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  • Published on Nov 23, 2023
  • Amelia meets musician and actor Dominic Fike for a date in a Chicken Shop.
    Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Co-Written by Ania Magliano
    Executive Producers: Liv West and Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Producer: Diara Vassallo Ndiaye
    Production Assistant: Manpreet Gehlan
    Cam A: Jonathan Moore
    Cam B: Tayo Yussuf
    Sound Op: Jordan Tewkesbury
    Editor: Joe Bolger
    Conform: Matt Easy
    Colourist: Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio
    Post Producer: Athene Xenia Aristocleous @ Okay Studio
    Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce
    Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
    Social Media: Jade Whiteley & Ashleigh Kybert
    Photographer: Grace Olukanni
    Styling: Chloe Griffin
    Hair: Chad Maxwell
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Comments • 1.5K

  • @carolineswn4
    @carolineswn4 6 months ago +15720

    him comparing girls farting to guys crying was so funny

    • @MoneyGist
      @MoneyGist 6 months ago +611

      It was kinda profound 😂

    • @sabk1545
      @sabk1545 6 months ago +468

      it made sense lmaooo

    • @Rev4mpz
      @Rev4mpz 6 months ago +305

      weirdest analogy, but it says a lot about him

    • @similoluwaelizabeth1514
      @similoluwaelizabeth1514 6 months ago +36

      It is very funny

    • @Ohhh123456789
      @Ohhh123456789 6 months ago +35

      it was a a joke mark normand made in his last standup special

  • @acemyname
    @acemyname 6 months ago +21290

    i feel like he’s that one guy you date for a few months then always think about for years after, not bc you’re still in love with him but just bc the experience was so different than others and you’re still kinda perplexed by him lmao

    • @sydgallup338
      @sydgallup338 6 months ago +1020

      Thank u for helping me understand this phenomenon because for years I’ve been like I don’t love him and never did LOL. But dude is a wild card

    • @dakotac180
      @dakotac180 6 months ago +150

      Omg staaaahp why is this true though.

    • @shotegalica00
      @shotegalica00 6 months ago +130

      u explained it so well

    • @olesia6210
      @olesia6210 6 months ago +70

      well he cheated on his last girlfriend apparently 🤣

    • @acemyname
      @acemyname 6 months ago +1

      @@olesia6210that tracks tbh 😭

  • @mjhur4576
    @mjhur4576 6 months ago +1045

    You can tell he was actually just waking up bc the last couple minutes he was enjoying the shit out of that date

  • @indira2484
    @indira2484 6 months ago +5743

    Amelia! Please please please invite Paul Mescal for a date! I’ve watched a few of your interviews with him, and y’all have INSANE chemistry together. It’s like, palpable in the air 😂

    • @an-qo6by
      @an-qo6by 6 months ago +27

      it would be insaneeeeeee

    • @hotwasabi_
      @hotwasabi_ 6 months ago +46

      i feel like it will happen, because he’s asked her about it on multiple interviews, i guess it’s just a timing thing as to when they can both do it but he’s made it clear he’s down

    • @evew5
      @evew5 6 months ago +14

      He's my boyfriend

    • @livelovelurk
      @livelovelurk 6 months ago +4

      omg yes pleaseeee he so fine

    • @nahimgood4
      @nahimgood4 6 months ago


  • @ca.9986
    @ca.9986 6 months ago +15136

    this was adorably awkward which is the exact vibe we want when we watch amelia

    • @sabk1545
      @sabk1545 6 months ago +41

      no fr I don't really prefer the ones that are not awkward hahah

    • @PL-sn4ex
      @PL-sn4ex 6 months ago +2


    • @j02435
      @j02435 6 months ago +41

      @@sabk1545 awkward interviews are the best because they're not staging shit

    • @Woozlewuzzleable
      @Woozlewuzzleable 6 months ago +6

      That's the point of these videos.

    • @Bat_Boy
      @Bat_Boy 6 months ago +2

      My stiff gym sock is named after her 😅

  • @hajra_05
    @hajra_05 6 months ago +7329

    the first guest on chicken shop date to be seen not taking a single bite of the food 😭

  • @aqilaali2354
    @aqilaali2354 6 months ago +1484

    His "we are!" to her "we're getting on well" was sooooo cute and genuine 😂

    • @bphillip6842
      @bphillip6842 3 months ago +9

      & so was his “noo” when she was like “should we wrap this up?” 😭😭

  • @hotwasabi_
    @hotwasabi_ 6 months ago +658

    him talking about being arrested for something violent and amelia immediately pivoting and trying not to laugh out of awkwardness. 😭😭

  • @bea.aphrodite_
    @bea.aphrodite_ 6 months ago +9914

    “you’re sober?” “I am… maybe that’s why I’m so fucking miserable” WHY ARE WE NOT TALKING ABOUT IT AND THE FACT THAT HE DEFINITELY PROBABLY LAUGHED MAD HARD AT THAT 😭😭

    • @wayumin
      @wayumin 6 months ago +385

      😂 he's actually glowing now. He looks healthier than before, in my own opinion

    • @gracelouise3091
      @gracelouise3091 6 months ago +25

      omg righttt lmao i did an ugly laugh

    • @gracelouise3091
      @gracelouise3091 6 months ago +51

      OHHHHHH WAIT THATS WHAT SHE SAID?? i misheard it as “youre so bum!”

    • @taylor3878
      @taylor3878 6 months ago +45

      @@wayuminno so true. need his skin care routine if any and he looks wayyy healthier. i feel him though about being healthier but still feeling shit HAHA

    • @isabella.vasquezz
      @isabella.vasquezz 6 months ago +10

      hes so real for that tho

  • @chasingpunctuation
    @chasingpunctuation 6 months ago +10784

    I feel like this is a date we’ve all been on with a guy who you struggggggle to get a conversation out of

    • @amazingjay3957
      @amazingjay3957 6 months ago +677

      He was making conversation though he’s just awkward☠️

    • @vincentbynumbers
      @vincentbynumbers 6 months ago +113

      Yeah..a 27 yr old capricorn 😅 once you get to know them though..

    • @chasingpunctuation
      @chasingpunctuation 6 months ago +78

      @@vincentbynumbers I’m a 27 year old Capricorn 😂😂😂😂 and I would have been boooooooored of carrying this conversation like my man if you aren’t gonna contribute to the conversation how are you gonna contribute to my life???

    • @ayeshawali3208
      @ayeshawali3208 6 months ago +1


    • @dickidsrip5262
      @dickidsrip5262 6 months ago +2

      Hot guys are like hot girls, they don’t need to develop great conversation skills to date. Or he’s just super jet lagged and an introvert.

  • @anulkaaw
    @anulkaaw 6 months ago +648

    He had me at 'racially ambiguous'. 🤣🤣🤣

    • @anulkaaw
      @anulkaaw 6 months ago +101

      Btw, he's age-ly ambiguous too. He's freakin 27?! Looks 16 at most. Ppl look so young these days...

    • @SofiaAgnew
      @SofiaAgnew 5 months ago +6

      @@anulkaawwoahh 27 is crazy, and a 12 year old sister damn

    • @peachyskeleton7484
      @peachyskeleton7484 5 months ago +33

      @@anulkaaw he was a addict for years and has been clean the whole year I think that’s what makes him look so much younger now than before

    • @totallynotimari
      @totallynotimari 5 months ago +6

      @@peachyskeleton7484Sure but I thought he was much younger even prior to the sobriety.

    • @jadahwise
      @jadahwise 5 months ago


  • @thatonelocoguy
    @thatonelocoguy 6 months ago +496

    It's the monotone voice and the slight expressions that just make him so funny 😂

  • @cassandra.rose.
    @cassandra.rose. 6 months ago +7700

    Dominic is that one friend that you wouldn’t set up any of your other friends on a date with.

  • @ananyasahay
    @ananyasahay 6 months ago +2480

    "What's your type?"
    "I think I'm just open. Whoever is nice to me."
    Very very relatable😭

  • @sobi-94
    @sobi-94 5 months ago +418

    Their awkwardness just works so well together haha. It's like they're both trapped in a lift (elevator as the Americans would say) and they want to listen to one another more than talk. I think it's like Amelia wants Dominic to talk and Dominic wants Amelia to talk, so they seem interested in what each other have to say but not so interested in what they're saying themselves. I think that's why the awkwardness is kinda beautiful lol

    • @jadahwise
      @jadahwise 5 months ago +4

      Omg you put this so well ur right hahaha

  • @babyfacedslutbag4880
    @babyfacedslutbag4880 6 months ago +404

    30 minutes is actually a super long time for amelia to be carrying half of her interviews damn 😭

    • @lauracgc
      @lauracgc 5 months ago +28

      Half? She’s almost always doing 70-90% 😂

    • @jadahwise
      @jadahwise 5 months ago +2

      Right 😭😭

  • @CDL237
    @CDL237 6 months ago +3871

    30 minutes is not enough time with Amelia. Like give me an eternity

    • @mattdanfg
      @mattdanfg 6 months ago +44

      give me an eternity with dominic fike too

    • @Bat_Boy
      @Bat_Boy 6 months ago +4

      I ALWAYS have to Google her guests. Bottomline: I’m better than all these dorks. Once you go bat, you never go back! 🦇

    • @Kille20005
      @Kille20005 6 months ago +1

      yes my sigma 🤓@@Bat_Boy

    • @AiVoicesHelper
      @AiVoicesHelper 6 months ago +4

      @@Bat_Boy bro how do u not know dominic fike? thrreee nigghttss attt the motteeelll

  • @userx12342
    @userx12342 6 months ago +786

    you can tell dominic warmed up near the end

    • @j02435
      @j02435 6 months ago +4


    • @Sarah-m17
      @Sarah-m17 6 months ago +50

      He did say he was just waking up so probably wasn’t switched on? but definitely got better throughout

  • @alexandratauhid7458
    @alexandratauhid7458 5 months ago +170

    That fart and cry analogy was WAY more true than I thought haha

  • @CJ-dg3bm
    @CJ-dg3bm 6 months ago +827

    She did NOT tell him it was a boring date but it was getting better😂. This girl is hilarious!

    • @baza_thechiller
      @baza_thechiller 5 months ago +6

      ?????????????????? She did. He asked is this a boring date - she said, It was but it's getting better. Am I trippin'? Maybe I'm missing something.

    • @ch0mpch0mp101
      @ch0mpch0mp101 5 months ago +25

      @@baza_thechillerthey didn’t mean it like she didn’t say that. it’s more like a phrase to say “oh they did not do that” you know?

    • @baza_thechiller
      @baza_thechiller 5 months ago

      You mean like OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE SAID THAT. NO WAY SHE MEANT IT. SHE'S SO HILARIOUS. Like that? @@ch0mpch0mp101

    • @slurpee4203
      @slurpee4203 5 months ago +1

      we love an honest Queen

    • @sikkening
      @sikkening 5 months ago

      @@baza_thechiller yes

  • @Bene_Gesserit
    @Bene_Gesserit 6 months ago +3399

    Dominic has that charm of a guy you develop an instant crush with cause he's that perfect balance of an emotional and of a bad boy....

  • @Zileiram1234
    @Zileiram1234 6 months ago +2178

    Reminds me of the first original interviews that were really awkward😂. He is lovely.

  • @fmehrrmak1246
    @fmehrrmak1246 6 months ago +369

    He is out of this world(in the best way possible)
    They weren't faking it. This actually was the perfect awkward date.

  • @lyricsandlace
    @lyricsandlace 6 months ago +967

    This guy has the EXACT same energy as a tinder dude I went out with last year, it’s actually uncanny (I bought him McDonald’s and then he shot up in my bathroom)

    • @cassandra.rose.
      @cassandra.rose. 6 months ago +70

      😂 most underrated comment

    • @meggosling8451
      @meggosling8451 6 months ago +215

      was not expecting that to be the end of the sentence

    • @EmpressSakama16
      @EmpressSakama16 6 months ago +76

      Did I read this correctly ? 😭🤣😭🤣

    • @SteveLouisMusic
      @SteveLouisMusic 6 months ago +57

      lol I beg your pardon? He did whaaaaaat? 😂

    • @13Tyres
      @13Tyres 6 months ago +41

      So you guys together now or.....

  • @leeeyannn
    @leeeyannn 6 months ago +466

    LMAO amelias smile after he said he likes a nice smile and his chuckle after 😭😂

  • @ReallyBigBrother
    @ReallyBigBrother 6 months ago +201

    Someone give that guy a hug

  • @backstage6672
    @backstage6672 6 months ago +101

    you could see him slowly start to wake up as the date went on like he said he just woke up so i think at the start he was just tired and got more energetic by the end😭😭😭😭

  • @ivygenesisluvsu
    @ivygenesisluvsu 6 months ago +379

    the fact that amelia made him laugh like that is crazy I don’t think I had ever heard dominic laugh before actually

  • @roscothechampion5585
    @roscothechampion5585 6 months ago +823

    this is the most perfect level of awkwardness, and it was everything I expected from Dom

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  6 months ago +4238

    Hello everyone! I hope you love my date with Dominic

    • @MyriamBernard13
      @MyriamBernard13 6 months ago +116

      Girl be careful, you're not a fan, remember?

    • @Chrisakatimetraveller2013
      @Chrisakatimetraveller2013 6 months ago +23

      Is he nice to you amelia

    • @hotwasabi_
      @hotwasabi_ 6 months ago +10

      the 2 month wait from fredo to kaytranada was torturous so thanks for keeping us fed in the winter.

    • @forkrunner2313
      @forkrunner2313 6 months ago

      I think if u enjoy the company of a lowlife, then absolutely.

    • @liz.a314
      @liz.a314 6 months ago +5

      to be fair your virgo moon goes well with Capricorn sun

  • @vuyolwethu_m26
    @vuyolwethu_m26 6 months ago +40

    "I think that's... unlikely"
    "ok sorry"

  • @benjaminngopwaamos6878
    @benjaminngopwaamos6878 6 months ago +131

    Amelia just has all these questions lurking in her brain and she just keeps pouring them out one by one.

  • @rikegurl2002
    @rikegurl2002 6 months ago +536

    i love he force u unintentionally into a normal conversation and get u out of ur comfortzone of humor. Something different and i like it

  • @priscillaaa_j
    @priscillaaa_j 6 months ago +680

    on a serious note, despite him saying the "maybe that's why i'm so f'cking miserable", comment, i feel that, but it's so worth it and he's doing so great and i'm so proud of him

  • @MichaelRhodesno1
    @MichaelRhodesno1 6 months ago +43

    I somehow feel that Dominic wasn’t acting and that this man needs a hug, a shoulder to cry on and a reassuring voice 😳👀🥺. Is baby bro okay?????

  • @sarah_thibault
    @sarah_thibault 6 months ago +95

    Amelia deserves a medal for this date / interview

  • @keridaughenbaugh2618
    @keridaughenbaugh2618 6 months ago +96

    He was so scared when she said he was still stealing at first 😬😭

  • @AlfieMcSloy
    @AlfieMcSloy 6 months ago +82

    "You're a funny guy"
    "Thank you 😐"

    • @Kayyllaa_
      @Kayyllaa_ 6 months ago +4

      Had me cracking up at the end🤣

  • @christina-clairegeorges3661

    I feel like he has Pete Davidson energy. The pallette cleanser in between an awful partner and the person you marry.

  • @KSweets23
    @KSweets23 6 months ago +65

    Amelia is 100% on about nice. I don’t want to date a nice person, I want to date a kind person.

  • @honeyy.420
    @honeyy.420 6 months ago +101

    “i dont think i could date a fan” “well im not a fan” 😭

  • @kylahernandez3702
    @kylahernandez3702 6 months ago +40

    dark curly haired dominic fike got me feeling things

  • @CraftingWithTopaz
    @CraftingWithTopaz 2 months ago +17

    He is 27?? He looks like he just turned 18

  • @sobi-94
    @sobi-94 5 months ago +14

    Dominic Fike is so interesting because he's indolent yet so lively when he speaks. He's also very handsome 😄

  • @lauracgc
    @lauracgc 6 months ago +490

    No idea who this guy is but I’ve been laughing out loud the whole way. So wonderfully awkward.

    • @Aliiiita
      @Aliiiita 6 months ago +6

      Lmao same!

    • @vibeybree2701
      @vibeybree2701 6 months ago +16

      PLEASE listen to his music it’s beautiful 🥰🩵 Dominic Fike

    • @ChibbiYumi
      @ChibbiYumi 6 months ago +13

      He’s a musician and he was in the series euphoria

    • @Aliiiita
      @Aliiiita 6 months ago +2

      @@ChibbiYumi really I didn’t remember him there what season?

    • @maanikhan872
      @maanikhan872 6 months ago +11

      @@Aliiiitaseason 2 he played elliot but he’s sober now so he looks hella different

  • @dimilton3166
    @dimilton3166 6 months ago +172

    Amelia wasn’t messin’ around and I love her in this!☺️

  • @kenidyr
    @kenidyr 6 months ago +19

    Dominic “ a smile is all it takes now a days really..”
    Amelia: 😁😁😁

  • @malaikaewande9043
    @malaikaewande9043 6 months ago +32

    So we're just not gonna talk about the sadness all over his face at 4:13 ? Almost tried to jump in the screen to hug him damn

  • @katarinasavic2697
    @katarinasavic2697 6 months ago +186

    Back to the classic awkward chicken shop dates ❤

  • @user-vl2oy9jr8b
    @user-vl2oy9jr8b 6 months ago +169

    someone PLEASE let him know she was kidding about her not being a fan😭he looked so sad omg

    • @priscillaaa_j
      @priscillaaa_j 6 months ago +2

      right?! oml

    • @eboniz
      @eboniz 6 months ago +50

      are people in the comments purposefully missing the jokes? she said that because he said he wouldn’t date a fan therefore she wants him to date her why would he be sad about that

    • @priscillaaa_j
      @priscillaaa_j 6 months ago +13

      @@eboniz 😂 yeah no I get the joke! he just didn't look like he got it lol like he looked so sad and I was like "no babe! The joke is she says she's not a fan bc she wants to date you!" lol 😂

    • @esseven
      @esseven 6 months ago +10

      oh i thought he got it and was just awkward laughing

    • @eboniz
      @eboniz 6 months ago +16

      @@priscillaaa_j i think because dry humour doesn’t warrant a reaction, he was just responding with the same energy. the indifference is sort of the point of this show. seems like a lot of new viewers are missing that it’s supposed to be awkward.

  • @hestinklaas
    @hestinklaas 5 months ago +21

    It seems like he has some wisdoms from the hard life he’s been through. This conversation feels like a movie and it could keep going.

  • @tahrinsaleh8571
    @tahrinsaleh8571 Month ago +5

    that 'yeah' followed by that smile at 2:02 scratched my brain in a different way.

  • @aprzzl
    @aprzzl 6 months ago +82

    He is SO sweet and feel like Amelia’s harsh (but funny love her) banter was tough for him to keep up with??

    • @ruk2023--
      @ruk2023-- 6 months ago +37

      That man has a severe case of jetlag. I can relate. For some reason coming from the USA to England provides me the worst jetlag. My brain turns to mud as soon as I land in heathrow.

    • @JB-wy8fc
      @JB-wy8fc 6 months ago +4

      You do realise this is a character she does? She is very normal otherwise

    • @yysfgsbsbx
      @yysfgsbsbx 6 months ago +22

      i think its cause he jus woke up 😭😭😭

  • @Cejaylia
    @Cejaylia 6 months ago +91

    Bro even i was laughing nervously 😭

  • @kaleighcoutermarsh4922
    @kaleighcoutermarsh4922 6 months ago +89

    He is incredibly precious!!! I'm so proud of everything he's done and continues to do. He seems so real and genuine.

    • @saraheinrich3554
      @saraheinrich3554 Month ago

      I think that's what I've always liked the most about him is how genuine he is. You don't see that often.

  • @JoshuaHenelyThornhill
    @JoshuaHenelyThornhill 6 months ago +73

    That’s what I love about DOM : He’s soooo beautiful but he’s also funny and lowkey. He don’t act a certain way and he always act the way he feels so you can tell if he vibes off people right off.

  • @ericaelmore4124
    @ericaelmore4124 6 months ago +240

    I admit, I never heard of Amelia until I saw her with Sean on Hot Ones. I am now happy to be a fan of hers. Shes so charming and this date with Dominic Fike was so awkwardly funny.

    • @hotwasabi_
      @hotwasabi_ 6 months ago +9

      you should binge chicken shop date if you haven’t already, her dates with giveon and rema are particularly underrated but she’s on a roll on them dates i love it.

  • @adamowens4498
    @adamowens4498 6 months ago +16

    He’s so gorgeoussss

  • @caitbarton4616
    @caitbarton4616 6 months ago +45

    This cross over is truly everything. I adore them both

  • @ethervillain
    @ethervillain 6 months ago +30

    Haven’t seen the show in a while, been missing out. Amelia is bringing the A game! Absolute hilarious timing and wit. Queen. ❤

  • @alanceamassengill7121
    @alanceamassengill7121 6 months ago +86

    I've been waiting fir this one for a long time. I thought that the all it takes is a smile these days line was super sweet. Dominic is such a down to earth guy, and he just genuinely seems so sweet.

  • @larrtrex4964
    @larrtrex4964 6 months ago +39

    The one interview I’ve been waiting for

  • @jelena6608
    @jelena6608 6 months ago +15

    I have no idea who he is but that little smirk he does every time makes me melt😍

  • @Tarantula_Fangs
    @Tarantula_Fangs 6 months ago +56

    This was great! There needs to be a segment of 2nd dates where the best dates get a second one. This was awkwardly good. 😂

  • @simplynazou
    @simplynazou 6 months ago +23

    "Is that the apple logo?....Because you love capitalism". Love it!

  • @AkuahLermont
    @AkuahLermont 6 months ago +23


  • @j02435
    @j02435 6 months ago +62

    this guy is just too funny without even trying

  • @sainttheresetaylor2054
    @sainttheresetaylor2054 6 months ago +54

    they have such an aquarius capricorn dynamic. like exactly what i’d expect from an air earth duo lol. like super dry awkward emotionally detached but growing on eachother.
    was really put off at first but at the end was like ‘would love to hear them talk forever’

  • @ananyasahay
    @ananyasahay 6 months ago +511

    "Would you ever date a fan?"
    "If it keeps going well...hopefully that'll be the only choice I have."
    Please he's so effortlessly cool

    • @acemyname
      @acemyname 6 months ago +77

      “that was fucking profound ima be honest with you” LMFAO

    • @jadahwise
      @jadahwise 5 months ago +1

      ​@@acemynamelol I laughed out loud when he said that 💀

  • @MichelleGrondine
    @MichelleGrondine 5 months ago +8

    the way he started leaning so far back in his seat but ended giggling and leaning in toward amelia

  • @kirstenmarran6460
    @kirstenmarran6460 6 months ago +16

    One of my favourite interviews ever! Laughed so much!!!

  • @paige4204
    @paige4204 6 months ago +15

    This episode nearly made me cry with laughter and I honestly couldn’t even tell you why. Amazing.

  • @pixiesxx
    @pixiesxx 6 months ago +38

    i actually loved every second of this

  • @rosiecasillas432
    @rosiecasillas432 6 months ago +19

    He's got a real cool energy..I'm happy to see him clean and looking healthy ❤

  • @kaybatac905
    @kaybatac905 6 months ago +3


  • @chloevega5711
    @chloevega5711 6 months ago +9

    def would love to see the full uncut version👀😁

  • @MyriamBernard13
    @MyriamBernard13 6 months ago +45

    Ouuu love their vibe with this one! The awkward but cute ending haha ♥️

  • @nahimgood4
    @nahimgood4 6 months ago +16

    This was definitely one of the guests of all time.

  • @Xo.Griffin
    @Xo.Griffin 15 days ago +1

    This dudes so good at emotionally connecting with his music, i can feel his pain, his happiness, his sturggles, his life just in his sound and lyrics, and i think there is just something so beautiful and inspiring in that its self. I just needed to yap for a second about how incredibly grateful i feel to be alive the sametime as this man, idgaf what anybody says.

  • @dianaRC
    @dianaRC 5 months ago +3

    Amelia is so good at keeping it going. That's such an amazing gift.

  • @Empressco
    @Empressco 6 months ago +18

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