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Fantasia (1940) Sunflower comparison

  • Published on Jun 25, 2015
  • EDIT 2: Best quality Ultimate edition:
    • Fantasia (1940) Sunflo...
    All censored scenes in best quality:
    • Fantasia (1940) All Ce...
    • Fantasia (1940) Sunflo...
    RAW footage form 35mm tape on my channel.
    This is my best effort to recut all scenes with Sunflower and Otika Centaurettes and compare it with official DVD release.
    Scenes with Sunflower taken from:
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Comments • 3.5K

  • @Memmyrabilia
    @Memmyrabilia 7 years ago +3048

    They could have just remodeled her to look less offensive than remove her completely

    • @heyyou9983
      @heyyou9983 7 years ago +50

      That would've taken more time.

    • @StopTheMorons
      @StopTheMorons 7 years ago +56

      No, they COULD HAVE just left it the way it was! The way it was intended to be!

    • @Memmyrabilia
      @Memmyrabilia 7 years ago +46

      +Nguyet Bui So? At least then people wouldn't accuse it of being ridiculously offensive.

    • @StopTheMorons
      @StopTheMorons 7 years ago +100

      Nerd_Charmed I think covering the truth up even if it is wrong is the greater offense and injustice.

    • @kevinr.m.richardson812
      @kevinr.m.richardson812 7 years ago +95

      Pretending something isn't part of our societal history doesn't make it go away.

  • @Piggy-Oink-Oink
    @Piggy-Oink-Oink 8 years ago +2747

    Disney Officially States "there was NEVER a character called Sunflower" in Fantasia You have PROVEN them to be LYING.

    • @BBCEmily
      @BBCEmily 8 years ago +59

      +Piggy-Pike Well, it could just have a different name, and they're actually telling the "truth."

    • @Piggy-Oink-Oink
      @Piggy-Oink-Oink 8 years ago +72

      +BB Child Butthey are NOT. Yo uare trying to invent truith that doesnt exist. there WAS a character IN FANTASIA called Sunflower...it's not open for a "Debate" it is a historical fact that DISNEY has removed from history. so please.....because it DOESN'T have a different name. That is the name of the character removed.

    • @StarterSteel
      @StarterSteel 7 years ago +136

      Dummy, he's saying that is the route they would take, instead of own up they would act like there was a loophole. Disney: "Oh you mean that little Black Centaur? Ohhhhh! That's really Daffodil, see we said there wasn't a girl named Sunflower and we were telling the truth."
      Don't just strike back like you're fighting for some kind of justice.

    • @OreoKit3
      @OreoKit3 7 years ago +129

      They haven't just denied that there was a centaur called Sunflower in Fantasia, but they have denied that there was ever a black centaur. Whether or not you refer to her with her name, they repeat she doesn't exist. Anyone who has the original movie will know otherwise.

    • @PyroGothNerd
      @PyroGothNerd 7 years ago +26

      Funny, there are interviews saying otherwise. Also, there was a centaur named Ortika who looked identical to her, so there could have been a mix up.

  • @jcamisa50
    @jcamisa50 7 years ago +3149

    Boy things have changed.

  • @christinawahlberg6805
    @christinawahlberg6805 6 years ago +2442

    I think I saw the original one when i was small. I remember the littler one helping out, but I saw it as the child helping out older sisters. They were all funny colored, so seeing a "black" one didn't register in my brain.

    • @parik1104
      @parik1104 6 years ago +43

      Christina Wahlberg Bullshit

    • @f5tornadeau
      @f5tornadeau 6 years ago +480

      Parikchit Arun the only bs around here are all the people thinking everyone else is racist. You don't even know this person. Shut the fuck up.

    • @Alex-nq9bw
      @Alex-nq9bw 6 years ago +141

      Boy i didnt get what was censored until 3/4 into the video and then i was like, "Oh they took out the black centaur. Nice." I doubt kids would even understand

    • @sectorsounds602
      @sectorsounds602 6 years ago +56

      f5tornadeau it is racist , she is basically like a slave taking orders to the whites and shit so they Censored the racism and yea old times of racist Disney

    • @yuedee9105
      @yuedee9105 6 years ago +173

      This thing might be rasist, but hell, young kids often don't understand what rasism is. (at least if they didn't experienced it. And it's sad enough that there are still kids who have to deal with such Bullshit) but as I said, for children "race" and stuff don't matter. They don't see a video like this and say "oh this is rasist bs", they see it and think "oh she helped her friends/sisters" and "oh, that's mean!" cuz kids don't think like adults. So stop saying a person is rasist because they didn't think of things (like a animation) as kids like u do know. We learn and grow as we age and rasism is something we have to learn.. (or better not, but u get it)
      This animation might be rasist, a kids view is (mostly) not.

  • @Branmuffin911
    @Branmuffin911 7 years ago +2207

    Ah so that's how magic works. Invisible black people.

  • @KrDizzy14
    @KrDizzy14 7 years ago +2428

    My Great Grandma must have had an old copy of this movie because when I watched it all the time at her house in the early 90's as a kid, Sunflower was in it, but I was just a kid, so I thought nothing of it.

    • @bakaichigo
      @bakaichigo 7 years ago +79

      Same. My mom had the original, and she let us watch it just like she let us read the original fairy tales (cinderella and so on). So I grew up with racist fantasia and stories where wolves ate little girls only to be cut open by woodsmen, have their stomachs lined with stones and then sewn back up... Or, you know, stories about girls who go to balls and attract princes, who then become the cause of her step-sisters' horrible self-mutilations...
      My childhood was pretty awesome. ;D
      (Edit to add: I DID recognize the slavery of sunflower as being bad, though. I don't know if I used the word racist, since I don't think I knew that term at the time really, but I knew it felt wrong and quizzed my mom about why 'that different looking horse girl' was being treated differently.)

    • @bakaichigo
      @bakaichigo 7 years ago +6

      *animalcrossing fan*
      I'm not sure that term means what you think it means... You can't just dump that term out any time you remember something different. There's evidence she DID exist and was in the movie - as seen in the video above - so... No, time and space did not part ways to create an alternate universe with slight differences such as the omission of this character.
      In order for that to be the case, there would have to be NOTHING to prove she was ever in the film EXCEPT for people's memories. Just like how everyone remembers BerenSTEIN Bears and not BerenSTAIN Bears, but there's absolutely no proof that was ever how it was spelled (outside of two documented typos that couldn't have spread to EVERYONE).
      Nice try, though.

    • @TheBingleichwiederda
      @TheBingleichwiederda 7 years ago +33

      Locutette when you are born in Germany you know all gruesome tales by heart :D

    • @gabrielle9893
      @gabrielle9893 7 years ago +9

      KrDizzy14 same here.

    • @TheSleepyZombie
      @TheSleepyZombie 7 years ago +5

      KrDizzy14 my grandma too...

  • @SilverAshes109
    @SilverAshes109 6 years ago +497

    You know, this reminds me of (and correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe her name was) Nana from Tom and Jerry. Everyone was saying how racist she was, a black slave working as a a maid. But I never saw it that way, I thought that was HER home, Tom was HER cat, that SHE was the woman of the home. And upon rewatching old Tom and Jerry, I can't find anything that ever suggested she was a slave. Was it her clothing? Because when I was younger, my grandmother used to wear something similar when it was time for Spring cleaning, and we're Mexicans btw, so don't go saying "Honey she was a slave." She was cleaning her own house.

    • @kuramayoko23
      @kuramayoko23 6 years ago +126

      You and me both. I always thought it was her house. Even watching it now I don't see her as a servant. I just think people want to bitch about it because they can and they're just being idiots.

    • @alejandropolina3551
      @alejandropolina3551 6 years ago +60

      I also thought it was her house, and have never seen her as a maid or slave. I thought the problem was how she was dressed, that's what I read

    • @CelticFairyBox
      @CelticFairyBox 6 years ago +22

      I never knew that i thought she was toms owner and it was her home

    • @AtarahDerek
      @AtarahDerek 6 years ago +57

      I always assumed she was Tom's owner too. Can't a black lady own a cat? It says more about the viewers than it does about the company if all they can see is a "racist" caricature where none is necessarily intended to be.

    • @iloveutubesince3207
      @iloveutubesince3207 6 years ago +21

      I always watched her as the owner of both the house and Tom. And what is the deal about her clothes? That was the attire of a housekeeper back then.

  • @literallyasuka2996
    @literallyasuka2996 6 years ago +2102

    Why the hell did YT recommend me to watch this once again? Stop.

    • @literallyasuka2996
      @literallyasuka2996 6 years ago +19

      Daniel Fonseca Gtfo of my reply section. I find this video kinda depressing, so I don't like seeing it in my recommendation section.

    • @literallyasuka2996
      @literallyasuka2996 6 years ago +13

      Daniel Fonseca But...
      You're literally getting offended by my comment. You're one to talk. Aren't you a little young to be on the internet? You're acting like a bitchy preteen girl. Get off the internet.

    • @ShowSlideProductions
      @ShowSlideProductions 6 years ago +5

      Daniel Fonseca as I go on RUclips to see a shift in time in the world of Disney. I am saddednd at how classics have changed even with good intent. And with the tic of the clock the Disney struck down the evil that had infested it. After it was over I yerned to read the replays on sutch a video. On it I find the ponders as to why RUclips recemended this to him. A reasonable query. Why sould youtube want people to watch somthing not in there interest. Then I saw over the South horizon a reply. I expected others who pondered this. Instead I found a war. Not a flam war, no Its size was not grand enuff to be sutch. This was a lighter war, the war of a small flame. And as I read I knew this was truly the internet.

    • @ShowSlideProductions
      @ShowSlideProductions 6 years ago

      That was not what I was saying, jest stating what everyone knows, everything on the web will eventually lead to a flame war. Also look at my comment dose it really look like it was meant to be taken serenely, im jest an ass hole on the web with nothing better to do when i have a coled. Why am I even wrighting this I could be drinking mnt.dew... fuck this shit its dew time. Maybe i'll mix whiteout and livewire, i men there both citrus, i mean whit out is the only one called citrus but i think livewire is orange right. You know why the hell did they git rid of dew.S.A. i mean that shit was good. At least we still have throw back. OMG next time you go to QT or some other place with soda mixers make a villain mnt.dew it sound bad but it is the shit. Did you know Mnt.dew is owned by Pepsi? When worlds collide am i right. My friend used to think that monster mutant was part owned my mnt.dew. OMG I jest found a 12 pack of DEW.S.A. ONLINE, its from a site called soda emporium(soda-emporium.com/FRESH-12-Pk-Mountain-Dew-SA-soda-P5750590.aspx?Product_Search&) they have bottles to. I mean 10.99 is a bit much but its mnt.dew FUCKING MNT.DEW!!! Do you know the history of mnt.dew, look it up its actually really interesting, did you know mnt.dew has over 40 flavors out, and mnt.dew spiked is non alcoholic it jest has cactus juice. I really gada try that some time. I wish mnt.dew made something more powerful then kickstart I would drink the shit of that... not literally, i men I dont drink shit... you git what i mean. OMG do you know if mtn.dew seara blast will ever be soled in stores again, i know its a taco bell exclusive, but sometimes it comes out in stores. Oh shit now I want a taco. GTG

    • @elliot.woohoo
      @elliot.woohoo 6 years ago +7

      ROGER THAT why did everyone get offended by you,gosh fucking opressed snowflakes

  • @SciFiFangirlsFTW
    @SciFiFangirlsFTW 7 years ago +1795

    I hope Disney at some point makes a cartoon where a little black centaur girl gets to go to the ball and isn't just a servant to all the others.

    • @shiteyanyo1111
      @shiteyanyo1111 7 years ago +54

      SciFiFangirlsFTW She's the real beauty here

    • @cloverbun2574
      @cloverbun2574 7 years ago +46

      SciFiFangirlsFTW this has to be made. Especially since Sunflower seems like a better character than all those stuck up centaurs combined

    • @curseagent
      @curseagent 7 years ago +17

      SciFiFangirlsFTW they did: Tiana

    • @yourmumgay2374
      @yourmumgay2374 7 years ago +40

      SciFiFangirlsFTW princess and the frog, aladdin, mulan, moana, there are lots of Disney movies with POC princesses and it makes me happy to say that. :)

    • @brennicolas3093
      @brennicolas3093 7 years ago +5

      The Wonderful World of Disney produced a version of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella starring Brandy in the title role

  • @elinagouva1418
    @elinagouva1418 7 years ago +2469

    The scenes make much more sense in the uncensored.

    • @liv753
      @liv753 7 years ago +57

      Yeah sadly it did

    • @xii22loop
      @xii22loop 7 years ago +48

      But you understand WHY it is wrong and NEEDS to be removed, right?

    • @StarrChild.
      @StarrChild. 7 years ago +82

      +tango1986 child, I can see your brain is still undeveloped, and I'm sorry to burst you out of your bubble here but it is wrong. This was a racist and is harmful. I know it's hard for you to come out of your comfort zone and understand but hopefully you'll grow and learn.

    • @tenedria
      @tenedria 7 years ago +31

      yeah... Maybe they could have just recolored one of the centors to make her black... That way its more clear this is just her job and its not a race thing.

    • @julijakeit
      @julijakeit 7 years ago +37

      To censor is to forbid some part of information to be received thus forbidding the past mistakes to be seen. these is no shame in admitting that segregation was wrong and people used to blindly follow unjust laws. Not all laws make sense today and only the few people can see that today.

    @APOTHEOSEITY 6 years ago +1702

    i still can't believe that some people think she was cut out for racist reasons. she w
    as cut out bc she was drawn as a RACIST CARICATURE and disney didn't want to be associated w/ that

    • @bluedragon8762
      @bluedragon8762 6 years ago +117

      JennDragon also idiots cant differentiate time periods and appreciate things. Yes it was wrong but it showcases the norm f the time. It makes me feel like people are idiots when they dont realize this

    • @sgtphrog9857
      @sgtphrog9857 6 years ago +10


    • @ashleighlewis8938
      @ashleighlewis8938 6 years ago +56

      JennDragon I mean... they’re probably more angry about the fact that Disney denied her existence completely, but sure okay

    • @belesschill9661
      @belesschill9661 6 years ago +16

      Flower Cat they were right, it is caricature. At least Google what you're correcting.

    • @erickt1974
      @erickt1974 6 years ago +22

      Walt Disney was racist

  • @nataliaflorez419
    @nataliaflorez419 6 years ago +568

    Honestly disney had no way to win this. If they removed the character, people would complain about history and if they didn't, people would complain about racism. They just made the choice they thought it was better...

    • @thegreatcanadianlumberjack5307
      @thegreatcanadianlumberjack5307 6 years ago +21

      Natalia Flórez Someone would of said it was Racist and sued Disney. You to remember we live in a sensitive world now a days. We can’t have good things anymore without someone getting offended

    • @cameoshadowness7757
      @cameoshadowness7757 6 years ago +27

      They could have easily just changed her colors and _maybe_ her lips too. They already have multicolored centars so simply changing her colors would have made things better then it is now. She would still be in and it wouldn't be a big deal.

    • @TheConstructorChris
      @TheConstructorChris 6 years ago +18

      Cameo Shadowness true, but even in that case, it would still be a cover-up and people could consider it neglecting the history.
      Overall though, it's generally a better idea to stop perpetuating the stereotype. There will always be evidence of the old character, like in this video; we can learn from that, and setting good examples.

    • @cameoshadowness7757
      @cameoshadowness7757 6 years ago +2

      eh... I understand what you mean...

    • @gageperuti5519
      @gageperuti5519 6 years ago +3

      Natalia Flórez It makes sense. Blackface is one of, if not the most, offense racial caricatures in the world. Not even Song of the South went so far as to have a character be in blackface, though they might as well have from how stereotyped they were. Disney did the right thing in editing Sunflower out, and I hope she never makes a resurgence.

  • @Nerd89056
    @Nerd89056 7 years ago +1713

    I see how this can be seen as racist and offensive, but I honestly found Sunflower to be extrodinarily cute.

    • @TheDbzlova
      @TheDbzlova 7 years ago +15

      BigTopFreakShow yeah you know what me too!!!

    • @mattb995
      @mattb995 7 years ago +53

      BigTopFreakShow and don't you find it sad she was just erased. They could have left her in, maybe, but just made her get herself ready and do her own thing like the others? Idk tho

    • @HannaOskSvard
      @HannaOskSvard 7 years ago +33

      Matt B but then they would have had to make a whole new animation for her.. its easier to remove something than to go back into traditional animation and make a new sunflower for all of those scenes. although i agree, it would have been nice if she could have been left in there just doing her own thing...

    • @singingisfun285
      @singingisfun285 7 years ago +43

      BigTopFreakShow IKR, I wish they just changed her roll so she could be part of it all. :(

    • @SeriouslyNotNormal
      @SeriouslyNotNormal 7 years ago +1

      Me too!

  • @SaintCharlos
    @SaintCharlos 7 years ago +1982

    Disney denies that Sunflower exists now. Maybe they're so ashamed of their racist attitudes at the time.

    • @liv753
      @liv753 7 years ago +53

      I guess back then it wasn't racist. That sad

    • @stupidbinch1733
      @stupidbinch1733 7 years ago +49

      Nah it was always racist they just didn't care because they could get away with it

    • @cmrobbins88
      @cmrobbins88 7 years ago +16

      Pretty much why they've never re-released Song of the South.

    • @victormanteca7395
      @victormanteca7395 7 years ago +37

      They're not ashamed at all, they're wary of people suing them for money, and bad publicity among parents. Disney is all about business.

    • @cyrilfiggus6078
      @cyrilfiggus6078 7 years ago +5

      Nobody seemed to mind until 30 years later.

  • @metromelody18
    @metromelody18 6 years ago +597

    well its a historical cartoon from the past. We cant just lie that it didn't happen.

    • @ArsonRaboot
      @ArsonRaboot 6 years ago +10

      Shh they're watching you

    • @Nobody-11B
      @Nobody-11B 6 years ago +1

      metromelody18 they just did...

    • @c-r
      @c-r 6 years ago +5

      metromelody18 it's actively sold and profited on, come on man you know better.

    • @darkjedikid
      @darkjedikid 6 years ago +4

      Sure they can the Ministry of Truth will make it so.

    • @LoreEclectic
      @LoreEclectic 6 years ago +10

      metromelody18 They're half horses and you're worried about "accuracy"

  • @MakiSayaka
    @MakiSayaka 6 years ago +61

    She's super cute and spunky, I agree that they could have changed her colors, made her someone's little sister or something instead of an actual servant. I do remember there being really pretty black centaurs with zebra bodies which I thought was the coolest thing ever as a kid, so it would've been nice to maybe have them as representation and have a bigger part on screen.

  • @lizzyluv96
    @lizzyluv96 8 years ago +2196

    As offencive as the original was, it seems a sad and mean to just cut sunflower out like that

    • @liv753
      @liv753 7 years ago +95

      Honestly keeping her would be really bad. It would really bad for Disney to be know as racist. But on the other hand it makes it seem like there trying to throw her under the cover. I like sunflower but the way she was showed was bad .

    • @alinelaura7714
      @alinelaura7714 7 years ago +131

      It's not really sad nor mean if you consider all the black children who watched this and thought, on the back of their minds, that this is all they'll be able to be. Someone who has to do everything for others, to obey. Consider all white children who'd watch this and think that there's nothing wrong with acting superior to someone with black skin. This is disgusting. Sunflower could've stayed as a black character if she wasn't portrayed like this. Huge lips colored white, "ugly" hairstyles, serving others and being the one left behind, this is blunt stereotyping and racism. She could've been a beautiful black creature with a cute afro or black hair, with the delicate facial expressions and hands like the other ones, maybe fuller lips; but this version is simply horrid. This is NOT how a minority should be represented if one wants awareness or equality, this just helps to build racism.

    • @TimeBomb014X
      @TimeBomb014X 7 years ago +31

      I disagree with that last statement, minorities or any ethnic group should be represented however the creator wants to, if it is in flattering ways or not, personally I'm more offended at the censored version. People need to learn to let the past go, stop covering it up, embrace it, learn from it and move on

    • @alinelaura7714
      @alinelaura7714 7 years ago +74

      +The ZombieMan Should be extremely easy to say that when you don't belong in said minority. It's easy for someone to simply ignore until it reaches them on a personal level. Instead of sympathy, give me empathy. Put yourself in a black person's shoes. Imagine if everyone held their purses upon seeing you, sat afar from you and treated you as inferior. This isn't for a day, it's for the rest of your life; it's hard and degrading.

    • @Gambit771
      @Gambit771 7 years ago +18

      +Aline Laura Its a Disney film.
      You're acting like it's the sole cause for racist attitudes you seem to think all white people have which in itself is more racist than this film.
      Have you ever looked at your racist beliefs against white people?

  • @sionatube
    @sionatube 7 years ago +2720

    Honestly I don't even know what is more racist.
    Leaving that black girl in or removing her (ignorance to her very existance)

    • @eleonoralamarca1447
      @eleonoralamarca1447 7 years ago +57

      I would have leaved Sunflower but add an apology to every dvd

    • @snazzysitara
      @snazzysitara 7 years ago +146

      Fregalite I think they should've changed her design. They could've made Sunflower like a glowing blue little girl. No specific race, just blue. Then none of the centaurs would be any specific race, since they're all pink, green, blue, and gold.
      But in terms of trying not to offend those who know about the original, taking her out was a good move.

    • @sionatube
      @sionatube 7 years ago +9

      good idea

    • @mushrooms6356
      @mushrooms6356 7 years ago +33

      I have A Fantasia tape, and it has 2 less racist looking black girls in it, but the black girl in this video should be removed, Because people would call Disney racist for how that girl looks.

    • @mushrooms6356
      @mushrooms6356 7 years ago

      They really should have.

  • @Blorp52
    @Blorp52 6 years ago +294

    It's funny because Disney denies her existence

    • @spewsansucks
      @spewsansucks 6 years ago +5

      Dingus Kahn well I mean, she doesn't exist anymore...

    • @AntoineRed
      @AntoineRed 6 years ago +25

      That's the Disney approach. Denying it happened. I prefer the Warner Bros approach. Leaving it uncensored, and explaining at the beginning why this was made, and also that it was wrong then, and it's wrong now.

    • @SiGhast
      @SiGhast 5 years ago +3

      Whovian Red That's interesting. Do you have an example of Warner Bros. doing that?

    • @miaa1762
      @miaa1762 5 years ago +1

      Whovian Red Ah, very smart. Explaining and saying why it's wrong is better than trying to cover your tracks.

  • @RedShingami55
    @RedShingami55 6 years ago +618

    ...She's wildly cute, though. She just wants to put her little flowers on everything! ❤

    • @sup4744
      @sup4744 6 years ago +74

      *whispers* she was the "unattractive" servant

    • @aradajnam
      @aradajnam 6 years ago +68

      Plus, they made her a donkey...

    • @thrumugnyr
      @thrumugnyr 6 years ago +92

      Where did they make her a donkey? Her tail is a horse's tail. Maybe a pony, since she's so small. Still, definitely a racist caricature.

    • @lukemckenzie0121
      @lukemckenzie0121 6 years ago +2

      She's not cute

    • @uhleeruh6908
      @uhleeruh6908 6 years ago +17

      hatsune memeku I understand that but they removed it because it reminded them of "slavery". I'm glad it wasn't a thing

  • @-Lysander-
    @-Lysander- 7 years ago +2523

    Okay RUclips, I watched it.
    Now would you *please* stop recommending it to me ?!?

  • @user-wl2qh2wb2r
    @user-wl2qh2wb2r 7 years ago +1017

    sunflower is my favourite! she's so cute!
    i wish they could have done something different instead of just removing her completely..
    like maybe re-making it so she looks less offensive, and making one of the more beautiful centaur's have dark skin too, so it's like she's the little sister instead of just a straight up servant..

    • @scout6388
      @scout6388 7 years ago +38

      ドッピオヴィネガー Yeah and it would have been nice to see other skin tones too. Diversity, you know?

    • @GregLopesArt
      @GregLopesArt 7 years ago +86

      Making one of the grown up centaurs black would be nice. They all are beautiful, including Sunflower, but I think changing the color of one of the big ladies would be the best choice. It's relevant to note that it was a different age, and the concept of racism was seen with different eyes. But I am glad Disney been giving for so many years space to diversity, specially in the past 30 years or even more. Characters like Moana, Mulan and Tiana are essential, because they show that there's diversity, and everyone is equal, and can be equally strong and beautiful.

    • @PsylomeAlpha
      @PsylomeAlpha 7 years ago +39

      ドッピオヴィネガー perhaps making the one she was trying to help look related to her so it just looks like she's trying to impress her stuck up sister?

    • @HidekiShinichi
      @HidekiShinichi 7 years ago

      ドッピオヴィネガー r

    • @echoeddra8on
      @echoeddra8on 7 years ago +7

      ドッピオヴィネガー That's honestly the best idea!

  • @FoxyPiratess
    @FoxyPiratess 6 years ago +285

    Sunflower's omission messed up the but with Bacchus/Dionysus... the edited version just shows the carpet magically unrolling for him. There are also moments where the non-black centaurettes appear to be looking back at someone, but we see no one. Now with CGI advances they could have swapped in an entirely different creature to replace Sunflower... also, if you are going through the trouble to remove all traces of a black character drawn in a racist way, why not make one of the remaining characters (who isn't a servant) black, or make all the centaurettes and centaurs blue, purple, or otherwise non-human coloured?

    • @narutoandanimefa
      @narutoandanimefa 6 years ago +7

      It's easier to just wipe the "mistake" under the carpet and act like it didn't happen, instead of editing everything else in order to make her fit in.

    • @PrincessTreasure
      @PrincessTreasure 6 years ago

      Cynthia Lagomorph exactly

  • @sandykemp7562
    @sandykemp7562 6 years ago +154

    Rather than saying "OK we did the whole racial stereotyping thing in the 40s like ALL of Hollywood did and we're sorry let's learn from the mistakes of our past" Disney just said "Fuck it! We'll just CGI the black stereotype character out completely and pretend it never existed in the first place! That'll give us a reason to stick a deleted scene back in and charge through the nose for a collectors DVD!"
    Racism was and still is a issue in society. Sweeping it under the carpet doesn't fix it. If anything Disney should be using their shady past to educate people about tolerance and exploitation. Not just denying it ever happened. Song of The South is another prime example of this.

    • @lizzychrome7630
      @lizzychrome7630 6 years ago +9

      I agree that Disney shouldn't sweep this under the rug. BUT, just from an artistic standpoint, this scene is far better off without Sunflower. Even if no one was offended, the character still clashes drastically with the rest of the tone, and completely ruins the mood.

    • @johnmatthew3650
      @johnmatthew3650 6 years ago +1

      Sandy Kemp I don't know if it will change anything but the house people are in different color soo....maybe ...nvm...

    • @mikeymagic3739
      @mikeymagic3739 6 years ago +2

      Sandy Kemp
      You sir are so correct

    • @mayhair
      @mayhair 3 years ago

      warner bros does that with their cartoon DVDs

    • @BaseballPlayer0
      @BaseballPlayer0 Year ago

      @@lizzychrome7630 nah, leave her in there

  • @moelewis7973
    @moelewis7973 7 years ago +1549

    It may be just me, but any racial stuff aside, I kind of think that Sunflower's really cute!

    • @ldylkr
      @ldylkr 6 years ago +65

      Moe Lewis She is.

    • @ShadowGirl166
      @ShadowGirl166 6 years ago +141

      Moe Lewis Its really sad because Sunflower is an adorable character! I get the fact shes supposed to be a stereotype but thats old history and I just wanna hug the little darling. I wish they had done a couple more neutral looking scenes with her that could have remained in the film so she could stay a background character without the stereotypical roll she had in the 40s being as obvious. Seems reading the comments though some have interpreted her a slave and others as a little kid trying to help. Its very intriguing how everyone has a different view of her

    • @fuzzyscarfandmittens4772
      @fuzzyscarfandmittens4772 6 years ago +57

      +Ailions It's a shame because she is adorable and very much a product of the times. I get that some might feel uncomfortable with her but censoring her out just takes away from the picture. It's like how people want to censor Huck Finn because of how they refer to the character of Jim. Yes it's offensive but again it's a product of the times. That's how they spoke back then and cartoons during that time used stereotypes.
      While I'd say we're more enlightened now, that doesn't mean we have to censor the past because it makes us uncomfortable.

    • @yms4355
      @yms4355 6 years ago +20

      YES! And her poses make her extra adorable!!

    • @canislunaticus
      @canislunaticus 6 years ago +4

      Agreed ☻♥

  • @epictitle
    @epictitle 7 years ago +1114

    Was like "wait whats different-- o"

    • @denastyone2788
      @denastyone2788 6 years ago +6

      are you serious

    • @openlyracist8055
      @openlyracist8055 6 years ago

      Mi Mi Nothing you capitalist pig.

    • @awesomeflowers510
      @awesomeflowers510 6 years ago +35

      Ксавие Киллер I always wonder why the world is so messed up and awful and then I remember that there are fucktards like you in the world.

    • @gildasdoingstuff8654
      @gildasdoingstuff8654 6 years ago +1

      Mi Mi dude, they litteraly represented slaves

    • @wrongway1100
      @wrongway1100 6 years ago

      I am sorry. I don't see the big deal.

  • @manuellaauad2858
    @manuellaauad2858 6 years ago +252


    • @yujm7
      @yujm7 6 years ago

      Manuella Auad

    • @laciehinds7768
      @laciehinds7768 6 years ago +1

      Manuella Auad *Inhales* DEAD MEME

    • @Rainjojo
      @Rainjojo 6 years ago +1

      Lacie Hinds *inhales* shut the fuck up

    • @laciehinds7768
      @laciehinds7768 6 years ago +1

      BabbyKissy Saadiq *inhales* HOW BOUT U

  • @Artofwraith
    @Artofwraith 6 years ago +436

    I really don't understand why people are shocked look at the time period it was made in. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ I'm not even mad it's not effecting me today so. Meh...

    • @amber.ang3l
      @amber.ang3l 6 years ago

      Lail Bailey look up Iuic classroom on RUclips

    • @afrosheenix
      @afrosheenix 6 years ago +16

      Good attitude.

    • @xeonome1
      @xeonome1 6 years ago +10

      Because SJ people from here feed with everything racist or which can be interpreted as such. Or they
      e just some pussies.

    • @starshooter4613
      @starshooter4613 6 years ago +15

      Racism is still racism and time periods don't defend that. It was wrong then and it's wrong now. And I find a lot of people are more angry about the fact that it was taken out, like it didn't happen.

    • @Drvm614
      @Drvm614 6 years ago

      Kiki Melendez .... its not an issue because of the time it was created... morals don't change with time... :\ who was talking about using there brain again? i pray for your seeds im pretty sure u haven't secured a stable base of wealth for them thatll last when ur gone

  • @thedarknesscallingme
    @thedarknesscallingme 8 years ago +251

    i remember watching the final scene shown here and always wondered how the carpet was magically unrolling itself, but just put it down to magic. now i know it was sunflower all along. Besides it's strange that they didnt mind showing eroticised female human/horse hybrids with green or blue skin but a black one was not deemed to be acceptable.

    • @officialbusiness8087
      @officialbusiness8087  8 years ago +16

      I think it's becouse creating over sexualized males and females is Disney speciality :)

    • @thedarknesscallingme
      @thedarknesscallingme 8 years ago +1

      good point

    • @ceealexis7610
      @ceealexis7610 8 years ago +7

      So the offensive depiction of a real life ethnic group with the use of a black centaur is comparable to the offensive depiction of what doesn't exist? I've never seen an ethnic group with blue and green skin so who exactly is Disney offending? Your point is insane and highly approving of disney's racism toward those of african descent

    • @Zebra-dogs
      @Zebra-dogs 8 years ago +19

      +Cee “Every one should know” Alexis No, what was offensive was that they used a stereotype, one that at the time was purposefully offensive. Disney himself was a very racist person because that's just what was normal when he was around.
      Although I believe they should have kept her in as a record of history she is not a character that is deemed as acceptable nowadays.

    • @Sakisasvictorianmask
      @Sakisasvictorianmask 8 years ago +26

      +Rex888dA Actually I thought the problem was the depiction of sunflower being a slave?

  • @dave1049
    @dave1049 7 years ago +294

    I kinda just was expecting nudity but whatever

  • @CappuccinoSquid
    @CappuccinoSquid 6 years ago +11

    Context is an uncomfortable reminder of what was once considered normal, but at least her design's cute.

  • @davidvanwell2071
    @davidvanwell2071 6 years ago +73

    I think it should be released as the original theatrical cut, but with a disclaimer saying, "removing the racism would ne like acknowledging it didn't exist at all" like they do with the Looney Tunes DVDs. It is like what some cities are doing by removing Confederate monuments. Removing them is like pretending it didn't happen in the first place. Wow I didn't expect to get so political watching a Disney clip.

    • @georgiamayfield5922
      @georgiamayfield5922 6 years ago +8

      but I think there is a bit of a difference with monuments. A monument by definition is a statue, building, or other structure erected to commemorate a famous or notable person or event. the Confederate monuments are honoring people who said that they weren't American. why would we want to honor that? But I do think they should do your idea with the disclaimer saying, "removing the racism would be like acknowledging it didn't exist at all" .

    • @davidvanwell2071
      @davidvanwell2071 6 years ago +13

      +Georgia Mayfield the thing with the confederate monuments, regardless what they represent, they are still historical. Removing them is like erasing that part of history. Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

    • @kissynuggett3727
      @kissynuggett3727 6 years ago +12

      Exactly... the exact same reason the Jewish community wanted Auschwitz to remain. So no one would ever forget... these monuments are important to keep as reminders... Change how you look at the monument... not the monument itself.

    • @AtarahDerek
      @AtarahDerek 6 years ago +2

      The Confederate monuments go further than that, because many of the monuments being torn down are of abolitionists, such as Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Meanwhile, pro-slavery racists like Ulysses S. Grant get to keep their face all over everything, including our money, just because they happened to be on the Union side. By wrongfully making "Confederate" synonymous with "slaver" and "Union" synonymous with "abolition," we do the work of abolitionists and the bravery of escaped slaves a great injustice. Grant was no friend of the blacks. Stonewall Jackson was who they turned to in times of need.

    • @AtarahDerek
      @AtarahDerek 6 years ago

      Tabitha K. Lee and Jackson weren't "evil racists." Grant was the pro-slavery racist.

  • @KameariKillScreen
    @KameariKillScreen 7 years ago +1081

    That is some quality racism!

    • @die9965
      @die9965 6 years ago +9

      Kameari Kill Screen yep!

    • @piergiorgiocaroli9201
      @piergiorgiocaroli9201 6 years ago +1

      It is indeed!

    • @katet1721
      @katet1721 6 years ago +43

      Slim Shady *And here we see an edgy 10 year old being provocatively racist in his natural habitat - the RUclips's comment section*

    • @piergiorgiocaroli9201
      @piergiorgiocaroli9201 6 years ago +4

      Slim Shady Do you even know history!?

    • @mrfisher1072
      @mrfisher1072 6 years ago +2

      Kate t well he's right it wasn't deemed racist at the time but he's oh so wrong on the slave part.

  • @victortoomes5685
    @victortoomes5685 7 years ago +148

    Instead of just erasing her completely they should have reimagined the character into something more realistic. Doesn't change the scene but everyone remembers Sunflower and she should have been portrayed in a more respectful way.

    • @juliadrake6236
      @juliadrake6236 3 years ago +3


    • @mousepariah3884
      @mousepariah3884 2 years ago +3

      @Chuck Buskee But they could have changed it up, since there are actually 3 or 4 little "sunflower" girls (the hairstyles are a giveaway it's not just one girl: 4 braids, Single Sunflower, then 2 pigtail braids with flowers on the end
      though the first shown polishing hooves and then rolling out the carpet might be the same; 4 braids on both )
      SO maybe make the first Green, the one putting flowers in the tail can remain black, then the one holding the flower train could be blue or white.
      Then just throw a few black recolors into the adult herds. Maybe the green/yellow female with pigtails during the presentation and there are easily 3 red males with blonde/brown hair that one or two could be switched out for a black pallete
      Changes it from a slavery thing to a diverse herd with younger members.

    • @CountlessPWNZ
      @CountlessPWNZ Year ago


    • @BaseballPlayer0
      @BaseballPlayer0 Year ago

      No, they shoulda left her as is

    • @Sky-or7qk
      @Sky-or7qk Year ago

      @@BaseballPlayer0 no

  • @PhilipJFry-fz1tx
    @PhilipJFry-fz1tx 6 years ago +190

    i have the uncensored and censored versions. It is rather strange to see the girl be gone. I understand that it was racist, but the fact that she was just completely removed... is strange

    • @ScionStorm1
      @ScionStorm1 6 years ago +17

      Philip J. Fry Because it wasn't just the way she looked, it was the role she played in the sequence. It's simpler to edit something out all together than try to change the entire sequence for the one character which, because of her original role, is what would have had to be done.

    • @afrosheenix
      @afrosheenix 6 years ago +9

      It is weird. Her original role isn't the issue. They should have repainted her. Things magically happening now that she was doing is awkward to watch, especially the red carpet.

    • @patrickhickey4047
      @patrickhickey4047 6 years ago +7

      I don't know. The role isn't great either. I mean, the only black character is the apparent servant of all the white ladies, up to and including doing the centaur equivalent of shining shoes. It's a little too much.

    • @inquisitorchristopher8527
      @inquisitorchristopher8527 6 years ago +1

      Why couldn't they just change her skin tone like 4kids does anime

    • @lilkittyanime
      @lilkittyanime 6 years ago

      1993DJC I guess but in Disney there were tons of servants black and white ( aka Cinderella) was a servant to her richer step sisters. A repaint actually would have helped cause all the kids would have thought was ( oh they must be rich centaurs, or valuable, or that's a baby centaur trying to help the older ones get ready and be like them one day.

  • @T.ornatus427
    @T.ornatus427 6 years ago +4

    When I was younger, Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 were the best frickin' thing to me, I absolutely LOVED it, Although I was always kinda confused when the carpet unrolled itself, now I know why it happens

  • @KattKratz
    @KattKratz 7 years ago +43

    Tiana wouldn't be proud.

    • @fayeskelly1633
      @fayeskelly1633 6 years ago

      I don't know why I feel the need to put this comment down, maybe because you're talking about a fictional character, or the fact that Tiana is Creole and not black.

  • @Sketchanie_Art
    @Sketchanie_Art 7 years ago +645

    I mean honestly hiding it and saying they didn't do it is worse than anything. It's like you're saying you never make mistakes. Seriously they should have just pulled their big boy pants up, apologized, and sold both the edited and unedited versions to make everyone happy. Personally, I find her so adorable I want to hug her.

    • @alinelaura7714
      @alinelaura7714 7 years ago +66

      She is adorable, but she is the ONLY black character and she is portrayed as someone who cares for others. What I mean is that if there was another black centaur, with soft facial expressions and delicate hands like the others, and they were ALL caring for each other, I would like that; but when this movie came out, kids watched it, and it wasn't cute. They told me to braid their hair and paint their nails, and if I said no they'd hit me and even throw rocks. Say things like "but blacks do it!". Kids are easily impressionable and unless you put yourself in our place, you will never understand why we're so glad they censored this.

    • @marcella8576
      @marcella8576 7 years ago +31

      If they did that, the should at least provide and explanation or apology beforehand as warner brothers did with some of their clips

    • @hunterurban5465
      @hunterurban5465 7 years ago +8

      Sketchanie please realize this was released in the 40s

    • @firstlast2264
      @firstlast2264 7 years ago +128

      I agree. Warner Brother puts warnings before some of their older cartoons that state "the cartoons you are about to see are products of their time. They may depict some of the ethnic and racial prejudices that were commonplace in American society. These depictions were wrong then and are wrong today. While the following does not represent the Warner Bros. views of today's society, these cartoons are being presented as they were originally created, because to do otherwise would be the same as claiming these prejudices never existed." That is definitely the way to go about it and Disney did the complete opposite of that.

    • @AmiWhiteWolf
      @AmiWhiteWolf 7 years ago +7

      Sketchanie I wish that happen in history but people don't like confessing and point the finger to other people.

  • @ali-yc5ih
    @ali-yc5ih 6 years ago +10

    When you wonder what kind of FBI agent gave them the uncensored scenes

  • @ForceMaximus84
    @ForceMaximus84 6 years ago +47

    If they can animate the character out of the frames, why not just change the color of the character so the overtones are removed?

    • @sup4744
      @sup4744 6 years ago +10

      The features would still remain and people could tell it was meant to be a pickinny

    • @ForceMaximus84
      @ForceMaximus84 6 years ago +19

      So, why not edit the offending features without removing the character?

    • @DSan-kl2yc
      @DSan-kl2yc 6 years ago

      Maybe they were cheap it would look too ugly.or expensive. I think they could leave her and just change the hair and color some of the other centuars or add some and it's fine.

  • @animebrat76
    @animebrat76 7 years ago +9

    Gotta love that magic carpet and how everything magically appeared and moved.

  • @mistieethemystic4597
    @mistieethemystic4597 7 years ago +272

    oh I get why they got rid of the black centaur

    • @Ihaskittay
      @Ihaskittay 7 years ago +1

      Top kek

    • @ThatChainmecha
      @ThatChainmecha 6 years ago +1

      Ihaskittay did you just say kek?

    • @Ihaskittay
      @Ihaskittay 6 years ago +2

      ThatChainmecha you can read, can't you?

    • @quintincastro7430
      @quintincastro7430 6 years ago


    • @blythen7195
      @blythen7195 6 years ago +21

      they edited the black centaur out because it was depicted as a "servant" to the other centaurs. it was also drawn with big red lips, a racist stereotype.

    @ALTERADEMINSONS 5 years ago +4

    I remember watching the uncensored one as a kid and it never really registered to me what her role was or how it she was portrayed. It wasn't until I rewatched it as an adult that I come to the realization

  • @Cybo-18
    @Cybo-18 6 years ago +3

    I've been starring at the thumbnail for 20 minutes trying to see the difference.

  • @elishapablo1637
    @elishapablo1637 7 years ago +306

    This is a reflection of the era that this was made in. Disney has always been sensitive to social issues such as racism. But Disney is also a company trying to please the masses, and since back then that kind of racism was widely accepted and not considered offensive, it went on. This happened in all over western media .. not just disney. The censorship happened because Disney was being sensitive to these things.
    To ask why they didnt just change the character design of the black girl is ridiculous because you dont know how much it cost to produce that. Especially since it was "cartoons" they didnt really have the proper budget to recreate the whole thing just for one character. To change the character design of one character is to change the interactions of all the character in this entire sequence. With the black girl's role in this sequence clear as a lacky and a "slave", it would be ridiculous to try and salvage anyway part of that.
    In any animated production, it is the biggest and most expensive risk to change a character after the film has been made. To remove the character all together and add a few throw away scenes is the cheapest and most feasable thing they could have done.
    In that way, the least amount of animators (human beings) would suffer through that and they'd be righting something wrong. THIS WAS IN NO WAY DISNEY TRYING TO ERASE HER EXISTENCE. Think better.

    • @poopsymcloopsy
      @poopsymcloopsy 6 years ago +10

      Elisha Pablo "to change one character is to change all the characters interactions in the entire sequence." Like changing a little girl character I to a non existent character kind of change? I'm not saying they should change her to a white character, I think that would be pointless. I just think that they could've put a disclaimer saying "we will not erase any racist imagery in this film, by doing so we do not erase the fact that it happened" and top it off with something about how those who forget history are domed to repeat it, sort of like what WB does.

    • @MrSexyRac00n
      @MrSexyRac00n 6 years ago +15

      Elisha Pablo That's not true at all. Disney was never always sensitive to social issues. Just because you want to preserve Disney's innocence doesn't mean you should make up lies about it. Disney has never published works that have gone against their own beliefs and moral principles. Walt Disney was misogynistic, racist, and anti-Semitic. Even his grandchildren acknowledged it.

    • @Mimiki203
      @Mimiki203 6 years ago +3

      AWA THE BROWN that was a nightmare and Donald Duck woke up clad in stars and stripes and kissed a figurine of Lady Librity saying something along the lines of "I'm proud to be an American" get your context before you bring that up.

    • @MemeLordCthulhu
      @MemeLordCthulhu 6 years ago +3

      Could've just changed her color to something unnatural. Maybe green or purple

    • @Moonfire121
      @Moonfire121 6 years ago

      Blazeplaysgames I see your point, they probably could've done that but they wanted to go down the cheaper route by simply removing the cells for sunflower instead of recolering them.

  • @Meggsie
    @Meggsie 7 years ago +684

    Wow- that's not even in my VHS copy that's 25-some-odd years old. This was my favorite sequence, such beautiful music and art. The little girl is really cute- so much sass! But yeh, that's not a good role for her. I could see an edited design romping around with the other goofballs during the party.

    • @Finozzi96
      @Finozzi96 7 years ago +34

      i think the edit was made in the 60s so that's why not even your VHS copy is "uncensored"

    • @sootydooty4346
      @sootydooty4346 7 years ago +70

      Megumi Goose still a racist caricature

    • @_queefy2778
      @_queefy2778 7 years ago

      Megumi Goose Yeah, true...

    • @MrGamelover23
      @MrGamelover23 7 years ago

      Ronald Owens We see it right here.

    • @kn6706
      @kn6706 7 years ago +3

      Megumi Goose Same, I have a pretty old VHS version of Fantasia that I still watch from time to time and she's not in it. I wonder when exactly they made the edits...

  • @MajorityFFA
    @MajorityFFA 6 years ago +207

    They removed my favorite character!

    • @TGOTYZero
      @TGOTYZero 6 years ago +1

      Safiya Smith The black centaur

    • @lisanettles7415
      @lisanettles7415 6 years ago +1

      Safiya Smith no, i don't want them to delete Song of the South entirely. I like Song of the South.

    • @vinnyeru
      @vinnyeru 5 years ago

      Tyler Groves yeah but the movie got it wrong and that was racist because shes the only one black and they made the others white and beautiful atleast make a beautiful black horse that’s raaaaciiisstttsttststsyitpprp

  • @sonnyragdc5432
    @sonnyragdc5432 6 years ago +521

    They are mad cause there was a little stereotypical black character being a slave.
    They are mad cause said character was removed.
    ... they tried!!!
    Stop it !!
    It was very distasteful to see this character being a slave and being portrayed as unattractive and they removed it....
    Now what's the big deal ?

    • @altarush
      @altarush 6 years ago +20

      Where does it show her being unattractive because she is black or little kid? The fat drunk god didn't think blacks were unattractive since he had two black slaves attending him.

    • @PnkSamurai00
      @PnkSamurai00 6 years ago +1

      Sonnyra GdC I'm actually glad it was removed.

    • @alackofcaring9662
      @alackofcaring9662 6 years ago +2

      Were they actually slaves, or just servants or helpers like the cherubim

    • @harrisonterrahe5532
      @harrisonterrahe5532 6 years ago +17

      Removing it really isn’t an apology, it’s more of a denial that it ever happened. There should be an available uncensored cut of the film along with this cut so that Disney could have the censored version, but audiences wouldn’t be irritated by the removal.

    • @mikelonas4508
      @mikelonas4508 6 years ago +3

      Sonnyra GdC they shouldn't have done it in the first place

  • @GasmaskAvenger
    @GasmaskAvenger 7 years ago +383

    What's even more shocking is that people treat Fantasia as a kids movie in the first place.
    It was originally made for an adult audience who wanted a melding of orchestral music and animation. You can blame Disney's marketing team for making it easily available for kids in the 80s and whatnot. Song of the South was intended for a family audience but not this.
    People say that Sunflower is demeaning to black children and I completely understand where that's coming from, but this movie wasn't really meant for any children in the first place. Teenagers, on the other hand, could probably process some of the headier moments, like when the fat fuck in this clip is obviously drunk. Children (even me back when I was a little kid) would not comprehend that at their age and hell...I doubt they would completely comprehend the slave connotation with the black centaur, unless their parents raise hell about it (and they are not in the wrong either for that).

    • @eleonoralamarca1447
      @eleonoralamarca1447 7 years ago +8

      ahahah "the fat fuck", that one is Dionysus or Bacco!This entire part of the movie took ispiration from various myths both roman and greek, and I guess this is just one more reason why Fantasia should not be watched by young people.

    • @victormanteca7395
      @victormanteca7395 7 years ago +3

      Ha! You agree that the depiction of the black centaurettes is wrong, but at the same time you body-shame poor god Bacchus calling him a "fat fuck". There are also overweight people in the cinemas, GasmaskAvenger. :P

    • @GasmaskAvenger
      @GasmaskAvenger 7 years ago +4

      Victor Manteca
      It ain't body shaming if one person calling someone else "a fat fuck" is also stricken with weight issues of their own, especially if its a real life overweight fellow calling a doodle "a fat fuck". Lighten up, buddy, it's just fun and games.

    • @victormanteca7395
      @victormanteca7395 7 years ago

      You surely missed the tongue-in-cheek icon in my tongue-in-cheek post. Voilà: :P
      But, yeah, "fat fuck" is like the "n-word", only available for use by "b-people". Fat fuck myself, too. Also a lewd drunkard like cousin Bacchus.

    • @PyroGothNerd
      @PyroGothNerd 7 years ago +8

      GasmaskAvenger You can blame the 50's for that. Everthing became kid's stuff and heavily censored.

  • @hamzarouri8454
    @hamzarouri8454 7 years ago +799

    Honestly, I don't care that they edited put sunflower. To me, that racist caricature never really added anything to the film.

    • @hamzarouri8454
      @hamzarouri8454 7 years ago +32


    • @jacksonsmith579
      @jacksonsmith579 7 years ago +53

      I'd rather not see racism while enjoying the movie.

    • @b1njjj95
      @b1njjj95 7 years ago +91

      Hamza Rouri To me I think they shouldn't have even bothered adding Sunflower as a character, since it's obvious that their intentions were nothing but racist.

    • @hamzarouri8454
      @hamzarouri8454 7 years ago +14

      b1njjj95 I can't argue with that

    • @nicco9851
      @nicco9851 7 years ago +16

      +b1njjj95 Well it was the 40's, sadly most people were okay with that at the time... It was even considered child-friendly...

  • @Biden2024_
    @Biden2024_ 6 years ago +16

    I'm black and I grew up watching these and loved Them, I understand that you had good intentions but you're altering a classic , and history ...

  • @FoxyPiratess
    @FoxyPiratess 6 years ago

    Saw a few black and white photos of the black centaurette ... thanks for showing the actual animation!

  • @anajaimes4420
    @anajaimes4420 7 years ago +511

    its sad Sunny was cut out. the racist depictations aside she's got the most personality out of any one in the short. if only she wasn't drawn that way

    • @snazzysitara
      @snazzysitara 7 years ago +18

      Wynick Roaklain Yeah, they should've changed her to a glowing not-real-color-of-human-skin centaur to avoid offensiveness (this wasn't meant to be sarcastic I swear). But, I think they took her out completely in attempt to eradicate complaints from the public. That was a good move in terms of making the people happy.

    • @ljuc
      @ljuc 7 years ago +34

      Could have just re-coloured her to green or pink or whatever.

    • @michaelwolf8690
      @michaelwolf8690 7 years ago +20

      Ljuc - Agreed, it would have take virtually no effort to recolor a few of the cells to make her blue or orange or whatever. I get that she was removed because of the awful pantomime of her appearance but honestly I think it's more regrettable that they just made her disappear as the solution.

    • @gilligunz5054
      @gilligunz5054 7 years ago +6

      Bokin Foshaow without her it was kind of weird... like when the carpet move-in its own.

    • @goofyfoot2001
      @goofyfoot2001 7 years ago +1

      Bokin Foshaow absolutely. Sonny, if that's the name, was the star of these sequences.

  • @DonutToast
    @DonutToast 7 years ago +441

    it is really weird to see the old roots of disney and what was normal at the time? i'm glad they changed it.
    though.. i can't help but feel bad for Sunflower? i hope that she in the future can make a cameo in some other movie as a strong remodeled character. one that is her own person and isn't taking orders from nobody. i think that would be a great way for disney to acknowledge their wrongdoing in the past and show the audience that they have improved their view instead of completely lying to the audience about her existence.

    • @think2wice570
      @think2wice570 6 years ago +7

      This was the norm back then not a wrong doing

    • @DonutToast
      @DonutToast 6 years ago +19

      Thīnk2wīće i know, but now such things are considered wrong so i personally think it would be better to remodel her into a strong female character rather than pretending that it never happened

    • @gator9339
      @gator9339 6 years ago +6

      donut toast It was normal back in those days before everybody became PC and got offended by everything

    • @knockitoffhudson3470
      @knockitoffhudson3470 6 years ago +9

      you want to turn it into a strong black independant female.
      because that wouldn't be stereotypical at all.

    • @Antz3The3rd
      @Antz3The3rd 6 years ago

      Even so, the real problem is Disney itself.

  • @MizukiUkitake
    @MizukiUkitake 6 years ago +1

    The part where she freaks out and runs off as the guy rolls down the steps is really funny xD

  • @rachaeljordahl6701
    @rachaeljordahl6701 6 years ago +1

    I've never seen this footage before. That blows my mind!

  • @SpellboundWolf
    @SpellboundWolf 8 years ago +9

    It's nice to finally see this. Thank you.

    • @-Uranos-
      @-Uranos- 8 years ago

      your culture? wtf!?

    • @-Uranos-
      @-Uranos- 8 years ago +1

      i guess this film brings back the good ole days huh?

    • @SpellboundWolf
      @SpellboundWolf 8 years ago +4

      Yes because it's a part of our history. It sounds like you're looking for reasons to be angry.

    • @SpellboundWolf
      @SpellboundWolf 8 years ago +4

      Um. I'm heterosexual. Also, you're harassing me & making yourself look like an idiot. Why are you trying to pick a fight with me?

    • @-Uranos-
      @-Uranos- 8 years ago

      lol..jokeing dude..its a sport called extreme trolling..dont take it personal. :)

  • @claireb7395
    @claireb7395 8 years ago +18

    seriously I wanna asks those animators what made them think it was a good idea...all the other centaurs were super pretty and of course make the black one ugly for shame old disney for shame!

    • @ochependraws
      @ochependraws 8 years ago

      ***** just trying to be like you mate

    • @danbam3411
      @danbam3411 8 years ago +1

      You don't watch Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry a lot, do you?

    • @Valediction9
      @Valediction9 6 years ago

      This argument is gross

  • @tigerkeiart7761
    @tigerkeiart7761 6 years ago +4

    I don't like how they treated sunflower. But I love her design. She looks like a gentle soul, and so nice. But treating her like that?? That's messed up.

  • @emilygilbeyful
    @emilygilbeyful 6 years ago +46

    I totally agree with the fact it is inappropriate but I think it's wrong to rewrite the past personally, for posterity and example it's useful to see the original version to explain to kids the harm caused by stereotyping and how people were treated in the past, also although they removed the one obviously insensitive character they only white wash it even more, some of the beautiful centaur characters should be of some colour too!

    • @yujm7
      @yujm7 6 years ago +3

      Emily Gilbey its the same reason they took the n word out of huck Finn they want to pretend it didn't happen

    • @spasticpug5209
      @spasticpug5209 6 years ago +1

      This really didn't seem racist to me cause it was a very human character
      It seemed more racist to remove the black character
      Honestly I hate the characters that are meant to be beautiful
      I think you need to have some character to be a character

    • @William_Hutson327
      @William_Hutson327 5 years ago +1

      Not everyone would be as accepting of the fact that it was a different time though. Disney took the path of least resistance.

  • @otaking3582
    @otaking3582 7 years ago +12

    1:13 This part actually seems to be improved by the lack of Sunflower, since now it just looks like the carpet is magically being unrolled by an unseen person

  • @idy12
    @idy12 7 years ago +21

    As an adult I feel it's important to see sunflower just to understand that we haven't come very far in this battle just yet, though I would be disheartened if a child had to watch this mockery in today's society. Children of color need all the uplifting and empowerment that we can possibly offer them.

    • @mrfisher1072
      @mrfisher1072 6 years ago +2

      bobbie rkt we haven't come very far? I didn't know black people are still forced to sit in the back of the bus or that they have to take the back entrance to what ever public establishment they go to or that inter racial couples are illegal oh wait black people can sit any where on the buss they can use the front door they can marry people of another race well shoot sounds like we've come pretty far from the 40s.

    • @celestejones6315
      @celestejones6315 2 years ago

      @@mrfisher1072 Wow, I know this comment is four years old now, but I really hope by now we can all agree that racial inequality goes beyond sitting wherever the hell people wanna sit on a bus. 🙄 Goes just a tad bit deeper than that, lol.

    • @mrfisher1072
      @mrfisher1072 2 years ago

      @@celestejones6315 it's been four years but my stance is the same I just have better arguments to back my opinion 🙂

    • @celestejones6315
      @celestejones6315 2 years ago

      @@mrfisher1072 Well, I can see a case for us making it a long way since the 40s, but I at least hope that acknowledgment doesn't get in the way of recognizing the ways in which we still have a long way to go. Otherwise, it's like if we were to make it only 1k in a 5k marathon and then telling ourselves we're already at the finish line because we've "made it so far"... 😕

  • @irenegowin3413
    @irenegowin3413 6 years ago +31

    I only have a few problems with Sunflower
    1. She was drawn to be a stereotypical black person, with all of the features that were made to be derogatory
    2. She was removed completely and the fact that she existed was swept under the rug
    Only those two things because, people forget to realize that THATS how people lived then. The unedited Fantasia is a product of its time, like many other things. I don't see everyone going against the Bible because it says a woman who was raped has to get stoned. Christians pass it off as something from long ago (if they even know of it). But I do wish they had done something other than erase Sunflower completely. The clips look odd without her. And I know it would have been too much to add other black centaurs, but they could have just placed a cherub there instead of nothing.

    • @gracelockhart6040
      @gracelockhart6040 6 years ago +4

      It was women caught in adultery that were stoned.

    • @ThePicturePixie
      @ThePicturePixie 6 years ago +1

      1 As a black Christian woman the fact that they removed her bothers me. A lot. And makes me more then a little sad. Remembering the past matters and pushing it aside is like saying it never happened. #justiceforsunflower
      2 the rape thing. That was the old testament. ap.lanexdev.com/APContent.aspx?category=12&article=2333 This link explains half as I talk about the other. The old testament was for the Jewish people. It was a Law for them to live under, after Jesus came and died, that Law was no longer needed. The Bible states that intercourse is for married people. And really frowns on sex before marriage, sex outside of marriage (cheating) or thinking about having sex with someone you're not married to (Adultery of the heart) So how does rape fit in or is okay?
      Stop saying that we're blind to it or God's okay with it. He's not. The Jewish people are not okay with it. The only time I can think of it in the bible, that says "stone a woman who has been raped" is if she doesn't fight back or scream. And that was talking about a woman under the faith, not how men should treat women. In other words if you don''t fight back you're okay with it but God's not.

    • @-zephyressence-2018
      @-zephyressence-2018 6 years ago +1

      ThePicturePixie thank you for such a well thought out and educative comment! Most people just go on a rant when talking about Christianity but you gave really good educative points in a very well mannered fashion! I really hope people read your whole reply so that any misunderstandings are put to rest.

    • @strawberrysoulforever8336
      @strawberrysoulforever8336 5 years ago

      The Bible says a lot of awful things. Love is good but not if it's homosexual love apparently. A woman who is raped deserves everything she gets because she let it happen, God had every right to kill a bunch of little Egyptian boys because their king wouldn't let the Jewish people go and made him take back his agreement more times than he would have on his own just to make his people suffer...

  • @LilytheFrilly
    @LilytheFrilly 6 years ago +2

    Oh man, my heart really went out to Sunflower when she got left behind the taller centaur ladies and couldn't see what they're looking at

  • @AlixxA7X
    @AlixxA7X 8 years ago +532

    Wow. I had never seen the uncensored version. I didn't even know there was one. that was horrible :O

    • @henriledegueu9630
      @henriledegueu9630 8 years ago +15

      +AlixxA7X so its okay if she was white right? gruyere brain

    • @AlixxA7X
      @AlixxA7X 8 years ago +1

      +Henri ledegueu What do you even mean?

    • @AlixxA7X
      @AlixxA7X 8 years ago +10

      +Henri ledegueu Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. ok nevermind. You're commenting stupid stuff on other people's comments too. gotcha

    • @icevulpix2013
      @icevulpix2013 7 years ago +5

      AlixxA7X What do you mean it was horrible?She was being cute little kid.She was doing everything a little girl should.

    • @sasukegr564
      @sasukegr564 7 years ago +24

      Ice Vulpix dude. no.

  • @yellinghayfire4935
    @yellinghayfire4935 6 years ago +32

    Jesus that's horrifying. the level of casual racism in the original is creepy af

  • @chereruimoongui7397
    @chereruimoongui7397 6 years ago +1

    I saw the uncensored version and I watched that when I was 7

  • @LoneWolfZakuro14
    @LoneWolfZakuro14 6 years ago


  • @Sam_on_YouTube
    @Sam_on_YouTube 6 years ago +10

    My little girls love that scene. I showed it to them not realizing until I saw it how age inappropriate it was for sexual reasons. My daughter for a while at age 4 was imitating the centaurs getting ready for the boys (topless, just like them) and thatbwas what she wanted to do for holloween (still does, but we convinced her it's too cold to go without a shirt in October).
    I'm glad I didn't show her the version that's not only overly sexual, but also a little racist.

    • @karolinakuc4783
      @karolinakuc4783 Year ago

      Maybe not really racist. There are black centaurs too with zebra patterns. And all centaurs have fun together. So I think it is age discrimination. They look down on her because she is so young and unexperienced in fashion. The fact that Sunflower's work is not appreciated is sad.

  • @derbidyderks
    @derbidyderks 4 years ago +10

    I'm usually one for preserving the art as it originally stood, but this is one removal I totally agree with. A 20th century stereotype that is obviously being played for a cheap laugh is so jarringly out of step with the rest of the film, it degrades the presentation and detracts from the immersion. This had to have been among what the few negative critics of the film in 1940 were highlighting when they complained the animation robbed the music of its dignity.

  • @davemarx7856
    @davemarx7856 6 years ago

    Well I'm glad this video remains. Can't learn from the past by rewriting it.

  • @xuriess9102
    @xuriess9102 6 years ago

    OMG I remember loving this movie when I was young!

  • @whit9172
    @whit9172 7 years ago +16

    Sunflower = Crazy Eyes

  • @SCWood
    @SCWood 7 years ago +37

    I know it's an insulting depiction of African Americans, but sunflower seemed like a very likeable character to me as a kid.

  • @subwoofer2317
    @subwoofer2317 Year ago

    Watching really old cartoons is fun because there is always some insane bs that jumpscares me every time it shows up, and they just bring it up so casually while my jaw is on the floor, then they move on to the next gag like nothing happened. Incredibly entertaining

  • @toadthemushroom8134
    @toadthemushroom8134 6 years ago +2

    When you own the uncensored version

  • @moneluve1000
    @moneluve1000 8 years ago +63

    I think the main point some people are missing is that Disney, no matter how the times were, did NOT need to put sunflower in(at least not designed as a racial stereotype ). The phrase " if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all" flew right over Disney's head with this one.Sunflower was designed the way she was purely and utterly for the sake of spiting and opressing black people and I wouldn't be surprised if this whole scene was meant to make light of that sole fact, beautiful centaur ladies be damned.This movie would have been just as entertaining back then if sunflower had been a rabbit or a cupid.

    • @amber-8771
      @amber-8771 6 years ago +2

      Dean Aviram if ur aware black doesn't equal sassy and urban, then why did you 'redesign' this character to be that way? 🤔🤔🤔

    • @ljuc
      @ljuc 6 years ago +1

      +Dean Aviram
      So you did a walking stereotype of her. That is even worse.

    • @nessa3360
      @nessa3360 6 years ago

      I feel like that's is already a portion of her character, based on what I saw, but it's cool you did a redesign, and sort of gave her an update! I kinda want to see it!

    • @bluedragon8762
      @bluedragon8762 6 years ago

      mone luve you do know what time period this was made in right ya dingus? Racism wasnt seen as wrong. Its like if today you thought a knock knock joke was funny and everyone thought it was but in the future they were seen as morally reprehensible. You have to take time and look at thw time period it was made and thw norms of the time before judging. Otherwise your a dumb dingus

  • @Peterrdee
    @Peterrdee 6 years ago +7

    there were the zebra girls tho?

  • @jasontachin
    @jasontachin 6 years ago

    rw:thats right i remember from the old vhs one and i still have it till this very year and i still remember it.

  • @Zach_2026
    @Zach_2026 6 years ago

    Oh God, all this talk of recommendations is making me think that this video is going to curse my recommend page XC

  • @Kenji000
    @Kenji000 7 years ago +5

    I guess this is the price we pay for being progressive: seeing our past edited for the future

  • @rabidpandaren3102
    @rabidpandaren3102 7 years ago +8

    That is some really racist shit, Disney. That was one of my favorite scenes as a child and I never realized how heavily it had been censored, my childhood has been somewhat ruined by how racist this was. Thankfully, my all time favorite part of Fantasia was the "Night on Bald Mountain" suite and hopefully that doesn't contain any sordid secrets... Mom says I would call the Devil "Daddy Bat" whenever he popped up on screen.

  • @DrewPicklesTheDark
    @DrewPicklesTheDark 4 years ago +1

    I got a VHS from like the early 90s or something and it doesn't have the black centaur. When did it get changed?

  • @erindurkin4441
    @erindurkin4441 6 years ago +1

    I've never seen that before! It's great!

  • @eck0799
    @eck0799 6 years ago +3

    I'm just gonna assumed the image on the right was magic carpet?

  • @squanchy666
    @squanchy666 6 years ago +331

    thanks Obama

  • @wheelzwheela
    @wheelzwheela 6 years ago

    What will they take out next? This is so wonderful!! I can't wait until there is nothing but background and music... so beautiful!

  • @zerrothewolf8316
    @zerrothewolf8316 5 years ago

    I got a VHS of it , is it the original or is it changed as well? (I'm not sure what year it's from but it has a black case)

  • @daddydojang
    @daddydojang 6 years ago +3

    It was from a different time and should be preserved for its artistic and historical purposes. It wasn't made with a hateful heart. You can see that the artists animated that character with joy and love and charm.

    • @greenseadream
      @greenseadream 11 months ago

      How do you know it was made with a good heart??!!!

  • @Aarontlondon
    @Aarontlondon 7 years ago +6

    This is actually quite shocking

    • @WhyrlWynd11
      @WhyrlWynd11 7 years ago +4

      Tess H how is this only "slightly" racist

  • @angelacorpus1229
    @angelacorpus1229 3 years ago

    Came from Twitter and oh my damn. The RECEIPTS!

  • @TFSyndicate
    @TFSyndicate 3 years ago

    How'd you suppose they did this? Did they redo these scenes with the original backgrounds and cels, or content-aware fill in Photoshop/After Effects?

  • @raniahr7683
    @raniahr7683 6 years ago +198

    I didn't think the young black one was a slave! Everyone I knew thought she was just the youngest, a kid

    • @clearcasket1555
      @clearcasket1555 6 years ago +5

      KawaiiLumpette you do realize only like one of the 'white' horses is actually white, right? everyone else is a different skin pigment, from Orange, green and blue, etc. here's the thing, she could have just been the youngest of the group, and the elders make her do everything, like any other sibling would.

    • @iliketurtles2531
      @iliketurtles2531 6 years ago +4

      She clearly is the maid, gal.

    • @JT_Saenz
      @JT_Saenz 6 years ago +1

      alexandra galici
      I freakin love your design!! Totally enhanced!!

    • @luminentarchive
      @luminentarchive 6 years ago +1

      Margo Moon yeah

    • @fayeskelly1633
      @fayeskelly1633 6 years ago

      Or the equivalent of one.

  • @BigRazzmatazz
    @BigRazzmatazz 6 years ago +3

    “So, Jim, I need you to remove that racist character from the carpet scene.”
    “And draw another character rolling it out instead, right?”
    “...you’re fired.”

  • @thedantanic948
    @thedantanic948 6 years ago

    In the original version, Sunflower rolls the carpet, but from the look of the edited print, it looks like the fauns gave the carpet an extra push while rolling it, so the carpet finishes rolling by itself and then the fauns dance across it.

  • @clancyriehm4121
    @clancyriehm4121 6 years ago

    so so so glad i didn't see the uncensored version as a kid,,,kinda sad seeing it now.....

  • @Chikitew
    @Chikitew 7 years ago +307

    I love the people that are questioning how Sunflower was racist in any way. "I can't see how it's racist", either you're that uninformed and I am confused yet sorry for you, or you just don't care. There was a reason she had to be edited out.

    • @naomimuller8359
      @naomimuller8359 6 years ago +3

      eternagym right? I thought it was obviouser than a brick to the face... but then again there's people who are okay with trying to convert gay teens so I guess there'll always be ignorant assholes

    • @Vetusomaru
      @Vetusomaru 6 years ago +17

      eternagym It's just an old cartoon. Why you make such a huge deal about it? I watched many "racist" cartoons as a kid but they never made me racist because I was like "It's just a cartoon, nothing like the real life".

    • @exxxo_o5598
      @exxxo_o5598 6 years ago +6

      It racist bc the blacl gurl is worling for thr whites like slaves and they made every white person look pretty and the black one a lil off

    • @exxxo_o5598
      @exxxo_o5598 6 years ago +1

      But of vourse yiy woylndt understand u trunp supporter

    • @exxxo_o5598
      @exxxo_o5598 6 years ago +1

      Grinzeeva u think this is funny and Bitch I ain’t retarder and if u want we can fight one on one fr talk like pull up 🖕🏽🖕🏽

  • @thegoatonstrawberrytoast9312

    I get she was a bit racist, but erasing her doesn't do shit.

  • @marystombaugh2282
    @marystombaugh2282 4 years ago +1

    WHAAAA??? I've watched Fantasia my whole life and never knew this used to be a part of it originally. They must have edited out a long time ago, because this was not in my VHS from the 90's. I'm shocked (not that it existed, just that I had never seen it)

  • @Nonalhomophobie
    @Nonalhomophobie 2 years ago

    I have watched Fantasia countless times and I NEVER FREAKIN' REALIZED the carpet was unfolding itself, let alone that there was a reason behind it !!