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Beavis and Butt-Head - SNL

  • Published on Apr 12, 2024
  • A NewsNation livestream event on AI is derailed by two audience members (Ryan Gosling, Mikey Day).
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Comments • 4K

  • @CityPlannerPlaysChair
    @CityPlannerPlaysChair Day ago +14782

    They 100% didn't show Heidi the makeup before this

    • @GetRocStar
      @GetRocStar Day ago +161

      I thought she was Maya Rudolph for a second

    • @davesecx
      @davesecx Day ago +285

      I wonder if the dress rehearsal had different makeup

    • @pauljoseph8338
      @pauljoseph8338 Day ago +166

      They 100% do full dress rehearsals, but I like her reaction.

    • @AK27inAZ
      @AK27inAZ Day ago +188

      She couldn't handle it. 😂😂😂

    • @steveconn
      @steveconn Day ago +125

      Yeah, that was Ryan-level unprofessionalism.

  • @Molly-555
    @Molly-555 Day ago +10909

    These are some STONE FACED extras

    • @haplar
      @haplar Day ago +483

      Lorne Michael's office is lined with the heads of extras who dared to break on camera...

    • @Salmagundiii
      @Salmagundiii Day ago +27

      @@haplar probably!

    • @targetedaptresident7387
      @targetedaptresident7387 Day ago +64

      Just better actors and commedians

    • @hayleymo8
      @hayleymo8 Day ago +103

      I saw a few smiling when Heidi broke

    • @jensenjorshina9945
      @jensenjorshina9945 Day ago +142

      They really bought out the psychopaths for this 😂

  • @Y.I.S.I
    @Y.I.S.I Day ago +873

    The way Beavis IMMEDIATELY started looking around.. clueless🤣😂

  • @AlmaRhea-
    @AlmaRhea- Day ago +636

    I absolutely LOVE that someone came up with this as an idea for a sketch.

    • @ernieverse9124
      @ernieverse9124 23 hours ago +16

      Fr. This is one of the best sketches I have seen in SNL including all past generations

    • @abramwmomin
      @abramwmomin 18 hours ago +1

      Probably Mikey Day.. I think he also wrote the Bart Simpson one..

    • @DoNotLookAtMyPFP.
      @DoNotLookAtMyPFP. 15 hours ago

      Don't read my name! ⌛

  • @johnmcnulty2705
    @johnmcnulty2705 Day ago +6937

    When Heidi looked over her shoulder and insta-broke was the best part of the sketch.

    • @thesparkster
      @thesparkster Day ago +83

      That's the point where I started laughing out loud.🤣

    • @astropioneer3296
      @astropioneer3296 Day ago +91

      That may have outdone Rachel Dratch's "Debbie Downer" break. Well done--and understandable--Heidi! SNL make-up artist deserves an Emmy for their work on this sketch. Instant classic!

    • @falconeyes9668
      @falconeyes9668 Day ago +54

      Mikey Day's inner monologue when Heidi turned around and lost it laughing: "COME to Butthead! uh Ha ha huh, Uh huu ha HUH!, This is COOL!"

    • @othellologos8225
      @othellologos8225 Day ago +18

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 This was fantastic!!! I can't blame them! Hilarious! 🤌

    • @ili626
      @ili626 Day ago +14

      Don’t mean to hate, but it had opposite effect for me. It was like an amateur high school level performance.. ruined the sense of irony for me.

  • @Pwncakes3
    @Pwncakes3 Day ago +5391

    In my 25+ years of watching SNL I don’t think I’ve ever seen a solo actor break so hard and as long as Heidi.

    • @matthewklokel6945
      @matthewklokel6945 Day ago +895

      Which means so much more since Heidi is a master of NOT breaking.

    • @hawkandchick1182
      @hawkandchick1182 Day ago +380

      Bill Harder in the wheelchair sketch comes to mind. But this might top that.

    • @henrytawnn8694
      @henrytawnn8694 Day ago +147

      Larry David broke so much in a skit, you couldn't hear what he was saying and he just powered through it, laughing so much.

    • @mjp96
      @mjp96 Day ago +27

      all scripted. She doesn't even know who B&B are/was.

    • @TheMusicalElitist
      @TheMusicalElitist Day ago

      @@mjp96oh do shut up

  • @Francinagatti_dec
    @Francinagatti_dec Day ago +169

    Mikey's "Butthead" was 100 % accurate. This is definitely Emmy caliber costume design.

  • @LorenaMonroyoficial
    @LorenaMonroyoficial Day ago +330

    The extras in this sketch deserve a recognition. Because they were so professional and so in their character, they managed to mantain a straight face the whole time👏👏👏

    • @tonycruz6183
      @tonycruz6183 Day ago +4

      Legit 🔥

    • @alphanerd7221
      @alphanerd7221 23 hours ago +5

      Me too. Does that make me "so professional."

    • @MaxBandwidth-rb1qx
      @MaxBandwidth-rb1qx 22 hours ago +7

      you could see some of them straining I felt for them in that moment LOL

    • @kanduvisla
      @kanduvisla 19 hours ago +2

      They were probably added with AI

    • @karol1986
      @karol1986 16 hours ago

      @@alphanerd7221 you're staying in character? Very professional.

  • @im_lonely....
    @im_lonely.... Day ago +3808

    I have never seen Heidi break like that😂😂😂 3:08

    • @bullfrog521
      @bullfrog521 Day ago +231

      I'm guessing that was her first time actually seeing their makeup.

    • @manfmalachi
      @manfmalachi Day ago +35

      Me either .......wow. lorne is gonna hate her laughing like that

    • @hayleymo8
      @hayleymo8 Day ago +138

      Nah. It was gold. The audience went wild.

    • @masimak
      @masimak Day ago +11

      cuz it was fake breaking. Like Biill Hader

      @RANSESROD Day ago +3

      That’s exactly what I said!

  • @petemartin6270
    @petemartin6270 Day ago +2283

    Keenan's exacerbated "oh my god!" is among my favorite things

    • @TesVixen
      @TesVixen Day ago +5


    • @yaboymayo1
      @yaboymayo1 Day ago +19

      Haha remember when Matt Shatt was wearing crocs?

    • @Stingervoice
      @Stingervoice Day ago +7

      ​@yaboymayo1 I came here to say that! The exact same expression, and it still cracks me up 😂

    • @collectivevision9884
      @collectivevision9884 Day ago +2

      It’s “Matt Schatt” all over again 😂

    • @carasheehan8383
      @carasheehan8383 Day ago +12

      That initial squint he gives to Beavis is so good too lol Kenan is a master at facial expressions

  • @Francinagatti-
    @Francinagatti- Day ago +551

    This sketch is pure 1,000% anarchy and I am here for ALL OF IT.

    • @truhhhhhhhokIII3
      @truhhhhhhhokIII3 Day ago +1

      Makes no sense. but it was a good sketch!

    • @hugh-jasole
      @hugh-jasole 20 hours ago

      Imagine if you had grown up when the show was actually good....your head would have exploded it sounds like😂

  • @TheMikester307
    @TheMikester307 Day ago +123

    A loud roar of applause for the end gag! A perfect homage to Mike Judge!!!!

  • @gilliancooper2720
    @gilliancooper2720 Day ago +2207

    The SNL makeup artists deserve ALL THE AWARDS

    • @nickfury6434
      @nickfury6434 Day ago +12

      Costume couldn’t find an AC/DC shirt and Metallica shirt?

    • @sexydictator3241
      @sexydictator3241 Day ago +5

      ​@@nickfury6434 to be fair, Beavis and Butt-Head probably like more than two bands. 😂

    • @pnut3844able
      @pnut3844able Day ago +46

      ​@@nickfury6434 prob didn't feel like paying royalties

    • @PurpleHaze_11
      @PurpleHaze_11 Day ago

      Thank you for acknowledging this

    • @jasonleiter7557
      @jasonleiter7557 Day ago +13

      @@nickfury6434 They also had the Skull and Death Rock shirts in the cartoon sometimes.

  • @sczah7982
    @sczah7982 Day ago +2288

    Only Ryan can laugh through an entire skit and yet not take us out of it. And Heidi Gardner is a trooper

    • @JustJesstheMess
      @JustJesstheMess Day ago +61

      ​@@jg2722yeah because Gosling is a guest and Fallon was a cast member and therefore supposed to be a bit more professional and yet he broke in basically EVERY sketch he was ever in. Even when it wasn't even that funny, he would break just for some cheap extra attention. Oh and Fallon also sucks so there's that too.

    • @brandonguevara321
      @brandonguevara321 Day ago +10

      Im pretty sure the characters they are playing laugh like that in the show

    • @sws212
      @sws212 Day ago +14

      ​@@jg2722 never thought I see someone defend Fallon but okay. Gosling is a guest and Ferrell never broke as much as Fallon, at least to the point of memorable annoyance to viewers. It's not really complicated.

    • @Kuriketto
      @Kuriketto Day ago +8

      @@jg2722 Why you feel the need to go around defending Jimmy's honor when nobody even insulted, much less mentioned him says more about you than any smokescreen you're throwing up about why Ryan breaking is also so bad and naughty. You don't like Ryan Gosling. Message received. Try moving on and letting people comment on what they enjoy without antagonizing them.

    • @jackwilliams5474
      @jackwilliams5474 Day ago +5

      It did take me out of it. Not funny at all

  • @scaraco
    @scaraco Day ago +43

    This will go down in history as one of the all-time best, and most extreme character breaks of all time. Look for it in every single "SNL cast members breaking character" compilation from now on.

  • @Ciclopea2
    @Ciclopea2 Day ago +37

    I thought a Beavis and Butt-Head live action movie was next to impossible, but this is really changing my mind 😂

    • @h2oproductions897
      @h2oproductions897 18 hours ago +1

      now we want it so bad !D the butthead character is so real, i was in shock :D

  • @BackwoodsFilms
    @BackwoodsFilms Day ago +1121

    Props to Kenan for staying in character and steering the ship when literally every other cast member couldn't keep it together!

    • @Saxysaboy77
      @Saxysaboy77 Day ago +10


    • @batzxxl
      @batzxxl Day ago +28

      Yes. He was the glue that allowed everything else to pop.

    • @chrisotto8370
      @chrisotto8370 Day ago +38

      He is usually the one who keeps character anyway, but I have to think he was "in on it" and knew what was coming, unlike the poor victim :)

    • @giorgiocosentino509
      @giorgiocosentino509 Day ago

      Keenan is after all the narrator for the Irish play, who kept it together when announcing a play's character would soon be displaying his "penis".

    • @michellima5280
      @michellima5280 Day ago +14

      Probably he saw the final product before the sketch starts.

  • @floorticket
    @floorticket Day ago +1778

    Heidi breaking was pretty darn adorable. Don't be angry Lorne.

    • @danijel00ful
      @danijel00ful Day ago +9

      why would he be angry?

    • @dharmashark108
      @dharmashark108 Day ago +97

      ​@@danijel00fulHe famously doesn't like it when the performers break too much.

    • @danijel00ful
      @danijel00ful Day ago +8

      @@dharmashark108 hm, I thought he liked that

    • @falconeyes9668
      @falconeyes9668 Day ago +43

      Mikey Day inner monologue: "Heidi COME to Butthead! Uh huh ha huh, Uh uh ha ha huh, thees is COOL!!

    • @oracleofdelphi4533
      @oracleofdelphi4533 Day ago +35

      This whole night was about breaking characters. It was the best!

  • @mikes.7654
    @mikes.7654 Day ago +25

    After years of being one of the best to keep it together, Heidi fell, and her fall was magnificent and hilarious.

  • @ericdwhitmorec
    @ericdwhitmorec Day ago +910

    The Background actors deserve an Emmy for their professionalism! And commitment to the craft!

    • @CorePathway
      @CorePathway Day ago +5

      Somebody had to…

    • @claudia8861
      @claudia8861 Day ago +4

      They have just never watched Beavis and Butt-Head

    • @lioness3030
      @lioness3030 Day ago +6

      Awww! Thank you so much! We finally getting recognized for our craft. 😅

    • @kiraward1125
      @kiraward1125 Day ago +1

      I think they were AI generated, or as close as one could find in human beings.

    • @the_unsexy_greenMnM
      @the_unsexy_greenMnM Day ago +3

      Except the guy in the blue sweater behind Kenan lol (love him for smiling) XD

  • @GraceT
    @GraceT Day ago +64

    You know something is hilarious when even Heidi can’t keep it together. I’ve never seen her break this hard 😂

    • @bsodmike
      @bsodmike 17 hours ago +1

      Yup. This is the best, her reaction is priceless

    • @michaeljames8329
      @michaeljames8329 17 hours ago

      I've never seen her fight so hard & lose it completely - it was absolutely #ChefsKiss.

  • @Jitterbuggn
    @Jitterbuggn 22 hours ago +10

    This was the funniest thing I’ve seen in years. Hair, makeup, wardrobe, writers, actors--all deserve an award for this. They were spot-on!

  • @coledennisterrell
    @coledennisterrell Day ago +779

    When Mikey taps Michael like "dude, they're talking about you" I lost it

  • @literallysatan4598
    @literallysatan4598 Day ago +1641

    The real MVPs are the extras keeping it together while everyone else was giggling all throughout

    • @lioness3030
      @lioness3030 Day ago +36

      We did amazing!

    • @InvisibleRen
      @InvisibleRen Day ago +7

      Right?! Like wow. I was wondering if they get a pay bonus or something as incentive bc how can you not fall into the infectious laughter? 🤣

    • @user-hz3yc9gt5h
      @user-hz3yc9gt5h Day ago +4

      @@lioness3030 how hard was it to keep it together? 😂

    • @bestinzeno1306
      @bestinzeno1306 Day ago +6

      The SNL cast faking like they are cracking up so they can score applause and steal the scene started with Jimmy Fallon. These scene is no different.

    • @lioness3030
      @lioness3030 Day ago +2

      @@InvisibleRen you should call NBC and ask them to pay us bonus! 😂

  • @joejensen2310
    @joejensen2310 Day ago +247

    This should be an awakening to SNL. This level of randomness with no ideological twist is what people want right now. This was amazing.

    • @marvdatboi
      @marvdatboi Day ago +16

      Just enjoy the sketch jfc

    • @r90f
      @r90f Day ago +4

      Agree with you joe

    • @sorenpx
      @sorenpx Day ago +8

      @marvdstboi I think that's what a lot of people want to do--just enjoy some funny shit--instead of have the writers and cast try to politically indoctrinate them.

    • @joe_rockhead
      @joe_rockhead Day ago +16

      I love it if someone would do a statistical analysis of how often ideology and politics are actually featured on SNL. I imagine it's far less than people think.

    • @sorenpx
      @sorenpx Day ago

      @@joe_rockhead @joe_rockhead It happens a lot, and what's more to the point is that it's always politics in one direction. Back in the day SNL made fun of everyone. Dana Carvey was so well-known for playing GHW Bush that he met the actual man and, on the other side, Norm MacDonald's lampooning of the Clintons is legendary. Today though SNL has basically become a tool of the Democratic Party.

  • @lildavie223
    @lildavie223 Day ago +33

    Honestly kudos to Heidi for still being even able to do the sketch. Bc if we're laughing this hard watching the skit online, imagine actually seeing butthead in person 😭

  • @tokyodirect4594
    @tokyodirect4594 Day ago +1851

    This was highly entertaining. I guess Heidi hadn't seen the finished product. Best moment at 3:05 when Mikey anticipates her turn around and widens his eyes to really deliver the full look to her, causing the meltdown. EDIT: Kenan's mic is on and you can hear him saying "oh god" in a laugh when she breaks.

    • @17thknight
      @17thknight Day ago +97

      Mikey knew EXACTLY what he was doing and I love him for it.

    • @markstewart4501
      @markstewart4501 Day ago +17

      Given the context of AI, I think SNL created the reality of Americans perfectly.

    • @N8T1V3-5F
      @N8T1V3-5F Day ago +2


    • @thewholetruth5473
      @thewholetruth5473 Day ago +1

      This was totally unfunny. What has happened to SNL over the past decade or so? They are never at all funny anymore.

    • @eugenioleiva7794
      @eugenioleiva7794 Day ago +27

      ​clearly you've had your humor gland removed

  • @Igaveyoumyfakename
    @Igaveyoumyfakename Day ago +1032

    Outside of Heidi's incredibly infectious breaking, one of the funniest things in this sketch is Ryan's acting in the very beginning: having "Beavis'" being SUPER interested and attentive in this town hall conversation.

    • @marcuserenberger
      @marcuserenberger Day ago +16

      He played it perfectly 😂

    • @stevekluesner4430
      @stevekluesner4430 Day ago +9

      That and how the Butthead actor stayed in character right through their first seating location 👍👍✊️✊️

    • @ralphstrickland7110
      @ralphstrickland7110 Day ago +14

      I can just hear Beavis saying “oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense”.

    • @kevinmulligan2006
      @kevinmulligan2006 Day ago +12

      they have incredibly busy lives and are deeply interested in the impact of this groundbreaking technology

    • @somejailnursedontask4658
      @somejailnursedontask4658 Day ago +1

      Ryan is always self effacing that’s why I love him.

  • @patrickriley2928
    @patrickriley2928 Day ago +15

    Reminded me of the Carol Burnett show's skits when Harvey Korman and Tim Conway could not keep a straight face. The best SNL skit I have seen in a while.

  • @lindawaschinek5396
    @lindawaschinek5396 Day ago +15

    One of the best sketches in years! Whole show was good. Ryan Gosling is so good!

  • @anthonybarreno3758
    @anthonybarreno3758 Day ago +601

    The man in the sweater behind Kenan was fighting for his life. You can see him crack crack smirks often

  • @zeroshadow2468
    @zeroshadow2468 Day ago +980

    When ever Ryan Gosling appears on SNL, you can always expect him to make the cast break.

    • @jackwilliams5474
      @jackwilliams5474 Day ago +2

      Nope, they should be better actors.

    • @grim554
      @grim554 Day ago

      @@jackwilliams5474you must be really fun in life

    • @bucketdogyeet1314
      @bucketdogyeet1314 Day ago +13

      @@jackwilliams5474shit’s dope tho

    • @kathyweddle4874
      @kathyweddle4874 Day ago

      @@jackwilliams5474it’s a LIVE sketch comedy show!!!

    • @Montaph
      @Montaph Day ago

      ​@@jackwilliams5474 Easy there, edgelord. Let people enjoy things.

  • @robguttridge6591
    @robguttridge6591 Day ago +8

    Heidi becomes even more adorable when she cannot keep from laughing.

  • @stevenhall4165
    @stevenhall4165 Day ago +7

    I’ve never in my life seen an snl actor break character that bad and i freaking love it😂😂😂

  • @iseeum
    @iseeum Day ago +773

    This is a historically dangerous sketch. From this day on no serious discussion of AI is immune from digressing into Beavis and Butthead references.

  • @karenwolsey2283
    @karenwolsey2283 Day ago +614

    Never seen Heidi Gardner laugh so much! 🤣😂🤣

  • @kgiovanni9443
    @kgiovanni9443 Day ago +6

    That is an award winning sketch. I've watched it over and over again and loose it every time. Who thought Ryan Gosling...Beavis and Mikey...Butthead. GENIUS!!

  • @emantabrizi8218
    @emantabrizi8218 Day ago +12

    I haven't laughed this hard at an SNL skit in a LONG time.

  • @Beth-ie
    @Beth-ie Day ago +151

    Heidi is the LAST one to break usually. She plays it straight 99.5% of the time! Never saw her lose it like this... and it was a delight to behold.

    • @beatweezl
      @beatweezl Day ago +1

      A delight indeed! I'm in love with her laugh!

    • @Lover30583
      @Lover30583 Day ago

      And it wasn’t even funny AT ALL. It was like she broke on PURPOSE. Like most of them do now.

    • @xxkristinakatalystx
      @xxkristinakatalystx 23 hours ago +1

      @@Lover30583the make up was funny

  • @raymuniz113
    @raymuniz113 Day ago +813

    This gotta be the best skit of the year, with Heidi, Ryan and Mikey breaking character. I’m still laughing.

    • @imacg5
      @imacg5 Day ago +18

      Technically, Beavis and Butt-Head speak while giggling are in character.

    • @Gail789
      @Gail789 Day ago +4

      @@imacg5The make up people win on this one. I couldn’t figure out who it was at first.

    • @thewholetruth5473
      @thewholetruth5473 Day ago +3

      Seriously? You actually thought this was funny? For real?

    • @VladZer0
      @VladZer0 Day ago +5

      @@thewholetruth5473 yeah, and if you see most of the comments I guarantee almost everyone thought it was funny, because it was. Now if you didn't find it funny is ok, you don't need to like everything

    • @kennyhiggins7806
      @kennyhiggins7806 Day ago +1

      @@thewholetruth5473 you didn’t find this skit funny at all? The first time watching it I couldn’t Stop laughing! You probably weren’t amused by the cartoon Beavis and Butthead, were you? I thought the actor pointing out B&B also made it funny with his reactions. Heidi laughing made me laugh. I’m one of those that watched Carol Burnett, and enjoyed them breaking character and laughing at each other.

  • @AlysterJohnEstur
    @AlysterJohnEstur 19 hours ago +3

    The energy and the writing is always 10/10 when Ryan Gosling hosts. The cast and crew love him.

  • @truhhhhhhhokIII3
    @truhhhhhhhokIII3 Day ago +5

    I watch her reaction to butthead like 50 times, the shock and disgust and hysterical laughter could not be held back 😂😂

  • @user-yp4ns7ws6f
    @user-yp4ns7ws6f Day ago +331

    My wife & I haven’t laughed that hard together in years and definitely with a SNL Skit, that is in the top 10 of all time!

    • @operacarmen
      @operacarmen Day ago

      I think it's extremely antisemitic that they gave B&B a Jewish nose .. ridiculous! .. someone in charge needs to cancel SNL immediately

    • @arkrowitz
      @arkrowitz Day ago +1

      Yes yes! I agree! Another one of my absolute favorites, with Ryan breaking character and making tbe skit totally memorable, is the one with Ms Rafferty (Kate McKinnon) and Ryan about Alien Abduction. Ryan Gosling is such a total sweetheart, anything he does goes straight to the heart.

    • @verynick
      @verynick Day ago +1

      Yup. This one and the engagement one was the funniest in years

    • @user-yp4ns7ws6f
      @user-yp4ns7ws6f Day ago

      @@verynick FACT!

  • @marklandreth2197
    @marklandreth2197 Day ago +8

    This is the funniest thing I have seen in a while! A well written and performed sketch. Great job SNL. Kudos to the makeup people as well.

  • @nickle3870
    @nickle3870 22 hours ago +3

    heidi's reaction was absolutely perfect, i was crying.

  • @Jakuboooooooooo
    @Jakuboooooooooo Day ago +205

    My favorite skits are the ones where the cast can’t hold it together 😂

    • @dylan9094
      @dylan9094 Day ago

      This is this generation's "Debbie Downer".

  • @1minlee
    @1minlee Day ago +454

    thumbs up for these PROFESSIONAL AF extras who don't break a single time throughout the ENTIRE SKIT

    • @mik7564
      @mik7564 Day ago +11

      I was thinking the same! Those guys are excellent at their temp job.

    • @clarkbilly5670
      @clarkbilly5670 Day ago +15

      @@mik7564 some of us extras do this full time !

    • @annem1937
      @annem1937 Day ago +2

      @@clarkbilly5670that is awesome!

    • @CorePathway
      @CorePathway Day ago +1

      The only ones. The rest of the show was a mess

    • @jnnx
      @jnnx Day ago +2

      They didn’t break, because it wasn’t that funny.

  • @Elvira-jb1qj
    @Elvira-jb1qj 22 hours ago +1

    this is the best SNL skit i've ever seen and heidi breaking character for so long is HISTORIC

  • @moment2890
    @moment2890 Day ago +238

    The eye squint from Kenan had me dying right from the beginning 😂

    • @N-Lee
      @N-Lee Day ago +7

      That was a good choice for him to make. Made me LOL right away.

    • @stevenlosey3144
      @stevenlosey3144 Day ago

      yes lmao, he looks, stops, squints harder, I was dying this whole skit

    • @RetroRuss
      @RetroRuss Day ago

      He looked just like Fry from Futurama doing the squint.

    • @shaunmasonmusic
      @shaunmasonmusic Day ago

      Haha yes the eye squint was perfect! And then the “OH MY.. GOD!!” 😅

    • @proudsalamanderfilms2332
      @proudsalamanderfilms2332 Day ago

      Agreed! First thing that got me going!

  • @epicroy13
    @epicroy13 Day ago +304

    No one being able to keep it together in this really elevated it lmao

  • @jerrylongobardi1696
    @jerrylongobardi1696 22 hours ago +3

    That has to be one of the all time best skits I've ever seen on snl in my 48 years

  • @jasonm456
    @jasonm456 Day ago +4

    This needs to be a recurring sketch. More than anything

  • @brianscotpatterson2101

    The fact this entire sketch is about Mike Judge cartoons is everything.Hank Hill and the King of the Hill characters as the ending joke is perfection..

    • @williamgriffith6061
      @williamgriffith6061 Day ago +37

      I want that crew to do a King of the Hill sketch now, They all looked so good

    • @gregpaspatis9425
      @gregpaspatis9425 Day ago +19

      Why does it seem like that sketch almost wouldn't have been complete if it hadn't also included the "Daria" spinoff character?

    • @kevinclick9026
      @kevinclick9026 Day ago +1

      Urs me frond

    • @JillKennedy-cw1wi
      @JillKennedy-cw1wi Day ago +6

      Thank you! The ending was a mystery to me…

    • @myroncope5
      @myroncope5 Day ago +2

      do you work for nbc?

  • @RashaKahn
    @RashaKahn Day ago +139

    Watching Heidi slightly break looking at Ryan, I was on pins and needles waiting for her to turn around and see Mikey in costume and it was well worth it.

  • @Charlezard.
    @Charlezard. Day ago +3

    This is one of the best skits in a while with one of the best, hardest breaks in a long time.

  • @alexthegam3r
    @alexthegam3r Day ago +2

    This is probably one of the best modern era SNL skits I've ever seen
    Also R.I.P Johnny Hardwick who played Rusty Shackleford a.k.a Dale Gribble

  • @ramirezproductions0826

    Man, this episode has definitely been the night of a thousand character breaks; and this sketch DEFINITELY contains some of the FUNNIEST ones I've ever seen! The second I saw Heidi Gardner bust up laughing upon seeing Mikey Day’s absolutely HILARIOUS Butthead costume, I immediately lost all control and SCREAMED in utter laughter!!! Man, I SWEAR that this has been one of the most HILARIOUS episodes of Saturday Night Live I've ever seen in my life so far!!! 😂😂😂

    • @eloyperez1527
      @eloyperez1527 Day ago +27

      Definitely one of the best episodes of the last couple of years, this sketch has the potential to be an all timer 😂

    • @ramirezproductions0826
      @ramirezproductions0826 Day ago +14

      @@eloyperez1527I agree. Move over Lisa from Temecula. There’s a new cast breaker in town. 😂

    • @karenwolsey2283
      @karenwolsey2283 Day ago +10

      SO much laughter and breaking, it's like they all took gummies before the show!🤣😂🤣😂

    • @hayleymo8
      @hayleymo8 Day ago +1


    • @nadecha5326
      @nadecha5326 Day ago +6

      It’s like she didn’t see them in character until the live taping

  • @macross25
    @macross25 Day ago +266

    Beevis & Butthead plus Hank, Dale, Bill & Boomhauer... best thing ever!

    • @OddWoz
      @OddWoz Day ago +3

      The best age of tv is firmly in the rear view. Sadly.

    • @lorrydiaz178
      @lorrydiaz178 Day ago +2

      mhhm yup

    • @johnmcnulty2705
      @johnmcnulty2705 Day ago +2

      It was a nice touch that Heidi's character's name was Bobbi just so James Austin Johnson as Hank Hill can say "Damn it Bibbi I am" at the very end.

    • @yourlifeisagreatstory
      @yourlifeisagreatstory Day ago +4

      Just a little tidbit: Hank Hill is based of the nieghbor of Beavis and Butthead. Both shows/characters were created by Mike Judge, who was a writer on SNL. The movie Office Space also came from a SNL bit.

    • @Clauriffo
      @Clauriffo Day ago

      @@OddWozyou sound like an old person. They always complain that it was better back in the day. Dont get me wrong I totally agree with you but lets face it. Oldies just complain too much.

  • @alansmithee183
    @alansmithee183 Day ago +4

    This is gonna go down as one of the classics

    @ENDDAYZDIECASTema Day ago +5

    That's it "Beavis and Butthead in the real" movie...it can be done 😂

  • @silvermainecoons3269
    @silvermainecoons3269 Day ago +721

    This skit is destined to become a classic, it’ll be up there with “More Cow Bell” and “David S. Pumpkins”. It deserves it! Love the fact that Heidi seemed genuinely surprised when she saw Mikey as Butthead. Kudos to the extras who managed to stay serious throughout the whole skit.

    • @EvanRockwell1
      @EvanRockwell1 Day ago +5

      Calling it a "skit" on the SNL channel...

    • @maryschroeder1533
      @maryschroeder1533 Day ago +7

      Same writers as David S. Pumpkins, Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell.

    • @user-ik8ok9qh2u
      @user-ik8ok9qh2u Day ago +11

      No, this skit sucked and will be forgotten in a month. At least the cast thought it was funny though.

    • @DonVideoGuy007
      @DonVideoGuy007 Day ago +9

      Heidi Gardner's character in this hilarious skit "never watched the Beavis and Butt-Head animated comedy series", but Heidi Gardner definitely did watch it on MTV when she was a young teenager = based on her breaking into hilarious laughter at Butt-Head, she had "total recall of it" - 😂🤣

    • @nickfury6434
      @nickfury6434 Day ago +5

      Basically the same setup as the Bart Simpson sketch with Jessica Chastain a few years ago.

  • @GodFamilyWorkGym
    @GodFamilyWorkGym Day ago +3

    Heidi Gardner losing her mind over looking at Butthead is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

  • @TheMorrogoth
    @TheMorrogoth 15 hours ago

    I LOVE it when they break character laughing!!!!
    Heidi's reaction when she saw Butt-Head is pure gold! Lol

  • @dthill96
    @dthill96 Day ago +157

    The sketch where nobody except Kenan could keep it together 🤣🤣🤣

    • @kaypowell7755
      @kaypowell7755 Day ago +12

      Most unrated (and long-time) player on the Show. His “Black Jeopardy” performances should have won him an Emmy by now!

    • @kaypowell7755
      @kaypowell7755 Day ago +4


    • @x0habiib0x
      @x0habiib0x Day ago

      @@kaypowell7755 the Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks!!! That shit as genius!!!

    • @svscared
      @svscared Day ago +8

      The legend of Kenan continues 😂

    • @gangaskan2255
      @gangaskan2255 Day ago

      im wondering how much he knew of the skit because it was pretty fucking funny

  • @Punky_Brewster
    @Punky_Brewster Day ago +179

    I would love to see the process of their transformations, especially Mikey Day.

  • @sonytest5601
    @sonytest5601 Day ago +3

    Simply the best! I love seeing all of them breaking. I've watched it 10 times in a row and I'm stll smiling.

  • @davehaller6477
    @davehaller6477 Day ago +2

    This was the funniest sketch is some time. Heidi was caught off guard with Mikey's makeup.

  • @spaceball-1
    @spaceball-1 Day ago +509

    Mikey Day made sure to give Heidi the most intense stare the second she turned around lol. She didn't stand a chance 😂

  • @ericahlevine
    @ericahlevine Day ago +119

    I literally have tears streaming down my face. This was great. I’m not even through the whole skit and I am hysterically laughing.

  • @naberz08
    @naberz08 20 hours ago +1

    I love the setup that Heidis character is named Bobbi just so James can say "Bobby" as Hank Hill

  • @briarrose7016
    @briarrose7016 Day ago +13

    This by far the best thing SNL has ever done.

  • @theultimatereductionist7592


  • @JohnnyStupidJr.
    @JohnnyStupidJr. Day ago +169

    I don't remember the last time I laughed that hard. Nice one, SNL.

  • @esocietypodcast7087

    Hats off to all the extras that kept it 100 through the whole sketch. I would have been busting up!!😂😂😂

  • @Bleacher22
    @Bleacher22 Day ago +1

    The laugh was so contagious, i was literally crying. 😂 Not me was 20 times on repeat bits. 😂

  • @PleaseDontEatTheAnimals

    The makeup for Butthead was awesome--even though I knew it was coming, it was still hilarious when they first showed his face.😆

    • @Phil.The.Lumberjack
      @Phil.The.Lumberjack Day ago

      I thought the black guy on the right looks like beetlejuice from the stern show

  • @jeronwashington1536

    The cast and crew got Heidi so good, she was probably thinking, "you guys got me so good, that was a great prank"😂😂

  • @csharp821
    @csharp821 Day ago +1

    I've watched this thing probably 6-7 times. It cracks me up when the cast break character. Awesome skit

  • @burquerudeboy6712
    @burquerudeboy6712 Day ago +1

    That's some high quality sketch comedy! One of the best EVET!!😂😂😂

  • @keithpatrick156
    @keithpatrick156 Day ago +352

    That is the hardest breaking I've ever seen on SNL. And it was earned, too. I was dying at the same places - B&B trying to look serious is comedy gold.

    • @asdfajaskdjfkl1658
      @asdfajaskdjfkl1658 Day ago +2

      I still think Bowen signaling for them to wrap things up in the original Lisa from Temecula sketch wins, but this was so organically funny I can see your nomination.

    • @billyeveryteen7328
      @billyeveryteen7328 Day ago +5

      @@asdfajaskdjfkl1658 The difference is that Bowen, or even the whole cast in the Debbie Downer sketch is that they were struggling to either hide it or power through, and the giggles built up and boiled over. This was an instantaneous and thorough breaking.

    • @staceymenheart8353
      @staceymenheart8353 Day ago +6

      Yeah, I thought it was funny. She did a great job holding it together with Beavis. But when Butthead came out, it was game over and so hilarious

    • @dr.braxygilkeycruises1460
      @dr.braxygilkeycruises1460 Day ago +4

      For me, the winner of best break still goes to that political show sketch when Woody Harrelson hosted. There was a quick change, and the dresser came out when she wasn't supposed to. Everyone lost it. I still watch that every now and then. 😆 🤣 😂

    • @MikeD-tf7dk
      @MikeD-tf7dk Day ago

      Yup. Never seen breaking that intense b4

  • @arieluv615
    @arieluv615 Day ago +38

    😂😂😂😂 the King of the Hill really was the icing on the cake.
    Also I LOVE Heidi in this hair color!

  • @jenniferclark9575
    @jenniferclark9575 Day ago +2

    King of the Hill at the end! Perfect!

  • @melissascotti6938
    @melissascotti6938 Day ago +1

    Props to the makeup and costume design! Got the actors and audience rolling 😂

  • @shahartley
    @shahartley Day ago +289

    I would be completely ok with seeing a live-action Beavis & Butt-Head movie with Ryan & Mikey.

  • @Pinkricaan
    @Pinkricaan Day ago +27

    Heidi has built up enough equity to break for the ant of time she did. I love that the audience applauded her (if they were told to do so or not)

    • @AdrianColley
      @AdrianColley Day ago +1

      They could not have been stopped. Every live audience loves mistakes on stage.

    • @MONKMONEY-hu1gw
      @MONKMONEY-hu1gw Day ago +1

      I personally thought the applause was natural because they were cheering her on and probably didn't want her to get in any trouble with l.m

  • @falconeyes9668
    @falconeyes9668 Day ago +86

    I was laughing harder than Heidi Gardner when Mikey Day went full Butthead looking at her when she turned around.🤣

  • @cleebe6905
    @cleebe6905 Day ago +2

    Those extras are some real heroes. Not a smile among them, glorious.

  • @ScottDaddyMac
    @ScottDaddyMac Day ago +2

    A truly funny skit on SNL. It's been quite a while since I laughed this hard from something on this show.

  • @acboone7
    @acboone7 Day ago +130

    Heidi breaking MADE this skit even more perfect than it already was! I was laughing before she broke but when she broke I was legit howling! 😂

    • @rustyshackleford1418
      @rustyshackleford1418 Day ago +2

      Right. Mikey was is in the zone I don't know how he didn't break with her. Only breaking a little at the end...👏👏👏

  • @laalaa99stl
    @laalaa99stl Day ago +67

    Oh main. They got Heidi good. TBF, I wouldn't have survived this sketch either. 🤣

  • @MoneyMN34
    @MoneyMN34 Day ago +1

    This sketch is so funny even the cast couldn’t keep from laughing. This is gold!! Also love how relevant Beavis and Butt-head still are in pop culture.

  • @celenaspencer61
    @celenaspencer61 Day ago +255

    The King of the Hill tribute was so needed. 😭😫😂😂😂

    • @KAmanPatel
      @KAmanPatel Day ago +5


    • @multitudeofidols
      @multitudeofidols Day ago +4

      R.I.P. Johnny Hardwick.

    • @jeffisaliar
      @jeffisaliar Day ago +1

      Dang it, bobbuh

    • @canaisyoung3601
      @canaisyoung3601 Day ago +1

      The only criticism I have is that they could have used bronzer/fake tan to make Marcello look more like Boomhauer. Everyone else is on-point, especially Molly Kearney as Bill Dauterive.

  • @dziobak101
    @dziobak101 Day ago +14

    The way they got the queen of not breaking to break the most in just about any sketch ever is so choice!

    • @TheMonroemomma
      @TheMonroemomma Day ago +2

      Right?? Heidi never breaks. Ever. But when she broke, she really really broke and it was hilarious!

  • @aimeeoldham8330
    @aimeeoldham8330 Day ago +4

    Best skit ever! I laughed so hard, definitely saving this one for a good laugh on a crappy day

  • @Lancer71123
    @Lancer71123 Day ago +3

    Haven't seen SNL so funny in some time. This is classic SNL, my gut is hurting laughing so hard at this. Kudos to the make-up artist reallly sells Beavis and Butt-Head, now go make a live action! oh, and cast those two!

  • @JoeBland_Real
    @JoeBland_Real Day ago +101

    Andrew just casually staring down Heidi while she breaks character at 3:12 is golden 😂

    • @Only3Penguins
      @Only3Penguins Day ago +12

      That’s Mikey Day as Butthead. Andrew Dismukes is at the end playing Dale from King of the Hill.

    • @jenniferjohnson2712
      @jenniferjohnson2712 Day ago +9

      I think they meant Michael Longfellow.

    • @JoeBland_Real
      @JoeBland_Real Day ago

      @@jenniferjohnson2712 You might be right. For some unforeseen reason I can’t tell the difference between Andrew and Michael, lol 😂

  • @nicholasgarrick8855

    Butthead gummy grin is so spot on!! I cried laughing 😂.

  • @firkalali5302
    @firkalali5302 Day ago +1

    Her breaking character and laughing uncontrollably is the best part of the sketch. So funny!

  • @christopherpush4382
    @christopherpush4382 17 hours ago

    lol Love it when they break. That had all the genuine laughter of cast members who skipped dress rehearsal.

  • @sfskygoddess
    @sfskygoddess Day ago +1

    Laughed so hard there were tears, Heidi breaking just made me laugh even more. GREAT skit!!!