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Will Ferrell Deeply Regrets Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Feb 19, 2020
  • Will Ferrell is a comedy icon with a storied career in TV and film that span decades. He stars alongside fellow comedic legend Julia Louis-Dreyfuss in the new film Downhill, in theaters now. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as he takes on the wings of death with host Sean Evans in an especially improvisational Hot Ones (fun fact: JLD was hoping to join but was too under the weather). Along the way, Ferrell shares behind-the-scenes stories from beloved movies like Anchorman and Old School, discusses the origins of his famous Harry Caray impersonation on Saturday Night Live, and expresses sincere shock that Seinfeld and Friends fans don't always get along.
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Comments • 21 874

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  2 years ago +10759

    What's the best Will Ferrell movie of all time?

  • Dren
    Dren 2 years ago +23592

    We need Ryan Reynolds on this. It would be straight comedy (nice to see a lot of people agree lol)

  • Repeat Aftermeme
    Repeat Aftermeme Year ago +1767

    I would’ve loved to see Robin Williams on this show. The natural humor he brings. May he rest peacefully.

    • Corey Pillow
      Corey Pillow 9 hours ago

      This would’ve fit him perfectly

    • Casey Cook
      Casey Cook Day ago

      I agree may Robin Williams is the best

    • R S
      R S 5 days ago +1

      The show would be 4 hours long...and absolutely hilarious!!

    • PenguinxLisa
      PenguinxLisa 15 days ago

      i cant imagine how nice that would be

    • Jappa Jotahs
      Jappa Jotahs 28 days ago

      Would've been the best episode

  • Kaydawg
    Kaydawg Year ago +1297

    Respect to Will Ferrell for avoiding social media. I completely agree with him.

    • YouTube Fan
      YouTube Fan 2 months ago +1

      @Eddy 9:28

    • Claymore Jackson
      Claymore Jackson 3 months ago +3

      RUclips is social media if you read and leave comments

    • rad tut
      rad tut 5 months ago +1

      He was on social media when he sang “imagine” from his mansion to us peasants

    • Dale Anderson
      Dale Anderson 6 months ago


  • david qadri
    david qadri Year ago +1894

    3 guys u gotta get on this show asap!:
    1. Steve carrell
    2. Ryan Reynolds
    3. Ryan gosling

    • Dingo B
      Dingo B 7 days ago

      Ryan Reynolds + Hugh Jackman together like Deadpool + Wolverine.

    • sheen d
      sheen d 10 days ago

      Joe Biden

    • Kylie Schultheis
      Kylie Schultheis 24 days ago +1

      Jake Gyllanhall AND Ryan Reynolds together!!

    • Tiffany Young
      Tiffany Young 2 months ago +2

      Both Ryan’s together! I’ll stan that

    • Colten Grothe
      Colten Grothe 2 months ago

      @lkjv3 Jerry Seinfield can’t even touch somebody xD

  • Gongoozler I am
    Gongoozler I am Year ago +549

    This is the first interview where I've seen Will being himself, serious and yet still super super super funny haha it's great :) Usually he does a funny character in his interviews which is great, but I feel so lucky to see the real him now too :)

    • Bart Bart
      Bart Bart 8 months ago +1

      You should check out the episode where he was a guest on Marc Maron's podcast

    • Tuiġana
      Tuiġana 9 months ago +5

      I'm not a fan but I was basically like "Will Ferrell in real life is just a calm old man, how sweet"

    • I Gave Lia HIV
      I Gave Lia HIV 11 months ago +8

      @Eric Wilson bruh what

    • Randyrandinger
      Randyrandinger Year ago +14

      that’s the point of these the heat going on in your mouth will make you just answer without even thinking

  • ultranitro
    ultranitro 2 years ago +4366

    They should make mini hot sauce bottle sets that have all the same sauces so people can eat wing for wing while watching! Then you could feel exactly what the guest feels.

    • Zsuzsi László
      Zsuzsi László Day ago

      I’d love that 😍 have a nice little ten-pack of cute but deadly hot sauces 😁 I hope they collab with the brands on making this but with so many brands it would be next to impossible 😢

    • George Moshington
      George Moshington Day ago

      I just chew my carolina reaper peppers while i watch.

    • There is glitter In my coffee
      There is glitter In my coffee 2 days ago

      My husband had cigar podcasts like this and LOVES them, would totally purchase this.

    • Scott Benard
      Scott Benard 3 days ago

      It's so weird that on this episode in particular I had the same thought. Good business venue imo. You should approach them with the idea

    • filthy rych
      filthy rych 5 days ago

      I'd try

  • Adam Steinhardt
    Adam Steinhardt Year ago +157

    Sean Evens is a seriously great interviewer. Add the spicy chicken wings which seems like a great method to get past a persons defenses and to a more real version of themselves, and these interviews are brilliant

  • CB-99
    CB-99 2 months ago +30

    Can we appreciate that shaun is probably the best interviewer in a loooooong time. He's not some corny late night host. He does alot of research and it makes the interview entertaining but also insightful to these people's lives are 10/10

  • James Allen
    James Allen 3 months ago +14

    I've seen this so many times and laugh every time 🤣
    It's hilarious when he got to the bomb his eyes was turning beat red ..and when he gave a souvenir after blowing his nose.
    Will is and always will be my favorite comedian.

  • guitarzilla555
    guitarzilla555 9 months ago +69

    Will embraced the format and spoke candidly, and I appreciates that.

  • Tychus
    Tychus 2 years ago +1759

    This has to be the only serious interview I have ever seen Will Ferrell give.

    • kev_bacher
      kev_bacher 2 years ago

      You should watch his Off The Camera episode. That was quite interesting!

    • Enigma -
      Enigma - 2 years ago +4

      Tychus between the ferns interview he’s serious.
      And for the ones complaining that he’s boring or not funny here... people are multifaceted 🙄 They’re not ON all the time.
      It’s like your doctor who is super serious, but out of the office can be funny and express different sides!
      Why put people in such a narrow window, that they can only be there to be funny for you? Funny people can have serious sides you can learn from too.

    • Sour D
      Sour D 2 years ago

      Same for me ha ha

    • Evan Gooden
      Evan Gooden 2 years ago +5

      @Mindy G yal came ready to be entertained by will ferrell, what you saw was just will and i think thats great

    • Dr. D.
      Dr. D. 2 years ago

      @Mindy G 100% agree. This was a complete waste of time. Sean was on point, but Will was boring, unfunny and acted like he didn't want to be there.

  • Bob Lane
    Bob Lane Year ago +1959

    I wish Chris Farley could of done this. I can hear him now "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD"

    • Sanitarium King
      Sanitarium King 5 months ago +1

      Boy some chicken wings would really hit the spot right now.

    • Ritchie Vernon
      Ritchie Vernon 6 months ago

      @Trinity Crawford it would have been something to have Elvis on this as well eating hot wings! And then trying to sing as he's eating them!

    • Ritchie Vernon
      Ritchie Vernon 6 months ago

      I agree with you Bob Lane Chris Farley would have been extremely funny and hilarious on this! 😂😳

    • Otis B. Driftwood
      Otis B. Driftwood 7 months ago

      Underated comment

    • dakota knitz
      dakota knitz 7 months ago +1

      “Tommy want wingy”

  • Evan Hulet
    Evan Hulet Month ago +3

    Sean is such a good host & interviewer. The number of times I hear celebrities - who are essentially professional interviewees in this context - say “That’s a good question” is impressive. Sean is such a pro and the Hot Ones writers are top tier.

  • liveelovelaugh1
    liveelovelaugh1 8 months ago +13

    I love Hot Ones! It really reminds us that celebs are human. Sean always brings out the best in the guests even when they’re on the brink of death 😭

  • Margarita Hristova
    Margarita Hristova 9 months ago +20

    This is one of the best actors and one of the most naturally funny people on earth. Such a great show. I love all of the movies he's in.

  • BnaBreaker
    BnaBreaker 2 years ago +2440

    Don't get me wrong, I think Will's usual schtick is hilarious, but he also seems like a genuinely great guy, so it's always a pleasure to hear from Will when he isn't "on," and is just being his normal self.

    • Notconnor01
      Notconnor01 2 years ago

      why are yall having a discussion about the state of the planet in a youtube comment section, both of you seem like intelligent individuals witb different opinions trying to voice them to the other. In the hopes that it converts them BUT when its in a comment section it makes it extremely difficult to take either of you seriously. I honestly don't care though I just like his movies and his time on SNL

    • Kevin Booth
      Kevin Booth 2 years ago +1

      @sKrible_ ummm... cant help but note that you dont seem to comprehend that ability is not the same as permissibility.... The person is saying that there is a lack of capability... as in the person cant accomplish the task....
      You speak of ignorance while committing such an act of ignorance... the irony is strong.

  • Joy Herting
    Joy Herting Month ago +3

    Love Will Ferrell so much, so many great things. I have so many of his movies even all the way back on VHS LOL. Watching them with friends and family

  • Sergio Felix
    Sergio Felix Year ago +7

    From 14:50 and on, I just couldn't stop laughing... you guys made my day today hahahahahahaha

  • Roisin Dunne
    Roisin Dunne Year ago +15

    Quick note to say that the editing on this show is seamless and an absolute joy to witness

  • osman Martinez
    osman Martinez 4 months ago +1

    I've never seen Will Ferrell as himself. He's always some sort of character but this was so great to see himself out of his own element.

  • Ryan Koehler
    Ryan Koehler 2 years ago +2700

    This was fucking awesome to see him not in a character. Just being himself.

    • Stephany Hulstrom
      Stephany Hulstrom 4 months ago

      I was thinking the same thing!!

    • GetOuttaTheJohnBoy
      GetOuttaTheJohnBoy 4 months ago

      @Oldtimer Agreed

    • Oldtimer
      Oldtimer 4 months ago

      @GetOuttaTheJohnBoy Seems to me that Ferrell is more like an actor than comedian. He needs a good script, to do his stuff.

    • GetOuttaTheJohnBoy
      GetOuttaTheJohnBoy 4 months ago

      Too bad he wasn't funny.

    • Oldtimer
      Oldtimer 7 months ago

      You can easily see that some actors really need good script to be funny, he´s one of them. Maybe my fault to expect him to be funny as himself. Huge difference compared to e.g Ricky Gervais.

    REAL OCWON Year ago +20

    This guys plays his roles so good , its weird 2 see him normal for once lmao what a legend 😭

  • Matt Gaudio
    Matt Gaudio 5 months ago +1

    This is an incredible interview. Such a large presence.

  • stagg
    stagg Year ago +16

    Will is so much more mild and even tempered then I expected

  • Slibbs
    Slibbs 11 months ago +24

    I love how he was honestly just like, "No this was not worth it." In his head he's like I make way too much money do be doing this lol

  • Doogz De guzman
    Doogz De guzman 2 years ago +1231

    never seen such a mellow will ferrell before. This makes me appreciate him more that he puts effort to always go in character during interviews or whenever he's on camera.

    • apacheSR
      apacheSR 2 years ago

      his movie didn't do very well

    • ModerusPrime
      ModerusPrime 2 years ago +1

      @Mark Henneberry They don't "have" to do Hot Ones. They choose to.

    • Mark Henneberry
      Mark Henneberry 2 years ago

      @Doogz De guzman I believe you missed the "having to do this interview." As in, it is a responsiblity required of him in his occupation.

    • Doogz De guzman
      Doogz De guzman 2 years ago

      @Mark Henneberry not trying to argue but if he hated it he could just have declined the request right? maybe nervous....I mean...he started the show just chilled and laid back and if he really hates it he could made sarcastic jokes about it. Or he just really wants the experience...I mean he ate a deer's eyeball right? To me that might have been way worse. 🤢

    • Doogz De guzman
      Doogz De guzman 2 years ago

      @The Nomadic Sunny thanks! love your name btw. Got that reference. 😉

  • Joe A Souls Addict
    Joe A Souls Addict 8 months ago +2

    I love the "If you wanna slam a bottle, slam a bottle," honesty of this show. Thanks Hot Ones!

  • Lawrence Kao
    Lawrence Kao Year ago +16

    The look of pure regret at the end was probably the most sincere ive ever seen him

  • Jason Phillips
    Jason Phillips Year ago +1

    will ferrell is hilarious, always good entertainment........

  • Mac Pina
    Mac Pina 11 months ago +2

    I love how Will strategically placed the last dab 🤣

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C 2 years ago +1891

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen Will Farrell act himself. Seems like a pretty cool dude

    • raiden
      raiden 2 years ago

      @Paul Heap yew

    • Paul Heap
      Paul Heap 2 years ago

      @adler what? You defending your boyfriend.

    • Paul Heap
      Paul Heap 2 years ago

      @raiden must be a long celebration at you house.

    • myderiawright
      myderiawright 2 years ago

      Happy Fruit on i

    • Capytol C
      Capytol C 2 years ago

      Sean earned his respect I believe.

  • The family hustle
    The family hustle 8 months ago +1

    Legendary guests on this channel well done 🙌

  • Shadow Doc
    Shadow Doc Year ago +1

    Not gonna lie I'm not a big Will Farrell fan, actually I'm not a Will Farrell fan at all but this was actually really good! I was impressed.

  • Mary Mason
    Mary Mason 10 months ago +6

    I like it when it actually effects them, not the boring ones that are tough.

  • Justin Winston
    Justin Winston 9 months ago +2

    Will is just naturally hilarious😂😂😂

  • Paul Rivers
    Paul Rivers 2 days ago

    When Sean brought up snl I'm surprised cowbell wasn't talked about still one of my all time favorites especially knowing he made it up as they 😁😁😁😁🤷‍♂️

  • Damian
    Damian 2 months ago +4

    “He picked me up and serenaded me” - That is something that most people can only experience through a psychedelic drug, mate you got a golden ticket🙇‍♂️

  • Live Trading Channel

    I don't think I've ever seen a Will Ferrell Interview. Although I have enjoyed many of his characters, skits, and movies, I never would have considered myself a Will Ferrell fan until I watched this interview. This was outstanding.

  • victor maldoando
    victor maldoando 2 months ago +8

    I think Sean has the most “that’s a good question” saying from celebrities any interviewer has ever had.

  • Kuda Clash
    Kuda Clash Year ago +1

    Will Ferrell is such a nice dude. I bet it's awesome to drink a beer with him!

  • Ernesto Castro
    Ernesto Castro 11 months ago +4

    Seeing my childhood icons getting older is beautiful and sad, I love you Will❤

  • Roland Bruegger
    Roland Bruegger 10 months ago +2

    thanks for putting up this show :) Must be tough for the gut and digestive tract to deal with that fire effect.

  • mr_blue
    mr_blue 5 months ago +8

    THE BOMB! 😂
    Well… I actually ordered this one and challenged my colleagues at work.
    I could not speak for what felt like, 10minutes and there was a certain amount of time I could not hear at all.
    Still, I’d do it again. 🎉

  • Hattori Hanzo
    Hattori Hanzo 2 years ago +3221

    I feel Hollywood actors are in love with this host because he seems like a genuine person and they spend all their days with fake psuedo people. So Sean is a fresh breathe of air.

  • Jeffrey Nakahira-Young
    Jeffrey Nakahira-Young 10 months ago +3

    after watching will ferrell for years, I can see the visible concern on his face almost instantly

  • Benjamin Crocker
    Benjamin Crocker 5 months ago +1

    I know I'm coming in late but I have to say that the Stargazer is an awesome sauce. Beautiful and mild, yet still spicy. I just threw some on a curry tonight to give it a little extra zing.

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith Year ago +2

    I have this urge to do the wings of death but I know it's nothing to be taken lightly. I always wonder why the little bites and all that chicken going to waste...I'm sure I would eat my whole wing.

  • Cathy Messer
    Cathy Messer Year ago +1

    I would love to have some hot wings with Sean sometime soon

  • Manzoor Ahmed
    Manzoor Ahmed Year ago +2884

    The number of times people have said "that's a good question" on this show is a tribute to how good an interviewer Sean Evans is.

    • Nicola M
      Nicola M 6 months ago

      The, "That's a good question" line is a generic response that a lot of people use in interviews to give them time to gather their thoughts. It's not necessarily sincere.

    • Patrick Kelly
      Patrick Kelly 7 months ago

      Him and Nardwar have the deepest questions

    • dirtyketchup
      dirtyketchup 7 months ago

      @Jordan 7 Ummm… I wouldn't be so cynical like that. He clearly does his homework and comes prepared with knowledge, and not just a "script." Sure he may have some people help gather that research, but he clearly spends the time in it, and has even read his guest's books, biographies, and watched some of their deep-cut works. Props to Sean for his level of preparedness. You can see it in the way he talks on the fly depending on the direction that his guest takes them.

    • Matthew Bennage
      Matthew Bennage 8 months ago +1

      Dude is super awkward and sounds like he’s ready a prompt

    • jxb
      jxb 9 months ago

      Pretty sure there’s a team of people who do the research and come up with the questions… Sean’s just the persona. I’d bet that all guests are encouraged to say “That’s a good question” somewhere in there 😆

  • Navnit Kumar
    Navnit Kumar 11 months ago +1

    Ah Will Farrell. The oldest of the Farrell brothers, such a diverse family. Its remarkable how one is a black musical artist, one is an Irish actor and the other is a goofy comedian. Such diversity and inclusiveness.

  • The Law of Divine Oneness

    I don't know what I enjoy more.....the array of hot sauces I can choose from to order from the website or the thought provoking and insightful questions that Sean Evans asks. They are the best interviews of celebrities I have ever seen. This puts the late night shows to shame.

  • Ryza19
    Ryza19 10 months ago +1

    ive seen as few of these now and it seems like the last one is through the roof hot but its always the chilliest response compared to the last two or three. anyone else noticed this sometimes?

  • Sarah Mauricio
    Sarah Mauricio 5 months ago

    I love this man and there’s nothing anyone can say about it

  • Máté Fügedi
    Máté Fügedi 2 years ago +6228

    It's so cool that they actually got the drummer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers onto Hot Ones.

    • Robin Justice
      Robin Justice 3 months ago

      Lol. I love all the people commenting who have no idea what you're talking about

    • Paul Redinger
      Paul Redinger 3 months ago

      It’s not the flea, it’s a flea. This is the guy that thinks he funny but isn’t. It’s a good thing they hyped him up so much. Kevin Harts funny, Will Ferrell not so much.

    • [ALC]
      [ALC] 3 months ago

      @Jonny Cakes 🤣🤣

    • dougdale dimmadome owner of the dimmsdale dimmadome
      dougdale dimmadome owner of the dimmsdale dimmadome 4 months ago

      @Kevin Dorn nah it’s the guy who did the synth for relax by franky gose to Hollywood

    • conrad black
      conrad black 4 months ago

      Chad is the man always reminds me of that will Ferrell guy

  • Samuel Osborn
    Samuel Osborn 9 months ago +2

    From watching Hot Ones I've found out Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell and Matt Damon don't use social media. I'm working my way to that but not quite there. Very impressive to see people with fame, large followings and plenty of reason to have social media to help boost there careers yet they decide to stay off it. Hats off to you

  • Ida Lehmann
    Ida Lehmann 9 months ago +2

    These episodes never get old. LMAO

  • Cassandra Price-Edwards
    Cassandra Price-Edwards 11 months ago

    Awesome for you Will!!! You are the best😁

  • Ted Bear
    Ted Bear Year ago +13

    Man I can't think of another person whos made me laugh harder than this man. At the end of wedding crashers I literally lost my shit because I didn't even know he was going to be in the movie. I see him in the bath robe and he starts yelling at his mom and I fucking LOST IT. I know some funny ass ppl irl and I've seen the legends like Katt Williams destroy me with their ultra funny stuff. But no one beats Jim and Will in my book. Awesome guys and so funny. Love to see him here!!!!!

  • Katie G
    Katie G 2 years ago +207

    Will is a very well-spoken man, it’s refreshing to see that after seeing so many “goofball” roles with him. These interviews give the best opportunities for celebs to have a real, thoughtful conversation.

    • adler
      adler 2 years ago

      @Raffebrasse i didn't ask you

    • Oscar Nilsson
      Oscar Nilsson 2 years ago +1

      Except they're incapacitated by hot Sauce.. So not actually a good way to have a thoughtful conversation.

    • Nuisance Value
      Nuisance Value 2 years ago +1

      You should check out "inside the actors studio" and "actors roundtable" for a treat!

    • Raffebrasse
      Raffebrasse 2 years ago +7

      @adler No one asked for you comment either and here you are! And no one asked me to comment on your comment and here i am!
      That's how a comment section works xD

  • Phebe Rose
    Phebe Rose 2 months ago

    Sean, you are a genius!! This is the best interview concept ever 😀😅😂🥵🔥🔥

  • Dmarie
    Dmarie 3 months ago

    Will you did so great!

  • superjeff Centola
    superjeff Centola 7 months ago +2

    The part about will getting bored waiting for snoop to be done smoking and playing video games is just hilarious 😂

  • Bruno Sanz
    Bruno Sanz Year ago +4

    Dude, everytime I see this guy it comes to my memory him singing "Dust in the Wind" and "Por ti volare".
    That was some state of the art...

  • DonQuixote
    DonQuixote 2 years ago +1033

    It’s really refreshing to see an interview with Will Farrell were he isn’t doing a bit or playing a character the whole time like he normally does

    • Papa Fruugg
      Papa Fruugg 2 years ago +1

      This show bring the best out in ppl that you don't normally see which is why I enjoy to good guest

    • Jacob Jablome
      Jacob Jablome 2 years ago

      One of the very rare william interviews.

    • DonQuixote
      DonQuixote 2 years ago +1

      Kitcomedy okay but not what I said at all.

    • Kitcomedy
      Kitcomedy 2 years ago

      youre right, hes not funny anymore

    • A Frog
      A Frog 2 years ago

      Ferrel, ffs..

  • Jo jo RED
    Jo jo RED 10 months ago +3

    I Love Will Ferrell's work he was funniest in old school..... you're my boy blue!!!

  • Purple Hearts
    Purple Hearts Year ago +1

    He's an original for sure! Love him! 🤣😂❤👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 5 months ago

    who doesent love Will Ferrell? i mean we all love him, his comedy is one of a kind his acting is great. he seems nice, all that stuff

  • Waneta Wentz
    Waneta Wentz Year ago

    Way to go Will!!!! I give you props for getting as far as you did!!! And i will go see ur movie!!!! Love n Peace!!!🙋🇺🇸👍🎥🎥🎭🎭👍💖💖💖

  • Andrew Peek
    Andrew Peek 2 years ago +2779

    This is probably the most “normal” I’ve seen Will.

    • Spartacus
      Spartacus 2 years ago +1

      @Dj Louie yeah it seemed rushed

    • Jason Garcia
      Jason Garcia 2 years ago +1

      The interviewer didn't respond to any of Will's funny responses, and I found myself laughing alone, while Sean's dead silence made the interview feel so awkward, as if he didn't care what Will had to say but was only worried he needed to get through all the questions or he'd fail his job... #NeedABetterHost

    • ivan snegireff
      ivan snegireff 2 years ago

      Listening taking

    • Fear Me
      Fear Me 2 years ago

      what brand sweater is the host wearing?

    • cassinink
      cassinink 2 years ago +6

      I think the fact that Julia didn't pitch and Sean was therefore not prepared with enough questions for Wil made for a bit of a stale interview. Sean didn't laugh at Will's initial jokes and it just went downhill from there. An off-day for both these guys.

  • Paul Rivers
    Paul Rivers 2 days ago

    Will don't elaborate on his personal life alot but you can find things and I've saw where he helps out so many people nit just charities he helps individuals out buying cars,houses, etc and he don't won't anyone to know he's really a good hearted person behind the scenes 😁🤷‍♂️

  • David Porter
    David Porter 2 days ago

    Love how he looks back at the bottle for "da bomb" to make sure he remembers that it bit him

  • Xtina
    Xtina Year ago

    Great man Will Ferrell love all his movies🌸

  • Andrew Ferguson
    Andrew Ferguson 10 months ago

    I really enjoy interviews where Will Ferrell acts like his normal self

  • Zach Haywood
    Zach Haywood 2 years ago +419

    Seeing Will Ferrell give a straight, serious interview is like stepping into The Twilight Zone.

    • Addison Hall
      Addison Hall 2 years ago

      I haven't seen the the video yet and I'm scared.

    • Zach Haywood
      Zach Haywood 2 years ago

      @HeyRyanIsOnX Have seen it, that was an interesting one too.

    • HeyRyanIsOnX
      HeyRyanIsOnX 2 years ago +3

      I recommend watching his interview with theoffcamerashow

  • Ted Bear
    Ted Bear Year ago +9

    20:00 I'm absolutely going to fucking do this. I love spicy chicken wings and I'm going to smuggle them in the next time I see a movie! That is fucking hilarious. Love Will

  • Ashton
    Ashton Month ago

    This man has to have the record of most celebrities met in a lifetime

  • Joshua Stafford
    Joshua Stafford Year ago

    Will Ferrell is the goat of comedy love that guy's sense of humor

  • Troy Knox
    Troy Knox 6 months ago

    Well done Will!👍👍👍👍

  • Mike Murray
    Mike Murray 2 years ago +384

    This is one of those few times where when we see Will Ferrell, we aren’t seeing scripted Will Ferrell. It’s so nice to to see the man behind the comedy, perfect interview, perfect guest. Thank you both.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 10 months ago +2

      @HelloTardis No he isn't. Will is almost always in character.

    • HelloTardis
      HelloTardis 11 months ago

      He’s always this

  • Coventry Terrier
    Coventry Terrier Year ago

    Will always comes across as such a lovely guy.

  • Tony Rosales
    Tony Rosales 10 months ago

    As much as I love Will Ferrell, these whimsy little bites are bloody dreadful. I respect the guests that strip the wings to the bone!!

  • Hakeem The Dream
    Hakeem The Dream 16 days ago

    I'd love to try these sauces.

  • Spencer T.
    Spencer T. Year ago

    Sean is like Joe Rogan Lite, just a little more relatable and less fantastical but super well informed and interesting nonetheless

  • Estevan Gonzalez
    Estevan Gonzalez 2 years ago +453

    Sean is one of the best interviewers on RUclips right now. I swear the guest says "Great question!" or something to that effect every episode. He really does his research.

    • Nater389
      Nater389 2 years ago +1

      I agree. However he doesn't adjust well to things that aren't scripted. Maybe he's nervous.

    • djlowtek
      djlowtek 2 years ago

      Sean doesn't do all the research and scripting himself.

    • N.Y.D
      N.Y.D 2 years ago

      He's got a whole team for this

    • SweetButter GemiNine
      SweetButter GemiNine 2 years ago

      @Jimmy Wilson of course there's a team which he does s/o & show love but a lot of it is due to his personality & execution cause you could ask a few other interviewers to sit in for him & unbiasedly surely wouldn't make it through their halfway mark. You gotta admit his charisma is fitting for this.

    • SweetButter GemiNine
      SweetButter GemiNine 2 years ago

      Sean. Joe Budden. Joe Rogan & N.O.R.E. has it on lock for sure

  • Amy M Elliott
    Amy M Elliott 9 months ago +1

    This show makes me want wings every bloody time! 😅

  • Rodney Cooper Jr
    Rodney Cooper Jr 11 months ago

    Personally, I never thought Will Ferrell was funny, but he always seemed like a cool dude. When I see him do serious interviews, he always seems sad.

  • Joe Thompson
    Joe Thompson Year ago +3

    Will is a trooper!!! Amazing tallent right there...

  • MrVorion
    MrVorion 5 months ago

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    Juanita Davila 2 years ago +233

    I love when the celebrities guest compliment Sean’s question , look forward to watching these compilations

    • downtownbosscat
      downtownbosscat 2 years ago

      Him and Narduar

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      June 2 years ago

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      mojo 2 years ago +2

      Me too it's nice they say that to him

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    justjames420 9 months ago

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  • Son of a Sockeye
    Son of a Sockeye 9 months ago

    Sean evans is hands down the best interviewer

  • Bryan Seas
    Bryan Seas 2 days ago

    10:05 hahaha i feel that. The bread is thick and good af but the second slice is too thick too heavy. Thats why when i crave pizza i go for just a little cesars box for the cheeze sauce and thin bread. When i crave deep dish for sure only get one slice

  • Trebor Ironwolfe
    Trebor Ironwolfe 2 years ago +1457

    *Will* asks, "So, what kind of stuff is in this sauce anyway?"
    *Sean* replies, "Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy."

    • MMA Reviewer.
      MMA Reviewer. 2 years ago

      you guys seriously come to these videos and comment like this? you guys actually go out of your way to watch this jazz? oh man.

    • Trebor Ironwolfe
      Trebor Ironwolfe 2 years ago

      @SRSLY? I am not willing to put that much time into research on this.. but if what you say is true, that is beyond hilarious.

    • SRSLY?
      SRSLY? 2 years ago

      a little uncommon knowledge, the kid in the video is actually the weatherman’s son haha

    • Trebor Ironwolfe
      Trebor Ironwolfe 2 years ago

      @DarkCoubs Hmm.. I guess that's what I deserve for clicking on a random link lol.

    • Trebor Ironwolfe
      Trebor Ironwolfe 2 years ago

      @BUSYGOD Mr. Ferrell is hands down funnier than I could ever hope to be.. no challenge, and no animosity there :)

  • George  Tanga
    George Tanga 9 months ago

    The most serious I've ever seen will ferrell. F%#king hilarious!

  • Brian
    Brian 24 days ago

    I love how the music starts all happy and cheerful and just goes down hill haha

  • Josh
    Josh Year ago +1

    Step brothers will be a classic comedy for the ages.. thank you Will.. keep that sack a hanging


    To see him so serious and normal is very odd. Hes always on. So to see him this way it's nice.

  • Ryan Porras
    Ryan Porras 2 years ago +496

    Will is one of the few people that said “thank you” when handed something from off screen! Pleasant surprise.

    • Mario Bros
      Mario Bros 2 years ago

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    • Po Po
      Po Po 2 years ago

      @Mario Bros 。

    • Hrimner
      Hrimner 2 years ago +1

      "one of the few people" How would you even know something like that?

    • Joe
      Joe 2 years ago +2

      I wish Jim Carrey matured the same way

    • Britt
      Britt 2 years ago +2

      One of the few nice celebrities