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Inside The Home Frank Lloyd Wright Designed For His Son | Unique Spaces | Architectural Digest

  • Published on Apr 22, 2024
  • Today, AD travels to Phoenix, Arizona, to tour the David and Gladys Wright house-the home designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright for his son. When your father is America’s most celebrated architect, the greatest gift he could give you is a house, and this unique home uses many of the same ideas Lloyd Wright incorporated in the design of the Guggenheim Museum. The spiral structures, often symbolizing the infinite or longevity, are poetic, as David and his wife Gladys lived to be over 100 years old in this house. After many years of neglect and threats of demolition, father-and-daughter duo Bing and Amanda Hu bought the house and have since been on a mission to restore it to its former glory, keeping its legacy alive.
    Archival Photos Courtesy of Pedro E. Guerrero
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Comments • 589

  • @filmcrew3531
    @filmcrew3531 25 days ago +911

    A Frank Lloyd Wright house that was on the verge of destruction? WOW! Thank you to the family Hu for rescuing and restoring it! Beautiful!

    • @arielfille55
      @arielfille55 24 days ago +19


    • @kibibishaw1194
      @kibibishaw1194 24 days ago +15

      That’s what I was thinking!!! 🫣🤯😩🙏🏽

    • @garylivingston9052
      @garylivingston9052 22 days ago +27

      The modern day builders/developers don't care about history or unique properties. They could build 2-3 houses on that property.

    • @JohnPrepuce
      @JohnPrepuce 22 days ago

      @@garylivingston9052 - If they were allowed to, they would tear down the Statue of Liberty and put up condos. For some people, nothing is sacred except profit.

    • @MrVvulf
      @MrVvulf 21 day ago +24

      The Hu family should request the help of the National Register of Historic Places as well as the local zoning authorities to get some level of recognition for the property. Tax incentives can be part of the plan, perhaps enabling a trust for maintenance and stewardship for the long term.
      It would be a tragedy if the house built by Frank Lloyd Wright for his son was demolished.

  • @zacka161
    @zacka161 25 days ago +756

    As a wheelchair user, seeing a ramp access incorporated into a beautiful design as a feature to celebrate is really quite moving.

    • @emilyv6910
      @emilyv6910 24 days ago +19

      That’s the first thing I noticed too, amazing

    • @deleteddata6671
      @deleteddata6671 23 days ago +9


    • @justthink5854
      @justthink5854 23 days ago +4

      yeah you would move down at 20 mph. great sculpture, but there is really no reason to raise this to a second level other than Wright's ego to use a ramp up for uncovered cars to bake in the sun and which would have to backed down in reverse. great that they've restored it, but it doesn't relate to it's site at all.

    • @sharksport01
      @sharksport01 23 days ago +12

      It's great he elevated the house to escape scorpions and rattlesnakes.

    • @MrDonkrypton
      @MrDonkrypton 23 days ago +27

      @@justthink5854 : I'm sure, this is a walkway, not a driveway.

  • @grandreveler
    @grandreveler 25 days ago +683

    So glad that this house did not get demolished. It's a masterpiece. Thank you to the Hus for saving and restoring it.

    • @anthonythompson9741
      @anthonythompson9741 16 days ago +3

      The properties around the house have now been sold off by the current or recent owner and McMansions are being built all around it. It's a disgrace!

    • @donpertuit1243
      @donpertuit1243 14 days ago +1

      What a treasure for our country how could destruction of this house be fair. 😊

    • @nikos5566
      @nikos5566 12 days ago +1

      Amen to that!

  • @Susweca5569
    @Susweca5569 19 days ago +78

    Amazing that any builder would think to demolish a treasure like this and replace it with mediocre cookie cutter structures. I'm always grateful for people like this who are willing to preserve and protect such such unique homes.

    • @anthonythompson9741
      @anthonythompson9741 16 days ago +2

      The properties around the house have now been sold off by the current or recent owner and 'cookie cutter structures' are being built all around it. It's disgraceful!

  • @AudreyLMcFarland
    @AudreyLMcFarland 19 days ago +151

    The to Hu family - Thank you! As an American, I am honored that you felt so passionate about preserving this house!

    • @anthonythompson9741
      @anthonythompson9741 16 days ago +2

      The properties around the house have now been sold off by the current or recent owner and McMansions are being built all around it. It's a disgrace!

  • @suzannemorrell439
    @suzannemorrell439 20 days ago +118

    I remember when this was up for sale not that long ago., I hadn't realized a company had bought it and slated it for demolition. What a loss that would have been. We are so grateful to the Hu family for taking on this rescue and restoration. Thank you so very much.

    • @anthonythompson9741
      @anthonythompson9741 16 days ago +8

      The properties around the house have now been sold off by the current or recent owner and McMansions are being built all around it. It's disgraceful!

    • @user-jo2wc1xs7p
      @user-jo2wc1xs7p 6 days ago +2

      Corporate Vandalism 😤

  • @MatthewHarrisStudio
    @MatthewHarrisStudio 25 days ago +359

    Thank you Bing and Amanda for preserving this beautiful masterpiece. Such a beautiful story on so many levels.

    • @anthonythompson9741
      @anthonythompson9741 16 days ago

      The properties around the house have now been sold off by the current or recent owner and McMansions are being built all around it. Disgraceful!

  • @drakbar5957
    @drakbar5957 25 days ago +157

    An architectural masterpiece now in the hands of loving caretakers. A sincere debt of gratitude to the Hus for their generosity and vision.

    • @anthonythompson9741
      @anthonythompson9741 16 days ago +3

      The properties around the house have now been sold off by the current or recent owner and McMansions are being built all around it. It's disgraceful!

    • @BabyJesus66
      @BabyJesus66 9 days ago +1

      ​@@anthonythompson9741how many times are you gonna copy and paste this reply on every comment?

  • @JoelDavid678
    @JoelDavid678 25 days ago +458

    Such an honor to have told this story!! So proud of this video! 🥲🥲🥲

  • @beckyrubin3754
    @beckyrubin3754 21 day ago +58

    How devastating would it have been to demolish this masterpiece? A million thanks to the Hu family, their vision and dedication to the restoration of a national treasure.

  • @emmajilrowanna6772
    @emmajilrowanna6772 24 days ago +48

    The decorative concrete blocks are stylized orange trees, referrencing the orange groves that surrounded the house when it was built.

  • @angelliinna
    @angelliinna 25 days ago +47

    I had an opportunity to tour this house a couple of times. There's a guest house on the property that's just as amazing. Glad to see that it is being restored for future generations to appreciate.

    • @anthonythompson9741
      @anthonythompson9741 16 days ago

      The guest house has been moved to accomodate a new McMansion under construction. The properties around the house have now been sold off by the current or recent owner and McMansions are being built all around it.

    • @tamarrajames3590
      @tamarrajames3590 8 days ago

      @@anthonythompson9741Where was the guest house moved to?🖤🇨🇦

  • @pierre.a.larsen
    @pierre.a.larsen 22 days ago +44

    That is another masterpiece by Frank Lloyd Wright. A big thank you to the Hus for preserving the house. It would be a crime to tear it down.

  • @Alice_Walker
    @Alice_Walker 11 days ago +11

    The house, the restoration, the filming and the editing are all BEAUTIFUL. Thank you ✨

  • @pamg2628
    @pamg2628 24 days ago +97

    Thank you to the Hu family for restoring this beautiful piece of history. This comes at a poignant moment after the disturbing news of the demolition of a historical house in LA.

  • @hanskloss1331
    @hanskloss1331 20 days ago +21

    as a kid that ramp holds endless possibilities for fun rides on bikes , skateboards , etc

    • @zb7293
      @zb7293 14 days ago

      And when is elderly person it helps with Safeta, reduces chance off fall...

  • @thebob01
    @thebob01 25 days ago +75

    It's great to see Frank Lloyd Wright's genius preserved instead of being demolished

  • @timothyfinlay5062
    @timothyfinlay5062 10 days ago +11

    Not every building deserves to be saved, but this one sure does. I lived in Phoenix during the tribulations with this house, and am thrilled at what has happened. I was recently at Falling Water, again, and this house feels the same. Pure Wright.

  • @trevoclark
    @trevoclark 23 days ago +45

    HUGE thanks to Bing and Amanda for saving this!

  • @dubs31
    @dubs31 25 days ago +90

    Thank you, Mr. Bing Hu and Ms. Amanda Hu. This was a real treat to visually experience, with the help of AD & The FLW foundation. Be well, all.

  • @BlueSaphire70
    @BlueSaphire70 17 days ago +6

    May I join the many others who have thanked the Hu family for restoring and preserving this house. Thank you!

  • @neilfowler3284
    @neilfowler3284 22 days ago +18

    Wonderful that the Hu family restored this. It would have been a tragic loss.

  • @michaeljacobs8458
    @michaeljacobs8458 24 days ago +26

    Thank you Mr Hu and Amanda
    For saving the house and it’s legacy .

  • @shelbynamels7948
    @shelbynamels7948 20 days ago +3

    The challenge with a round(ed) design is putting in furniture designed for a standard box-design house. Designing furniture to go with the house becomes a must.

  • @najatm
    @najatm 22 days ago +23

    So typical people tearing down history for profit. Thank you Hu family for rescuing such a gem of historical architecture!

  • @sujathaviswanathan7210
    @sujathaviswanathan7210 23 days ago +25

    This is not a house, but a masterpiece as Mr. Hu notes at the end of the video. Absolutely breathtaking! Love AD more and more for such meaningful content!

  • @user-ug4oi5ls5w
    @user-ug4oi5ls5w 25 days ago +21

    I've ridden my bike by this house many times, and peered through the fence, wondering about the story of this house. Thanks for tour!

  • @davidhorizon8401
    @davidhorizon8401 20 days ago +11

    So glad someone with the skills and the love bought this house and is restoring it. It would be a tragedy if we were to lose it.

  • @heatherwind
    @heatherwind 17 days ago +4

    Just the thought that someone would be so calloused as to want to demolished this for a modern construction is horrifying. Bless the Hu family for rescuing and preserving it!

  • @melissahyatt9626
    @melissahyatt9626 21 day ago +8

    I’ve been to Falling Water twice and now this is on my bucket list to see! So glad they stepped in and saved it. There is such a peace and serenity in Wright’s design.

  • @theabrasileno1921
    @theabrasileno1921 15 days ago +2

    Wright is such a legend. This house's design is timeless

  • @jenny-bu4le
    @jenny-bu4le 17 days ago +3

    what a grand yet cozy space. can’t believe anyone would think to tear this down. this is art and history

  • @bitrage.
    @bitrage. 18 days ago +4

    Absolutely beautiful house, and the Architects that restored it are extremely skilled.....

  • @barbarabonnette2705
    @barbarabonnette2705 20 days ago +8

    This house is taking my imagination away! Such a magnificent piece of art…..it lives and breathes the magic of movement and nature. It’s evident that this project was a labor of love.

  • @jonathan_careless
    @jonathan_careless 23 days ago +26

    The leaking roofs in all Wright's homes was another way he connected exterior with interior. ;)

  • @shiningbearable
    @shiningbearable 16 days ago +3

    im so grateful to the HU family for saving this beautiful treasure. ... thank you three fold.... beautiful karma for you...

  • @lenahelz
    @lenahelz 19 days ago +5

    My MIL lives on the same street as this house and I’ve always wanted to see the inside!! A dream come true.

  • @daiheadjai
    @daiheadjai 24 days ago +31

    Way better than another celebrity McMansion video!

  • @findingthatperfectspot4692

    Thank you, Mr Hu, for saving this incredible masterpiece. I can't believe it was scheduled for demolition. What a glorious piece of architecture!

  • @cpi23
    @cpi23 25 days ago +17

    so wonderful that they're restoring it together

  • @NoseyFloridaGirl
    @NoseyFloridaGirl 5 days ago +2

    I can’t believe they were going to demolish this treasure. Thank you for rescuing this gem .

  • @juliebarnett9812
    @juliebarnett9812 20 days ago +4

    This is magnificent. I can't believe someone wanted to tear it down.

  • @lyarrastark6254
    @lyarrastark6254 14 days ago +4

    I admire Frank Lloyd Wright's unique and beautiful architecture. Thank you to the Hu family for preserving and restoring this architectural jewel.

  • @sikugord03
    @sikugord03 19 days ago +5

    I’m not usually a big fan of unusual homes but this for some reason I love. It feels serene. And I love the interior.

  • @avidworkslol
    @avidworkslol 19 days ago +3

    What an absolutely stunning house. It's a shame we've become so enamored with profit and speed we've stopped building them like this.

  • @paxwallace8324
    @paxwallace8324 17 days ago +3

    Yeah this is my favorite Frank Loyd Wright house. Even more than the Waterfall House. I was born the year this house was completed

  • @MyaBritton
    @MyaBritton 25 days ago +13

    A house he designed in the 1940’s is currently for sale in Kalamazoo MI. Such a beautiful house.

  • @finaboykm
    @finaboykm 22 days ago +5

    Luckily to have been raised in the Buffalo area there were/are still numerous homes that he designed still alive and well taken care of. Seeing those who care to preserve Franks gift, there will never be enough “ thank you’s “ for what you have done now and for the future generations.
    Thank You…

  • @frankpickrell
    @frankpickrell 23 days ago +9

    Always loved how he kept plywood exposed and made it art.

  • @bretthemminger6133
    @bretthemminger6133 21 day ago +7

    What an amazing story of saving such a masterpiece of architecture.

  • @d.s.douglas1281
    @d.s.douglas1281 15 days ago +2

    ThankYou ThankYou ThankYou
    Hu Family !!!❤

  • @DawnOldham
    @DawnOldham 8 days ago +2

    I went to high school very near the college in Lakeland, Florida that Frank Lloyd Wright designed. So I've known him to be a "big deal" for many years. He has a very recognizable style, and deserves the fame he has.

  • @steveparsons6324
    @steveparsons6324 19 days ago +4

    Kudos to the Hu family for saving this iconic and beautiful masterpiece!

  • @jamesdellaneve9005
    @jamesdellaneve9005 25 days ago +15

    Special thanks to the Hu family!

  • @ShootItALBY
    @ShootItALBY 25 days ago +24

    Worth 15 minutes of my day. Just amazing to see and hear its history and materials FLR used 👏

  • @sandykwan817
    @sandykwan817 14 days ago +3

    Thank you AD for posting! This is such a surprisingly moving video! The guide/narrator's referential telling of the story of the house, combined with the Hu family's dedication to preserving and restoring this building, is just (chef's kiss). FLW would have been so pleased. Bravo!

  • @nextwave1314
    @nextwave1314 15 days ago +2

    FLW was, and still is, the greatest architect. He was endlessly inventive and creative. No one comes even close. True genius.

  • @donaldfinch1411
    @donaldfinch1411 21 day ago +6

    How have I never heard of this FLW piece before? Gorgeous.

  • @crawkn
    @crawkn 17 days ago +2

    This is one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen, to my taste.

  • @darrylnelson6264
    @darrylnelson6264 20 days ago +5

    Thank you so much for restoring a piece of America.

  • @hermyt
    @hermyt 23 days ago +9

    I have not heard much about Wright's spiral forms. This is a beautiful house and restoration.

  • @Spacebanana-im5qt
    @Spacebanana-im5qt 2 days ago +2

    Wow, what an amazing house. I've seen a lot of Wright's designs, but this one is my new favorite, along with Fallingwater. What a stroke of luck that somone bought it with the intention of saving it.

  • @brianlee1311
    @brianlee1311 23 days ago +9

    Amazing story. Inspirational. Uplifting. Touching. Many thanks to Bing and Amanda for saving this masterpiece. How this brilliant structure continues to bring families together in such a way is incredible. Love that this story takes a nice twist with the Asian connection on the American dream.

  • @alexbrown9351
    @alexbrown9351 25 days ago +26

    Lovely video. If there were a FLW architecture tour BINGO card, "Compression & Release" would be the free space in the middle.

  • @jeannettesalazar6442
    @jeannettesalazar6442 25 days ago +31

    He is one of my favourites architects. 😊

  • @gabrielbatiz8168
    @gabrielbatiz8168 23 days ago +4

    This is great love the idea of a foreign person appreciating the art regardless of origin. So happy that he did this.

  • @shitzuation
    @shitzuation 24 days ago +30

    Bing & Amanda Hu *THANKYOU* for your love & respect for historic architecture! ❤

  • @anthonypetty9288
    @anthonypetty9288 17 days ago +2

    What a fantastic house! Massive thanks to the Hu family for saving and restoring this, and thank you for sharing this.

  • @SetInStoneNow
    @SetInStoneNow 2 days ago +4

    What an amazing building. So uplifting. Perfect background music, too.

  • @southhillfarm2795
    @southhillfarm2795 21 day ago +3

    I love Frankie’s way of thinking and his use of common materials. Thanks for sharing.

  • @ooodlesofdooodles9994
    @ooodlesofdooodles9994 23 days ago +3

    I used to dance with Amanda her family is and has always been absolutely incredible!

  • @josephinebrevig8748
    @josephinebrevig8748 19 days ago +2

    What a masterpiece. A monumental restoration project ❤

  • @flatout420
    @flatout420 25 days ago +6

    Every small details of the house is astounding

  • @KA-su9ww
    @KA-su9ww 19 days ago +1

    Been to four Wright building a must have experience as all of his buildings are.

  • @vinceveltri7732
    @vinceveltri7732 8 days ago +2

    Thank you for saving this gem.

  • @TheLowJacq
    @TheLowJacq 25 days ago +9

    Thank you for preserving Phoenix history and part of the neighborhood that I grew up in.

  • @coffeeisgood102
    @coffeeisgood102 20 days ago +3

    I am not by any means a fan of modern architecture but I have to admit that this property is stunning. It appears to be not modern art for modern arts sake, but a carefully thought out plan to maximize space, functionality and emotions under one roof.

  • @tlockerk
    @tlockerk 20 days ago +1

    Given his life and the chaos and tragedy, it's understandable that spirals appealed to him. Plus the ramp is a GREAT entry for a life-long house.

  • @swoondrones
    @swoondrones 10 hours ago +1

    The edge of ply is always beautiful.

  • @glynislailann9056
    @glynislailann9056 17 days ago +2

    Thank you for this tour of one of the most beautiful examples of architectural art.

  • @carlinkay1151
    @carlinkay1151 24 days ago +5

    How amazing is this house! A true visionary ….timeless architecture!

  • @mauibuilder1239
    @mauibuilder1239 7 hours ago +1

    Wow...what a beautiful house and a beautiful story. I love the brilliance of the spiral ramp access to the entry and the acoustics in the courtyard.

  • @hakukuze7947
    @hakukuze7947 22 days ago +3

    Fascinating piece. I probably learned more about design than many other videos I’ve watched. I’ve visited a few of Wright’s homes and always find them intriguing even if not warm. Great presenter with efficiency of words without the usual over flowering you see in so many videos.

  • @trails3597
    @trails3597 25 days ago +9

    What a beautiful restauration and tribute to a great architect!

  • @davepaul8975
    @davepaul8975 7 days ago +2

    Thank You for restoring this National Treasure.

  • @ruffinarector541
    @ruffinarector541 18 days ago +2

    Thank you Thank you for preserving this precious masterpiece!!!!

  • @234930
    @234930 20 days ago +1

    I love reflecting on the intra-generational juxtapositional aspects of the house

  • @mpc5584
    @mpc5584 25 days ago +6

    Wow what a classic... thank you for preserving this with your painstaking efforts!

  • @jamesbowie6925
    @jamesbowie6925 25 days ago +9

    What an incredible piece of design and construction, simply beautiful

  • @jengirl2
    @jengirl2 25 days ago +7

    That overhead shot! 😍😍😍

  • @glennmartin6492
    @glennmartin6492 25 days ago +5

    That long approach pathway is something Wright incorporated into many houses including Falling Water in a modification.

    • @kcook4243
      @kcook4243 25 days ago

      Falling Water house most familiar to me since I live in mid Atlantic

  • @cesarparra6025
    @cesarparra6025 15 days ago +3

    I've seen videos of the hyper luxurious houses of the ultra rich, but this house beats them all, no luxury beats great organic design, if only there was a way to marry these concepts.

  • @mikekuczynski1552
    @mikekuczynski1552 20 days ago +1

    What a wonderful place , he definitely had a different take on architecture. Thanks for bringing it back to life for us to see .

  • @musashi-san____1409
    @musashi-san____1409 24 days ago +3

    I am so glad the Hu family ended up with.

  • @rustyfox81
    @rustyfox81 25 days ago +16

    Beautiful house, my favourite Wright is the beach house in Carmel, cabin on the rocks.

    • @Alodri
      @Alodri 22 days ago +1

      Great house as well! I see it sold recently - $22M

  • @pibbitybibbity
    @pibbitybibbity 25 days ago +8

    I hope they’ll restore the pool as well. Maybe not in its original form, but as close to the original as possible.
    The biggest observation of this video for me is seeing all the bland, awful McMansions surrounding this iconic part of history.

    • @sharksport01
      @sharksport01 23 days ago +4

      Even a 8" deep reflecting pool would be nice.

    • @Alodri
      @Alodri 22 days ago +2

      Agreed, mainly to preserve FLW's intention of incorporating the material (water) into the design in the first place. I think just the sight of water could reinforce the idea of "flow" present in the spiral itself as well as contrast the concrete block

  • @TerrySmith1953
    @TerrySmith1953 20 days ago +2

    We visited Taliesin West when vacationing in the area, wish we had visited this house too, it's gorgeous! Thanks for saving it and showing it off in this video.

  • @connieanderson2281
    @connieanderson2281 24 days ago +2

    Can’t believe someone wanted to tear it down

  • @noahproblemo1257
    @noahproblemo1257 22 days ago +2

    Thanks for saving this masterpiece of art and architecture.

  • @markkraus3598
    @markkraus3598 20 days ago +2

    How beautiful! And what a honor to own & share 👍