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Jury Hands Down Verdict in Johnny Depp's Favor at End of Defamation Trial with Amber Heard

  • Published on May 31, 2022
  • A Virginia jury just handed down a stunning verdict, mostly in actor Johnny Depp’s favor, at the end of a rollercoaster defamation trial against his ex-wife and actress Amber Heard.
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Comments • 39 573

  • Rylie 🔥 34 y.0 -check My V!deo

    for those women who say that “this is a step backwards for women” they are wrong this is a step forward for justice and that any gender understands that being violent will have consequences no matter what gender you are.

  • jc
    jc  +1

    People like Amber make a mockery of a very real tragic problem in society, that of domestic violence... and because of such people the real victims find it hard to get justice.

  • The first I agree

    She is so sickening, sitting up there trying to look innocent, I'm so glad the jurors see right through her, amen amen amen

  • M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!

    Her response to this said that this was a “setback to women”. And she’s right. SHE is the setback. Women like her are the reason why real victims aren’t believed. I hope her career dries up immediately

  • Leia Kori
    Leia Kori  +467

    He told the world, the world believed him. It means so much for many victims, it will make a change for a lot of men in pain.

  • Clara -My New Private vidoe

    She wanted the world to believe he was an abusive husband but in reality she was the culprit. She tried so hard to get him to react to her cheating, lying, hitting, and verbal abuses. She thought that because she's a "woman", she could get away with it and twist things in her favor. Kind of hard to develop tears when you know you're the one all along.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Justice has been served today, not only to Johnny, but to all of the people who have gone through the same thing that he has.

  • M K
    M K  +750

    I’m glad the world has seen that it’s not always the man that is abusive in a relationship. Thank you for stepping forward Johnny!

  • Ima Talkin
    Ima Talkin  +752

    She needs to learn that destroying his life because of her lies has consequences. I hope JD makes her pay the money, even if he donates it to charity

  • Heida
    Heida  +435

    It was SO satifying seeing the look on her face when the verdict was announced. The outrageous stories and fake crying didn't work. The jury believed Johnny.

  • SonyDC
    SonyDC  +128

    This should be a lesson to all the LIARS out there! 1) do NOT attempt to lie under oath and 2) do NOT attempt to blackmail and/or defame an innocent person.

  • Falecia Logan

    Even when receiving such “devastating” results she still couldn’t shed one tear. A true DV victim would be sobbing out of control…completely crushed.

  • vamsi krishna

    Truth is same for anyone, man or women, who ever deserves it should receive it, no bias. You deserve this Jonny Depp

  • onelove
    onelove  +19

    I'm so proud of those celebs who supported Johnny, even when his back was in the corner. Loyalty goes a long way. I'm so proud of him for not backing down. Congrats Johnny! 👏🏽 ❤️

  • Clara -My New Private vidoe

    Johnny Depp is a good hearted human being, not perfect because nobody is, but a man with a heart of gold. He visits children in hospitals and you can tell he genuinely enjoys making people smile. He did not deserve to be mistreated that way. Justice was served. Hugs to you Johnny, we love you❤

  • reader 7414

    Until the end Johnny's team showed a high respect for the jury. While they were leaving the Court, Ben, Camille, and the whole team was thanking them with such a huge humility. This is what a call professional behaviour.

  • Yeni Maduena

    Justice is served. Johnny didn’t care about the money, he wanted to prove his innocence and he did. JUSTICE FOR JOHNNY.

  • flaviadt
    flaviadt  +790

    She wants to have the right to defame others claiming "freedom of expression", but defaming and slandering is a crime both here in BR and in the USA

  • Rage
    Rage  +326

    It is always heartwarming to see justice being served. Imagine how many common people are incarcerated or had their lives/reputation destroyed because they couldn't afford the best lawyers out there or the there was just not enough investigation done in the first place, people today just want to see someone held accountable as that satiates their blood thirst, they forget without justice, blood thirst is just being a savage animal and not being a human being. I sincerely hope this sets a precedent to investigate cases like these more thoroughly be it someone famous or an ordinary citizen - no matter their gender.

  • The Stanley's Adventures

    The money is completely irrelevant in this situation he doesn't need it ! The truth is everything and thank god it came out, no amount of acting can hide that amount of lies!! Congratulations Johnny we were all behind you throughout it all.