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Season 10: Venture Forth | Overwatch 2 Official Trailer

  • Published on Apr 10, 2024
  • Overwatch 2 Season 10: Venture Forth launches April 16!
    Unlock our new Damage Hero, Venture. Dig into their ability kit and explore new underground mechanics.
    Venture and all other Heroes are unlocked immediately for everyone who has completed the new player experience. Venture will also be available in Competitive at launch.
    Blur the lines between good and evil with the Mirrorwatch Event, where the virtuous have crumbled into villainy, and the wicked emerge as heroes.
    Collect Mythic Prisms as you progress through the Battle Pass and use them to unlock Vengeance Mercy and select previous skins at the Mythic Shop!
    Engage in an intense tug of war as you vie for control across a series of capture points in Clash Game Mode Trial, an exciting new 5v5 game mode.
    Overwatch 2 is free to play for everyone on console & PC!
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    Facebook: / playoverwatch
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Comments • 3.6K

  • @tinavanwey1308
    @tinavanwey1308 Month ago +3448

    Doomfist turned into Hopefist

    • @memelover7778
      @memelover7778 Month ago +377


    • @VonSnuggles1412
      @VonSnuggles1412 Month ago +114


    • @mister_meme3608
      @mister_meme3608 Month ago +59

      I'm guessing he's the second heroic doomfist in this timeline and is called something like "the saviour"

    • @del_moistbread7101
      @del_moistbread7101 Month ago +16

      And by his gameplay state he’s Stinkfist

    • @thetacoboat
      @thetacoboat Month ago +64

      Can't wait for him to say "Evil is DOOMED" and them Doom all over them

  • @Listed_Gamer
    @Listed_Gamer Month ago +1661

    Cool Detail:
    Ana is not missing her eye in this universe, but Widow has a fake one. meaning that during their shootout, this Talon affiliated Ana did not hesitate to fire.

    • @user-br3cn1fy1y
      @user-br3cn1fy1y Month ago +70

      That’s pretty cool

    • @J10005
      @J10005 Month ago +14

      You sure their Talon or perhaps Overwatch are just evil dictators and Talon are the good guys?

    • @akshaymadhusudan7589
      @akshaymadhusudan7589 Month ago +31

      Or widow saw her husband's friend is the sniper and hesitated

    • @nkemnoraulmanfredini7286
      @nkemnoraulmanfredini7286 Month ago +8

      @@J10005 This is the mirror universe. superheroes are supervillains and supervillains are superheroes.

    • @nkemnoraulmanfredini7286
      @nkemnoraulmanfredini7286 Month ago +3

      @@J10005 This is the mirror universe. superheroes are supervillains and supervillains are superheroes.

  • @blameitonEim
    @blameitonEim Month ago +480

    good reaper be like: LIVE LIVE LIVE

  • @sas4367
    @sas4367 Month ago +239

    Evil Lucio be like "OH LET'S BUILD IT UP"

    • @InnerEagle
      @InnerEagle Month ago

      Lucio in the mirrorverse would just be a cruel with the kills like the counterpart

    • @awfulpancakes7458
      @awfulpancakes7458 Month ago +11


  • @lucas411_
    @lucas411_ Month ago +6411

    Mercy mythic is just an infinite money generator for blizzard lmao

    • @AzureShrike
      @AzureShrike Month ago +313

      At least it's in the relativity reasonably priced bp and not like a 50 dollar bundle on the shop

    • @richking3527
      @richking3527 Month ago +121

      im going to play this season every day im back to onetricking mercy

    • @ccecereal
      @ccecereal Month ago +124

      @@AzureShrikeeven if it was mercy players are stupid enough to buy it

    • @Tordik971
      @Tordik971 Month ago +4


    • @Lelouch358
      @Lelouch358 Month ago +49

      @@richking3527 imagine one tricking a healbot in an fps😴😴😴

  • @no_i_dont_want_no_slugs
    @no_i_dont_want_no_slugs Month ago +2767

    I can hear the Brig Brigade cheering for the BP skin lol

  • @DoubleL11862
    @DoubleL11862 Month ago +204

    Of all the season themes, I hope they go back to this one over and over again.
    Vishkar Scientist Junkrat, MEKA Squad Wrecking Ball, Cyborg Hanzo, Torb built Orisa, Deadlock Echo, Doomfist Gauntlet Winston, Shambali Bastion, Hashimoto Kiriko, Arctic Scientist Venture, the list goes on.

    • @cofffee817
      @cofffee817 Month ago +9

      Imagine mirrored moira...

    • @charlieseely3464
      @charlieseely3464 Month ago +7

      Doomfist Winston is just GxK Kong

    • @joejardine4489
      @joejardine4489 Month ago +9

      @@cofffee817it would be so funny if they became a stuttering shy mess

    • @pepelarrza3877
      @pepelarrza3877 Month ago +2

      Since Junk is a Vishkar Scientist i guess that would make Symmetra a criminal from Junkertwon 😂

    • @awfulpancakes7458
      @awfulpancakes7458 Month ago +1

      @@pepelarrza3877 It looks like they're doing that one this season, look at her skin at 1:13

  • @victim1129
    @victim1129 Month ago +2084

    Rest in peace Hanamura 2016-2022

    • @shokingu6963
      @shokingu6963 Month ago +59

      You can still play flashpoint through arcade!

    • @VonSnuggles1412
      @VonSnuggles1412 Month ago +139

      Hanamura hasn't truly passed, it has gone the way of the Phoenix and been reborn.

    • @DaffyTaffy93
      @DaffyTaffy93 Month ago +44

      @@shokingu6963you mean 2cp but yeah true

    • @liberalstchenel596
      @liberalstchenel596 Month ago +14

      ​@@shokingu6963assault* mode

    • @rip7515
      @rip7515 Month ago +8

      Rest in peace Zarya cosmetics

  • @tortue_
    @tortue_ Month ago +3675

    you know what a mirror universe would mean right?
    a heroic reaper? heartwarming widow?? HONEST SOMBRA??? RESPECTABLE MAUGA???????????????? a teeny tiny cute scientist moira? EVIL ZENYATTA!

  • @Summerset16
    @Summerset16 Month ago +28

    Mercy finally had enough of everyone calling for healing 😭

  • @danilovozza9164
    @danilovozza9164 Month ago +67

    Hanamura, you will remain forever in my heart. I miss you so badly 💔

    • @onion5095
      @onion5095 Month ago +1

      its a map

    • @andrsl1
      @andrsl1 Month ago

      @@onion5095 yes and I love it with the bottom of my heart

  • @red_ruby4881
    @red_ruby4881 Month ago +941

    I really hope mirrorwatch skins will come with changed voicelines. Imagine monk Ramatra pressing ult and saying

    • @Therealgoroakechi
      @Therealgoroakechi Month ago +73

      And null Zen has pass into hel

    • @MinecraftDood02
      @MinecraftDood02 Month ago +72

      "Experience suffrage"

    • @hwgwrestling9203
      @hwgwrestling9203 Month ago +4

      He already has a monk skin

    • @doo_lissdu_lighost6133
      @doo_lissdu_lighost6133 Month ago +45

      Lifeweaver: "Life destroys life!"
      Reinhardt: "Stay down!"
      Ashe: "You got this, B.O.B!"

    • @twilisols
      @twilisols Month ago +32

      ​@@MinecraftDood02 Suffrage is the right to vote 😭😭 evil Zenyatta wants you to Pokémon Go to the polls

  • @avioro4822
    @avioro4822 Month ago +849

    It’s awesome that Vishkar and the Junkers are being portrayed as opposites seeing that symmetra got a junker skin! Now give me genius vishkar scientist Junkrat!

  • @Cykoflame00
    @Cykoflame00 Month ago +31

    -Try not to make a Widow skin every season
    -Blizzard *PANICS*

    • @Overwatch2010
      @Overwatch2010 Month ago +1

      You mean Mercy right?

    • @ElusiveTy
      @ElusiveTy Month ago +3

      @@Overwatch2010 No, they definitely meant Widow.

    • @Overwatch2010
      @Overwatch2010 Month ago

      @@ElusiveTy Oh well Mercy gets a lot of skins since over a year ago and a lot of people complain about it

    • @Cykoflame00
      @Cykoflame00 Month ago +1

      @Overwatch2010 Mercy, Widow and Kiri. Don't think there's been a season where atleast one of them didn't get a skin

    • @Overwatch2010
      @Overwatch2010 Month ago +1

      @@Cykoflame00 Like I said people love to complain

  • @jamatopecans1279
    @jamatopecans1279 Month ago +13

    Evil brig still says mace to the face. This is a reference to the evil effect it has on my ears every April first.

  • @shafikkrisoondatt4002
    @shafikkrisoondatt4002 Month ago +965

    This theme definitely seems like something that can make a part 2 put of, there is so much potential

    • @wofuto450
      @wofuto450 Month ago +34

      We can only hope they go through all the characters bc that would b sick af

    • @Alterego912
      @Alterego912 Month ago +28

      I agree. Imagine a Vishkar Lucio.

    • @pokimanefartcompilation
      @pokimanefartcompilation Month ago +44

      I want a pacifist Rammatra and a terrorist Zenyatta

    • @diamond_dj8218
      @diamond_dj8218 Month ago +8

      I can't believe solider 76, reaper and moira didn't get a skin but symm and bap did?

    • @shafikkrisoondatt4002
      @shafikkrisoondatt4002 Month ago +4

      @@pokimanefartcompilation facts thats what I was kinda hoping for and why I want there to be a part 2 for this theme

  • @yuhyouheardme
    @yuhyouheardme Month ago +754

    Null Sector Zenyatta and Junkertown Symmetra *SPOTTED* !!!!!

    • @MothDax
      @MothDax Month ago +36

      He was late to the Null sector battle pass so he showed up here instead
      What a guy

    • @PaktNisely
      @PaktNisely Month ago +8

      I'm hoping for a Zen inspired Ram skin

    • @charlieseely3464
      @charlieseely3464 Month ago +1


    • @Nyxie6666
      @Nyxie6666 Month ago +3

      @@PaktNisely the wandering monk and travelling monk ones are already that

  • @m1nepr013
    @m1nepr013 Month ago +14

    [Doomfist] "Our future will be forged with peace"

    • @rubles3143
      @rubles3143 Month ago +7

      "Our future will be forged with justice."

  • @emcar9881
    @emcar9881 Month ago +27

    Having a scion genji and blackwatch hanzo would've been great skins to reveal Hanaoka

    • @katon.9893
      @katon.9893 Month ago +1

      But that would actually be cool and this company doesnt like doing cool things.

  • @fruitlion8
    @fruitlion8 Month ago +935

    I think a huge opportunity was missed here. No Talon Winston? He's literally the purest character in the roster, and this was the prime chance to make him evil for a change.

    • @justpeachy4966
      @justpeachy4966 Month ago +162

      Maybe instead he never left horizon

    • @laughingjack1109
      @laughingjack1109 Month ago +43

      Yea especially since he’s technically the leader of Overwatch rn

    • @meowkii_
      @meowkii_ Month ago +45

      but winston is a character that requires skill to play, cant have that as the mythic skin...Orisa, Moira, Mercy b2b2b...this is so sad

    • @TheMightyBone
      @TheMightyBone Month ago +82

      Winston is uncorruptible. GREETINGS

    • @Manyvoices167
      @Manyvoices167 Month ago +5

      He literally is one of the main characters perfect chance for a skin

  • @aidenmb7932
    @aidenmb7932 Month ago +191

    Mirrorverse is always the coolest idea. Im looking forward to this tbh

    • @Antrikshy
      @Antrikshy Month ago +8

      Out of the ~3 season themes Aaron teased at last BlizzCon, this is the one I've been looking forward to.

  • @lundonanioopie
    @lundonanioopie Month ago +38

    1:13 I love that she’s a junker cause her whole thing is perfection

  • @barbijaputa841
    @barbijaputa841 Month ago +331

    Mercy mythic should say sth like: “I don’t use anesthesia” or “Anesthesia is a luxury”

    • @MegaLabman1
      @MegaLabman1 Month ago +86


    • @The-UnderPlayer
      @The-UnderPlayer Month ago +3

      @@MegaLabman1 BRO SO TRUE

    • @thecowman6807
      @thecowman6807 Month ago +1

      Hahaha thats actually great

    • @cofffee817
      @cofffee817 Month ago +16

      Moira just got a skin so i get why she wasn't added in this mirror thing but it would have been such a good idea to mirror her as well and add something between her and mercy. Mercy should advocate for the terrible non ethical things moira does and vice versa

    • @eLu2198
      @eLu2198 Month ago +4

      i dont use anesthesia, i AM anesthesia. 🤣

  • @MotherOfTheSea
    @MotherOfTheSea Month ago +11

    1:27 I love that Orisa skin, she looks like a type of robot from Futurama lol.

  • @SwedishSeacon
    @SwedishSeacon Month ago +1583

    Talon Mercy? Feels like we've entered a Shattered Glass universe here

    • @cyber237
      @cyber237 Month ago +16

      Don't think it's Talon, just scary cool mythic

    • @midlyght0
      @midlyght0 Month ago +147

      @@cyber237 she has the talon logo on her shoulder

    • @Biggiecheese20
      @Biggiecheese20 Month ago +27

      @@cyber237 The T = ?

    • @cyber237
      @cyber237 Month ago +26

      I stand corrected, my apologies

    • @cyber237
      @cyber237 Month ago +22

      I'm a little restarted@@midlyght0

  • @hungvuongnguyen9881
    @hungvuongnguyen9881 Month ago +953

    its not just Overwatch and Talon reverse role, look at symmetra she is a junker now, main factor in her story is she represents the order, now she represents the chaos
    Edit: Just realized Brig has a battlepass skin, FINALLY. And why just one bad guy skin in BP they looks much cooler than good guy skins lol (except widow skin with that boopa window 😉)

  • @Camenye
    @Camenye Month ago +5

    The fact that all of the talon skins have white hair emplies that in this universe you have to dye your hair white to join talon (Rein is the exception, his hair is natural)

  • @mxndrv1392
    @mxndrv1392 Month ago +15


    • @skonni44
      @skonni44 Month ago +2

      bc we already saw it on twitter (at least i did) i think that’s why =)

  • @kxsl3w
    @kxsl3w Month ago +2160

    NO MERCY🗣️🗣️🗣️

    • @This-is-a-commentt
      @This-is-a-commentt Month ago +122

      This is the worst team I have ever played with in my life

    • @theextramenu
      @theextramenu Month ago +83

      you should've picked any kind of support

    • @kencar3718
      @kencar3718 Month ago +55

      You should've learned how this game works

    • @deur3598
      @deur3598 Month ago +48

      If you like mercy so much why dont you just marry her

    • @coraleIk
      @coraleIk Month ago +3

      It’s mercy

  • @wafflewambo6472
    @wafflewambo6472 Month ago +825


    • @gavinator1775
      @gavinator1775 Month ago +8

      I’ve been waiting so long for this

    • @Chaden
      @Chaden Month ago +1

      hey waffle & Gavin

    • @gavinator1775
      @gavinator1775 Month ago +1

      @@Chaden hey Chaden lol

    • @lordbuntcake
      @lordbuntcake Month ago +20

      And dey say chivalry is alive

    • @93Chowo
      @93Chowo Month ago +12

      Maybe, just MAYBE we might even get the Archive-Missions back? I mean it would be pretty fitting if during the Season with the Mirro-Verse theme we would be able to play those missions again.

  • @6torthor
    @6torthor Month ago +4

    If they made Overwatch hero customization like Warframe, this game would have no issues printing money

  • @Benefits
    @Benefits Month ago +4

    Still waiting for the PVE modes you stole Overwatch 1 away from us to make but never made them.

  • @zelpazz
    @zelpazz Month ago +195

    That Doomfist slamming into Reinhardt's shield breaking the barrier was SO clean!!

  • @goobie_recorded
    @goobie_recorded Month ago +178

    OKAY I can't tell for sure but does Ana have both eyes in the mirror skin? If so, then was widow the one who hesitated in this universe? Is that why one of her eyes is robotic in her new skin??? That would be a neat detail overwatch I'd be very happy with that attention to lore that's pretty cool if true overwatch

    • @cofffee817
      @cofffee817 Month ago +9

      you are correct! I noticed widow having no eye but I didn't catch the ana, very good job, thank you for noticing that! Although it might just be her bionic eye. The eye ana lost was her cyborg like eye, it was her original eye but modified with cybernetics

    • @Overwatch2010
      @Overwatch2010 Month ago


    • @daiich1603
      @daiich1603 Month ago

      Rare blizzard W

  • @Mal1t1aTV
    @Mal1t1aTV Month ago +2

    Now this is the type of content I held out for. Things are looking up for this next season! I’m so excited 🎉

  • @Tuber1326
    @Tuber1326 Month ago +4

    00:48 Mercy Mythic
    00:59 Reworked abilities for Mercy and Doomfist
    01:59 aweful hanzo ult

  • @trimaxusrez3714
    @trimaxusrez3714 Month ago +112

    I hope the alternate universe skins have unique dialogue with the actual canon characters. I wanna see overwatch Doomfist talk with soldier
    or Talon Mercy talk with Moira

    • @dylanholm9995
      @dylanholm9995 Month ago +8

      They definitely will not. Maybe mercy but that’s about it.

    • @jaquavious.
      @jaquavious. Month ago +5

      @@dylanholm9995why not? idk which season it was but the space themed one, all the battle pass skins had new voice lines right? like alien winston saying this is the best team in the whole solar system

    • @The-Doctor6969
      @The-Doctor6969 Month ago

      Didn't they only communicate with other skin users? Or am I wrong ​@@jaquavious.

    • @Punk3rGirl
      @Punk3rGirl Month ago +7

      actually would love to have a reverse convo between mercy and moira since they are always playing on how they have opposing ethical views

  • @willwunsche6940
    @willwunsche6940 Month ago +153

    Absolutely incredible idea to mirror swap Overwatch and Talon sides! Actual goldmine of possibilities
    Sadistic Reinheardt? Caring wholesome Moira? Evil Zen? Failing Superhero Junkrat? There's so much awesome stuff they could do

    • @mister_meme3608
      @mister_meme3608 Month ago +10

      Not just that, Symmetra is a junker, the epitome of chaos, so everyone is truly swapped
      So junkrat would probably be an agent of order and not as much a pyromaniac

    • @nex5691
      @nex5691 Month ago +5

      @@mister_meme3608 im beginning to think sym is the junker queen while jq herself is part of vishkar

    • @MothDax
      @MothDax Month ago +2

      The mirror universe probably has a beautiful and clean vishkar city where junkertown was as well
      GOD theres so many ideas they could do

    • @waitselljones8068
      @waitselljones8068 Month ago +2

      Right? It would have made for a really... goood..... PvE...

    • @bunn1943
      @bunn1943 Month ago +1


  • @DVaFangirl
    @DVaFangirl Month ago +2

    I'm so hyped for Venture, Mirrorwatch, the skins, and Clash!! And the Talon and Overwatch swap theme is definitely interesting!! 🤩

  • @jaydenmays2602
    @jaydenmays2602 Month ago +56

    Why is everyone ignoring the fact that mercy is shooting out of her gun and doom fist has a shield???

    • @S0UPIE
      @S0UPIE Month ago +23

      It's an LTM

    • @xneticc
      @xneticc Month ago

      ltm u dumbas

    • @nex5691
      @nex5691 Month ago +20

      fun fact: that was supposed to be one of her talents in ow2 pve but after thats scrapped
      i guess we get a gamemode which implements that

    • @Yvukii
      @Yvukii Month ago +1

      Mercy has a gun tho?

    • @LaMuertedelEspiritu
      @LaMuertedelEspiritu Month ago +12

      yeah it's like the April Fools mode for Mercy

  • @Jacob02wastaken
    @Jacob02wastaken Month ago +259

    Reference to the best Overwatch song?! 🗣️🔥

  • @PeelyAndFishstick
    @PeelyAndFishstick Month ago +1

    Mercy really said go heal yourself lmao 😭🙏

  • @mushcap1088
    @mushcap1088 Month ago

    it's been a bit since I've watched theses trailers so maybe this happened awhile ago but I am very glad the are showing which skins are not gonna be in the battlepass now

  • @Wintonoverwat76
    @Wintonoverwat76 Month ago +141

    Omnic post said that he wanted to see a null sector zenyatta and i saw a concept of it which looks fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • @TempestGhost
      @TempestGhost Month ago +11

      Now he’s getting what he wished for.

    • @sum-uji
      @sum-uji Month ago +3


  • @theliedetector2199
    @theliedetector2199 Month ago +163

    I was totally expecting the Egyptian theme for this season even though the mirror universe is my most anticipated one. The fact the mirror universe is this seasons theme is a total win in my book.

    • @Neekoghoul
      @Neekoghoul Month ago +2

      Yea I since ventures gameplay, aw yeah its deffo egyptian however, even though I think Egyptian would of made more sense this season I'm super hype for mirrorverse

    • @HammerHead-yx5dy
      @HammerHead-yx5dy Month ago +6

      @@Neekoghoul i’d assume Egyptian will likely be next season’s theme. I thought for certain it would be for this one because of Venture but i’m excited to see the mirror universe, hopefully it will be good

    • @Lumivito
      @Lumivito Month ago

      Did they reveal future themes? Can you send me the link, please?

    • @ievaday
      @ievaday Month ago +1

      Egyptian theme would work well when there's a Pharah mythic skin!

    • @BiscuitMan14
      @BiscuitMan14 Month ago +5

      @@Lumivito At Blizzcon last year. They said for 2024, themes would include (but not be limited to) Eldritch horror, Egyptian mythology, witches, and mirror universe

  • @AnimeSosa
    @AnimeSosa Month ago +1

    Can anyone tell me if the mythic thing is only for really old mythic skins or will it js be any mythic skins that were released prior to this new season

    • @93Chowo
      @93Chowo Month ago

      With the new currency you can collect in the Battle Pass or buy with real money you can unlock any mythic skin and can even decide which parts you want.

  • @kickiniitbak
    @kickiniitbak Month ago +2

    I thought they were bringing back Hanamura, but then I saw Hanaoka and I got bamboozled lol

  • @evilsforreals
    @evilsforreals Month ago +242


    • @marc.0527
      @marc.0527 Month ago +15

      FOR REAAALL!! Asymmetra is ✨slaying✨ right now

    • @blatetastic
      @blatetastic Month ago +17

      dude asymettra 💀

    • @nex5691
      @nex5691 Month ago +2

      unless shes the junkerqueen and jq on the other hand never became the queen she prob be an ow hero

    • @BigPro1123
      @BigPro1123 Month ago +4

      Lifeweaver needs a junker skin to match with her. It would make a lot of sense.

    • @marc.0527
      @marc.0527 Month ago

      @@BigPro1123 Facts! They are a dynamic duo so it would make sense👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • @Josh-ds4ez
    @Josh-ds4ez Month ago +60

    Wait a minute- why do I actually feel excited for a new season?

  • @adambrewer4460
    @adambrewer4460 Month ago +1

    I love how everyone is fitting their new roles completely and then Sombra is just like "I guess i can be nice but i won't like it"

  • @TeleportedBread_
    @TeleportedBread_ Month ago +1

    Holy shot they’re actually making doomfist a tank

  • @sadariuslewis9757
    @sadariuslewis9757 Month ago +55


  • @carsonmeng2994
    @carsonmeng2994 Month ago +20

    is junkrat gonna be like a construction worker in the mirror verse?

    • @93Chowo
      @93Chowo Month ago +1

      I haven´t even thought of this idea but it would make sense. :D

    • @PhoenixStar3000
      @PhoenixStar3000 Month ago +4

      No he'd be mentally healthy

  • @danb5723
    @danb5723 Month ago

    Does anyone know if you keep your battle pass once you purchase it or do they still expire within the time limit ?

  • @RandomOcty
    @RandomOcty Month ago +1

    We only gotta wait 4 days

  • @BigPro1123
    @BigPro1123 Month ago +276

    Mercy mythic?

    • @yumpuff8932
      @yumpuff8932 Month ago +21

      That’d be really confusing and throw off the usual pattern but it’d also be cool!

    • @mangoturtle4257
      @mangoturtle4257 Month ago +14

      I mean they liked it so I can see that being the case. Disrupts the pattern, but it's really cool.

    • @ArthurSilva-lt3tg
      @ArthurSilva-lt3tg Month ago +14


    • @moonpxwplays565
      @moonpxwplays565 Month ago +14

      @@yumpuff8932there was never a pattern people js made that up

    • @MercysNo.1
      @MercysNo.1 Month ago +4

      Welp... Blizzard is about to make a Metric Boat-Load of money

  • @AmJason
    @AmJason Month ago +153

    No Rammatra mythic is a robbery

  • @waffl44
    @waffl44 Month ago

    Will we be able to buy old bp skins (not the mythic ones)

  • @PorkFork
    @PorkFork Month ago

    Evil Reinhardt be like: he shielded the soldiers... UNTIL HE DIDN'T

  • @princessbreeminecraft3821

    Venture & Mirror Universe all in one! I’m excited to jump into next season

    • @bndrxc5782
      @bndrxc5782 Month ago +13

      I want the Egyptian mythology season so baaaad it’s fit with venture 😢

      @PENGUINKING21 Month ago


  • @Griffndr
    @Griffndr Month ago +173

    "can't spell adventure without venture" has lyrics rhyming one word with the same word energy

  • @DeathhAngel1
    @DeathhAngel1 Month ago

    "I can dig that" autolockers ready

  • @OshaVids
    @OshaVids Month ago +3

    wow new skins that you can't see in a first person game.

  • @volzod1199
    @volzod1199 Month ago +15

    When you put "What If....?" into Overwatch. One of the better season themes we've seen so far.

    • @nex5691
      @nex5691 Month ago +8

      so i guess that means genji was the one who killed hanzo and kiriko is basically now the leader of the hashimoto clan

  • @willwunsche6940
    @willwunsche6940 Month ago +16

    Absolutely incredible idea to mirror swap Overwatch and Talon sides! Actual goldmine of possibilities

    • @cofffee817
      @cofffee817 Month ago +1

      Not just overwatch and talon, also junkertown folkes! Sym has a junker style!

  • @Outdated04
    @Outdated04 Month ago

    All of this looks so incredible, next season has huge potential! Really wanna know when we can get more ranked weapon skins the jade ones great

  • @minsungswifey
    @minsungswifey Month ago +2


  • @JustLeee
    @JustLeee Month ago +320

    As a Mercy main I support this message .

    • @JBMetalProductions
      @JBMetalProductions Month ago +12

      DPS mercy is on route to John Wick your location.

    • @AdaSmi-lw7jq
      @AdaSmi-lw7jq Month ago +4

      @JustLeee, as a hog main, I do not

    • @JustLeee
      @JustLeee Month ago

      @@AdaSmi-lw7jq lmao

    • @deondrebrown1198
      @deondrebrown1198 Month ago

      We’re eating good

    • @galenek2964
      @galenek2964 Month ago +3

      Im impresed that you take more skill to even rise the hand from lmb to type something. wow... so brave

  • @marzipanlady7326
    @marzipanlady7326 Month ago +13

    I wouldn't have anything against if in the future this theme would come back with other characters mirrored!

  • @user-yy4xe9rl1g
    @user-yy4xe9rl1g 25 days ago +2

    No skin can save a dead game like this

  • @AmentioProductions
    @AmentioProductions Month ago +85

    I'm quite interested in this season and what is has in store. The Mercy Teaser is what really catches my attention though, cause if that's the Mythic, that's 2 seasons in a row that a Support got a Mythic Skin, which hasn't been done in the past 9 seasons
    Not saying I would hate that, just finding that interesting. Could be a legendary skin that has different voice lines like Posidon Ramattra in season 2, but we'll see.
    Edit: I did not mean to start a war over this, I was just bringing this up and kinda forgot that the mythic skins were even among all the roles. Now knowing that the Mythic is Mercy, it looks cool, and I apologize for starting a war over a lack of information.

    • @I_am_a_cat_
      @I_am_a_cat_ Month ago +4

      Who cares if they do two supports in a row? They can do whatever mythic they feel like doing. Whichever is the best looking. It's a skin. It literally doesn't matter at all. Well, except for the fact people will pay money just so they can say they have it lmao.

    • @bambampewpew32
      @bambampewpew32 Month ago +19

      @@I_am_a_cat_ lol they were trying to be fair to the roles we thought (we thought) chill

    • @benrichardson3031
      @benrichardson3031 Month ago +1

      ​@I_am_a_cat_ It does matter. Mythics and other cosmetics in general are given to heroes with more popularity, I.e. more moneys.

    • @LaMuertedelEspiritu
      @LaMuertedelEspiritu Month ago +2

      ​@@bambampewpew32they all have 3 right now, it would be the same unfairness if they added one for the others

    • @hihigocat
      @hihigocat Month ago +4

      @@bambampewpew32i mean, it still is fair. if you look at it in sets of 3, each role got a mythic. the cycle has changed, but seasons 11 and 12 will still be a tank and dps surely

  • @P1X3LAB
    @P1X3LAB Month ago +5

    Looks like they are trying to understand what the fans want a bit better.
    Excited to try the new unique hero

  • @Linkiscool99
    @Linkiscool99 Month ago

    Hope this means there may be a chance of strike commander morrison skin to come back and also don't really like how like half the skins are in the shop

  • @MsBula13
    @MsBula13 Month ago

    How many widow skisn can blizzard add in bp? Rly so many champs are low on skins and they add another one to widow in almost every seasone

  • @stephenodonnell448
    @stephenodonnell448 Month ago +6

    Only time ive seen an overwatch 2 video uploaded from here that has an overwhelming positive reactions lol

  • @vey_4227
    @vey_4227 Month ago +2

    Bro why do they out the cool dark theme mirror skin under another paywall instead of the battle pass? Like cmonn baptise is soo random

  • @jolg7535
    @jolg7535 Month ago

    Happy to finally see Hanamura assets used for something again, Venture seemed hard to get rid off the day we got with her but I'm sure you'll work it out

  • @SupNinjaz
    @SupNinjaz Month ago +13


  • @HorizonTide
    @HorizonTide Month ago +6

    Praying for voicelines that go with the skins that are mirrors

    • @mister_meme3608
      @mister_meme3608 Month ago +2

      I want one of doomfist saying "I am your saviour" or moira saying smth like "You're fine the way you are"

  • @pinkystinkr
    @pinkystinkr Month ago

    Finally being fed not only an evil mercy concept skin but a mythic as well and I can go back and get the ana mythic I missed, world peace.

  • @Mezmerald
    @Mezmerald Month ago

    How long does this season last?

  • @jennycolaa
    @jennycolaa Month ago +45


  • @zepchir
    @zepchir Month ago +205

    "Overwatch is dead."
    15k people waiting for the trailer be like: ?
    edit: since this has gotten some attention let me add some thing.
    yes 15k isnt a lot but its still more then 0 live views. 70k views. 2,94 mill. subs. ranked games in 2 mins.
    and the most important thing: they have more money then you.

    • @kir0wwinot_ow
      @kir0wwinot_ow Month ago +3

      thats just my family,waiting

    • @darkshadical8425
      @darkshadical8425 Month ago +19

      For how ow used to be, 15k is kinda dead 😭 but ill still play it

    • @MatheusCamargoSx
      @MatheusCamargoSx Month ago +11

      Yeah, people are strange, like its so dead you can find ranked match in like 2 minutes or less, its not the best game or overhyped like it was but its way far from a dead game

    • @haunter7777
      @haunter7777 Month ago +6

      You act like 15k is alot

    • @strider7198
      @strider7198 Month ago +5

      Indie games get the same views lol, not a very high bar to pass

  • @DanielRodriguez-bu8du

    I think the fact that venture can go in high ground is over the top that right there makes her OP.

  • @leah6844
    @leah6844 Month ago +40


  • @bibichalk
    @bibichalk Month ago +10

    Is it the mirror universe where the overwatch is talon!! They talked about it i hope it is that would be awesome

  • @thecrazygamer6034
    @thecrazygamer6034 Month ago +1

    I certainly hope this means you will finally re release black watch Moira and scientist Moira as well. Mythics are nice and all but I want the skins you held for literal years

  • @velvet606
    @velvet606 Month ago +1

    Mirrorwatch is EXACTLY what i’ve been wanting!

  • @reignw
    @reignw Month ago +31

    So Moira & Reaper are just never going to get their Talon skins huh… 🚶🏾‍➡️

    • @user-fs6nu1ex4t
      @user-fs6nu1ex4t Month ago +12

      There normal skin is talon skin …

    • @reignw
      @reignw Month ago +9

      @@user-fs6nu1ex4t Lol no it’s not. Talon skins are red, white & black & have the organization logo on it….

    • @maximiliano4689
      @maximiliano4689 Month ago +9

      Moira has a talon skin with the logo and everything

    • @reignw
      @reignw Month ago +18

      @@maximiliano4689 No she doesn’t, that’s a Blackwatch skin. Blackwatch & Talon are two completely different things

    • @mister_meme3608
      @mister_meme3608 Month ago +6

      I just like to think they got special treatment for being ex-overwatch agents, so they never had to wear the newbie attire

  • @angelagomes6621
    @angelagomes6621 Month ago +14


  • @KoFF3
    @KoFF3 Month ago +3

    Mercy face: 💀

  • @EnPerkasa
    @EnPerkasa Month ago

    yo blizzard where the custom ultimate voice line? its a mythic right? even some legendary have custom voice line for ultimate or ress like witch n imp, where the voice line that r in the trailer? or its only activated in the event game mode and not on the skins it self?

  • @AipomBTW
    @AipomBTW Month ago +10

    I'm surprised the mirror universe season is called "Venture Forth"?
    Would've thought they would've went with "Twisted Fates" or something:/

    • @codymarrott5720
      @codymarrott5720 Month ago +3

      It’s weird yeah but they’re rly pushing this new character lol

    • @AdaSmi-lw7jq
      @AdaSmi-lw7jq Month ago

      That and that’s a Pokémon theme

    • @AipomBTW
      @AipomBTW Month ago

      @@AdaSmi-lw7jq I thought so XD

  • @cloud4259
    @cloud4259 Month ago +7


    • @PharrowlOG
      @PharrowlOG Month ago +1

      You should have picked any kind of support!

  • @bigbean4403
    @bigbean4403 Month ago +1

    I really hope we get more mirrorwatch skins bc this is such a cool theme

  • @BerserkBanana
    @BerserkBanana Month ago

    Im stoked for this season

  • @wassim2333
    @wassim2333 Month ago +31

    "No mercy" it's scary☠️☠️☠️

  • @twopond1
    @twopond1 Month ago +10


    • @KxngSamurai
      @KxngSamurai Month ago +1


    • @TheHellsingHQ
      @TheHellsingHQ Month ago +10

      Out of all the years with bs of stupid players not assisting her properly? I would say that she's valid to turn.

    • @generic6099
      @generic6099 Month ago

      ​@@KxngSamuraithey let her talk with the tf2 medic

  • @avej99
    @avej99 Month ago +3

    0:58 is this a new game mode?

  • @cryptidpog
    @cryptidpog Month ago

    Bastion basically going back to his origins