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  • Published on May 25, 2023
  • Amelia takes the Jonas Brothers, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas & Nick Jonas, for a date in a Chicken Shop.
    Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Co-Written by Ania Magliano
    Executive Producers: Liv West and Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Producer: Diara Vassalo Ndiaye
    Cam A: Jonathan Moore
    Cam B: Tayo Yusuff
    Sound Op: Jordan Tewkesbury
    Editor: Rob McGuire
    Conform: Joe Murphy
    Colourist: Fraser Twitchett @ Okay Studio
    Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce
    Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
    Social Media: Jade Whiteley & Ashleigh Kybert
    Photographer: Ashraf Nsubuga
    Styling: Chloe Griffin
    Hair: Yasmine Simone
  • EntertainmentEntertainment

Comments • 1.5K

  • @parlenajansen
    @parlenajansen Year ago +10781

    “He did… As an adult… not a contest winning child… he paid for that” 😂😂😂

  • @Elizaboto
    @Elizaboto Year ago +2361

    Amelia asking them how they met and Kevin saying "it happened in stages" was honestly so hilarious. Also, loved the homeschooling comment by Nick 🤣

    • @MomoSimone22
      @MomoSimone22 8 months ago +15

      Yes, I like Kevin's answer. Very smart.

  • @JonasBrothers
    @JonasBrothers Year ago +12079

    We had a great time 😂🙌

  • @carol1916xd
    @carol1916xd Year ago +12856

    The part where Nick makes fun of Kevin for the Disneyland story…. Most brotherly thing ever 😂

    • @d.s.19
      @d.s.19 Year ago +178

      And it is very Nick to make fun of Disney adults lol

    • @tayzlilkd
      @tayzlilkd Year ago +118

      A content winning child took me out.

    • @zenthepoet.
      @zenthepoet. 11 months ago

      ​@@repentandbelieveinJesusChrist2yes but what would you say to this human if he is already a repented child of god?

    • @EsmeraldaCruz777
      @EsmeraldaCruz777 10 months ago

      @@zenthepoet.”greeeeeat!”!keep it simple

    • @haileydixon7239
      @haileydixon7239 10 months ago +22

      “As an. Adult.” Calling out your sibling as a Disney adult is cold lol

  • @ilonac1086
    @ilonac1086 Year ago +21526

    Amelia's reaction to "we like to golf" is THE ONLY right response

    • @mjohnson6480
      @mjohnson6480 Year ago +319

      Honestly, why does every male celebrity these days play golf? 😂

    • @reemahmed2104
      @reemahmed2104 Year ago +82

      ​@@mjohnson6480 right? lmaoo
      so posh lol

    • @BrandonLindsay-ik1iy
      @BrandonLindsay-ik1iy Year ago +11

      @@reemahmed2104 I love this girl

    • @Daveluvutube
      @Daveluvutube Year ago +8

      @@mjohnson6480 get away from the women

    • @MorganInForm
      @MorganInForm Year ago +41

      Reminded me of Matty Healy's response to "what's your sign" lol

  • @breezus3928
    @breezus3928 Year ago +4715

    Sophie just casually watching her husband on a date with another woman and then stealing that woman away and leaving him behind = QUEEN SHIT! 👑

  • @shevy_shev93
    @shevy_shev93 Year ago +804

    “How’d you guys meet?” I nearly spit out my drink 😂😂😂

  • @Santon-Motho
    @Santon-Motho Year ago +9611

    Poet: "It happened in stages... these other two people introduced us."
    Engineer: "we met through our parents."

  • @Oliviagribble
    @Oliviagribble Year ago +7486

    The Sophie turner cameo, obsessed

    • @fenderletmedownsham
      @fenderletmedownsham Year ago +38

      i am literally shaking, omg obsessed!!!

    • @gideon11
      @gideon11 Year ago +49

      a bit of a spoiler though

    • @NJCUJan
      @NJCUJan Year ago +33

      I wish I didn’t see this comment when I clicked on the video. Woulda been a nice surprise.

    • @fenderletmedownsham
      @fenderletmedownsham Year ago

      @@NJCUJan ugh ikr!! literally sooo obsessed with these comments tho!!

    • @hafsaprincess1
      @hafsaprincess1 Year ago +4

      Someone tell me who she is pls

  • @hana9466
    @hana9466 Year ago +6354

    “He paid for that.” Nick, please Lmfaooooo

    • @khalilahd.
      @khalilahd. Year ago +338

      As an adult human 😂😂

    • @domjonas
      @domjonas Year ago +407

      “Not as a child contest winner”💀

    • @evolutionofwords
      @evolutionofwords Year ago +87

      Nick roasting Kevin never get’s old 😂 His dry humour 👏

    • @melgnik
      @melgnik Year ago +10


  • @GiraffeFeatures
    @GiraffeFeatures Year ago +756

    Nick mocking his brother Kevin for going to disneyland as an adult was too funny, such a brotherly thing to do lmao

  • @sireeniddir1972
    @sireeniddir1972 10 months ago +46

    The "we were homeschooled" is such a classic homeschooled thing to blame homeschooledness on.

  • @ananyasahay
    @ananyasahay Year ago +12729

    the sophie cameo and the multiple "red dress" attempts were the highlights for me. such a hilarious episode, I need longer versions😭😭😭

    • @PapagenoMF
      @PapagenoMF Year ago +20

      She asked for no spoilers so why did you write this?

    • @ananyasahay
      @ananyasahay Year ago +22

      ​@@PapagenoMFwhen? and she posted my comment on her page, so I doubt she minds. and what else will I comment lmao? all comment sections on RUclips are about the video so

    • @xXCharley19Xx
      @xXCharley19Xx Year ago +27

      @@PapagenoMF Who reads comments before watching a video?!

    • @HeatherWho11.10
      @HeatherWho11.10 Year ago +11

      ​@@xXCharley19Xx I read comments while watching the video, but I don't really care about spoilers

    • @mattblack6736
      @mattblack6736 10 months ago

      @repentandbelieveinJesusChrist2 nobody finds jesus though a youtube comment

  • @AV-ss1jw
    @AV-ss1jw Year ago +5967

    I was expecting joe to be the one that vibes the most with her humor but it was nick! King of sarcasm and dry humor

    • @evolutionofwords
      @evolutionofwords Year ago +317

      Thank you. People think Nick has a bad attitude but his humour just goes over their head. Not his fault they are not very bright & get triggered. 😂

    • @Muslimgirl003
      @Muslimgirl003 Year ago +10

      Exactly what I thought!

    • @maferriquelme8268
      @maferriquelme8268 Year ago +64

      He’s a Virgo, he has the energy

    • @juliaaz711
      @juliaaz711 Year ago +93

      People forget that Nick is also a middle child HAHA

    • @evolutionofwords
      @evolutionofwords Year ago +24

      @@juliaaz711 They treat Nick like the baby since Frankie came along way later. So Joe has that middle child syndrome & always wants attention. Bro honestly looks like it hurts his feelings because Nick is the favourite. Grown ass man with his own kids. 😂

  • @stevens9978
    @stevens9978 8 months ago +254

    I hope Amelia reposts the part with Sophie soon because it aged beautifully 😂🙌

  • @gudetamaenthusiast8315

    kevin’s was TRULY the best one out of these, give him more 😭

  • @chanbaekforever13
    @chanbaekforever13 Year ago +4877

    Amelia and Nick could actually become real besties.

    • @philosophy_bot4171
      @philosophy_bot4171 Year ago +20

      Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?"
      ~ Albert Camus

    • @shutupnvibe
      @shutupnvibe Year ago +51

      More like her & Kevin 😂

    • @tubbyapodaca3673
      @tubbyapodaca3673 11 months ago +3

      @@philosophy_bot4171 thank you philosophy bot

    • @oslidd
      @oslidd 10 months ago +1


  • @katieb8708
    @katieb8708 Year ago +10369

    Amelia is continually winning journalism 👀

    • @khalilahd.
      @khalilahd. Year ago +16

      So proud 🥹

    • @BrandonLindsay-ik1iy
      @BrandonLindsay-ik1iy Year ago +1

      Katie b can you ask Amelia if she knows Northampton

    • @huddymills
      @huddymills Year ago +20

      Yes her coverage on the Uyghur muslims in China was outstanding! What journalism are you talking about 🤣

    • @tykeboy16
      @tykeboy16 Year ago +4

      quite literally not a journalist

    • @aytanitamamasita
      @aytanitamamasita Year ago +11

      @@huddymills interviews are part of journalism as far as I’m concerned

  • @sarasweetness475
    @sarasweetness475 9 months ago +112

    Shutting down disney and being with the person you love in slippers is so incredibly sweet. His wife won, she won everything. Good for you girl.

  • @yanettegomez860
    @yanettegomez860 Year ago +219

    Kevin had the best answers and was the only would who caught Amelia off guard with his wit. I love that!

  • @Jonasfan1234
    @Jonasfan1234 Year ago +5015

    This was actually hilarious
    “Well we were homeschooled” I lost it lmao

  • @rebeccanemitz8429
    @rebeccanemitz8429 Year ago +2524

    Sophie running off with Amelia at the end was absolutely perfect 😅

    • @v0dka1ce
      @v0dka1ce Year ago +39

      “Sophie and I have plans.” Perfect!

    • @shutupnvibe
      @shutupnvibe Year ago +5

      Truly loved that ending 😂😂

    • @SOI-wl2lo
      @SOI-wl2lo Year ago +1

      Honestly!!! 😄

    • @Hannah-kk7wp
      @Hannah-kk7wp 10 months ago +3

      They actually look so similar lool

  • @ellanetatum9762
    @ellanetatum9762 Year ago +46

    "Lady in red~"
    That's my favourite part 🤣

  • @natb7740
    @natb7740 Year ago +78

    Kevin deserves more credit. He’s funny but in a somewhat sassy way lol.

  • @hifriend7581
    @hifriend7581 Year ago +1649

    My highlight of these videos will always be the shop owners looking like kings in front of the camera 😂

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  Year ago +6818

    Hello everyone! Lucky me getting to date all THREE Jonas Brothers. I am super happy Nick loved my red dress and i guess the plant from Joe was nice but honestly it was too big to carry around with me on my very busy day. I am also jealous of Kevin getting to go to Disney as i would love that. p.s i hope you like our little surprise at the end :) hehe. See you on my next date!! :) xxxx

  • @user-oz4qm8ek2m
    @user-oz4qm8ek2m 10 months ago +45

    This was actually hilarious“Well we were homeschooled” I lost it lmao. Sophie running off with Amelia at the end was absolutely perfect .

  • @seanajones8527
    @seanajones8527 Year ago +63

    Nick clowning his brother about Disneyland was hilarious

  • @chanbaekforever13
    @chanbaekforever13 Year ago +1037

    "I love that you name one of your songs after a chicken wings"
    Nick's reaction got me cracked 😂

    • @philosophy_bot4171
      @philosophy_bot4171 Year ago +2

      Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught"
      ~ Oscar Wilde

    • @Ella-fv4hm
      @Ella-fv4hm Year ago +2

      That made me laugh so hard I had to pause the video

  • @kelseymatthias613
    @kelseymatthias613 Year ago +955

    now THIS is a jonas brothers interview that finally shows their personalities so true........ thank u Amelia.

    • @reemahmed2104
      @reemahmed2104 Year ago +28

      yess! they seem so laid back and happy this promotional round i love it!
      although joe seemed kinda quiet in this one hahah

    • @syednoorerasul
      @syednoorerasul 10 months ago +3

      *Jonas daddies

  • @labellecandel6769
    @labellecandel6769 Year ago +43

    The “How did you all Meet” question SENT MEEEE🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @HolisticallyNish
    @HolisticallyNish Year ago +91

    5:20 I rewatched Kevin try and fail to cover his laugh 3 times! It’s so good 😂

  • @016249452
    @016249452 Year ago +132

    "It happened through stages" lmao 🤣

  • @eb9448
    @eb9448 Year ago +116

    “We met through our parents” lol 😂

  • @jeannettetrejo
    @jeannettetrejo Year ago +50

    I’m here for Kevin being a Disney adult! I love it!

  • @ayyyce
    @ayyyce 10 months ago +9

    “Do you know what HP stands for?”
    “Harry Potter.”
    Gold 😂

  • @chanbaekforever13
    @chanbaekforever13 Year ago +2011

    Amelia getting more and more big stars for this show. Who might be next? No one can stop chicken girl🤘

  • @christinepringle6920
    @christinepringle6920 Year ago +443

    Her chemistry with Nick is the best! He gets her 😂

  • @Missjunebugfreak
    @Missjunebugfreak Year ago +52

    I love Nick's dry sense of humor. It suits this style of interview.

  • @Glarses
    @Glarses Year ago +71

    how on earth has amelia pulled this off then

  • @chanbaekforever13
    @chanbaekforever13 Year ago +390

    Jonas Daddies is actually not a bad idea😂

  • @downing_shots7816
    @downing_shots7816 Year ago +362

    Nick finally meeting someone with the same dry humor as him 👍

    • @evolutionofwords
      @evolutionofwords Year ago +32

      Now at least some folks know that he’s funny & he doesn’t have a bad attitude or is mean. He’s just misunderstood.

    • @RedDevil_Joe
      @RedDevil_Joe Year ago +18

      @@evolutionofwords this is why Americans don’t get Brits a lot of the time 😂

    • @evolutionofwords
      @evolutionofwords Year ago +5

      @@RedDevil_Joe I have the same type of humour. So I can’t stand that beloved humour by Americans. To me it’s not funny. It’s just obnoxious.

    • @RedDevil_Joe
      @RedDevil_Joe Year ago +3

      @@evolutionofwords I do like some American stand up, especially the classics, but yeah the humour you see in tv shows etc is just so obvious and predictable

    • @evolutionofwords
      @evolutionofwords Year ago +1

      @@RedDevil_Joe Totally agree. I just don’t like the look at me people that want to be in your face & over exaggerate everything. That’s why Joe sorta irritates me. He does that. 🫣 Also people like Kevin Hart. He isn’t a good comedian or funny in the least. Just acts like a quack looking for attention & always has to make some remark. He has to overcompensate because he’s nothing without it. People love/hate British comedians in the USA. They either appreciate the humour or get offended.

  • @akmw706
    @akmw706 Year ago +13

    @3:13 “RED DReESssSS🥴”

  • @wings_5801
    @wings_5801 Year ago +48

    Amelia Cracking up while talking about falling down stairs is so wholesome😂

  • @FindingYaya
    @FindingYaya Year ago +679

    I screamed when Sophie appeared. Please go on a date with her, you’re both so hilarious ❤

  • @sudupiti
    @sudupiti Year ago +93

    Nick shading Kevin about Disneyland is the best part

  • @jenschaffer7513
    @jenschaffer7513 Year ago +23

    I love that she sat down with them separately. Sophie…icing on the cake

  • @user-yg1ik1qq4l
    @user-yg1ik1qq4l Year ago +48

    LMAOOO Nick with Amelia is the most hilarious pairing in this episode 😭

  • @DA-yy8rs
    @DA-yy8rs Year ago +386

    This interview really made me better understand Nick & Priyanka's potential dynamic b/c they definitely both have the same sharp, biting, witty humor hahahah

  • @thriller008
    @thriller008 Year ago +340

    Nick is actually hilarious lmaoo

  • @avocadotoast1
    @avocadotoast1 Year ago +50

    I didn’t realise how hilarious the brothers are. This is the first interview that shows their humour, it’s so good!!!

  • @Emily-tx5wr
    @Emily-tx5wr Year ago +32

    i LOVE the editing. the awkward cuts after random out of context sayings 😂 everything is gold in this video!

  • @purplecallie
    @purplecallie Year ago +79

    As a Jersey girl, Nick saying "what exit?" made me absolutely melt

  • @saxoeeee
    @saxoeeee Year ago +293

    Amelia casually walking off with Sophie at the end was badass hilarious

  • @tylerwright5925
    @tylerwright5925 Year ago +54

    the humor out of all these three always makes my day. Nick just is funnier to me because he's always been so serious.

  • @a.j.s5761
    @a.j.s5761 8 months ago +21

    how many of you here after they divorced??

  • @3bellam
    @3bellam Year ago +3129

    [Edit: I feel bad because this is spoiling the video for people, so this is your warning; watch the video first. Sorry my loves

    • @ummmm3890
      @ummmm3890 Year ago

      I'm sorry but I hate u, all jokes though!!! I don't hate you, but ur comment was that one comment u see without even clicking on the comments so you ruined the surprise, thanks:)

    • @oglatnik
      @oglatnik Year ago +69

      The fact that this is the first comment and it spoiled it for me as soon as I opened the video 😭😭

    • @jakestroll6518
      @jakestroll6518 Year ago +24

      She probably made this interview happen.

    • @lifeisagame2023
      @lifeisagame2023 Year ago +13

      ​@@oglatnikthat will teach you not to read comments b4 the video then lol

    • @ummmm3890
      @ummmm3890 Year ago +1

      ​@Life Is A Game life finds a way

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  Year ago +730


    • @annamorrowthrock6179
      @annamorrowthrock6179 Year ago


    • @skian33
      @skian33 Year ago +5

      you need to pin this comment.

    • @diannewallace8678
      @diannewallace8678 Year ago +3

      @@annamorrowthrock6179 Calm down.

    • @eric-jr2nf
      @eric-jr2nf Year ago

      Most boring channel ever

    • @peeps0i310
      @peeps0i310 Year ago +2

      I'm so impressed I read comments before watching video (I didn't even see this comment) and I got no spoilers!!

  • @olihhayes
    @olihhayes Year ago +10

    5:57 Sophie is sooo pretty

  • @Jana-vj4rg
    @Jana-vj4rg Year ago +7

    “Well we were homeschooled. Wanted to keep it simple.” 💀😂

  • @christinelopez7105
    @christinelopez7105 Year ago +175

    Kevin and Amelia were hilarious lol

  • @mjohnson6480
    @mjohnson6480 Year ago +437

    “Asking for a friend” too relatable Amelia too relatable 😂
    Also can we pleaseee get Maisie Peters on here?? You two would make a great Chicken Shop Date x

  • @McKenzieIdeality
    @McKenzieIdeality 7 months ago +8

    The Sophie cameo hits well 4 months later😅

  • @Thicfila
    @Thicfila 7 months ago +11

    Watching this after joe & Sophie turner divorce made me realize I only liked him bc he was with such a cool girl that it made him seem cooler than he actually is

  • @rayanansi563
    @rayanansi563 Year ago +160

    Loved seeing Amelia properly react to golfing by getting the ick lmao 😂

  • @ell4871
    @ell4871 Year ago +40

    Was NOT expecting Nick to be the flirtiest of the 3 but damnnnnn 🔥

  • @hopeysimmer1513
    @hopeysimmer1513 Year ago +6

    I love how she asked Nick was she in one of his dreams and it just cuts to the chicken place sign PLS😭 4:58

  • @CorrinaRoseWrites
    @CorrinaRoseWrites Year ago +13

    Nick with that spot on sarcasm, Joe with the money tree, Kevin with the romantic/cringy Disney story 👏👏👏

  • @antonella4632
    @antonella4632 Year ago +12

    "serves you right for leaving early" *KEVIN PLEASEEEE*

  • @paulsoderquist4788
    @paulsoderquist4788 Year ago +115

    Amelia: So I take my heart out of the freezer and put it in...
    Kevin: the fryer
    Kevin is actually quite funny though he gets less attention

  • @mide9553
    @mide9553 10 months ago +2

    "Asking for a friend"😂😂😂

  • @Error-wp1ub
    @Error-wp1ub 8 months ago +8

    this hits different now with Joe and Sophie breaking up

  • @livieegee
    @livieegee Year ago +27

    Not Nick subtly calling Kevin a Disney adult 💀💀

  • @AA-qb7ni
    @AA-qb7ni Year ago +148

    Amelia is getting bigger and bigger guests OMG. She deserves it all!!!!

  • @ayysweetstea9339
    @ayysweetstea9339 Year ago +41

    I love her interviews you're always know you're going to laugh no matter who she interview haha

  • @ChicSabrina
    @ChicSabrina Year ago +18

    this highlighted all of their personalities so well. you actually got to see how funny all 3 of them are

  • @kelssej
    @kelssej Year ago +164

    I need bloopers and an extended 3 hr version pls and thanks! This was amazing. You smashed it Amelia!

  • @plin00
    @plin00 Year ago +93

    Ok now we need a whole episode with sophie 👀

  • @penidk
    @penidk Year ago +9

    Kevin feels like the brother you would go to for serious advice

  • @DaniLucia256
    @DaniLucia256 Year ago +12

    Amelia: “Do you have any predictions for the Year 3000?”
    Joe: “I think we’ll be dead”

  • @audreyhepburn__
    @audreyhepburn__ Year ago +82

    when i thought this couldn't get any better, sophie showed up. i bet sophie and amelia had so much laughs behind the scenes. they're so much alike HAHAHAHA

  • @domjonas
    @domjonas Year ago +40

    “Jonas daddies” the way i was eating my lunch and nearly choked hearing that 😅 i love how disappointed she was when Nick said “we like to golf”

  • @adaldi_
    @adaldi_ 10 months ago +3

    1:28 Nick saying he loves LOVEBUG made my 2008 self scream! It was my favorite song back then and still now.

  • @zohresa9305
    @zohresa9305 Year ago +3

    I love that these are short.. like not more than 10mins. makes them so easy and enjoyable to watch

  • @mariestube2336
    @mariestube2336 Year ago +53

    Nick is actually hilarious 😅

  • @catbuechler6283
    @catbuechler6283 Year ago +49

    sophie being there makes this SO MUCH BETTER.

  • @vlogsbygps
    @vlogsbygps Year ago +6

    3:46 is an iconic moment

  • @madhura810
    @madhura810 Year ago +13

    This is such a unique concept. I just discovered this series and now I can't stop watching.

  • @i_am_gods_child
    @i_am_gods_child Year ago +18

    the cut scenes between the 3 different conversations are too funny

  • @golden.333
    @golden.333 Year ago +43

    OMG we need more Sophie!!!!! 👑

  • @NuncaJamaisEmTempoAlgum
    @NuncaJamaisEmTempoAlgum 5 months ago +2

    Sophie leaving this dude and going out with Amelia is the most satisfying part!!

  • @awksusannehun
    @awksusannehun Year ago +13

    Their humour is so good that I felt like we even got to see a different side to Amelia. Love everything about this date

  • @Seththot_Jv
    @Seththot_Jv Year ago +42

    Amelia is the only person ever to date three people at the same time and make it work😂trust me I’ve tried it and it didn’t end up so well

  • @Justsomebody009
    @Justsomebody009 Year ago +17

    Sophie being there was hilarious for me

  • @luvistragedy
    @luvistragedy Year ago +6

    Nick shading Kevin for spending the night at Disney is the highlight! 😂😂😂

  • @rasmuspetridis9942
    @rasmuspetridis9942 Year ago +1

    So goood! Wish it was longer!

  • @chanbaekforever13
    @chanbaekforever13 Year ago +37

    "do you still love a red dress?"
    "of course and I see that you're wearing red dress
    "Oh it's just pure coincidence I'm looking for my wardrobe and thought whoa look at that red dress"
    "Red dress!"
    "Shred dresh"
    then things started getting out of hands, future besties 😂

  • @Theworldis_myne
    @Theworldis_myne 11 months ago +7

    1:37 Kevin is going through a lot 😂

  • @BlowUpTheOutsideWorld

    "We met through our parents" "It happened in stages, these other two people introduced us" LMAOOOOOOOOO I LOVE WITTY BANTER!

  • @kaiymariewalker8823
    @kaiymariewalker8823 Year ago +45

    It’s been like 15 years but I’m still in love with these guys 😅 literally my first concert at 9 years old