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  • Published on Dec 19, 2022
  • Amelia is joined in her kitchen by fellow chef Big Zuu who has willingly agreed to help her cook a delicious Christmas meal using 5 very special key ingredients!
    Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Director: Adrian Choa
    Executive Producers: Amelia Dimoldenberg & Liv West
    Producers: Tir Dhondy & Liv West
    Co-Writer: Ania Magliano
    Director of Photography: Jamie Gettings
    Camera: Tayo Yusuff
    Sound Technician: Kyle Macleod
    Production Assistant: Manpreet Gehlan
    Editor: Josh Whitelaw
    Motion Graphics: Jake McConnell and Greedy Goons
    Sound Mix: Mark Duckett @Bounce
    Colourist: Louis O’Connell at Tag Collective Artists
    Colour Producer: Neuma Llusiá dos Santosat at Tag. Collective Arts
    Social Media: Jade Whiteley and Ashleigh Kybert
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Comments • 80

  • @tkloveshair
    @tkloveshair Year ago +40

    Zuu actually has amelia cooking in this cooking show. He should come round more often 😂

  • @xmubinax
    @xmubinax Year ago +45

    You can see they've known each other for a while. They are funny together! 😊

  • @DedziBlud
    @DedziBlud Year ago +113

    Made it way more enjoyable having an actually decent edible meal at the end, big up Zuu

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  Year ago +135

    Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well in the run up for the holiday season. Hopefully you have learnt some AMAZING cooking techniques for your xmas meals in this episode. Big Zuu has been HUGELY inspired by my skills in the kitchen and has said that I am the best chef in the world so I was really happy to do this episode with him. Lots of love and see you at the next one! Happy cooking xxxx

    • @lucagermano4119
      @lucagermano4119 Year ago

      Sei la numero 2 Amelia! Sei una grande! Auguri di buon Natale anche a te. Continua così.
      P.s. invita Gigi D'Alessio

    • @Ilovebutterflies.
      @Ilovebutterflies. Year ago +1

      Love you! Merry Christmas 🎄

    • @awepic6581
      @awepic6581 Year ago

      Please invite him over again, this was such a great episode istg

    • @BigOunce___
      @BigOunce___ 6 months ago

      Please bring the show back 😅

  • @BeccaAl
    @BeccaAl Year ago +145

    That was so cute and festive, you two have a fun rapport. And finally a meal you can eat Amelia! 😅

  • @Diogo-vt7zl
    @Diogo-vt7zl Year ago +68

    One of the funniest ones so far, if not the funniest honestly.
    Great chemistry, fun bits, good work! Actual live audience too, budget must be going crazy wooo

    • @SevenHunnid
      @SevenHunnid Year ago

      on my RUclips channel, i do food reviews while I’m super high💯💯

  • @khalilahd.
    @khalilahd. Year ago +48

    The sound effect are killing me 😂😂😂 this is the mashup I didn’t know I needed lol

  • @hitsugiluva
    @hitsugiluva Year ago +20

    This was so good! We need more of these 2 together

  • @allis.711
    @allis.711 Year ago +13

    This was just amazing. I didn't know I needed this video in my life but I deffinantly feel better after watching it

  • @spencelefe
    @spencelefe Year ago +25

    I love these cooking shows Amelia 🥰

  • @tralala88
    @tralala88 Year ago +4

    Merry Christmas Amelia! Thank you for bringing lots of joy and laughter to our lives.

  • @juanitaleak6482
    @juanitaleak6482 Year ago +3

    Zuu knows his sh.. impressive! Amelia is giving mummy energy x1000

  • @MRVV7717
    @MRVV7717 Year ago +1

    Love zuu and Amelia together, dope duo

  • @lindsayelizabeth3206

    Great episode!
    "I'm gonna season it as well just for... personal happiness." 👌

  • @mjdwtube
    @mjdwtube Year ago +7

    you see zuu? different gravy 😍

  • @vailaw
    @vailaw Year ago +4

    It genuinely looks yummy I might cook it for Xmas dinner👍🤣

  • @danielledevitohalevy2949

    "Ho yo yo, Christmas- Christmas time: the only time in the year where you can say Ho ho ho without any fear"
    "That was....interesting"
    Man the delivery...this killed me :')

  • @erincurley1234
    @erincurley1234 Year ago +1

    The edits are the cherry on top of such a funny video 😂😂

  • @Lpeakeyx
    @Lpeakeyx Year ago +2

    Smashing it Amelia

  • @juice4321
    @juice4321 Year ago +3

    I love your videos keep it up ❤

  • @AktionPak
    @AktionPak Year ago +5

    Amelia "Angry Mom" Dimoldenberg does it again

  • @tkloveshair
    @tkloveshair Year ago +2

    Leo’s and Aquarians are actually chaotic together 😂😂😂😂

  • @OscarDiaz-mx8ik
    @OscarDiaz-mx8ik Year ago

    so good best duo

  • @ihatetrains9629
    @ihatetrains9629 Year ago +2

    i’ve watched every episode of this show and this is the first one where the food was edible

  • @adrianaxcx777
    @adrianaxcx777 Year ago +2

    I love so much how british people speak😍🥰😍

  • @naomiisaiaholive4576

    Wow ❤❤🎉😂amazing job ❤😊😊

  • @leahadams560
    @leahadams560 Year ago

    Great video

  • @mamostreet1676
    @mamostreet1676 Year ago

    Love you 2

  • @moseswilliams9057
    @moseswilliams9057 Year ago +3

    The lazy eye comment was WILD 😂😂

  • @tkloveshair
    @tkloveshair Year ago

    Her: “so what do you do?” Him:“I dash it”😂😂😂😂

  • @sigma.wr8
    @sigma.wr8 Year ago

    love u Amelia

  • @spatel3783
    @spatel3783 Year ago +1

    so jokes, thank you Amelia!! MERRY XMAS

  • @LWPC7
    @LWPC7 Year ago


  • @superladydestroyer
    @superladydestroyer Year ago +1

    Him not letting the elf have some 😭😭😭

  • @bardistass
    @bardistass Year ago +3

    11:03 .... Amelia, you are actually my spirit animal 😂😂😂

  • @LoZo421
    @LoZo421 Year ago


  • @Missyfunkylox
    @Missyfunkylox Year ago

    Thank you 😊

  • @Britishvisitor
    @Britishvisitor Year ago +2

    Thought the elf on the left was Martine McCutcheon, then remembered it wasn't Y2K and she probably looks different now.

  • @sarahotgirlvlogs3565

    did Amelia once live in Harleston?

  • @ukdrillfreestyles5524

    zuu gives me hood chunkz vibes

  • @ChloeeOliviaa
    @ChloeeOliviaa Year ago

    Where is Amelia’s jumper from ?!!

  • @aoifedood3184
    @aoifedood3184 Year ago

    Omg Amelia with a knife hahahaha

  • @nettiebetti1484
    @nettiebetti1484 Year ago

    Bomber hair

  • @zhieff
    @zhieff Year ago

    1:40 hahhaha "shout out to Jesus, he's watching".
    He definitely is, Amelia!

  • @Geonopedi
    @Geonopedi Year ago

    Pls pls pls do Loyle-Carner next - he loves cooking!

  • @kay-dc8495
    @kay-dc8495 Year ago +1

    0:02 Imagine you saw this at the end of your bed at night

  • @pastrie42
    @pastrie42 3 months ago

    I have no idea why I have a crush on Amelia as a grown man, but here were are.

  • @chazparker5103
    @chazparker5103 Year ago +1

    rap battle went crazy

  • @samueld5418
    @samueld5418 Year ago

    Hope you are cooking fried chicken!

  • @gettinmomotion
    @gettinmomotion Year ago

    Of course.

  • @nabati8903
    @nabati8903 Year ago +2

    Why is the view dead on this one? This is actually funny!

  • @itsmukhtarabdi
    @itsmukhtarabdi Year ago +1

    Amelia the 🤶🤶🤶🤶🤶🤶

  • @dlk2188
    @dlk2188 Year ago +1

    Dancehall 🤣😭

  • @katli.h
    @katli.h Year ago +1

    *reads ‘big zulu’*

  • @alecrail592
    @alecrail592 Year ago

    Thought the elf was Stacey Solomon

  • @lucasdonegan449
    @lucasdonegan449 Year ago

    whys the women from vice in the crowd

  • @kevingallagher406



    i feel like uk ppl have proper banter yea? funny ppls innit

  • @micgreenson7308
    @micgreenson7308 Year ago +2


  • @patriciaowusu-antwi6197

    What sza said...

  • @jasonyoung1786
    @jasonyoung1786 Year ago +1

    7th Comment - record hahaha

  • @AmeliaKnight8
    @AmeliaKnight8 Year ago


  • @befborgur2345
    @befborgur2345 Year ago +2


  • @charlottecarter1695

    Why do the elves look abused?

  • @russellbridges9779

    could do without the casual racism

  • @thedarthlord7724
    @thedarthlord7724 Year ago +1

    She's a horrible writer😂

  • @danielhazle7647
    @danielhazle7647 6 months ago

    Has anybody ever stopped to think why Big Zuu has been GIVEN fame and MADE popular?
    Not very good at his job, Presenter/Cook.
    Dose not look fit and healthy. Looks the opposite in fact.
    Speaks in a way that dilutes the English language and culture.
    Not the sharpest tool in the box.

    • @electricbathbomb
      @electricbathbomb 3 months ago

      Get a grip.

    • @ashleydavis3318
      @ashleydavis3318 2 months ago +1

      I will not trust a cook who is "fit and healthy". It's like seeing a plumber in a tailcoat. Do they even like food?

  • @andyjay494
    @andyjay494 Year ago +1

    You will get your Karma for supporting people like Paddy