Alnas Uddin
    • rakesh j
      rakesh j 10 months ago

      One family one child system in us also

    • One State
      One State Year ago

      Just old immigrants afraid of new immigrants.

    • Carole de Rent
      Carole de Rent Year ago

      Meetmeagain Meetmeagain Christian Mormons, Evangelicals, and Catholics are also politico-religion considering how Mormons want to implement polygamy and white-only communities whilst the Catholics want the Vatican to take over. Don’t even get started on the Evangelicals

  • Imran Chowdhury
    Imran Chowdhury 11 months ago +7

    I'm gonna visit this place one day in sha Allah 🇧🇩

  • CSeyoum
    CSeyoum 3 years ago +52

    i think its fair if you have lived somewhere your whole life to have a negative perspective if your city's ethnic and cultural balance is drastically changing, i don't think that is xenophobic or racist. Especially between cultures that are vastly different.

    • Jerry Latham
      Jerry Latham 3 years ago

      @choudhry ali um no if you xenophobic you scared of xenomorphs

      GERALT OF RIVIA 3 years ago +1

      Didnt you hear the guy? Polish people decided to leave when they saw Bengali and Araab people coming.

    • CSeyoum
      CSeyoum 3 years ago

      @choudhry ali let me put it this way for you, the united states has quotas for different nations for immigration. That policy discriminates but is not in itself prejudice. If say Washington DC was to become 50% Muslim because of uncontrolled, and unprecedented levels of immigration that would not be in the best interests of many people, im sure most would not want that. Thats not xenophobic, one can want a particular demographic composition and not harbor any negative feelings "against anyone because of their culture/religion/color/creed/national origin". I think your argument is slightly lazy and makes the assumption that wanting to maintain a particular demographic balance is xenophobic.

    • CSeyoum
      CSeyoum 3 years ago +2

      @choudhry ali so you're saying i have to be prejudice to against people from other cultures, countries to not want them becoming an overwhelming majority in a town? Perhaps that is sometimes the case but I personally harbor no prejudice towards Muslims, in fact in grew up with some of them. Grew with some of them as close friends, still, i would not want the city I grew up in to be majority Muslim. Wanting maintenance of the cultural milieu I grew up in does not have to be xenophobic in my opinion.

    • Sid Snot
      Sid Snot 3 years ago

      It's happening in London as well.

  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah Khan 3 years ago +1255

    You can be polish and Muslim the data makes no sense

    • Carym Nuh Gibril Samad Alnas Uddin
      Carym Nuh Gibril Samad Alnas Uddin Month ago

      @Yusuf Fabrizio Bosco really??

    • Jonathan Reeves
      Jonathan Reeves 4 months ago

      Polish is a racial/regional ethnicitiy not by choice
      Muslim is a religious choice or preference you can literally be any race and be muslim

    • One State
      One State Year ago +1

      Just old immigrants afraid of new immigrants.

    • Lexus LC500
      Lexus LC500 Year ago

      Ikr, lol 😂

    • Mikey Lejan
      Mikey Lejan Year ago

      @Justyna Stefania I. Do you want Poland to be an Islamic state soon?

  • abbabubba
    abbabubba Year ago +20

    Take love from your ancestors🇧🇩
    I hope you will be a good citizen and serve the country you live

    • abbabubba
      abbabubba 8 months ago

      @cat wdym?

    • abbabubba
      abbabubba 8 months ago +1

      @DARK Why bring religion here?😕

    • DARK
      DARK 9 months ago

      Your ancestors were Hindus

  • Bow
    Bow 3 years ago +1

    I’m a Muslim and I’ve tried polish food before “no pork” and it absolutely rocks🤘🏻

  • Marl Kalone
    Marl Kalone 2 years ago +97

    Leave it to America to think that race, religion, and ethnicity are interchangeable terms.

    • Hey You
      Hey You 2 years ago

      ok 😂😂😂

    • Dudeman 612
      Dudeman 612 2 years ago +2

      Sometimes they are conflated and inseparable. In this case, you have a Muslim minority population in a country and state that is predominantly white and Christian. These Muslims may be from very different ethnic and national backgrounds, maybe even different sects of Islam, but the unifying thing amongst them is a shared religion, similar culture and a Muslim identity. This Muslim identity, when faced with an uneasy and often times xenophobic majority, takes ethnicity, religion, culture, race (which biologists and social scientists say does not exist) and rolls it all into one.
      At the micro level, amongst members of the community, you'll likely see the nuances of the different religious sects of Islam, the different nationalities, and the different ethnicities; but at a macro level they often unite in solidarity.
      This is a quick and crude comment on the overlapping dimensions of culture, nationality, ethnicity, identity, etc. But these things are very complex and intertwining.

  • Oe Mund
    Oe Mund 3 years ago +1104

    Muslim is a religion, Polish a nationality!🙄

    • Carym Nuh Gibril Samad Alnas Uddin
      Carym Nuh Gibril Samad Alnas Uddin Month ago

      Polish is an ethnicity too

    • Usman Ibrahim
      Usman Ibrahim 11 months ago

      Nope, Muslim is not a religion but human being practicing Islam. So Islam is the religion

    • zack zul
      zack zul 2 years ago

      jay d mate, so in your opinion where does democracy, communism, liberalism, fascism came from?
      Islam never sells that.

    • zack zul
      zack zul 2 years ago

      jay d yup. I’m muslim and i dont denied it. Its true. Secular countries had more freedom because of its belief which is.....secular.
      Muslim countries nowadays are not represent the true Islamic State. Majority or if not all of muslim countries inherited the state system from colonial era (western/european) which is restricted the use of media and free speech.
      Fyi, Medina is an example of Islamic State by the time of Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Those time non muslim exercise their rights to speak and debated the muslim. This shows, Islam is a tolerate belief and it still for 1400 years already.

  • Abu Aniha S3p AzG
    Abu Aniha S3p AzG 3 years ago +1

    Bangladeshi 40% 20% middle Eastern 40% others , it's just because of the low cost rent immigrant families always found Hamtramck a good starting place, many others moved to Florida and New York or mainly Warren and further out,
    it's often the same story.

  • Susanne Collins
    Susanne Collins Year ago +3

    I get really good vibes in Hamtramck and I’m polish American from the Dearborn/Detroit border. And I’ll tell ya middle eastern food is much tastier if I’m honest. Idk it seems like people are at least trying there.

  • Benji Bonkers
    Benji Bonkers 2 years ago +11

    0:15 it’s not “plain old xenophobia”. It’s the generalization of the Muslim people because of those who have decided to use religion as a right to spread fear and terror

  • albert hafiyz
    albert hafiyz 3 years ago +6

    No need to be racist, what ever they religion or ethnic.
    I believe we need respect them etc

  • Sun Times
    Sun Times 10 months ago +1

    Always had mad love for Polish people in Chicago I've met a Native Spanish speaking Polaco once.

  • Emu Riddle
    Emu Riddle 2 years ago +11

    I'm glad they were able to find their own place of comfort.
    I don't think I understand the culture behind Islam. But I hope they're proud to be a part of our country too.
    Just like everyone else.

    • Kid Kiza
      Kid Kiza 2 years ago +1

      @You know Nothing religion is part of culture

    • You know Nothing
      You know Nothing 2 years ago +3

      Islam is a Religion not a culture. You can be a Muslim and have a southern culture, you can have any Asian culture and also be Muslim.

  • Tasneem Ahmed Khan
    Tasneem Ahmed Khan 11 months ago +1

    MasahAllah TabarakAllah.God bless both the Nation

  • Justyna Stefania I.
    Justyna Stefania I. 3 years ago +448

    I am Polish revert to Islam since 2003 , Alhamdulillah. Living in UK the worst experience of racism I had from Polish community. My own family in Poland cut all the ties and it's really sad for me to see my own people to be this way.
    May Allah guide them.
    Two years ago I've moved away from Europe and settled in North African country where I feel truly free to practice Islam and wear full vail.

    • Prashanth Paika
      Prashanth Paika 9 months ago

      Iam ex muslim....

    • Jacky Kwan
      Jacky Kwan 2 years ago

      Their book claim Islam is religion of Abraham and moses and you believed. When the Jewish Torah is being written, the qur an is not even yet in existence and you claim that abraham is muslim? He doesnt even know what is Islam because it doesnt exist in his days.

    • jesusdied2setu3 amen
      jesusdied2setu3 amen 2 years ago

      I recommend Christian Prince on RUclips he is Arabic teacher of Koran and speak English fluently and God bless 🙏 you

    • Truth Seeker
      Truth Seeker 2 years ago

      @Justyna Stefania I. I can't believe that you having come from a Christian background has fallen into this trap of Saitan. You say your mother is doing shirq by worshipping Mary. Mary is an intercessor. Bible talks about many intercessors. They having their knowledge and experience can do it much better than you. In Bible it says Elijah prayed and fire from heaven came down and consumed everything. Can you pray and bring down the fire. Let them do the job that they can do efficiently. At the same time you have to grow in prayer. If you disagree with this one issue there are many christian sects that do not recognize Mary. What have you found in Islam that is in tune with Jesus Christ's teachings? Jesus says you can not divorce your wife. You have to grow spiritually with one woman. Islam says make harems and have multiple women. Is it in tune with nature? In nature the number of men and women are nearly equal. So how a rich man marrying four women can create a healthy society? First of all his internal spiritual growth is destroyed. Secondly it leaves majority of the youths without women to marry. This automatically fuels wars. Go and attack other innocent cultures and steal their women and their wealth. Islam is a big deception. The Antichrist is very deceptive. He will collect a bigger crowd than the Christ. He will rule this world. So you can be happy then and say See the power of my god. The whole world is under his rule now.

    • Alok T
      Alok T 2 years ago

      @Hasan Ali Qadri There is something called common sense. It does not allow me to believe claims of your Allah. I wonder how children are born today bereft of common sense. May be it is something one has to develop as he ages .

  • Sheikh Nadeem Alam
    Sheikh Nadeem Alam 3 years ago +766

    religion compared to a race.
    Logic : Am I a joke to you.

    • san anbinh
      san anbinh Year ago

      @Albina Jeta Chechens Muslims, Bosniaks Muslims are white European race. So what ??

    • san anbinh
      san anbinh Year ago

      @Albina Jeta just only 20% Muslims are Arabs.

    • Joey A
      Joey A Year ago

      Ehen you're american, logic need not exist. Trump will lead you to victory as your democratic president.

    • SecuGen
      SecuGen Year ago

      @Albina Jeta why so ingnorant and arrogant

  • StellarMoon996
    StellarMoon996 2 years ago +1

    Well I mean what do you expect, you have two distinctly different groups interacting with one another who has their own culture to upheld and people expect that they’ll all co-exist in a friendly manner? That’s not how human culture works. Things are peaceful when there is a majority and minority (relatively), once that ratio changes, conflict begins and whoever’s the majority wins. Don’t call it pure xenophobia when one culture defends their instinct to exist. The point is that this will always be the subject of conflict in migrating populations, the question however is to either assimilate or integrate until only a single majority culture is maintained.

  • ThiS wOrld Is A LiE
    ThiS wOrld Is A LiE 2 years ago +91

    announcing their prayer 5 times a day, It means things are changing in the town

    • Clem Alford
      Clem Alford 9 months ago

      @KA Sharia is in different areas up and down the UK. And as the demography changes there will be more as the aim is a nationwide Ummah as part of a global Ummah as envisaged and funded by the Salafist House of Saud.

    • Usman Ibrahim
      Usman Ibrahim 9 months ago

      @joh macy May God bless you and cover your family with success. But be aware that Islam is not ours but God's way of life, and I want you not to respect any faith here in this world if you want cos it cause nothing to us, but you really sure you gonna die one day and meet your creator then you will answer the rest of the questions. Peace and blessing of God be with you

    • Usman Ibrahim
      Usman Ibrahim 11 months ago

      Yea changing for the goodness of the town and the country yea it's changing

  • ইকরা
    ইকরা Year ago +2

    We are proud of our national flag which see vedio's first site.Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Shantanu Khandkar
    Shantanu Khandkar 2 years ago

    Its ironic that Hamtramck's city council passed a resolution that condemned a new Indian law making it easier for religious minority refugees from neighbouring non-secular countries to become citizens of India.

    RASHEEDAH FAGBAYI 2 years ago +5

    Salam Alaykum, Masha Allah Barika Allah Fikeel. May Allah make it easy for Muslims and non- Muslims in communities.

  • Masoom Bill Roy
    Masoom Bill Roy 3 years ago +5

    Mash Allah.
    Allah bless to every Muslims around the world. Ameen

  • The Anti-Struggle
    The Anti-Struggle 2 years ago +1

    Hamtramck is barely a neighbourhood. This is just geographic, not political or racist.
    You can't just call it a city to make it seem like you have a majority win.

  • Kilvish
    Kilvish 2 years ago +24

    To everyone deprived of history lessons
    Poland has one of least number of muslims in the world . It is very unlikely that you will find a polish muslim
    Hence the comparison makes perfect sense

    • Muslim Counteraction
      Muslim Counteraction 2 years ago

      That doesn’t negate the fact that it’s a logically absurd comparison which makes no logical sense.

  • llluminatixx7
    llluminatixx7 2 years ago +21

    I wish there was more Muslims in my town. They're amazing people, and I love and respect them greatly.

    • R S
      R S 8 months ago

      @lord star 😂😂

    • Usman Ibrahim
      Usman Ibrahim 9 months ago

      @lord star very soon us will have more muslims than anywhere in the world.

    • Usman Ibrahim
      Usman Ibrahim 11 months ago +2

      Respect to you too dear

  • Inescape
    Inescape 2 years ago +210

    "Polish" is an ethnic group
    "Islam" is a religion.
    Don't compare an ethnic group to a religion.

    • the anonymous dude
      the anonymous dude Year ago +1

      @Yegor yes. NOTHING

    • Yegor
      Yegor Year ago

      @the anonymous dude oh really? Nothing huh?

    • the anonymous dude
      the anonymous dude Year ago

      @Juan Antonio Alonso lol you know nothing

    • the anonymous dude
      the anonymous dude Year ago +1

      @Yegor muslim means middle eastern culture lol. I am a muslim and I dont know anything related with middle eastern culture. be loical kid

    • تير يزا
      تير يزا Year ago +2

      @Yegor Christianity originated in the Middle East as well

  • ratzkatz
    ratzkatz 2 years ago +26

    I have no dog in this fight but if a town became majority Muslim and Arab or Bangladeshi that means Arab and Bangladeshi Muslims preferred to live among their own religious and ethnic community. So why is precisely the same motivation on the part of Polish Christians an unacceptable example of xenophobia and fear? And it doesn't matter if you think it is right or wrong, it just requires a consistent standard.

    • Essa Dawood
      Essa Dawood 10 months ago

      @newton ......tcch touchy ,aren't we ........u still don't make sense ....get to the point !
      What's your gripe with muslims and Islam?........

    • newton
      newton 10 months ago

      @Essa Dawood with this rubbish you typed here you know nothing of what is happening around the world, its people like you that hear and know about wars, genocide and persecution 10 years after it happened...not your fault tho.

    PAMAN GOBERT 10 months ago +1

    Subhanallah love from UK

    GERALT OF RIVIA 3 years ago +17

    The girl wearing head scarf looks so beautiful. And my Bangladeshi brother I wish you guys stay healthy and your community thrives.

    • Oops
      Oops 11 months ago +1

      @Evan Medi Shame on you! She may be somebody's wife, daughter, sister. Keep your eyes down when you see a women. See your guts! You are commenting about beauty!!

    • Evan Medi
      Evan Medi 11 months ago

      @S chillax dude, sure we are muslims but were human too, we have our on disapositions we appreciate beauty wether its a blooming flower in the garden or a beautiful woman. there is a difference between expressing your admiration to something and acting upon it

    • S
      S Year ago +2

      The whole idea of wearing the scarf is to NOT look attractive. If you find her beautiful you are a sinner in Allahs eyes! Lower your eyes when you see a girl, bro! Aren’t you a Muslim? Shame on uiu for castling her beautiful! Control your temptations!

  • Pc Doesn't Bite - الحاسوب لا يعض

    With such an opportunity comes great responsibility
    Each one of you guys should work on being the best Muslim ever, no pressure
    Peace and blessing of Allah be upon you

  • Treva Peres
    Treva Peres 10 months ago

    I love this place.

  • Tash Hashimi
    Tash Hashimi 3 years ago +308

    Wait a min!? The first Muslim majority city is HAMtramck 😳😂😂 the irony oh the irony

    • Da Truth
      Da Truth 11 months ago

      @Zeon_TRL do you not have Google?
      Islam means peace.
      Muslim means the person who submits to God (Allah)

    • Da Truth
      Da Truth 11 months ago

      @Isochest I'm police officer Klingon.
      Kling on to me and be safe🤣

    • Da Truth
      Da Truth 11 months ago

      @Muhammad Rado you just hit the nail on the head👌

    • Da Truth
      Da Truth 11 months ago

      I concur and I'm Muslim 🤣

    • Mister Lee
      Mister Lee Year ago


  • talsapps
    talsapps 3 years ago +27

    The people in the comments section don't understand that people have a problem with the RELIGION not the RACE.
    Saying that someone is racist when he's anti Islam doesn't help anyone because you're strawmanning them.

    • Sir Scribble
      Sir Scribble 2 years ago

      Why the hell are you forgetting that Chritianity also promotes slavery?! Wasn't it their God given right to have slaves?

    • Sir Scribble
      Sir Scribble 2 years ago

      @talsapps So does Christianity my guy

  • Jonathan Reeves
    Jonathan Reeves 4 months ago

    Id love to live there

  • Shreyan Datta Gupta
    Shreyan Datta Gupta 2 years ago +1

    There are also Jewish majority townships in Brooklyn,Manhattan and Queens and they are good

  • Halis Çadırcı
    Halis Çadırcı 2 years ago +1

    This is a “ religion vs ethnicity “ topic. It is as you are comparing apples and oranges. You miss the point where there are Muslim Polish people too. I believe you guys should edit this topic ...

  • Shahina G
    Shahina G 2 years ago +74

    They are equating a religion with an ethnicity. Come on now. 😒🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Harris N369
      Harris N369 2 years ago

      Starboy so black people can never be proper Christians, Muslim or Jew according to that mindset you just statedz

    • Hailstorm hehehehe
      Hailstorm hehehehe 2 years ago +1

      Stella William ,old videos of Christian Prince.... what are you even talking about? please go into details about the reality of Islam🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Stella William ,old videos of Christian Prince
      Stella William ,old videos of Christian Prince 2 years ago

      Start watching Christian prince videos and get reality of islam

    MZ DREAD 3 years ago +3

    THANKYOU KAREN. I remember when it was the white Detroit who shunned the polish community and the reasons they rallied around Hamtramck in Michigan as immigrants. All communities tend to hover together with like kind of people when oppressed in sum form and manner and until all Americans of all race, religion, culture, age, disabilities, sexual orientation accept others with out judgement of their differences there will continue to be a struggle and avoidance. Lets work to overcome this issue with LOVE.

    • A M
      A M 11 months ago

      @MZ DREAD absolutely, spot on!!!

    • MZ DREAD
      MZ DREAD 11 months ago +2

      @A M The truth is the truth.......I have 6 generations that have lived in Detroit's and Hamtramck parts of Michigan including myself. This area is no different than New York with its melting pot of folks who have been here since the Ford Company opened its first Manufacturing Company in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. It was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. If it were not for all the immigrants in Detroit and surrounding areas of Michigan and those masses across the USA that were swayed to move to Michigan, we would not be the Industrial Power Player in the world today that we are. Thanks to all the generations of Immigrants that came here to seek their freedoms from the land of milk and honey....I love you all. "What's a pinned tweet?" LOL!

    • A M
      A M 11 months ago +2

      This is the best comment of the whole lot!! It should be a pinned tweet!!!!

  • Zia Lelouche
    Zia Lelouche 3 years ago +1

    if ur are to talk about ethnicity talk about arabs and african american and polish or whatever but as much as i like ur videos usually this comparison just feel wrong not what most would call good journalism sounds more like a cliche and to me seems more like a sugar coated fox documentary than a usual newsy sort of thing...(exactly the sort of comparison it felt like)

  • Fi Sebilillah
    Fi Sebilillah 3 years ago +23

    Muezzin in the beggining was definetely Bosnian, the way he rolled the 'r' in Allahu Akbar gave it right away.

    • giant bros
      giant bros Year ago

      They are bengali ( Indo Aryan) people . Look at 1:03 restaurant name and when he said Bangladeshi

    • dato asyraf
      dato asyraf Year ago

      no its Benggali

    • AK Brahma
      AK Brahma 2 years ago

      Not necessarily, Bengalis roll their 'r' s too. I'm a Bengali we don't have the smooth singled out Spanish 'r' or the glottal German 'r'

  • Achieve with Ashley
    Achieve with Ashley 2 years ago +807

    I’m Muslim AND polish 😎

  • Ana Isha
    Ana Isha 3 years ago +9

    MashaAllah tabarakallah 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • Nasir Karandady
    Nasir Karandady 3 years ago +6

    Whoever and Wherever you may be, be a human being and side by side practice a religion of your choice.

    • Nasir Karandady
      Nasir Karandady 3 years ago +1

      @Sunil Bhardwaj May Almighty guide you the right path brother and I offer prayer for you and people those who are having misconceptions. May Almighty bless you and protect you brother and everyone of us.

  • Ahmad Muhammad
    Ahmad Muhammad Year ago +2

    Why can't there be a muslim population in southern va that would be dope

  • Mary Empire
    Mary Empire 3 years ago +4

    Omg this is awesome 😍 I love diversity its the best thing ever peace and tolerance to all people of different races, faiths and genders.

    • Asbjørn
      Asbjørn 3 years ago

      Mary Empire I said that I’m not blaming a group of people, I’m blaming diversity. You’re not listening to what I have to say and I find that disrespectful. I never said anything against Muslims at all. I simply disagreed with your original point that diversity is a exclusively good thing. You were the one to mention Muslims and racism, not me

    • Mary Empire
      Mary Empire 3 years ago +1

      @Asbjørn crimes can be everywhere even white or rich people can be on crimes.
      You just need to focus on the good side.

    • Asbjørn
      Asbjørn 3 years ago +1

      Mary Empire also not sure what you mean by “lmao crimes”. The town in the video is one of the most crime-ridden areas in the entire state of Michigan, it’s bad even by Detroit standards. That’s not a coincidence when it’s the same thing across the world. Calling me a racist isn’t an argument it’s a defence mechanism because you can’t stand to hear a different opinion

    • Asbjørn
      Asbjørn 3 years ago

      Mary Empire I want peace between all people, however I can say from not just my own experience but from many others that despite diversity seeming like a good thing, you can’t ignore that diverse areas are often much poorer and more violent than non diverse areas. If I were racist, I would be blaming a race, I’m not, I am saying that you can’t ignore statistics

  • thomaschad18
    thomaschad18 2 years ago +7

    Is this really a city? Just looks like a region of Detroit

  • Naved Rasul
    Naved Rasul 2 years ago

    ANY issue can be resolved through TOLERANCE and COMMUNICATION.

    H.M JAMIR UDDIN AHMED 6 months ago

    Alhamdulillah 🥰

  • Josh Sussman
    Josh Sussman 2 years ago +16

    I would be very happy if Muslims moved to my area. In my experience they are law-abiding, family-oriented, respectful and care for their properties. Perfect neighbors.

    • Aimar Ramadhan
      Aimar Ramadhan 2 years ago +1

      @H Sa Good then. You just admit that Islam is a good religion. Also, I'm a Muslim with little knowledge of Islam but still have faith on it. Which means you're attacking Muslims with little knowledge for you to easily mock. May your Islamophobic faith crumbles and may God have mercy upon your soul...
      Instead of attacking Muslims with little knowledge like other religions such as Christianity, perhaps ask your Islamophobia to Muslim experts such as Muhammad Hijab or Muslim Skeptic.

    • H Sa
      H Sa 2 years ago

      aimar ramadhan
      I’m not going to continue arguing with you....
      Not because islam is a good religion, just because you are not islam/ Muslim, you make your own religion.....
      Good for you 😁✌️👍

    • Aimar Ramadhan
      Aimar Ramadhan 2 years ago

      @Zahir Shaikh then can you explain about "Whoever changes his Islamic religion, execute/kill him" Bukhari 6922? If you're an Islam expert then enlightened me

    • Zahir Shaikh
      Zahir Shaikh 2 years ago

      @Aimar Ramadhan what's the meaning of u saying ( tauba astagfar : Almighty Allah forgive me for saying this ) that Qur'an has meanings that are bad. WTH Are u reaaly a Muslim ? I saying Qur'an has some stuff that are bad. sorry sister U can't make your own rules in Islam it's always the rules of Allah that's written in holy Qur'an that must be followed And Almighty Allah knew the future and past he didn't make those rules suited for that period of time he made those rules for eternity. Damn u call yourself a Muslim and question the rules and following of Allah written in holy Qur'an 😠

    • Aimar Ramadhan
      Aimar Ramadhan 2 years ago

      @H Sa I agree with you. That's because they do not modernize its religion. They will always believe in the Quran traditional way without knowing its full meaning, whether it says something good or bad. Just as Christianity in most western countries who only recogonize themselves as "Christians" and barely go to Church, goes to Church only when they are in need of God or in trouble such as during after 9/11 or a terrorist attack. If only many Muslims put aside religion but still practice the basics of Islam and focus more on careers like the Christians, they can be as civilized as the Christians. Besides, God is merciful and that he seeks tolerance among humanity with different race, religion, and background.

  • emmerson mclellan-campbell

    In Canada, Toronto is a very diverse city with one out of every five people are born outside the country

    • michelee mcdaniel
      michelee mcdaniel 11 months ago

      @Loria Toronto is my home-town and I will say this for it, there is still a marvelous civility about the place even with its size and diversity of races. There is not the push-and-shove you would most likely see in other cities of comparable size.
      I think that is the legacy of the British people who founded Toronto.

  • peace
    peace Year ago +2

    Bangladeshi flag is making me proud

  • Amani Abdelsalam
    Amani Abdelsalam 2 years ago +7

    He said Polish food isn’t flavorful lmao

  • geekphreak
    geekphreak 6 years ago +10

    I think this guy is projecting what he feels as tense. Not everyone can handle change easily. Doesn't what what, or who is changing it. People like to keep things how they were. During that interview, that guy didn't look too open or inviting. If you want people to be more receptive to you, you yourself have to be open to approach them with a friendly smile. 60% of the population is Muslim there, so you should feel very comfortable in a city where the majority of the people are similar to you. This piece could have gone another route, no one is getting attacked, or beat-up. It could have focused on the history of how the city became what it is today. But with that depressing music Felt like you were trying to create a story that wasn't there

    • Prince hossain
      Prince hossain 3 years ago

      Well they do get attacked by others Americans in Michigan.so before u talk get ur facts straight

    • Sweet Music
      Sweet Music 3 years ago

      when polish people come here they don't blow people up.. that mayor depends on their votes..

  • Asams 786
    Asams 786 Year ago

    Alhamdullilah love from Bangladesh

  • The Real Cool Pup
    The Real Cool Pup 3 years ago +4

    I am Polish (living in Australia going to live in my homeland after uni) and i am so dissapointed in my fellow poles. Not onpy the mayor who does not have an American flag in her office but for also the poles living there who didnt try to stop what happened.

    • Sir Scribble
      Sir Scribble 2 years ago

      Yeah, what's so wrong with that?

    • Santanah
      Santanah 3 years ago

      What happend that is so wrong??

  • Watch Shaan
    Watch Shaan 2 years ago

    Oh my God!Was not that Bangladeshi flag❤

  • shaka Mohamed
    shaka Mohamed 2 years ago

    Dialogue is the key to understanding come visit Toronto and see how all i mean all communities of this planet live here peacefully except for a few who feel privileged and occassionally spill to demonstrate on our streets but that too dies down just as quick as it starts

  • Abubaqar Naushad
    Abubaqar Naushad 3 years ago +3

    God bless America ✋

  • Arik
    Arik 2 years ago +2

    i was shocked to see Bangladeshi flag at first!

  • Nichola Harris
    Nichola Harris 2 years ago +254

    If muslims are a race then riddle me this...
    ...what race is an ex muslim?

    • Renks
      Renks 10 months ago

      @Zeon_TRL yup

    • Renks
      Renks 10 months ago

      @Jetterbenne We dont know who Jesusu wae defenitely and seeing strictly from a logical point of view.All of the Abrahamic religions have Jesus and say Jesus was a muslim,christian or jew.

    • Adillah O
      Adillah O 10 months ago

      EX Muslim now ex race

    • Salim
      Salim 10 months ago

      Truth be told race is a social construct, so Muslim can be a race. Muslim race.

    • Da Truth
      Da Truth 11 months ago

      @Carm do your research first before spitting ridiculous words.
      Prophet Adam was Muslim "root traced"

  • Irfan Kabir
    Irfan Kabir 2 years ago +56

    Do Americans know the difference between religion and culture?

    • ServantOf Allah
      ServantOf Allah 2 years ago

      @George Want a debate? Give me your one topic, and lets discuss it. And then i'll also introduce my topic.

    • Enes Dolangez
      Enes Dolangez 2 years ago

      @George Islam is the fastest growing Religion in world how can you say its collapsing?

  • DebunkingBS
    DebunkingBS 3 years ago +169

    Saw so many flags but not one American flag! Why is there a Polish flag in the office of the mayor? This is America.
    In multiethnic communities like this it’s important to value the civic national identity and build a sense of positive patriotism. Not ethno-nationalism and identity politics.
    Ask the Iraqis, the Lebanese and the people of the balkans how dangerous ethnic and identity politics can be when the national identity that united people decays.

    • Carym Nuh Gibril Samad Alnas Uddin
      Carym Nuh Gibril Samad Alnas Uddin Month ago

      @Stephen Murphy exactly

    • Night Prowler
      Night Prowler 2 years ago

      @green lobster it doesn't mean u have the right to replace people.

    • Христо Мартунков, граф Лозенски
      Христо Мартунков, граф Лозенски 2 years ago

      What happened in Yugoslavia happened, because it was a multiethnic state that fell apart. And the conflict was about Bosnia, because Croats, Serbs and Muslim Bosnians lived there and Serbia wanted parts of it.
      It didn't happen in Greece, it didn't happen in Romania, it didn't happen in Bulgaria, that is, countries with a local ethnic majority and a few minorities (e.g. Turks or Gypsies).
      I don't know what you mean with "positiv patriotism", one can love his country and be proud of its traditions without necessarily hating the other.
      On US flags, I think that you can fly the flag of your country, but be sure to put the flag of the host country next to it, to show you know "who's the boss" where you are.

    • RandomGuy
      RandomGuy 2 years ago

      @The Machinist So you thnk they don't have a job by seeing that they pray 5 times a day? Interesting. You're drawing the wrong conclusions.

    • James O'Brien
      James O'Brien 2 years ago

      Mickyle Dud bro thats old me 😂 Christopher Columbus was responsible to mass murder in the americas and so were the brits and Americans more so as there are none left today in America where as there is in South America but they are still supressed

  • Jared Coleman
    Jared Coleman 2 years ago +1

    Shouldn't care if others accept you or not. Just be you and be proud.

  • MrRhomas913
    MrRhomas913 3 years ago +4

    Well. The call to prayer is not a problem as long as they do not have the early ones at the first light of the sun and when the sun is completely above the horizon since that could be quite early in the morning depending on the time of the year.

  • Vladmir Putin
    Vladmir Putin 3 years ago +2


  • MrPathorock
    MrPathorock 3 years ago +309

    What is the real purpose of this video? Pin one immigrant group to another? Don't be fooled, people.

  • Abc Def
    Abc Def 11 months ago +1

    "What are they so afraid of? she asked, let me give some education.
    What is Bangladesh now, was a 100% Hindu land about 1400 years ago.
    Now it is 90% Muslims, Hindus driven out from the motherland, left 10% and abused & persecuted all the time
    Very recently, the Hindu minority were attacked, raped, murdered by mobs in their own ancestral homeland by muslims influenced by a religion foreign to that land, after a muslim man planted a quran on the lap of a Hindu deity in a temple

  • ትኒጧ ትንኝ
    ትኒጧ ትንኝ 3 years ago +6

    3:54 - When she comments, “I never had Polish food.” I couldn’t figure out certainly what he said because he was whispering. It sounds like, “It’s not very favorable to be honest.” Though his candidness is Ok but I found it very ironic and distasteful of him saying that when he’s whining when he claims others are xenophobic.

    • k12p
      k12p 2 years ago

      He said: "flavorable" which means it doesnt have a lot of flavour: 1. That implies he tried polish food before that is the opposite of being xenophobic if you know what the term actually means. 2. It makes perfect sense for him to say that since bangladeshi food has a lot of spices in it. I dont believe there was a xenophobic tone to what he said, it was just his opinion about the food which actually a lot of people share. I don't see how you can compare not liking the food that much with actual xenophobia.

  • greglo2
    greglo2 2 years ago +22

    Islam isn't the religion of the Polish people. That's Christianity. This is the reason why Polish is being contrasted with Muslim. It's not comparing religion to race, it's comparing an ethnicity with a religion to another religion that is held by other ethnicities. The comparison is perfectly fair.

    • Amir Mohammed
      Amir Mohammed 2 years ago


    • Ctasker5
      Ctasker5 2 years ago +1

      Road Biker the fact that there are polish muslims doesn’t negate the fact that islamic way of life and polish culture are mostly at odds, while being a polish muslim is more a legal label, where as the video addresses culture.

    • Road Biker
      Road Biker 2 years ago +1

      greglo2 There are polish Muslims so this doesn't make any sense

    • Ctasker5
      Ctasker5 2 years ago +1

      Thank god someone finally fucking gets it

  • lavendersky
    lavendersky 3 years ago +97

    If I learned one thing from this video, it’s that the mans eyebrows are on fleek 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tawé Lo
    Tawé Lo 2 years ago +3

    *3:55* I agree.

  • Jonathan Frater
    Jonathan Frater Year ago +11

    I’d happily live there!

    • Jonathan Frater
      Jonathan Frater Year ago

      @auguaauaguga 6 I know Muslims aren’t bad which is why I said I’d happily live there.

    • auguaauaguga 6
      auguaauaguga 6 Year ago +1

      I am from a 90 percent muslim majority country and Christianity takes only 0.4 percent of total population. But they are living happily with us Muslims. We Muslims aren't bad sir

  • allex mZa
    allex mZa 3 years ago +1

    I want an Indian city in America... 😄😘

  • Tube or Not Tube
    Tube or Not Tube 2 years ago +1

    Lets see here is how the list goes 1) Right to blare muslim namaz prayer call 5 times a day all over town 2) Street namaz 3) Polish girls should observer modesty when walking around muslim neighbourhoods 3) Some sort of "islamic culture" teachings is schools 4) Not accepting American celerbrations and symbols like say girls dress code in sports, swim wear, no prom mixing between girls and boys, some sort of special rights to not insult prophet .... this is how it starts.

  • wallace
    wallace 2 years ago +18

    "In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance."
    Be prepared ;)

    • New Babies
      New Babies Year ago

      Coming from white , how irony lol

    • PatDaGamer
      PatDaGamer 2 years ago +1

      @Stella William ,old videos of Christian Prince Not an excuse there is a play list with a 100 ways he lied and those are not the only ones, Also saudi goverment has nothing to do with islam this is a religion.

  • Shaista Malik
    Shaista Malik 2 years ago

    I want to go USA

  • Bushmir Kush
    Bushmir Kush 3 years ago

    This guy said “ they hate us so we hate them” and nothing about that statement is Muslim or Islam. You my friend are miss representing a religion by comparing it with a country like Poland. That’s confusing within itself. May allah bless u all.

  • kisan
    kisan 2 years ago

    Very nice passive and subtle polish bashing and self victimisation 👍👍
    Good job.

  • Asip
    Asip 2 years ago +44

    People with knowledge just slap their head watching ignorants..

  • Abdullah Farhan
    Abdullah Farhan 2 years ago +2

    Allah Hu Akbar
    My country flag Bangladesh 🇧🇩

    SAIFUL FARISIN MD RAMLAN 3 years ago +14

    Sociology 101: Define race, ethnicity and religion (15 marks)

    • Gëzim Islamaj
      Gëzim Islamaj 2 years ago

      meanwhile people living in US: This is Africa, Teacher: no it's Australia

  • English Speak🇧🇩
    English Speak🇧🇩 2 years ago +1

    It was a bangladeshi flag at very beginning...😍

  • Kevin Bos
    Kevin Bos 2 years ago

    I love polish food

  • Afflicted Reader
    Afflicted Reader 11 months ago +2

    I wonder what kind of outreach Shaffwan has done. He talks about how alienated he feels with the Polish community, and yet does he do anything to reach out? His body language in the restaurant spoke volumes.

  • Clip World
    Clip World 2 years ago +1

    Very good video 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️✌️

    ASHIKUR RAHMAN 11 months ago

    He expressed the right througt

  • zam
    zam 2 years ago +12

    Lol I just pronounced it "Hem-Trek" when I first saw this . Turned out its "Hem-Trem-Ek"

  • Kemo Delic
    Kemo Delic 9 months ago

    MashAllah and Alhamdulillahi

  • Simon Dhar
    Simon Dhar Year ago

    Hello bro! Atleast learn to be grateful... To move freely in American...
    I doubt if American can go to Bangladesh or afghanistan or India and set a community there...
    Imagine what the reaction of the Indians, Bangladeshis or Afghans will be....

  • FK A11AYA11
    FK A11AYA11 3 years ago

    3:58 you say they hate us yet you hate them more than they hate us....

  • Ahmed Nasir
    Ahmed Nasir 10 months ago


  • Unseen believer
    Unseen believer 3 years ago +19

    I love you all muslim brothers and sisters were ever you are ❤️🌴🕋

    • Mortal Orb
      Mortal Orb 2 years ago

      Nice try you deceiver? There is no such word as “fondling” used in any of the Hadith books but nice try

    • Mortal Orb
      Mortal Orb 2 years ago

      Bro, first of all Quran doesn’t say anything about Jesus 2nd coming. It was the Hadith(prophet Muhammad sayings). Secondly, this whole 12 imam is a Shia concept. Also, most of the world will become Muslim AFTER Jesus comes because Jesus is a Muslim(one who submits his will to God)

    • Hsnr B
      Hsnr B 3 years ago

      @Tommy Robinson PBUH SAW Average humans are not reliable. Would you write an essay on Shakespeare with only the content a teacher says? No you wouldn't, you would do further research. Educate yourself on Islam before talking nonsense.

    • Hsnr B
      Hsnr B 3 years ago

      @Tommy Robinson PBUH SAW That's not a reliable source. Do you read any books at all? Or refer to any scholars? I'd love to know.